(Sub-heading JANUARY 2021)


January 06-2021

TO: Chrystia Freeland - Deputy P.M.    FROM: Roger Callow  Plaintiff  in many legal cases      

by fax: 613-996-9607  PAGES 3   RECENT 8  JANUARY  2021

                                                                        Sub-title: CHRYSTIA FREELAND




cc  a)Two Presidents (via U.S. Embassy-Ottawa 613-241-7845)

      b)Ottawa Court - sealed package for justice handling Application CV20-849830 H.D.                                   February 11-2021 Bissonnette v Callow  10 A.M. 2 hours (This is second submission)

      c) ON Legal Society which has never responded to its legal mail since 2014 on this issue.      Current outstanding fraud actions are against Bissonnette including how he held a private     sidebar with Ottawa Justice Rosalind Conway on morning before meeting (Feb. 27-2020 on 19-SC-155235) in which the course of Justice was perverted as detailed elsewhere on the Employee's Case website. As Plaintiff, I asked her to recuse herself on the grounds of failing to address the very serious allegations of fraud against Bissonnette (B.). Additional fraud charges against Ken Dixon of Cavanagh LLP  who is representing B. in the upcoming case above are also on file with the ON. Legal Society which does not respond to either complaint.  As one consequence, I have asked that a trusteeship be invoked over the Ottawa Courts until serious malfeasance in this issue is examined. Until then, I submit that no judicial Decision in Canada has any merit.

     d) GANG of SEVEN MEDIA LAMBS reflective of the media boycott of this national issue.

     e) Cavanagh LLP (CV20-00849830) H.D. Feb. 11-2021



1) This application to Chrystia Freeland, Deputy P.M. is a last ditch request by this writer to assign 'a friend of Roger Callow' to represent him in this court. An earlier letter to which there was no response from Freeland was written due to the failure of ON A.G. Doug Downey & Minister of Justice, David Lametti,  to act on very serious allegations by this writer.

Nov. 08-2020                          "HELL NO,WE WON'T GO!"

TO: Chrystia Freeland - Deputy P.M.  FROM: Roger Callow  Plaintiff  in many legal cases      

by fax: 613-996-9607  PAGES 1 RECENT 7 nov. Sub-title  MEDIA 

cc President Trump (via U.S. Embassy-Ottawa 613-241-7845)

(6) What does all this have to do with Deputy Leader and heir presumptive of the Liberal Party, Chrystia Freeland, who is credited with USMCA success? While it is for future newsletters to detail, the bottom line is that if she does not resolve the Employee's Case quickly, it can only redound on her as a colossal failure to her and the country at large. It is now her bet noire.

Respectfully submitted, Roger Callow 'The Outlawed Canadian' snuffed out by all Canadian institutions including the politicians, courts and media. Only Chrystia Freeland can save the day for Canada with a quick resolution to the Employee's Case.


2) The request in 1) above is that, due to the Franco Alulio fake driver license suspension of this targeted driver, I cannot acquire a lawyer on any basis for any matter; a direct rejection of the Human Rights code. I laid an Action against Alulio (CV20-82943) for usurping the law to which he has never replied nor will the Ottawa Court provide a hearing date. Only Dixon's Application gets filed as all my other filed actions are ignored by the Ottawa Court.

3) The essence of the 14 page Plaintiff Application is found in the first Section on p. 1:

1. To declare the Respondent Roger Callow as being a 'vexatious litigant'; standard boiler-plate law which courts use with abandon to duck their judicial responsibilities.

2. A court Order muzzling this Respondent in pursuing legal redress.

3. A court Order blocking the pursuit of filed actions ' any way pertaining to the circumstances giving rise to the suspension of his driving privileges....'  In brief, the algorithm created by Franco Alulio, Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical, becomes de facto law negatively affecting all drivers in North America.

4. A bid to eradicate CV20-82889 for fraud against B. without having the benefit of an ON Legal Society Report.

5. A preposterous request of the court permitting B. and his representative, Dixon, whom is also a subject of fraud with the ON Legal Society for separate reasons, to never having to respond to any legal action I may choose to pursue; in essence, their Point 1. Dixon, an ESL teacher in S. Korea in 2015, a new member to the bar, thought nothing of privately approaching the A.G.'s Master Kavanagh whom, amazingly, wrote a private Decision for him. This same Master, without a trial, earlier dropped my action against Ottawa's Justice MacLeod (CV20-83096) thus changing the entire dynamic of the Canadian Justice System in which powerful interests (think SNC Lavalin) may avoid court trials altogether.

6. 'costs of this application, on a substantial indemnity basis....' And these two 'Bobbsey Twins' (Internet label) expect to be rewarded for their chicanery.



4) I will be available by telephone from 10 A.M. for the 2 hour hearing on Feb. 11-2021. I prohibit the court from proceeding unless a telephone connection is made. Freeland is asked to oversee this feature.

5) The hearing should take less than  5 minutes as my request relates to disclosure of the following:

a) The original application (CV20-180006950) which the Premier Ford gov't inherited from the Liberals relating to Employer and Union notes regarding the lay-off of this senior teacher for economic reasons in June of 1985 under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) in which no compensation has been paid.  A second illicit lay-off meeting in July, 1985, by the Employer, the West Vancouver School Board, was fraudulently conducted which, if proven, leaves all action 'null and void' by the Employer.  It is those notes submitted to the B.C. court  in 1986 which are at question. Both Employer and Union have copies denied to me.

b) In absence of the Toronto Police and Mayor John Tory to seize documentation from Franco Alulio (CV20-82943), to order Alulio to provide information as to which authority he was acting under and why Respondent Roger Callow is the victim of a perverted driver license suspension form. That case should be heard first.

c) A court Order to the ON Legal Society to provide a detailed response to this Respondent and the Court vis a vis charges of fraud (for different reasons) against both B. and Dixon.

d) Any further materials supplied by Cavanagh LLP at this Hearing on February 11-2021.

6) Additional information is available from the copious records of the Defendant on request by this court.

7) Reverse the indemnity request by the Plaintiff and award findings to this Respondent in like measure. What the Bobbsey Twins are doing is a replication of 2014 in which the usual legal tactic of 'the best form of Defense is Offense'; that is, do not respond in any meaningful fashion to a Plaintiff's Action deferring to a second Action launched by the Defendant in order to control the case as is happening here. If the court - including the ON Legal Society - had acted properly in 2014, we would not be in court today with one of the most egregious actions by a bureaucrat ever created in a democratic society. It is a typical example of what I label the effects of 'reverse osmosis' . The Ottawa courts seem incapable of curtailing this pernicious practice in this case; first introduced in 2014.



8) Until Deputy Minister, Christia Freeland takes concrete action in the above matter, the U.S. should handle all legal matters - both diplomatic and commercial - in U.S. courts.



9) To add this PLACARD to your street protest in N. America (but please, no violence to people)




Yours truly,  Roger Callow  Respondent