THE WORLD'S FUTURE? ( SEPT.2021 sub-heading)

(excerpt: Lethal Agent Kyle Mills for Vince Flynn 2019 p. 98)

'...The era or traditional armies was over and had been for decades. For all its size and sophistication, even the American military was capable of little more than a lengthy string of elaborate failures.

   The world was now defined by a complex web of interrelated cold wars. External battles between the Europeans, Americans, Russians and Chinese raged just beneath the surface. But even more important were the internal battles between the individual countries that made up the E.U., between political parties, between races and economic classes.

   The U.S. was as weak as it had been in human memory. Its people were unconcerned with anything but their own selfish needs and had turned their political system into just another source of cheap entertainment. Its defenses were still built around standing armies that had become little more than a way for the military-industrial complex to enrich itself. (e.g. Halliburton under VP Dick Cheney (d) in a war of 'mass destruction' RC). America's ability to adapt and reinvent itself had been stripped away by politicians who had trained their constituents to view change with fear and anger...

   ...In an America trained to react only to partisanship, her message was finding an audience....


(RC note: Canadians are also blinded by such political  partisanship. The reasons for Confederation (1867) no longer apply. The attempt at the Charter of Rights & Freedoms 1982 to balance the inconsistencies of modern times has failed with the Franco Alulio Algorithm becoming the symbol of that failure with its faux driver license suspension extended into Identity Theft as a copycat formula from Nazi Germany's 'Final Solution'.  Hence the public is looking through the big end of the telescope not realizing the threat begins at the small end in terms of a single aberrant case regarding Roger Callow as the victim of a gov't. inspired conspiracy with the potential to infect the world in an intangible sense paralleling a tangible COVID threat. Where is that media body to reveal that heinous story in a story which infects us all?

P.S. I have suggested an alternative Cdn. gov't: e.g. scrap House of Commons; create elected Senate and P.M.(at large) = at least the same level of gov't. at much cheaper cost. M.P.'s are only to select the leader and raise money and are over-rewarded with a lifelong pension after 6 years (current election for an incumbent is 2 years plus 4 years if re-elected hence there will be no vote of 'non-confidence' in new gov't.)


PP.S. 'In a way, I like it,' he continued. 'Being alone is simple. I like the freedom of knowing that I don't have anyone to rely on and no one's relying on me. There's a clarity to it that you can't get anywhere else. ...You should never tell a psychiatrist that, They'll lock you up. ...Probably....Power, That's all any of them want.'