APRIL 08 H.D. CV20-849830 - SYNOPSIS

BY: rogercallow.com  Bissionnette (B) v. Callow  This website address must appear on any public statement (Apr.15-2021)

1) Originally, I laid individual actions of fraud detailed to the ON Legal Society (CV20-82943) in October 2020 (which never responded) against two young lawyers (internet title: Bobbsey Twins); B. mentioned above and his representative, Ken Dixon of Cavanagh LLP.

2) Rather than responding to very serious charges of fraud by each, Cavanagh LLP inverted the procedure by laying CV20-849830 so that they became the Plaintiff. They demanded that the case against them be dismissed on the grounds that I was being frivolous & vexatious, a common 'get out of jail free excuse' for courts in trouble.

3) The Ottawa Court would not give me a court time for CV20-84930 or other cases previously filed by me with that court; but provided the latter with 'vertical' Hearing dates on Feb. 11 and, when that did not materialize, Justice Rogers set a second date of April 08 in which he disappeared from the scene leaving it to the inexperienced (with this file) Kristen Muszynski to dole out a Decision which she provided on April 15. That 9 page document was no doubt written in the Justice Building in Ottawa with her name merely appended.

4) While the Ottawa Court frustrated my right of Reply to the Hearing of the above thereby burying all evidence on this case and the previous 35 years of an unresolved labour case dating from 1985 when I was illicitly laid off from my senior teaching position at West Vancouver Secondary School solely for economic reasons. The arbitration favouring the Board was quashed by the court with the arbitrator ruled patently unreasonable. I was in limbo with the next 35 years spent before over 50 judges trying to seek my rightful compensation which was never paid. I was consistently ruled  frivolous & vexatious under this imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) Legislation used only against this personage before it was withdrawn (Banana Republic Rule). The imposed Carbon Tax is modeled on this fraud.

5) One week before the Apr.08 H.D., Cavanagh LLP filed all 107 pages of my documents dealing with chapter and verse of the abuse I had undergone since the initial lay-off in 1985. In effect, they reversed the process of the court seeking to hide such material. The presiding Justice was expected to 'rubber-stamp' their action as Plaintiff after a 20 minute presentation in the hope that this would end any future appeal on any grounds for this Respondent anywhere in Canada. There are a lot of holes in that thinking.

6) For my part, I had abandoned all matters pertaining to the Employee's Case by Dec. 31-2021 in that I could not get court time.

7) The ramifications of the Franco Alulio algorithm against the driving public paralleling Eichmann's 'Final Solution' of 1942 in Nazi Germany are eerie as few adults can get along without their driver's license. My intention was to pursue this algorithm apart from the Canadian courts of law in 2021 but CV20-849830 has placed that Algorithm front and center. (Readers may apprise themselves of that information under the above Sub-headings of APRIL 2021 / EMPLOYEES CASE SUMMARY / EMPLOYEES CASE - SERENDIPITY / EC SYNOPSIS / MEDIAapr) As matters stand from this algorithm, I lack a legal identity and have asked such as the Governor General to represent me in these hearings under 'we, the people'. There has been no response. In effect, Muszynski is dealing with a matter of treason in addition to fraud making this case pre-eminent in the democratic world of today. She ignored the question of my 'identity'.

8) Canada's foremost politician representing all other politicians on this issue; namely, Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland, does nothing. I am already on record with her calling for a 'royal enquiry'. U.S. Professor V.D. Hanson, also a SUN media columnist, has been asked by me to be the international representative for this driver license scam which is easily transported to any driving public in the world.

9) Muszynski's Decision is now delivered (April 15) and appears below on my website under APRIL 2021 TREASON with my response.



10) For those democracies contacted through their embassies in Ottawa (U.S. Britain, EU countries, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland,) to publicize the evils of the Franco Alulio algorithm as a means of blocking it. For example, in WWII, Canadian soldiers died in the liberation of Holland for which the Dutch still send tulip bulbs annually to Dow's Lake in Ottawa for the enjoyment of the public. Now it is the turn of Canada and Canadians to be provided assistance from their former allies.


Faithfully submitted  Roger Callow  Amour de cosmos but not Canada


cc select Ottawa Embassies / U.S. Professor V.D. Hanson representing all international connections