SEP.30 A) SEE NEWSLETTER; the third of a triptyche of September articles on FAA as I now appeal to Europe in light of Cdn. & U.S. failure in this 'Final Solution' topic with its attendant Identity Theft. B) House Insurance Companies gouging again with hefty increases now that the election is over is pushing more consumers below the survivability level. Not only your house but retail est. must increase prices due to these costs. Why elections are really a big waste of time. C) More and more, the question is whether or not bills are being paid in everything. D) Reaction of subscribers to Amazon Prime probably parallels other such services. Country dwellers note an advantage over city dwellers. Message appears to be that constant use is necessary to get your money's worth. Some people annoyed with push for add on apps. E) U.S. Gen. Mark Milley reflects a common theme with the military... politicians selling them out for personal gain. He has become a hero or a bum according to your point of view as the U.S. continues to tear itself apart. F) Being separated, I have decided to get in the Angelina Jolie line-up (position 69?) as a prospective future mate. lol  G) Commentator on Celebs turning 90 ...before the widespread addiction by actors to opioids. H) Ben Mulroney, son of a former P.M., leaving CTV for 'unscripted stories' (over here, Ben, with FAA) after 20 years on the Morning Show where he was beginning to look like 'grandpa' among his cohost bunny girls. Next stop? Why as a useless (but paid) M.P. J) When I was a boy -a favourite of mine to the groan of our teen-age sons - we idolized Elvis Presley from our own age-group. It would be inconceivable attending concerts with such as septogenarian Rolling Stones but that is who brings in the crowds these days. Oh youth, you are truly wasted with no memes of your own unless karaoke singing is your thing. K) Globalism is the source of a shortage of parts (for everything) leading to a 'Supply Shortage' paralysis which heralds the next Depression.  


SEPT.29 A) The Opposition cannot get over the fact that the Liberals actually won the election. B) “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless and corrupt.” ― Mahatma Gandhi symbolized by Cda's failure to arrest Franco Alulio with his fake driver license and Identity Theft algorithm. C) POTUS Biden is my age-level. Imagine if a rogue civil servant mailed him a 'psychiatric' suspension of one type or another, such as his medical coverage? At a stroke of the pen, Biden would be stateless. And to enhance that charge, send police on a fake 'wellness test'. I accused one lawyer I had charged with fraud in Ottawa Court in 2020 with doing that. 'I never did', he retorted in court. 'The police said you did and I believe the police' I responded. Neither the lawyer nor judge said anything but it was 'that kind of judge' who twisted a 'mandamus court' (from Br.'s 'High Court of Treason' background) into a 'dispute resolution court' which should never have been permitted in the first place. Confused? understandably as that's what the Justice System specializes in doing. D) Major-Gen. Dany Fortin wants his job of vaccine distribution back through a court appeal. Lots of luck with that one as it describes the aptly apart from a criminal charge still outstanding against him. The point in law is that a civil case does not necessarily get your job back (the should return employment court order to this senior teacher illicitly laid off in West Vancouver, B.C. in 1985 as opposed to must.) What it does is get adequate compensation for the loss. That's how Canada's Justice System imploded in my case as over 50 judges across Canada refused compensation on the spurious grounds that I was merely being frivolous & vexatious; a favourite 'get out of jail card free' by the Judiciary. Now all powerful employers will cite this precedent unresolved legal case which I deserted at the end of 2020 to pursue FAA from 2019; a variation on this theme and now the 21st century crime to boot... and still the authorities would play 'ducks & drakes' juggling this unpinned grenade from hand to hand. E) Of course Parliament will meet for a 'few days' this fall means  extra M.P. pay for a whole session.


SEPT.28 A) COVID truism? Distancing and washing hands with perhaps masking are essential whether vaccinated or not vaccinated. This flu-like disease affects people in a wide spectrum from death to unnoticed symptoms. B) So, a U.S. Court Decision sent Meng home to China; the Canadian Court Decision be damned. But I have shown the Canadian Justice System to be damned clear across Canada. I too, seek POTUS Biden's assistance in dealing with FAA, due to Canada's incredible weakness on this file negatively impacting the driving public. Europe is now the target to act in lieu of N. America. We will see what October NEWSLETTERS bring. Prepare for a surprise.  C) AB hunters 'after dark' injured in Grizzly bear attack given this COMMENTARY advice: Use the buddy system and make sure your partner is expendable... lol  D) NY Bank employees 'pulling a FAA' pulled into court for embezzlement, is exactly what Canada should do with Franco Alulio and try him for treason. E) Unenforceable COVID bylaws are bureaucratic institutions protecting themselves at the expense of angry business interests. F) Former Kelowna, B.C. social worker pleads guilty to fraud... so where is there a similar charge against FA in ON? He has not even been suspended. Don't ask Premier Ford for that answer (where the request originated). G) So Ottawa's tinkertoy LRT is forever breaking down summer! What will the winter bring?


SEPT.27 A) China's release of the '2 Michaels' only 'because they were ill' bears examination since their death would have removed them as a bargaining chip. One would think that Canada would be aware of their health situation but kept it quiet hence somebody is lying. B) COVID rates spiking in Ottawa. Bring on the COVID pill as it is part of the cold virus. C) 'stab in the back'? Crisis financing in the U.S. has a new dimension...Democrats screwing Democrats leaving Republicans laughing? All are negatively impacted. D) Disturbing picture of workers in risky health operations not receiving adequate compensation was exposed in the aluminum ALCAN Kitimat, B.C. operation in a so-called settled strike. This health algorithm could be reported across all hazardous job risks everywhere. E) Meng deportation story negatively impacting all Chinese in Canada, particularly 'Hong Couver' (Vancouver where I left in 1987). Animosity among our old neighbors - particularly as it related to house flipping - has been increasing. How a Chinese 'house flipper' could be elected in the recent Fed. election has me buffaloed. F) Sun's internet Sunshine Girl is very democratic today with its 'busty' female... Cinderella's move over.... G) Let's hope poor Britney Spears makes a go of it this time. Unlike her, due to the FAA extension of Identity Theft, I have no legal identity as a native born Canadian, a first in the world but I dare say not the last in this 'Final Solution' algorithm. H) Ever notice that 'thinkers' down through history live a lot longer than the general population which is reflective of an active mind being important for cognitive health; unless, of course, one is a whistleblower, then all psychiatrical hell is visited on them as per the FAA. One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest starring Jack Nicholson which won all the awards in 1975 is still my favourite movie. ...but then, under FAA, the authorities could not even sign me in. Nurse Ratched would have been soo disappointed even though Ottawa Hospital's staff psychiatrist, the highly duplicitous young Dr. Sarah Chan did her darndest to justify FAA by a process I call 'reverse osmosis'. She failed. Now it is up to European countries to challenge this 'Final Solution' SEE Sep.30 NEWSLETTER  J) variation on FAA: Kosova is removing car license plates from Serbian cars entering their territory ...does this harbinger possible U.S. action some day -even under COVID bans- for Cdn. cars entering the U.S? Who will Cdn. drivers appeal to? I have shown the Insurance Industry for both countries will turn a blind eye to such abuses in my own case even though their own underwriters questioned my status. K) Russian people at large are not too excited about being involved in Syrian war on Syria's side=keeps war escalated much like U.S. in Afghan.


SEPT.26  A) There are many good writers which are not household names. One such is Jasper Ridley with The Freemasons A History of the world's most powerful secret society.1999 Two reading observations from me: Much is made of the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition in textbooks but little is made of equivalent atrocities by their northern Protestants. In brief there is no limit to man's inhumanity to man. Secondly, Jews were considered a religion which one could change until 1880, after which it became a race issue engendering the practice of eugenics culminating in the 'Final Solution' of Nazi Germany. FAA would seek to reintroduce that 'Final Solution' to the driving public (Can you get by without your driving license?) through a fake driver license suspension scheme extending to the all important Identity Theft. As Canada at large nor specified authorities in the U.S. have responded to this 'clear and present danger' including POTUS, I have turned to Europe with its history based on this dark period in their existence. That progress may be seen through 3 NEWSLETTERS in Sept. MEDIA ( B) 'Broken Chains' and then some. While the story begins with the tangible Congo mining-China Everglades-SNC Lavalin-Cdn. Privy Council-J. Wilson Raybould(who stumbled on the story leading to a high profile Privy Council dismissal); it is no match for the intangible Franco Alulio Algorithm, the 'gift which keeps on giving' now into its third and final stage of a challenge to the motoring public (in Europe) by regurgitating the 'Final Solution' of Nazi Germany with its attendant Identity Theft. Sitting on this story by the inept Opposition leaders and Cdn. Media with their midwit eunuchs in the recent Cdn. election is a blow from which they will not recover. As for the Liberals, they needed the election to 'amortize' the coming blow to SNC Lavalin explaining why the long delayed RCMP charges against key figures comes post election although Libya appears to be the focus point. Meng's deportation trial was a mere bagatelle in that story which the U.S., China & Cda. decided to 'clear the decks' for this much bigger story. Ottawa has its own version of Lavalingate with the 'tinkertoy' LRT forever breaking down amid claims that nothing was done vis a vis inspector reports on the original construction. But Mayor Jimbo and his Council saw nothing wrong with giving SNC Lavalin the new contract for the LRT extension. In summary, taxpayers in general, as usual, are stuck with the financial fall-out while individual whistleblowers in future can be punished with driver license suspensions in perpetuity. It's the troll which controls the bridge in Cda., with a projected future in the U.S. and Europe, and who drives across it, for the more poetic minded. B) Civilization requires deterrence Trump supporter U.S. Prof. V.D. Hanson O.S. S.26 p.17 '...In sum, deterrence at home and abroad is now dangerously lost....' While Trump sought advantage through issue confusion to gain his ends, nonetheless, Hanson makes a good point in using him to mirror the feckless Biden.


SEPT.25  A) So the U.S. backed down on the Meng case thus freeing her in this 'justice delayed, justice denied case' which should have been decided inside of one month vis a vis deportation rather than 3 years of mindless billable time nonsense. COMMENTARY is wild about this 'behind the scenes action' in which the U.S. 'tables' the charge through some legal fiction (so she can't sue). She left Canada secretly on Friday. At least in a side deal, the two Michaels were released.(but then I went 35 years without a court decision on my compensation claims from my illicit lay-off as a senior teacher which I abandoned at the end of 2020 after over 50 judges ruled my claim as merely being 'frivolous & vexatious'. In brief, those selfsame judges turned the law on its head but then a media boycott keeps this story from the public in our 'newspaper democracy'.) As Biden did not renew Trump's charge, she was left in legal limbo land. In fact, all 3 countries wanted this case to 'evaporate' as it was interfering with trade relations. To be sure, if there had been no media attention as per my case, she would still be rotting away awaiting a Decision. As Americans do not care about Cdn. court cases; Biden does not suffer unduly on this one, but the SEPT. 30 NEWSLETTER on FAA may change all that. The central issue with Meng was never dealt with; namely, may someone in transit be seized where there is no international warrent? Even here, I notice Justice Heather Holmes waited until after the election implying political ramifications. Now watch the media 'head for the hills' on this topic. I have already shown the Justice System to be a 'ball of wax' taking out the Cdn. media for all time along with the 'authorities' in the last election. 'Make a deal' is the basis of Cdn. Law. B) Democrat split on approving a trillion dollar budget amid U.S. stumbling from budget crisis to budget crisis is all Biden needs to have a heart attack. Now even Trump is claimed to have a higher approval rating than Biden and he had no answer to the incredible U.S. debt problem = move over China for the financial apocalypse. C) SK Premier Moe forced to back-track on vaccinations considering big increase in COVID cases. Further, the Feds withhold transfer funds as blackmail to get Provincial approval of Covid passports. The first doses are, like the flu shot, past their best before date making a passport redundant. D) Good-bye, Angela Merkel ...not too many tears and no tears from me due to her failure on FAA. D) Arizona voting challenge shows how media perverted study showing widespread election fraud = other states questionable... see MSN COMMENTARY. E) British naval ships bailing out Canada in protecting Arctic - shame on Canada; even Belgium has a bigger fleet F) Support for fatal Westboro crash driver notes the problem with the high center of gravity of doubledecker busses which senior drivers, due to seniority, are able to avoid. Those busses were a bad buy.


SEPT.24  A) Playful Roger anecdote: In answer to the apartment senior's group meeting daily downstairs responding to my new 'woke' hairdo ..."It's a compromise... as the woke generation does not have this part of their brain developed (smacking my forehead with the palm of my hand) and with a deteriorating brain due to aging (again smacking my forehead), I decided to meet them half way." (mirthful response)  B) COMMENTARY Live to learn from other's mistakes. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself. lol  C) Mail-in votes yet to be counted draw questions but not this one... why was there a last minute change to count all mail-in votes in Ottawa as opposed to the ridings which in the past were completed on polling night? D) On a warning against accepting 'cookies': To be perfectly honest , I have never refused ,nor will I ever refuse a cookie from a pretty girl . lol  E) Delhi Two men dressed as lawyers (look the same as assassins, one presumes) take out mobster in court ...'due process' became 'duly processed'.  Cdn. courts do the same without the necessity of violence. F) Just notified of the death of Don Desbrisay on Sept. 18-2021 (79) by his widow Andrena in Kamloops, B.C. who, along with Dave Jackson (d.2017) and myself grew up together on West 43rd street in Vancouver during WWII. Under Aftermath, I wrote a summary of those years which I shared with Don last year under the topic of the 43rd street gang. Don had been ailing for a year and succumbed to cancer. Don was a collector; particularly of license plates. I'll send flowers as well as dedicate a walk in his memory; something I do for the 'dearly departed'. RIP as our era is replaced by younger people to have their turn at the world's resources.


SEPT. 23 A) It's the insurance, stupid, explaining why the bus driver responsible for a collision 2 years ago and 3 deaths in the Ottawa transitway was found 'not guilty' in a criminal trial. If she had been found guilty, the Union would have been wiped out with judicial actions for their share of the costs. This way, the city of Ottawa (taxpayers) are better able to offset heavy settlements although she is not immune to civil cases. As a former Paratranspo driver familiar with the transitway, my sympathy invariably goes with the driver but tapes showed in this case that she was inattentive to the snowy road conditions; 'driving without due care and attention to the conditions' with mitigating circumstances such as obliterated road markings, would have been a more suitable verdict. The main problem was making the charge a criminal one as opposed to a civil case which was deliberate in my books for the purpose. I predicted some time ago that she would 'walk' for these reasons which I am sure the judge was only too aware explaining why there was no jury trial. I suspect that she initially qualified under a 'minority' selection process. In the Ottawa Police, minority selections are problematical yet one would like to give minorities a chance. Here we see the price paid for such largesse. P.S. This case also shows why I do not trust to the Justice System; particularly that of Ottawa. B) 'Remove the stickers' Rental cars did it to avoid being stolen in N. Am. Nurses in Interior B.C. are advised to do it to their cars to avoid Covid protests. High School Teachers have always to be on watch for their cars from dissident students. Once after an anti-drug speech to a class in the 1970's, my wiper blade was bent...just enough to give me a warning from the dealer. As a Supply Teacher in the 1990's for one day in a tough school, one student wished to know where my car was parked... go figure. I am sure prison guards have their concerns as do police being paranoid with regards to their home addresses similar to judges. I can see a day when Franco Alulio will have to go into hiding. My protest admonishment? harm to people... but hiding in this digital age is almost impossible. Demonstrating in front of their homes is equivalent to 'Jan. 6' in Washington. C) Moving on to Europe on Sept. 30 with failure of Biden et al in U.S. to speak out on FAA. D) Pot calling kettle black? Premier Ford lashes out at bail being given a suspect for murdering a police officer... now if only he would lash out at FA for 'murdering' driver license rights (I have called for Ford's expulsion from all politics)... go figure.... But then his family ties to organized crime never get lashed....P.S. Hamilton is home to a U.S. crime mafia under boss seeking bail. E) Britney Spears case illuminates a thorny problem. In order to control unwanted pregnancies among such as Down's Syndrome children in Institutions, they have been sterilized. One such couple married in Ottawa and is being 'tutored' whatever that means. Spears is 39 and already has 2 teen-age sons...she doesn't need more. Surely menopause is on its way. F) Popular Muslim mayor of Calgary not so popular going after PPC leader Maxine Bernier appears related to a cover-up of a financial fraud. G) QC legislation banning COVID protesters a prickly matter (as opposed to enforcing current laws). Union leaders are careful to obey picketing rules but what about non-union situations such as the QC mass protest in 2003 against the war in Iraq?

'Playful Roger' must learn when to move on' (NEWSLETTER S.30 'will be movin' on like there is no tomorrow')

SEPT. 22 A) PLACARDS: 1) DEFUND MEDIA SUBSIDIES (CBC/POSTMEDIA) 2)  FRANCO ALULIO 'FINAL SOLUTION' / FAKE DRIVER LICENSE SUSPENSION c/w  IDENTITY THEFT  (no legal existence) Where is that authority willing to speak out against this crime against humanity? The politicians/media didn't during the election = their cowardice and that of Premier Doug Ford in sanctioning this crime of the 21st century. B) Crisis financing in the U.S. is paralleled by financial crisis in China which could be the forerunner of WWIII. Rulers often go to war to hide domestic dissention. e.g Margaret Thatcher over the Falklands, C) So Jodi-Wilson Raybould is not a shoe-in after all. A Liberal 'house-flipper' is leading, if you can believe that. D) Immigrants & women are taking over House of Commons ...not saying that is necessarily a bad thing as I would close it down (it belongs to a bygone age) and create an elected Senate & P.M. in its place. E) Compare Covid deaths against flu deaths says one Commentator (too much emphasis on Covid cases as opposed to deaths). F) Mail-in votes troublesome and could lead to reversals. Before now, they were counted, they are counted in Ottawa...Liberals get a majority yet? More reason to defeat mail-in can only wonder about electronic voting. U.S. has both. Stalin: The winner is the one who counts the vote. G) Lebanon imploding financially as educated flee much for capitalism Lebanese style = gov't. a ponzi scheme. Big loss when they lost the illicit drug trade to Libya. H) Deported Haitians by plane from U.S. try to flee back onto plane as there is no infrastructure in this Haitian hell-hole. Problem? Foreign contractors get to tell Haitian leadership how aid money is to be spent after buying off leaders. J) So Putin wins Russian election ...not difficult to do when you walk around with a package of novichok in your back pocket. K) Why didn't the Tories & NDP take a leaf out of the Liberal Book (by suing the Speaker) by suing the Gov. Gen. for permitting an illicit election which would have tied matters up in court for 2 years? ANS. Because the Tories believed that they could become a majority Party with the NDP becoming the Opposition shunting the Liberals to Third Place. Postmedia & their midwits with their fake polls were certainly thinking that way = their oblivion.

SEPT. 21 A) D-Day plus 1. I guess that I was not the only voter who was disgusted at the personal treatment used by Postmedia and its midwits to pillory the P.M. PLACARD: ELECTION RESULTS: LOSER / POSTMEDIA  /  WINNERS / M.P.s / 2 plus 4 = 6 years GOLD PLATED PENSION explaining why Parliament will not undergo any challenge for 4 years. B)When duplicitous Jodi Raybould- Wilson was re-elected as an Independent in 2019, she probably expected to be taken back into the Liberal Party. Didn't happen so she wrote a vicious book hoping to be re-elected as an Independent. She won (disputed) due to a split vote. She will have no power as an Independent plus Trudeau won't have her back in the Liberal Party.  C) Opposition leaders O'Toole and Singh failed to challenge Trudeau over the FAA Algorithm with its fake driver license suspension opening them to future criticism. The attendant Identity Theft extension puts an end to all Cdn. Parliamentary Government. President Biden? Your turn. D) Postmedia would never confirm that the CBC Poll tracker was the accurate one (the one I went by). Not winning the '905 vote' (north of Toronto) pinpointed the Tory failure. E) Incumbent MPs can now sit back and collect their overpaid salary for doing very little for the next 4 years. That's the way the oligarchy which runs the country with their lobbyists want it. F) Ever noticed? Politicians must be of 'cinderella' proportions. (created in 1699 although she was an abused middle class person, not a scullery maid. Her 'glass slipper' was a translation error of the French 'verre' (glass) which meant a material shoe. Same thing happened with the 'camel going through the eye of a needle' which was a translation error for 'wool') There is no place for the 'ugly stepsisters'. Think how many more votes the Tories would have got if O'Toole was of Hollywood proportions like Trudeau, although at age 50, he did not collect the votes of the woke generation...'my God, almost as old as my grandpa!'  G)Liberal failures: 1) rather than pushing over into a majority; they shrunk their minority. 2) they did not win the Union vote from the highly indebted NDP but hope perhaps, to have a major crossing of the floor from individual incumbents looking to get ahead 3) an indirect goal was to persuade provinces to support the Liberals; particularly in ON with a weakened Premier Ford over the FAA blunder with 3X loser NDP Andrea Horwath also ghosting this international and national issue. Even with the failure of O'Toole & Singh to raise FAA, Trudeau should have done so; I submit that it would have given him a majority gov't. 4) failure in provoking Opposition into forcing an election = perhaps a Lib. majority otherwise  H) The PPC greatly improved their popularity but still probably no seat, which leader Maxine Bernier, pooh poos on being a popular revolt instead... when handed lemons, make lemonade.... J) Move over, Big Bang's Kaley Cuoco, Mayim Bialik, is grabbing ET headlines now with her willingness to give up her child to host Jeopardy. Commentary is not amused. K) VP Harris is no darling of the Commentary either. Indeed, they don't know 'who to warn against who' between Biden & her.

SEPT.20  A) Cdn. Election Day a foregone conclusion. B) (Another) rogue ON bureaucrat embezzled $10 million on the COVID 19 project. He is charged criminally but Franco Alulio roams free  C) Nurses across Canada protest treating unvaccinated Covid patients appear to be blaming the hospital protocols as sick people go to hospitals. Setting up special clinics suited to such needs could be one answer. D) France upset with Australia's cancellation of submarine contract due, I submit, to the fact that the U.S. provides on-site military protection for Australia; France does not. E) Also, deals are cut...for example Saudi Arabia places a billion dollar military contract with U.S. (with U.S. aid money so that, in essence, the U.S. taxpayer is underwriting most of the cost.) F) Japan without the Japanese? as close to 1/3 of their population is of retirement age with no immigration = possibly the first nation to fail in the modern world. Already their debt is of massive proportions even worse than Greece. G) Belarus athlete fled on fear of being forced into a mental hospital. That is the significance of the unchallenged FAA with its attendant Identity Theft in Canada explaining why we are a failed nation. Next up for FAA; 'treatment centers' paralleling 're-education camps' in dictatorships. Call them 'Auschwitz' in Canada in this Premier Doug Ford sponsored criminal action of his 'Final Solution'. H) No-one listened to me in 1985 with B.C.'s imposed BILL 35 used illicitly only against this senior teacher. Now we have the imposed carbon tax which is nothing more than a tax against all Canadians. U.S., are you listening as Canadians are not? I await POTUS Biden reaction until Sept. 30.

SEPT.19 A) In 1959 when I graduated from high school, I received the traditional 21 jewel watch which required yearly cleaning for $14; an enormous sum in 1959 dollars for which watch makers could make a living. Today for $14 in 2021 dollars, I buy a new watch rather than pay to have a new battery installed (some vendors provide the service free) from such as mega corporation Amazon. In brief, those who speak about making 'America great again' without defining this cliché really, really, don't know what they are talking about. B) Once again, it matters not whether there is a majority or minority gov't. as incumbent M.P.s will not challenge the gov't. for 4 years as they get to add it to their current 2 years to make 6 years and their gold plated pension. Media cover-up of that fact along with ghosting FAA as an election issue makes Postmedia redundant for all time. Oh, yes, I must add that their concerted attack on Justin Trudeau, the most pilloried P.M. in Cdn. history. will reap the whirlwind as they head for financial and moral collapse ...COVID, move over for a bigger story. C) What a mess electronic voting in the U.S. has been; something we do not have in our election although mail-in votes could be troubling. The central legal problem for judges in both the U.S. & Canada is in refusing disclosure. In Canada's case, it destroyed a nation aka the unresolved 35 year D) "your rights end when your fist hits my nose" best defines the COVID mask battle. My point? If you take a train or plane for any reason, mask up. (Will that make a difference? Not as much as the public believes hence distancing which is impossible on trains & planes still places a traveler and worker at risk. International flights are asking for medical masks. As most trips are non-essential, just stay home ...doesn't help the worker though. D) Hypocrisy Dept. ON reminds drivers during these COVID times to renew such as their driver licenses. I would if I could but Franco Alulio won't let me for false suspension reasons. Thank Premier Ford for that authorization next? E) aging Big Bang's the 'skinny bitch', Kaley Cuoco at 35 is facing the three F's; fat, fifty, & forgotten, at least as an actress although she is now a producer. One observer comments on her 'rubber puppies' while another is quite prepared to accept a 'one-night stand'. Still, she has a good promotion Department.

SEPT.18  A) Ben Franklin: 'Those who would trade a little liberty for a little security deserved neither and would lose both' re Franco Alulio Algorithm. Breznev (USSR) used the mental instability card to incarcerate opponents which is the future of FAA if US interests do not act now in face of Cda's abysmal failure with this driver license scam. B) move over Brad Pitt, playful Roger is taking over...On a second food store encounter with a female customer, I shakily claimed that 'you're stalking meee!' to which she replied, 'That's because you're so pretty!' ...and to think I even had a mask on. Take that away and Brad Pitt is done. C) Old news. All Meng Wazhou of Huawei in her 300 day deportation trial has to do is 'plead guilty' and the U.S. will drop the charges against her and let her return to China (Cdn. courts expected to bend their asses on this 'justice delayed is justice denied' proposition; a sop to the Cdn. Justice System which China rejected sometime ago hence it would be a tremendous loss of face for China to throw in the towel now. Further, as Biden did not renew this Trump action, it carries no weight. (All 3 countries just want this case to go away but the U.S. and Cda. want China to be the goat in that process. It's a heads I win; tails you lose proposition. While Commentary does not exist, what is being decided here is whether any CFO/CEO may be detained without an international warrant at an intermediary airport stopping point perhaps for re-fueling (Meng did not go through Cdn. customs as she was en route elsewhere; she was arrested on the plane by Cdn. authorities.) Think Bill Gates landing in a Third World shithole to refuel his private jet only to be seized until he paid a ransom or provide some other such favour. This posting on MSN at this time appears Cdn. election motivated. While no supporter of the Chinese regime, I have established that the Cdn. Justice System is vulnerable to widespread corruption due to my 35 year mishandled unresolved labour issue by over 50 judges across Canada; the FAA merely being the 'icing on the cake' in this 'Final Solution' cataclysm for the driving public. Regrettably, MSN does not accept my e-mail address for Commentary; I am obviously too big a threat. The media, including Reuters for this article, have ghosted me for years.


SEPT. 17  A) I like to kid along passerby's on my daily walk. Today, when I took off my outer shirt due to the warm temperature, I rolled it up and put it under my T shirt belly for freedom of walking. To both men and women, I asked 'Which is it, my shirt or a baby bump with the universal answer being the latter. To one woman, I asked how that could be for if men gave birth to babies, there wouldn't be any. Her retort is universal; 'That's for sure!' It may sound hard to believe, but even my estranged wife had to extricate me from an embarrassing riposte to an exercise colleague by explaining that 'Roger is very playful'. B) When the FAA is eventually publicized, Opposition Leaders O'Toole for the Tories and & Singh for the NDP are going to be hounded to death for their abysmal failure to question the gov't. on this national question during the election. Provincially, NDP's Horwath should be given the boot for not calling out Premier Ford on FFA and his illicit driver license suspension scam. C) While other leaders are in the hustings, O'Toole speaks from his 'bubble'; a mistake. D) MY election prognosis is in ...and the loser is POSTMEDIA, both financially and morally for conducting the worst persecution of a politician in Canadian history; namely, P.M. Justin Trudeau. The sooner they close their doors across Canada - despite the job loss - the better off Canadians will be. E) U.S. Black judge Clarence Thomas is 'out to lunch while everyone is at supper' as his call for 'independence of judges' is met by Commentary blasting him for his 1990's high profile sexual assault accusation before he was confirmed ...must be taking a leaf out of Canada's 'law & order' judges although latter not accused of sexual peccadilloes; just plain old corruption. F) While not as bad as Mulroney supporting O'Toole, Obama's support of Trudeau is ill-placed. Stay home, former 'elitist' U.S. Pres. is my message. (Commentary agrees) G) Mayor Watson on different track on Ottawa LRT to Fed. leaders ...the track he and city council are on is a system built by organized crime with all the attendant short-cuts with regular break-downs. ...rave on SNC Lavalin.... H) When the product stinks, change the name: Pfizer 'jab' is now Comirnaty in Canada. J) Of course 'religious objections to Covid jab' will result in new 'churches'... it worked so well for tax evasion.... J) NDP's Huda Mukbil, an ex-CSIS operator is running in my riding of Ottawa South. Take the 'ex' out and you get the picture.... K) The 'new rules' for Ottawa towing companies are the 'old rules' before organized crime set up shop in Toronto as well. L) General Vance (retired) sexual assault criminal case goes to court today. A parallel criminal charge should be laid against rogue civil servant Franco Alulio for 'raping' a nation with his false driver license suspension scam. M) There, I have vented my spleen. Apologies to my readers as these daily blogs should be half their length but due to bad media reporting (called out by Commentary); I refuse to let these inequities go, particularly FAA, THE election issue 'known by its silence'.


SEPT. 16) A) SEE COMMENTARY describing Institutional inaction as a parable of a deer caught in the headlamps. Does 'individual opinion' exist apart from Hollywood stars? Apparently not as institutions control individuals. B) Finally, the flu-like Covid jab lasts 6-8 months according to vaccine makers. In brief, this admission means that your jab from last year is time-dated bringing into question such as the notion of a vaccine passport. ...of course, Big Pharma will sell you or your gov't. a new jab. C) Trump is a polarizing influence in the U.S. where the media cannot forget about him. Will U.S. Media follow Postmedia in Canada into oblivion (on Sept. 21 if Lieberals win?)  U.S. Senate & Presidential elections in 2022 and 2024 will tell; that is, if climate change does not redirect the world's attention. P.S. All countries stuff ballot boxes. Stalin was honest enough to claim that winners are those who 'count the vote'. Other gerrymandering such as squeezing out Maxine Bernier from 'Debates' by putting Green candidate in a final place. PS. I voted PPC. D) O'Toole calling in former P.M. Mulroney is like the kid in the school yard fight calling in the teacher... most Commentary see it as a negative. E) What a piece of re-direction by MSN relating to a former Vancouver owner selling his yacht wherein it is used for drug smuggling and seized by Br. The owner is not connected to the smuggling in this article although far more Organized Crime individuals own yachts than the public realizes. F) Ottawa Police 'seeking suspect' appears to be their mantra as opposed to 'arrest made at site'. And yet they want their budget increased. Some enterprising midwit columnist should contrast the police portion of the tax bill in 2000 with the present noting the decline in services. G) 'Inject first, study later' for menstruating females getting the 'jab' H) Prince Harry one of the world's most influential people - unlike other Hollywood types - is well deserved considering his military record and promotion of Invicta games... wife Markle is merely the Hollywood connection. J) former Military Leader, General Vance case, highlights class action by a few thousand military women re sexual assault, brings a mixed response from me as I refused participation in one such civil class action against judges, as merely a money maker for participants at taxpayer expense with only the lawyers benefiting. Criminal, not civil charges should be laid after which civil charges could proceed. K) It's started Student stabbed in Ottawa school catering to lower income students...a first step for stabbers; a giant step backwards for Ottawa schools.... L) Oh, oh, Cdn. inflation rate over 4% ! ...unlikely 'to resolve itself'.


SEPT. 15 A) NEWSLETTER including a promotion for the PPC Party. SEE MEDIA sept.  B) O'Leary not guilty in night-time boat accident killing someone on a boat with all lights out (to watch stars). This should never have seen a trial. I can imagine her legal bills as that is the only winner here - the lawyers & their legal fraternity with 'billable time exercises'. The judge should have thrown this case out. In my case, the Ottawa Court threw out my cases without any hearing thereby changing legal practice forever... think SNC Lavalin getting that type of treatment....  C) The 'jab' is only good for one season similar to the flu shot hence 'passports' are nonsensical after the current season. Nurses across Canada are understandably upset about getting more jabs as these Mrn proteins impair the lymph nodes; the body's fluid regulators. On the other hand, I can see employers refusing entry to employees working in close quarters without pay. It is a contradictory situation with no simple answer. There are many things one can do to improve their immune system but few in the public (outside of myself) regularly practice these measures. Distancing is still the best defense. Covid rates are beginning to rise exponentially again as it is a long way from being over. I do not understand people travelling under these circumstances. D) I read novel after novel on this world-wide problem: workers cannot afford to live near their jobs in the city so they live in camps for four days and return home after travelling two plus hours. Even New Zealand, the ideal living place, has the average home going for $1 million. To some extent, my illicit lay-off from teaching in West Vancouver was a blessing in disguise. Today, one of our former Vancouver neighbors has a home valued at $3-1/2 million dollars but their children have to live a great distance from them. The problem? Money laundering as organized crime buy a residence at an inflated price and resale it to themselves at an even higher price with the banks falling all over themselves to finance the difference = how Canada became non livable; a world-wide problem. The cruelest joke? A 'study' claiming Vancouver is an ideal city to live in (if you are the top 2% wealthy). E) In 1991, I attended the Atari 8 bit club with my two young sons in Ottawa where new software was introduced.(One son went on to get a computing engineer qualification; one of three as he did not follow up on a computing career.) I taught a summer computing course in 1993 with educational software such as the one where a wagon train headed West in the 1860's and where the student could trade items and even go hunting in order to survive. Some made it to their destination; most did not. Today 'gaming' is a $142 billion industry which holds its players captive; even dictators cannot control this disease. The computing industry is driving the investment market... but to where is the question as the biggest money for comp. engrs. lies in creating games usually of a morbid character. Killing people including policemen e.g. Grand Auto Theft, has numbed some players to human suffering. F) 'Dozens of lawyers' object to former Ottawa U Prof. Hassan Diab being deported to France a second time (legal billable time exercise for Fr.) but where are those selfsame lawyers on protesting the false driver license scam of Franco Alulio with its attendant Identity theft in Canada? ...MIA


SEPT. 14 A) POSTMEDIA is getting frightened (Election issue: Postmedia v J.T. in a winner takes all leaving the former in tatters for all time if they lose) Now the excuse is that J.T. will not get a majority gov't. as Tory hopes fade altogether. In brief, the other polls are running for the hills as CBC tracker has been accurate all along. Already, Postmedia is preparing to blame the voters for Tory loss.  B) Two Points: 1) media refuse to tell us that the Trudeau's are separated for over a year. (If they did, who is he 'getting it on with'? Only the media and his security know for sure.  2) Sophie is active in the Liberal campaign as per midwit Mark Bonokoski article C) I can understand the public wishing no protests at hospitals across Canada (must take place off property) even though I did protest with a Placard against the Ottawa Hospital as a lone dissenter in which the court dropped my $10 million action against them (for conspiracy) without a hearing which involved improper action from Ottawa Police based on a faux court Order as known to Mayor Jim Walson. = trusteeship called by me over Ottawa court system which would ghost the Franco Alulio Algorithm and its fake driver license suspension amid Postmedia boycott of this central election issue. D) Ottawa Police 'Guns & gangs' police detectives accused of planting gun & stealing $50,000 gets a ho hum from Commentary. Is Police Chief Sloly a hero or a bum in this one? Decades ago, while installing home alarms, I ran into an RCMP policeman on a previous drug detail living in a house beyond a policeman's salary (non working wife) which raised the eyebrows of another RCMP officer client (living within his means) when I related the story. The entire Toronto narcotics bureau had to resign at one time for malfeasance but Toronto Police do not have a good reputation with their Police Chief departing recently with hardly a peep out of the media. (Toronto is the leader in container theft in N. America)  E) California is now being called out for electoral fraud as Nancy Pelosi's nephew (Newsome) is under recall challenge by black columnist Larry Elder who is not a Trump clone... rather he is a wake-up call for black America despite Republican control of 2% wealthy. (California divided between Mexican South and non-Mex. North) F) Free delivery of food by Amazon in expensive far North = calamity for local providers G) NP article of how men are being pushed out of academia by women met with fierce Commentary in that men avoid useless social science degrees turning to business and trades for jobs. H) So Britney Spears is out to reclaim $60 million fortune; apparently down from $400 million...someone got rich....who's going to be the new exploiter?  


SEPT 13  A) The world is entering the second major phase of the Covid Pandemic. In 1919, most people died in the second phase. ON & Ottawa rates are skyrocketing in the past 10 days. B) Duplicitous Jodi Raybould Wilson should not be re-elected (SEE S.12 B) One Independent is a throw-away vote; she was never taken back into the Liberal fold. C) MSN has a list on unethical experiments including the 'Final Solution'. In the early 1960's, my Psychology Prof. told his class that he refused to indulge in 'twin studies' (Eugenics and where psychiatry got a bad name). That is where Canada as a nation fails for with Identity Theft from FAA fake driver license suspension scam, these medical scientific shortcomings are being re-introduced to N. American society in a big way. SEE my COMMENTARY Sept. 12. D) The unlisted 'political Party', Postmedia, is about to lose the election big-time against Justin Trudeau. Without mention of FAA, they are consigned to oblivion. E) Britney Spears ...get a pre-nup!  F) As MSN does not recognize my e-mail address; it is up to others to inform the public through their Commentary as to the existence of FAA. Until Google was slapped with heavy fines in Europe, prominent spots were sold on their listings such as to the Employee Case conspirators which have now vanished. G) Climate Change is eerily gearing up with man being a major contributor... oh, well, some microbe will survive the next ice age to re-populate the world. Thankfully, I will not be around but it is increasingly difficult to being around in our digital age where you are left chasing your problems into a nebulous 'cloud environment' leaving the top 2% wealthy to decide the fate for all. H) Book Burning by ON School Board? An explosive label reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Text books are replaced all the time. J) Hilarious Reddit Commentary on the new slim trim Kim Yung Un of N. Korea.


SEPT 12  A) Election outcome delay due to mail-in votes according to Elections Canada is a harbinger of the 'U.S. voting disease'; watch out for such as mail-in 'ballot 'transfers'. However, polls show the Lieberals surging ahead despite a concerted Postmedia attack. Usually by now, the figures have solidified for election day.  B) I find Wilson-Raybould duplicitous as her treatment by Trudeau in the SNC Lavalin Affair was replicated by her over my accusations of irregularities in Regina Courts in 2016. Of course Postmedia never reported on that transgression nor many other legal transgressions. Sept. 20 has the 'Sword of Damocles' hanging over bankrupt Postmedia which 'never will be missed, I have them on my list; credibility and all' for lying to the public about the Tory lead. C) MSN into 'baby bumps' reminds me years ago of a female aerobics instructors comment... for God's sake, Celine Dionne is not the only one having a baby!' Further, due to their income, Hollywood types are considered experts on everything explaining why I do not included ET on my commentary which is lagging during the election but wait until after. Prince Harry with his war record and promotion of the Invicta games is an exception. I don't know how he is able to straddle his role with 'Hollywood wife' Markle. D) Countries running out of food harbingers myriad revolts around the world as evidenced by Cuba's first internal revolt. In short, who is going to control the world's food supplies? which is going to be the increasing cause of wars? (It always was as Napoleon said 'an army marches on its stomach. German capitulation in WWI was accompanied by a food shortage.) Yemen is starving and yet the bombs keep falling. When Lebanon lost their heroin transfers to Libya, starvation entered there. N. Korea only speaks about food shortage for the privileged few in Pyongyang which is now a major problem even there. The Taliban can easily cut off the food supply for Kabul. Historically, food was being shipped to Britain from Ireland at the time of the Irish famine in 1845-6. Restricting drinking water supply is even more of a potential weapon. E) midwit Conrad Black blasted on Commentary for his article on 9-11. As a specialist in Canadian History, I find he writes good 'textbook history' which rather dates him. I departed that scene as a teacher in the 1970's upsetting parents in West Vancouver as materials shifted to 'point of view' as opposed to 'history as fact'. Still, I have trouble accommodating the 'woke' generation and their ill-behaved children. F) SEE COMMENTARY c/w Dilbert Cartoon to explain the Franco Alulio Algorithm as the 'Final Solution' sanctioned by the Ottawa Courts on behalf of the entire Justice System= anarchy


SEPT 11  A) 9-11 (20th Anniversary). Condolences to the U.S. and those who lost family in that infamous event. B) At 50 cases, 3x increase in recent days, Ottawa Covid rate becoming frightening and yet I see the public in my neighborhood near the airport following stringent day-time controls. C) Many Commentators were annoyed with PPC leader Bernier being omitted from the debates as the 'big three' consider it their private domain. D) A money maker? Egyptian pilot has lodged another ship in the Suez Canal... sounds like a cottage blackmail industry just like those terrorists in Nigeria kidnapping students for ransom... with Franco Alulio with his fake driver license suspension scam showing the way to go for N. American organized crime. E) A few politicians have stepped down from the election which does not mean that their name do not stand on the ballot for which their Party can still win. For example, a rumour has it that a major issue exists in Trudeau's own riding. If he is forced to step down, Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland could take his place and win a landslide for the Liberals so don't expect any revelations on any 'side issue'. F) In the 1990's, I had a home alarm franchise in Ottawa. In the beginning the police responded immediately to alarm calls but soon had to charge $75 for false alarms prompting much slower private security unit responses. Today, cameras in real i-phone time can identify an intruder on the premise but none are caught at the scene. Hence I am in favour of defunding the police as their bureaucratic costs have sky-rocketed with a proportional decline in their services. Replacing the Police Chief (plus Mayor Watson) would be the first step forward as I see a civilian police oversight leader resigning from the job in some sort of protest. It is a troubled force which regrettably, is not limited to just Ottawa (RCMP plus Provincial Police forces also have their problems which go unaddressed.) G) Elections Canada point to delayed election outcome due to large number of mail-in votes. Why? Add additional staff would seem to be the answer in this risky aspect of the election. Thank God we do not have electronic voting.


SEPT 10  A) I made a liar out of myself (I wasn't going to vote). I voted for the PPC 1) Maxine Bernier is the most intelligent of the politicians 2) He was prepared to go against QC farmers in liberating protections 3) He came within a whisker of winning the Tory leadership and, I submit, would have won the current election for the Tories 4) He subsequently built a Party which has run candidates in every riding in the last two elections. 5) He should have been included in the Debates 6) Postmedia don't like him = why I like him. So my Pandora's box is renewed with the 'faint hope clause'. Let's hope the PPC win seats. Voting was heavy in two early polls among whyte seniors, women & men equally. B) In traditional Mexico, when the cowboy arrived home and found his saddle at the door of the adobe; the relationship was over. I guess that is what happened to horseman Tim Cook performing in Florida when he metaphorically arrived home to his horse estate shared with Big Bang's Kaley Cuoco where 'bang, bang', the relationship was dead. Now when she needs attention, she will have to find a new hubby...over here, 'Penny', over here, I had a fetish on you with Big Bang. As one commentator said; 'you were easy on the eyes' which is all we ask of our TV heroes. The final episode of Big Bang appears to have been tacked on with the elevator working and Penny pregnant (I don't think she is mom material on or off the stage) in which Dr. Cooper gave a stellar speech in receiving his Nobel prize. The writers for that series were superb. C) Novel quote: 'I am a lawyer, and he's a bureaucrat. Just the people you want to gum up any operation' An apt definition of FAA with its extension of Identity Theft = 'Final Solution'. And 'not lightning-fast strikes of data but the right mind looking in the right places = challenge to U.S. CEO's of Auto Insurance Companies on FAA. D) POSTMEDIA inching closer to a phenomenal loss against the P.M. No tears here. E) ON professor refuses vaccination barred from University. Commentary notes that all sorts of safety conditions apply on many jobs which do not apply at home. Some question about paying her though although operating remotely is not discussed. E) With school & Universities back in, Ottawa Covid rate has tripled recently at 60. F) Any sprint coach can tell you that a runner has already lost if he does not get off the starting blocks in time. There is rarely a catch up phase which aptly describes O'Toole G) Commentary: 'Reform police (RCMP/prov. police) don't Defund' them. And who is in charge of reform? The ineffective police chiefs. Trying to cater to minorities has undermined recruitment was cited. General message is that criminals are having a 'field day'. ...and then there are criminal bureaucrats such as Franco Alulio with his fake driver license suspension scam. H) BBC 9-11 Conspiracy Theories do not include this one: The threat was received on the U.S. West Coast but due to delays for 'privacy reasons' arrived late. Qui bene? (who benefits?) The CIA and FBI were about to have their budgets cut. With the attack, not only did they get an increase, the monolithic Homeland Security was created over which no-one has oversight control.


SEPT 09  A) Traditionally the media was political party allied. For example, everyone took a newspaper in Vancouver where I was raised delivering newspapers in the 1950's with Tory supporters supporting the Vancouver Province while Liberals supported the Vancouver Sun. And then along came Tory Postmedia buying up all outlets including TV other than the CBC Liberals. No matter as the public has deserted to internet social media. In the spirit that the media can deliver an election, Postmedia took on Justin Trudeau, the most pilloried P.M. in Cdn. history hence my structure that there will only be one individual or an institution. Postmedia has whipped up a rhetoric particularly among older men with whom they sowed the wind; will they survive the whirlwind from a very angry Tory male voter segment if Justin Trudeau wins (even a minority counts as a win). And when it is seen that O'Toole sat on the FAA someday, I can see the Tories sinking to the level of Kim Campbell (P.M. for a day). On Sept. 20, we will have the answer to the above scenario. B) ON Digital ID's. 'Made in Franco Alulio land'. I cannot even get my driver license suspension information from this Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical despite a $10 million action against him in which the Ottawa Courts refuse to give me a docket time. He has now been assigned to digitization as anyone with a suspension of any type - medical, driver license, etc. - will soon have to chase the authorities through 'the cloud'... good luck with that one. Commentary is highly critical but fail to mention my lead case in this matter in North America... Can you get by without your driver's license? Most can't. MSN doesn't even recognize my e-mail address so it is up to others to proselytize this heinous case. A bad idea over-all as many people cannot afford an I-phone. How much did lobbyists Bell, Rogers, & other carriers contribute to this stunt? C) Canada's own Perv, MB's 80 year old fashion mogul, Peter Nygard, currently jailed is being sought by the U.S. for criminal charges by many women. Once again, where is the airline listing of clients? D) Ottawa mayor Jim Watson wants an answer to Byward Market increasing crime problem ...Answer: Get a new Police Chief.... the old one just has tiring clichés about 'how we are all in this together'.


SEPT 08  A) It is the job of the Opposition to criticize the gov't. When it is learned that O'Toole and Singh (plus Horwath in ON) and their retinues did not inform the public in the election about the Franco Alulio Algorithm, I do not give much future to either Party. B The weakness of polls is that they do not obtain second choices such as NDP votes going Lieberals. After being slow out of the starting gates, O'Toole is doomed like the cartoon below. Further Tory problems are reflected with Ottawa area Tory, Pierre Poilievre, who could have run for the Party leadership but didn't no doubt believing the Tories need another term in the desert looking for that 'burning bush'. Women, given the vote, will select handsome Trudeau over the 'man's party'; namely, the Tories. The PPC is robbing the Tories over the 'Passport control'. B) From a novel which pretty well sums up my interpretation of the midwits: '...from the authorities, denials and misdirection. The rented Television experts speculated. The investigative reporters burrowed and sifted. None strayed remotely close to the truth.' C) The border between Hong Kong and China is open reflective of China being able to get COVID under control... surprised me too. And on the other hand... if COVID doesn't get you in India, Nipah will. D) Angelina Jolie's daily posting on MSN is symbolic of trite ET news. While cheering is going up for Britney Spears; I foresee disaster as there should be some court oversight of her $60 million funds (at a limited fee, lawyers please). E) Is Xi pulling a Teddy Roosevelt in his bid to further control China's tycoons? F) Cdn. woman accusing 'America's dad' Bill Cosby has some interesting Commentary as it reflects problems with U.S. law paralleling Cdn. law in terms of judicial misactions by judges. What a judge says in the courtroom may be in direct opposition to what he files. So much for 'law & order' which I have shown does not exist in Canada; if it ever did but it is getting decidedly worse. It is 'law and order' as per the legal fraternity's dictates; not the law of the country. G) While there is little sympathy for prisoners, the story of 40 'burning to death' in Indonesia because guards did not unlock the cells is shocking. So is the story of 150 Tigray rebel prisoners 'starving to death' or DR Congo 'hacking 30 to death' limit to 'man's inhumanity to man'.

The 'starter' is Franco Alulio as a symbol of all rogue civil servants in this digital universe in which the conclusion is fore-ordained; Identity Theft is First Prize. In analogy form it is an intangible threat equivalent to the tangible threat of Novichuk poison


SEPT 07  A) COVID numbers are climbing in N. America with the Delta variant in a 'back to school' scenario. B) Cdn. media temporizing as they see Tory election numbers 'spinning their wheels'. Too late, either Postmedia wins or JT, the most pilloried P.M. in Cdn. history, wins. There is no middle ground.


SEPT 06  A) The Lieberals interests do not lie in winning this election as the economic problems are insurmountable... let the Tories take the blame for one term and then be out for several elections. A new Liberal gov't. would scoot back in under a new leader. (SEE my COMMENTARY re Trudeau personally).The U.S. Democrats are facing a similar outcome. Replacing Trump and making sure Florida's de Santis does not replace him is a key to GOP success in 2024. B) Whatever happened to the Ghislaine Maxwell (the Perv's friend) trial slated for Aug? I figured that she was incarcerated to protect her from assassination by those out to protect the 'airline list' of the who's who (beside Prince Andrew & Bill Clinton) which visited Perv Island. C) Sage observation: In the past, disinformation was the property of the rich; today with social media, disinformation is the property of all.

D) School is back in & Reddit Commentary from U.S. teachers (Canada better due to nation-wide Unionization nonetheless supports my advice...steer clear of this profession in both countries but then what profession is recommended? In the U.S. unionized city teachers are in great contrast to the pay of rural areas but then the latter have lower housing costs.) ...and to think that I have said nothing about the increase of rudeness in students as a deterrent.... The legal profession is not for ethical people; the medical one has twice the normal suicide rate (2-1/2 times for female doctors) In Canada, the public pay for civil cases against doctors. Corporate business? ...if you are a brown-noser. Read cartoon strip DILBERT, a top-notch business cartoon in that latter regard. E) Singapore's IA robot patrol is an eerie '1984' concept which police states will love. F) Reddit Commentary on botched surgery and legal actions - both real and contrived - rage over topic of filming operations intro. by S. Korea (raping patients???) To me, the problems reflect inadequate oversight. For example, one good hospital counts all operating devices before and after an operation. My family doctor was surprised a number of years back when the specialist assigned to handle a minor office surgery did not even turn up leaving the procedure to the nurse who probably was more proficient than him. To be sure, he charged for his time though.


SEPT 05 A) Unhappiness shows in the face of aging actress Anglina Joly who does nothing but get publicity space on MSN... is this the future for Kaley Cuoco? Anybody know? Anybody care? Commentary doesn't think so. One good reason why I do not include ET news in my Commentary. (Her posting was taken down later in the day - who says money does not talk?) B) Older people will remember the bright yellow vaccine booklet (which I still have) as a precursor to COVID passport. I am still wary of the latter considering digitization of records and the ease of perverting them as evidenced by the FAA phony driver license suspension. C) It does not look as though the 3 election leaders nor the media are going to tell the public about the national scourge of FAA. Currently I am trusting to the U.S. CEO's of the Auto Ins. Industry plus POTUS to act. D) MSN & REDDIT in decline. Too much repetition for both. MSN too much ET News; Reddit too much Afghan news plus commercial pop-ups. I only read both for Commentary. E) I think every adult knows where he was on 9-11 which is ramping up to a 20 year anniversary. 75% of the U.S. Public believed blameless Saddam Hussein of Iraq was responsible with the U.S. gov't. giving a 'free ride' to Saudi Arabia where 18 of the 19 hijackers came from. Osama bin Laden viewed 9-11 as the beginning of the Muslim war against 'the Great Satan' only to live for another decade seeing the outcome was instead Muslim v Muslim. My reading since that time would point to another JFK type assassination in which the media controls the narrative. F) Interesting poll about the coming election ...the Liberals have a greater chance at forming a minority gov't than the Tories explaining why Trudeau is flogging the 25 Liberal Seats of Toronto. It's still a race between Postmedia v. Trudeau (the most pilloried P.M. in Cdn. history). Sept. 21 will deliver that verdict. SEE COMMENTARY for my election take.


SEPT 04 A) Across Canada anti-vaccine passport protests led by nurses raises this question: 'Who controls your body...the state or yourselves?' Whoever raised that question does not know that it has already been answered; namely by rogue civil servant Franco Alulio with his 'psychiatric' suspension of your driver's license in an algorithm which has the power to enslave all Canadians (and U.S. drivers as well). In future, nurses and their supporters will have trouble getting a ride to their demonstration or, for that matter, even to their jobs. Keep in mind that this anti-vaccine protest is not against 'the jab' per se; merely wearing a 'yellow star' saying that you got the jab. Some employers with people working in close quarters should have every power demanding that an employee show proof of 'the jab' which falls short of a so-called gov't. passport. The problem lies in back-checking. B) So 'Penny' still thinks she is married to 'Leonard' (Big Bang Theory). Real life; Kaley Cuoco separates from second husband (she wanted to talk menopause while her 6-year younger husband had more frisky ideas??) with Johnny Galecki separating from his wife of half his age with baby recently. Commentary seems less than enthusiastic about these Hollywood marriages where actors consider themselves 'celebrities' but with the money they make, they are quoted on everything from hangnails to world politics. ...just what did Trump mean 'making America great again'? ...possibly the $100 million fortunes for each of these two 'stars'? The unique circumstances of my separation two years ago after a 45 year good marriage was quick as I note prolonged unhappiness in divorced people hangs over their future relationships accounting for repeated divorces. It is a little like those raped women who do not get immediate counseling going on to suffer forever. I have only had a little amateur exposure to the stage noting that those who try to carry on their onstage persona to their private lives do not fare particularly well.


SEPT 03  A) In the beginning, there was inoculation such as using cow pox to cure smallpox. Many diseases, such as polio were eradicated with succeeding vaccines. Penicillin was a tremendous advance since WWII. The flu vaccine is a yearly renewable vaccine good for up to 6 months and then it has to be renewed to suit new strains. Sometimes we guess right; other times we miss as the early Australia harbinger is not always accurate. And then there is the COVID 'jab' which, from the variety of vaccines on the market is reflective of volatility in terms of success. The current jabs are coming to their 6 month fruition making passports superfluous. Nurses, as one group, are wary of these jabs which tend to clutter up the lymph nodes which regulate the body's fluids leading to future problems. Would a pill be more efficacious? Thailand is experimenting with one such pill. The biggest problem with COVID is that it is ongoing with new variations all the time with no breather space in-between. It is a game changer economically as the world cannot cope with this ongoing plague. Solution to date? Self isolation and distancing which is impossible in the modern cities of today. Moscow is a good example of a city in free fall in which whole families share an apartment with cooking and bathing facilities at the end of the hallway for a number of families. While India is claimed to have the highest rate of infection due to population size; in actual fact, due to figure manipulation hiding the figures, Moscow is probably the most vulnerable city in the world for COVID. As to the so-called sciences attached to an analysis: two points; 'figures do not lie but people lie about figures' e.g. Moscow example above; secondly, what do we know about science? Unfortunately, we study it in mathematical terms rather than in philosophical terms: i.e. our knowledge of the universe is based on our (erroneous) senses plus 'intellect' which is heavily mathematically oriented complete with its 'anomalies' (far from perfect). In simple language, we don't know the future with algorisms not above 90% accuracy and only make a stab at it; sometimes it works if it is heavily manipulated but there are limitations to that approach. That's why we have wars and economic Depressions. a former high school teacher, I can only add that a 10 question quiz will follow to complete our schooling analogy.


SEPT 03 A) Letter to POTUS on theme of cowardice re FAA. SEE MEDIAsept 03  B) AB Premier Kenney accused of 'amateur hour' as COVID cases skyrocket... the level-headed Muslim mayor of Calgary 'is not amused' = hurts Fed Tory election. C) First TV Debate in QC has Commentary all over the place with interesting historical hindsights. MSN cropping their web site topic lists for unknown reasons.  Reddit coming under fire for U.S. orientation. Is it crashing with all its pop-up videos? Next up? Why... my COMMENTARY under  D) The battle of unfilled jobs due to accusations of CERB payments undermining business v. insufficient salaries on the other side does not include this observation; namely, a recipient of CERB working 'under the table' being paid in cash. E) Commentary on Meng deportation trial beginning to get a handle on this foolhardy case.


SEPT 02 A) The digital universe will be the ruination of us all as its algorithms can be easily manipulated to hide nefarious activity. For example, a staff member from the previous ON Liberal Gov't. let her computer boyfriend in to erase hard drives without suffering repercussions. Franco Alulio's current task is to digitize the ON  Transport Ministry-Medical hence my false driver license suspension could be expected to disappear leaving me in the lurch. Eichmann, master of the 'Final Solution' in Nazi Germany would have been bemused by these stunts as it was the meticulous records which the Nazi's kept which put a rope around their  necks at Nuremburg. If all records were digitized in the 1940's, the Nazi's would not have had to claim 'we were only following orders; rather, they could claim, Auschwitz prisoners who? ...never heard of them. Besides, the Auschwitz 'mission statement' was perfectly clear ...'Work will set you free' ...and work until they dropped makes a great corporate model ...apart from the 'side effects' which the Nazis practiced with a vengeance....  Our legal system is also a ball of wax. In Canada, I suspect that at least one court of law has filed a Decision which was quietly removed later. Another ON Action of mine had 3 different Decisions on the same case ...which one was filed, if any? So much for Cdn. 'Law & Order' which is compounded with faulty reporting e.g. Huawei Meng Whazhou's deportation hearing with a Decision expected in October. The issue? May a stop-over country seize a CEO where no previous international warrant exists (for that matter, anyone)? Think Bill Gates landing in such a Third World airport for re-fueling purposes ...then he could be released after paying the blackmail. The legal mistake the RCMP/Border guard made was arresting Meng on the plane before she disembarked to go through customs which she had no intention of doing as Vancouver Airport was a way station to another destination. An honest judge would have thrown this case out in the first hearing but that is my point; where will one find an honest Cdn. judge? (I had over 50 of 'the other kind'). B) FREE BRITNEY SEE COMMENTARY C) No vaccine available for 'Mu' variation?


SEPT 01 A) NEWSLETTER (2 pages including 'CALLOW LETTER' on Auto Insurance role in the Franco Alulio Algorithm (FAA) SEE MEDIA sept Also SEE a two page letter to National Geographics on the topic of Eugenics (racial profiling) B) SEE Sub-heading: THE WORLD'S FUTURE? C) The powers that be really, really do not get it... While I focus on FAA, what is stopping any rogue civil servant from perverting the conditions of forms signed by the public. For example, your medical card could be subjected to being lifted with the false application of a 'psychiatric' suspension. Hence this IS the international issue of the day. Will CEO America save the public as seen through the Auto Insurers? (SEE Newsletter above.) Will the Cdn. voters call out their leaders for failing to address the election issue in the current Federal Election? The media won't explaining why POSTMEDIA is a cooked goose. D) One feature about the Taliban is that when they say they are going to do a thing, they do it. In brief, they would deal directly with FAA, something where corporate/political Canada is remiss.