Requiem on a Canadian moral COVID case - Justice Division

BY: target Roger Callow 2020 JUNE Sub-heading above

Players: Justice Dumbo (D) as in Dumbo the flying elephant whom 'dumps' quite literally on target Roger (R)


1) D. As one accustomed to looking through the big end of the inherent jurisdiction,  executive order judicial telescope, I only see that you have been charged with driving while your license has been suspended; extended circumstances be damned. How do you plead? ...not important. The official authorities have already decided on your behalf. (R. now you know the meaning of inherent jurisdiction and executive powers. It is not called the nation's strongest Union for nothing. Even Meng of Huawei was denied disclosure which would undoubtedly revealed fraud on the part of Canada's institutions plus a coordinating individual in Ottawa with U.S. interests.)

2) But, but...

3) Enough of your lip. While I am not, as a duly respected personage of the Crown, susceptible to bias, nonetheless scuttlebutt has it that you once called out an Appeal Court judge for falling asleep in a one hour hearing...

4) That's true...

5) Did it ever occur to you that even within a portion of your one hour, you were so incredibly boring that any judge could justifiably fall asleep? Look in the mirror, oh plaintiff, for the source of that one! You are also so incredibly nosy wanting to know about every bodies business...

6) In law, that's call disclosure.

7) I don't care what you call it. The courts regularly got along just fine for decades, centuries for that matter, without dealing with pesky accusations from individuals against corporations whom pay the taxes and therefore the salaries of eminent judges; myself of course included. My membership in the L. Party makes me one of those entitled...and you would rain on my parade??? I think not.

8) Further, you hold the court processes in contempt by claiming that only judges may crack witticisms with legal counsel earning three times my salary clacking 'most adroit observation, my lord' heh, heh. That's a downright lie...they make five times my salary. Also, can I help it if legal counsel laugh uproariously at my antics? I am a very funny guy.

9) You denigrate many, many of our respected bureaucrats due to your failure to wait in line like all other citizens until you have been served. What makes you so special, Mr. 'everybody is out of step but Roger?'

10) I have been standing in many, many lines for 35 years without...

11) There you go again, me, me, me.

12) The most abhorrent judicial accusation is the one that claims the Decision is 'in' before the judge even enters the court room'. I can vouchsafe that they are made afterwards after due consideration of the facts...

13) Right, the fact that as soon as you walk out the door after the trial is over, a 'boy in short pants' hands you a Decision in which he tells you to sign 'here, here, and here' adding your cheque is already in the mail. Good-day.

14) There you go again, and no doubt you revel in your distortions when in fact the law protects even you. If I were not constrained to find you guilty for driving without a driver's license with a fine; I would throw you into prison 'in perpetuity' just like your suspended driver's license...oh, I am witty today. Wait until I tell that bon mot at the Friday night meeting of the bar at the bar. We are here to deliver Decisions, or has that escaped your pointy head?

15) Great. Then where is my Labour Decision for which I cannot collect compensation? Over 50 judges in 35 years couldn't find one.

16) I am not biased, Sir, but I just don't like you as you have been seen by over 90,000 Frenchmen ...oops over 50 judges  backing  me up on that one, can't be wrong. Even you must realize that no judge has been convicted for malfeasance in Canada for a very good reason...we're all honest.

17) Similar to John's Car Sales, You insist on inserting 'Honest John's Car Sales' in your title.

18) Sounds like a good logo to me. hmm...Honest Judge does have a certain cachet, now that I think about it.... Pay the cashier on the way out.  Commotion at court entrance. What's that racket, court clerk? 'A group of military reporters from the rest home escapade want in.' ( D. running out the back door) Court dismissed.


June 01-2020


TO: Ministry of A.G., Doug Downey     FROM: Roger Callow

McMurtry-Scott Bdlg.                               1285 Cahill Drive #2001

720 Bay Street                                            Ottawa, ON M7A 2S9

Toronto, ON M7A 2S9                              t:613-521-1739 e-mail:


TOPIC: Driver License suspension MTO-Medical # 001111960

cc Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to lay a charge of being a co-conspirator against A.G. Doug Downey with Franco Alulio Deputy Minister of Transportation-Medical (CV20 82943) whom has not responded in any way to the charge noted above.

cc P.M. Trudeau / ON

 Liberal leader Steven del Duca


1) Ontario A.G. Doug Downey's abject failure to respond to a letter from me dated March 23-2020 with a Second Request dated April 14-2020 and a Third dated May 28-2020 on the very serious matter of a driver license suspension of this plaintiff in such fashion that it is permanent contrary to the forms and the law negatively affecting all drivers in car cultures, is noted. He now becomes a co-conspirator and should be charged by the Prime Minister accordingly. The ramifications of this failure reverberate in all judicial decisions in Canada as no-one can trust to the Canadian Justice System including Huawei's Meng.

2) In absence of a personal response from Downey with his own signature giving the necessary disclosure from Alulio's file which I have requested and for which Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunderson refuses to acquire on my behalf, to lay the charge noted above. Downey must provide all material from Alulio if indeed any exists by June 14-2020.

3) Based on present circumstances, there is no evidence that Alulio possesses any material in support of his aberrant suspension of my driver's license.



4) To declare on my own recognizance that the ultra vires driver's license suspension is not applicable hence I will be renewing my right to drive quite apart from so-called legalities.

5) Churchill would roll over in his grave to see a democracy reduced to such as the above which in fact makes of Canada a Third World Country undeserving of the label 'democracy'.

6) Recently, Ontario underwent a form of this type of 'reverse osmosis' when the military blew off the cover of the long-standing abuse in Ontario's Rest Homes due to the COVID-19 outbreak which was widely known to the public, the media and the politicians without anything being done about these deplorable conditions. The has demonstrated this institutional failure in many organizations  particularly the Justice System.

I call it 'Institutional Autism' where the individual comes second best or worse as is usually the case. In brief, Military Reports are now a mainstay in our society.


Yours truly, Roger Callow awaiting a 'military report'