1) In my July 14-2021 column ( , I make reference to some of the 'proclivities' of Justin Trudeau while teaching at West Point Grey Academy , a school not unknown for its perv activities including those of Canada's incumbent P.M. which requires elucidation.

2) The first matter which requires elucidation is the media re-directing attention from a serious matter to one of peccadillo proportions. In Trudeau's case it is the matter of 'blackface' use in his drama class to divert attention from the legalities under which he was fired amid accusations of consorting with an under-age female. His father's legal firm was able to hush up matters and Trudeau moved over to the Public System at Winston Churchill Secondary School in Vancouver. There are two points to be made here: the character of Justin Trudeau whom currently is estranged from his wife (disclosure: so am I after 45 years of a good marriage with reasons rooted in the Franco Alulio Algorithm and no third party involvement. Separation of seniors in their latter years is not that uncommon.) For politicians, 75% of M.P. marriages end in divorce and it has always been considered poor taste for the press to wade into the break-ups. The second point relates to sexual abuse of under-age girls. For example, was Trump 'outed' by Stormy Daniels -an adult sexual partner- as a cover for the fact that he flew regularly on Pervert Epstein planes? (A parallel story relates to a Winnipeg clothier running much the same operation. Only the pilot's log knows for sure and one magazine is revealing those names such as the billionaire Icahn brothers, Bill Clinton and multi billionaire Bill Gates...move over Prince Andrew, the plane is getting full.

3) As to the positives; I have great respect for Justin's physical prowess. He is an accomplished boxer and can do a one arm plaunch which as an amateur gymnast, I could never do and yet it looks so easy. As to his politics, they parallel all other politicians. The one I respect most for intelligence is the People's Party under Maxine Bernier but then I no longer vote.

4) Perverts are known to head for child devoted Organizations. The Boy Scouts recently settled a long and expensive class action for depredations by their leaders. Churches in remote areas (indigenous reserves) have too many transgressions in areas not easily policed. As a former high school teacher, I found that there was a pedophile case by a married teacher every decade in the average high school which was normally quietly resolved with the teacher divorcing his wife and marrying the student. As I was not part of the inner circle, I was invariably the last to know of one transgression two years after it took place in a staff of 40.

5) Many people think that LBGT people are the source of the problem which is not so. I knew a number of 'alleged' homosexuals whom were never a problem with students. The most dangerous individual? A frustrated married man in a bad marriage. Extra-curricular activities such as sports and drama permitted unregulated time for students to be with teachers; particularly on trips. Private boarding schools are a haven for pedophiles. I only learned much later that my best friend sent to a boy's Christian school on Vancouver Island in his middle years escaped the lecherous 'Brothers' but he paid with it through canings. Others he said, 'bent their ass' to avoid physical punishment. When Conrad Black was asked the salacious question as to how he reacted to a strip search for prison; he replied that going to private school made it 'no big deal'. My high class English room-mate and private school student which I boarded with for my first two years teaching in B.C. never made allusion to being abused but if anyone put a friendly hand on his shoulder, he stiffened right up. He never had a girlfriend passing himself off as 'that crazy Englishman'. He wasn't crazy. He was highly intelligent. I was active in a small Amateur Theatre group in which all the members were 'straight'. We were a motley crew (we did children's plays as well as adult plays where due to my university training, I received lead roles) while the much bigger competition sported mainly school teachers and did musicals.

6) Drama attracts gay people. For example, it was said of Noel Coward's 1950's England, that if males were not gay, they faked it in order to get an acting part (similar to Hollywood starlets sleeping with Producers like Weinstein who is now in prison) Bill Cosby was no stranger to taking advantage of his power to control young females. The Frasiers had two male gays; Big Bang Theory has Jim Parsons with his 187  I.Q. of that persuasion...poor Amy!

7) Travelling is an enriching experience such as my younger son in the 1990's class trip from Ottawa to the Smithsonian without any problem. A music group went from West Vancouver by bus through Europe to Moscow without problem. Generally, that is not the case as all School Boards insist that parents in league with a travel agent conduct tours; leaving the school out. The big problem is sane students thinking 'while in Rome do what the Romans do' and 'what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas'. We refused our son permission on graduation to take a post-grad trip to Mexico for which I think he was privately grateful...(blame the parents).

8) I have already referred to one possible reason for Trudeau's 'black-face' which requires a perspective. In the early 1950's, my father, an ardent YMCA supporter took me to a Minstrel Show in which white members blackened their face; sat on chairs, and stood up to deliver jokes in turn. That is unacceptable today as this style of show could not be staged otherwise. At which point, those actions became unacceptable is not clear but it appears that in the 1990's with Trudeau's blackface , that there was no outcry at his school. Further, Opera always had Nabucco sung by one in blackface. Is that still the case today? I don't know. For my part I would like to see the 'Black Lives Matter' Group to extend themselves to all trafficked people (usually labour and prostitution) in which passports are taken away for the purpose (I still have my passport explaining why the Franco Alulio Algorithm is an affront to all mankind stealing, as it does, my legal standing in my native born country.)

9) As to field trips, one elementary principal refused to permit any field trip associated with water. A good move as accidents are heavily related to boats. I accompanied one elementary class as a parent advisor to Upper Canadian Village in the 1990's where students roamed freely on the enclosed grounds. Insurance provisions today may be scuttling such visits. As a Supply Teacher, I went a few times to a pumpkin patch where students got their individual pumpkins plus a stage show. Problem? A tractor pulling an open trailer over uneven ground may very well be 'an accident looking to happen' (did happen in the U.S. killing a student). Senior boy's teams may consider it a ritual of passage to have booze in the locker room while travelling overnight but it places the coach in a hell of a position. (Stories I have heard usually consists of the coach telling these under-age drinkers to get the beer out of the locker-room.) On the other side, extra-curricular events are highly meaningful to participating students and while I did not sponsor travelling sports teams beyond local schools, I saw the rewards on the faces of those participating in my debate club. Further, particularly in high school, it is important for the students to see their teachers in a different dimension other than the classroom.

10) In WWII, a naval commander groused to another commander as having a 'daisy chain' on his ship to which the second commander replied; 'Do they do the job? Yes. Then ignore it which pretty well sums up my philosophy. I don't care whether one is white, black, brown or, carky as long as they can do the job without abusing others. I asked a retired 'straight' brother-in-law in the Navy how he dealt with the problem. 'With a fist right in the middle of the face' so that the message goes out to all others.' He was one to take calculated risks (few in this category) and when the Tijuana taxi driver, knowing he had to be back to the ship on time, doubled his fee, I asked him: 'What happened?' 'I got back to the ship in time' (never call the police in these hell holes). Another time, while wandering drunk down a Montreal lane in the middle of the night, two honchos stepped out demanding his wallet. So what did you do? 'I gave it to them as they both had knives.' He was nobody's fool. In another story while travelling, I pointed out to my group travelling partner with merchant marine connections  that it was not difficult to ascertain the sexual persuasion of a nearby man with effeminate manners. I could be wrong he said, but from my experience in the merchant marine, I don't think he is gay; rather the tour guide is. How so? Ways you wouldn't notice but his extraordinary long fingernails are a clue as well as his occupation. P.S. on this topic ...and I have not even referred to the 'dykes' on board ships.

11) Would I recommend teaching as a career today? No...but that applies to other professions as well; particularly the legal one which has never had a good reputation. The suicide rate among medical doctors is twice that of the general public with female doctors being 2-1/2 times. The big difference in schools lies in the fact that teachers are on their own which is dynamite when dealing with a disciplinary case. (The teacher cannot stop the class to deal with one disruptive student which you cannot put out in the hallway). During my 16 years of Supply Teaching focused in the 1990's in Ottawa (at all high schools and a number of elementary & special needs schools), I estimated that about half the administrators were doing a reasonable job in a very difficult environment. Today, I am led to believe that the cartoon below is only too accurate in its description of the school environment today  (U.S., Br. France as well).

12) Many perverts disappear to Asia where they become ESL teachers. While I have absolutely no proof, a red flag went up when one of the lawyers I charged with fraud (before Muszynski j. reverse engineered it - see website) was an ESL teacher in S. Korea in 2015 only to appear in Ottawa in a small legal outfit. At one time, Asia had dedicated flights only for pedophiles but they have been cut out. I have never heard of a lawyer taking this ESL route. (The Law Society never examined my detailed claims against him in which he thought nothing of visiting privately with the judges behind the scene which appears to be standard fare for the Ottawa Courts.

13) What's left for the TV of the future? Live sex on film. In 10 years or so, Big Bang Theory would have Britney Spears (or her ilk) playing 'Penny' rather than Kaley Cuoco (or her ilk). (I have left out the story of gay sex & incest. I leave that to others.)