HALLOWE'EN  In my hourly Ottawa walk through the neighborhood and green space c/w paved paths, I happened on a house where a three year old was busy running around pointing to over 6 large Placards with a Halloween theme by Dracula and his pards. Grandpa, no doubt the builder, was standing admidst  the display. I played to 'the house' with shaking knees as the tyke ran pointing from display to display. Perhaps someday she will relive that 10 minutes of sheer child-like joy...I hope so. This neighborhood is a senior one in which parents usually travel to Community centres or to child populated areas for tricking & treating. Our Apartment Block gave up handing out treats at the door a number of years ago - no children. On this theme of complimenting houses with 'works of art' e.g. a zen garden, I believe that I am the only one to do so as people meet in venues elsewhere. Most walkers of which there are very few - mainly adults with dogs, for example - would at best have a bemused smile as they stride on by. There were lots of children in West Point Grey in Vancouver where I grew up with home-made costumes (mine usually a cowboy with cap gun) c/w fireworks in the 40's and 50's. At age 11, I suffered second degree burns from firecrackers in my pocket (set off by a prank? I never found out as the one standing alongside me died 4 years ago and he stuck to the story that I had put a lighted punk in my own pocket. I still have remnants of those scars.) Needles in apples etc. etc. now has parents inspecting treats and throwing out unpackaged treats (stores are still packed with chocolate bars...who buys them in such quantities?) Hence door to door trick or treating is fast becoming a thing of the past in mature neighborhoods. Too bad although indoor events now encompass the young adult crowd and are now eclipsing Xmas. The gratifying thing for parents then and now is that  it is confined to one night although dentists see the after effects. ...'now on for Xmas sales'....but no longer for me as I am estranged from family by my own choice due to FAA, but that is an adult problem not to be visited on children. Have fun kiddies this Halloween, but play it safe...motorists too.


OCT.31 A) Scotland Climate Conference may very well be a petri dish for Covid infection. But maybe that is the idea...President Harris, anyone? (I saw Biden & Johnson speaking without masks within spitting distance.) Putin wise to stay home but may not be any safer there either. Heard from one vaxxer who believes that the jab protects one from getting Covid. One interpretation of the numbers is that Covid non vaxxers are recorded accordingly while other deaths (a mark on the chart) from Medical Covid vaxxers are listed as 'pneumonia' ...depends on the Health Server.... In Russia, the Covid numbers skyrocketed after the Sept. presidential elections. B) Canada Internationally is now a 'nowhere' country under a 'nowhere P.M.' and yet FAA disclosure  promises to change all that ...but in the negative. J.T. is not even 'yesterday's man';  a supreme insult internationally. A handsome appearance no longer 'does it all'... but being a prime money raiser for the Liberal Party is a good second reason for his retention. What attention he gets internationally is due to handing out money (not his own). Now if only Franco Alulio would cancel the driver license of J.T. with his perverted license scam, then through Identity Theft, J.T. could not hold Office as he would 'not exist as a Cdn. citizen'.  C) Human trafficking in Cda. still active during Pandemic. Support groups want more money. Which brings me to Justice Colin McKinnon, Ottawa Judge who excused one pimp as being 'misunderstood' (That case is being retried). I had this judge in 2014 whom had 3 separate judgments on the same case (Would the real C.M. please stand up?). ...that's reflective of why the Ottawa courts should have a 'trusteeship' attached to it. D) I don't have a Twitter nor Facebook-Maga account and never will but one O.S. guest columnist p.14 We're mad as Hell notices the polarizing influence of such as Twitter & Instagram. The same disorder characterizes MSN & Reddit which some under Commentary call out but my focus is on those who do have something to say ...and there are many. The problem for these two sites are repetition (advertising purposes) and salacious preceding stories (which I rarely read leaping to Commentary) paralleling the print & TV media accounts. The future? Private blogs with Commentary such as my own and possibly Trump's new one. E) O.S. p.15 editorial finally gets it; all these vaccination deadline postponements (i.e. 3 months) are just 'running a regulation within a regulation'. In brief, the authorities 'do not know what they do' ...and that's where rogue civil servants such as Franco Alulio slither in to fill the void. F)  An old, old ploy. In 1911, the Br. Parliament threatened to create new H. Of Lord appts. in order to control them. It worked & the H. of Lords was never the same again. Biden appears to be doing this with the U.S. Supreme Court by increasing the number of judges; Democrat of course.


OCT.30 A) It worked! By appointing a Cabinet of jerks (with no power), the focus is off Trudeau by the midwits as they  'chase their tails'. B) What else worked? FAA was the proverbial needle in a haystack which I, and only me, has discovered with no-one not knowing what to do with this singular new experience as no-one has ever uncovered that so-called proverbial needle before hence there is no construct!  C) Biden from/ Biden to (Biden skips town) as he hides out in Europe (Pope/ Climate Conference) from the looming Democrat Nov. collapse. ...and the winner is ....Zack cartoon with the kid dressed as a TV set labeled 'fake news' declaring POTUS to be senile. Ouch. Try and beat that one as cartoonists displace media midwits. Dilbert is fantastic with its digital denunciation of the ruling class. D) Why was Big Bang Theory so successful while Kat hit the dumps? Actor jealousy. For example, 'starring actor' Johnny Galecki was supplanted by Jim Parsons who was so intent in keeping Kat in control that he lost the synergy for such a program. Recipe for success (even with Big Bang)? You roll the dice and let them fall where they may. For example Kaley Cuoco was not slated for the opening program and later became a star. Many series have had the underling ultimately dominate; a topic for another time. Will Cuoco fall into the same trap with her new comedy. I hope not as 1990's reruns dominate the humour scene. We need something creative; not reconstituted reruns. E) trite and misleading MSN stories are increasingly being called out by Commentary. Soon Commentary blogs such as Trump's (and mine too) will supplant the media midwits (step up from 'nitwits'). F) So Ottawa Police are ordered to get vaccinated ...by January ...is a publicity stunt for a 'delay within a delay'. By then, maybe a nasal spray will supplant the jabs. One specialist suggested parents hold off for such a development which should have been the first line of defense but not enough money in it for big pharma. G) Similar to Rust, someday someone is going to claim that they do not know where the 'live ammo' came from with the Franco Alulio Algorithm. November launches yet another appeal in the progression of institutional failures on this world shattering debacle for the driving public. H) Vancouver billionaire Jim Pattison deservedly blasted on Commentary as a 'used car salesman' where he got his start. I remember in the 50's, his atrocious management model which even extended to the Vancouver World's Fair in 1985 which came in on time and on budget... a trade-off you say? J)Dr. Fauci, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Fauci ...Commentary fed up with this quack.  K) AB Provincial police to replace RCMP? Commentary almost universal in saying the real problem lies with a lawyer dominated Justice System... amen to that one.


OCT.29 A) Tory M.P. Pierre Poilievre  is on record of refusing to attend a public meeting unless the cameras are present=audience not important (as for all M.P.'s). What audiences should do across Canada is continually 'boo' political speakers while the cameras are on. B) Cheap airline fares have brought the bus/train travelling public to the airlines and it is not pretty in terms of stewardess abuse which one airline encouraged at one time ('Fly me') but no longer as abusive passengers are on the increase and stewardesses are on the decrease ... stuck in the air with an abuser?... no thanks. Customer oriented Airlines appear oblivious to the problem. Once it was a 'cinderella' job; now it is only for 'ugly stepsisters' it would seem or men. C)Commentary is not kind to a long-time Hell's Angel inmate as they justify jailhouse rapes (court within a court). The bigger problem is that the authorities have an obligation to protect all prisoners from abuse... I even designed a prison devoted to that end for non-violent prisoners. D) While I have shown the Supreme Court of Canada to be a dysfunctional body, nonetheless, the appt. of Kumal Jamal with his 'pluralistic approach' is considered by some as a threat to the idea of one law for all ...sharia law anyone? E) Huawei paid Wash. lobbyist for Biden one million dollars in Meng case... China knows that the U.S. pulls court strings in Canada. Plus I have already shown Justice Canada to be little more than a bad joke. E) At last, a nasal spray for Covid which should have been the first option. F) Dr. Phil and I were married at about the same time (1976 & 1974). He is now divorced. (I'm separated after 45 years of a good marriage). He now has to hobble off stage with a cane on his own (retirement time?) Something is going on with seniors quite different from younger divorces. My mother's answer was that one of the pair possibly suffered small strokes in their sleep leading to a personality change. Of course each partner blames the other. Perhaps the wedding vows should read... 'Until death do us part.... or age 70,whichever comes first'. G) Where the Nazi's went wrong. After losing WWII, they should have re-named their Party, much like Zuckerberg renamed Facebook to 'META'. That way, no Nuremberg for the Nazi's.


OCT.28  A) Someone on MSN really has it in for hockey's Wayne Gretsky with a repeated pop-up message and growly countenance. My guess it relates to organized crime and his wife's (Janet Jones) predilection for gambling. Debt not paid off? Sounds like a Nicole Brown/ O.J. Simpson ploy although drug debt was never mentioned. Such annoying pop-ups are one reason MSN is being criticized by Commentary as they break their own rules for comment.  B)Trudeau's pollyana Cabinet blasted from within by the business community quoting many of my observations from this blog e.g. elect P.M. directly. Bottom line? Canada becoming irrelevant on the world stage. C) It appears the ON NDP (No Don't Party) is going to foolishly stick to 3x loser Andrea Haworth in the 2022 election implying they have no credible candidates.  D) Higher interest rates not on the cards as 2008 Depression is coming full circle =

Gov'ts. helpless as they print more currency = inflation = poor get poorer. How long can it go this time? The current economic models worldwide are unsustainable.  E) Alec Baldwin, a celebrity is what makes this story 'real'. I have realized for some time that I would have been better off with celebrity as opposed to legal representation in my 35 year unresolved labour matter culminating in FAA. A couple of social media types beholden to Liberals backed off. Opposition & media remained silent = 'Silence of the lambs' = cowardly Canada. F) QC Premier Legault battle to innoculate Doctors and Nurse hold-outs could lead to an exodus of medical personnel already in short supply. His language restrictions also add to the exodus. G) 'Who will spill the beans' is the ardent wish of some conspirators as silence is taking its toll on FAA. My guess is nobody as Institutions fall one by one with such individuals as POTUS Biden following. H) Medical Doctor advice being shot down first, foremost and inbetween regarding 'booster shots'. Some people feel that they are being blind-sided.  J) The basic FAA mistake was the Ottawa Courts failing to give me a hearing time after Franco Alulio did not file a response to my $10 million dollar action against him explaining why I called for a trusteeship over the court although how that could be done is illusory = collapse of Justice Canada. It is a Maginot Line mentality to realize that the plight of one individual such as myself under FAA 'Identity Theft' can unlock the hold that the world's Institutions hold over 'individuals' but that is the naked truth. Nazi Germany found that with its 'Final Solution'. Franco Alulio has his own brand of the 'Final Solution' for the car driving public.


OCT.27 A) In the long distant past it used to be an elected Cabinet Minister counted for  something; no longer as 39 appointees are falling all over each other with corresponding expensive Ministry costs. Further, the power lies at the Deputy level (appted. civil servant) as Franco Alulio has shown with no-one saying 'boo' to him. SEE following letter: (CAA no better)

Oct. 26-2021 SECOND REQUEST: Currently Thomas Wilson CEO of Allstate Auto Insurance is the face of U.S. Corporate cowardice. This issue is going to renew itself on Feb.25-2022 with the renewal of my driver's license. Your underwriters were the ones to call this aberrant driver license suspension into focus. Once again, what is your personal action to be taken? (Don't just slough it off on others.)  

B) A reminder: Disavow anti-China Epoch Times which invades your e-mail but will not disengage without you providing personal information (which they then sell). C) The new scapegoat: cyberattacks explaining gov't. shutdowns e.g. Iran has no gas to sell at stations although the country is 4th in oil reserves (except for cash customers & areas of favoured politicians) = economy grinding to a halt? D) First lesson for new elected Cabinet Ministers; you get the money while the appointed civil servant Deputy Minister gets the power... ask Deputy Minister Franco Alulio how that one can be manipulated. YES,MINISTER, a 1990's Br. excellent political TV series details how that relationship works out. However, in Canada's case, we have been reduced to Third World status by the fraudulent FA Algorithm ...talk about the tail wagging the dog.... E) Work scene: bully bosses v. incompetent anti-work young people = to Hell in a hand-basket.... F) UPS became the poster child of deliveries with a package hurled into the yard of a client. Now it is the turn of a similar Amazon delivery. G) Britney Spears with bi-polar disorder is under court mandate; with a clear medical and driver's license record, I am under rogue civil servant Franco Alulio's fake mandate which the Ottawa court will not deal with ...nor will the media or politicians. It's a perfect storm for Third World status for democratic Canada. H) Babies for sale? A Russian woman paid 100 surrogate mothers for babies in one year. J) Pick up any espionage novel and read how 'James Bond' CIA types have been displaced by 'contractors' beholden secretly only to the U.S. President ...his secret murder club as it were.... and to secure their future, those contractors must murder the President after he is out if the records are not sealed.


OCT.26  A) Former P.M.Chretien under fire for stating that he never heard of the Residential Indigenous deaths while Minister of that Dept. in 1968-1974 (under P.E. Trudeau). Later as Finance Minister, he had to watch on TV while his budget was gutted. A personal vendetta? Perhaps. But more likely how the Cdn. gov't. is run by the 'Old Boy's Club' in the Privy Council with a throttlehold on the Justice Ministry e.g. SNC Lavalin.  Even the 'barking media' is powerless against this cabal of dictators as seen by the last election... the dictatorship of Canada, you say? Some Commentators think so with much of the fallout coming over COVID jabs. In brief, Cabinet Ministers are 'yes men & women' no matter which Party is in power. ...comes the Revolution which is creeping up on the public as basic survival is at stake for many Avert your eyes to the growing homeless villages if you will while the richer get richer and the poorer get poorer....COMMENTATOR over new Cabinet appts: Every Cabinet Minister is a front for the PMO. They are mere mouthpieces. ...Sweet, another Cabinet based on whether they stand up or sit down to pee....(confirms my statement. And for them, to think the media midwits are fronts for the political system.) MY ANS. Scrap House of Common M.P.'s; elect Senators to oversee provinces; elect P.M. at large. = save megabucks at no loss to democracy. B)  Few people I suspect are able to draw the distinction between IDENTITY THEFT ( e.g. using your credit card number for their own purposes) and my situation under Franco Alulio whose fake driver license suspension robs me of my citizenship (Identity Theft OF me rather than FROM me for all things legal. The last time that happened was under Nazi Germany in 1942 with Eichmann's 'Final Solution'. That's why I submit Alulio should be tried for treason and not merely ignored. Hopefully the UN can see what others in Cda., the U.S. &  Europe don't see.


OCT.25  A) How many inexplicable auto accidents are due to long covid but checked out as a DUI?  B) Tragic Bus crash of team in N.B. killing on-coming driver. This has happened before in Canada. One problem is that the bus driver is an amateur and not professionally trained (such as I was: AZ plus C (no B school bus) driver license but now no driver license at all nor identity due to FAA 'fake' suspension. SEE Website). A second major problem is the use of a 'D' level minivans (type not stated in this article  but most institutions use this type of vehicle.) which when loaded with team and their equipment, while legal, is unstable. I remember, to save money in West Vancouver in the 1970's, team busses were eliminated for parent, teacher and student transportation with added insurance protection. There never was any accident but I feared for an excited group of players in a car driven by a 16 year old fellow student. One car load of basketball students was wiped out with a teacher driver south of Prince George on the highway.  In 1964 when I taught there, we went on a field trip to Barkerville using full sized busses with professional drivers. ...so much for penny wise, pound foolish.... Further, insurance rates skyrocket after a serious accident such as the one taking out a team in SK. In another endeavor, Canada was about to close down their children's playing fields due to an accident. Notice that there are no longer any wooden structures (splinters) or 'see-saws'. As a Supply Teacher covering recess on such structures, accidents happen fast and are uncontrollable on such structures. No simple answer. C) 'catty' dept: Does Angelina Joly ever smile? She looks like a brooding cobra. D) Web designer constant changes to suit advertisers are going to destroy on-line news; particularly the 'pop-ups'. Some postings requiring additional ID to acquire an article should be prohibited. All articles should include a source identifier e.g. newspaper name and g-mail address of writer. Due to this confusion, Trump stands a good chance of posting his new website news (as I do under COMMENTARY)


E) I don't know what Micronesia wants the rich countries to do regarding sinking islands. In 2012, our Australia to Vancouver cruise ship visited one such island S. of Hawaii (the only cruise ship line to do so) and was told ...'look now because the next time you come we will be under water'. Already some islands have been deserted.


OCT.24  A) Safety first...safety last??? Much is made of the Alec Baldwin movie set accidental killing. A little of my own early amateur theatre experience here. No open fire was permitted on stage including cigarettes. In 2003 in a professional theatre staging on Rhode Island, pyrotechnics led to 200 deaths and skyrocketing insurance rates resulted for small clubs = dropped such venues. Big clubs can afford such rates but I shudder to see them on TV stage...keep them to outdoor events. I am not a 'gun person', but as the victim of a hold-up in Carousel, I shot 'young Billy' producing some great music out of that scoundrel's death. I was handed a starter pistol which I was unfamiliar with and, indeed, pointed it at Billy, producing a large 'bang'. In foot racing, the starter aims the gun up so that the timers on the opposite side of the field can see the smoke in order to punch their timing devices. That's amateur theatre. Now to Baldwin. He appears to have been set up with live ammunition; by whom, is not clear as labour unrest seems to be behind the incident. Aiming the gun at a cinematographer and pulling the trigger appears to be an act of criminal negligence as that was 'not in the script'. (addendum: aiming at the camera was in the script. Asst. Director Hall calling 'cold gun' has repeatedly been criticized in the past for gun violations on other sets.) Why replica guns are not used is not clear. Commentary is 'wild' on this one with 20-20 hindsight. B) YouTuber attends parties at universities for the comedy O.S. p.2 I am reminded of Hollywood in the early days where the Keystone Kops were provoked to chase the filmers driving away in a truck. Both sides enjoyed the romp. Densmore joins the Kingston U crowd to film them. He is against drug use and advises limits on binge drinking and no damage to private property. However he does film students acting like jackasses who do those things which has the police understandably concerned. He has been fined (which he will fight in court = making a hero of him) along with other students. I guess that is where I went wrong in my public protests...no 'ready made' supporters and yet all are negatively impacted by FAA fake driver license suspension. ...Densmore, where are you now that Canada's drivers need you most?....


OCT.24  A long BBC article on Huawei Meng trial notes 'Canada gained nothing' from the final deal. In fact, she gained a tarnished Justice System for spending 300 days plus, on a one month deportation issue requested by the FBI (who have strong-armed willing Canadian Institutions in the past). The U.S. excuse was that a prohibition existed against trading with Iran by companies; no individuals being named until Meng, while in transit to Vancouver as a transit stop was named by the RCMP/Cdn. Border guard and arrested on the plane before she disembarked (being 'in transit' she was not going to go through customs. Further, there was no international warrant for her arrest) establishing a new international precedent. What if Bill Gates were to land his jet for re-fueling in a Third World country and find himself arrested 'while in flight' (until he paid his so-called 'fine')? The BBC article ignores that key fact. On the other side of this story, N. Korea is the source of crystal meth and China with fentanyl exported through Mexico. We know that the two cases of the Michaels are linked; one in N. Korea, the other in Beijing although we never saw the trial evidence. The Cdn. media presumed their innocence. One Cdn. is currently on death row in China for drug peddling. The Cdn., U.S. & Chinese gov't want to bury this issue due to trade ramifications but the Cdn. public whipped up by an unconscionable media are having none of it.


OCT.23 A) ONTARIO DRIVER ALERT SEE MEDIAoct.  B) JT has lots of epithets (e.g. Turdoe); now it is Deputy PM Freeland; oops, I mean, 'Freeloader' re Cda.-U.S. auto deal dating back to Mulroney where Cda. got the best deal. Biden is carrying through with Trump's rewriting of this deal as it is obsolete. C) JFK Assassination (1963) documents delayed (again & again) leaving Commentary suspicious. No mention of 4th shot (killing shot) not fired by Oswald (see my former comments). Trump was warned off; now Biden. I guess they want to keep their brains inside their heads.... D) Baldwin shooting has more twists than a snake has coils. Staff dissension on site may be a key factor but why would Baldwin aim at the cinematographer?  


OCT.22 A) Have nothing to do with the EPOCH TIMES. They force themselves on your e-mail account in which the only way to disengage is give them personal information which they no doubt sell. As to the CRTC... only one issue was ever pursued to court by them. The Digital Universe is taking over as my pursuit of FAA with its fake driver license-identity theft algorithm is the 21st century crime... Nazi Germany... move over.... B) Ottawa Police continue to duck out of services (shoplifting offences, wellness checks) limiting themselves to criminal events as adjudged by the emergency operator so if harassed personally, be sure to claim that you fear for your life. In short - paying more; getting far less for so-called police services (disclosure: I ran a home alarm franchise in 1990's under far different circumstances). In a way, this theme is universal as Institutions do less with the tax payer money given to them other than provide extortionate salaries to executives... comes the revolution.... C) Fat shaming for wealthy actresses? How about wealth shaming for multi-millionaire (over $100m) actresses (and actors) made over a decade ago? It's all wrong but the public are willing to pay higher prices (for sports figures too) for their entertainment. It is not a sustainable algorithm but hedge fund managers have extended the stay of economic execution. D) China getting a throttlehold on U.S. Tech Industry by buying licenses = winning a world war without contradictorily 'firing the shot which will NOT be heard around the world'. Imagine an aircraft carrier which cannot move nor launch any planes or fire its big guns while a minnow enemy frigate sails gaily by. In real terms; China is able to 'put the digital horse before the digital cart' On the other side of the coin, China's  Everglade debt could knock it out of the economic boxing ring. Xi trying to centralize power like Mao Tse Tung.(d. 1976) E) Arsonists are a plague on any society. Syria's answer? Execute 24 of accused people. In one long ago tank battle, Israel won against Syria by setting the fields on fire. A popular sex pay-back is to set an apartment on fire. As one living at the top of an apartment filled with seniors, we escape such risks but some apartments with younger communities and a homosexual bent are not so lucky (controversial opinion).  F) 'Slip & fall in snow' clients may now sue cities (SCofC decision). Good thing as cities such as Ottawa were eliminating much of their downtown sidewalk ice and sanding = increase in billable time for lawyers thanks to these SCofC judges.... lawyer chorus 'thank-you, oh, thank-you, fellow judges.  


OCT.21  A) New Covid Delta variant has Reddit Commentary aping a promotion with hilarious results: 'fits in your carry-on luggage!'  B) UK has more Covid cases than Fr. Italy, Portugal & Germany combined... and people are still travelling there???  C) Putin to Afghan Taliban We  will buy your heroin for badly needed cash to operate your gov't. Taliban thinking to Putin. When Putin dead, you will have no cash (stolen by oligarchs) so we make deal with Xi who will hold suzerainty over Russia. Farfetched you say...perhaps. D) QC rattling Separation spiel with Eng. Canada saying 'let them go'. Mandarin & Arabic are stronger than Eng. = weakened QC vulnerable to foreign take-over (even by U.S. where they could be forced to become a U.S. state with no language privileges.) ...but help is on the way... with vapid Trudeau.... E) New black female engineer head of OC Transpo called out by Commentary on contradictory leadership. F) Traditionally, motor boats made way for less maneuverable sailboats who were there first . The Port Mann Bridge constructed opened in 1964 permitted only vehicles to cross. Which brings me to a juxtaposition of a horse drawn Amish accident by a motor vehicle in which the former is no longer suited for the faster road traffic. No easy logical answer on this one other than not to drive horses in the dark.


OCT.20 A) Re Vatican state pedophile cover-up: Epstein had an island; these child fuckers have a whole nation'. 'Abetting' should be the charge. B) Taiwan is a little like Br. in WWII; a body of water protecting them from a land invasion. Sea attempts by China have failed. C) The Franco Alulio Algorithm with its attendant Identity Theft is a game changer. Due to media silence on this 21st century crime reminiscent of Nazi Germany's 'Final Solution', the media has handed rogue civil servants a gift without equal; namely, anonymity which compromises society to such an extent and degree leading to a public and a whole way of life that has already started to wobble. How long has Franco Alulio been pulling this stunt? In light of the failure of the authorities to act, a scared people have a right to know. Social media commentators in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, where are you as well? The public begs to know. D) For the most part, I do not involve myself in U.S. internal matters as Americans understandably object to foreign interference. My focus is on external affairs which tend to be uniform beneath both parties; namely, 'first the carrot, then the stick' (Many foreign interests don't want either if they come together which they do.) On that level, I condemned Powell(d) as a Cdn. citizen (or 'thereabouts' due to FAA) for his role in the Iraq war. Trump would do the same on behalf of some U.S. leaders of which his comments were almost universally condemned by the Commentary. U.S. soldiers died in that war. They do NOT want to hear that it was in vain nor that it gave a great rise to terrorism in the world. (Nor does the U.S. public want to hear about the '4th bullet' which killed Kennedy in 1963.) It all sounds like a reality check to me. E) Trump 'bungles history with Jefferson statue' sounds like a current theme; a brilliant man undermined by personal peccadilloes. As a teacher and reader of history, I always taught 'point of view' (drama's 'surrounding circumstances') hence everybody is right or everybody is wrong ...for the most part. Some are just plain wrong = propaganda which gov'ts. specialize in F) Lawyers in B.C. Laundering case want exemption to prosecution is being universally condemned on Commentary as merely being the 'front man' collecting a nice fee for the service. G) It is one thing to lie; it is something else when one develops a liar's face such as P.M. Trudeau. Former P.M. Mulroney was said to make even a truth appear like a lie.


OCT.19 A) DNA evidence was a wonder drug in the 1990's releasing, for example, 200 U.S. death row prisoners as they were found not to be connected with the direct murder. But what if this DNA evidence is perverted by clinical records which is the theme of Michael Connelly's Fair Warning (2020)? Authorities are still reluctant to admit the truth in this novel as associated cases with this one rogue lab which conceals a serial killer and serial rapist, would be spawned creating bedlam. Similarly, while the Ottawa courts have willy nilly dropped cases by me against such as the Ottawa Hospital as their 'first political prisoner', they did not touch the $10 million dollar action I have against Franco Alulio with his fake driver suspension scam with broad scale ramifications as pointed out on rogercallow.com. The Ottawa court refuses to give me a docket time. Why not? It could be that the courts are only too aware of Alulio pulling this stunt on others with, in my case, having Premier Ford being complicit. If so, this chain would be only as strong as its weakest link. That dilemma is why the Canadian Justice system collapsed with Canadians being labeled cowards by me. B) Former Sec. of State, Colin Powell dies at age 84 from Covid. He was complicit in the 'weapons of mass destruction' heralding the Iraq War under G.W. Bush although his reservations were noted. VP Dick Cheney and his Halliburton group were the real force behind this 'profitable' (for Halliburton) but ill-advised venture. C) How irresponsible can a TV network be... a photo of a grizzly bear sitting at the heels of two 20's smiling people on a picnic bench throwing the bear food which it catches? D) 'Get in line, Mr. Callow, with 1985's imposed BILL 35, considering the 'muffled report' of money laundering in B.C. (casinos, real estate, luxury cars) in which an oversight whistleblower finally left the country for safety. 'The public are not stupid, claimed his lawyer; they see sacks of money delivered to the casino' The media, however, keeps them stupid as this is the first time I have read about this B.C. commission... Canada to hell in a handbasket? you say... not far away.... 'But, but, no-one told them NOT to take the cash,' is the defense. Even the former Premier, the highly duplicitous Christy Clark gave evidence. E) Life in NZ idealized for the rich is turning sour with high real estate costs for all others F) Now that airlines have their bail-out money from gov't., they jack up their fares (enriching executives). G) So FBI concluded scant evidence of insurrection and no organized conspiracy on Jan. 6 but Democrats keep trying to  pillory Trump. The real story? Why was the Wash. National Guard held back for 3 hours as opposed to supporting Wash. police? But what the heck, I am dealing with a country that never got the Kennedy assassination straight (the fourth bullet which hit Kennedy in the back of the head fired by sharpshooter Jack Dunn with a similar gun in the room next to Lee Harvey Oswald as told by a former CIA officer although many knew the truth, much like B.C. money laundering above. H) I apologize for the length of these daily blurbs but I just cannot keep up with the lies being told by the authorities... comes the revolution. Hence I will stop for today.


OCT.18  A) Why does the Cdn. gov't. find it necessary to finance a 4-day jaunt for the Gov. Gen. to Berlin? It doesn't make sense except perhaps to the WOKE element. Glasgow Climate Conference in same boondoggle league. B) There have been a number of mass university public demonstrations without the equivalent increase in Covid. One observer pointed out to me that the pattern appears in the U.S. as well where masks are being doffed. I am confused on this one. I asked a local University student regarding the situation at Carleton U. where dorm students must be vaccinated (not so others attending class) and where there appears no Covid outbreak. Passport idea heavily criticized as it should be for this time dated disease (similar to flu; good for only one season). Only vaccinated people permitted into Sens game but I notice many still not wearing masks. Will there be a Covid outbreak? What about a nasal spray option for Covid with limited toxicity? C) It is estimated that 75% of the world's terrorists have been killed... and still they keep coming.... I still fail to see Bin Laden's #2 man being water boarded approx. 150 times at Guantanamo and reputedly, still retaining a sense of humour. Not my world by a long shot. I thought these prisoners were to have been transferred to U.S. civilian courts...at least the live ones still left behind.... D) Class Action against Canon for failure to scan when ink is low while competitor products do which Canon claims to do with its cheap model but does not in fact happen. I rejected Canon on grounds of the price of ink which is more than the printer cost. P.S. I am a Brother user. E) Scored one off recently on Sun columnist, Lorne Gunter with his 'free expression' re a judge's comment which is undermined not only by the media silence on FAA but the demise of the Cdn. media as a consequence of the recent Fed. election. Should the Republicans win in the Nov. Senate vote, the U.S. media faces a similar fate... but then I have moved on from Canada, a democratic nation of cowards. SEE website F) ON Election prediction (8 months) NDP will lose if they do not replace 3x loser Andrea Haworth. Hopefully Premier Doug Ford the sponsor of FAA, will lose his own seat. G) Shoplifting cited for closing 4 large mall stores in San Fran. Walmart in Ottawa has a final door checker (long gone are the days of the 'greeter')..why can't this pattern apply in San. Fran. with Walgreen's, a major mall locator? H) Sun (black U.S. itinerant conservative) columnist Larry Elder compares 2016 U.S. Election where Democrats called foul claiming Russia put Trump in as President, is contrasted with 2020 U.S. election where Democrats are accused of stuffing the ballot boxes (true)... the voter just cannot get a break.... J) Potemkin villages (empty fake villages built for political rather than economic gain) abound in some 3rd World countries surprising the tourists. e.g. Dubai, China, Saudi Arabia K) Industrial farming (large scale) word-wide considered a major source of pandemics.


OCT.17 A) Stalin: 'no man no problem' probably applies to women including Epstein's companion, Ghislaine Maxwell, whose jury trial is set for November...that is, if she doesn't get 'suicided' first like her companion. A normal trial would have her released - faded memories and conflicting confession interpretations - but this is not a normal trial as her 2016 confessions and those sealed pilot logs will be unsealed and used against her. 'Stalin' would turn to the dark internet to cinch the argument before 'names are named' and where the one female plaintiff victim is made to go away, just like Epstein so that more than Prince Andrew can skate free. In Russia, more than a few businessmen 'leaped' from their 6th floor hotel rooms as they are claimed 'suicides' or should I say 'suicided' (It once happened in a NY hotel room with a mobster under police protection sitting in the room.) Of Stalin, it can be said... now there was a man... or should I say, a butcher....'if the hatchet fits'... ask Trotsky. B) QC gov't. taking on nurses in what appears to be a no-win for gov't. unless they have something hidden up their sleeve. C) LA County asking helicopter survivor to take psychiatric tests in civil suit. That way, they only have to buy off one doctor to jettison this case. Franco Alulio did not even seek a court order to apply his psychiatric label in his false driver license suspension leading to Identity Theft, reminiscent of 1942 Nazi 'Final Solution'. Where are Dr. Phil & Dr. OZ on this travesty? They don't respond to me on this 21st century crime.  D) Merck's new COVID pill messes with your DNA in a significant way. Pregnant women beware!


OCT.16 A) Large numbers of unvaxxed Ottawa hospital employees placed on unpaid leave creating a crisis for those already suffering delays for non-Covid treatment. Third world conditions in the First World, you say? No easy answer here...indeed, just a tough answer for people slated to die. Let's hope a Covid Pill alternative can reduce the damage for both sides. Why not have a test before entering any facility by hand held tester? Socially, pillorying front-line nurses after declaring them heroes has devastating political repercussions. It is a little like my Identity Theft under FAA, except with one important difference, the front-line workers here have a choice; I didn't in the crime of the 21st century. B) I don't listen to so-called medical 'experts' on Covid any longer. Indeed, I am exhausted trying to keep up with their daily flip flops. C) Further, I have no respect for the Psychiatric Associations and their Doctors who are keeping their heads down on FAA, the crime of the 21st century. As doctors, they can administer medicine to the blessing of 'big pharma' who provide 'all expense week long conference holidays' for the whole family in a resort where all the doctor has to do is 'sign in'. The Purdue family 1990's story recently settled in court which created 'hillbilly heroin' as a cure for what ails you did not even get a peep regarding public rejection from the doctors at the time although the family were condemned socially by such as Harvard U. sending back their grants. D) Two reasons why my Commentary does not appear on MSN: 1) No need for other than FAA, contributions exceed my observations  2) MSN has blackballed my e-mail address without ever having received a submission from me hence it is up to others to publicize FAA on this site. E) An unidentified public attack on ON Premier Doug Ford is being counter-attacked by the ON PC Party with NDP's Andrea Haworth wallowing in the mud ...and the public still does not know what it is about.... pre-election posturing? My answer? Don't vote but hopefully, Doug Ford will be ousted from all politics due to his role in FAA.  F) MSN & Reddit should NOT permit sources to force a subscription to read their listed article! G) Black Louisiana police officer faces termination for whistleblowing on other officers for 'murder' and subsequent cover-up gets a thumbs up from Commentary. One can only imagine my illicit senior teacher lay-off in West Vancouver in 1985 getting similar treatment in this pre-internet age as current day Commentary is the 'old boys club' worst enemy. H) 1930's beginning all over again with murder of Br. politician? No doubt world politicians are badly upset over this one. Soon it will not only be the leaders requiring personal protection. (footnote: Diefenbaker was the last P.M.(early 1960's) to go without protection) J.T. is heavily guarded.  


OCT.15 A) NEWSLETTER to various European Universities in support of the OCT. 01 NEWSLETTER: 'Voltaire v. Plato' on a legal algorithm juxtaposition of the 'Final Solution' of Nazi Germany v. the 'Final Solution' of Franco Alulio and other future renegade civil servants? Even Romeo was banished on 'authorized' orders by the Prince. 'Prince Alulio' the rogue civil servant would 'ape his betters' with his rather exalted impression of his own self importance by acting apart from the laws of the land... and not a peep out of the authorities on the crime of the century. SEE OCT media  B) Considering that I am on record for calling for the removal of Premier Doug Ford from all politics as a non partisan plea due to his sponsorship of the Franco Alulio Algorithm hamstringing car driver's licenses (Can you get by without your Driver's License? Few can.) with its attendant Identity Theft; I was bemused to see a virulent TV attack ad against the person of Doug Ford without identifying why nor his connection to the Tory Party. Political Armageddon appears to be just around the corner in ON. (Don't wait for the media midwits to explain this one to you; they have already dirtied their drawers on FAA for all time. Further, their credibility was wiped out in the last Federal election) C) Gallup Poll is bad for 'empty space' Biden in coming Nov. election D) Commentary supportive of fired U.S. politician (McCabe, of FBI) under Trump 'getting his pension back'. Whoopdedoo. I am owed 36 years of back pension from the West Van. School Board but over 50 judges across Canada say I am merely being frivolous & vexatious in making that request. It's open field now for disreputable employers = destruction of Cdn. Justice System in total. E) Hotspot Lytton in the Canyon residents have no one to sue after a B.C. Report whitewashing town fire which started with a train killing 2 persons in the ensuing fire (probably defective brake shoes). One more coffin nail in the box of gov't. credibility. (we are running out of coffin nails in Cda.) F) Deputy Minister Crystia Freeland under Commentary fire for 'rules are rules' speech regarding Covid travel restrictions which do not appear to apply to her personally. G) I am puzzled as to why the COVID rates did not escalate after Thanksgiving in Cda. H) Commentary on Bill Clinton admitted to hospital for infection...Give him a dose of penicillin and tell him to phone the woman to get tested. I am trusting that she was not under-age.... J) Lebanon imploding  K) Lorraine Sommerfield named Journalist of the Year (2021) by auto magazine and yet she failed to publicize FAA regarding fake driver license suspensions as I asked her to do hence 'just another media midwit'.... K) 'Late Bloomers' such as myself are ignored in a society fixated on youthful achievements...you have to est. yourself while young is the message where 1) you are born with a high I.Q. (deceased sister with 142 I.Q.) 2) you are born with a particular talent (estranged wife with a top singing voice) 3) you are part of a unique movement (me as a 'late bloomer' with FAA)


OCT.14 A) Has 'Nick of Google in India' ever got a good deal for me!...for a price, he will list my case at the top of Google search engines which Google paid a multi-million fine in Europe for doing. 'Nick' must have been hired by the legal conspirers in Ontario against me to do just that for them but they have disappeared what with a similar action against Google in Texas. But all eyes are on the Facebook imbroglio these days for which I never had an account (and never will). B) Ever imagine what Russia would be like without Putin, the richest man in the world? Try Afghanistan where the Taliban are starving for cash to operate. Why? Because with Putin out of the picture, every banker and mobster with the right connections will fleece his estate with the richer becoming richer and the rest in Russia... well.... Every individual in Panama could conceivably be worth a $million dollars apiece. Children could sing... 'It wasn't Roger the lodger who carried him off, it was Covid who buggered his ass'.


C) In the 1990's, a book was written detailing how crooked were the leaders in the Cdn. military which was met with the usual ...and this too shall pass... and it did. Not so today as Commentary wade into the fray such as with the Vice Adm. Mark Norman trial and more recently, Denis Fortin, the military vaccination distribution czar. The new army chief slated to take over has a shady past apparently. Both the Liberals and the law courts are being blasted on Commentary accordingly; deservedly so. D) N. Korea sells crystal meth for income while China is the source of fentanyl through Mexico hence there is much more to the linked stories of the 2 Michaels than the media want the public to know. It would appear that arrested Canadians 'backed the wrong horse' in China. E) Similar to husband, Bill Clinton, Hilary has teamed up with a well known writer. Unfortunately, the pretentiousness  shows through for both (although the researchers do the grunt work) which is a 'no-no' in writing. F) 76 year old man with cognitive problems had civil war weapons seized by police which are worth a lot of money as collectibles. Commentary concerned that police will sell the weapons and pocket the money... much like a U.S. RICCO case where police target wealthy mobsters to acquire houses, yachts, etc. Money should not go to any one Dept. rather general revenues is one counter-proposal. Hopefully, the family will reclaim the above guns.


OCT.13 A) Letter to ON Ombudsman to intervene on the  Franco Alulio Algorithm  SEE 2021 MEDIA oct. SEE comment under COMMENTARY (Index page) B)So Putin has 'a cough' in that Covid petri dish of Moscow; a repeat as he earlier had this disease. The smartest thing Trump ever did under similar circumstances was to have himself photographed at Walter Reed Military Hospital where he was treated, by sitting in a car with no intravenous lines attached. Putin would probably rather trust to WRMH than anything on offer in 'Mochva'. The Papacy is famous for their medical doctors as no Pope was going to rule while being 'non poopis mentis'... God comes a calling when the doctors decide, not God. C) 'I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested' brainiac Dr. Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory. Nor am I crazy, as in 2017, between the young family Doctor, Anusha Jahagirdar of Towngate Family Medicine and myself, we decided to have me tested for cognitive factors in 2017 (She later perverted that into claiming that was solely her idea hence it is unwise to have an inexperienced family Doctor. (Covid has revealed the weakness of the medical profession in general.) I have that 2017 Medical Report and I was clear at that time. I was also cleared at Xmas 2019 when I was seized on a fallacious court Order and held as a political prisoner at Ottawa General Hospital for 9 days as they tried to cover-up their mistake. When being tested in 2017 & 2019, they permitted me to see the scan of my brain which showed no alzheimers or dementia. I acceded to the test in 2017 in order to have a base line for future reference which has turned out to be a BIG mistake. At root of the problem was my estranged wife (2 years now after 45 years of a good marriage) whom suffers from a chronic disease and is cared for in a retirement home, badmouthing me behind my back to family and doctor with no one realizing that it was she who had changed, not me. In short, the authorities got the wrong person but were unwilling to admit that they had made a mistake. Premier Ford and his henchmen, seeing what a pain I was in the side of the court regarding my 35 year unresolved labour issue where no compensation had been paid (rewrites the legal system=destruction) sought to undermine my legal standing by deciding on the FAA to steal my identity through a fake driver license suspension in a style reminiscent of Nazi Germany's 'Final Solution' making, in that process, FAA to be the crime of the 21st century. As a native born Cdn., I do not have a legal existence; the first in the world since 1942 Nazi Germany. By suspending my driver's license by perverting the forms to include the term 'psychiatric'; at a sweep of the pen, Franco Alulio-Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical, places all drivers at risk of a capricious gov't. (or organized crime). As Cda. failed as a nation to resolve this problem, I have turned to leaders in the U.S. including POTUS Biden and to European countries & universities to alert them to the threat. The U.N. is to be the last stop for the civilized world. Ignore my petitions if those interests will, but the larger crime is that it is being done at the expense of 'individual rights in total' throughout the civilized world. Can you get by without your driver's license? Most people cannot. Next step? Throw me into an asylum and throw away the key. Indeed, the very publication of this issue widely known to Cdns., is sufficient to destroy the civilized world as Commentary is screaming blue murder against our institutions; particularly gov't. and law courts. Even in the event of the demise of one or both Alulio and myself, the Algorithm must be tried 'in absenteeism'.


OCT.12 A) 'The dog didn't bark' (Sherlock Holmes) because in the case of The Perfect Alibi (2021) by Philip Margolin, there were so many bodies lying haphazardly around that even the dog was confused. This U.S. novel is insightful into the U.S. criminal justice system where cover-up is limited due to de-centralization (except for irregular voting) and is in contrast to centralized Canada where all controversial cases are decided in the Justice Canada building on Wellington St. - no doubt with its own euthanasia facilities for 'whistleblowing' dogs - calling the shots with all judges ruling 'ready, aye, ready'. I cracked that algorithm in the 35 year unresolved Employees Case where no compensation was paid before over 50 judges. In so many words, I was the dog that barked....

In rogercallow.com, I picked up a central theme from 'Alibi'; a lawyer practicing law without accreditation. I do not believe the two young 'Bobbsey Twin' lawyers before 35 year old Justice Karen Muszynski #CV20-849830 (April 2021)had proper legal accreditation explaining why the ON Law Society never reported on the fraud I alleged against them. Machinations behind the scenes with Ottawa Court officials by these two were clearly illegal explaining why I asked for a trusteeship over the Ottawa Courts. The failure of the Federal Justice Minister on that accord led to the demise of all justice in Canada. Further, if these two recalcitrants are not members of the bar, they can be sued by everyone who lost a case to them... it's the gift which keeps on giving.... B) Dog bites are up ....better have a spare $20,000 for a civil case if you own one of these big 'rescue' dogs. I like dogs but I would not obtain a 'rescue dog'. Why ever did Britney Spears get a doberman pup; the popular attack dog of WW1? The movie 1001 Dalmatians led to an uptick in this breed which does not make a good pet. C) Google is but one pop-up after another these days. D) Big Earthquakes in the world. Last one was 6.9 off Alaska... now just mix with a little climate change and.... E) 'No Time to Die' Some Commentators believe this Bond 'Woke' movie is ripe to die. F) Every so often, Commentators bring up the topic of the trainwreck of Hunter Biden.


OCT.11  A) China has won the AI battle with the U.S. 10-15 years behind...everything is made in China hence calling for a boycott is counterproductive... even the U.S. military is imperiled ...on the other hand, China has great financial problems with its 'belt & road' expansion explaining why WWIII may be fought on the stock markets of the world. B) Is the Republican Party becoming the Trump Party? November elections will show for sure. C) First ex-POTUS, Bill Clinton (with James Patterson) and now, his wife, Hillary (with Cdn. writer, Louis Penny) are writing espionage which is really in the hands of the researchers as I recognize similar references in other spy novels... would the real authors 'please stand up?' D) '...one of the leading (or top) employers....' e.g. Ottawa Hospital. What is meant by 'leading' ...big employer or quality employer? In this instance, the Ottawa Hospital is a big employer but certainly not a quality employer as I can attest to personally as their first 'political prisoner' in Xmas 2019 (see rogercallow.com) ...but then the Cdn. media collapsed in the last election for a reason with its midwit columnists. E) New world problem...rude hospital patients such as sick anti-vaxxers putting nurses at risk. Place them in a secure ward with limited nursing in order to protect other emergency patients & staff? (I am not familiar with the actual hospital situation but it appears widespread.) F) Embassies deserting 'starving' N. Korea due to Covid outbreak ...it must be bad for that to happen.  


OCT.10 A) Two Sisters detective agency (2021) by James Patterson/Candice Fox is a disturbing 'Woke' novel which abound in the underground these days and now are being streamed- 'I know what you did last summer'. My concern? 'monkey see, monkey do' e.g. In the 1950's a Dick Tracy comic strip showing parking meters being broken for the cash led to a nation-wide spate of copycat crimes. Next up? Why planning such as a 9/11 which happens but is suppressed from the media.  This book has unique insights on human nature... 'a killer with training wheels', indeed. Next up? a movie in the spirit of 1990's Crash?   B) How about a politician on 'training wheels'; the popular SK Premier 'slow Moe' who isn't so popular any longer since his training wheels fell off with no-win Covid problems... move over AB, MB, NB... C) Now the debate is over 'transmission' of Covid; much like seasonal flu. My 'expert' opinion? A person showing external manifestations of either disease is more likely a spreader than not = distancing & hand washing. A vaccinated person is less likely to spread the disease. Flu vaccines vary from year to year; sometimes they get it right; other times not so much so. Covid jabs are a long way from 'getting it right' as attested to by the large variety of vaccines in the world. D) Forcing 'all' Fed. servants to get 'jabbed' policy looks 'like a piece of swiss cheese' with 70% exemptions. Passports due to length of vaccine coverage are useless in the long run (of one year). Best advice?...don't travel. As to suspicion over gov't. control? One's entire life is already programmed that's why rogue civil servant Franco Alulio believes that the public is ripe for the next step; namely, Identity Theft which the Nazi's parlayed so successfully into the 'Final Solution' of WWII. The sin of Canada in that latter regard is 'silence' to this stealthy 'person' killer via the accusation of an unsupported psychiatric condition by a rogue civil servant. Next up? Re-education camps (Auschwitz: 'Work makes you free') common to some dictatorships. As to the media's role... 'people unaware of the news are uninformed; those who are aware, are misinformed'... that's why media types are not 'nitwits'; rather, they are 'midwits'. E) P.M. Trudeau may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but he does not have to be when one considers that he owns the box.  


OCT.09 A) In a piece of nostalgia, I was looking at the Magee '59 class of West Point Grey near UBC. I remember marveling at the one 20 years later (re-union time) who said that he set out to have fun in life and, by and large, that's what happened. (some pundits feel that is where the U.S. went wrong in substituting the 'pursuit of happiness' for Locke's 'respect for private property'.) At the 45th anniversary in 2006 when most were retiring, he had to take a management job (there goes the fun factor?). That was not me. I was out to accomplish the most I could in all things I did fulfilling spots which other colleagues shunned because they were not high profile. I expected to be a teacher until retirement until my self-protecting whistleblowing in 1985 led me to my 'new adventures'. My point here is that I looked for fun while performing a task as it was not the goal. Even now, my daily walks consist of making witticisms to passerbys as Covid has opened that venue. I invariably get a laugh before a quick departure: e.g. two older people sitting on a bench with walking sticks... 'I'm sure glad that you are giving your walking sticks a rest as I bet they can't keep up with you!' 'Good one, the male replied.' A recently deceased colleague at 96, Ron Haney, offered to help out with the debate club I sponsored at Hillside when he arrived in 1983 where the need was greatest while the high rollers headed to the sponsorship of the popular 'Reach for the Top'. My enjoyment in life lies in meeting such unpretentious types and I have met a number in business as well in my life. Ron's family were lucky indeed to be exposed to his brand of humility. RIP as he well deserves to. B) One person who went AWOL for class re-union was my childhood friend, Dave Jackson (d. 2017) who left $7 million to the 'dying with dignity fund' leaving them overwhelmed. (he did not die with dignity as is the case for most people). One who did not attend the 45th nor 50th reunion signed off as a 'retired Doctor' of which everyone knew he was not; perhaps a commentary on all those wildly successful people in their comment section endeavors. My negative comment also stands out in claiming that my senior teacher dismissal in 1985 under highly irregular procedures would negatively impact everyone. I turned out to be right as the Cdn. Justice System imploded over the employeescasecanada.ca The FAA of 2019 with its Identity Theft is now the crime of the 21st century with it's Nazi 'Final Solution' overtones as detailed on rogercallow.com


OCT.09 A) Some confusion on Commentary about most Covid restrictions being eased in ON perceived as a future threat to more cases. No easy answers here. B) Cdn. navy ridiculed in Far East joint naval display with only one frigate. Why the U.S. or U.K. will have to defend the Arctic for Cda. C) Poor Britney Spears cannot get a break with a headline story that her marriage lasted 55 hours...in 2004 NOT currently! Leave her alone! D) Maxime Bernier suggesting supporters play dirty with (Liberal) journalists has much Commentary support. I figure CBC/Postmedia are already dead to the public without their publication of FAA. They have been unable to counter social media exposure of their lyin' ways for decades. E) Insightful Commentary points out that the jab has limited protection in terms of what it does (lessens effect of  Covid) and duration (4-6 months) as an anti-vaxxer message for some people dependent on their own health and associations... 'get it if need be'. That limited time protection (making passports redundant) is not being emphasized sufficiently to my mind. F) Here's a wild idea. Xi of China sabre rattling over Taiwan to distract attention from internal problems such as unpaid workers. Get them into the military where they can be fed and used against dissident Chinese (Hong Kong). Xi has  more than few financial problems which the U.S. would seek to exploit such as his 'belt and road' foreign expansion. G) Parents understandably concerned about 'jabbing' young children (Swedish story) hence better to keep afflicted schools closed. What surprises me is the relative absence of Covid outbreaks in high schools and Universities where students are at an age of 'not listening' to adults. H) Commentators getting increasingly angry at MSN censorship i.e. anti-vaxxer stories arguments J) Russia going down the drain financially? ...sidekick to China? Hacking seems to be a cottage industry for them along with money laundering but they have lots of competition on that score.


OCT.08 A) Centuries ago when people did not move, obituaries were a means of keeping track of a society (for leaders only) as people 'knew their neighbors'. Today, no longer with personal obituaries as dead as the people they seek to describe explaining why I write Requiems for the dearly departed including personal experiences. Who cares if a deceased has listed relatives whom they haven't corresponded with in years? Hence obituaries are a good example of cultural lag which I can, and will probably go without. We live as long as we exist in the memories of those we shared time with on this planet hence such as WWII is dying out currently with the last veteran... that's when a war ends. The Franco Alulio Algorithm defies that logic as it was created beyond any law and exists for all time making it the 'Final Solution' for democratic societies due to the abuse of the word 'psychiatric' by one civil servant. B) The previous item was inspired by a review of the demise of former teacher colleagues in West Vancouver whose obituaries do not include the 'warts' - and there were some very big ones - of their existence. The ethical ones had obituaries closer to the truth. C) The widow of Nelson Mandela calls out the victimization of women by men in terms of rape in S. Africa due in large by an emphasis on violence. (Rape of men bad in U.S. prisons but out of control in Russian prisons). One novel I read quoted a female Nigerian villager saying the troubles began ...'when the men came'. Women leaders in other parts of the world seem incapacitated in dealing with rape. Computer 'games' emphasize this violence. Gamers are sick people. D) Humorous Comment on Reddit regarding U.S. nuclear submarine hitting a 'container' in the S. China Sea includes: 'What is a submarine but a container with men....' E) Vaccinated workers are overjoyed at resignations of anti-vaxxers as means of getting employment or 'moving up'. Fake vaccination forms should do a land-office business. Expect anti-vaxxers to revolt.  F) World ecstatic about 2018 Australian test in which sterilized male mosquitoes mated with wild females to create dead eggs. Follow-up showed it worked as area is mosquito free! That is really good news to celebrate. G) Caught between a rock & a hard place as Vancouver provides 'safe drugs' at drug sites. H) Firsthand Reddit Commentary on 6.1 Tokyo Earthquake shows why Commentary eclipses media. J) Chinese Epoch Times aping Linckedin algorithm on cancellation policy; namely, they 'hold' your unsolicited internet subscription 'in case you want back in' = impossible to disconnect.


OCT.07  A) Pfizer scientists in undercover video reportedly claim that natural immunity is better than vaccines. First of all, what do they mean by 'better'? Secondly, what fraction of the population measures up to the high level of natural immunity required - 5% ? (At age 80, I probably do due to a good personal immune system, diet and exercise regimen, self-isolation, maintaining distancing and washing hands (plus mask). B) Such as Reddit and Googles MSN have a shelf life for their repetitive articles, some of which cannot be reproduced unless the reader provides personal data (which I won't do). No doubt advertisers will request Commentary inimical to its interests be suppressed. Hence Commentary at large will be seeking a new home some day. I have set up one such Commentary devoid of repetition, entertainment & sports news. Contributors are not identified and I decide what to print and comment on. Not everyone's cup of tea but possibly one of a future series of Commentaries. C) Zuckerberg blasted by Commentary in his defense of Facebook D) U.S. polls for Democrats getting worse under Biden for Nov. elections with GOP leading. I don't see Democrats in 2024 unless Florida's de Santis is running for President. Biden has broken the Party in two for personal benefit.  E) ex-CEO female Pakistani Pepsi Cola CEO (salary $31 million) contemptuous of worker salary increases led to blast from Pepsi workers who liked the Company before her ascendency. (To be sure, the executive men behind her pushed her into this job for their own rapacious selves.) F) Liberals gain QC seat after '274' seat miscount=manipulation ...U.S. move over. And what about mail-in votes transferred from local ridings to Ottawa this past election? In brief, Cda. is incompetent vis a vis running elections. (There should be no mail-in votes; plus 'verified' voting; thank God we do not have electronic voting like the U.S.)  G) Now Cdn. Banks join the Facebook 'out of order' gang. What is really 'out of order' is the failure of any Cdn. to challenge Trudeau on FAA  H) 'Queenie' 'returns to work' on Cdn. military folder... begets this observation: She should return to work in Britain by taking Prince Andrew by the hand and walking him down to a court of law. lol NOT J) Houses under construction burned down in West Ottawa has suspicious overtones...someone caught short on liquidity? K) Republicans becoming the Trump Party? L) What's the difference between Cdn. & U.S. Thanksgiving (46 days)? 'Cda. gets the Fresh Food, Americans get the Leftovers'


OCT.06  A) 'We will have these moments to re..member! 1950's song ...'the day we tore the goalposts down...' Back then civic property was damaged; today U. students topple cars which are private property. B) 3 fast food outlets: 1) no passport; no service 2) & 3) passport not requested; one has inside service with the other closed down. ...so much for consistency. C) Wilbur Smith / Mark Chadbourn, my favourite 'African' writer in The New Kingdom (2021), a novel of Ancient Egypt, does a masterful job of linking two moral concepts - analytical thinking with cowardice - in a story with more twists than a snake has coils although I was worn out with the 'Perry Mason' analysis at the end...but what the heck, all writers lose it at the end as they convert from novel mode to movie mode. Even Shakespeare had a lot of bodies to clear off stage at the end. 'If history has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that any person may be killed' (Godfather Part II) 'No man, no problem' (Stalin)  D) Outrage in AB at Liberals pouring Afghan refugees into AB to dilute whyte vote; a pattern seen elsewhere in Canada. A similar reaction from former Vancouver neighbors to Chinese control (Hong Couver). But then Postmedia was so sure the Liberals would be defeated when what was defeated for all time was Postmedia. The U.S. is facing a similar reaction to their media. E) According to one software engineer Commentary, Facebook closure was planned in order for them to delete files (particularly re. Jan.6 Wash. revolt. Central unasked question...Why was the National Guard held back for 3 hours instead of supporting the Wash. police? Just askin'). F) Biden has set up Congress to fail on the budget so that he won't be blamed and yet he is. Democrats in 2024? I don't think so but save the U.S. from Florida's de Santis whom even makes Trump look good. G) Russia without the Russians? Forget the official figures as Russia is possibly the worst off nation under Covid. H) Monika Lewinski 'on her knees and still milking it' with enabler Hillary Clinton 'peeking through the keyhole' surfaces again probably to promote a new book on this mouldy age-old story. Maybe I can hire her to perform a similar act on FAA.  J) Another 'minority' Ottawa police officer criminally charged... add to list of minorities hired by last two police chiefs - one white and the incumbent black. K) LRT disaster calling for Mayor Jimbo's removal sooner rather than later. Even the 3rd World has better systems. L) First Facebook down; now Amazon ...if only the moribund Canadian Justice System would go down, we would all be better off. M) Trial of 96 year old woman administrator at Nazi death camp now dropped but has brought forth many interesting observations on Reddit Commentary N) Commentary on U.S. warning Saudi Arabia re Kashoggi killing ...and if they don't obey, Kashoggi will be killed again...


OCT.05 A) Biden plays 'Russian Roulette' with U.S. budget crisis appears an apt description with him eventually escaping all blame... gee, just like Trump except add a few $0000's....  B)Current Jordan & Saudi Arabian leaders sound like throwbacks. The previous Jordan leader married to an American beauty queen was also a pilot who showed up yearly at the Abbotsford, B.C. air show. He was known to survive multitudinous assassination plots. Portrayed as one of the good guys by the West. C) Pandora's Papers revealing financial improprieties of world figures including Putin's mistress, has cynics believing that the matter will just go the way of the Panama Papers... and still world public anger grows.... FAA could really set them off. Just sayin'  D) Coming soon to a store near you... 'Roger Callow face masks' for trick or treaters to scare the bejeezes out of the adults at the door.... E) If the NDP go into next year's ON election with 3x loser, Andrea Harworth, they will be in the same position as defeated O'Toole. F) The Global Village exists whether one likes it or not. Ships with Chinese items sitting off the U.S. coast contain more than trinkets. Included are machine parts badly needed by N. American industries to operate. One business owner has 3 Peterbilt trucks down due to lack of parts. Also look how the 'chip shortage' is tying up industry. Plus, while Apple re-located to the U.S., it will take 10 years to catch up to the Chinese software hence 'making a deal' is still the best alternative to war despite China pushing in the S. China Seas. A 'financial war' appears more realizable as the U.S. seeks to isolate China. As matters stand, perversely and contradictorily, China could use U.S. bonds to make war against the U.S. in this crazy world of globalism. Hence the Cdn. Liberal policy of 'shutting up' makes sense despite the media yapping at their heels (because they lost the election and can't admit to it). G) You Tube making a big mistake clamping down on anti-vaxxer 'propaganda' as it is little more than censorship by an Industry with global proportions... watch out. Failure to investigate FAA shows how these institutions can run amok. G) Facebook whistleblower a person after my own heart. After being sued for millions in Europe, Google dropped their 'priority' gov't. listing against my web site. Texas is apparently after Google ...good. (I don't belong to Facebook although I wouldn't put it past the conspirators to create a fake site = trust to no-one in telecommunications or print media. H) Given the boot yesterday from a fast food outlet because I could not show an ON Covid passport. Businesses also suffer under these conditions. My major objection to passports is the further control of gov't. over the population... showing vaccine receipts should be sufficient. Watch Israel, the first fully vaxxed country running into grief with continued Covid outbreaks.  J) Britney Spears thanks fans in conservatorship battle (did father gamble the bulk of her fortune away?) Perhaps I could borrow her fans to challenge FAA. I hope she keeps her life on the straight & normal although she still is under court purview (I can't even get into a law court under my Identity Theft ...no Cdn. support group here.) K) So resigning MB Premier Pallister wanted to get rid of School Boards, something B.C. should have done in 1985 instead of invoking the imposed BILL 35 with West Vancouver senior teacher, Roger Callow, as its sole target. Much easier to corrupt the entire Justice System, as it turned out, leading to Cda's demise as a nation. L) Final Call: Clear out of the stock market, NOW. P.S. It is not individuals complicit in the Pandora revelations so much as it is their financial advisers recommendations.


OCT.04 A) My anti-vaxxer source who also self-isolates writes this...  no thoughts on the pill... more into mail order health supplements that prevent or mitigate COVID... like Quercertin and Zinc and Vitamin D and BERBERINE on a daily basis... we mail order by means of credit card from www.vitacost.ca on a regular basis to keep safe. We are also glad we made the decision to remain unvaccinated especially as the vaccine is only good for one variant and every variant thereafter requires a new injection or booster... and if you take them all your immune system is shot... or you get blood clots or something... My reaction is to plead ignorance in depth on Covid but I do not trust to gov't., big Pharma, or the so-called medical experts. The key lies in 'self isolation' which rules out 90% of the population. University students are just 'asking for it' believing that the jab alone will protect them as distancing is still all-important. I look at pictures of fat 'anti-vaxxers' (80% of Covid victims are overweight males) as plentiful sleep (for the most part the body is great at self-recovery) and an exercise routine is vital to good health. Of course, not taking the jab has its risks but the variety of extant vaccines says that we are a long way from getting it right. COMMENTARY on MSN & Reddit usually carries both sides of the debate as articles are so much propaganda. B) My mother (d. 1987) would be 117 today: You need not think of me in the years ahead, but if you do, try to think of me with kindness....' I do on both accounts...wise words indeed-think about them.... C) COVID fines to international flight passengers when hotel confinement rules by Fed were in place turning out to be a 'balls up mess'. AB airport escaped fines because AB did not sign the Fed. directum. AB now a hotbed of infection. D) MSN 'best and worst teachers' from films gets this response from me in my inaugural year at West Vancouver Secondary in 1985 from whence I was bounced (whistleblowing) in a scheme originally set up by the students in the previous summer before my arrival (shades of dismissed teacher Ken Raison highly publicized story in 1978 on my website (In the Beginning...): You're #3 unpopular teacher according to one WV student (apparently they even number them). I was curious as to whom beat me out. #1 was unarguably the most scholarly teacher in the School District and in retirement year...and a stickler for anyone skipping his class as I witnessed one such encounter in the hallway. #2 was an inoffensive French teacher and father to 6 children (I yell alot one father of 4 children told me). As students cannot fake French classes by having parents do their assignments, it is the most hated course in high school as attested to by my previous school. So there you have it, Teacher Ratched! Incidentally, the public identify 'good teachers' with popularity; rarely do they refer to selected course materials by the teacher hence imaginative teachers have to try harder; including the inflation of marking to keep up with the teacher 'high rollers'.



OCT.03 A) So Trump is going to court to get his Facebook & Twitter account restored. Lucky guy in that I cannot even go to a law court... that's what Identity Theft does to you... is that next for Trump? ...or you for that matter through a fake driver license suspension? People reading about Britney Spears realize she won control over her Conservatory because she has access to a law court. Such as POTUS Biden is foolish in the extreme for ignoring FAA. B) Without COMMENTARY, I would not bother reading MSN or Reddit as there are only a few stories worth reading. Newspapers are a thing of the past with their midwit eunuch columnists in Canada. PLACARD: DEFUND MEDIA SUBSIDIES (POSTMEDIA/CBC). In other parts of the world, media people are murdered regularly with the public believing it was limited to Kashoggi in Istanbul a few years back. There were 56 media murders in Mexico in 2019 with Brazil not far behind in the two most dangerous countries for media types. Canada, in contrast, has never lost one... go figure....) C) With oncoming winter and indoor activities, COVID is about to enter its worst phase ever. Distancing and washing hands (add a mask too) still the best protection as the jab does not guarantee immunity against infecting others or being infected by others. Public stores are good at sanitation measures. Most could be opened with restaurants/bars a no go area. My concern is that a new Covid variation could stick to hard surfaces... then what? The 14th century European plague took 1/4 to 1/3 of the population... something to think about. D) Employment bubble gets much discussion from both sides with a coming collapse for the economy being the bottom line. Much of the problem devolves on overtime and burn-out. Product interruption due to Supply Sources is most likely to initiate a world Depression. E) Commentary: Age discrimination in work (over 40) largely due to older workers knowing their rights. Over 50? No-one wants you. It has always been thus. My father in the 60's showed me a letter from a desperate 'over 50' willing to do anything for employment. It is a kind of Identity Theft too: Shakespeare: '...Take my life but not my livelihood'. He did hire one senior (good worker) for office work (a second senior on sales not so much so) based on a suggestion hence 'linking' important as to 'who you know'. When we re-located to ON, my wife at age 42 got a teacher assistant job (highly successful) due to the fact that unionization had not entered until later so that she retired with a nice pension. But then younger people need a job too... no real answer on this topic. 



The future under rogue civil servant, Franco Alulio and his pards with their Identity Theft


OCT.03 A) WWII Martin Niemöller anti-Nazi speech: First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist ...Trade unionists / Jews ...and I did not speak out...Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.... (I gave this speech as a drama class exercise in University in the 1960's.)  B) 'Nothing worthwhile is ever attained by people with faint heart' Wake-up time 'civilized world' on FAA  C) Uproarious Commentary on 6-1/2 million seizure of 'fake' U.S. money in Philadelphia such as... probably to pay for Hunter Biden's 'art'. (he lives in the Ukraine). D) Two Prince Rupert, B.C. doctors move to Nanaimo reducing a clinic to 3 hard pressed doctors with a willingness to transfer files to other 'non-existent' doctors. Still, it beats my situation with Ottawa's Family Medicine Clinic and Dr. Jahagirdar who has not released my name in order to get a new Doctor (nor for that matter, my complete medical file which belongs to the patient) My suit for $10 million against her was dropped by an Ottawa Court Justice without a hearing thereby changing the law in Canada in a fundamental way (think SNC Lavalin buying off judges in this manner. All the back room boys have to do is frighten a judge with a driver license suspension for unstated psychiatric reasons... there goes the job....). This only a part of why the Ottawa Courts should be placed under a trusteeship. I was punished pursuing this matter with a 9-day lock-down in Ottawa hospital in Xmas 2019 as their first 'political prisoner' in which I filed a $10 million action, again suspended without reason by the same judge at the same time. E) Omnibus Bill by Feds to control internet receives frightening Commentary comparing it to such as Germany in pre WWll. F) Min. Wage increase of 10 cents per hour in ON a slap in the face... just so that the authorities can say 'they increased the min. wage' without stating how much. Inflation highest since 2003 at 4%... go figure.... F) It used to be one awaited the reviews of a movie before publicity... no longer, as the recent Bond movie gets the red carpet treatment before release and hence even if it bombs. Seems part of the woke generation thinking to me.

OCT.02-2021 A) I spoke about 'price gouging below'. I have a service agreement (whatever that means) with the auto dealership where I purchased a new car in 2018. At first, oil changes were free including service. A year ago, that service charge reached $60 on top of the oil change cost. Recently I paid $90 service charge over and above ...bye bye auto dealer but I am not the only one for I waited an hour in which I didn't see another car pull in for servicing. Checked with an independent dealer, price...$90 total '...if the right one don't get you then the left one will....'


OCT.01-2021 A) NEWSLETTER to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICS questioning the legal status (no access to law courts which even Britney Spears has) of anything I do e.g. writing wills (I left my estate to N.G.) due to the Identity Theft extension of the Franco Alulio Algorithm, the most perverted action by a civil servant in the 21st century ranking right up there with the 'Final Solution' of Nazi Germany in the 20th century. SEE MEDIA oct.  B) The simple answer is to arrest Alulio and try him criminally, while one and at the same time, drop his injunction against my driver's license. However, the authorities are paranoid when it comes to whistleblowers. Unfortunately, what has been released here is the concept that any rogue civil servant may follow suit e.g. cancel your medical insurance on some trumped up charge which will not be seriously examined. The permutations are innumerable making FAA the crime of the 21st century civilized world. It cannot get any worse than that. Are you listening POTUS Biden? C) Like the introduction to the old Star Trek television program, I am attempting to go where no man has gone before. There are risks to that kind of action to such an individual and, frankly, everyone else. D) The VW Emissions Scandal was a corporate disaster. The company came together and asked, 'What do we do?' Do we just survive this crisis and try to survive it with a few tweaks? Or do we come out of this crisis stronger, better, smarter, and with a purpose? Thank goodness the Company chose the latter course. Which course will FAA follow? E)Now that the election is over, prices on services and products - insurance, cell phone, mortgage rates, gasoline etc. are not merely increasing, they are skyrocketing. But it is the inability to get parts for most things which is going to produce a world collapse... poor Pandora doesn't even have 'hope' left in her box. ...and then there is FAA.... E) Saudi Arabia, the mecca for more than religion as it is the hub of espionage in the world ever since 9/11. ...but then there is that military contract from Canada which helps Saudi Arabia bomb the hell out of Yemen; a hell-hole if there ever was one. ...but when the oil (or demand for oil) runs out... what next?  F) Sign of the times? Commentary calling out Bombardier for getting $534 million Order for jets which, in the past, would merit praise. 'Profit belongs to the Canadian taxpayer, not greedy executives' is a refrain for any large gov't. boondoggle which Bombardier has become.  G) AB's 'Covid Kenny' blasted for his 'free dumbs' re the jab. My message is that if one cannot distance constantly (as very few including myself), whether jabbed or not, then get jabbed. Hopefully a pill (Invermectin?) - much like a birth control pill - will be permitted by Big Pharma on the market soon. Even here, the cynics say 'the patch' is next after these expected failures by which time the flu season will have ended. Covid cases are increasing in states next to Canada which has a spillover effect. Testing as employees or clients enter business with a hand held regulator seems to me the best preventative measure. It happened to me last year but I don't see that option any longer outside businesses. Ultra violet light on elevators goes a long way to control COVID but I was told that option was too expensive for the type of unit for our apartment block where numbers are limited to 3 masked passengers. H) 'Crisis budgeting' in U.S. a big ho hum with public because it has gone on too long ...further and further from making 'America great again'. J) I feel that I have to apologize to the reader for the length of these daily submissions but impending events are all conspiring to undo us. K) BEWARE: Epoch Times, a right wing Chinese newspaper is invading your e-mail with unsolicited articles. The 'discontinue' icon has so many run-arounds, that one is forced to give up disengaging.