The tradeoff here is that no N. American midwit columnist is murdered whereas Mexico continues to be the most dangerous country in the Western Hemisphere for columnists as Publishers and Reporters are of like mind against corruption.



NOV.30  A) I always pay my M/C on time but it has been restructured to catch the unwary with its additional charges of usury proportions (read the fine print). That's why I prefer a Debit Card. B) Google's MSN has finally done it with its banal topics thus saving the readership here of any comment. C) A couple of decades ago, I was a guest speaker at an elementary school where most of the students were refugees. While my topic was comparing WWI with WWII technology (a theme I used in my own high school classes); I began with this question: How many of you come from a war torn country. 75% of hands went up. Leave your hands up if you agree with me that wars are romanticized on TV. The hands remained up. Now leave your hands up if you found war is indeed exciting. All hands shot down. D) A propos the above, Reddit has an interesting commentary on the role of the aircraft carrier; the most formidable weapon in today's arsenal as it is a combination of the ship (essentially a landing platform) and advanced aircraft. I ask the question whether hacking can freeze key launching programs; possibly from space. E) While not becoming a Republic similar to Barbadoes (appalling slave history; I have travelled there), Cda. did not renew a Commonwealth measure leaving our relationship with Br. open. QC never signed the patriation of the Constitution. F) Honduras  breaking out of a 2 Party system to stop land grab may be model for other countries such as Cda. for other than real estate reasons. G) Australian Parliament report 1 out of 3 sexually harassed (do the other 2 feel deprived?).  Solution? Let wives select the secretaries which can do more than just 'file their nails' on the job. H) If Reddit cannot provide articles without 'cookies'; they should not include them.  J) Sweden gov't. hijinks squeeze out Green Party in order to rule = erodes public confidence in politics  K) Some of selected pilot logs disclosed by prosecution of Ghislaine Maxwell when all called for.


NOV.29  A) Rapper, also a high school teacher in Chateauguay, QC, suspended by School Board for song lyrics and accuses them of racism. One look at him and I wonder how he got this teaching job in the first place. As a former high school teacher, one is expected to be a role model for the community... what next, teacher prostitutes plying their trade on the side? (my guess is that he was temporarily hired to fill one course; a similar incident in the 80's in West Van. had a drug dealer(no longer with the school) quoting his former temporary employment.) The media love these salacious stories to inflame the public against teachers in general. In another MSN story, the media pervert a singers 'trans phobia' comments and is called out by Commentary. I usually just skip to Comments section. B) Much is made of the B.C. hereditary indigenous tribes not supporting their tribal Decisions on the pipeline debate. My take? They just want to be bought off... great work for the legal fraternity though. Gov'ts. are a crapshoot in any event in any institution e.g. law courts  C) Long Haul truckers in short supply due to conditions explaining why an inexperienced driver in Humboldt SK wiped out a bus of athletes a few years back. I notice a number of hwy. accidents now include heavy transport. U.S. is better paid but still the conditions are not ideal living on the road. Turning to female driver teams reflective of the shortage. D) Enough already. I do not think it is just me when I say that Googles MSN site is filled with garbage articles gleaned from some two-bit media Report so today, I will just skip most of them. E) You would think Hollywood invented sex with the rest of the world seeking to catch up = increased anxiety levels as individuals seek to measure up...80 yr. old 'studly Roger' here. lol  F) Ghislaine Maxwell pedophile case to begin in NY. It seems she got beat up in prison. The fly in the ointment? The Defense will limit themselves to the case outlined by the Prosecution = no pilot logs which are the key to a successful prosecution. To be sure, much will be made by the Defense of the affected girls desire to capitalize on later civil trials. The truths of the matter, in any event, can be expected to be buried. They did it for the J.F. Kennedy assassination in 1963,  in expunging the 'fourth bullet' from a second gun other than Oswald which formed the killing shot sending Kennedy's head lurching forward. G) So far, Omicron cases are not severe... 'poor' Big Pharma....  H) In the past, Iran's bellicose public messages to destroy Israel, would be considered an act of war. Certainly Israel perceives it as such.  J) Coming to a country near you...WWIII ...possibly in Jan. in the eastern Ukraine. ...but pill popping Hunter Biden is there to protect U.S. interests. lol


NOV.28  A) O.S. p. 3 Ottawa 'expert' bearded epidemiologist (do beards spread disease?) on the Covid Omicron variant should be headlined: 'I ain't got nothing'. J.T. credited this time for acting early on S. African travellers. We are a long way from over in this battle and yet a weary public are letting down their guard which must be maintained even for the vaxxed. Printing more money by gov'ts. to deal with Covid has limitations hence inflation and subsequent labour unrest threatens to undo us all. My answer? 'I ain't got nothing either'. (Perhaps investors should get liquid as quickly as possible...don't count on WWIII beginning at the end of Jan. to reverse fortunes.) B) Protester trials for (basically) anti-vaxxers being pushed down the line as the law courts do not like this one at all... the excuse? Crown delay in providing disclosure hoping for better times before dismissing ('community standards' argument). C) p 6 Good strong thighs needed for Ottawa cross-country yesterday. Hollywood female slim limbed 'bambis' seen in this photo. D)p. 9 My charity of choice is the Ottawa Food Bank (I can even remember when it first started a few years back as a 'temporary measure' (a bit like income tax created to pay for WWl but then the politicians forgot to cancel it. lol) but I am leary of anyone setting up a back-yard contribution centre including 'cash donations'. Instead I bought a $25 grocery store contribution for their bin (I know, I know, the store gets to credit these donations on their income tax). The Salvation Army 'pots' are back out with some people getting minimum wage as the organization is short of its own members = risk of abuse increased. (The worst risk for charity is for religious org. to foreign gov'ts. for dispersal as 50% gets eaten up in 'overhead' costs. One reason the Red Cross go in directly with their aid but a problem when they sub-contracted one geographical area.) Third World missionaries make direct appeals to ensure donations go directly to them. E) p. 10 More Freaked than Frisky/ Anxiety contributing to less sex for young adults, a good article by Liz Braun. Central reason relates to the digitalization of our social life where young adults don't know how to socialize. Covid, of course, frightens women away from having babies at this time. F) p.12 Toronto's Massey Hall re-opens after 3 yr. renovation...with washrooms on each of 3 floors; not just one does not answer the key question: Are women's toilets 3x the number of men's who 'stand up to pee'. As long as I can remember at the Opera in Van.; there were no line-up outside men's washrooms at intermission but a long one outside womens. Whatever happened to the invention of the 'women's urinal'? That's your potty humour for the day. G) p.30 I never pay much heed to work place advice in which employees are invited to comment on Company policies such as a 4-day work week in ON. The Companies wishes come first, last, & foremost (Companies wish to pay for 4 days; not 5 in a salary reduction).


NOV.27 A) Interesting Question: Is there a need for Ottawa LRT as  workers will not be returning to downtown 'Disneyland with Parliament as its anchor'? The time and expense has mitigated against most offices which can operate virtually. Move the courts out (like Surrey did to Vancouver) and watch downtown collapse although it didn't in Vancouver. B) Dedication to FAA The little man who wasn't there Last night I saw upon the stair/ A little man who wasn't there/ He wasn't there again today/ Oh, how I wish he'd go away!/  Go away, go away, don't you come back any more!/ Go away, go away, and please don't slam the door... (slam!)  C) Midwit plus Rex Murphy blasts Parliament's indirection to handling climate problems (which they do nothing about except raise taxes) at the expense of democracy. On Dec. 31-2021, I will declare Cdn. Democracy dead due to either Parliament or the media failing to publicize FAA, the crime of the 21st century... so chew on that one, Rex, as your credibility is also at stake....  D) Headlines saying ON drivers caught off guard by snow leading to crashes, lambasted by Commentary which points out that driver stupidity is the main problem. E) This column earlier related how a lower court Decision of a snow plow operator was reversed against him at Toronto's Appeal Court (only 3% of those cases get heard later by the SCofC which this one did). Today a Kanata golf course development  Corporation would play the same game raising this Commentary: I wonder how long it takes to buy a judge? My response: Should read the Justice Building on Wellington St. as the desired answer in Toronto is printed there and merely passed along to the sitting judges for the purpose... ask any Developer.... Our entire Justice System is a farce; I have been able to demonstrate that over 35 years across Cda. The longer a trial can be stretched out, the more the lawyers make. F) New appointee to military head, Gen. Wayne Ayre blasted for confusing an 'accusation' with a 'conviction' ... been there, done that for 35 years with one addition; namely, I disproved the West Van. School Board in open court in 1986 but never any compensation over next 35 years due to over 50 crooked judges. 



NOV. 26  A) While the strike story in MSN is limited to Ottawa taxi drivers being undercut by immigrants, the story is a universal one. I remember it in the 1950's.  B.C. Hydro asked why my father's specialty business in the 1950's would not send a salesman to their office: 'Because after spending time with the Company, they would put their requirements out to quote buying from a cheaper Japanese source. Your customers are in B.C., not Japan' which is a variation on the same theme. Trying to find a balance is not easy although the Lieberals have flooded the market with immigrants ('votes') with such as the older taxi drivers being driven out. Competition from such as Uber with immigrant drivers accentuates the racist difference. B) Feds want to dump mental health cuts onto provinces which began under Harper creating much of the consequent homelessness. Why not just pass out suicide pills? some cases, it would be kinder.... C) A Sudanese immigrant charged with murder and defending himself in Ottawa courts appears to want Sudanese standards to apply in Cdn. courts... 'he whom would be his own lawyer ....' While I have been my 'own lawyer'; I have won my many cases but tell that to over 50 judges with the Judiciary ducking out on facile excuses... frivolous & vexatious in unresolved legal matters including FAA, an existential threat to the driving public. Wizard of Id: '...nobody can order the law out of existence no matter how bad it gets = Cdn. 'law and order'.


NOV.25  A) 'Environmentalist' David Suzuki is the target of a smear job by the media. While I dislike him, media is making a mountain out of a molehill... but then I castigated the media for failing to balance their perspective by publishing FAA, a 'mountain' which they would treat as a 'molehill' by ignoring it on behalf of the driving public. B) Current 'smash & grab' (non-Caucasian) thief gangs on California retail outlets (also Br.) destroys the basic honesty between a store and client = harbinger of things to come as U.S. can never be 'great again' under these circumstances. C) Daily Ottawa LRT mechanical incidents. Not even the Third World operates on this basis. D) Cda. lying next to Biden's sleeping economic elephant which is rolling over on such as additional softwood tariffs which appears to be a demand that Cda. recognize Wisconsin's dairy products which are sub-standard to Cda. inspection levels = Wisconsin 'dumping'. E) Nobody could be more ant-racist than my older sister (d. 2001)... while living in Cda. When she moved to Silicon Valley in 1965 with her professional husband, she told me that she would not get into an elevator with solely a black man. The most vulnerable female? A black woman living in a ghetto. In the 90's, I had a franchise installing home alarms. While not racist; nonetheless, I am a nimby as far as having half-way houses in my neighborhood. Promises by politicians (who live elsewhere) to 'monitor' the  situation are meaningless. Hence poorer Districts e.g. Ottawa's Vanier are inundated with half-way houses where clients walk to their target homes. F) Easy answer to this one where Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson claims police cannot work within constrained budget; namely, get a new mayor.


NOV.24  A) Ghislaine Maxwell 'pervert trial' to begin Nov. 29 with the case 'already circling the drain.' (Reminds me of my 1985 senior teacher fake lay-off in West Vancouver, B.C. under the imposed BILL 35 used only against this 'whistleblower' before it was rescinded. No compensation was ever paid before over 50 judges across Canada as I was deemed frivolous & vexatious, even to make the request, although the arbitration was quashed with the arbitrator ruled patently unreasonable. Justice Canada imploded over this case. Now it would appear to be the turn of the U.S. with Maxwell) While the major female victim is prepared to testify, the prosecution won't call this 'little liar' to the stand; nor Prince Randy Andy. No word on disclosing the airline logs which tell the whole story. Bottom line? Maxwell will 'walk' to protect the wealthy clients. At one time, offshore perv flights were made to such countries as Thailand for the purpose. 'Suicided' Jeffrey Epstein used to extend these perv flights to America's wealthy in exchange for stock tips for his hedge fund. Will such as Bill Gates (now divorced) be called to give evidence? Of course not hence the U.S. Justice System is taking the same route as the defunct Canadian Justice System. I call it institutional autism where institutions speak only to other institutions with the 'individual' being damned. Unless the other 4 females for the Prosecution from the 1990's kept notes (highly unlikely), their evidence will just be so much hearsay. Of course Canada has its own perv in terms of an 80 year old Winnipeg resident now on trial for the 'Einstein disease'. B) The '3 Amigos' Conference (USMCa.) went the same way as the Glasgow climate debacle. C) Biden should NOT have his picture taken alongside a turkey at this U.S. Thanksgiving time. (Would the real turkey please step forth?) D) Public Commentary invective is building on all topics with humour now being discounted... comes the revolution....  E) Close House of Commons (M.P.'s); create elected Senate & P.M. = save gazillions at minimal loss of service. F) So the QC city Mayor who lost by one vote was found  to win by one vote in a recount. A proper audit would show that he lost by a significant margin.


NOV.23  A) COVID didn't end when it was supposed to under the 'phase' approach? No problem...just rename the 'pandemic' into something else such as 'endemic' so that once again, the 'thinkers' buy more time. Distancing rules are disappearing at major events such as hockey or football games which demand a 'jab' certificate while unmasked crowds mingle. Of course the number of Covid cases are on the increase under these circumstances. B) Rittenhouse trial should be appealed on grounds as to why the judge dropped the 'illicit possession of an assault rifle' which, therefore, the jury did not examine... BLACK LIVES MATTER now NO LIVES MATTER. Welcome to the U.S. where, indeed, mass shootings are endemic. The terrorists in the world can't keep up although drone attacks on a large meeting have the authorities worried. C) O'Toole the O'Foole is 'going down' for sure. He had no choice but to fire the Senator (as she expected) from his shadow caucus when she refused to return his call. Now the other Senators are supporting her = 'night of the long knives'. Calling for a leadership convention one year down the road is his only slim hope with Poilievre there to be crowned next Tory leader. D) Take-out-food services are creating over-load for under-staffed restaurants and added stress when phone-in orders are not curtailed at quitting time. A management problem to be sure but profit margins are slim. The problem is not limited to restaurants as all workers - executives & employees alike - are 'under the gun'. In brief, the system is unlivable. Long gone is the 50 year employee & the gold watch. Immigrants are saving the day for such as Ottawa who are prepared to live in sub-standard conditions and work for minimal wages as seen in all fast food outlets plus Walmart. Retail stores can't automate fast enough. Partial ans. Either work for a small Company or get unionized. Still, there are problems. 'Uncertainty' is the biggest problem for all business. E) Hypocritical 'environmentalist' David Suzuki called out for pointing out the vulnerability of pipelines to sabotage as he is accused of promoting same. Then I could be called out for promoting terrorism by claiming that the authorities fear a drone attack on a crowded stadium for which I am sure they have developed some protection. It's a 'chicken & egg' story but the high stepping Suzuki's personal living style (private jet etc.) is what makes him a hypocrite. P.S. He is worse than that on private matters.


NOV.22 A) Never respond to a pop-up warning of virus threats. Rather check with your techy as all users need one today. Avoid using internet services as much as possible e.g. banking, as anything can and is being hacked. The digitization of institutions will be the ruin of us all as such as rogue civil servant Franco Alulio, will be the tail wagging the institutional dog. B) While I don't watch it, SNL having a tough time trying to be funny amid human carnage with Commentary turning away from them despite 'good lines'. C) Inaccurate statistics on unemployment in both the U.S. & Cda. as workers hold two jobs 'beneath the table'. Much is made of single black mothers in U.S. without mentioning providing space to 'uncle' who is in fact the father. D) Parliament back for unnecessary session...oh, is necessary for M.P.s to get an additional salary.... Just another 'Glasgow Climate flop' but an equally expensive one for taxpayers everywhere.  E) Watch out for this digital universe. For example, Franco Alulio is digitalizing the ON Transport-Medical so that this way he can deny any questioning of his conduct 'until all the forms are filled correctly'. This will apply to all institutions in the future = anarchy. Even here, he should be booted for treason for forging the driver license forms which explains why Premier Ford should be ousted from all politics as a non-partisan matter for creating the crime of the 21st century.


NOV.21 A) Google's Microsoft Edge repeated pop-up on former hockey star, Wayne Gretsky, is just plain weird. We have enough sickos in the world without  adding Google to the list. B) Every country 'spies' (not necessarily of the James Bond type; rather, industrial spying through such as Research grants at Universities). In the 1990's, Cda. worried about Japanese spying; today, it is the Chinese under Huawei whose telecommunications equipment still predominates in Cda. At one time U.S. commercial equipment predominated in the Far East with equivalent 'spying' but are now 10 years behind China. To which extent that applies to the U.S. military is an interesting question... can China through the digital universe stop U.S. aircraft carriers in their tracks with jet fighters unable to take off? At any rate, Brian Lilley OS. p.9 writes an interesting piece on how Huawei is a hard wired system of the past (like other past systems such as the U.S./ Cda. auto pact scuttled by the U.S.) Lilley, however, imputes partisan political explanations (the midwit connotation) to a topic determined well away from the politicians similar to the Huawei Meng deportation trial which I questioned earlier in this blog. C) p. 11 O.S. A couple of dudes justifying cannabis sales by pointing out how much money (implies employment) is being made. Now if we could only see the books for Organized Crime (Putin richest man in the world), and think of all the employment (e.g. prostitution) he creates which includes bribes (about half of profit). And to think that one of these writers was a former ON Minister of Health before he joined the gravy chain. ...a plague of all your cannabis houses with the attendant misery you create.... D) p.13 O.S. Sun editorial full of bs regarding the Meng Wanzhou deportation case 'was resolved through a deferred prosecution' (to save face for Justice Canada) when in fact we lost on all accounts. The FBI held the strings with POTUS and China deciding the outcome minus Canada.


NOV.20  A) Ottawa's LRT down again in its never ending collapse is parallel to the economy exacerbated by inflation along with COVID both exacerbated by the 'be-all and end-all' for Cdn. democracy with FAA. There is no remedy as such requires courage on all fronts plus nothing lasts forever. The Romans with the decline of their Empire witnessed that one. The basic problem is that the city councilors accepted the bribes and now the taxpayers have to pay off. B) Rittenhouse 'not guilty' verdict killing 'white guys' draws into strong questions made by Biden before the verdict in this controversial acquittal. Race is not involved but that does not stop some rioters who are there for the 'party' at demonstrations. Now everybody in the U.S. will carry assault rifles to knife parties. Did R. act recklessly? If walking down the street with an assault weapon is not 'reckless'; what is? (...meeting someone else carrying assault rifles.) As to the jury, I would like to have been a fly on the wall; namely, did the prosecution 'throw the case'? I have seen that happen many times on a personal level.  Barbara Bush, wife of former President HW Bush wanted assault rifles banned (as opposed to her husband's choice). Central 'pro' argument? No country will ever occupy the U.S. nor will the divorce lawyers get any business...oops, I thought it was a burglar not the husband returning late at night from his mistress.... C) MSN becoming increasingly trite with repetition, poor article selection and captions, poor reporting and now, increased interference with the only section worth reading... Commentary. Such podcasts as my own ( to be the focus in 2022) will replace them. For example, a trite story is Britney Spears and her bubblehead mate 'search for a wedding site' In contrast, why isn't FAA, a threat to all N. America reported? These two sites only report from published sources = censorship of FAA. D) Kemptville residents are understandably upset against new prison (just outside of Ottawa/Carleton which is too far from the court house) as a different District will be stuck with the costs... but those Developers are soo persistent! Who supported them on K. Council?


NOV.19  A) B.C. Rain more than 'mammoth clean-up' rather 'mammoth rebuild = bad reporting. B) Biden winning the race to the bottom (of the polls that is) as he is below Trump's and Obama's lowest numbers for popularity. Dec. 15 is the next target date as the U.S. runs out of money to pay its employees. Happened before under Trump who got bailed out. Just how many times can one bail out the U.S? Pass the snake oil, please. C) Condemnation of Russia on the space debris issue is about as effective as my condemnation on FAA. The civilized world needs to clean up its act on that later accord as intangible threats can be more devastating than tangible threats. SEE DEC. 01 NEWSLETTER under DECmedia  D) Mayim Bialik (is she divorced as no mention of husband's role in vaccination?) wants the Jeopardy host job while her competitors obviously want it = tabloid news. Some think she is super smart; a limited qualification as public appeal, for example, would not approve of Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) as a host E) Two tiered insurance for Ottawa municipality operations is a disaster story in the making for the non-city insurance. Of course 'Big Insurance' is not losing out. The current racket is that fewer and fewer insurance Companies are available to such as Condominium Boards forcing huge increases with Ins. Companies dropping out buying up the active Ins. on the rebound behind the scenes... and there is nobody to say 'boo'... move over Franco Alulio. F) Both Biden & JT are thinking of boycotting China's Winter Games = reflection of increasing world hostilities


NOV.18 A) 'The play's the thing (airline logs) wherein we will catch the conscience (guilt) of the king (Maxine Ghislaine trial coming up) It's a play to kill for... Will she walk? A good question. B) Do as Canada says, not as they do... “Canada will always advocate for the promotion and protection of human rights (R.C.), and we will hold to account those who violate them,” Joly announced. “We stand with the people of Nicaragua in their aspirations for a more peaceful, just and democratic future.” Nicaragua has every right to call Canada out for its hypocrisy with FAA.


NOV.17 A) 'SMOOTH' it is as are all these promotions. Tracey Scaramozzino, Dev. Review Planner at the City Hall sends 14 pages of a proposal - paid by the taxpayer, of course - to all area homes & apartments for two 31 Tower Apartment Blocks (twice the height of surrounding Apartment Blocks of which I am in one but the proposed photo was 'on high' to diminish the contrast plus there is an adjoining structure between the two implying that they must come as a package. Of course the developers have primed this pump (much like SNC Lavalin) to get their way. If pressure develops from the public, why... knock off 5-10 stories (which were included for the purpose) so that Joe Public can strut away claiming, 'Well, we won that one!' For my part, I expected such a scheme with the developers buying the two 20 story nearby 40 year old occupant owned buildings; and razing them for their skyscrapers. This other version costs them very little for the property. On the other side, it makes sense having the towers next to the LRT & eliminating auto traffic to this station. In short, knock off 5-10 stories, if need be. Of course, Tracey will 'review' your public 'application' ...under 'file 13' provisions. She is not alone as all these executives are cut from the same 'cookie cutter'. One councilor is even quitting to get on this gravy train. B) As readers of this series realizes, I put to bed the on Dec. 31-2020 after it smashed the entire Canadian Justice System as I never received any rightful compensation in a 35 year case heard in all but one province. The SCofC was part of that debacle. As one can see I am putting a similar end to the Franco Alulio Algorithm (Oct. 2019 -  by Dec. 31-2021 as the civilized world has shown an inability to grasp the significance of one being deprived of his native citizenship. There is nothing further to do other than for Hollywood A-listers to reveal the criminal perfidy of the executive bureaucrats denying  civilian targets of any of their significant rights similar to the 'Final Solution' of Nazi Germany. C) High End Car thefts lead to cars turning up in the middle East; sometimes with the ON or QC plate still attached. Why? Once a car is out of the jurisdiction of the local police force, other police forces display no interest as it is not a crime in their area. Of course the RCMP don't have the money to pursue this matter as 'priorities' exist elsewhere. The problem for Organized Crime? To make sure that they don't buy off the wrong person. Gov'ts. could put a stop to this crime overnight as one is not exactly looking for a needle in a haystack at the docks. In the 1990's, the insurance Companies were rebuffed in their attempt to curtail this crime which still goes on today for which we all pay with higher insurance rates. It doesn't matter which political party is in power. D) Queen Elizabeth is like any senior who can no longer do the job but refuses to retire and permit younger people to have their opportunity. Senior law partners are bad this way. E) Point of diminishing returns? The more the U.S. media condemns Trump, the more powerful he becomes... a little like playing 'whack a mole'. F) Wheelchair snow concerns a former Paratranspo driver as a semi-retired job 20 years ago, I can appreciate the limitations of wheelchairs in the snow. Solution? There isn't any. Some people trying to help wheelchairs through the snow have ended up with heart attacks. Drivers had to be creative such as loading at cleared corners as opposed to pushing a chair through a snow drift. Staying home - similar to Covid - is the best although not always the most practicable argument such as for medical appointments. The press love to pillory snow plowers for not considering wheel-chairs in their non practicable  demands.  G) Prominent lawyer Marie Heinan involved in controversy with Toronto School Board. Her Defense of Vice Adm. Mark Norman is cited for a typical success. She also represented the former GG who was given the boot. If I had been in Norman's boots, I would have fired her on the spot as, by pre-arrangement unknown to Norman, the prosecution, the judge and Heinan lied to him by the judge proclaiming he was exonerated which he wasn't; his case was merely 'tabled' wiping out any chance he had of suing the gov't. My point? Lawyers make diddleysquat with court fees; the real money is their cut of the buy-out. I would have fired Heinan on the spot and refused the judge's so-called Decision demanding continuation of the trial for a proper Decision.


NOV.16  A) Commentary re vapid VP Harris: Biden does the work of 2 men...Laurel & Hardy! While the U.S. does not understandably welcome outside advice; why can't both parties attract a younger person for 2024 President (minus Harris & De Santis)? B) Biden & Xi's terse words over Taiwan... first the stock market crash then WWIII. And to think Cdn. Pension Plans are still invested in China!  C) Vancouver, my home town, cut off due to storms & flooding. My phlebotomist claims it is due to passing the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) under which I was laid off for so-called 'economic reasons' & now lives on in the imposed carbon tax. Wait until FAA cuts driver licenses due to unexplained 'psychiatric' reasons so that even marooned Vancouverites cannot get around! It's a moral Covid more dangerous to the civilized world than the physical kind. Is it also 'payback time?'. In short, where is Noah and his Ark now that Vancouver needs him most!... lol  D) Sweden charges oil executives for complicity in war crimes (in Sudan); a first since Nuremberg (1946). Now where is Cda. in prosecuting Franco Alulio on this model in the heinous FAA; an existential threat to the world's driving public?  


NOV.15  A) Letter to D. Trump - Are you a Winston Churchill or a Neville Chamberlain vis a vis the Franco Alulio Algorithm ? SEE MEDIA nov  B) 'Night of the Long Knives' (political backstabbing) as Tory Pierre Polievre, who wisely stayed away from the last leadership election leading to the hapless O'Toole to win but lose the election. Now that he is back in Caucus as O'Toole continues to try and control him, O'Toole is like Cleopatra clasping that asp (egyptian style if you please) to her breast. Dilbert, move over for Blondie on this one (Nov. 14) 'You're fired', Dithers tells Dagwood who opines; 'What if you appoint someone very capable who builds your business, makes a hostile bid behind your back and then sees you fired? Dithers is nonplussed. Later, in asking how his day went by Blondie, Dagwood replies; 'Dithers took me out to lunch in a fancy restaurant'. As to P.'s game plan? He will oust the WOKE supporters attracting Tories back to the fold along with dissident Liberal voters = next P.M. What will his stand on FAA be? Time to ask him now. C) So Ottawa U Faculty is not only outraged at their President for firing a staff member for using the N word in class, but against retired SCofC Bastarache who wrote a Report on this matter. (I had this slippery dude on my last approach to the SCofC) D) Facebook now Farcebook as they lose their clientele. E) 9year old boy dies from Astroworld concert. What the hell was a 9 yr. old doing there in the first place?... a drug mule? F)


NOV.14  A) It must be slow days for the Ottawa Court System under Justice Robert Maranger (I had this dude once where I coined the term 'marangered' which I was). Now it is the turn of the jury in a murder trial with James Cavanaugh as prosecutor (I sued a lawyer in his 'bouquet legal outfit' under him for fraud but the case was refused investigation by the ON Legal Society and did not receive a docket time for a hearing = in part why I called for a trusteeship of these courts.) 10 weeks and counting only for the prosecution but a trip for the jury to see a similar Toyota car was included so that the jury could 'get a feel for what it is' stated Maranger (now you know why this jury will not see their kids grow up). Maranger could just as easily have added that 'we have a budget you know that must be eaten up in these slow Covid times in a trial with lengthy delays'.. oh, yes, no murder weapon found in this re-trial. The media photo of 'the perp' has 'guilty' written all over it ...National Enquirer, move over.  B) While on the topic of Justice, I am wary of these civil class actions by people unrelated to the event launched 'for the money'. I refused one such 'payday' against judges charged civilly as opposed to criminally (now you know why no Cdn. judge has ever gone to jail) in Edmonton (why should taxpayers bail out corrupt judges in a story escaping media coverage?). I pilloried the Sun's columnist Lorne Gunter who writes from Edmonton for his failure to report this case. I also claimed ethical reasons for not joining which makes me 'a fool' to many in our modern day world. C) When the police broke into my Apartment on Boxing Day 2019 on a trumped up wellness stunt supported by a court order (which I knew nothing about) and two sons who were not in contact with me for several months, one officer followed me as I collected a necessary over-night bag. (SEE internet). Hence I do not buy into an officer 'standing outside' in July in a different story while the patient kills himself inside and being exhonerated by the SIU. A whitewash job. D) Confusing reporting? 2 men charged in Brockville in 2020 death of 51 year old man charged with 'criminal negligence causing death' for failing to provide the necessities of life plus one is charged with 'manslaughter'. Sounds like the police throwing jello at the wall hoping some of it sticks which happens more often as not in our Justice System. Cdn. Conrad Black had RICCO laws thrown at him (entitled FBI to grab his assets) which were quickly dropped although he went to jail in the U.S. (Later exonerated by Trump; he became a bagman for the Republicans in Cda.) E) Hill protest against 'violence in Bangladesh against Hindus'; no doubt a real threat. Demonstrations like these are encouraged to include this PLACARD: JUSTICE FOR CDN. ROGER CALLOW (non-Hindu) against FAA which negatively impacts all drivers in N. America. (How did these protesters, for example, travel to the Hill?) F) Climate Porn to describe COP26? At any rate, a good holiday junket for bureaucrats. G) Washington Post reports that nearly 2900 jailed people have been exonerated since 1989 (mostly blacks). That is the genius of Franco Alulio & his fake driver license suspension scheme which deprives one of any legal existence parallel to the 'Final Solution' of Nazi Germany... and it doesn't cost the state a cent in incarceration fees! Give that Cdn. bureaucrat a 'rubber banana' Groucho Marx would say. I say jail him for treason. The media says nothing to this crime of the 21st century. H)...and that is the cop beat for this week. J) This just in. My favourite African born writer, Wilbur Smith deceased at age 88. (8 years my senior but so much much more successful in life but comparisons of this type are meaningless as I am sure he would have agreed.) I will devote a walk to him; my way of recognizing departed souls.


NOV.13  A) Homelessness mushrooming. Outside Edmonton, it must be brrr... Municipalities don't have the resources which the gov'ts. throw on them. My charity of choice in Ottawa is the Food Bank. I have seen this Charity 'boom' from its 'temporary' beginnings. B) Opinion: The Economic System is unsustainable. J.T. may be the cause or accelerator, but the System is winding out of control for many reasons with Cdns. failing to 'stand on guard for thee' as a means of slowing down the coming apocalypse. In the end, it must come down to 'individuals' such as myself challenging FAA on behalf of the motoring public in the civilized world. With rogue civil servants such as Franco Alulio running amok, any hierarchy means nothing. C) Paris Hilton wedding just goes to show you that aging Cinderella's (40) can get married just in time for menopause. 'Blushing bride' has a whole new meaning. Botox, youth in an injection, here we come. D) While we are on the topic of menopause, Britney Spears is finally free (for what? more exploitation by someone else?) with one Commentary asking... now what about all other 'imprisoned women' where the public doesn't care. E) Don't underestimate 'Star Appeal' which is my last one under FAA for Dec. 31-2021 paralleling Dec. 31-2020 where I abandoned all legal attempts in my 35 year unresolved labour matter (no compensation due to corrupt judges) leading to the collapse of Justice Canada. F) Novelist John Grisham stars 'Redneck towns'. How do they get that way? Because the 'better element' does not have 'railroad tracks' to separate their neighborhoods with everyone knowing who the badies are... lock 'em up for whatever reason. I am a NIMBY (disclosure: In the 1990's, I had a franchise installing home alarms.) Half-way Houses were never situated in rich areas for good reason. So-called monitoring counts for nothing. Same for homeless Parks. It's a problem without a solution. G) The Legion does not realize that WWII veterans did not finish their job vis a vis quashing the 'Final Solution of Nazi Germany' as it has reared its ugly head with FAA.


NOV.12  A) My response to the ON Ombudsman Office on FAA could serve as a template for all Institutions. SEE MEDIANov. (temporary) BUREAUCRATIC  BS  B) So the Democrat 'automobile' Elephant has decided to roll over in its sleep crushing the Cdn. mouse. The point is that the auto pact has been dead for years but Cda. has treated it like welfare. Commentary ideas for branching out are unrealistic for a nation of 36m people. Australia gave up mfg. cars...Cda. next? C) Same old, same old...AB's hydrogen production is an improvement over fossil fuels but the means of extraction are not = choice to pollute at the source or the end product. Maine rejected QC hydro due to source pollution. D) Commentary Safety Expert of 34 years claims most of the lawyers & judges are alcoholics or stoners or both. If so, a frightening assertion as I limited my observations to the legal fraternity being a corrupt and corruptible body. D) ON School System to get rid of streaming (academic & vocational) for #9 students (postponed to #10). In the U.S., they call this the 8plus classes to keep students off the streets. Very brave teachers who take these classes (usually neophytes assigned where experience is called for) E) Now that people are returning to work and school, one dog owner tells me that 'rescue dog' adoptions during Covid are being reversed as many people did not think ahead.


NOV.11 Remembrance Day in Canada in a Nation which 'lest we forget' is an empty vessel as the civilized world to date has failed to recognize the 'Moral Covid' of the Franco Alulio Algorithm with its lesser threat of 'Physical Covid'; the latter being date stamped, while the former stretches on forever. The 'Final Solution' of 1940's Nazi Germany has been permitted to resurface in Canada in 2019 without an apparent solution; indeed, with no public reaction being recorded due to censorship even on an individual basis. The world is adrift in many other ways enhanced by the digital Revolution which the authorities appear powerless to countervail.


NOV.11 A) Anti-semitism is rearing its ugly head, particularly in France although Canada is no exception. No doubt there are myriad explanations; some explainable, others not so much so. Resurrecting Rabbi Bulka (d 2021) just before Remembrance Day is reflective of how he supplanted the military chaplain in RD ceremonies in the past; a faux pas considering that the military chaplain was to represent all religions. To me, he smacks of 'Kissinger' as my direct appeal to him vis a vis my criminal incarceration at Ottawa Hospital as their first political prisoner - nothing to be proud of - went without a personal response from him. B) NJ vote reversal to GOP illustrates fundamental voting problems as Republicans have always asserted. The Problem? U.S. judges refusing disclosure in other than just NJ.  C) Prince Harry blasted by Commentary with his notice to Twitter CEO the day before Jan.6 of impending problems. As a military man of some personal distinction, I am inclined to agree with him as Jan. 6 was a 'set-up' in which the National Guard was withheld from the melee for 3 hours permitting this debacle for  political reasons. D) 'Street Heat' with fellow retiree: basic problem is one of 'bigness' (internet) to which I added the deleterious effects of the digital revolution. E) 2008 all over again with collapse of China's bond market vis a vis real estate problems? First the stock market crash, then WWIII ...wait for it as it is just around the corner brought to you by the 'joys' of globalism  F) This is where COP26 cynicism reasonably sets in, with blank stares answering this simple question: If the civilized world can’t cope with the forces underlying these miseries right now, why should we vest any confidence in the high-minded pledges elicited from the politicians assembled in Glasgow?  Midwit plus  Terry Glavin in his world review of global failures highlighting China's rejection of COP26. An informative review on a global perspective... now if he & others could only recognize the 'individual' peril of FAA to the civilized world's motoring public. Depending on your perspective, COP26 was a great holiday junket for the bureaucrats. Even OBAMA couldn't rescue this disaster. G) GOP governors under attack for condemning graphic sex textbooks. Gee, and I can remember School Boards condemning books because of 'naughty words' in the 1950's. The Woke generation lives and breathes in these textbooks in arguments based on appropriateness. H) pit bull controversy on Commentary on both sides. Was teen-ager taunting animal vs. unprovoked attack? I am a dog lover but believe these animals should be muzzled in public. Small children who do not recognize 'space' are invariably the victims of dog bites. On my walks, all dogs are walked by adults as families do not make the time nor have the money for pets which are a diminishing breed. I warn people against getting 'rescue dogs' and cannot understand why a slew of these dogs were imported to Canada recently. J) I could have told  PPC leader Maxine Bernier  where his slander suit against columnist Warren Kinsella (midwit less)was heading under disreputable Ottawa Justice Calum MacLeod (I had this dude in 2014) in an article which was clearly slanderous. (Bernier lost.) ...but then, MacLeod is not alone as I have called for a trusteeship over the entire Ottawa court operation. But then Bernier would remain silent on FAA.  K) It is an ongoing battle with Google pop-ups blocking the scroll bar column = a failure of the digital revolution. L) Got Second hand military junk? (submarines, planes, now ice breaker) Canada, and only Canada will buy them. M) Inflation is killing off economic gains in all areas in the world = stagflation in which gov'ts. print currency to hide problem = point of diminishing returns.


NOV.10  A) Tabloid Headline: CIA Killed Kennedy. Of course they did...with the 'fourth bullet'. Both Trump & Biden were to release further info. which they didn't do (in order to keep their own brains in their head). B) Best news yet. New Jersey checking mail-in votes against voter lists for duplications in Governor contest; a lengthy ordeal for a reason lus finding another uncounted 6000 votes. C) What is all this 'phase' talk  about Covid i.e. phase 4? We have never left ground 'zero' in this fictional game. D) NDP leader Jagmeet Singh slams door on coalition with fiberals. Of course; much better to be a big frog in a small pond than a non-entity in a big pond...but the pond is drying up all around him - no money. E) Used Electric vehicle batteries being dumped in the oceans as they are not recyclable. Sweden banning them due to many accidents (going too fast). Crooks steal copper wire and batteries. Nuclear energy also has similar problems with regards to used rods. Electric vehicles use the roads in N. America yet pay no license fee. Buyers are beginning to find electric vehicles are over-rated. F) Sicily makes much of the house cleaning of Organized crime in a recent trial against only one crime family out of a 100 which is little more than an internal battle using gov't. to remove 'a thorn in their side'. G) Will we ever see the pilot logs in the upcoming Ghislaine Maxwell trial? Now that's worth 'suiciding' someone for. H) Commentary highly critical of California's 'social justice math' which most assuredly will lead to an exodus of parents; either into private schools or out of the state in this 'dumbing down' experiment. J) Parents also asked to decide on Covid mandates for children... depends on the basic immunity system of the child, I guess. K) Many years ago, I was delivering goods to a mine site and had cause to use a private one way logging road. The trick is to be sited quickly by a truck who will 2-way radio your location to the following trucks as hair pin turns with a single lane are suicidal. Hence the RCMP were in the wrong speeding on one such road to a protest in Port Renfew in B.C. creating an accident. Of course, they could have been 'set up'; we will never know. L) Repeated Ottawa LRT accidents have the smell of sabotage apart from defective equipment. M) Health Canada appears to be a contradiction of terms... can't trust to gov't. on Covid  N) Popular Ottawa Tory Pierre Poilievre back in the folds of loser O'Toole's caucus = next P.M.? As I do not vote, I do not waste politician's time at the wife from a highly political Fr. Can. family did. On one occasion when Poilievre knocked on our door on behalf of the local Tory candidate, I absented myself while my wife dragged him down the hall and for 10 minutes told him why she was not voting Tory. My point? He was only interested in answers to 2 questions; namely, will you vote for us, and if so, would you make a contribution? Perhaps that explains why, after 45 years of a good marriage, we are now estranged for the past 2 years and counting... While not knocking criticism at the door, the public should be succinct; 2 minutes or less. Indeed, supporters tell candidates, don't waste time here as I am voting for you; get to the other doors. On another occasion, she chased Justin Trudeau down to get a hug while I stood back. She also served on John Turner's (d) failed re-election bid as P.M. in his Van. riding. She to her desires; me to mine.(reading) O) Again, my apologies for a lengthy daily blog but the world is becoming unhinged.


NOV. 09 SEE MEDIA nov.09  for both  A) Letter to Cdn. Legion to publicize FAA on behalf of all veterans and the driving public. B) A third repeated request to U.S. Allstate CEO & others to address the question regarding the insurance underwriters question vis a vis FAA.


NOV.09  A) Picture of teen with stitches in face who was allegedly attacked by pit bull in Toronto... looks pretty real to me ...who in God's name writes these captions... lawyers? ...don't answer that one.  P.S. I am in favour of the ban. These dogs should be forced to wear a muzzle if permitted in public. Commentary is outraged against this dog. B) Commentary: Which one of the 3 stooges is running the Ottawa LRT repair depot? with yet another yard accident? C) 'Tipping' rears its ugly head (but not in Australia-2012 when I visited) vis a vis restaurants. I liked the comment where the customer pays for the meal by credit card and tips in cash. D) School violence against staff mushrooming or 'why I don't recommend the teaching profession with the current style of leadership' which is not there when a teacher needs it most. CASE STUDY: As a Supply Teacher 20 years ago covering all grades and subjects including Special Needs, I was part of 3 teachers escorting Special Needs students back to class when one big 13 year old student started waving his hockey stick around. I grabbed hold of the stick and repeated for him to relinquish said item as he was not letting go. He finally did while the other 2 teachers controlled the others. Today, that student would be in a class of up to 32 students with a single teacher = it is counter-productive but for a short time the 'bean counters' show savings for the Board. No longer as attested to by this article. One West Vancouver principal was given the boot in 1968 after one year for promoting this style of leadership(?) which is universal today. I opposed him as did everyone else-teachers, students, parents. Now his type pre-dominate in the schools.  E) Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland is told by Commentary to 'zip it' regarding bilingualism matter of Air Canada in QC; a Lieberal stronghold. This prospective future P.M. is flailing fast as all politicians are doing these days... time to eradicate the HofC and create an elected Senate & P.M. directly by voters... at least the public would save kazillion dollars with no loss of services. F) Re-education camps (started with 1899 Boer War and extended by 1942 to the 'Final Solution' in Nazi Germany) is but one step ahead for the world in its failure to recognize the Identity Theft of the FAA due to a rogue civil servant perverting the Driver license suspension form in ON in abuse of the term psychiatric. 'Auschwitz' re-education camp next for Canada? G) lol 'no sharks were killed in this story' of a triathlon swimmer in Perth, Au whom died in one such attack. Shark attacks are very rare. H) If we have a murder of crows does that mean we get a gaggle of lawyers? lol  J) The Poker Party participants: Lieberals & ND (Don't)P. ante: L. one dollar/N. debt slips now rejected as NDP so far into debt that even Lebanon looks good. Outcome: L win without having to show their cards. Prize? All those NDP seats become Liberal. As for the Tory M.P.'s? A quarter of them have second jobs... why not, M.P.'s do nothing except collect a salary at taxpayer expense. K) India Covid Nasal Spray is what I have been waiting for... it should have been the first priority in the war against Covid but no money in that for Big Pharma.

NOV.08 A) An excellent interview with Br. style actor John Cleese noted that while backstage problems are paramount (why the show 'must go on' despite those problems), he felt free in the actual performance. Google couldn't find the reference to the ailing Richard Burbidge in 1660 who apologized for 'taking so long to die' saying that 'dying is easy, comedy is hard'. Google attributes the saying to modern actors. Like myself, Clease is confused by the Woke generation. B) COVID figures skyrocketing around the world as the public ignores distancing; jabbed or not. C) Ottawa stores following strict rules but once inside the hockey games with vax certificates, the audience wanders the hallways, many without masks and few distancing. Commentary supports 57 suspended Ottawa School Board people for not getting jab using my argument; namely, that both sides are capable of spreading Covid hence all must distance. Big Bird conscripted to take 'jab' highly criticized by Commentary as children's programs are to be commercial free... Nazi Germany & Communist Russia in the 1930's would have approved this scheme.... D) 'Accident Monday' after time change. Columnist B. Lilley (O.S.) wrote an excellent column on daylight saving on Sunday Nov.7. Canada should have gone it alone in eliminating this practice much for our M.P.'s; a wasted effort if there ever was one... and an expensive boondoggle at that. E) I must be getting known on my daily walks as I asked a dog walker of 2 dogs ...which is Ying and which is Yang? They answer accordingly pointing to first one then the other.... F) Dead Man Flying is a lesson in false negatives as he was cleared when boarding but died en route from Covid. G) Vitriolic Commentary on flying flag at half mast for indigenous people... why not fly the flag upside down? In the U.S., the flag must never touch the ground = disrespect for Canadians. (How many times can J.T. be called 'vapid'?)  

NOV.07  A) If Daylight Saving (source of an increase in auto accidents) was 'for farmers' as popularly acclaimed, why did farming SK remain on standard time throughout the year to this day? (There are other reasons for daylight saving such as children going to school in the dark and preserving energy making waking hours equal to sunlight hours.)  B) Rather than have a leadership convention, the Tories (the anaconda eating its tail) would rather split in two in some sort of mitosis. The Lieberals are laughing with glee. C) The U.S. $1 trillion infrastructure Bill is nothing short of paid welfare in a nation brought to its knees economically. During the 1930's, they called these schemes boondoggles. D) Maine rejected QC hydro which cleared a lot of forest (producing more CO2) to make electricity. Want climate control? Then go without electricity; an ugly quid pro quo. E) Veteran Case load workers 'burning out' (worse under Harper) paralleled in U.S. with 22 PTSD military suicides per day. Supposition: Could it be in part due to a battery of inoculations when recruiting military attached to traumatic battle conditions? Linking inoculations as a cause to autism disproved and yet there was only one case diagnosed in WWII; today there are thousands. As a Supply Teacher, I covered one such class. Those regular teachers are worth their weight in gold which is why teacher strikes set the program back significantly. SEE Veteran workers above. Point here is to ask where those autistic students go after graduation? F) 8 dead in Houston outdoor concert with 50,000 fans = corporate greed which backfired. Why were these fans not kept out until just before the concert with drug addled fans (the vast majority?) refused entry? Even here, 50,000 is an exorbitant number even with 500 security personnel. WOKE generation, wake up. As for Houston, I hope they get the pants sued off them. G)  I had to check...yup, it was an ad for St. Paul's 'social' University in Ottawa which I have driven past on  many occasions and even 'Placarded' when the Legal Fraternity held a conference there. (Money for St. Paul's but no money for them supporting my bid against the  Franco Alulio Algorithm which poses a threat to all drivers.) H) Canadian Flag: Up down/ up down/ etc. J) Don't you just love those pop-up ads which block your scroll bar???

NOV.06 A) This Berlin spy didn't 'Come in From the Cold'; rather he was defenestrated 'into the cold' getting much ribald Commentary. B) Now its bird flu H5N1 on top of resurgent Covid numbers in Europe. C) Criticism abounds in leaving the flying of the flag to the 'unelected'... try telling that to Francio Alulio who will suspend your driver license 'at his personal will'?.... D) Much is made how Ghenghis Khan conquered the 'Silk Road' when all he did was make a triumphal march over a falling world. Our digital World is falling to FAA. E) Everybody in my area (South Keys) is masking; a great many I see on TV (shopping/sports events/ U student events) are not distancing nor wearing masks... similar in U.S.) F) Even Charles Dickens said what we have is not justice; just the law. ...and in Cda. we no longer even have that as evidenced by FAA.  G) Not only Ottawa Justice McKinnon (a dude I once had as judge) with his 'misunderstood pimp' (being retried before a different judge) shocks public but a NI judge feels a convicted murderer is 'otherwise a good man' = blasted on Commentary. H) Internet hung up on Covid deaths... how many die yearly due to auto accidents, other diseases, etc. etc.? ...doesn't fit into the big end of the media telescope. H) At one point, AB's Jason Kenney was headed towards being the next P.M.; today the hapless Kenney looks all washed up as even a Premier. (He was never a ball of fire as a MP.)  J) Wait for it ...the 'fixed Appeal' to Toronto to reverse this Decision, where this Owen Sound Fire Dept. Admin head female led to a win and damages with a justice loudly blasting the Community. least she got a Decision; I never did in 35 years and over 50 judges across Canada in a labour matter which destroyed the credibility of the Justice System we have FAA which makes democratic cowards of us all. K) Why is it the baddies (e.g. Nazi SS Officers) manage to live to ripe old ages. Many sent back their Nobel Prizes when Henry Kissinger received one. Now at age 98, he wades into AI (artificial intelligence). I reverse those figures with IA (institutional autism) and a different concept. L) Pit Bull (ON ban in2005) coming up again. Still used in dog fighting. I used to walk a friendly 180# Rottweiler long deceased. Today, I fear many feral dogs being walked as they are picked up from Rescue Centres where they have been abused and are inclined to bite. Always ask a dog owner before addressing a pet. One I know on walks repeats the message that her dog is not friendly. Most bites are of young children who unwittingly get into the personal space of a dog. The cost of a dog (food/vet) is about $100 per month hence few families have this 'traditional pet'. M) ON Digital Court entry panned as hacking can lead to more civil suits plus clerks needed to adjust 'inconsistencies'. ...been there, done that many times and still buggered from behind the judicial scenes = my call for a trusteeship over Ottawa courts. To be sure, a survey of the digital system will show, surprise, surprise, no complaints, as litigants give up trying to access the courts. AG Doug Downey should be dismissed over FAA where his counterpart, Franco Alulio is working on digitizing the Medical Transport Dept. In the U.S., digital machine voting is the key to many 'fixes'. N) General Custer (oops, Nancy Pelosi) shepherds  $1.2 trillion spending deal through Congress = false economy = U.S. nearer to economic collapse. O) Once again, my apologies for the length of this daily entry as it should be half its length = deteriorating world on many fronts.

NOV.05 A) How much of Ottawa city budget goes for executive salaries? 10 years ago, the Police Chief received about $260,000 while today he receives about $360,000 amid declining police services. The taxpayers continue to be gouged in all fields. Of course Chief Sloly wants his 3% Department increase and of course Mayor Watson will grant it. 'Oh what fools we mortal (taxpayers) be'. B) Once a semester in my high school Geography class,  I would invite a rep. from the Greater Vancouver Regional District to speak: 'We throw our garbage away' he said, 'but where is away? ...the oceans' He would fit right in with our modern concepts of pollution control. My point? Transfer that concept to refugees where we 'throw them away' by not producing the necessary infrastructure for them to be included in our society. A Pulitzer Prize Viet Nam author (2015) details the horrors of escaping from untenable conditions only to be met with more confusing ones in their new countries. Experienced people are unable to practice in their disciplines (although understandably there may be limited jobs for fighter pilots from a foreign nation.) In one episode of the Big Bang Theory, Dr. Sheldon Cooper fills his panel with non-entities so that he can enter the Physics bowl. He cannot answer the final question to win the debate until the 'Rossian janitor' gives the right answer to which Cooper says 'ignore that'. Too bad, stated the moderator as he was correct. Cooper lost. 'In Rossia, I was professor of Physic at the Polytechnic; in U.S. I am janitor.' The other side of the equation: Cuba has a high number of doctors where University is free (cannot practice abroad). Imagine N. American students flocking there while N. Am. universities sit empty. I have many stories along this line. C) It sounds rather hypocritical when the city orders all employees to be jabbed except the judges working in the Ottawa precincts because 'they belong to their own Union = increasing anger by rank & file against privileged. Fines for Covid infringements at restaurants may fill city coffers but the level of anger produced will hopefully see an end to Mayor Watson. LRT goof on goof reflects sabotage = the city's a mess. FAA merely exacerbates it. D) Mail-in votes always seem to favour Democrats, particularly when counted overnight. E) Does the Skyscraper have a future? Yes, but not one to like as infrastructure repairs get postponed leading to disaster. F) Moving Cda. military sexual assault cases to civilian court = more billable time for lawyers.


NOV.04  A) The 'world is off kilter' with the Ottawa Doctor who says to hell with the College of Physicians & Surgeons over Covid regulations considering its unsavoury past as I can personally vouch for with on non-Covid matters. They refused to investigate FAA on my behalf. B) 3% Ottawa tax increase?...oh yes, on top of the annual 10%-20% real estate increase = more fixed income seniors owning their homes bite the dust = pay taxes & cut back on food. C) Labour Lawyers 'in demand' for those refusing Covid jab... sure, try my labour case experience... no judicial Decision after 35 years before over 50 judges for rightful compensation = collapse of Cdn. Justice System. (P.S. your legal Decision is that one is merely being frivolous & vexatious in making the request.) That's how 'Moral Covid' in Cda. came about.... D) War does not end until the last soldier experiencing it is deceased. WWII is ending now. Veteran families are having a very tough time trying to reconcile their war time values with the 'woke' generation (you signed up therefore don't bother me). On the other hand, there is little value attached to a 'standing army' which Cda. now has (the eponymous In Flanders Fields by John MacRae (2015) focuses on 'passing the torch' to others inclined to 'pick up the quarrel with the foe'). Move Nov. 11 ceremonies into Legions and leave the central outdoor public ceremonies to cadets. P.S. soldiers 'lest we forget'... civilians 'always forget' until you are needed again. FAA is the 'war of the future' making an anachronism of traditional militaries. E) O.S midwit columnist Mark Bonokoski more concerned about 'Jan. 6' in the U.S. than FAA in Cda. over which he and his bretheren would stick their necks in the sand. (His father was a war vet). F) Randy Andy monarchy case is complicated between criminal & civil charges (his is of the latter only) which is reminiscent of the OJ Simpson trials under both charges. Plus the law must be applicable in both U.S. & Br.  In U.S. age of consent for sex is 18 while in Br. it is 16  & where 17 year old prostitutes may ply their trade = hornet's nest. It is Randy's association with 'suicided' pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who traded girls for insider trading information which made Epstein's  fortune. The key is that Randy Andy was advised to distance himself  from Epstein but did not such as Microsoft's Bill Gates did.


NOV.03 A) Longest running soap opera.... Britney Spears conservatorship which has 2 things going for it... a pretty woman & wealth. The focus should be on the court's Decision on this personage in which the wheels appear to have gone 'off the bus' which is not to excuse what her father did with the bulk of her wealth. ($400 million down to $60 million due to gambling debts speculation?) B) The peripatetic midwit plus Ralph Murphy takes J.T. and his virtual signaling to task in which J.T. must have flown to Glascow's climate conference  in a plane piloted by a seagull. Enough already on J.T. as he is a 'done turkey', Rex, it is time to focus your dry wit on Chrystia Freeland.  C) Virtual signaling is also getting to National Geographics in which the Nov. edition stars Dr. Fauci while ignoring FAA, a threat to the world's driving public. The NG print is getting so small that I liken it to Big Pharma's miniscule prescription details forced into tiny packages to ward off civil suits...the devil is in the 'microscopic' details.... While welcoming many of NG updates e.g. fold out pages to show proportional universe displays, their art Department has run amok applying the similar principle to other topics leading to confusion with a scatalogical display more consistent with a Grade 3 art project. I used NG as a Geography teacher in the 1970's when there were few other resources. There are now many internet alternatives.  D) After 2 years, the U.S. is finally sending an ambassador to Cda. (Why should they when the FBI in the Meng trial showed the U.S. the way to go?) E) It is none of my Cdn. business, but could the U.S. please select a new President under 50? The Papacy is known for selecting old men as a means of reflecting disagreement at the top. F) 'Machine voting' is a disaster in U.S. (not used in Cda.) Mail in votes a disaster in both countries. (in Cda. counting now done directly in Ottawa as opposed to constituencies = recipe for disaster as it is a 'machine voting' variation.) G) I wonder how sanguine Trump or Biden would be if they lost their identity due to a FAA individual stunt in terms of a medical label of 'psychiatric disorder' from their health holder?


NOV.02 A) In his newest novel, The Judges List, by John Grisham, there is a focus on elected U.S. circuit judges (as contrasted to the appointment of judges in Cda.). The latter is preferable, I submit, as long as the oversight bodies are viable which I have shown is not the case in Cda. I am not alone in this. Commentary has a number of observations which are not specific (in contrast to my own) concluding with the Cda. Justice System being a broken vessel. Disclosure of evidence is a problem in both countries. In short, Canada's Old Boy's Club is vested in our corrupt Justice System which the public only sees a little in the biased media: e.g. Huawei Meng trial, Vice Adm. Mark Norman trial, SNC Lavalin trial. The pertinent fact about both the & the Franco Alulio Algorithm ( is that the facts are known; the judges merely refuse to act or act in illegal ways (systemic abuse) with no oversight body willing to say 'boo' = anarchy. The Grisham novel has an interesting twist at the end paralleling the Identity Theft of FAA. B) Perhaps the cartoonists can pick up where the media midwits leave off e.g. Doonesbury on FAA  C) 'Shaky' Britney Spears has access to courts; something I must not look to have under FAA 's extended Identity Theft paralleling Nazi Germany's 'Final Solution'. D) Stalin: 'No man, no problem' ...but getting rid of this 'troublesome pedant' a native born Cdn. citizen without a country, is a BIG, BIG problem.


NOV. 01 A) Letter sent to United Nations as last stop for the civilized world on the Franco Alulio Algorithm. SEE MEDIA nov. No-one ever found that needle in a haystack until I came along and uncovered the FAA only to learn that there is no construct for said needle = paralysis of civilization. ... For the Human Rights Commission to pass the following Resolution:

That no citizen born in a country may be deprived of his driver's license in such fashion to invoke the suspension of his identity thereby depriving him of any access to the law. All such suspensions must be channeled through the appropriate government structures such as Parliament and the law courts.

B) Neither MSN nor Reddit introducing the topic of FAA. I have no knowledge as to whether Commentary has attempted to introduce this topic as a threat to the world's driving public. C) Want millions for your group? Either sue or protest widely in public against gov't. (or large Corporation) in order to get them to 'pay off'. As Canada's longest public individual protester (16 years in downtown Ottawa), I never received media exposure for the courts failure to provide compensation in an  unresolved labour issue setting a precedent whereby big Employers may duck out of providing compensation with court connivance = collapse of Justice System; particularly FAA beginning in 2019 negatively affecting the driving public with its Identity Theft (individual without a country nor access in any legal matter) = collapse of democratic Canada. It doesn't get any worse than that ...ask Nazi Germany with its 'Final Solution'.