MAY 04-2021 (filed under rogercallow.com 2021 MAY Sub-heading N.B. REVISITED) (2 pages)

TO: N.B. Premier Blaine Higgs

1) In 2020, I wrote you on two accounts vis a vis improprieties regarding filing with the Fredericton Court:

Sept. 15-2020

TO: NB Premier Blaine Higgs             FROM: Roger Callow - litigant

Centennial Bldg. PO Box 6000                        1285 Cahill Dr. #2001 Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

Fredericton, NB  E3B 5H1                               rcallow770@gmail.com  f.613-521-1739

premier@gnb.ca                                                         web: employeescasecanada.ca

Dear Premier Higgs

1) I will withhold my applause for your re-election success until I see what you are prepared to do in a legal issue outstanding in your Court of Queen's Bench (Fredericton) dating from 2019. This case is probably the most significant legal case in the history of Canadian jurisprudence.

2) I enclose 4 individual pages regarding the background to this case filed in 2019 which may be found on my web site. 2020 RECENT 7 oct. LEGAL MAIL

3) In brief, I ask that you take a direct hand in this case. No more brushing off with this key issue by court clerks, if you please. The citizens of NB deserve no less let alone all of Canada.

4) If you continue to fail to give a personal response to this all important legal case with national proportions including concrete suggestions as to how to proceed, you should withdraw from all politics.  Yours truly,  Roger Callow


5) Your success on re-election at the polls is recognized.

6) Included is a 10 page re-filed factum to the Court in Frederickson requesting your possible assistance. website: NEW BRUNSWICK-revisedOct. 08-2020.

7) These events have been promulgated by the recent complete collapse of the Ottawa courts.

SEE web above for those details. Yours truly, Roger Callow


2) Deputy Chrystia Freeland has been kept aware of recent Ottawa court aberrations on behalf of all M.P.'s and has chosen to do nothing.

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. Pierre Elliot Trudeau (1919-2000) '...Every government must accept responsibility for the rights of the citizens within its own jurisdiction. Canada as a whole suffers when any of her citizens is denied his rights, for that injustice places the rights of all of us in jeopardy.' MAY 01-2021...you did not teach your son well, father 

3) I am appointing you, Premier Higgs, to co-ordinate all Premiers (NL excepted) on one aspect of the Ottawa Court fall-out; namely, the rogue ON civil servant Franco Alulio algorithm in which a target may not only be deprived of his/her driver's license for reasons best known to Alulio (a Premier Ford gambit working through incompetent A.G., Doug Downey) but deprived of one's identity so that no legal standing is possible. It's more than 'a bridge too far'; rather, it is a defeat of the entire war with this stunt on a parallel with Nazi Germany's 'Final Solution'. Recently, the 'Proud Boys' were declared a terrorist Organization by the Canadian authorities. Who is there to also cite Canada's Justice System in this regard? The M.P.'s chose to do nothing so now it is the turn of the provincial MPP's to speak out on this scourge: encl. BC-John Horgan; AB-Justin Kenney; SK-Scott Moe MB-Brian Pallister  ON-Doug Ford  QC-François  Legault  PEI-Dennis King   N.B.-Blaine Higgs  N.S. Iain Rankin plus U.S. Embassy (Ottawa); U.S. Professor VD Hanson

4) The significance of this reference to the provinces is whether the named premiers will stand idly by while the driving public is negatively threatened in a significant fashion for every province and the U.S. where Professor VD Hanson has been appointed the 'point man' there. No ethical voter will now vote federally. Is that to be the case for provincial voters as well? Only the Premiers can collectively answer that question. In the event that the collective will of the Premiers is not made known, a copy of this letter goes to the U.S. Embassy (Ottawa) in order that they might protect their driving public as well as their northern flank with everything that entails.

5) Matters have gone from bad to worse to intolerable in the Ottawa Court of Justice Kristin Muszynski (M.) - Decision April 15-2021, jetted in 48 hours before in a court switcheroo. It is not unlike events in Saskatoon for which I asked the N.B. court to handle under 'the furtherance of justice' provision as the fraud on behalf of the Saskatoon Court along with B.C.'s Harris & Co. for the Respondent could hardly be challenged in SK; particularly due to 2016 Regina court irregularities in that province for which Justice Raybould-Wilson did nothing as the Justice Minister, although now she is currently the darling of the media. This test of the Franco Algorithm is to be added to the SK case as both involve judges acting beyond their mandates.

6) The switcheroo meant that I was repositioned as Respondent regarding two young lawyers (The Bobbsey Twins) whom I had accused of separate cases of fraud; the one being represented by the other with both thinking nothing of making private submissions to judges. The ON Legal Society not known for opening their legal mail to deal with my detailed complaints, was reinforced by M. failing to order these respective Reports. By flipping my case making me the Respondent, M. disregarded everything except parroting how I had been adjudged frivolous & vexatious ever since 1995 (I was laid off in 1985 under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) for false reasons.) No compensation was ever paid creating a dangerous precedent.

7) At this point, I no longer give a damn about my unresolved 35 year labour case; but I do give a 'triple good god-damn' about the algorithm which places us all back into the hands of the likes of Adolf Eichmann and his 'Final Solution'.  To bastardize Stalin; 'No remedy; no voters; at least ethical ones. It is now up to Premier Higgs and the other named Premiers to speak out on behalf of the provinces.


Yours, in disappointment, Roger Callow, the Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Justice System due to judicial malfeasance


'Oh, what a tangled web we weave...'