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JAN. 15-2021


POST IN STAFFROOM - locate an 'influencer' (cc U.S. Embassy-Ottawa)


BY: Roger Callow  'KING OF THE WHISTLEBLOWERS' ...Time to end this 35 year unresolved Judicial farce, the  which I did on  DEC. 31-2020. The Employer won, I didn't nor did 37 million Canadians when they lost Justice Canada due to its systemic malfeasance = destruction of democratic Canada in totality. The last Act is slated in an Ottawa courtroom on Feb. 11-2021.

cc Deputy P.M. Chrystia Freeland as the last Canadian authority left standing, to either act or get out of politics. As Trump did not see the threat to U.S. interests, perhaps President  Biden will.

cc Andrew Coyne (Globe& Mail) Mark Bonokoski / Tarek Fatah (Ottawa Sun) Kelly Egan (Ottawa Citizen) Ellie Tesher (The Star) J. Ivison / C. Selby (National Post)

The only answer is what one sees around the world...hit the streets but please, no violence to people. It is a waste of time voting under these circumstances in Canada: VOTERS: FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS


 It's the algorithm, stupid, not the people. Canadians are so caught up with the conspiracy against Roger Callow, that they do not perceive the real threat; namely, the algorithm which Franco Alulio, Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical in Ontario set up by which a targeted individual such as myself can be deprived of all legal representation for any matter due to his bogus driver license suspension. Hence removal of anyone in any form such as a trial associated with this stunt; namely, Alulio, myself, the judges, the 'Bobbsey Twin' lawyers with the last act slated for Feb. 11-2021 where I am the Respondent, or other conspirators is immaterial. The only way to defeat this algorithm is 1)expose the perfidy of Alulio publicly and 2)charge him criminally with a 20 year sentence held over his head. Otherwise, COVID 19 will look like child's play if this algorithm grows beyond Alulio. Time is running out fast. The U.S., in the absence of Canadians, are you listening?  Ailing Sun Media columnist, Mark Bonokoski, was charged by me with exposing the national boycott of the Employee's Case over a year ago and is now appointed as the point man for the media on Feb. 11-2021 which is really what this trial is about; the demise of the Canadian media. In an email dated Jan. 12 to him, I state:

5) The failure of the media to expose the Franco Alulio story ranks right up there with the biggest abuse in Canadian society on a par with what happened in Nazi Germany. In short, what did your father, a veteran, fight for in WWII? That answer lies in his son and Feb. 11-2021 which will be D-Day for the Canadian media.


TWO STORIES (Employee's Case)JAN. 01-2021 MEDIA Jan.2021



1) How many trees were cut down for this nonsensical case asks a Nova Scotia newspaper in 2017 on this labour matter which was ruled on many, many times in provinces across Canada with always the same message; namely, that this case had no merit. One letter to the editor pinpointed it; if Callow had been assigned $2.00 in settlement, that would be $1.99 too much!

2) Mr. Callow was lawfully laid off in 1985 from the West Vancouver School District under the conditions of BILL 35, the 1985 Education Act. He didn't like that, complaining that the duly elected School Board, in doing their duty, selected him as a senior teacher because he lacked competence. The respected arbitrator, Louis Lindholm, we submit came to the right conclusion on that score, although the court when Callow appealed felt more arbitration by him was warranted thus wasting further taxpayer dollars.

3) And did Callow go back to arbitration? No. He dithered so long that the only person who could adjudicate his case, Mr. Lindholm, passed away. It is further noted that he rejected the generous compensation package that the School Board offered him.

4) What more did he want? What he set out to do was to incur the disfavor of over 50 judges across Canada who repeatedly told him, time and time again, that he was merely being frivolous & vexatious. Everybody apparently was out of step, but our Roger.

5) In 2019, he had his driver license suspended for psychiatric reasons. We can believe it. It would seem ON Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical, Franco Alulio, knew what he was talking about but once again, that was not suited to Mr. Callow whom would rather sue for the ridiculous sum of $10 million rather than getting himself re-tested. Just how can you help a person unwilling to help himself? Recently, he has thrown in the towel on pestering the bejeezes out of the courts in a matter which should never have gone to court in the first place as the duly elected West Vancouver School Trustees had acted properly in the first place.

6) Canada, as the public well knows, is a progressive democracy known for its adherence to law and order. How we could have sunken so low as to let Callow get away with his stunt for 35 years tarnishing, as he does, the reputation of some very fine leaders in our society is a crime in itself. Good Riddance we say.


1) 90,000 Frenchmen cannot be wrong with their Maginot Line mentality in which they sat in trenches while the Germans rolled over them with tanks and aircraft. Indeed, 50 judges did rule this unresolved labour matter in which no compensation was paid which was due the teacher under either the collective bargaining rules, BILL 35 conditions, or general terms in law related to labour compensation,  to be a frivolous and vexatious request. In effect, those collective judges picked up the judicial ball, as it were, and went home without giving a final answer. That is not law and order; rather it is law and disorder.

2) Arbitrator Lindholm was ruled patently unreasonable when the arbitration favouring the School District was quashed by the courts. He converted 16 new hires to read 16 lay-offs adding myself as the 17th. The 'highly respected' School Board members did not take the stand to testify to lay-off numbers or to the fact that my termination pre-dated the passing of BILL 35. In effect, they were not going to perjure themselves as only two out of the five Board Members - Chairperson Margo Furk and her successor, Mike Smith, voted in favour of the lay-off for economic reasons. There is no such thing as 'current demonstrated ability' as it is not defined in either law or Bill 35. Teacher competence is handled by the School Act. Apparently, the Board hoped to run an end game around the Union knowing that this targeted teacher with a young family could ill-afford the cost of a 11 day hearing. Hence it did not matter what they said and did. The rabid North Shore News columnist, Doug Collins had a field day slandering me. I have never seen the Board meeting minutes due to judicial capriciousness regarding the second illicit lay-off meeting Furk and Smith held with Board legal Counsel, Stuart Clyne in July 1985, who committed fraud in 'fixing up the details of the June lay-off'. In the event of fraud, everything flowing out of such an action is 'null and void'.

3) The 'law of frustration' applies when events outside the legal concerns of two litigants are not of their making. Such was the case with the death of Lindholm. Eventually, I went to court on my own against the Employer to ask them to return employment on the grounds that Justice Southin who quashed the original arbitration, recommended it and as the Employer did not follow her directive to return to arbitration. In law, such a recommendation carries weight. The judge's other course was to order a re-arbitration with a new arbitrator. He chose neither alternative balling the whole thing up in nonsensical orders inimical to my cause.

4) The thrust of my case is that I did not create judicial malfeasance illustrating in detail how judges routinely obviate the law to the advantage of the large and powerful such as the West Vancouver School Board although many other examples abound; e.g. SNC Lavalin where their chief counsel is a former SCofC judge, Iocabucci . The media is currently coming 180 degrees in reporting against recalcitrant judges but not those associated with the Employee's Case. For example, in 2014, ON Justice, Colin MacKinnon, wrote three Decisions on the same Action; none of them referencing the other. The Canadian Council of Judges, similar to all other oversight bodies including the ON Legal Society does not acknowledge their legal mail on these very serious charges.

5) I charged columnist Kelly Egan with cowardice for failing to expose the Nazi-like suspension of my driver's licence by Franco Alulio, Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical. Who made such a request and why did he pervert the forms to include the word 'psychiatric' without any accompanying definition which no medical Doctor would touch, is the thrust of the Action against him to which he did not reply. The draconian aspect of his perverse action is to deprive a target of any legal representation for any legal matter. In light of the failure of the Canadian authorities to act, two U.S. Presidents have been notified of the 'clear and present danger' such a runaway bureaucrat can pose to both Canadian and U.S. interests. Add this PLACARD to your street protest: JUSTICE FOR CANADIAN, ROGER CALLOW


6) Roger Callow for both accounts 'Canada has a Legal System; not a Justice System'.






1) The old algorithm for COVID control may best be described as 'hygiene theatre' in which the collapse of social trust focuses on the role played by gov't. in that failure leaving the public confused as to which 'expert' to follow as myriad approaches abound.

2) There are different approaches to a new algorithm, which, while not perfect, better describes conditions 'in the trenches' for the afflicted public. The goal is to lower public frustration as COVID does not obey political dictums.

3) The natural fire algorithm example. Conflagrations in California are not unlike COVID in being an act of nature over which we have limited control. Climate change, built up debris, lightening strikes, man-made sources, are all major factors in such fires. The origins are secondary as containment once started is the sole focus. The inter-national blame game of who is responsible for COVID is frustrating the public and is not conducive to containment. COVID is not political; it is an act of nature which we need to contain. That should be our focus. But how? First of all, we have to stop giving spurious advice limited to so-called experts as answers may come from many quarters. Some work, the vast majority don't. It is nerve-wracking for the public 'in the trenches' to wait until an answer is formulated in which political promises of hope are back-firing and merely creating more frustration. Stick to reporting the occurrences and characteristics of the outbreak and what current measures are being enacted with a realization that these measures can be expected to change from day to day as the plague evolves in unknown ways...much like the changing winds in a forest fire. Being caught out in blatant lies by our political leaders is dynamite in this matter such as the travelling ON Finance Minister story where he stepped down after lying to the teeth as to his whereabouts as known to the Premier. In short, the same old, same old, political justifications are counter-productive in any COVID solution.

4) The 'logical explanation' algorithm example. 100% of the public have locks on their doors to protect them against the 2% offenders; a whole industry has been created in fact which is hardly justifiable for a few miscreants but that is the world we live in. The offender list in COVID is much higher with estimates of up to a third of the public disregarding basic protection measures. Being pro-active should be the focus such as having the police hand out masks to offenders and if they do not put them on or are caught taking them off, then fine them. Pro-active measures already exist such as having waste containers in public places in strip malls. On one occasion, crowds gathered at a local park with no sanitation facilities...where was the pro-active thinking there? Brainstorming such ideas by employees as opposed to waiting for management orders (usually limited by budget) is recommended. In brief, make the public part of the solution which is currently happening in a rather haphazard fashion by individuals working on their own. Canada was able to do it in WWII with block wardens; why not today? Authorities arriving before matters deteriorate such as with large crowd gatherings could ameliorate crowd control problems. Surely they read social media platforms too? (The FBI knew about trouble in Wash. as early as Jan.5 and did not act on this intelligence (suited some political motive?) More trouble is brewing. Can they become pro-active this time? ...or do they really want to? But I digress as all agree that we want to defuse COVID)

5) The above represent two algorithms with possibilities which could easily be criticized for a multitude of reasons but the main goal is to bring down 'the temperature' of a public understandably up in arms. Better efforts must be made to enjoin the public in the solution. For example, if hardware stores are permitted to remain open with grocery and pharmaceutical outlets, why can't far more businesses practicing similar controls be left open? Regrettably, restaurants by their nature should not be included being limited to curbside or delivery functions. That is a personal observation.

6) I am not willing to criticize the personal appeals of politicians such as Premier Ford seeking voluntary compliance as every little and big effort helps to curtail COVID. I would like to think that my little effort becomes one of those helpful hints.

7) And yet another 'disaster management model' algorithm would study the inter connectedness approach. In short, according to this paradigm, we used the wrong algorithm and continue to do so in all provinces: 'Health professionals have no capability of understanding and no training to understand the power of the grid, the water supply system, the cattle industry, the pork and beef industry, the oil and gas industry...Why would they? That's not their job'.  



MANUMISSION (release of slaves)

by: Roger Callow  MEDIA   JANUARY 21-2021


1) There are different kinds of slavery and different kinds of manumission

2) In ancient Rome, debtors sold themselves into slavery until the debt was paid. In Dickensian Britain, debtors were imprisoned which was outlawed in the 20th century.

3) Africans were enslaved by rival tribes and sold to Arab slave traders who, in turn sold them to plantation owners (with the sanction of such as the Br. gov't.) as the Caribbean plantations had worked the local populations to death with commercial  slavery. That model was imported into the southern U.S. where division between slave states and non-slave states led to the civil war. These slaves never became free nor their children until 1863 but are still struggling for social recognition today.

4) Indentured service was a form of slavery in which, in exchange for passage, emigrants worked for approximately 10  years in mines and mills before being freed.

5) The seigneurial system of Quebec (New France) was based on a feudal arrangement which was an accepted way of life by both sides in much the same pattern of employer-employee today. Since WWII, unions vs management is the dominant pattern.

6) Problems devolve with the legal methods of manumitting people in 'slave-like conditions'.

In the U.S. the Presidential Pardon System, particularly under President Trump, has many people wondering why bother with court cases in the first place for high profile people (It is the business of the courts to make business for itself).

7) Canada has no such manumission for convicted highly placed individuals as they escape judgment. For example, no Cdn. judge has been sent to jail. A number of judges which I have charged with documented malfeasance escape any review due to the failure of Canada's institutions (in all topic areas including the Justice Ministry) to even acknowledge complaints. 'Whitewashing' and 'ghosting' of issues is the order of the day in Canada as the country is in a state of basic denial. Two Ottawa judges, C. MacLeod j  and a Master Kaufmann even made judicial Decisions apart from taking argument, a first but not a last for powerful Employers who would seek being manumitted from any legal charges. While I have called for a trusteeship to be placed over the Ottawa Courts, I note that the problems abound across the country as I have shown in terms of a systematic conspiracy. The has revealed, over a 35 year period the perfidy of over 50 judges in an unresolved rinky dink labour matter where no compensation has been paid. I put an end to this matter on Dec. 31-2020 as I did not want defiance to become denial. The Franco Alulio perverted license suspension scam (SEE website) is a threat to all North American drivers and it is now left to the U.S. to blow the whistle on this heinous scam born of Nazi Germany.

8) Manumission is practiced in the work place and I cite the former Hillside Secondary School in West Vancouver which has since been pulled down and replaced with condominiums (don't blame me for that one!) In one staff meeting, a united front of counselors told us that their personal student files were open to teachers (they are scrapped when the student graduates or departs) as they found themselves in the dark with parents phoning up on an issue about which they should have known. The principal also had his private files leaving teachers with the general office files. One teacher told me that he filed material which was later removed as well as other discrepancies e.g. a student he failed turned up the following year after 'summer machinations' in the following grade. I was flumoxed to learn that one student was taking two Social studies courses in tandem-Grades 9 & 10 which was against the rules. The other teacher covering the #10 course gave her a pass while I had failed her for #9. The deal? The other teacher -obviously with administrative support- assigned a 'pass' for #9 and a failure for #10.

Obviously I was not the only target of this 'manumission' explaining why very few teachers recorded anything in the student files and why the meeting above was held. And all this happened in the early 70's where there was a measure of longer, explaining why I would not recommend the vocation of teaching which extends to the vocations of medicine and lawyers for other reasons = one unholy unsustainable mess no matter who runs Canada.




When I dropped the EPOCH TIMES  almost 3 years ago, I noted the hypocrisy of this Newspaper wishing to use Canada, one and at the same time, to front for its exposure of the anti-CCP but failing in turn to expose the malfeasance of the Canadian Justice System.


APRIL 25-2018


FROM: Roger Callow aka 'The Outlawed Canadian'


A) ...Trump said to describe The Epoch Times as 'most credible newspaper'. It's the only (newpaper) he trusts U.S. Senate candidate Paul Taylor E.C. Apr.20-26 p.1 ....



     Will the Epoch Times publish an article exposing the national perfidy of Canadian government, law courts, and media on an issue which every Canadian should be cognizant as well as international investors?

'The Outlawed Canadian in an outlaw Government and Judiciary due to systematic malfeasance in an unresolved labour issue where no compensation has been paid places Canada on a scale hitherto unknown in any democracy. Even Dante placed those whom should have acted but didn't, in the lowest rung of Hell. How about it, Epoch Times?   cc U.S. Embassy


Jan. 18-2021

TO: Cindy Gu  - Publisher      FROM: Roger Callow

The Epoch Times                            #2001-1285 Cahill Dr.

344 Consumers Road                    Ottawa, On K1V 9A7

Toronto, ON  M2J 1P8        



As a former subscriber, I dropped your newspaper when it refused to break the  national debacle.


Now look where this issue has gone. (SEE NEWSLETTER  JAN.15-2021 enclosed)


Yours truly, (Roger Callow)


JAN. 22-2021


TO: Superior Court of Justice Registrar            FROM: Roger Callow self represented Respondent

161 Elgin St. Ottawa, ON K2P 2K1                                  #2001- 1285 Cahill Dr. Ottawa K1V 9A7

1 page by mail cc Cavanagh LLP by email                      rcallow770@gmail. com t.613-521-1739

cc Deputy PM Freeland by fax /Media by email   web: roger MEDIA JAN. 22-2021

     U.S Embassy (Ottawa) by fax


REFERENCE: CV20-849830 Bissonnette v. Callow H.D. February 11-2021


1) As the Respondent concerned whom wishes to attend the above hearing by teleconferencing, I request that you make the necessary arrangements.

2) Normally, the Registry in conjunction with the presiding Justice confirms teleconferencing the previous day by telephone.

3) Considering the anomalies being experienced in this case, I submit that if I do not hear from the Registrar on Wednesday, Feb. 10, I will conclude that no teleconferencing arrangements were made.

4) My biggest concern is that no hearing will be held on Feb. 11-2021 with the court issuing a private Decision to the Plaintiff about which I will not be informed. Such action would give the two lawyers the necessary relief they request to be exonerated on separate charges of fraud while leaving the Franco Alulio algorithm intact with the courts refusing to entertain previously laid actions by this writer; all pointing to Alulio's inopportune driver license scam which is anathema to all North American drivers. It is a repeat of Ottawa court action in 2014 on this legal matter with the addition of the algorithm mentioned above.


Yours truly, Roger Callow  Respondent