In 2017, A N.S. Newspaper disparagingly asked; 'How many trees

were cut down for this case? My Ans. Forests, midwit, forests.

OCT. 23-2021


Reference: 2021 MEDIA oct. 23


1) Can you get by without your driver's license? Most people cannot. That is why a scam created by Ontario's  Deputy Minister of Transport - Medical Division, Franco Alulio with its extension of Identity Theft (last time enacted in 1942 Nazi Germany with its Final Solution), is a catastrophe without equal. Here is the 21st century version which is a threat to the driving public throughout the world. To date, the authorities are blind to this 'real and present danger' in Canada and abroad.


2) On Oct. 15-2019, this writer received a notice of his driver license suspension for cognitive (which can be tested) and psychiatric reasons under the Hwy. Act (which cannot be easily tested if at all). No further details nor source were given. Even here, Alulio insists on reviewing any such testing. He should, in this regard be accountable to the Legislature (Premier Doug Ford) including A.G. Doug Christy. Those two along with Andrea Horwath (NDP) plus media would remain silent on this crime of the century.

3) Many are familiar with the Conservatorship of Britney Spears. While the U.S. varies on some laws; the dissimilarity here is that Spears was deprived of her status by a court order NOT a rogue civil servant doing so for his own purposes (punishing a gov't. whistleblower).

What if rogue civil servants in other fields e.g. medicine, decide to invoke a so-called medical excuse to unilaterally deprive a citizen of medical treatment? The permutations are endless.

4) The Identity Theft is the worst aspect of this crime. As a native born Canadian with a perfect driving record and never having received mental treatment, I find myself a stateless citizen in my own country. The lawyer I had on other matters dropped out saying that no lawyer can represent me on any legal matter. No politician, Gov. Gen. etc. will respond to this debacle in Canada with POTUS Biden not appreciating a potential threat to the U.S.  NEWSLETTERS for SEPT. & OCT. detail unrequited attempts to publicize this 21st century crime.

5) I sued Franco Alulio for $10 million but the Ottawa Courts refuse to give me a court time hence ghosting this issue. No other authority will respond. SEE website.


6) Lawyers are in business to make money and apart from the Identity Aspect of this case, there is little money to be made here.

7) Interestingly, the Ottawa Courts dumped a number of my cases without a hearing, but left the one against Franco Alulio extant leaving the suspicion that others have come under Alulio's bogus license suspension scam. The gov't. won't intervene under those circumstances as they could be charged with abetting a major crime (similar to Ghislaine Maxwell).

8) Hence should other complainants against Alulio exist, they are asked to contact me, as a Legal Firm could invoke a class action on their own recognition gaining money and prestige .

9) Hence the Appeal of this letter is to ferret out others who have suffered a similar fate under Franco Alulio ...all democracies would be indebted to such revelations.  Roger Callow



OCT. 15-2021

NEWSLETTER - (2 pages)


BY: Cdn. native born  ( MEDIA oct 15 ) The following excerpts are taken from 3 SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTERS & 1 OCTOBER NEWSLETTER:

PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTION addressed to Philosophy Departments of Universities in Europe pertaining to SEPT.30 & OCTOBER 1 Newsletters:

What is the legal relationship between absolute and relative actions in algorithms? (with approx. 90% accuracy) This argument is epitomized by the 'Final Solution' of the 1942 Wannsee Conference used against a whole society and the 2019 Canadian Franco Alulio Algorithm currently used against only one Canadian with an extra potential to negatively affect all democracies with its attendant Identity Theft.


BY:  FEBRUARY-2021 5 pages (SEE web for complete account)

                                                                                                                     Roger Callow is 'Ralph'


'PLANS FAIL FOR THOSE WHO FAIL TO PLAN' re failure of Allstate Auto Insurance and its U.S. CEO, T. Wilson


Contacted CEO's of U.S. Auto Insurance fail to meet up to their responsibilities:

In brief, a driver's license must not be impaired except for acceptable reasons. This was not the case with the Franco Alulio Algorithm which, in the case of this writer, suspended the Ontario Driver's license of myself in 2019 for unstated 'psychiatric' reasons of which the Ottawa court refuses to provide a docket time for a $10 million action against Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical, Franco Alulio for perverting the suspension forms to include the word 'psychiatric' which is a creature of his own imagination supported by Ontario Premier Doug Ford. No Cdn. Institution will address this 'clear and present danger' to the driving public in N. America which includes the media, politicians & Amnesty Int. Nor have two U.S. Presidents recognized the potential threat to the U.S. explaining this appeal by me to conscript the Auto Insurance Companies at large to lobby POTUS, Congress and such as TV personalities, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz whose programs are available on prime time Cdn . television to expose an act of sabotage reminiscent of the 'Final Solution' of Nazi Germany entailing, as this logarithm does, Identity Theft


Bribe One Judge - Dilbert by Scott Adams

The analogy here is that for 35 years, this writer has filed law cases across Canada including the Supreme Court of Canada (4 times) to obtain compensation for his senior teacher lay-off in 1985 in West Vancouver, B.C. for so-called economic reasons. Over 50 judges found the request to be frivolous & vexatious, a favourite excuse by the court to dispose of legal matters. On April 16-2021, The Cdn. Justice System collapsed entirely before young Ottawa Justice Kristin Muszynski CV 84983 in a vertical hearing (no doubt pre-written by Justice Canada) where I had no legal standing due to the Franco Alulio Algorithm (FAA) fake driver license suspension scam. She ruled that this defendant had been frivolous& vexatious in all issues without naming one issue. As such, a 'back-door' attempt was made to justify the FFA by a process I call reverse osmosis.


QUOTE: What needst we fear it, for who is to call us to account?  Lady MacBeth

cc Embassies (Ottawa) for the following countries: U.K., France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Greece, U.S. Embassy for POTUS by fax for all

3) Perhaps a 'Voltaire' (v. Plato?) in Europe sees the threat here as they are much closer to the eugenic concepts practiced in Nazi Germany under the 'Final Solution'. Regrettably, a personal appeal to Angela Merkel, described as a 'crisis operator' to speak out on the Franco Alulio Algorithm (FAA) did not bear fruit before her recent retirement leaving it for others to act.

P.S. It is one thing to 'stiffen' a back bone but one cannot infuse a backbone where none exists

PPS Holland still sends tulip bulbs annually to Canada in memory of Canadian soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice to free Holland in WWII. They need no longer do so as those Canadian veterans are rolling over in their graves on FAA which Europe fought a war in order to eradicate such injustice to mankind.


The future under rogue civil servant, Franco Alulio and his pards with their Identity Theft


1) As noted above, in January 2020, I rewrote my will leaving my estate to NG ...or did I considering the Identity Theft of the Franco Alulio Algorithm which is an extension of my driver license suspension by Ontario Deputy Minister of Transport - Medical , Franco Alulio for 'reasons best known to himself'....

2) The central point is that if I do not have a legal existence, then it follows that anything I legally do such as writing a will has no sanction in law.



Oct. 13-2021


TO: ON Ombudsman                                FROM: Roger Callow

483 Bay St. 10th Floor                                            #2001 - 1285 Cahill Dr.

Toronto, Ontario M5G 2C9                                   Ottawa, ON. K1V 9A7

cc. P.M. Trudeau via fax                                         web: MEDIA sept & oct.

                                                                                       encl. A) Driver License suspension plus analysis

                                                                                                 B)NEWSLETTER oct. 15-2021

To whom it may concern;

1) In 1987, I wrote the Ombudsman in B.C. regarding the malfeasance on many levels of the Canadian Justice System regarding my illicit senior teacher lay-off for so-called 'economic reasons' (whistleblowing) in West Vancouver in June of 1985. That story is told on my website: which I called a voluntary stop to at the end of 2020 as over 50 judges across Canada found me to merely be frivolous & vexatious in requesting compensation. (None was ever paid thereby changing the employment laws in Canada in a significant way.)

2) The B.C. Ombudsman sent me a booklet outlining where the provincial legislature may be involved with the ombudsman which does not include judicial actions. In brief, they are limited to institutional individuals 'running amok' which is surely what Ontario's Franco Alulio did in October of 2019 by inserting the term 'psychiatric' in a driving suspension without any apparent authority. (SEE A) above).

3) If ON Ombudsman rules parallel B.C. then this is specifically an Ontario Ombudsman case.

4) I also include a copy of this account to the new Liberal government of P.M. Justin Trudeau in order that he may assist you with a matter due to malfeasance on the part of the Ottawa Courts.

5) This issue is the 'crime of the 21st century' with its extension of Identity Theft as this native born Canadian is without a legal identity; a first in the civilized world since the 1942 Nazi Wannsee Conference in which the 'Final Solution' was sanctioned.

6) 'Blowing me off' is a popular institutional escape hatch which I label 'Institutional Autism' in which Institutions speak only to other Institutions with little regard for individual interests. Public anger is growing on this level on myriad topics but herein lies the 'get-out-of-jail' free card for any rogue civil servant whom would pervert the course of democratic law & order. As such it is a 'deal breaker' involving Cda., the U.S. and Western Europe.


Please do not let me and the civilized world down, I remain, Roger Callow (signed)



OCT 01-2021



TO: National Geographics re: I did not hear back on the story idea below.


SEPT. 01-2021 REF. The Story of Human Difference by Angela Saini Sept. 2021 p.15

TO: National Geographic Editorial Services

1145  17th St. NW Washington D.C. 20036

FROM: Roger Callow NG Subscriber for many years (my entire estate is willed to NG)

1285 Cahill Dr. #2001  Ottawa, ON  K1V 9A7 e-mail:


SEPT. 01-2021 REF. The Story of Human Difference by Angela Saini Sept. 2021 p.15

2) If NG can see fit to carry the above article on eugenics by author Saini, then I cannot see why my challenge to the Franco Alulio Algorithm should not be given an equal airing in NG.

Yours truly, Roger W. Callow


MESSAGE: (Oct. 01-2021)

1) As noted above, in January 2020, I rewrote my will leaving my estate to NG ...or did I considering the Identity Theft of the Franco Alulio Algorithm which is an extension of my driver license suspension by Ontario Deputy Minister of Transport - Medical , Franco Alulio for 'reasons best known to himself'. The forms were perverted for this purpose by including the term 'psychiatric'; no doubt under the aegis of Premier Ford. I sued for $10 million. However the Ottawa courts declined to give me a docket time for a hearing bringing into disrepute the entire Justice System. I called for a trusteeship to be imposed over the Ottawa Courts, the nature of which is not known under these circumstances as various authorities will not comment leaving me in limbo.

2) The central point is that if I do not have a legal existence, then it follows that anything I legally do such as writing a will has no sanction in law.

3) That proposition applies to the two sons who surreptitiously arranged a hearing before a J.P. on Dec. 19, 1919 in which they claimed that 'I was violent to others as well as being violent to myself' (a patent lie) with no supporting evidence considering that they were not in direct contact with me for some time. Indigenous J.P. Louise Logue (her own son a suspended Ottawa policeman) granted an order by which the police broke into my apartment on Boxing Day and escorted me to the Ottawa Hospital, which by pre-arrangement, bumped Emergency patients for a few hours to conduct a complete medical (other than urine & stool samples). The forms only called for a general Practitioner for a simple one hour cognitive review. Rather than releasing me, they consigned me (as a political prisoner) to the mental lockdown where they sought to invoke psychiatric treatment on top of the successful tests in the Emergency much to the disgust of hospital personnel. They failed. I sued the Hospital for $10 million but again was sidetracked by the Ottawa Courts without explanation. There were other actions which the court corrupted as detailed on my website. The one in Feb. 2020 called by Lawyers in one case which I charged them with fraud (and not investigated by the Law Society at my request) took us back to a  'mandamus court' reminiscent of the Br. 'High Court of Treason'.

4)I was disgusted with the failure of the late Rabbi Bulka, a major fund raiser for the Ottawa Hospital, to respond to my plea. During WWII, his type were known as the 'rich Jews' who bought their way off the Nazi Transports with a poor Jew taking their place.

5) In brief, the courts are aware of family members seeking to control estates of seniors and in this case, backed the family on specious evidence. However, the double jeopardy principle which exists here is that, as all my wills have no standing, nobody may disperse these funds.

6) FAA is a game changer in other and all aspects of life where legalities are concerned. What point is there, for example, of NG writing on any article such as climate change for man's intervention is based on legalities. FAA is the Sword of Damocles hanging over democratic societies.

7) Continue to duck out if you will, but please realize that 'if you do not choose your ideas carefully, they will choose you and not very credible ones at that' or as the prayer goes: Forgive us our sins, for what we have done and what we have failed to do. (my italics). Further, any dictatorship can put the democracies to shame by exposing this issue with their inability to face basic facts regarding their existence.


Yours truly, Roger Callow The 'Outlawed Canadian' in outlaw 'Justice Systems' due to a gov't. conspiracy without equal. It cost Canada a nation...U.S. and Europe to follow?