NOV. 15

 ( 2021 MEDIAnovby same:

FOCUS: Donald Trump: 'A lie will travel round the world while the truth is putting on its boots.'

November 15: N.B. A post-dated copy of this NEWSLETTER is sent to the personal notice of former POTUS D. Trump presuming a Republican success in November.


Dear Mr. Trump,

1) Enclosed is a NEWSLETTER dated NOV.01 to the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Switzerland; the third body referred to in the story of the Franco Alulio Algorithm extending to Identity Theft on a par with Nazi Germany's 'Final Solution'.

Canada ducked out in total; specified U.S. interests including POTUS Biden ducked out in the U.S.; Europe including specified universities and countries as well as the U.N. are pending (no response).

2) If the past is to repeat itself, a blank response from the above interests leaves this matter of a 'clear and present danger' to U.S. motorists without a response, then such individuals as yourself can serve his nation in a significant fashion by publicizing this threat to the motoring public everywhere. In brief, are you a Winston Churchill or a Neville Chamberlain? The choice is entirely yours to make.


I remain, Roger Callow #2001-1285 Cahill Dr. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1V 9A7  (victim of a 21st century crime without equal)



TO: The Royal Canadian Legion National Headquarters 

86 Aird Place Ottawa, ON K2L  0A1

sent by fax: 613-591-9335  3 pages (file: 2021 MEDIA nov. 09)



FROM: Roger Callow  #2001 Cahill Dr. #2001  Ottawa, ON K1H 9A7


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:  A  most unusual albeit very important request.

1) Canadian soldiers fought WWII, the Korean War, and the Afhgan. War for the freedom of individual peoples.

2) Historically, the military is feted by the public in times of war and ignored as to its peacetime needs making them beholden to governments. Canada is no exception.

3) It is here that I am personally asking the Legion to choose between the freedoms of the driving public and institutional oversight (or lack thereof). Can you get by without your driver's license? Most cannot but that is the algorithm written by Franco Alulio of the ON Transport Division - Medical who lifted my driver's license for 'reasons best known to himself'. I have a perfect driving record and have never been under psychiatric care but Alulio perverted the forms to suspend my freedoms in this regard. The politicians, media and courts are willing partners to this crime of the century; particularly as it extends to the deprivation of one's citizenship in such manner that all legal services are denied to the victim. The closest reference is the 'Final Solution' of Nazi Germany in 1942. SEE enclosures.

4) Soldiers risk their lives for their country. Is the Franco Alulio Algorithm (FAA) to be the Legion's answer to these courageous individuals as well as to all motorists?


5) For the Canadian Legion to take those steps on behalf of their soldiers and driving public everywhere to publicize FAA as an issue. Nothing further is requested.



Yours truly, 'former' Canadian citizen and victim, Roger Callow


P.S. You need not respond to this letter for if you choose to ignore it, anyone who reads my website will be aware of your perfidy. On the other hand, should you be successful in proselytizing this Nobel Prize potential story, the public will know. There is no middle course



Oct. 26-2021 SECOND REQUEST /NOV.09 Third Request with encl.: Currently Thomas Wilson CEO of Allstate Auto Insurance is the face of U.S. Corporate cowardice. This issue is going to renew itself on Feb.25-2022 with the renewal of my driver's license. Your underwriters were the ones to call this aberrant driver license suspension into focus. Once again, what is your personal action to be taken? (Don't just slough it off on others.)  2-page letter follows of Oct. 26-2021

... NOV.09-2021 see encl. (ON gov't. renewal information) As I am going nowhere with Allstate's CEO Wilson and yet this issue affects all Auto Insurers. The underwriter asked the right question of executives which seems to be the corporate model for all institutional cowardice as it goes unanswered.




NOV.01  2 pages plus enclosures

TO: Human Rights Commission (OHCHR) Palais Wilson Bldg. 52 rue des Paquis CH-12011 Geneva, Switzerland

FROM: Roger Callow - originally born Canadian deprived of his personal identity (no legal existence) reminiscent of the 'Final Solution' of Nazi Germany in 1942.  (following is contact information)



1) Included is a NEWSLETTER dated OCT.15-2021 summarizing actions taken in Sept. & Oct. 2021 plus a letter to the Ontario Ombudsman (Oct. 13-2021 - no response) included above in a matter with the potential to negatively impact the driving public in the world if it is not blocked immediately.


2) For the Human Rights Commission to pass the following Resolution:

That no citizen born in a country may be deprived of his driver's license in such fashion to invoke the suspension of his identity thereby depriving him of any access to the law. All such suspensions must be channeled through the appropriate government structures such as Parliament and the law courts.

3) As I have exhausted all alternatives to challenge this issue with such as the courts of law in Canada and the current Governor General and Prime Minister to act, I feel duty bound to protect the driving public from the crime of the 21st century world-wide. I may be the first, but to be sure, not the last if the Franco Alulio Algorithm is not rooted out and destroyed.


Yours truly, I remain, Roger Callow 'individual without a country'.