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BACKGROUND:  (see NEWSLETTERS:  March -June Sub-headings: MEDIA )

BY: Roger Callow (2021)  'KING OF THE WHISTLEBLOWERS'. Why didn't the law courts in terms of 50 judges and 9 of 10 provinces obey the law and provide me with compensation for my teaching career loss in West Vancouver due to faux declining enrolment figures under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985)? ANS. Due to the quashing of the arbitration favouring the School Board, there was no extant Decision hence any re-arbitration (which was ordered by the court) would reveal fraud thus nullifying any legalities hence my career would be handed back to me...and that would never do exposing the perfidy of a big employer over an individual. That proposition ended all law in Canada making such things as voting a waste of time in Canada.

The only answer is what one sees around the world...hit the streets but please, no violence to people.


THE THREAT (SEE Mar. 01 Newsletter for complete details)

 It's the algorithm, stupid, not the people... Canadians are so caught up with the conspiracy against Roger Callow, that they do not perceive the real threat; namely, the algorithm which Franco Alulio, Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical in Ontario set up by which a targeted individual such as myself can be deprived of all legal representation for any matter due to his bogus driver license suspension.... failure of the media to expose the Franco Alulio story ranks right up there with the biggest abuse in Canadian society on a par with what happened in Nazi Germany's 'Final Solution'.  The Appeal is now international with  Angela Merkel of Germany dragging her feet under her promise of 'constant vigilance of Nazism resurgence. TV hosts Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz are also slow in responding to the effects of the word 'psychiatry' as it affects legal rights to motorists in this cottage industry for Organized Crime as few drivers can go without a driver's license. V.D. Hanson, continues as the 'point man' in this issue of 'a clear & present danger for POTUS

PLACARD: DRIVER'S LICENSES MATTER ...Can you get by without your driver's license?





1) To detract criticism from himself, Ottawa Police Chief Sloly sued a Magazine for defamation in order, it is submitted here, to conceal any public criticism for at least 2 years, as 'the matter is before the court'. P.M. Trudeau, aping Sloly, has sued the House Speaker for much the same reason robbing the Opposition of firing points in an election.

2) I tried to warn Premiers Moe (SK) & Pallister (MB) regarding imposed legislation. They didn't listen as now those provinces are paying the price with imposed carbon taxes. Further, no-one is listening to my warning about judges dropping cases without a hearing. SNC Lavalin will love that one. U.S. Professor VD Hanson and his cohorts are 'visiting uncles' on Cdn. institutions gone bad = Institutional Autism. Dr. Phil & Dr. Oz viewed in Canadian prime time TV are only too aware of robbing someone of their identity by tagging them with a 'psychiatric label'


ACTION : To attach this PLACARD to any street protest in N. America: JUSTICE FOR CDN. ROGER CALLOW . 'Individuals' are owed that much.



July 08-2021 (filed under MEDIA july) 1 page plus encl. to GG)

TO: Mary Simon (prospective Governor General) FROM: Roger Callow (victim of Identity Theft)

PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL                                       #2001-1285 Cahill Dr. Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7

1 Sussex Drive (Rideau Hall) Ottawa K1A 0A1    t.613-521-1739 e-mail: rcallow770@


REFERENCE: Dept. of Transport-Medical #001111960 signed by Deputy Minister Franco Alulio

(Only page 1 of driver license suspension for reasons 'best known to D.M. Alulio' under the Highways Act is included here along with the INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER  MEDIA july)


1) You will forgive me if I withhold my applause for your appointment until I see what you do as Governor General on an issue of 'Identity Theft' (which underlies the recent Residential School fiasco) removing, as it does here, the Identity of this native born Canadian affecting his legal rights in any legal matter in Canada. That is a first in should be the 'last'.

2) Persecution begins with Identity Theft as evidenced by employers in some dictatorships taking away the passports of trafficked workers or women forced into prostitution. On a national level, the Wannsee Conference of 1942 Nazi Germany applied this concept to anyone not of their liking in what is euphemistically labeled the 'Final Solution' with dire consequences

3) Apparently I am Franco Alulio's Final Solution as sanctified by the most pernicious court case ever held in Canada (Ottawa Justice Kirsten Muszynski #CV20-849830 April 15-2021) in a 'reverse engineered' hearing (SEE website for details). I was found liable as a frivolous & vexatious Respondent where all issues were to be handled when not one issue was dealt with other than the f & v so-called 'issue'. No mention is made of my legal standing before the court nor the target of this case filed earlier but ignored by the Ottawa Court, of the Franco Alulio Algorithm which, as a consequence, was intentionally 'ghosted' by this iniquitous court.

4) Regrettably, SCofC Chief Justice Richard Wagner, standing in for the recently removed GG, failed to represent my position in court considering my Identity Theft (more on the website).


5) For you as the GG to take steps to have my driver license suspension to be revoked returning my personal identity in that process. Nothing less from you is acceptable. As you may see from the INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER, I have appealed to President Biden and Germany's Angela Merkel to take action in lieu of a problem which is uniquely Canadian.

6) I include this letter to the 'Gang of 8' media midwits whom are complicit through their national boycott of a threat to the entire Canadian (& U.S.) driving public.

7) Hence ask not what the Canadian public can do for indigenous rights but what you as the first indigenous GG may do for all Canadians.

8) The above is written apart from demanding that D.M. Franco Alulio be tried for treason as a country which can be run out of the back office of a bureaucrat before public eyes is a 'clear & present danger' to all democratic countries. 'Imposed legislation' will be a thing of the past under these circumstances.


Yours truly, Roger Callow

cc Ottawa Embassies: U.S. Germany / 'Gang of 8'