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MESSAGE: (OPEN LETTER) to 'midwit' Ottawa Sun's Anthony Furey (columnist) Aug. 30-2021

1) Charges were not 'dropped' against Vice Admiral Mark Norman, you midwit; they were 'stayed'. making it impossible for him to sue the gov't.

2) Hence the judge lied to Norman saying that he was exonerated and free to go. That arrangement was made the day before by the judge, the Crown, and his own lawyer, Marie Heinan who is now collecting big bucks representing the former GG. If I had been Norman, I would either have refused the verdict or sued the judge for fraud. Certainly I would have fired Heinan who makes her big money through settlement not litigation.

3) A similar stunt was pulled on me in Xmas 2019. The most duplicitous person whom I have ever met is staff psychiatrist, young Dr. Sarah Chan, who was trying to get me to be willing to accept psychiatric treatment as a means of undermining the fraud pulled by the General Hospital on Boxing Day 2019 when I was seized on a court Order by police as a 'violent person to others and a violent person to myself' a complete bullshit charge which the Ottawa Police under Sloly and Mayor Watson failed to investigate. (She hoped to validate FAA by 'reverse osmosis'.) When Chan made my removal from the secure centre after passing all tests in the Emergency Dept. including an MRI, (others bumped for the purpose; the ER staff was upset that I was not returned home as per normal regulations as well as using the Emergency ward for an improper purpose=fixed from the top by Dr. Jack Kitts & Cameron Love) contingent on her control as a psychiatrist, I balked.. She had insisted that I accept her ministrations as a condition of release which I refused stating that I would rather fulfill the additional 9 days assigned to me. When told that the Gov't. Patient Overview Body whom someone notified was planning a meeting on this matter on Jan. 8-2020; the alarmed Chan let me go without any conditions. That Jan. 8 meeting was never held. The bogus 'psychiatric' overtones is central to the Franco Alulio Algorithm. (SEE Newsletter below) An Ottawa court judge dropped the $10 million action which I laid against the Hospital  without a hearing forever changing the Justice System in Canada. (SEE website)

4) While the media which refuses to publish my story is 'getting away with murder'; commentary for MSN & Reddit are fed up with these gov't machinations in many topic areas which explains why the real election is between Postmedia and the most pilloried P.M. in history, Justin Trudeau. There will be only one winner and so far, Postmedia is coming in 'second' (as Stalin would have said). There will be no tears in this corner as to the fate of Postmedia which has lost all credibility in terms of the above international case. SEE NEWSLETTER Sept. 01 when it is posted.



AUG. 15-2021



 BY: Roger Callow (SEE 2021-AUG. Sub-title MEDIA Aug.15

QUOTES: A) 'I thought I could change things from the inside. I was wrong. Some things need to be torn down before we can rebuild them. Back then, we already knew that technology would rule the world, but you had these naive notions about privacy...And the gov't. seeks to eradicate privacy through technology.

B) Democracy satisfies best the human thirst for freedom, yet, being undisciplined, turbulent and luxury-seeking, it falls time and again to austere single-minded despotism. Every 4 years we get to choose our despot in an ever decreasing despotism. The central chore of all leaders is to ferret out 'whistleblowers' and neutralize them. The Opposition leaders must publicize the central election issue: the Franco Alulio Algorithm


 BACKGROUND: Due to the quashing of the arbitration favouring the B.C. School Board regarding my illicit teacher lay-off in June 1985, there was no extant Decision hence any re-arbitration (which was ordered by the court) would reveal fraud thus nullifying any legalities hence my career would be handed back to me...and that would never do exposing the perfidy of a big employer over an individual. That proposition ended all law in Canada as sanctioned by over 50 judges.No compensation was paid making such things as voting a waste of time in Canada. The only answer is what one sees around the world...hit the streets but no violence to people.


THE THREAT (SEE Mar. 01 Newsletter for details) This matter is being pursued as the election is NOT about political parties; rather it is media credibility vs Trudeau. Only one winner in this one take all election.

Failure of the media to expose the Franco Alulio story ranks right up there with the biggest abuse in Canadian society on a par with what happened in Nazi Germany's 'Final Solution'.  The Appeal is now international with  Angela Merkel of Germany dragging her feet under her promise of 'constant vigilance of Nazism resurgence. TV hosts Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz are also slow in responding to the effects of the word 'psychiatry' as it affects legal rights to motorists in this cottage industry for Organized Crime as few drivers can go without a driver's license (all legal rights are withdrawn even to contest such an aberrant action by Alulio = anarchy). PLACARDS: 1) DRIVER'S LICENSES MATTER ...Can you get by without your driver's license? 2) JUSTICE FOR ROGER CALLOW .Insist that every M.P. speak publicly on proselytizing against the Franco Alulio Algorithm.


JULY 08 -2021  (abridged) Letter to incoming indigenous GG, Mary Simon (SEE web: MEDIA July 08 for full account) Simon is in the same role as rogue bureaucrat  Alulio if she permits an election for unconstitutional reasons. ACTION REQUIRED vis a vis illicit License Suspension

5) For you as the GG to take steps to have my illicit driver license suspension to be revoked returning my personal identity in that process. Nothing less from you is acceptable. As you may see from the INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER (July 01-2021), I have appealed to President Biden and Germany's Angela Merkel to take action in lieu of a problem which is uniquely Canadian.

7) Hence ask not what the Canadian public can do for indigenous rights but what you as the first indigenous GG may do for all Canadians.



Persecution begins with Identity Theft as evidenced by employers in some dictatorships taking away the passports of trafficked workers or women forced into prostitution. On a national level, the Wannsee Conference of 1942 Nazi Germany applied this concept to anyone not of their liking in what is euphemistically labeled the 'Final Solution' with dire consequences.  Countries are also isolated with IT as are individuals although, in my case, my identity as a native born Canadian was capriciously & illegally removed making me the first official political prisoner in Canada in a stunt to be found nowhere else in any democracy. ' A society decays when its infrastructure goes rotten' (City guru, Jane Jacobs) aka Canada's law courts.


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NEWSLETTER (post in staff room)

August  9, 2021  (2 pages) 2021 AUGUST MEDIA


TO: Allstate Insurance-Corporate Office Headquarters


3075 Sanders Rd. North Brook, IL  USA  60062 cc Sean Page Ottawa agent


FROM: Roger Callow ON Allstate Auto Policy 0 53 372985

(home insurance policy 1 51 821 1542 (Roger Callow) 

1285 Cahill Dr. #2001  Ottawa, ON K1V 9A7 /



1) I am a target of a government conspiracy under Ontario Premier Doug Ford who has used the offices of Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical, Franco Alulio to pervert the Driver License suspension of this writer,(Roger Callow) on October 15, 2019, for 'reasons best known to himself'. I have a clear driving record with Allstate for many decades.

2) By adulterating the form to include the term 'psychiatric' under the Highways Act, Alulio has made it all but impossible to be re-tested. The term 'psychiatric' does not appear in the forms. It should be noted here that I have never undergone a psychiatric test nor ordered to have one

3) Apparently, a letter from the joint Doctor for my estranged wife and myself, young Dr. Anusha Jahagirdar of Towngate Family Medicine clinic, was sent to him in the fall of 2019 in which contents were redacted upon investigation. The investigation called by me of the ON Doctors ethical Branch was inconclusive as they 'whitewashed' the whole affair so that I never saw any request from her to Franco Alulio if indeed one exists. Not being a psychiatrist, she was not in a position to request a driver license suspension on those grounds although on which grounds, if any, are not known.

4) But the scam does not stop there. My lawyer for my separation at that time dropped out saying that he could not represent me (nor any other legal entity) with this designation of 'identity theft' reminiscent of Nazi Germany's 'Final Solution'. In essence this Franco Alulio Algorithm of an apparently rogue civil servant has deprived me of my native born Canadian citizenship; a first in any western democracy. The Charter of Rights & Freedoms (1982) no longer has any meaning in Canada under these circumstances. It's a cottage industry for Organized Crime in the motoring public in all of North America and goes under the radar of the media, the politicians, POTUS and Angela Merkel of Germany who recently foreswore to stand up to anything pro-Nazi.


5) This letter is being written to the CEO of ALLSTATE, Mr. Tom Wilson, as earlier appeals to Allstate on this national/international issue remains unaddressed by them.

6) In a letter on June 04-2021, I sent a letter to Allstate Property Insurance regarding this matter of Identity Theft. There was no Reply (which regrettably is the case with all authorities)

7) In a telephone call/e-mail on August 5-2021 from Allstate agent; Sean Page (  t.613-843-7154 ext. 5055), he was making enquiries about my driver license renewal for Aug. 25-2021. I told him to continue the same course of renewal as in the past. I can get others to drive the car.

8) Apparently the contact was based on a request from the Underwriter...'Your auto renewal is coming up on August 25th and is still showing that there is a suspension for medical reasons when our Underwriters check the status. Can you advise if you had your Driver's license reinstated. Sean Page

9) The short answer lies in the negative as no institution e.g. the Underwriter, Allstate, the politicians (M.P.'s & MMP's), the media (Postmedia/CBC) will assign a troubleshooter to this case preferring to pass the buck which has landed in the lap of clerk Sean Page 'to rid us of this  troublesome priest'.

10) The Ottawa Court System imploded over this case with widespread damage to Justice in Canada. A legal action against Franco Alulio did not receive a  Reply nor will the Ottawa Court assign a hearing time for my filed case. SEE Internet for more e.g. Muszynski j. ruling Apr.2021

11) Notifications to Deputy P.M. Chrystia Freeland go without a response.

12) While the role of Governor General is a titular role, I have requested that the new governor general, Mary Simon, deal with this matter of Identity Theft. So far no response (as per the course of the previous GG's).


13) I don't know what else I can do other than the above until some authority finds the wherewithal to address a matter of cardinal importance to the civilized world. Any one of the authorities listed here may still assign a 'troubleshooter' for which many in the public would say 'enough is enough something'. As matters stand... no Parliament, no law courts, just 'Auschwitz'. Even tacit acceptance by an institution such as Allstate to this 'Eichmann-like'  algorithm would be a major step backwards signifying  the demise of our society as we know it as it leaves the public bereft of a basic value system; exactly what happened in Nazi Germany.


 Yours truly, Roger Callow 'native born Canadian deprived of his existence for illicit purposes' in an increasingly fractured world'.


cc Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland  / ON  A.G. Doug Downey (letters ignored)

U.S. Professor VD Hanson for POTUS / U.S.Embassy (Ottawa)

Gang of Eight media midwits / social media

U.N Human Rights / NY Times