MAY 2021


MAY 31  A) The trial of former S. African President ZUMA harbingers the future of Canada. Rogue employees under Zuma's rule in the past few years acted unitarily in corrupting the nation in much the same fashion as Franco Alulio Deputy Minister (ON) of Transport-Medical under the supervisory eye of Premier Doug Ford, has done. Media silence is permitting this heinous driver license suspension scam with far reaching implications reminiscent of Nazi Germany's 'Final Solution' to be re-enacted. There is no excuse for Canadians at large to remain silent. International interests should be wary of Canada's courts of law as one pitfall of this debacle. B) Erdogen of near-broke Turkey is also suffering from publicity from a mob boss who is exposing his gov'ts. perfidy. That self-same exposure in Canada to the FA algorithm could produce a similar result. C) Looked out my window to see flags flying at half-mast for Kamloops indigenous residential school awaiting successive days for the same treatment in every other province. D) So Mexico is up to 38 deaths for politicians kept out of Cdn. media...don't want to give the Cdn. public any ideas, do we? E) An item out of New Jersey in which judges fear for their safety leading to going 'underground' on personal living routines. Perhaps over 50 judges across Canada on the Employee's Case should also go into hiding....


MAY 30  A) Who'll speak for Canada? O.S. p.8 columnist Warren Kinsella  MY RESPONSE: me, Warren, over no-one is listening including yourself in not speaking against the Franco Alulio Algorithm, which negatively impacts all N. American drivers. Kinsella rightfully speaks out how QC's BILL 96 eradicates English in that province in a major step to breaking up Canada which AB's Jason Kenney would support. The problem is that our Senate which represents small province influences, unlike the U.S. republic, is appointed with little bite. (SEE U.S. POINT MEN Sub-heading JUNE 2021) In short, the elected U.S. Senate (Congress) keeps the U.S. from being dominated by California, Texas, Florida and NY. Hence in Canada, without this system, the Federal election is over by the time QC & ON have voted. MY SOLUTION? Elect the P.M. directly by the people and the Senate directly who would oversee provincial interests absorbing, in that process, the M.P.'s, who are little more than Party fund collectors which select their leaders...and then focus on re-election = too much money for too little return. Alternatively, we could exercise the 14th Amendment and become a U.S. state considering how moribund our institutions have become as I have personally shown e.g. legal, medical. As to QC, Canada is surviving due to immigration as birth rates plummet; a feature throughout the developed world. Hence this QC venture on BILL 96 promises to be a retrograde step as immigrant families will choose English Canada. The bigger story here is that in general the public no longer read newspapers as I find on my 'walks and talks' that almost all information is internet based. B) COVID flip-flops erode public trust p. 9 EDITORIAL At one time, the media would conduct their own research regarding gov't. statements; now that they are broke they merely regurgitate gov't. statements and criticize them for mistakes made afterwards. The print media is in its 'eleventh hour' of existence. C) p.11 Columnist Candice Malcolm strikes back at her own profession vis a vis COVID revelations: There have been too many examples of journalists being intellectually dishonest, morally corrupt or acting as bad faith propagandists who deserve to be mocked, ridiculed and ignored. my addendum: Hypocrisy at its best. Malcolm also refuses to expose the FA algorithm


 MAY 29 A) Through the big end of the telescope: Kamloops, B.C. former residential school is the focus of a grave yard for young children which has a contractor refusing to excavate. Big Story? Every province has this problem as well as many other countries e.g. Ireland etc. B) But where is that Cdn. telescope in the death of scores of politicians in the upcoming June 6 Mexican election?...conspicuous by its absence...we don't want the folk at home to get any bad ideas, do we? C) Ottawa has a long way to match Chicago murders; but it is clear that recent Ottawa murders by black gangs (I have never heard of a white gang) cannot be dealt with by the authorities. I have seen the trend in South Keys near the airport with such businesses as fast food and drugstores limiting their overnight services. A couple of years back, I deserted one community centre at night due to the problem although the morning sessions with non-blacks was safe. Racist, you say? The proper word is 'profiling'. The most at risk individual is a black female living in a black ghetto in N. America. As to racism; the worst racism is found between rival black tribes in Africa which historically enslaved their neighbors and sold them off as slaves to the slave traders sitting offshore with slave ships. Fortunately, with inter-marriages, racism is being diluted.


MAY 28 A) So Putin (where everything is a nail with him being the hammer) is to meet Biden where his best defense is being the jello being nailed to the wall, are to meet in Geneva on June 16-2021... ho hum. B) The lead-off story in REDDIT World News is on the residential school debacle in Kamloops, B.C., a place with a heavy indigenous population. In 1960, I drove through seeing the local natives 'holding up the lamp polls' as they were barred from beer parlours. A friend relocated there where today, the town is mainly white. The story of these schools abounds in many countries of the world as the commentary deals with in horrific detail. My 'alternate version'? A white friend of mine attended a private school run by the 'religious brothers' from #7-#10 where rape was common. As he later told me, I wouldn't 'bend my ass' to them and paid heavily by being caned, an acceptable form of punishment in those days. (The 'strap' was banned from B.C. public schools in 1972).  The central problem with these schools is their isolation where abuses could not be readily checked. Today, Indigenous tribes run their own School Boards with a different set of problems related to poverty and the unwillingness of students to relocate for jobs which is a key characteristic of city trained students.


MAY 27 A) Lukashenko out to make a N. Korea of Belarus, is not computer savvy. The so-called threat from Hamas in Switzerland which they denied came 24 minutes after the hi-jacking. Considering the earlier mass public protests against him in Belarus which have gone quiet, I ask what's happening? The sanctions invoked against Belarus are mind boggling if successful. Lukashenko's threat to inundate Europe with migrants and drugs is interesting. Cuba once emptied their jails sending prisoners to the U.S. forcing the U.S. to back down. B) I am not a collector of anything except experiences which I assign to the past in order to get on with the present. Hence I view such material collections as paintings on a monetary basis to be obscene. I do not see the sense of a hedge-manager paying millions for a painting because of its origin and then hiding it away in a locked facility until it is time to trade it again. Someday an historian will write about the decadence of our age citing such anomalies. C) Most people surveyed in the world would vote for replacing politicians with AI (artificial intelligence) reflecting a disenchantment with this group. I come from the other end of the equation calling for a replacement of such as the politicized Canadian court system which includes miscreant judges as well as politicians plus media = perfect storm where there is nothing to replace the status quo.


MAY 26  A) Back to the future: The Second Sleep Robert Harris '...and that in due course these devices (cell phones) displaced human memory and reasoning and even normal social intercourse - an enfeebling and narcotic power that some say drove their possessors mad, to the extent that their introduction marked the beginning of the end of advanced civilization' Comment: Well, at least it is one explanation for the aberrant events one sees throughout the world.

B) Back to the past: SEE Chris Callow Internet label Nov 22 -Oct. 15, 2019 for the e-mails I sent when first my driver's license was suspended and my wife and I separated. They consist of unanswered responses to my requests until the one copy of a carefully engineered letter from the two sons lining me up to seize my estate. My illicit incarceration at the Ottawa General Hospital during Xmas of 2019 was due to a subsequent conspiracy involving the courts and the Hospital Executive. I sued for $10 million but Justice McLeod just dropped the case without a hearing explaining a major reason why I called for a trusteeship over the Ottawa Courts which included other malfeasance. Under similar circumstances, Rick Chiarelli doesn't stand a chance, although in his case, he has the public ear while my situation was boycotted. That's why I gave up using Canadian Law Courts as individuals or international interests should do.


MAY 26  A) Embattled Ottawa City Councilor, Rick Chiarelli, accused of inappropriate behaviour with female staffers two years ago, is back before a 'stocked panel' of 3 judges...'rots of luck' with that one, Rick, as I am on record calling for a trusteeship over the iniquitous Ottawa Court System. He challenges the initial investigation initiated by the City as being 'ultra vires' for which I would have to see the details before committing an opinion. His accusations that the Mayor and some City Councilors made public statements before the Report was published bears investigation. Granted that the Mayor et al have a public obligation here but the challenge to suspend Rick should only have been discussed 'in camera'. The proper course for the initial investigator was to provide his findings privately to Council with a recommendation that criminal charges be made after which Rick could be suspended 'with pay' (his pay was illicitly cut off much like my own civil case leading to a 35 year court battle in which the Cdn. Justice System collapsed). As such, City Council was running 'a court within a court'; a definite 'no-no'. Once before, a CBC broadcaster, Jian Gomeshi, in 2014 had more serious criminal charges laid against him by female staffers and won due to the inconsistency of the evidence from the female staffers. (SEE Wikipedia). Rick is being denied the right to face his accusers in open court placing this case among the worst ever abuses of the Cdn. Justice System... habeas corpus be damned.... B) Germany's Angela Merkel states that Belarus hi-jacking explanation is 'completely unreliable'. I have called on her directly for a similar declaration of the Nazi-like Franco Alulio algorithm condemning a driver's license without any justification for 'medical reasons' under the 'constant surveillance of Nazism' which she professes. This algorism parallels the 1942 Wannsee 'Final Solution' algorithm.


May 25 A) Journalist arrested with phony plane bomb plot diverting plane to Belarus. The first time such a stunt was pulled was in 1956 when the French diverted a plane from Morocco to Algeria with an unscheduled landing at a Fr. airport where 5 'terrorist Algerians' were arrested. In 1965, our Lufthansa Aircraft had a stopover from India to Cairo at Kuwait where we did not disembark (not possible of course with a bomb plot). All the passports were collected before landing and held by the pilot until we were airborne again. Ryanair, the aircraft in question, had no similar passenger protections it would seem although the pilot could have been 'bought off' such as with the KAL airplane downed by the Russians for 'straying off course' possibly due to CIA intervention in 1983. An allied problem at one time were dissidents ordering aircraft diverted to Cuba on the threat of a bomb. After 9-11, one pilot, at least, stated that if there was any threat from a passenger, throw anything at them. Cockpits are now locked in flight as one consequence. VP Dick Cheney wanted two hi-jacked 9-11 aircraft to be shot down before they hit the NY towers which could have been a game-changer. Qui bene? Who benefitted? The U.S. Security Forces. Not only were the budgets of the FBI & CIA not cut as planned, but a whole new monolithic Home Defense org. was created. Kim Yung Un does not trust to air travel and went by train to Moscow and Singapore with Trump offering Jung a return trip by Air Force 1 from Singapore which Jung rejected. In the 60's, additional life insurance for passengers was nixed when it was found that at least one B.C. relative packed a bomb for the purpose. The World should sanction Belarus economically until this journalist is released as one hedge against this Intelligence Force heist due to this 'thin edge of the wedge' caper.


MAY 23  A) For a first time, world support for the Palestinian cause outdoes the Jewish support. Netanyahu is accused of provoking the war as a means to stay in power with the Hamas leadership in Qatar pushing the war for their own ends as well both leading to significant civilian casualties in Gaza. B) Closer to home, O.S. columnist, Warren Kinsella, warns of the draconian effects of QC's BILL 96 which all but rules out English in the province in defiance of the Constitution. P.M. Trudeau supports it (get votes) while the Opposition remains mute...and that is how democracy ends; not with a bang, but a whimper... C) I am not buying into this one (new ON elementary teachers have to take a math test) When I was a university student (1960 UBC); all students in their first year had to take a math course and English literature course; the latter being the big bug bear). Second year permitted streaming in interest courses. So how in God did an ON French kindergarten teacher get a university teaching certificate which requires an expertise to the math #9 level? Even if she fails, the Board may hire her if no more qualified suitable candidate is available (teachers of Fr. in very short supply) at a lower salary. A bunkum article for not pointing that out. The particular teacher concerned graduated in 2020 and has taught high school French since. What is the level of French math proficiency there? The article doesn't say.


MAY 22  A) Google is over-engineered with its pop-up ads while writing a g-mail. B) I still do not see Google publishing the preposterous  Ottawa Muszynky j.

Decision from Apr. 15-2021. Google is reporting my objections, particularly under TREASON & IDENTITY THEFT sub-headings. Cdn. media say nothing which is par for the course.


MAY 21  A) 'Round and round the mulberry bush', the legal profession pushes the illicit suspension of Ottawa Police Union leader, Skof, back into the circuit after the SCofC rejected previous police chief Bordeleau's challenge to abysmal treatment Skof received under him backed by Mayor Watson. QUESTION? Who is paying for all these Bordeleau legal challenges? Congratulations to Skof for seeing this one through presumably with Union financing. Of course that was the stunt the WV School Board hoped to run with the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) with my lay-off for bogus economic reasons by making an end game on the Union knowing that I could not finance an 11 day bogus arbitration later quashed by the court leaving me in limbo thanks to over 50 judges across Canada. Bottom Line? The 35 year unresolved Employee's Case led to the destruction of the Cdn. Justice System; particularly as it has sought to sanction the Franco Alulio algorithm. ...PLACARD: STAY OUT OF A CDN. COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE. Bordeleau and Mayor Watson certainly tried in the case of Skof.  Muszynski j. ( Ottawa CV20-849830 Apr. 15-2021) pulled the judicial caper of all time for any democracy with a legal Decision without equal but then the Council of Judges oversight body does not acknowledge its legal mail regarding my challenge of her Decision... go figure.... B) Some readers are old enough to remember when former P.M. John Diefenbaker led the world challenge to apartheid in S. Africa in the early 1960's.. Perhaps S. Africa can 'return the favour' by leading the world challenge against the FA Algorithm in Canada. C) Eyebrows have been raised at Apple CEO Tim Cook in an internal memo asking Apple employees to support Palestine in the recent war. Many note that this is the same Company which has its products mfged. in China with slave labour.


MAY 20 A) Our misleading media describing 'large' employers as 'top' employers implying a nuance which does not necessarily apply. I notice such as the Ottawa Sun do not publish subscription numbers any longer reflective of a major loss of subscribers...why pay $400 per year for information readily available on the internet at no cost? I will not rue the day when they close their doors for being a front for the 'old boy's club'. Remove COVID material and the media, both printed and TV, would be as light as flypaper. Their one last task - to predict elections - failed at the last election; at least in the Ottawa area. B) I'm puzzled. A Perth High School Teacher was imprisoned for improper relations with students dating back to 2005. Where was the Teachers College organized in 1990 on this one which led the battle to remove pedophiles? ...incomplete media account as usual. C) COVID Message from Taiwan & Singapore implies the West is letting up restrictions too soon; particularly with new strains on the way. D) I do not have a Face Book presence and for good reason as original sites are perverted with its massive 'followers'. Currently Face Book has closed down a 'pro-Israel' site as Palestinian support among non Muslims in general appears muzzled.   

MAY 19  A) So Google finally dropped the 2014 challenge I made regarding the '3 separate Decisions on the same Action without referencing each other' made by Ottawa Court's Colin MacKinnon j. in 2014 for which the Canada Council of Judges refuses to investigate (now added to Muszynski Decision (M) Apr. 15-2021). I guess the conspirators refuse to continue paying their 'priority listing bill' with Google which is being heavily fined in Europe for such practices. Only my rebuttal (TREASON) regarding M. above is listed now. But where is the politician or media source or institution to 'bell the cat' which has left even two U.S. Presidents mute on the Franco Alulio algorithm scandal which is a clear and present danger to the N. American driving public? Even Amnesty International has turned their back on this most basic of human right abuses along with Democracy Watch mentioned below. Social media is also adrift on this national and international topic. SEE 2021 MAY  B) Jewish interests control the media as evidenced by captions and interpretations of protests against Israel. The problem for Israel is that the public support for the Palestinians is broad based around the world. When I was a teacher in the 1960's, Gaza firing rockets into Israel would be an 'act of war' justifying retaliation. Today, anybody does anything, and it is quickly recognized as legitimate if one can get followers which I didn't with the FA algorithm... go figure.... C) Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch got this one right. In the 1990's, the TD Bank took over Canada Trust with someone rifling the RSP Accounts. Because there were no TD Records, the Banks with their own oversight bodies - which Conacher strongly questions - refused to investigate until CBC exposed the scam. No does the public believe me that so-called 'oversight bodies' are a can of crapshit?' I would be happy if Conacher were merely to publicize the FA algorithm disaster. So far, only silence from him. D) former Prince Harry is not faring well since his marriage and yet he is an accomplished soldier and is credited with the promotion of the military invictus games for injured soldiers. E) I doubt whether a criminal conviction for Trump for fiduciary reasons in NY (almost all the top 2% would be found guilty if tried) will blemish his support from his followers nor lead to a Democratic win in the next U.S. election. F) Handcuffing of black Supreme Court Judge by Vancouver police getting world attention... and it ought to as there is a long list of white judges I have which are overdue for similar treatment.... G) Charges dropped in Mansion gambling ring in Toronto after accusations of police malfeasance. SUMMARY: 'Toronto, the corrupt' where the FA Algorithm originates backed by Premier Ford. It would appear that the police (Ottawa has this extension) are recruited from Organized Crime.


MAY 18 A) So Democracy Watch is taking Trudeau plus Dion's whitewash job on the WE Charity to Federal court. Expect more whitewash on top of the whitewash. These Federal court judicial appts. (Ottawa is infested with them) are the worst of the worst. I still do not have a Council of Judges under the aegis of the SCofC confirmation of my request for an investigation of Ottawa justice, Kristen Muszynski's atrocious Decision of April 15-2021...but then this court never acknowledged a similar request in 2014 for Justice Colin MacKinnon; another federally appointed judge.


MAY 16 A) WWIII is on the verge of breaking out in the mid-East. Unlike the myopic 'Mr. Magoo' Biden, Russia is calling for a step down by both sides as a Hamas success - pushed throughout the world in public support demonstrations - could lead to Hamas control of nuclear weapons. Hasidic Jew outcry in Israel is counter-productive in this regard (the ugliest teenage girl I saw in the world 10 years ago was at a Hasidic re-union in Jerusalem; while normal in appearance, she had the face of a fanatic). B) Other Arab nations are hedging their bets as the rocket attacks from Gaza are aimed at converting Israeli Arabs, who are a vital voting factor under their economic Jewish masters, to revolt. In short, Israeli Jews have their back to the wall which makes them very dangerous indeed. They may have nukes, but where will they use them? Where does O'Toole, the O'Foole stand on this one? The NDP (No Don't Party) under Singh are pro-Palestinian. C) Egypt, an economic basket case supported by U.S. & Israel money is a 'litmus paper' in this struggle pointing to alignments although most of the Arab world gov'ts. are silent. They fear Hamas control too. D) China is forever keeping in readiness such as 'every other country is e.g. N. Korea' to take advantage of WWIII.  E) Huawei Meng trial revisited. Qui bene? At this point China, the U.S. which has moved on, Canada which cannot move on, would all like the Meng trial to 'evaporate'. By relying on the lying Feebies to contort Canada's law courts on deportation matters as has been customary, other than the media midwits, Canada is in a jam. If the conspirators were so bent on deporting Meng, as she was originally scheduled for the 'in transit' lounge, they merely had to tell her that her flight was ready substituting an aircraft without her knowledge which would land in the U.S. As matters now stand, her death would solve problems for all 3 countries. Normally, that is handled by 'falling from the tenth floor of a hotel' but a more creative extermination is called for on ground level. F) Military leadership debacle. It works like Organized Crime...only appoint compromised leaders to protect dismissed leaders. G) ...and on that note...De-ethics Commissioner On WE Charity.... H) WWlV - India's Covid variant working at cross-purposes to the political environment... all in all, not a happy time.


MAY 15 A) A friend took Moderna...I am not too enthusiastic... specifically mRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna cause the body to produce spike proteins which the body creates antibodies for and in so doing attacks the spike proteins... that is the way the vaccine works...

The problem is the spike proteins get jabbed in wherever - like a thistle that clings to everything and because of this clinging the antibodies attack the spike proteins (Good) and whatever body part it clings to (Bad). This bad clinging is what happens when one has an autoimmune disorder. Expect a sharp rise in autoimmune disorders and premature aging in the years ahead... Yes, autoimmune disorders are when the body attacks itself, thinking the body is an alien invader. Remember the body is wearing an alien costume comprised of spike proteins... 

we shall see what the two remaining vaccine technologies are comprised of the Johnson and Johnson aka the Janzen vaccine and the Medicago plant based vaccine...


MAY 11 A) Now you see it; now you don't... a media reference to the divorce of Bill & Melinda Gates who do much for children in Africa with Bill apparently doing more again with underage girls through his connection since 2013 with 'suicided' pervert Jeffery Epstein. A check of plane logs would reveal visitors to Epstein's 'porn island' with Ghislaine Maxwell holding her own private list. The trial delay seems an attempt to permit such as Bill to buy-off complainants who are not against leveraging wives in an apparent blackmail twist. Prince Andrew is already toast with Bill Clinton 'on deck' in that Bill. The wealthy do it because they can do it. Maxwell will probably be found guilty, sentenced to time served and deported to Europe. B) As a former high school teacher, I had no desire to become a principal and for good reason: I would not put up with the School Board/ Principal arrangements to cover up pedophilia with students. The #12 students were very upset one year in West Vancouver when a teacher divorced his wife to marry a #12 student (they later moved back east). A second teacher was permitted to continue after impregnating a student with full knowledge of the authorities. Me? Oh, I was 'laid-off' for 'whistleblowing'; the only real crime to those in power. Two current stories locally - St. Matthews Catholic High School in Ottawa & St. John's High School in Perth battled with parents and students for a number of years with the Schools and School Board to act without any action taken until police charges were laid. I thought the ON Teachers College (org. 1990) put an end to such matters; apparently not so. C) No judicial decision should be trusted in Canada with the Ottawa Courts leading the way with the recent Muszynski Decision for which I called for a trusteeship to be placed over the Ottawa Courts in which many other transgressions abound. ...which brings me to the current Bus trial crash 'before a judge' in a Decision which is 'already' written; the facts be contorted for the purpose. The key appears to lie in the use of the word 'dangerous' with no mention of 'involuntary manslaughter'. As long as the victims get their insurance money, they don't care about the insurance source - union or company or a combination of both. D) Nor do I forgive the media in failing to report on the Franco Alulio algorithm; a threat to all N. American drivers. Two U.S. Presidents should know better in that regard.


MAY 10  NEWSLETTER SEE MEDIAmay in a challenge to tackling Provincial Premiers to be led by Premier Higgs of N.B. after Chrystia Freeland blew it for M.P.'s. Now it is the turn of MPP's.  N.B. is selected as the Saskatoon debacle of 2019 has a parallel with Ottawa's Muszynski j's malfeasance.


MAY 09- A) 'HanCouver' Vancouver, B.C. my home town which we left in 1987, is considered the anti-Asian centre of the world. In 2012, on our way to visiting Australia, we stayed in Richmond close to the airport, noting business signs were in Chinese first followed by English (in Ottawa, banks now include Chinese on ATM's) Why the increase of racism? It is Chinese money, oftentimes in the form of laundering, which is pushing real estate prices sky high leading to a pattern found around the world; namely, workers must commute to cities. Our family friends & former neighbors have a West Point Grey house worth $4million...and a disruptive life style for their children to go with it. Thank God we moved away in 1987 and yet I read some of those nonsense articles claiming Vancouver is a livable city. Plus I don't miss the rain. B) If Mexico is the most dangerous country in the world for journalists, then Canada is the safest...but then, Canadian writers are firmly under the hold of CBC and Postmedia editors... go figure.... Cdn. media is dying a natural death during these Covid times for without that topic, 90% of the so-called 'news' would disappear. Columnists have lost their 'zing' and are now being replaced by the cartoonists. C) And if the reader did not know that the media is dead from the neck up by failing to report on the Muszynski j. Decision (April 15-2021 CV20-849830 Ottawa) which condones the Franco Alulio algorithm by 'ghosting it', then the censorship of this central challenge to Canada's democracy is the final death knoll of the Cdn. media as it goes under for the third time much like the Justice System in this SS Titanic-type venture.


MAY 06 A) Considering that Canada & the U.S. are lax in calling out the Franco Alulio algorithm, I have appealed to Germany's Angela Merkel who has sworn to take an eternal stand overseeing Nazi actions. Even Putin weighs in against those who would link Stalinism to Nazism... one cannot just get a break....  B) COVID observations near Ottawa Airport where I live: Few people out walking and the ones that I pass are usually the same people. Many cars although where they are going is a mystery with everything being closed. C) MASKING: In 1965, while travelling in smog ridden Tokyo one summer (individual streets closed down due to high levels of car exhaust fumes), people wore masks also for containing colds much like we do for COVID. Masks are also a factor in reporting only a few flu cases this year. The major problem with anti-maskers is that they do not 'distance' which is the most successful of the protections against COVID along with hand washing. India's new highly contagious variant may very well be a new plague to visit on the world requiring a new vaccine as COVID is mutating all the time. Are we headed into the worst of this plague? Perhaps so and yet countries are opening up their facilities.


MAY 05 A) I am juxtaposing two stories regarding black females in the news: 1) Westboro bus crash with loss of life where the driver is on trial for 'dangerous driving' My response as a former Paratranspo driver: The charge should have been; involuntary manslaughter. If she had pumped the brakes, a different story emerges but solid braking can add to an uncontrolled skid=inexperience? Too many 'snakes' in this trial. Another question...was this driver hired under special race considerations such as the Ottawa police force where a number of black officers are under suspension?  2) Black Union leader for Algonquin College alleging racism from other execs. Response: The test here is whether a white male would have been treated as badly by the old gang forced out and the answer appears to be in the affirmative. I remember asking a black school administrator years ago about a hallway fracas...was it racist, I asked? 'It ends up that way', he responded. C) How does economically challenged Egypt afford to spend $2.6 billion on French fighters? much for moulding ploughshares into swords.... D) Mystery cjd-like brain disease in Bathurst, NB, has authorities looking at fishing industry which took a hit from chemical effluent from pulp mills until they were all shut down a few years ago due to market changes. Affected individuals are seniors who probably worked in that industry. Students worked in the high humidity paper mill in summer as workers were limited to 90 days due to health reasons where skin diseases were common.


MAY 04 SEE Sub-heading MAY N.B. REVISITED to add my challenge in N.B. to the still outstanding Saskatoon issue to the Franco Alulio algorithm from ON both involving miscreant judges. Premier Higgs is asked to represent the Premiers on this phase relating to MPP's. (Chrystia Freeland failed on behalf of the M.P.'s.


MAY 04 A) I am not the only senior ending a marriage (45 years of a good marriage) as Bill & Melinda Gates separate not long after the Jeff Bozos divorce.

I have known other seniors to separate. My mother attributed it in part to minor strokes while we sleep which go un-noticed. In my case, I had a complete medical including an MRI which I passed. Question? Does that include 'minor strokes'? My estranged wife did have a marked disease and objected to that feature being considered a factor in our separation made at my request. There was no third party. No matter, we live apart with me trying to look out for her welfare as she does not communicate with me. The poet would have trouble in all these affairs with this line...'parting is such sweet sorrow....' B) The Westboro bus crash in 2019 causing passenger death and currently the subject of a trial by judge in Ottawa Court reflects everything I have being saying against the Justice System regarding distorted and incomplete disclosure (in the Employee's Case there was no disclosure). Having driven for Para Transpo as a retirement job for 4 years twenty years ago, I am familiar with some of those elements in this case. Omitting the 'blinding sun' from evidence both visual and oral is dynamite to the Crown case. While the Union earlier exonerated the driver (no doubt a concern over an insurance premium increase), the video clip I saw showed that she had sufficient time to slow down. The crash might still have occurred but with less impact. It's a trial sorting out snakes which usually leads to the 'perp' walking particularly as the Crown closed down their case early (hiding information?) So far, I feel sorry for this judge and yet I condemned over 50 judges in my own civil case leading to a condemnation of the entire Justice System. Ottawa Court's Muszynski j.'s April 15 Decision should be required reading for all law student entries alongside my factum on the first day of class to see if anyone turns up for the second day. They are all originally Federal Court appointees to the bench in my cases although I don't know the designation of the 'bus driver trial' judge here. C) El Salvador ousts top judges, Attorney General, for blatantly supporting tax cheats. Now there is a sight for sore eyes...Can Canada be far behind? SNC Lavalin, watch out particularly as you have a former SCofC Justice as your chief Counsel... Oh, yes, new judges were quickly assigned. In Canada's case, that would eliminate Federally appointed judges.


MAY 03  A)  Over 50 police injured, 250 detained in Berlin riot Usual MAY DAY headline throughout world for May Day protests. Commentary? Story debunked by onlookers i.e. only a small group of the usual 'troublemakers' oftentimes just looking for a party. Even a policeman weighs in saying even the equivalent of a 'hang nail' gets reported as an injury so that the police can get more funding for equipment. Canada's G20 Toronto meeting was even provoked by the police according to a follow-up report. Canada weighed in on the Berlin debate to humorous reaction with this line...'Did anyone think to write a stern letter?' (I have been writing stern letters for 35 years and still counting on the Cdn. Justice System backed by a febrile media and political order). Too bad REDDIT headlines reflect the media midwits of the day which is redeemed by top notch commentary; that is, once you break through their censorship controls. B) Take COVID as a topic out of the news (90%) and the media collapses. Nobody I know appears to be reading/listening to them anyhow except possibly family members wanting to see mom and dad on TV. Still, the CBC got an increase on top of their billion dollar budget = news as we used to know it going the way of the dodo bird and the public does not even get to eat the dead dodo for which they paid! C) May 03-2021  Kris Dixon of Cavanagh LLP   MESSAGE:

1) I have not heard back from the Judicial Council of Canada nor the ON Legal Society. Until those problems are resolved, there is a hiatus in the proceeding of the above case. (Both outfits are notorious for not responding to their legal mail.)

2) Also included as an attachment here is a 2-page rejection of Muszynski j. Decision of April 15-2021  sent to the Judicial Council of Canada on Apr. 24-2021 which also appears on my website at the enclosed blog address:  (Muszynski , as per all judges referred to the Judicial Council of Judges from Ottawa by me has an original Federal Court appointment.)   Yours truly,  Roger Callow  Respondent.


MAY 02 A) O.S. p.3 'MPP Hillier as lightening rod' Why is it that anti-maskers are the same ones not obeying distancing laws; the most valuable protection against COVID spread? Others concerned about his antics want Premier Ford to do something to shut him down. Where are these selfsame complainants when it comes to shutting down Premier Ford with his Franco Alulio algorithm which is a moral COVID outlasting the physical kind as it is 'in perpetuity'? It's a scandal  without equal in the world for the driving public, pushing Canada back into the folds of Eichmann's 'Final Solution'. All drivers require a valid driver's license unimpeded by the likes of a rogue civil servant. In the eyes of the world, Canada has failed all drivers due to failing itself by refusing through its silence 'to stand on guard for thee'. There is no calamity like this indictment... and, yeah, Justice Muszynski, I am 'passionate' about this cause. B) p.5 Midwit columnist Warren Kinsella does the usual journalistic tack; find a so-called expert in complete agreement with his own views (on COVID) and speak through him adding his own nonsense in that process. C) p. 5 Columnist Joe Warmington is also of this shtick regarding restrictions on the playground such as placing wood across a basketball hoop. The problem lies in the grouping afterwards of sweaty players. I do agree that many restrictions are nonsensical but this is not one of the dynamics of basketball in detail to see why. D) Midwit Sue-Ann Levy improves the shtickwith this observation regarding a Report on LTC homes: '...carefully crafted 332 page report was released late Friday night, when it was too late to garner much attention...bureaucratic ineptitude (which is in all institutions). This LTC criticism seems well worth the paper it is written on judging by Levy's inclusions. The problem here is mainly in giving political answers to issues which I can vouch for in the matter of our law courts. E) p.15 Columnist Lorne Gunter in focusing on the dangers of gov't control over the internet with BILL C10 is correct but he speaks 'out of both sides of his mouth' when he conceals the rogue Franco Alulio algorithm and the class civil case against corrupt judges in Edmonton (his home town) which I was invited to join but rejected in that I disagree with taxpayers having to pick up the bill for these dudes whom should have been charged criminally. It is a massive shortcoming on Gunther's credibility. BILL C10 rejecters should be made of 'sterner stuff'. F) p. 15 Columnist Candice Malcolm gets a 'plus' on our 'out-of-control' debt. While she would look through the 'looking glass' at Tory & Liberal policies; I would point to a phenomena in which we are all heading off the cliff economically no matter which Party or program we select...comes the revolution.... Rome saw it all in the end.



MAY 02 revisited possibly for the last time (Franco Alulio algorithm excepted): On Dec. 31-2021, I placed an end to the Employee's Case as, due to the malfeasance of over 50 judges across Canada, it was clear that I would receive no compensation for my 1985 senior teacher lay-off for economic reasons under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) in defiance of all the laws on employee compensation. For many controversial cases, they alternate between a legal right but a moral wrong or, conversely, a moral right but a legal wrong. The Employee's Case is unique in that it is both a legal and moral wrong. Here I revisit 1985 and some key elements in that June lay-off. First of all, Board Chairman Margo Furk did not originate the request as she implied she did not; rather it came from former Union President Ron McQueen (in league with WV Sec. Treasure Cassey) which feared exposure of an administrator for fraud regarding my professional Report on Teacher. McQueen played a large role in the 1978 firing of a WV senior teacher Ken Raison (SEE website: In the beginning...) Principals were restless with Union membership in any event and yet contributed up to 20% of their funding. (In 1988, they were separated by legislation and the BCTF Union had to sell their real estate). The young WVTA President groused about being 'only one vote' in declaring the School District 'in dispute' which would have saddled the Union to the present day...and that would never do. Further my return to my job would have forced a closer look at the original fraud by the clueless principal (who got to retire in 1990 instead). Arbitrator Lindholm read that point along without placing Trustees on the stand to attest to lay-off numbers (in effect, perjure themselves) to feel he could write any bilge, much like Muszynski j. in April 2021, but was fooled when I changed from the Union lawyer (he evaded my point regarding 'in dispute' for if the District had been so placed; I doubt Lindholm would have 'pulled a Muszynski'). My new lawyer, regretfully, in pulling out gave the pertinent material returned by the court to the Union otherwise we would not be where we are today with a collapsed Judiciary. Why did the conspirators push through on Apr. 15 with a Decision closing down 'all issues' without naming one? While Musynski's Decision is confined to ON; it is consistent will all other frivolous & vexatious Decisions across Canada; all ready for a so-called media exposure. Because there is no media coverage to date plus who is to say that this Decision will ever be filed or, once filed, withdrawn. Conclusion? The Employee's Case did not create these judicial aberrations, merely revealed them as the worst case example of civil fraud in the world democracies. I am pursuing the FA algorithm apart from Canadian law courts making U.S. Professor VD Hanson, itinerant SUN columnist as the  international 'point man' of a bureaucratic scheme negatively affecting the U.S. driving public on a par with Nazi Eichmann's 'Final Solution'. With that target, all North Americans should readily be able to identify.


MAY 01  A) NEWSLETTER describes how Ottawa court's Justice Kristin Muszynski (CV20-847830 DECISION April 15) has produced a treasonous Decision from which there is no return for the Canadian Justice System. Non-responding oversight committees will see these three conspirators (plus two young lawyers as Applicant) 'walking', leaving the motoring public subject to the Franco Alulio algorithm which steals ones identity...just like Eichmann's 'Final Solution'. Muszhynski was made fully aware of this identity problem as well as the algorithm but she brushed everything aside (Decision probably pre-written for her). SEE MEDIA may Hopefully some day, this Justice and others like her will be driven from the legal profession. B) One must be so careful of public charges as reported by the press. In the 1990's, much was made of the 'inappropriate touching' of a female student while photographing the graduating class for which he had a contract. His job required him to place arms and position heads for the photos. According to scuttlebutt, my son stated that there was nothing wrong with the treatment of this particular female student according to others present. The school, however, chose to dismiss this contractor (who didn't have a union) when the story was publicized making it difficult for him to carry on his livelihood. B) The preceding story brings me to the Ottawa Police and more charges against the Deputy Police Chief (already under suspension) who was brought to Ottawa along with Chief Sloly by Police Commissioner Diane Deans. Ottawa had a chance to get an experienced Chief after the disaster of Bordeleau but Deans wanted her man. Matters are further complicated with the sudden resignation of the Police Commission CEO for which the Union is asking for 'transparency'. The only transparency I would like to see is for these latter appts. by Dean plus herself plus Mayor Jim Watson to depart Ottawa for good. C) Russia reports excess 400,000 deaths during pandemic Russia has always been a country in denial. For example, In the mid-sixties, she claimed alcoholism was a trait associated only with the corrupt West. When her own figures disputed the trend in Russia, why... the answer was not to keep the figures! (Stalin's no man=no problem approach). Knowing from my travel that Moscow apartments are a petri-dish for such as COVID (packed apartments with cooking and latrine services at the end of floors), I was not surprised to see this 'confession' hence, after India, Russia could easily be second in the Covid ratings. Modi of India is another denial story currently imploding.