MARCH 2021a

Often genius is conceived in terms of a high score on an I.Q. test (my older sister with 142 I.Q. deceased 2000) a conception I tend to disfavour, said D.K. Simonton, Psychology Professor emeritus of U. Of Cal. Other times genius will be defined as exceptional early talent in a particular domain (my French Canadian wife - now estranged - was born with a singing voice which, with proper connections, could have placed her right at the top of the profession. She was not pretentious about this talent.) Other times genius will be attributed to those who have left a pervasive and enduring impact. (In the words of my wife...'I don't mean it unkindly, dear, but you think differently from other people.' My reaction was to say that I meet myself in any good literature all the time. I will leave it to the reader to assess my Qui bene article below to draw their own conclusions as to my capabilities. In the words of one sociopathic sales manager...'You're intelligent, but I don't know where to place you.' How about 'king of the whistleblowers' (NOT a 'stool pigeon') as I have taken on 'the Old Boy's Club', a first to be sure. Stay tuned for 'APR.08' in an Ottawa vertical courtroom. As for April Fool's Day, let me leave you with this PLACARD: VOTERS/ FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS

MAR 31 A) Qui bene Who benefits? A central question in murder investigations. In the case of Meng should she have a 'heart attack' (SEE MAR 30 (B)), all three entities; the U.S., Canada, China, benefit as all three do business in each other's country and do not wish those matters to be disturbed. A U.S. trial on 'bank fraud' would possibly only see Meng's involvement due to her over-riding signature; and not her personally = U.S. & China both do not want to go there (Trump said as much) so hanging the Canadian courts 'out on the line to dry' has become a first rate disaster for all 3 countries. Canada has been exposed in the same fashion as with the Employee's Case; namely, the judge has taken too long to act. In the EC, 35 years and no compensation paid in an unresolved rinky dink labour matter has set a precedent which destroys labour law. In broader language, the rights of the individual have been extinguished. Even Labour lawyer, Howard Levitt, does not know how to tackle that one. B) Qui bene in terms of the 'Apr. 08' 'Great Whitewashing' Franco Alulio Algorithm in an Ottawa 'vertical' court room where I am the Respondent due to the trickery of the Applicant inverting my charge (since dropped) against the two young 'Bobbsey Twin' lawyers on separate charges of personal fraud? I can tell you here as to who does NOT benefit; namely, the world's driving public. As the first victim of this Nazi-like 'Final Solution' of a driver license scam combining, as it does, a rogue civil servant with the 'psychiatric' world, I cannot produce evidence as to a wide-spread crime which is exactly the raison d'etre' of the Applicant's case. A parallel may be mounted with the first Jew being transported on the first box-car to Auschwitz which may not be labeled a 'genocide' until 6 million Jews follow. Look how long it has taken to get the world to recognize the Uyghur genocide in China. Not only that, the Alulio algorithm which includes 'identity theft' is transferable between countries in other respects than just transportation; i.e. didn't pay your taxes? = re-education camp for you as you cannot defend yourself in a court of law under identity theft. That is why 'Apr. 08' is so important and yet Rogers j. (whose recusal I have already called for in an Ottawa Court which I have also already called for its Trusteeship although by whom is not known) is expected to ghost this algorithm in the same fashion as Justice Rosalind Conway did in an illicit 'settlement court' (which cannot be appealed) on Feb. 27-2020. There is no purpose in asking for a lawyer's opinion as they all sing to the same tune as they look at the law through the 'big end of the telescope'). As to judges? Even Biden in the U.S. is putting more money into 'judicial reform' which is a little like throwing more money against the cause of racism. The problem is primarily internal; not external as I have demonstrated many times in Canada with my unacknowledged charges of malfeasance to oversight bodies. That is why I label Canada and its 38 million citizens as political cowards; an intrinsic value from which there is no return so forget about examining the 'paving stones of good intentions leading to that other place'. Canadians at large did not 'stand on guard for thee' (anthem) or, for the biblically minded - 'tried and found wanting'. If Canadian authorities had any sense (aka Deputy Minister Freeland) they would call off 'Apr. 08' particularly as I have dropped my charges against the two lawyers and have voluntarily as of Dec. 31-2020 abandoned the Employee's Case as defiance had become denial and at age 79, I could see no advantage to prolonging that misery . In this desertion, the Alulio algorithm is not included as I will, in the absence of my 'fellow Canadians' fight that one to my death as the rest of the world's driving public deserves as much (but not Canada). That is why I sign myself Amour de Cosmos. After Apr. 08, should it go ahead, my appeal will be to the world's driving public. PLACARD / JUSTICE FOR CDN. ROGER CALLOW


MAR 30A) SEE MEDIA Mar for my response to everything I have written on this case since the Alulio algorithm in a 106 page billable time exercise from the Applicant (not included) which Rogers j. is expected to bury on Apr. 08 as being frivolous & vexatious. In so doing, he would collapse the entire notion of habeas corpus (disclosure) as a basis for law in all democracies. I am on record calling for his recusal with the Ottawa Courts to be placed under a Trusteeship. Deputy Minister C. Freeland continues to do nothing. Adolph Eichmann of the 'Final Solution', move over for Franco Alulio - Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical. B) I have been following the Huawei Meng deportation with a jaundiced eye considering what I have revealed in terms of the lawless Canadian Justice System from the Employee's Case. Reddit World News commentary, which I highly recommend, deals with this issue currently in Vancouver court from both sides. My observation? This story is a product of the digital age and illustrates how confusing it is to enforce traditional laws within that scope. Now if Putin with his executive action (Stalin: no man, no problem) were to use the Novichuk option, all this matter with Meng goes away. Nonetheless, it is a battle by the king of lawyers which are barred to me due to an identity theft for the Apr. 08 hearing which will not take 2-1/2 years and counting; rather less than two hours...just long enough to say frivolous & vexatious which Meng's Defense quite rightfully implies in her case.


MAR 29 A) I have added SUN Columnist Anthony Fury (SEE MAR.28 (A) for calling out the courts in terms of the applicable laws (in this case the SCofC majority Decision on the Carbon Tax) to be added as a reference person alongside SUN Columnists, L. Gunter & U.S. Professor V. Hanson (my U.S. point man). Gunter exposed the Fed grab for control of the internet in BILL C10 (Gee, just like China... are the judges under Rogers j. on 'APR. 08' going to pull a similar stunt?) while Furey would - as a media first - blow smoke up the arsehole of the judges. Canada can never be the same. 'Apr.8' is looming and as there is no reply from Freeland or the GG to be a 'friend of Roger Callow' considering his 'identity theft' for the court hearing, that role now falls to SUN columnist, Kelly Egan, whose initial failure to expose the Franco Alulio scam (SEE MAR.28 (C) ) is the progenitor of everything which followed testing, as it does, Canada's existence to its very core). Kelly is the last chance. B) Amazing!!! The Defense actually got disclosure on the fatal bus accident in which the driver is currently on trial. It details the perfidy of the police report as it sashayed back and forth to create a 'fiction'. The Meng Defense is close to getting disclosure in her illicit Vancouver airport takedown possibly explaining why Biden is adopting the 'two Michaels' as 'informal' U.S. citizens after the Feebie screw-up sanctioned by Canadian Courts. A. Furey, where are you now that Canada needs you most? Even the normally astute columnist, Terry Glavin (SEE MAR.27 (A) ) 'misses the boat' on Meng. In summary, the most terrifying words in the English language, according to former U.S. President Ronald Regan, are these...I'm from the gov't. and I'm here to help'. In legal terms, that means refusing disclosure.


MAR 28 A) Ottawa SUN Columnist, Anthony Furey calls the recent SCofC climate decision from the 6 majority judges to be 'activism at its worst' which is half right; namely the part on 'activism'. The purple language which Furey feels could have come from teenager Greta Thunberg could indeed be the case as the written part is done by her clone in the Justice Building on Wellington Street, the most stressed out building in the land. The 'Gang of 6' just sign off where told to. Will the public believe me now that such as Furey has 'seen the light?' B) Some time ago, a nurse in a geriatric hospital labeled 'the angel of mercy' was jailed for terminating patients near death; something Doctors do all the time. She was caught when one family complained. As for Doctors, they routinely tell family in their presence that they will give 'a shot' (much like the vet) to a terminal patient that night which usually amounts to a regular dose of penicillin which the weakened patient is not able to absorb = 'medical manslaughter'. My father and father-in-law in 1992 in the same month in different provinces were treated accordingly. Such a nurse or the Dr. Nadon charged with murder in Hawksbury may be the doctor for me as I do not wish to be resuscitated having had a good life with all my affairs in order. Heck, I would even settle for assassination as it is equally quick; that is in the assassins handbook. The problem is if the doctor has the 'dearly deceased' without relatives sign his estate over to a 'dear doctor'. C) Unless Columnist Kelly Egan is a 'friend of Roger Callow' for the Apr. 08 court appearance, there is unlikely going to be a legitimate appearance considering my identity theft problem and the failure of SCofC Chief Justice Robert Wagner as temporary GG under 'we, the people', to act. He has been blasted by A. Furey (see (A) above) and is a discredit to his job on my personal account (he should never have been given this top job).


MAR 27A) The astute columnist Terry Glavin (National Post) questions why Biden would treat the two Michaels as 'American Citizens' conveniently omitting Canada's role with the illicit arrest of Meng which Glavin would indirectly sanction. I don't disagree with his analysis but where are the questions regarding the illicit arrest of Meng in a prolonged trial which has Feebie interference written all over it?B) A 35 year old Doctor graduating from McGill in 2010 was charged with murder in Hawksbury (across the border from QC where he lives) which is a first for me as with so many other aberrant stories these days. According to the article, he had a troublesome career in SK. where he practiced at one time and the Veterans hospital he claims to have worked in Nevada has no record of him. Question? Where was the overview of McGill medical school? In my education year, we had an experienced seminar leader over a small group of student teachers in the 1960's. One day, she announced that one class member would no longer be attending, no reason given... maybe the candidate asked out or, alternatively, she was dropped. As a generalization, currently I have found all institutional bodies not to be trusted including the law courts in either vetting candidates or overseeing them; a long worsening trend. Whom to warn against whom? I am on record as having a complaint against the young highly duplicitous Ottawa General Hospital psychiatrist, Sarah Chan. The meeting designed to deal with those charges was cancelled without explanation by the Hospital as was my $10 million action which was dropped without a trial forever changing the course of justice in Canada. Even the media cares less about this massive abuse. One can only imagine the train wreck looming for April 08 in an Ottawa courtroom. SEE Part of the problem is that the Hospitals don't pay a high salary with experienced people being diverted to private practice. C) Senators GM threw 3 containers of water against the wall after losing a tight hockey game...what gives? The TV crew showing the clip smiled. Call it COVID madness for want of a better term. D) O.C. p.14 Former Chief of Staff and now columnist Andrew MacDougall warns against the obsolescence of M.P.'s. He invites them to tell the party leadership to 'stuff it'. For a long time, M.P.'s exist to win ridings for the Party, raise funds, avoid stepping in the doo-doo in order to get re-elected by doing as they are told by 'the boys in short pants'. So what's left for them? To vote for a new leader in Canada's most expensive boondoggle...of course it goes to the one who can raise the most money from the lobbyists: PLACARD: VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLSE) O.S. Bias in bus probe? The last two police chiefs for Ottawa supported by Mayor Watson have been a disaster. The doctoring of police evidence in the deadly 2019Westboro crash where the driver is on trial was, surprise, surprise, uncovered by the Defense. I say 'surprise' as courts routinely refuse disclosure to the vulnerable Party which I am for 'Apr.8' in an Ottawa courtroom in the show trial of the century. F) p.4 Premier Ford is outraged and is throwing up his hands in despair against the Feds vaccine roll-out. I am outraged and am throwing upmy hands in despair against Premier Ford for sanctioning the Franco Alulio fake driver license suspension algorithm for which I have called for his removalfrom all politics for permitting this 'Final Solution' debacle reminiscent of Nazi Germany. This is what the media would remain it did in Nazi Germany. G) p.10 Navy resumes Zoom probe by asking the fox in charge of the Navy chicken house to get it right the second time around vis a vis inappropriate ZOOM sexual comment probe. Canada seems to institutionalize this fox everywhere for probes although (E) above sometimes breaks through. H) p.10 Suez steps up efforts to free ship. What Egypt should do is declare war (which it is on their economy) and let the military clear the way with a little piece of dynamite or two: e.g. cut the bow off. The pencil pushers want a couple of weeks in a nation already beyond life support economically. J) p.10 columnist Warren Kinsella would be all right in claiming we all bear responsibility in his article on the 'Cult of Trudeau' if he had limited the 'we' to 'voters'. SEE (D) above for my answer. Of course I don't vote any longer and have not for some time....K) p.12 No-fly zone for drones due to red tape by Kelly Egan columnist. Oh, thank goodness, I can now go back to doing my apartment cleaning in the nude! L) p.18 Introspective letter-to-the-editor had me stop reading at this point...If we treasure democracy.... something we have not done for years in Canada. M) p.19 Colin Craig guest opinion. Now I know where I went wrong. Similar to Craig with his new think tank espousing natural gas which he is shilling for; I should find a lobbyist to launch a 'think tank' to get similar media coverage for my issues. N) p. 19 Snobelen (former 1990's Education Minister who flopped) ...Creating courage isn't a job for the weak of spirit. It is the business of being relentlessly unreasonable.... My reaction? Good point but bad politics. O'Toole can nix this for his enemies....



MAR 26 A) So the Liberals were able to prove that the SCofC on the Carbon Tax is constitutional... translation: the SCof C (Chief Justice Wagner with his nonsensical 'peace, order & good gov't.'...if there is any war, it is with the SCofC) is in the back pocket of the Liberals. In other countries, people would be out in the streets on such abuse. But the Tories in power would do the same thing hence no organized street revolt. If the Carbon Tax is such a good idea, have Parl. pass it with the courts as back-up, not leading the charge. Indeed the Feds are able to play one province against another...agree and we provide a lower tax figure; disagree, and we shaft you. AB Premier Kenney & Co. are going to throw more legal billable time money down the drain appealing. My sympathy lies with ON where coal-firing plants were closed under the previous Prov. Liberals at great cost to our electricity bills. In short, ON did its part but no, no, no, that's not the part the Feds want which is tax money quite apart from carbon or any other excuse. The SCofC also claims this as a 'national issue' as another excuse as a basis for hearing this the 4 provinces affected make it a national issue??? Time to admit that we have become nothing more than just another pretty face among Third World countries...and some of those with former middle classes are now starving. B) As to the SCofC 6-3 vote? The division is assigned beforehand with the judges merely choosing which side they are assigned = the usual 'fix'. The 'group of 6' are guaranteed post SCofC jobs in such as SNC Lavalin where their current chief council is a former SCofC judge. That's the carrot. C) More sickness. I have never liked art auctions as a work of art is diminished as to its intrinsic value. O.S. p.6 Van Gogh sells twice. In short, the sellers - or should I say some pension or other public fund or other - bid on their own sale through a cut-out of course but in this case got stung in this pyramid-type scam. Everyone has their hand in the pot but then that is how the top 1% make their wealth. D) p.6 Columnist Mark Bonokoski writes on 'identity politics' which is counter-productive in terms of the blacks in the U.S. and indigenous peoples in Canada. One sales manager said it best about me 30 years ago in that regard...'You know, you are intelligent; but I don't know where to place you.' In short, I am an individual and Canadian society has shown a distinct inability to acknowledge individuality through such as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982). That mentality apart from economics is what makes us a Third World Country. I call it 'political cowardice'. Unfortunately, the only individualism seen around is the Florida mother p.6 turning up with a boxing glove at her daughter's middle school to add her punch to the melee. In my day (1950's) one never heard about such 'individualism' in N. America. It's like a bus today where everybody gets off at their own stop and commences bedlam. There is no notion any longer of personal repercussions leaving already confused courts to produce even more confusing judgments (SEE newsman JJ Clarke story of MAR 24)E) p.9 So private school graduate and Education Minister, Stephen Lecce, wants virtual learning to be a permanent option after the pandemic (teacher unions opposed as that will drain funds from the public sphere). It all comes down to how much money and who gets Lecce's proposal the thin edge of the wedge by which the top 1% earners are able to get gov't. subsidies? The Fraser Institute likes this one as would former U.S. President Trump where their 14 year old son paysa rumoured $600,000 fee per school year in Ft. Lauderdale nuzzling up to all those hedge fund managers. Lecce is one good reason how the Liberals could go back in after the next election in ON as Howarth of the NDP is living a sinecure forever labeled 'Opposition' as she has grown roots in the job. F) p. 13 Columnist Michele Mandel does the Justice Beat (but never the Employee's Case as per instructions). She deals with a hazing incident which led to criminal charges at an elite boys' school. First off, private schools are prone to cover up but public schools are not immune. In the 70's, two problems of travelling sports teams having liquor in the change room with the knowledge of the coach were covered up at the high school which I taught in. I am sure the problem is found in every high school. The hazing incident in the story above can lead to more serious repercussions in which coaches are fighting against 'a tradition'. As I only coached Grade 8 girls in volleyball, I did not run across the problem nor hear of a similar problem among female much for 'guy teams'G) p.15 V.D. Hanson U.S. professor & SUN columnist is my point man in the U.S. for the Franco Alulio algorithm considering the absence of two U.S. Presidents from this 'clear and present danger' to all N. American drivers. His description of China parallels the usual imperialistic control of all Western countries down through history; China just figures that it is now their turn. H) Here...over here, 83 year old Jane Fonda who wants sex only with a younger man. I qualify at age 79...right, Jane?...Jane, are you still there? two wrinkly old rabbits, I promise you that I can take you down new paths...but you will need a driver's license first which can be in very short supply if Cdn. Franco Alulio gets his way (Watch comes 'Hanoi Jane' to Canada!). P.S. I look as young as you without all the botox passing for 60 until people see me out on the exercise floor then it is game over. PPS. Actually, I am not too excited by vain women either, Jane, which you profess to be, so if you don't mind, I will pass on this you needn't let your disappointment on this one roll out in public similar to all your other personal problems.


MAR 25 A) 'What was the screech?' O.S. p.2 While the reference is to the physical aspect of the fatal bus crash 2 years ago now in trial; the non-physical screech to me was the fact that the police e-mails on the topic were only disclosed to the Defense one week ago. It's a game to these lawyers. B) p.3 'Lock 'er up' Columnist Mark Bonokoski would like to give Huawei's Meng an 'orange jump suit' to parallel the two Michaels. What he doesn't say is that the deportation Order for her is full of more holes than a piece of swiss cheese. Without China's presence, she would have been deported inside of one month based on the lying Feebies request. After two years, this piece of cheese is festering but Bono, it would appear, has lost his sense of smell. C) p. 5 Betting the pharm (Oh, how witty!) Covid Cases are double what they could be in Ottawa with the Outaouais across the River in QC not much different. It appears that Canada's failure to develop its own vaccine is at the root of the problem. Keep in mind, that these batches of vaccines are evolving all the time by the manufacturers hence the broad label does not tell the whole nor significant part of the story. The longer one can wait, the better in this game of Russian roulette.D) p.6 Dying man's pleas no act columnist Michele Mandel but the two paramedics were fired before the court case leaving them to fight 'from the bottom up' (been there, done that but not very successfully in Canada's law courts, but I digress). The public is conditioned by 'sanitized' TV versions of what, in essence, is a zoo which these paramedics have to face on a daily basis. While Mandel is not quite so sympathetic, I believe most paramedics would say...'there but for the grace of God, go I. E) p.9 Mayor Watson is right but the remedy is worse than the disease regarding the building of more affordable Ottawa housing as the homeless from outside Ottawa would just flock to the city hence a provincial program (which was not forthcoming in the budget on the problem) is the only answer and they are up to their ear lobes in debt in any event. Columnist Lorrie Goldstein would put a Tory-Liberal spin on a gov't debt problem much like applying a band-aid to a hemorrhaging patient. I am tired of his cant. The editorial p.10 better explains the common element between Ford and the Feds. F) Letter to Editor decries the lucrative 'sunshine fund' of public servants receiving over $100,000 annual salary. What this survey doesn't tell you is that this is merely one of their salaries as many collect twice that in other income. How else do you think that the top 1% wealthy get there? G) p.15 A science climate guru tries to inflate O'Toole the O'Foole with a realistic approach as O'Toole is losing air through a thousand pinpricks...with supporters like these, O'Toole doesn't need friends; he needs a life-support system. H) p.18-19 Two top writers; David Booth on autonomous vehicles and Lorraine Sommerfield on 'staged collisions' for insurance fraud. She implies 'thin protections' which she admits are highly vulnerable. Two decades ago, I saw a rear ender in Ottawa in which Somali looking refugees then piled into the rear car of the offender in an apparent scam. Our ON rates are close to 20% higher due to these iron-clad frauds. As one precaution, I always back into a parking spot as Lorraine recommends. Her 'waving' technique where a scammer then proceeds to hit you is a new one on me as drivers wave all the time for setting a sequence of events hence 'being on alert' is not going to do a driver much good. It is now the world we live in.


MAR 24 A) Closing in on 'APRIL 08' with this letter to columnist Kelly Egan O.S. p.2 SEE MEDIA marB) p.3 What a disaster! Former Ottawa weatherman, J.J. Clarke, jailed on police court order for a week, for alleged threatening behaviour on a news item. Forget that JJ has a high profile Defense lawyer (Lawrence Greenspon) and focus on Justice Robert Maranger, whose deportation Order to University Professor Hassan Diab on very thin evidence in 2014 is now the subject of a $90 million action in Ottawa Courts (to be paid by taxpayers of course). Both Diab and myself had our Appeals heard on the same day in 2014 from Maranger (hence my term 'marangered') before 3 person Appeal courts (all Appeal Courts are political courts) from this same judge and lostas, to be sure, such aberrant high profile decisions are pre-determined in the Justice Building on Wellington St. JJ best bend down, duck his head between his legs and kiss his sweet patootie good-bye. While no criminal action has been cited in my case, read the letter in (A) above.C) It is always a bad sign to get a Federal Court judge assigned to the Provinces (higher salary). Remember the 'Nadon controversy' where SCofC Chief Justice McLaughlin rejected his appt? Pierre Rogers j. for Apr. 08 has knocked around the Justice System since 1986 in such places as the NWT and was appointed to the Federal Court in 2004 = political lawyer experience in my books in which he 'does as he is told'. See everyone on Apr. 08 including the GG and/or Kelly Egan columnist to be a 'friend of Roger Callow' by ZOOM for them; telephone for me.


MAR 23 A) The commentary on Reddit World News on any topic is world wide and highly introspective. If I had one complaint, they only deal with newspaper stories. For example see Scientific Studies of the COVID vaccines for all you want to know about COVID as media accounts do not tell half the story. Putin claims that their peer-reviewed Covid vaccine is the best in the world. B) O.S. p.5 Trials just for show. I know they are for how do you explain 35 years and over 50 judges and still no resolution to the Employee's Case? 'Apr. 08' promises to follow in that tradition... oh, wait a minute, that article was about China...Two Michaels' fate decided in secret. Near as I can tell, the difference in the two legal systems is that in China, the litigant ends up in a ditch while in civilized Canada, your case ends up in a ditch after billing the losing litigant (me) for all costs... it is the Cdn. way of doing things.... but then, the 2 Michaels get publicity; I don't due to a national media boycott B) p. 2 Driver in Court (over deaths a couple of years back). As a former Para Transpo driver, I have some idea how seniority works and it appears that I was correct that beginners are left to the doubledeckers. The question of driving over the speed limit is moot as all busses in the transitway do so. Even on the 401, driver trainers tell their charges...keep up with the traffic (and avoid accidents) '120 is the new 110'. Slippery conditions were also a major factor in a hub not designed for double deckers. In short, they should never have been purchased but 'pencil pushers' rule the roost. Overloading, which the driver has no control, made this bus a guided missile. Why the trial? Insurance. If the driver is found 'not guilty', then the Union insurance is not applied which, of course, the city would like to share in the damages. C) p. 6 'Needles in the Sky' Locals have a tough time battling skyscrapers going into their neighborhood considering the well-heeled lobbyists of the developers. D) p.6 'Naughty, naughty, General Vance' (responsible for the Vice Adm. Mark Norman criminal trial - found innocent 'of a sort') because Norman apparently did not select the proper ship contract Company. As to lying...that's what they all do at the top; it is part of their genome. E) p. 7 Dynamic Exit That's what happened to me on a wellness check on a fake court Order by relatives after my estate when the police broke into my apartment on Boxing Day 2019 and hustled me off to the Ottawa General Hospital (a set-up where I shocked them by passing all tests including an MRI bumping many others in the process in the Emergency Room -CEO Jack Kitts/Cameron Love 'sponsorship'. They tried to cover it all up with a 9 day 'political prisoner' lock-down surprising ER staff who didn't like this stunt in the first place. My $10 million action against the Hospital was dropped by Justice C. MacLeod without a hearing thus changing the course of Canadian justice forever. That story is not permitted into the media but the 2 Michaels story is.) Chief Sloly's halt to entry tactic seems mainly for drug offences which is justified as dealers destroy evidence. I witnessed two such takedowns (happen weekly in city) F) p.8 editorial The only thing more pathetic than a gov't announcement is a SUN editorial... their writer's basic I.Q. is at question.††††


MAR 22A) O.S. p.7 A harbinger of future militarism: Well, that's just doggone creepy photo show s a mechanical dog doing guard duty in Japan heralding the future of armies without live soldiers. Where are the futurists on that one? B) p.7 Good for Trump thinking of setting up his own social program considering the continuous Google ban. Bill C-10 in Canada would create gov't. entry into controlling the internet in Canada with Roger j. possibly seeking the same control for Canada's judges on Apr. 08. Stay tuned. C) p.7 The Taliban is looking towards a win in Afghanistan as the war weary U.S. pulls out after 20 years; 10 years longer than Russia before that time. D) p.9

U.S. Columnist Larry Elder speaks out on the thorny problem of high school lottery systems to select students noting that AsianAmericans form 70% of two such high achieving schools. In West Point Grey in Vancouver where my family originated, the area fought against a Fr. Immersion program in the 1980's until they learned that otherwise the school would close for lack of enrolment. Our two sons with a French Canadian mother were in the initial classes in the 1980's which amounted to a 'poor man's private school' in my words. Now they have a lottery in which favoured children with siblings have an edge. Why so many Asians in these schools? Because they are second tier students who didn't get into top Asian schools. They are also a major source of private school students in Canada = growing racism in which N. American students feel squeezed out. Further, many of these students on bursaries from China at our universities are expected to actively promote China's agenda on our streets and elsewhere. (Suicide among Asian students not unknown; 500 in 2020 in Japan.) In the early 90's, the complaint was against the Japanese doing much the same thing. And the problem is not just limited to schools as Canadians see themselves squeezed out of Medical Schools by non-Canadians. E) Sports injuries on the increase...but then when you mix heavier players with faster speeds, what do you expect to see other than players with a truncated career in hockey and football. F) A good stunt for the legal firm which is supporting former University lecturer Hassan Diab in a $90 million action for false deportation provoked by Justice Maranger in 2014. The stunt? An un-recognized so-called human rights writer justifying why Diab should receive boodles of taxpayer money. Maranger was definitely out of line. I also had this dude in 2014 with our respective Appeals heard on the same day in different courts. We both lost.


MAR 21 A) Just as I thought; Russia which didn't practice any COVID controls as their economy could not afford it, has 4X the quoted number of victims with even Putin a recipient. It is estimated that 1/3 of the population has been infected joining such entities as Brazil and Texas; the state of he-men where there are going to be far fewer of them before this epidemic expires. B) The knotheads say follow the science assuming that there is only one scientific conclusion (even from the same set of facts). Better off studying human nature such as the four 50 year old buddies pictured in the media at a restaurant table guzzling St. Paddies beer within 2 feet of each other. One problem is the unevenness of the illness as some merely get sniffles while others die. Profiling helps but a vulnerable person must maintain 7' (perhaps more) from anyone else and hope all around them wear a mask; an impossibility in a crowded apartment. Moscow has only apartments with shared bathrooms and kitchens...there goes the COVID neighborhood. B) Speaking about about this one for the Vatican... 'People will see whatever they need a priest to be. Father, saviour, coach, ombudsman, shrink. Lover, even. Now that people don't really need priests, they don't see us at all'. Up to bat next? The politicians. The digital revolution is accelerating that. C) You know the problem with the Lone Ranger? He was a busybody rectifying everyone else's problems at the expense of his own: e.g. Tonto: 'You be my sidekick, kemosaby,so that the audience gets to cheer me on...' C) Just a thought...but if military male-female relationships had been put under a microscope before 1960, where would former President Eisenhower and his female military driver be?...just asking.... D) This is all we need in COVID times: Muslim Indonesia banning the AZ vaccine because it has a pork extract. In long ago India, the Br. had trouble with getting Indian soldiers to use 'pork lubricated' cartridges as they had to lick them first (some say it was just a planted rumour but it had the desired effect.) AZ is being dumped at any rate including into Canada. My estranged wife in an LTC Home without an immune system (low platelet count) does not dare get this particular vaccine and pork has nothing to do with it but she does not communicate with me.


MAR 20 A) O.S. p.2 Lousy Judgment Columnist Michel Mandel regarding the police charge against the victim for revealing her name contrary to a court Order in a successful bid against a convicted sexual predator: This is exactly my concern with regards to Roger j. on Apr. 8 so I mailed a 2-page draught copy to Mandel (and colleague Sue-Ann Levy) pointing out how the national media boycott is a major threat to me. That letter will be published on April 01-2021. B) p. 3 Columnist Brian Lilley is going ballistic on Ford's lock-down based on a 'doctatorship' as no one in their right mind will willy nilly trust again to the medical profession as one consequence of COVID. The failure to pick up the challenge of Alulio's psychiatric abuse in driver license suspension jettisons any credibility the Medical profession has. C) p. 3 Ottawa Mayor Watson (longest termed Ottawa Mayor) would appear to have his mouth disengaged fromhis brain calling out the Province for failing to give him renewed notice of a lock-down. Check with your own medical officer first, the Province told him. D) p.4 The one day all public executives fear is the publication of their obscene salaries explaining how the 1% wealthy become wealthy on the public dime. Avg. salary is$66,000 to this list of $100,000 to multi million dollar public servants...comes the revolution....E) p.6 & p.8 With the world dumping the AZ vaccine onto Canada for different reasons, at age 79 I will hold out for the Moderna Canadian version which capitalizes on the mistakes of all the others. F) p.10 A display of columnist Lorrie Goldstein's abysmal lack of knowledge regardingthe legalities surrounding the Meng story. G) p. 14 Joe's crash landing ...oh my, shades of Tory Robert Stanfield decades ago fumbling a football catch which became a symbol of his failure. Biden's stumble climbing onto Air Force 1 could easily be extrapolated to the beginning of WWIII in Alaska between China & the U.S. with Canada and the Meng story being the ham in the sandwich.


MAR 19A)O.S. p. 2 So Biden believes that leading with the State Dep't chin with Canada yapping at its heels is the way to go in resolving the 2 Michaels-Meng conflict where Canada is in the 'middle of a diplomatic tug of war' to which I would add...of Canada's own making. Unless matters change dramatically with posturing on both sides, the first Michael will be jailed. B) So Canada quite rightfully calls out the doublespeak of Iran in the plane they shot down on take-off a while back. Canada should have no trouble recognizing doublespeak as she is a past master at it: PLACARD: HYPOCRISY / CANADA DOES IT BESTC) p.4 QC drivers pay about 2/3 of ON auto insurance rates but don't expect to see any change in ON as the auto insurance industry pours money into the campaign coffers of all political Parties. Claiming the ON increases were due to 'bad drivers' was a mere cover story. D) p. 4 Columnist Brian Lilley got this one right...If the doctors (a doctatorship) are in charge and not the politicians, then we no longer live in a democracy to which I would add... we never did as the 'boys in short pants' can tell you. How about a 'judgetatorship' which I can substantiate after 35 years of left hanging in the wind in an unresolved labour case where no compensation has been paid = radical change in labour law practice. This 'tatorship' is in all Cdn. Institutions to be tested on Apr. 8 in an Ottawa Court Room. Stay tuned. Lilley is right to call out the people who claim 'follow the science' assuming that there is only a single scientific answer. (Scientists disagree also as to what constitutes science.) As to Premier Ford; I have called for his removal from all politics due to the Franco Alulio algorithm. E) p. 5 Another Doctor on the Third Wave vis a vis Hospital crowding? How about a little balance from the Avalon Peninsula in N.B. where 40 people suffering from a contagiousneurological disorder are as badly hit as COVID?F) p.11 re 'charge diversion process' reads 'cover-up' in which a black man was punched in the mouth by a by-law officer enforcing the COVID distancing rule. The Officer was later fired without continuation of the charge against him although the infraction against the black man is still listed. The lawyer for the black man is part of the shaft... been there, seen it all.... G) p.13 U.S. Professor and my U.S. 'point man' in the Employee's Case, V.D. Hanson, notes the growing disparity between the military leaders and the rank and file soldiers. It always existed but the divide is being accentuated with 22 military suicides per day. While he would give the trend a 'left wing slant'; the problem goes much deeper. The Eisenhower military-industrial link warning is now supplanted with the digital revolution changing the game plan for all sides, and not for the better.


MAR 18 A) Busy days as the conspirators continue to 'set me up'. For example, did anyone think of contesting Nazi's Adolf Eichmann's 'Final Solution' at the Wannsee Conference in 1942 to a Nazi court of law? I think not and yet that is the dilemma I face with the Franco Alulio algorithm. The young Bobbsie Twin lawyers as Applicants have asked to discuss all issues without naming one. An honest judge would throw out the case as 'they didn't make one in the first place'. Roger j. failed to do so or even ask the Applicant's to define which issues they wish quashed. I called for his recusal. The naming of those issues is to be sprung on the hearing date in which my arguments will be completely disregarded as happened in Regina in 2017. In that city, I asked for a copy of the last minute factum of B.C.'s Harris & Co. which the judge obliged me no doubt much to the surprise of Harris & Co. as they had borrowed an old factum and, with a clever cover letter, fooled the court judge. That led to the fraud charge against both the court which was complicit along with the judge and Harris & Co. in N.B. leaving Premier Blaine Higgs squirming along with his courts. In brief, Roger j. requires the file number of all those cases he would bury; the key one being on the Franco Alulio algorithm. (I could care less about all the others as I voluntarily stepped away on Dec. 31-2020.)It is plain to see that I need help from the social media which I am not getting and yet I fight for all N. American drivers. If the GG won't pinch-hit for me in court on April 08 'as a friend of Roger Callow and get everything in writing from Roger j (the only way to keep him from a political agenda); perhaps the U.S. Consulate (Ottawa) will fill the gap as U.S. interests are directly involved on a massive scale. (Two U.S. Presidents are MIA currently.) In police parlance; it is known as 'a race to the phone' and the press-supported courts in the Employee's Case are the faster runners due to the squeeze play against me. Canadianpolitical cowardice will never be forgotten if this case goes down. Is that the Canada its citizens signed up for? PLACARD: JUSTICE FOR ROGER CALLOW to be added to any other street demonstration in N. America. As matters stand, this trial is redundant as I have already dropped my charges against these two lawyers...but a scam is a scam.... 'It's an odd thing but when you tell someone the true facts of a mythical tale (Employee's Case) they are indignant not with the teller but with you. They don't want to have their ideas upset...So they reject it and refuse to think about it. They are not indifferent. They are annoyed.Daughter of TimeJosephine Tey .There couldn't be a better definition of Canadian political cowardice.


MAR 18 A) Diplomacy is not a strong suit for Biden although no doubt he is correct about Putin's interference in the U.S. Election just as Trump is right about ballot box stuffing. Of course former KGB (now FSB) Putin is a killer but acknowledging that in public is a diplomatic 'no-no'. Further, Biden deals with 'killer leaders' all the time. Some would even accuse him of being one. Biden's Achilles heel is his son, Hunter Biden, which Putin well knows. B) For a first time, Israel has condemned a non-Jewish holocaust with the Uighers. C) So after 2 years of legal bullshit, the Defence lawyer for Meng is finally heard against a cabal of conspirators which includes the court. The matter should have been settled in 1 month but Meng and China refused to be bullied into voluntarily crossing into the U.S. Biden will probably use her as a trading chip as Trump before him was prepared to do...all at the expense of the Cdn. Justice System. D) O.S.p. 3 Groups see worrying trend of seniors 'pushed' into poor care One client 20 years ago said it best to me as a ParaTranspo driver...'Be sure not to live to be too old'. The latest gambit is for a questionable LTC home to be taken under the wing of such as the Bruyere Center and contracted out to a private contractor where abuses continue; even apart from COVID problems. Why the subterfuge? So that the operation is placed in legal limbo permitting all sorts of abuses...been there, had that done to me with the Employee's Case. E) p.3 Suicide epidemic among teenagers ...traced to substance abuse and confinement under COVID restrictions. Now adults in their 20's are returning home bringing COVID to their aging parents. In short, families are breaking apart. Even the divorce rate is skyrocketing. All this under a bank rate of .5 percent which cannot go on forever = economic collapse. F) p.4 Docs over Dummies Columnist Warren Kinsella. As one of Kinsella's 'basement dwellers', I am following the advice of a non-medical fellow 'basement dweller' in holding out for the Cdn. 'Moderna' vaccine which will benefit from the experience of all other vaccines. I have always found Warren 'a bridge too far'...

G) p.5 All gov'ts. are involved in disinformation and the downing of an aircraft on take-off in Iran is no exception. Iran probably takes lessons from Canadian judges in that regard. H) p.8 'Two Wrongs Make a Right' to Canada on the political trial of the '2 Michaels' and the political trial of Huawei's Meng who would have had her sorry ass hustled across the border two years ago if it were not for China's intervention. I am now seeking sponsors - national or corporate - to provide similar protection for Apr. 8 (SEE MEDIAmar 17)J) p. 9 Park it at home, Ford Staffers told in this hybrid office/home work pattern from COVID to become permanent in Canada, is a disaster in the making. Already some people do not take holidays fearful of machinations behind their back. K) p. 9 Nonsensical Rules for quarantine hotels should read'Nonsensical Writer' from the Canadian Constitution Foundation. It is a dreadful article on many accounts in this legal billable time exercise. L) p. 10 Georgia Bloodbath Rename these 'spas' to 'brothels' and one has a different perspective. These Asian women victimsseem to be captives of these 'spas'.


MAR 17 A) Now that Roger j., Cavanagh LLP, and the WV School Board passed on their options with a deadline of MAR 16; the path is clear for the (Sub-title) APRIL 08 Hearing. The 3-page preparatory version is found on MEDIAmar17 with a 1-page Synopsis found on MEDIAmar17; the shortened NEWSLETTER title. B) O.S. p.2 'He'll recover' Embattled City Councilor Rick Chiarelli is not being given due process by the City. Making a private 'internal' Report on him before the City is in order before his trial but not playing it out in the media. Rick's driving license was suspended for 'cognitive reasons', the term used in the neurologist's Report which is the proper way to go. The improper way was for Franco Alulio, without taking advice from a medical practitioner (or anyone for that matter) perverted those forms to read 'psychiatric' for unknown reasons. That is why I sued him for $10 million. That is the case Roger j. would like to bury on Apr. 8. It is a mammoth abuse and a threat to all N. American drivers plus one that the Cdn. media would boycott. C) p.3 Power For...Exploitation . A senior female military officer quits in disgust over the systemic misconduct mess. Working from 'within' was no longer sustainable so she resigned. As I have stated many times...the abuse at the top which I have disclosed in the Judiciary can be seen in all Institutions. D) p.4 Staff being lured away from LTC homes ...'high risk; low pay' Bottom line; those patients who can, avoid an LTC home. Those who can't, are too expensive and therefore rejected = a bust for the privately run homes. E) p. 4 Hydro customers face surge in costs. Working from home adds to the electricity bill in which the gov't subsidy under Covid is coming to an end = home workers require an increase in salary...good luck on that one as the top 1% are pocketing those savings. Economic collapse is not far away. F)p.8 ...If Covid doesn't get you, then the AstraZeneca vaccine will... kind of gets one 'coming and going' doesn't it? F) ...just have to get out and travel...can you imagine a WWI soldier in the trenches with that theme song? G) p. 9 Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson is the longest tenured city mayor...and he still has not got my complete medical file from my former medical Doctor without which I cannot get a new Doctor when you do depart Jimbo, don't let the door kick you in the ass.... H) p.13 'Doublespeak' Fraser Institute front man appears to begrudge lobby fees to gov't. in order to get business. Of course, the gov't and business compete for limited investment dollars; it's a fact of life which the FI would deny. J) 'breadcrumbed' Employers stringing out candidates waiting for a more ideal applicant can backfire as noted in this article. Additionally, COVID workers on unpaid recall are breadcrumbed as Employers seek a 'superior replacement'. Employees are best off working with a recruiter but that costs money sometimes in short supply plus the recruiter seeks only those employers who give a kickback. off joining a political's who you know, not what you know... always been that way.


MAR 16 A) I am not hearing anything from Roger j. or Cavanagh LLP for the 'Bobbsey Twins' regarding dismissal of their ill-thought-out legal case where I am named a Respondent. SEE NEWSLETTER MAR. 16 plus earlier Newsletters under MEDIA mar. Also SEE APRIL 08 Sub-heading as to other ramifications of this clusterfuck case. There was never any reason why this case could not have been stalled until after the pandemic but the conspirators think otherwise. B) So the Kielburger Brothers figure it is time to jump about on stage like a jack-a-napes in their bid to convert back a gullible public to WE Charity. It still sounds like John's Used Car Sales insisting that the word 'Honest' be placed before his name. Of course they hire a former Deputy Minister from the Justice Dept. as their lawyer consistent with the 1% wealthy e.g. SNC Lavalin. These two birds breathe a new dimension into the word 'entitlement'.C) So columnist Mark Bonokoski would give an 'F' to Canada's Defence Minister for cover-up of sexual improprieties in the military. He could just as easily have condemned all institutions for cover-up in general which I call Institutional Autism and where the individual is left out (Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) being little more than a bad joke). D) O.S. p.12 Crown ain't broke, so don't fix it editorial. Reaction: Oh yes it is. Explain the firing of the previous GG which this article does not. Further, due to the exigencies of the Franco Alulio algorithm; I have no legal identity as a native born Canadian hence must depend on the GG to represent me under 'we, the people' in court on April 8 which is the determiner of the efficacy of this Office for all time. E) Being in a sitcom is a full-time business fraught with pressures such as seen with Mayim Bialik (Just call me Kat) At least in the Big Bang Theory, she had others to be a foil but from the one time I watched 'Kat'; she was carrying the whole show = burn-out. I don't understand how she could get a Phd in 2003 at the same time as pursuing her acting career but thenthese degrees are purchased through tutors these days.


MAR 15 A) Walked into a 'pop-up' medical clinic with a single receptionist and a new doctor attending every other day which raises the question; why do other medical clinics remain closed? The media say nothing about how lawyers and doctors are getting by in the pandemic without a salary and they have big overheads at work and at home...but then I signed off on the Cdn. media as of Feb. 11; the first day of the vertical hearing postponed for technical reasons to April 08 and what a clusterfuck that is going to be where I am the Respondent, considering that I closed everything down voluntarily as of Dec. 31-2020 as I was going nowhere with a corrupt and corruptible Judiciary and gov't. Roger j. has 48 hours to drop this case as after Mar. 16, all offers are off. B) O.S. p.3 Columnist Susan Sherring sure doesn't like Mayor Watson who won't return her phone calls nor is she willing to share her e-mail contact address = whom do you warn against whom? If she wants to challenge Watson on a real issue, how about the idea that a medical file belongs to the patient and not the doctor which, in my case, has hamstrung my acquisition of a new physician because the old one refuses to provide my complete medical file to me with Mayor Watson and Police Chief Sloly refusing to acquire it on my behalf. The 'spineless council'would not stand up to Watson on that one either. As to the LRT silence; to be sure SNC Lavalin are greasing palms. To me, it is a 'plague of all your houses'. C) p.8 Columnist Warren Kinsella's crisis firm on the 5 lessons on the Royal Family 'screw-up' are applicable to the Canadian Court screw-up of the Employee's Case: a) when in a hole, stop digging ...and that is exactly what 'April 08' is about b) don't fire people in the middle of a crisis which the West Vancouver School Board did to me while the B.C. Teachers were in an uproar over imposed BILL 35 legislation in 1985 c) Stop leading with your chin which is what School Board chairperson, Margot Furk, an advocate of BILL 35 did when, in response to the media question as to why after 17 years, the School District was just getting around to firing me now, she replied: Because no-one had the guts to do anything about him! (nor, apparently, the principal who committed the fraud bringing on this entire action which eventually 35 years later, led to the decimation of Canada as a nation.) d) Leave no charge unanswered tell that to over 50 judges in this unresolved labour matter where no compensation was paid = destruction of legal fraternity. e) Don't screw up on slow news days. How about 'no news days' due to a national boycott of Canada's lead issue since 1867 when we became a country? Warren concludes to always, always have some good news in your pocket...if Warren can see anything good in this story, let him break the boycott and write on it but I suspect it is beyond his pay scale... As to racism with the Royals; it is a far more subtle matter than Warren seems to recognize. D) p. 11 U.S. Black Conservative columnist, Larry Elder rides the elevator up with the increasing Black wealth in the U.S. only to see the elevator headed down with black single mothers (three-fold increase since 1965) with children 20X more likely to end up in prison. No answer on this contradiction. E) p. 11 'Ignore NDP call for wealth taxes' could very well be an article against all taxation = a codswallop article


MAR 14 A) So the Ottawa Police have suspended yet another officer; this time without notification to the union nor media. The problem dates back to the last police chief whose 2017 graduating class has 5 suspended members. Overseeing the last two police chiefs including the incumbent is Councilor Diane Deans. police commissioner, whose man was incumbent Police Chief Sloly with Mayor Watson present for both. A plague of all their houses; a complete house cleaning is required and in that process, reduce the police portion of the tax bill. B) Brazil, with its highly dangerous COVID variant, is compounded by a gov't. dominated by organized crime; a world trend that threatens to drown the remaining democracies. C) '...It wasn't about the greater good. It was about what was right and wrong on an individual basis. Because if you neglected the people, the idea of a greater good was a pipe dream created by those whose idea of the "greater good" almost always tended to favour themselves and peoplelike them.' That lesson is about to expire on Apr. 08. Readers of this blog realize that I voluntarily ended my role in the as of Dec. 31-2020 as judicial malfeasance over 35 years in this unresolved labour case was refusing me my rightful compensation. In short, I was flogging a dead horse (the legal and political environments in Canada at the Fed. & Prov. levels -SEEMARCH NEWSLETTERS). However, the other side are not finished with me which is the significance of April 08 which has already been lost by them apart from any court Decision. In short, the conspirators have breathed new life into this case on a medical level (Franco Alulio algorithm) hence the Canadian Medical Association is now on trial. A recent W5 exposť revealed a very powerful Medical Organization which will spend $100,000 on legal fees to protect a medical Doctor from a $10,000 Action. (over 35,000 complaints as to medical malpractice last year...greater than the effects of COVID) Why not? 90% of that fee is covered by the taxpayer. More on this topic later.


MAR 13 A) In 1965, Ralph Nader published his land-mark book Unsafe At Any Speed starting with the Ford Pinto. He was persecuted unmercifully by the big 3-GM,Ford,Chrysler- until they were forced to apologize and now automobile recalls are part of our environment. Similarly, the arbitration supporting my illicit senior teacher lay-off in 1985 in West Vancouver under the imposed BILL 35 was quashed like a Ford Pinto with this difference; over 50 subsequent 'malfeasant' judges where the last act is to be performed on April 8 where I am a Respondent even though I dropped my fraud case (defective Pinto) against the 'Bobbsey Twin lawyers (car wrecks). Pierre Roger j., it is expected here, will institutionalize court 'car wrecks' by intimating (reverse osmosis) that the Franco Alulio algorithm is to be the standard court punishment for all whistleblowers or people complaining about their 'Pintos'....go figure. B) So, after 2 years, the 'two Michaels' are to be tried simultaneously by China fitting right in with Trump's notion of a bargaining chip at Canada's legal expense. Whether guilty or not, expect them 'to walk' and Meng to go free under Biden leaving the Canadian courts with egg on their face. Of course the Cdn. media will yap that it was their insistent publicizing this issue which produced the deal claiming that hey, even the corrupt Chinese courts exonerated them! No such thing. Meng's Defense Counsel is right; there is nothing to connect her name to any action in NY; that was to happen after the Feebies (who lie as a matter of course to Canada) got Meng in U.S. clutches. In brief, a deportation Order meriting one month court time (and full of holes) is still sitting after 2 years thanks to our erstwhile corrupted and corruptible Justice System...Ralph Nader, where are you when Canada needs you most? C) This one is so full of snakes that touching any part of it will get one bitten; namely, the freezing of the multi-billion dollar assets in Canada of former Saudi spy chief fearing for his life (that part is no doubt real as Saudi assassination teams are organized aka Kashoggi in Turkey). The sitting Cdn. Judge over the spy chief would have given the 1985 Arbitrator in my case a good run for his money (later ruled patently unreasonable when his Decision favouring the big Employer was quashed leaving me, as it turns out, in 35 years of limbo with no compensation paid due to the malfeasance of over 50 judges noted above). Pierre Roger j. would appear to put an end to everything on Apr. 08 when, in reality, all he will do is sanction the running of 'judicial Pintos' clear across the land. Stay tuned...but not the Canadian media which has its thumb stuck up its ass.


MAR 12 A) It is a question of timing and placement...The Pentagon has condemned a FOX host for misogyny against military women with comments regarding maternity wear for military women. The point is that both would question an 8 month pregnant woman going into physical battle (O.K. as a drone launcher) but, hey, we're out to sell news here. B) It is an innocuous term in science...the 'uncommons' such as the problem of pathogens being carried by space ship to either space destinations or returning with space pathogens. NASA was aware of the problem and took some precautions-perhaps not enough- but what about the private launches? The cognitive problem is that we don't know the 'unknowns' hence are incapable of reacting to them. The Franco Alulio algorithm, the idea of a rogue civil servant launching a personal algorithm apart from proper authority such as a governing body, is one such unknown (imposed legislation is a corporate form of this abuse e.g. the imposed BILL 35 1985 (B.C.) which was later withdrawn = banana republic legislation) and yet the governing body in my current case is attempting to do the impossible; quashing my personal pursuit of Alulio legally which is inconsequential as the algorithm will still survive if they are successful and can mutate to all corporate bodies. There is no 'banana republic' alternative. The old boy's club, in so many words, has used the wrong approach by relying on their 'gut instinct' which is superfluous in this example and, indeed,'s that for someone accused of current demonstrated ability? Is it a term denoting something one should have? (It was undefined in BILL 35) Because the Act was imposed, there was no gov't. oversight. Gov't. by fiat in these COVID times appears to be permanent and no Canadian appears to know how to 'stand on guard for thee' any longer. The courts and politicians between them have screwed us out of a way of life in Canada. We didn't evolve; rather, we devolved. The Romans found a similar experience with the fall of their Empire. Even Ben Franklin worried about having a Republic 'if it is permitted to survive' but most of the founders deplored a 'constitutional monarchy'; at least for N. America as conceded by Lord Durham in his 1850's Report on N. America where there was no lordly class...'why, why, that's just commie trash according to the good burghers of West Vancouver and Callow got his just deserts in spades even if it cost Canada its legal system which is a bagatelle loss' (a term which they would have to look up.)


MAR 11 A) SEE two letters to columnists spelling out the significance of algorithms by rogue civil servants MEDIA mar 11B) Just finished The President is Missing (2018) co-authored by none other than 'Lone Ranger' Bill Clinton, the former President which makes a tangential reference to the need for paper ballots for the Office of President. Lord knows what could have been said about electronic voting and I believe many in the streets of the U.S. are asking the same question. The theme is 'keep your friends close, but your enemies closer' as in this case of dealing with a White House mole. As a plot, it has verisimilitude to extant computer cut-outs only in this case the entire nation is without power for anything due to interlocking grids. As to 'Perry Mason', or the Lone Ranger as I label him, he has the answer long before the audience is told; usually half way through in the case of Perry. But who will watch or read any further once we know 'whodunit'? Anyway, let the authors have their writer's craft, I say, and entertain, entertain. I read mainly for the research in books or the Big Bang Theory on TV.


MAR 10 Charities are known to attract scammers like flies to a barbecue. The strangest story in the press is about a woman over a period of years and apparent aliases conning a youth mental awareness group (easier to scam mental aberrations than physical ones). One judge has declared her a frivolous & vexatious litigant and not permitted her to lay charges - as a plaintiff - without first acquiring the permission of a judge. That is exactly what I am up against on April 8 where, in a trial in which I am named the Respondent in a process I label reverse osmosis, the two lawyers which I have accused of fraud, would seek to have me declared frivolous & vexatious in order to quash actions which I previously laid against them for separate reasons of fraud which includes the infamous Franco Alulio algorithm threatening, as it does, all N. American drivers based on a false (or non-existent in my case) medical analysis without any justification (I sued for $10 million but he does not reply nor will the Ottawa Court give me a Hearing Date but the two lawyers have no trouble getting private access to the judges and court dates). The point here is that I have already called a personal halt to the Employee's Case as of the end of Dec. 31-2020 as I cannot get justice before a corrupt Justice System where no compensation has been paid in a 'rinky dink' labour matter = big employer has established the principle that the laws on employee compensation are nothing but a 'piece of paper'. Considering that I have also dropped the case against the lawyers, there is no reason to hold a trial, but that does not suit the purpose of Pierre Roger j. (I have called for his recusal with the Ottawa courts to be placed under Trusteeship for the 'scam of the century') who cannot be trusted to dismiss this case before the April 08 hearing in which I am expecting him to apply the frivolous and vexatious label to act as a retrograde action = anarchy. Even here, I have no legal standing as one consequence of this algorithm and must depend on the Governor General for representation under 'we the people' as a last resort if this matter is not widely publicized on social media by anyone reading this account. Canada's future is at stake; as such this retrograde action described here forever changes the character of our legal system in which the individual - or any interest for that matter - can be locked out of the Justice System for nefarious reasons (no 1982 Charter of Rights & Freedoms in the case of individuals). The central point here is that the charity example is probably a proper use of the frivolous & vexatious legislation where the individual is a plaintiff but the application to me as a Respondent under those terms completes the destruction of Canada as a nation. For example, what is stopping Revenue Canada from having their own algorithm in which 'tax cheats' can be deprived of their driver's licenses and hence all legal representation in any matter? One would think that even the jaded Legal dudes would be alarmed over this stunt. Publicity is the only answer before April 08; afterwards is too late for any future for Canada in any endeavor. To be sure, U.S. interests are listening. Canada and Canadians, where are you? The next step in this algorithm? Ask Adolph Eichmann, progenitor of the 'Final Solution' for treatment centers where 'work makes you free' (Auschwitz). In dictatorships, these are called 're-education camps'. cc SUN columnists Lorne Gunter and U.S. Professor V.D. Hanson /cc GG


MAR 09 A) So the media finally show a photo of the female single mother bus driver in her 40's involved in the fatal crash over two years ago and now on trial. She's black. The Union investigation exonerated her earlier. An overloaded bus over which she had no control in limiting numbers appeared to be the key factor along with slippery winter roads plus she had to maintain speed with other buses in the line. More pertinent would be her driving experience for, as I pointed out earlier, senior drivers avoid these doubledeckers which never should have been purchased in the first place. (disclosure: I drove for Para Transpo at the turn of the millennium for 4 years as a pre-retirement job.) As I condemn all Court Decisions in Canada, this outcome will be no's all about the insurance to be paid, stupid.... B) In the 1990's in Ottawa, an adult day school with about 16 students was established for teenage students wishing to complete their education. They were there for all sorts of reasons including being expelled from day schools with other schools not willing to take them. I presume such an operation exists in the Toronto area but the press is too busy milking current racist problems to give any objective picture. For example, a student could find himself (usually male) expelled for drug dealing with other schools refusing to take him. Gang politics complicate the picture. Parents (both black and white) could be expected to support the schools involved but not the salacious media which is augmenting racism with their purple reporting...these tabloid type reports will disappear from the central media only when they go broke...and we are not too far from that happy conclusion.


MAR 08 A) In the early 1960's in my Foreign Literature Class, I had occasion to meet the Professor privately on a paper of mine which really put the 'callow' in 'callow youth'. That was no doubt the general perspective on my academic capabilities by my teachers as I certainly did not measure up to my only sister (d. 2000) with a 142 I.Q...and I have the marks to prove it. But I am a 'reader' of well written works and I am receiving the benefit today as I can keep up with the best (top 10%, many oftentimes not recognized...the test? What topic are you reading on outside your professional designation?). Of course the real answer is to make do with what capabilities one has both materially and intellectually. Unfortunately, unless I get social media exposure on the Employee's Case, I will be toast on April 08-2021 in a court designed to slice and dice this target with everyone to be sacrificed as a consequence over the Franco Alulio algorithm which could extend to other institutions...overdue on your taxes=driver license suspension.= no legal standing on anything. The permutations are endless SEE MEDIA mar for Newsletters B) Now what does this have to do with 'Hamlet' Trump; the greatest play in history according to one pundit. This critic claims that Hamlet was 'immature youth' who, given the opportunity to stab the wicked uncle, cannot act which is a characteristic of youth. So where was the tragedy? By the time he has matured, it is too late and the forewarned wicked Uncle will act against him. Similarly, Trump with his middle of the night e-mails did not reflect a President in control of the Presidency, but now that he is out, he is becoming most Presidential which is not lost on many of his supporters or detractors. His greatest strength is that he 'can think on his feet'. Further, he is not caught up with professional designations like so many hiding behind their professional degrees.



MAR 07 A) I see Zeno Chara returning to Boston this season. Many years ago, the Senators had to choose between keeping either Wade Redden or Chara...where's Redden now? B) Trudeau seems to be taking a leaf out of Brazil's Bolsanaro's book with this difference. The Brazilian leader denies the existence of COVID while Trudeau denies the existence of a massive Canadian debt as evidenced by his CERB payments last year enriching the young for more money than they were making on the job... and all without Parliamentary approval! Mark Bonokoski in the SUN is merely whistling up the wind reporting on this issue. What the Opposition leaders - O'Toole and Singh - need to do is call out the Ottawa Courts slated for an April 08 vertical hearing which will complement our massive gov't. debt with an equivalent moral debt = Third World status.


MAR 06 A) (To the childhood limerick of 'No more monkeys jumping on the bed') Went to the bank to pick up a T4A tax form and the banker more printed forms in the bank; try H&R Block next door. So I went to H & R Block and H & R Block (whose business is to keep one from filing a personal tax form) more printed T4A tax forms here; try the Post Office. Went to the P.O. and the P.O. more printed T4A tax forms; try the internet. Went home and opened up the gov't website which includes everything they ever printed, and the gov't. (tongue in cheek) this (disconnected) number as to why these forms are not readily available.... Went to the suicide help line and the suicide help line said...we get a lot of calls at this time of year every year dealing with your gov't. willing to help you out...which door did you come in? Whatever happened to focus groups keeping tabs on these computer nerds... oops, big mistake; forget I asked that question.... B) The biggest problem with COVID is that not all people are struck equally. Some have only mild symptoms or none at all thereby breeding an 'I'm alright, Jack' syndrome, hence what's wrong with you type of disconnect? C) So we can cheer that a police car can turn off the electronics on a stolen car arresting the joy-riders. How long before hackers take control of anyone's car and, for example, speed it up to crash through a red light? The options here are unlimited = a scary world.... It puts a whole new dimension on murdering people without a that what almost happened to golfer, Tiger Woods, you ask? C) The Cdn. 'Party System' is the target of this attack on named Party leaders to either 'fish or cut bait'. They have to March 14 to publicize the Franco Alulio algorithm...or forever hold their peace in 'Third World Canada' as the Party System comes crashing down in this national issue. SEE MEDIA mar 06-2021


MAR 05O.S. p.3 'Our crumbling country' (my label) A few years back, the Military Ombudsman was treated much like I was for being ethical. He resigned. Now the matter is coming out that Defence Minister Sajjan headed up the persecution team of him. My point? Where was the media three years ago on this topic?...MIA (They cannot go broke fast enough in my world.) Under these circumstances, the trial of Vice Adm. Mark Norman parallels the current vindictive action by the two 'Bobbsey Twin' lawyers out to bury the Employee's Case which I have already placed an end to as of Dec. 31-2020...but then the conspirators want their 'pound of flesh' and Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland is obliging: PLACARD: VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS. For the ethical among the readers, see how I am being set up for April 08-2021 H.D. in a hearing where I am a frivolous & vexatious Respondent. Roger j. in conjunction with the Ottawa Courts is going to unwittingly(?) do those judicial things which will see the end of the court system in Canada. He has until Mar. 15 to drop this silly case which, due to the Franco Alulio algorithm, has robbed me of all legal representation hence my appeal to the GG to be a 'friend of Roger Callow' and attend on my behalf under the concept of 'we, the people'. Longer view? In one way or another, the U.S. will have no alternative to protect their northern flank but to secure control of Canada...and still the Cdn. media band can be expected to play on as SS Titanic Canada goes under the waves of Democracy. The Cdn. public is aware of our sick institutions but, unlike most of the world, they would rather whine than hit the streets. (But no violence to people, please.) What connection Justice Peter Cavanagh has with Stephen Cavanagh LLP, the firm pushing the current conspiracy is not clear but Peter j. has a history of supporting the 'big guy' and is functioning in Ottawa courts...Sajjan, move over.... Bottom Line? Our Justice System is a zoo supported by the politicians and media.

see F) below


MAR 05 A) O.S. p.6 It may seem 'cutsie' to some Grade 5 art student, but the SUN inverting the colour pattern to white print on a black background makes the article unreadable...where are the editors on this one...I'm sorry...don't ask.... B) p.9 Too many of them regarding the doubledecker bus which crashed into an overhang on a slippery winter road in 2019 leading to the loss of life of some passengers and injury to others. The article does not include the fact that while the driver is charged, a union investigation does not place blame at her doorstep. As a former ParaTranspo driver, I place the blame at the purchase of these ill-advised doubledecker busses in the first place. As to being overloaded which appears to be a substantial factor; that is not the fault of the driver who cannot control how many enter through the back door. There is no counting system. The accident sounds very much like the Third World where accidents abound due to overloading. My sympathy lies with the single mother driver of 3 children in this one. Due to the seniority set-up, senior drivers are able to avoid these doubledeckers leaving neophytes stuck with them. As one who held an AZ license at one time (drive anything but a school bus); a driver is merely aiming an 18 wheeler and cannot maintain his separation distance with cars cutting back in front of him. It is amazing how in 80% of crashes involving these 18 wheelers, the big truck is not at fault. (The biggest problem is falling asleep at the wheel on long hauls). As to the news article; it is the usual 'fact finding' article without a perspective such as the above. C) p.10Internet Giants vs Nations...what? what's this? Internet giants treating nations just like those Imperialists of old did in their treatment of the 'wogs'? We read about how the giants 'steal' media news from the nation's press but not how that selfsame press 'steals' information in their use of the internet giants...ah me, it is all a matter of whose ox is being gored.... Perhaps if the media produced a credible product, the advertisers would stick with them but their articles can all be found posted separately on the Internet. At one time, a columnist would be fired for 'doubletiming' their product in such fashion. D) Ottawa City v. RTG battle...and the winner is... the lawyers of course dating back to why Mayor Watson and Council voted for a discredited SNC Lavalin to build the LRT and even granting SNC Lavalin the right to build the extension. According to Einstein, insanity consists of banging one's head against a wall expecting a different answer...way to go City of wonder Watson has trouble sleeping at night; an indicator of insanity. E) Slap on the Wrist p.12 in which a hit-and run driver in a cyclist death escapes prison described by one cyclist as 'wildly inadequate' with the judge quoting COVID risks for an asthmatic depressed driver given to lying, in justifying the lenient sentence. How about this proposition: Judge: "Sir perp, as a healthy individual with no family obligations and no lobbyists or media pressing me and for being truthful, I am sentencing you from 25 years to life for a jaywalking charge. Go in peace or should I say 'in pieces'." (judge's side comment: you just cannot get good criminals these days.) F) p.14 editorial: Politicians must own their pandemic blunders: This doublespeak editorial says nothing about the media promulgating these so-called blunders without checking...and they wonder why no-one is signing up to buy a newspaper. G) It is now becoming clear that Biden baked his brains in too many bureaucratic roles to be a leader. I don't see the Democrats winning in 2024. H) p. 15 Carbon tax punishes Cdns. for staying warm This excellent article from the Cdn. Taxpayers Federation points out how the average Cdn. is turning from anger to fear as rising fuel costs are exacerbated by the Carbon Tax increases. In short, budgeting is no longer viable as what the public requires is an increase in salaries which is not forthcoming = World Depression. The only question is 'which country will be first?' Civil Wars may develop as a reaction against the top 1% wealthy.


MAR 04 A) So Sarkozy would piss on the French judges in they pissed right back with a 3 yr. sentence although many said the Fr. far right needs to be brought under control. B) So the Lebanese are starving...and in a capitalist system too! C) p.4 O.S.p.4 Warren Kinsella column would beatify Dr. Anthony Fauci of the U.S. who correctly identified the threat of COVID while all others discounted it. My point? This is an example of how 'long shots' are more accurate in projecting the unknown future. Now Fauci is warning against reducing the second shot to one shot as Canada appears to be headed. Is he right? Warren believes so but here is the point; we don't know. Kinsella, similar to most people, is a victim of his own belief system. Keeping an open mind is not an easy task, but the media make it one as a matter of bad habit. The public is understandably annoyed. D) Also annoyed are med students forced to work at Ottawa General Hospital with COVID patients without the vaccination which Toronto area hospitals give to med students. I can attest in other areas as to a badly managed General Hospital. Part of the problem is underpayment to staff medical doctors accounting for the number of young inexperienced doctors on staff plus immigrant doctors but that does not excuse weak management (My $10 million suit against them was dumped by Justice C. MacLeod without a hearing thus changing Canadian law forever.) The media would blame Trudeau for everything wrong with the vaccination program which is a mistake as the topic should not be made into a political football. However, the media is no longersucceeding in that gambit with the public. E) p. 6 columnist Tory Mark Bonokoski wades in against 'fat cat' left wing CBC with its subsidies for programs no-one apparently listens to. Now for an article as to how the bankrupt Postmedia is begging for equal benefits....don't hold your breath waiting for that article....


MAR 03 A) National Geographic article in March edition on the history of capital punishment in U.S. which was greatly altered by DNA evidence in 1990's releasing 200 people from death row. The problem is mainly associated with the U.S. South plus Ohio and targets the black population. Crown (including police) are oftentimes in collusion on evidence. Novelist John Grisham reports on many such cases.

Author of Dead Man Walking (1995 film): 'If I were to be murdered, I would not like my murderer executed. I would not want my life avenged - especially by gov't. - which cannot be trusted to control its own bureaucrats or collect taxes equitably or fix a pothole, much less decide which of its citizens to kill' (an indictment of all politicians). B) The Republicans are secretly happy that they are out of power with the Democrats printing money like it is going out of style to save the middle class; a process which failed elsewhere such as Venezuela which had its middle class wiped out. There was no economic answer for the Republicans either and even less of an answer for the Democrats with a revitalized Trump sitting on the sidelines sniping at the Democrats = perfect storm for the devil with every U.S. citizen except the top 1% being primed to walk on red hot coals. C) WANTED: Sexually compromised leader to head up Canada's military. No others need apply. The concept, similar to Organized Crime, is for the gov't. to blackmail the appointee into doing what he is told e.g. sanction $77 billion ship building contract. D) The media types, such as Lorrie Goldstein are remiss in failing to point out that not only is Freeland's $100 billion non-Parliament grant a boon to lobbyists but a source of major political funds for the Liberal Party. E) p.13 The Fraser Institute is at it again; this time begging the gov't. to cut 'red-tape' (which is not detailed, of course) in order to promote the 'efficient' 4 day work week for the small and medium sized business owners. Of course an employee not meeting his/her goals in 4 days could expect to 'donate' a fifth day = codswallop typical of this Institute. The average worker needs an increase in salary, not a decrease, in order to meet rising costs. F) p.20 What is up with the Insurance business in which Insurance Companies vacate the field permitting those remaining to charge exorbitant rates.(Of course, those departing Insurance Companies still underwrite policies of the extant ones.) The Ottawa taxi Companies expect a 30-35% increase which, of course, will be passed on to consumers. (All types of insurance policies are affected= corporate rip-off) G) p.20 Providing shelter for the homeless is not as easy as it looks for if the policy is 'too good'; homeless people from across Canada are attracted to Ottawa. As it is, Ottawa taxpayers takes care of Eastern Ontario on this level.


MAR 02 A) I had to do something with my private reading material which I have never done before...trash two current detective novels written by women from the 'woke' generation who lost complete control of the story line. Most writers have a problem with how to end their stories and many have too much gratuitous violence, but they are redeemed with research skills. The novels in question have a couple of good quirks but without cohesion, they fall worse than flat. I guess there is too much pressure to grind out a book as fast as possible. B) So former French prez Sarkozy was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment (he won't see a day inside) for bribing a judge. Heck, if Sarkozy had been in Canada, that is standard fare. Indeed part of my Defense in CV20-849830 where I am the Respondent is that the lawyer defending a lawyer which I charged with fraud was himself charged with a separate fraud for clandestinely visiting a judge even getting a private Decision ofwhich I had no knowledge. Actually, it is far worse than that as I have called for a Trusteeship to be imposed over the Ottawa Courts for a multitude of transgressions. There was no response. I withdrew everything by voluntarily ending the Employee's Case on Dec. 31-2020. I recently withdrew my charge against the first lawyer as well hence the above action is redundant. Justice Pierre Roger has until March 15 to collapse the above case without repercussions. After that, all hell breaks loose in preparation for the second date of April 8 which Roger j. established after Feb. 11 collapsed. Sarkozy is obviously living in the wrong country. But then maybe all Canadians are living in the wrong country too....



MAR 01A) O.S. p.1 The paparazzi are notorious for getting photos of individuals 'with their pants down expressions' but the Ottawa Sun has taken that feature to a new low with their photo-bombed portrait of P.M. Trudeau with an applied eye patch to justify their 'piratical'headline. Granted, cartoonists abuse people with caricatures, but I think the Ottawa Sun made a mistake here and should apologize. Today an eye patch...tomorrow?...more gross distortions of a photograph? B) More nitpicking Having to read the small print in a newspaper is challenging enough without the Sun providing a blue background making it next to impossible to read an article. C) p. 6 Teachers Reach Out relates to an elementary school program in which the Black Community have established a relationship with student, parent and teacher, a laudable idea except for one major drawback; where is an already overloaded teacher with vertical and classroom responsibilities ever going to find time for this additional work load? = burnout. D) p.9 ...Trumpism is the GOP's future. Sage article by a U.S. columnist reflecting my own stand 'praising' 'President Pelosi' on her ascension to the throne on Jan. 20. The central point is that Pelosi failed in doing her homework for the two impeachments of Trump turning around and blaming the media in that process. Already Trumpism is reviving in U.S. states without Trump directly. He is not going to divide the Party with a third Party; rather, he is planning to run again in 2024 with a public meeting in Orlando giving him 97% support. Biden is the underdog in this relationship.E) p. 9 An accurate portrayal ofthe debt situation for provinces but unfortunately twisted into the Fraser Institute's call for 'charter schools' which are little more than a subsidy for rich parents. Further, the debt has been out of control for some time now with no chance of 'paying down' the debt = world depression which has already started for close to 40% of Canadians; 40% more to follow. COVID has tipped the scale in that respect with no more canaries left to sing in the coal mines of the nation's finances.