FEBRUARY 11-2021

Bissonnette (Appellant) v. Callow (Respondent)

SEE CV20-00849830 FEB. 11-2021 H.D.

(Key Documents illustrating the perfidy of Bissonnette and Dixon)

(internet label-'Bobbsey Twins')


TO: Cavanagh LLP (Ken Dixon) by email: KDixon  for the Appellant

FROM: Roger Callow              for the Respondent


1) You are in receipt of extensive documentation (SEE both and for those materials.

2) Both yourself and Bissionette (B) have been cited by me to the oversight ON Legal Society for separate acts of fraud which is detailed to that body. Have you had any response? If not, under disclosure, should the court not throw your case out mentioned above, to order that detailed report accordingly. A copy of this letter is also mailed to the Registry for the purpose of forwarding the contents to the presiding judge. (Disclosure: I am already on record calling for the imposition of a trusteeship over the Ottawa Court System for many transgressions.)

3) Once again, should the presiding judge proceed on your claim, to provide me with all your entered arguments into the court for a future rebuttal. You can eliminate that feature by providing me with that material by Feb. 04-2021.

4) Still further, the presiding judge is asked to order a Report from the appropriate authorities with regards to Ottawa Justice C. McLeod and Master Kaufmann from the A.G. as it relates to them usurping the law. In McLeod's case, he dropped an action which I had against the Ottawa General Hospital without taking argument thus perverting the whole course of Justice in Canada prompting a suit by me against him. Kaufmann repeated that process after the court was in lockdown on Mar. 16-2020, raising the question of validity as well as the same charge leveled against McLeod j.

5) By a process I label reverse osmosis and a repeat of actions in this case detailed elsewhere in 2014, the above plaintiff, rather than filing a Defense beyond disagreeing with all points in order to justify a frivolous & vexatious determination; have, through their cupidity filed their own motion wherein they control the question forcing this Respondent to be on the defensive both literally and figuratively. It is standard boiler plate law which goes nowhere except under a compliant judge and I have had over 50 so-labeled judges across Canada explaining why this rinky-dink unresolved labour issue from 1985 goes without compensation against any number of employment laws. The whole idea is to 'ghost' all preceding cases laid by me in this matter leaving the Franco Alulio fake driver license suspension scam algorithm intact.

6) Complicating the case in Ontario is the Franco Alulio caper which is a threat to all North American drivers. For example, I have been robbed of all legal representation in all matters; an intolerable position. Once again, the presiding Justice must cause directly with the appropriate authorities to investigate directly on this matter. Alulio does not respond to the legal case I set against him. I have asked the U.S. Embassy to be 'a friend of Roger Callow' at this hearing as the U.S. is a direct target by this algorithm.

7) To ask for considerable recompense from this Respondent is the height of an unmatched legal bravado; particularly considering that a proper examination of your respective conduct by the ON Legal Society could very easily lead to the suspension of your legal licenses.


Yours truly, Roger Callow Respondent

cc ON Legal Society, 'Gang of 7'Media, U.S. Embassy(Ottawa), Deputy PM Freeland, Ottawa Court Registry

N.B. The above hearing is NOT to go ahead except by my inclusion with teleconferencing. (t.613-521-1739)

A copy of this letter must be presented to the court by Cavanagh LLP