JANUARY 17-2020


(followed by signature and posted on website: 2020 LAST WILL)



Prior Wills and Codocils.

1. I revoke all prior Wills and Codicils

Marital Status

2. I am separated from my wife but not legally so.

Current Children

3. I have the following living children; Christopher and Gregory Callow (adults)

4. The term 'children' as used in this my Will includes the above listed children and any children of mine that are subsequently born or legally adopted.


EXECUTOR - TO BE RE-ASSIGNED (Dec. 2020) as both my insurance provider and National Geographic are in a position of conflict

6. I appoint National Geographic Endowment Fund of the U.S.A. as the sole executor of my Will as they do good work for children in Africa.

7. No bond or other security of any kind will be required of any Executor appointed in this my Will.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have signed my name on this the 17th of January, 2020, at Ottawa, Ontario, declaring and publishing this instrument as my Last Will, in the presence of the undersigned witness, who witnessed and subscribed this Last Will at my request and in my presence.

(witness signature follows) (neighbor #2002)


Powers of my Executor

8. I give and appoint to my Executor the following duties and powers of my estate.

(a-j detail those powers with the Salvation Army to receive the residual of my estate)

9. The above authority and powers granted to my Executor are in addition to any powers an elective rights conferred by provincial/territorial or federal law or by other provision of this Will and may be exercised as often as required, and without application to or approval of any court.



Specific Bequests

11. The National Geographic Fund has my permission to dispose of my apartment and retain all funds thereto.


Distribution of Residue

12. To be given to the Salvation Army in Ottawa at the discretion of National Geographic Fund.

17. No bond or other security of any kind will be required of any Trustee appointed in this my Will.


General Trust Provisions

(1) Powers of Trustee

To carry out the terms of my Will, I give the Trustees the following powers to be used in his or her discretion at any time in the management of a trust created hereunder, namely: a) - o) They do not require application or approval by any court.

Codocil: At no time is the Executor to engage with members of my former family related to my estranged wife, Therese Callow,

in executing the above powers.



Individuals Omitted From Bequests

20. If I have omitted to leave property in this Will to one or more of my heirs as named above or have provided them with zero shares of a bequest, the failure to do so is intentional. To my estranged wife, Therese Callow, and related family members, I leave nothing.



23. If any provisions of this Will are deemed unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.

It is noted here that insurance policies purchased by Roger Callow with ITARI have already been converted to the National Geographic Endowment Fund as part of my estate.

ADDENDUM: It is noted here that sons Gregory and Christopher Callow no longer have powers of attorney, both financial and medical, over their father, Roger Callow

April 14-2020


1) randy harrison @  sent by e-mail

5350 Canotek Road #7 Ottawa, Ontario K1J 9C9

t: 613-736-8686 (Office)   613-614-3576 (cell)

and copy to:

2) National Geographics Endowment Fund

c/o Development Office  1145-17th St. NW

Washington, D.C. 20036  via mail



Roger Callow NG client

1285 Cahill Drive #2001

Ottawa, Ontario  K1V 9A7

t: 613-521-1739  e-mail:



1) Hello, Randy. Currently I am in good health in these COVID 19 days although I am self-isolating as everyone in our apartment block is asked to do. I trust you and your family are in good health as well.

2) As you know, I am estranged from my family and, as such, as the handler of my insurance policy along with the mortuary (Hope Cemetery on Bank Street), you are the only ones which could be notified in the event of my demise.

3) Earlier I sent the above 2-page Will to National Geographics Endowment Fund. There was no acknowledgment which seems rather strange but institutions oftentimes ignore individual requests these days. (NOVEMBER 2020 NG responded)

4) I am asking both parties above to e-mail me confirmation of this account.


Yours truly,


Roger Callow