JUNE 2021






JUNE 30 A) Cdn. Appointed Senate rejects U.N. & world claim that China practices genocide against Uyghurs amid total condemnation by public 'commentary'. China finances much of the Liberal coffers but where is O'Toole the O'Foole and his Tories on this one? MIA. I have often asserted that the appted. Senate (a home for lobbyists) should be elected along with a direct public election of the P.M. (The HofC could be scrapped with this plan as an elected Senate would stand in for M.P.'s & MMP's. B) Midwit NP columnist John Ivison says A.G. David Lametti should exercise his 'legal right' to send Meng home. He should be fired. Commentary includes item that so-called new evidence (delivered in a brown paper bag no doubt) would permit B.C. judge Heather Holmes to accept this intolerable position after 300 days plus of a one month trial. As mentioned earlier, the world has moved on and neither the U.S., China nor Canada wish to pursue this issue leaving the latter with 'egg on its face' in this botch of a trial. Best commentary related to a behind the scenes swap agreement for the 2 Michaels which leaves the Cdn. Justice System exposed (which I have already done in spades...SEE rogercallow.com) C) 1980 & 20% House Interest rates all over again? A 5% renewal rate today would break those who paid inflated home prices recently. The crash is coming. D) Wilful Blindness by Reporter, Sam Cooper pinpoints how Chinese crime lords are behind much of Canada's economic grief in housing bubble and fentanyl abuse plus money laundering. E) The Earth's Core has always been a little 'off centre' but there is an increasing bulge on the hotter Indonesian side to the colder opposite Brazil side. Significance? may be a factor in volcano activity (and future of world's climates such as Krakatoa in 1883). F) 'Error' in NY electronic mayor voting stalls outcome... as I have said before, ballot box stuffing is endemic to all countries including the last U.S. Presidential election G) Black U.S. columnist Larry Elder points out that black deaths in major U.S. cities in 2021 have already reached 2020 totals. Hundreds are dying weekly with almost all being black victims in gang wars. Chicago, move over for additional cities. Drugs are at the heart of the problem although poverty is also a valid claim. Bottom line? ...no change, regrettably. H) Highly controversial Decisions are released just before the holidays; in this case the release of the near blind octogenarian, Bill Cosby done at the expense of the 'errors of the trial judge'...errors, my foot. All Appeal Courts - in Canada at any rate - are political courts as I have shown. To be sure a 'joe nobody' would not be released under similar circumstances. The political reason behind the release? The authorities do not want Crosby dying in prison.




JUNE 28  A) For 6 months, SCofC Chief Justice R. Wagner has been double dipping holding the post of Gov. Gen. as well. He did not reply to my request for standing in for me at the recent abominable Ottawa judge Kirsten Muzhinski trial (Decision April 15-2021 which put 'paid' to any credibility which the Justice System of Canada had) where my status as a Cdn. citizen was at question (Identity theft).  B) While the housing crisis is not confined to Canada (U.K. & N.Z. as well), speculators buy up housing leaving them empty and sell them to each other at higher prices using Cdn. bank money to finance this despicable boom & bust ponzi scheme. ...one more reason not to vote.... C) So Arizona Republicans are joining the voter conspiracy of the last election amid a media denunciation supporting the electronic Dominion Service (Cdn. origins of a firm not known for its security).The CIA are accused of interference on behalf of the Democrats. In other words, the usual manufactured kerfuffle signifying corruption. D) Rejection of Democratic $350 bn. additional funding for police forces in U.S. is what POTUS wants...to blame the Republicans for stopping his excessive spending; this time for being 'anti-police. E) Misleading head-line: Indigenous peoples signed away land rights 100 years ago. Indigenous peoples throughout N. America had no concept of land ownership; a white man's law reinforced in white man's courts. To the natives, how can you give away the land of your forefathers? It was a clash of cultures which I taught in High School apart from the text book accounts. But students and parents alike in West Vancouver just wanted to know what was going to be on the cross-grade exam (textbook accounts). F) Making Washington, D.C. a new state is similar to making Belarus a new Russian Republic. It enables Trump and Putin to extend their political stay hence the drive to declare Trump a criminal. P.S. Canada, as the 14th colony, may join the U.S. as a state if she so wishes. Considering our institutional collapse (Institutional Autism); it would afford Canada an opportunity to start over eliminating our expensive and counter-productive MP/MPP System. Heck, California with a population close to Canada gets by with a Governor & Council...mind you miscreant politicians and bureaucrats are sent to jail in the U.S.; not so in Canada e.g. Franco Alulio  G)Reddit & Microsoft News are replacing CBC & Postmedia, the two major news sources in Canada due to their 'commentary section' from specialists in any topic from around the world. The contradiction lies in their definition of what is newsworthy as 90% of their captions would not qualify as they are just as trite and misleading (as commentators note) as the established news sources. Humorous comments fortunately abound such as with the comics which I sometimes include in this web site with their penetrating observations. Bye, bye, CBC & Postmedia; I certainly won't miss you other than for some cartoons.


JUNE 27 Terminally ill Rabbi Reuvan Bukka died today. I will not devote a 'walk' to the memory of Rabbi Bukka, a 'rich Jew' (During WWII, Rich Jews bought exemption to being transported but the numbers conscious Nazis insisted on a replacement). I appealed to him to sanction the Ottawa Hospital for pulling the 'Final Solution' over me. He refused to respond. The last time I saw Rabbi Bukka, a short man typical of his generation, was at a Jewish sponsored solo stage performance a number of years back recognizing the plight of a concentration camp victim. I will confine my memory walks to those 'poor Jews' and others so afflicted in our society. Some people rightfully objected to Bukka muscling his way into Remembrance Day ceremonies. (There is to be only one official military chaplain representing all religions...hence when is it the turn of some other religion?) My views here are obviously an orphan considering the outpouring of sympathy for the good things which Bukka did which were many. My point is that this is a man whom I would not like 'to have my back' in a sticky situation.


JUNE 27  A) USMCA 3-country trade deal dead, according to one source? The U.S. is challenging the Cdn. restrictive dairy rules which have a higher standard than the U.S. At heart of this political story is Wisconsin's desire to dump excess milk on Canada. (Even Canada has to dump milk to keep prices up.) Earlier the U.S. legitimately protested unfair lower wages in the auto industry in Mexico. Qui bene? Why the lawyers, of course, by leaching off this contentious system. B)Widely read NP Conservative columnist, Conrad Black, says 'celebrate Canada Day but not the politicians' which fits into my dialogue. His history of former P.M.  J.A.MacDonald I find deficient in a couple of major ways (I am a specialist in Cdn. history) but it is his praise for the Cdn. Judiciary which sticks in my craw considering his wife's claim, columnist Barbara Amiel, that she would not trust to 90% of Cdn. lawyers (the pool from which judges are drawn). Other perspectives of Black are worth consideration but his take on Louis Riel who was the only Father of Confederation hanged by the gov't. in 1885 is a tough sell. (Riel refused the mental instability excuse = psychiatry with its 'Final Solution' looms its ugly head even at that time in history.) In 2019 Xmas while incarcerated as a 'political prisoner' (a first), I refused the highly duplicitous Ottawa General Hospital's staff psychiatrist, Dr. Sarah Chan, trying to inveigle me into accepting her ministrations. I refused outright thus robbing the Hospital the excuse of having me incarcerated in some black hole of a mental institution. Tip: If necessary, use services of a psychologist; never a psychiatrist if you suspect, as was the case here, that the family is after the money of a senior. C) 'Lock 'er up' chant at Trump Ohio rally against, this time, leading Democrat, Nancy Pelosi (the power behind Biden) getting negative commentary on Reddit. Two strengths for the Republicans are voting irregularities covered up by the judges in a few key states in the last election plus Biden's profligate spending which is pushing inflation through the roof. Biden no doubt hopes his spending will be blocked in Congress as a means of blaming others for cut backs. As to Trump, he has no difficulty getting audiences despite a media silence. If he really wants to get noticed, he should ask Biden about the FA Algorithm with its 'Final Solution' for the driving public. D) I have already limited beef purchases due to high prices. While drought is a factor, price fixing is a bigger factor. Even in the 50's, 'roast beef Sunday' was common as many families stuck to stews and spaghetti with fish a rarity ...some things never change.... E) Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, beat Trump to the draw with his book which one commentator suggested should be entitled...'Clawing your way to the top through Nepotism'. F) 'When I was a boy' in the 1950's, a 2 week summer vacation and a trip by car, was standard with only the wealthy flying to Hawaii at Xmas. My mother pointed out an airplane carrying my father on a business trip from Vancouver to Trail; a rarity. As a young man in 1965, I took an around the world air trip sponsored by CAA one summer, a rarity. Today everyone insists on travel, risks of COVID be damned. For me at 79, I have put aside my penchant for travel living on my memories refreshed in well researched novels and National Geographics... JUST STAY HOME messages are like water off a duck's back today F) Stephen Lecce, ON Education Minister has his private school background imbued in his bones...he can't help it. As a former ON Supply Teacher, I agree wholeheartedly with his denunciation and replacement of 'Discovery Mathematics' (2005) where teachers waited for students to raise the questions first; something suited to less than 5% of the student population. Where I vehemently oppose him is with his failure to acknowledge lower paid workers doing necessary jobs. They are not to be faulted for lacking education. Perhaps he would be more at home in Japan or S. Korea where the zeal for excellence has led to a spat of competitive student suicides.


JUNE 26  A) How about this Placard: BLACK LIVES MATTER (PLUS 1-INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS) aka ROGER CALLOW ?  B) The normally astute NP midwit columnist Rex Murphy has missed his own boat let alone Trudeau's over the ramifications of the latter suing the Speaker. Simply put; Trudeau is pulling a 'Sloly' whom, in suing a Magazine, forestalls any criticism of his role as Ottawa Police Chief until the matter is heard (2 years? heck, Meng is 300 days plus in court delay). Hence the topic of a bureaucrat being called before the House (first time in over a 100 years) is effectively off the electoral gambit. All this and more is happening because the midwits censored themselves on the 'Final Solution' FA Algorithm which is now an international challenge to Germany's Angela Merkel whom in turn has foresworn to stand up to a resurgent Nazism. If she fails - and time is running out on that score - than any nefarious non-democratic gov't. source can publicize the FA Algorithm. (SEE A) above... DRIVER LICENSES MATTER)  C) Democrats pursuing Trump which makes them appear vulnerable are risking counter-attacks as Trump knows where too many of the bodies are buried plus he can make up believable public stories.  C) UFO's? oops, now UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) under gov't. wraps in the U.S. dating from 2017 due to an initial 2004 naval sighting. Hence the U.S. gov't. is well primed to privatize the FA Algorithm from media exposure. New label? ULP (Unidentified Land Phenomena) Oh...I am SO into having fun.... D) The first Museum of History (formerly 'Civilization' a 'top' employer) Director accompanied us on our archeological UBC field trip to Peru in 1972. An Ottawa neighbor in charge of the education program whom died recently hated him with a vengeance. Now we see the current director stepping down due to employee complaints ...some things never change ....(I detest the media labeling of some big Employers such as the Ottawa General Hospital as a 'top' employer, apparently a euphemism for 'big', implying excellence which my legal suit against them implied the exact opposite. E) A hissy fit by Parliament's Speaker using legalities to support his contention: 'The legal system does not have jurisdiction over the House (Parliament). We are our own (court)'. Good luck with that one as the Speaker appears to be viewing too many UFO (or UAP) sightings. Lame wristed attempts to give 'the House' intravenous injections are getting a big public sigh as they don't give a rat's ass about any of them... 'a plague of all your houses'.... Do I have a finger on the pulse of the nation or what? ...you decide. F) The media is starting to photo bomb Trudeau; something which the disreputable North Shore News tabloid did to me in 1985 at the time of my lay-off. They spent much research time coming up with a photo from 1972 where I was part of a West Vancouver strike in which I was shown as a bedraggled rat with rain dripping off my forehead in this unrelated event. In Trudeau's case, a public backlash to this type of paparazzi treatment may win him the election. G) The domino factor justified U.S. Vietnam War in the 60's to 70's. The Biden factor justified U.S. withdrawal from Afghans which is falling to the Taliban (begun under Trump in this 'endless war'). Message to weaker sides? Just keep the  war going. More than a few Afghan gov't. forces will be seen hanging from a tank gun barrel if they don't flee the country which many are doing. ...last one out, turn out the lights....


JUNE 25  A) Meng Deportation Case has more faux legal twists and turns than a snake has coils. 'Bans on top of bans' which I read thrice and still could not figure out, is the continuing saga of 'justice delayed is justice denied' which has turned Canada's Justice System upside down along with my own legal matters. Bottom Line? The U.S., China, & Canada have moved on with this 300 day plus trial which is now an embarrassing bagatelle which shows how the Cdn. Justice System actually works ...for the billable time lawyers and their fraternity that is ...and nobody else. How much is this case costing the taxpayers? Don't ask... the media does not want you to know....PLACARD DEFUND THE LAW COURTS   B) 'A Native Assoc.' ...what is that, an amorphous group of 'joe blows' whom want criminal charges laid in SK residential school graves without waiting for an investigation as to how these children died? ...TB? starvation and lack of medical attention? At least the group ask for criminal as opposed to civil charges where much money is to be made through class actions; one of which I turned down as I believed charged judges in Edmonton should not be bailed out with taxpayer money. They should have been charged criminally. (The media is concealing this mammoth story.) C) Yet two more Ottawa Police Officers with 'Middle Eastern names' charged by the RCMP with corruption inviting a trusteeship (similar to the one which I have called for over the Ottawa Courts) to be invoked. The last two police chiefs and Mayor Jim Watson fumbled the ball big time on this one. Get a competent Police Chief in right now! D) Florida one big sink hole with rising tides to complete the devastation? The collapse of an apt. building (similar to World Trade attack) where one side of the building twists against the other. One message...never buy anything over reclaimed land e.g. garbage dump (or NAC land on which sits the Military Museum). ...but who listens to me, anyway....? My 40 year 21 block Apartment sits on former swamp land...so far, so good as there are no cracks with flooding from decrepit pipes which get replaced... a standard theme for apartment blocks. City regulations for regular checks are the key although decrepit elevators exist in some run down commercial entities as private inspection contractors are able to avoid oversight...hmmm....


JUNE 24  A) What's wrong with this picture? Ottawa City councilor Jan Harder had a lobbyist's daughter working for her for years while chairing the Planning Committee ...and fellow councilors are only waking up to the fact now that it is publicized??? They're all liars. ...the only crime to a politician is 'publicity'. B) POTUS not responding to 'clear & present danger' leaving Germany's Angela Merkel out on a limb in the international aspect of the FA Algorithm C) Vehement backlash epitomized by Tory leader O'Toole against those who would cancel Canada Day (July 01) to support indigenous claims. 'Send everyone back to work' opines one commentator...that should change their minds.' D) Killer Paul Bernardo whose bail challenge for murders in the 1990's was rejected while his partner in those crimes, Karla Homolka, is now the mother of 2 children after serving 12 years...so much for equality of the sexes.... E) What?? Another mass indigenous grave in SK. (they are all across Canada & other parts of the world). Time to roll out the Gov't (taxpayer) payola to current day 'sufferers'. F) 'Delta Covid threat? How about the 'black lung extender' with its 50% mortality rate? G) Other than for some emerging nations (Africa), the world is moving into negative birth rates accentuated by Covid. Pension funds now have a 'best before' date as their disappearance to pay premiums hits the stock market hard.



JUNE 23 A) Many reading this column might think that I am against all judges...not so; just the ones appointed to my case. Ottawa's Justice Kelly ruled correctly, I submit, in releasing an obviously guilty shooter as identification was compromised with the 'perp' looking much like his brother in the dark in this drug deal along with adulterated evidence from a key witness. The ones to look out for are 'deputy judges' on the way up. B) When Biden became President, a young woman was executed in the first week in a heinous crime in which she slaughtered the pregnant mother and performed a caesarean to save the baby for herself. When asked whether she had any final words, she said 'no' although she could easily have said 'I loved my baby'. No doubt a twisted deed and she paid the ultimate price, but this legacy of love makes it a pathetic matter to me. B) Does a Master Computer exist which can crack any firewall? Based on an indirect reading of current events in which there are many malfunctions of military devices of western enemies, I suspect the answer is in the affirmative. C) D-Day plus 1 for international reaction to the Franco Alulio Algorithm which is not optional. C) Parliament should not be permitted to prorogue over summer months permitting all sorts of political games. They should be on-call to address such as committee Reports as opposed to truncating them ...just one more reason 'not to vote'. D) If the U.S. had a constitutional monarchy where the Cdn. election would be over after ON & QC voted, the U.S. election would be over with the votes of 4 states: California, Texas, Florida, NY. An elected U.S. Senate protects the smaller states while in Canada an appointed Senate (for lobbyists) leaves smaller provinces exposed. That's why I suggest scrapping Parliament and run Canada with an elected Senate overseeing provincial concerns and a P.M. elected at large by the public. Make sense? ...then this idea has no place in Canada. E) Ottawa Judge lambasts police for walking on constitutional rights of perps which included a grenade launcher in the car trunk which was 'handily' overlooked by the presiding justices who obviously did not want any investigation on this account for unstated reasons. What if the trunk had revealed a body? F) My account of the collapse of the Justice System can be paralleled by the collapse of the Military with Defense Minister, Sajjan, being the lightening rod. Another public media event ignored protest against the Canadian Medial Association complete with 300 signatures to Parliament also reflects a very sick democracy no matter which politician is spoken to. G) Call me Kate bombing. I watched only the first episode (I am a Big Bang aficionado). The success of Big Bang was due in particular to the writers and the pairing of the actors so that one serves as a foil to the other. No such foils were found in 'Kat'; a surprising omission by producer Jim Parsons who should have known better. H) Rotten Bananas due to world-wide blight now has me skipping my daily potassium from this source. J) One aspect of the digital revolution is to split knowledge into infinitesimal proportions as reflective on the internet leaving readers with a penchant to gather together those pieces which justify their thinking to the exclusion of all else hence the faux battle between left and right leading to intolerance of all but one individual's viewpoint ...oh, joy, here is my viewpoint without including your wrong one ...cie la vie, ce la guerre.... J) Mexico: 100 politician and 500 police deaths recently do not even receive a mention in the Cdn. press ...why bother buying a Cdn. newspaper?


JUNE 22 A) NEWSLETTER SEE JUNE 2021 Sub-heading ARE YOU NEXT?  B) Everything decays & dies; for example, people & economic systems (planets left out of this discussion). If people did not die, the resources of the world would have in all likelihood been exhausted by now. Economic Systems of all stripes also have a 'best before date'. The Industrial Revolution of the past few hundred years has taught us efficiencies by which we can prolong the processes; i.e. medicines prolonging life and monetary jiggling prolonging economic systems. We depend on algorithms which are up to 90% accurate to function and yet it is that other 10% of the 'devil is in the details' which makes the future unknown. For example, an astroid hitting earth or a modern 'Krakatoa(1883)' can mean that 'all bets are off'. Man-made wars further re-direct the future in unknown ways. Hence the authorities in order to keep the confidence of the public, are reduced to creating inter-locking algorithms in order to provide direction. Pull some and the system falls into itself like a pack of dominoes. Climbing up goes step by step; but a collapse is an elevator shooting down where only the top 2% survive. Sometimes that direction is diverted by an individual such as Churchill whose speech turned Br. into a fighting force against Hitler amid great negative odds as opposed to collaborating with him such as France. Other individuals such as Nazi's Gestapo Chief Heinrich Heydrich (only high ranking Nazi assassinated during the war by Br.) who promoted the thinking of the times with the Wannsee Conference in 1942 where the 'Final Solution' with its attendant 'Identity Theft' introduced concentration camp genocide ideology where victims were exterminated with impunity. Premier Doug Ford of Ontario (whose removal which I have called for from all politics as a non-partisan move) and Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical, Franco Alulio (whom should be tried for treason) have amalgamated the two strains of the 'Final Solution' with the illicit removal of a victim's driver's license for bogus reasons accompanied by the fact that any such victim may not have access to the legal system for any matter. That feature has been indirectly sanctioned by an Ottawa Court (Muszynski Decision April 15-2021) reducing Canada, in that process, to Third World status. Postmedia and CBC and their columnists are well-aware of this piece of malfeasance and along with a significant part of the general Canadian Public, did nothing, prompting my international appeal in A)


JUNE 21  A) So Trump used his Attorney General as his own private lawyer ...so Premier Ford in ON has done the same thing to sanction the Franco Alulio Algorithm. The Cdn. media midwits are blind to such transgressions = why vote and why buy a newspaper? B) 'Where is "away" when throwing garbage away?' opined the Greater Vancouver Regional District guest to my Geography class in the 1970's? 'Most people say 'the ocean'. Which brings me to the world wide topic of deserted boats, either on shore or in back yards where owners do not know what to do with them. Fibreglass boats, for example, cannot be recycled. It is a universal problem to be added to deserted mine sites which pollute the environment. The answer to date, is to divert more tax dollars to cover the reclamation from either Companies or individuals. ...as to the Third world? If they cannot scrap it, nothing is done. Even aircraft, after being stripped, rust out in the U.S. deserts. ...so much for ecology. C) Also 'rusting out' are traditional business careers as graduates opt for entrepreneurship with digital apps. Of course the failure rate will be high; it always has been for start ups. The point here is that the losses for apps is lower, permitting restarts. The concept for both is to engineer an idea which can be sold to megacorp. Some such as Bill Gates with his 'Window definition'; a spin-off from IBM for personal computers, goes in the other direction which is another option. Biggest problem for both? The numbers of true entrepreneurs is small; the numbers professing to have that talent are legion. That applies to novelists as well, as any editor can tell you. D) While Reddit & Microsoft with their commentary section will make mainstream news obsolete; there is the danger that oversight editor control will gradually erode that power once they build up their market.


JUNE 20  A) Black Lives Matter protest outside of P.M. Office calling for defunding of the police yesterday. They want their individual stories told which are quite different requiring different responses. No doubt individual policemen would like their story told as per W5 story (SEE D JUNE 19). The problem? Systematic cover-up from above so, indeed, Trudeau is the right  target of the protesters. He is not alone. For example, A.G. for ON, Doug Downey, refuses to investigate the FA Algorithm which has eventually led to the demise of Canada as a nation. Any protest (no violence to people please) may carry this sign: JUSTICE FOR ROGER CALLOW as the authorities metaphorically have their knee on my neck so that my case 'cannot breathe' = anarchy B) Sign of the times? 3 young children shot at a Toronto outdoor birthday party with the nonwits in the media reporting: The children were not the target.... C) Slush funds in all countries fund corruption. In Canada, WE was a target. In the U.S., the Democrats would seek to circumnavigate Congress which is the only body with the power to tax. In short, lobbyists have a job for life. In 'shorter' Cdn. citizens, at any rate, should not vote. D) Microsoft commentary reflects my original language by referring to 'O'Toole' as the 'O'Foole'. I am not being ignored except by real fools such as Doug Downey. E) Biden supporters losing interest in Biden's provocation to have Congress, and not himself, chop his prolific spending. F) Quebec class action against RESP's may extend across Canada as parents realize they have been fooled by Companies selling 'education programs'. In all cases, gov't oversight failure is at the root = why vote?  G) U.S. Ransomware payments tax deductible?...invites an explosion of attacks as Companies would do little to curtail problem. H) Easyrider film all over again with white pick-up driver mowing down cyclists in Arizona charity event? Mothers will soon add pick-up trucks to vans in warning their daughters to beware. J) It is not only Doug Downey who does not respond to his mail; but Credit Union Desjardin which sucked a client into online banking and defrauded him (but deny the allegation). Do not trust to any 'digital' institution is my advice. K) National Post's Conrad Black writes a whimsical piece about getting the vaccine shot only to be universally shot down by Microsoft commentary for his hypocrisy. He is a co-host with U.S. Professor VD Hanson, my unwilling point man in the FA Algorithm. Now there's a topic the two could and should write on rather than on sticking a needle up their ass.  L) Reddit stock with its commentary is way up while Postmedia without the equivalent, is bankrupt. Microsoft on Google weather is aping the Reddit formula... 'bye'bye, Postmedia...no tears here....


JUNE 19-2021 A) 'column': retiring SCofC judge, Rosalie Abella, was famous for 'making up the law' ...actually, all the SCofC judges do is decide on which side they will write as the 4-3 break or 5-2 break or 'unanimity' is decided elsewhere = SCofC a 'ball of wax'. Will new judge Jamal be any different? I doubt it as his background shows him enmeshed with the Old Boy's Club. for too long. B) To be sure, the Liberals factored in the Senate rejection of BILL C10 just as the Democrats factor in Congress rejecting their profligate spending. It's all about politicking (albeit for different reasons). C) Headline News? Heidi Klum goes topless... hell, I have even been known to go bottomless ...in the shower. What trite nonsense gets printed but here's the worst part; Klum will sell more newspapers than the declaration of the outbreak of WWIII. Also, a sign of the times: 'Penny' grabs the bag organized by Sheldon with a 'battery-operated chew toy' in the Big Bang Theory. Fast track to 2021 where one may find these sex toys on the drug store shelf. D) W5  Regarding Okanagan Lake drowning in 2016 of Arlene Westerveld and dropped charge of murder against her husband due to senior RCMP shenanigans has all the usual elements of high level nonsense which I recognize. Compromised Top Mountie moved to overseeing Organized Crime in B.C... all institutions are compromised at the top is a reasonable conclusion. And presiding over all of it are the judges.


JUNE 18 A) COVID Rainbow: Delta extenders:black,blue,red, & now green. B) Delta flare up outbreaks are being compared to natural fire outbreaks...too many differences which invite improper responses. Almost all Br. & Toronto/Calgary cases are Delta & yet restrictions are being loosened. Air travel seems central to the world spread although commercial truck movements are also significant hence Toronto is a mecca for these viruses. Vaccines are used to explain why the cases are decreasing but I think a bigger theme is that Covid  numbers are decreasing world-wide with the more serious Delta version displacing earlier versions. Difficult to beat distancing and masks plus hand washing as preventative mechanisms. Why do plagues go 'walk-about' every so often like army ants? Many conditions can be associated with this feature but really do not get at the basic cause which remains elusive as some plagues do not expand under similar conditions. B) Great bargains to be had ordering on-line only to find out the client is plagued for life with other commercial promotions. Porn Hub would have trouble measuring up to these guys. (No, I don't watch as addictive properties are attached to such things as gaming which I avoid as well) C) If you require psychological assistance on the job, always go to a psychologist, never a psychiatrist who can have you committed. I ducked one with the most duplicitous person whom I have ever met; young Ottawa Hospital staff psychiatrist, Sarah Chan, whom I submit at Xmas 2019 was seeking to cover the Hospital's perfidy by wangling me into accepting psychiatric care in league with young Dr. Jahagirdar (J.) of Towngate Family Medicine (after I had dismissed her) as a means of protecting the Hospital's egregious mistake in confining me as no doubt the Hospital's first political prisoner. I rejected her outright and was prepared to remain in lock-down but a gov't. patient care body had slated a hearing which frightened Chan off. I laid $10 million actions against both the Hospital and Dr. J. which were handily dropped by Ottawa Justice C. MacLeod without a hearing. If I had accepted Chan's ministrations, MacLeod would have been justified. That's how the Ottawa Court System collapsed taking down with it the entire Canadian Judiciary. D) Silent Night by astute author, Danielle Steel, is a nice piece of escape fiction in which an auto crash child brain victim goes on to become a medical doctor. Very, very few such stories in reality making their caregivers, usually family, the real heroes in our society; not Hollywood stars. E) Defense Minister Sajjan censured by Parliament is 'taking one for the team' which included the shoddy Vice Adm. Mark Norman court trial which was the real farce as noted earlier in this blog. Forget the media trying to twist this one into an election gambit as they are just as bad with their thinking as they 'bury' this perfidy behind partisan politics. F) SCofC appointee, Mahmud Jamal, the first person of colour has an impressive background. My point here is that he came up in a highly compromised Justice System. Will he turn out to be 'another Sajjan' or black Ottawa Police Chief Sloly?


JUNE 17 A) Is there a COVID nasal spray? Consider this ANSWER: Yes there is...Hydrogen Peroxide Nasal Spray (H202 Nasal Spray)...just not certified...there is little money in it meaning people are dying because doctors refuse to take this on or endorse it because there is more money to be made with the vaccine... Go to the pharmacist or Dollarama...buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide 3% solution... rest water, pour into nasal spray bottle.... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7308628  https:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7262503? me? I place a dab of hand sanitizer on my upper lip before I go out... B) The Liberal gov't. is being called out by the Speaker for failing to produce documents regarding the firing of 2 scientists at the secure Winnipeg Special Diseases (Ebola, etc.) the only one in Canada in July 2019. The stunt pulled by the gov't. was to create a new body to conceal the evidence to skirt the 'standing committees' of Parl. = anarchy. All Opp. members support the Speaker. If only I could get the same level of attention to the FA Algorithm which is a threat to all Canadians (not just the politicians)...  C) ...to Putin... 'your cyber-attacks are more evil than our cyber attacks' has the midwits tied up in knots. Sputnik 5 just appeared reflective of the theft of western pharma info. not necessarily attached directly to Putin although the Novichuk attacks would be (military control). D) Now we know what upsets the Legal Societies... Vancouver criminal lawyer suspended for 2 months for fiscal irregularities. Two Ottawa lawyers which I provided the ON Law Society detailed information on separate frauds didn't even acknowledge the complaint with Ottawa Justice Kristin Muszynski on April 15-2021 whitewashing the whole matter by claiming that - as a Respondent (the two lawyers inverted my action by making themselves the plaintiffs) - I was, wait for it, frivolous & vexatious, the same charge delivered by over 50 judges across Canada over the past 35 years in my bid to get my rightful compensation for my illicit teacher lay-off in 1985 in West Vancouver. That's how Canada lost its Justice System which -similar to the 'loss of a nail' analogy- led to the loss of the entire nation. The 'individual' is no more in Canada...kiss the Charter of Rights & Freedoms (1982) -as well as your individual ass- goodbye. D)News Summary: ...the authorities and the media world-wide just cannot keep up with all the news leaking out beneath them... make that a 'win' for the digital revolution.



JUNE 16  A) I read a 'cotton wooly' account of an AB Legal Society decision regarding the inclusion of nude photos in a brief. This Canadian Press article is reporting at its worst as it balls up an already balled up story. The editor probably just celebrated his/her 21st birthday. A photo including Kenney and a black male lawyer further confuses the issue and introduces a racist tone. B) BILL C10 'Fidel would have been proud of his son'...there is even a physical resemblance... Bye bye omnibus bill as the Liberals show the digital way to go by controlling the social media... just like in China. Of course the politicians are counting on the Senate to delay this BILL so that it will die a natural death...it's all politics with a dose of 'Franco Alulio' rogue civil servant thrown in. That same Organization is behind Ottawa Police Chief Sloly's action against a magazine and a Carleton criminology professor whom, no doubt, were foolish enough to file a Response... I mean, we have the rule of law, don't we?...don't we? (All war is a deception. Any commander knows that you do not do what the Opposition expects you to do. I survived 35 years on that meme.) Further in this war of P.M. vs media begun by former P.M. Harper freezing out the press, Trudeau is merely carrying on an established tradition which will win the QC vote which is considerable counting on O'Toole the O'Foole to lose ON for the Tories. Even his own Party doesn't like him. C) G7 meeting to NP midwit 'plus' columnist Rex Murphy is a pre-arranged publicity stunt where all issues have already been decided. D) The media just love their pejorative adjectives. To be sure, if the story of this target is ever publicized, it will be captioned...'disgruntled employee, Roger Callow...' which to most readers at one time 'said it all'...now I have myriad compatriots in that department.


JUNE 15 A) The first International NEWSLETTER regarding the battle over the Franco Alulio Algorithm. SEE JUNE MEDIA  B) What makes my protest with the FA Algorithm different from other individual protests in the world? It is an algorithm. Try this analogy. I am calling for a vaccination against FAA as it may replicate throughout N. American drivers due to a rogue 'COVID bureaucrat'. B) The real estate ghouls are buying up houses in such as Toronto and renting them out (a pattern in the U.S. and U.K. as well); speculation being done at the expense of potential home owners who see their dreams disappearing...gee, just like the Europeans when they enslaved the indigenous peoples...who says history does not repeat itself? C) Philippines Duterte accused of mass murder against 'drug dealers': What if, similar to Castro, he merely wishes to clear the market of drug competition and set up his own drug empire? In Castro's case, he did an about turn on democracy and instilled a dictatorship. D) The difference between Russia and Canada?...Russians know that they cannot trust to gov't.; Canadian voters do not. E) COVID doesn't do politics; it just is, hence the utter confusion of the public which has never been permitted to think for itself thanks to such as Postmedia which refuses to divulge the FA Algorithm. That challenge now falls to the U.S. in general and Germany's Angela Merkel as an Individual to see if they too suffer from the 'Canadian disease' (cowardice).



JUNE 14 A) By now the criminologist professor, accusing as he does the criminal judiciary in Ottawa (he's right!) including Ottawa Police Chief Sloly for malfeasance in which the latter laid a charge thus appearing to take the bull by the horns publicly, has realized that he is 'dead right' and in that order for once you are dead, nobody cares if you are right ...been there, had that done to me. The purpose of the public charge is to ghost the opposition. For example, both Reddit and Microsoft with their commentary sections, have dropped any mention of this case 'before the courts' (for 2 years and counting). And when it does go there, a compliant judge whose associates are being criticized, can expect to favour Sloly. There is little point for the professor or Magazine to incur legal expenses in this 'justice by reverse osmosis' in the current climate of institutional collapse. While I looked up the April article, I'll bet that I am one of the very few to do so. That is why I am going international on the FA Algorithm with its 'Final Solution' overtones appealing to such as Germany's Angela Merkel who is making anti-Nazi protest into a  standing public rejection. B) The quiet dismembering of ON prisoner oversight committee of volunteers story is incomplete. I am sure they were able to defuse many situations but here is a parallel story. In the early 1970's, it was decided that parent volunteers could provide a valuable service to the operation of our high school office which I am sure they did. The problem became when these volunteer parents had access in the process to student records and yet were not bound by the ethics of office workers with private information leaking out. C) Our epistemology (how we know) is based on groupings in which we can greatly vary outcomes according to how we group a topic. For example, I taught history students that the historical conditions of 1900 were much closer to those of 1899 than 1999 yet published format might reveal two distinct chapters; the 19th century and 20th century creating a major distortion of conditions in 1900 and 1999. The meme is covered by such statements as 'figures don't lie, but people lie about figures'. D) 'Judging by all the smiles, you G7 participants must be happy'...wry comment from the Queen. If I had HRH over for a 'cuppa tea'; it would be a no-smile meeting. Also, is 'Turdeau' filing his resumé for future work as I dearly think he wants out of Cdn. politics leaving it to heir apparent Chrystia Freeland? Former Finance Minister Morneau has shown Trudeau the way to go.


JUNE 13  A) I have read the hard-hitting March-2021 article in Ottawa Life regarding criminal police problems in Ottawa for which it gives substantiated evidence. Sloly is right that he has been maligned as have Councilor Diane Deans who selected him plus others in the court system - prosecutors, judges, politicians. The point in a slander/libel case is that if the accusations are supported by the evidence, they stand...it comes down to the presiding judge and Sloly has probably second-guessed that outcome well. My civil accusations against essentially the same crowd including Sloly (SEE MEDIA JUNE 8 where I call for a trusteeship to be invoked over the Ottawa Courts) essentially notes the same level of malfeasance. I am thinking of bronzing this PLACARD: STAY OUT OF A CDN. COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE, a Placard I introduced in 2004 as I have shown the entire Cdn. Judicial diaspora is bankrupt clear across Canada. Will the Ottawa Life introduce my evidence focusing, as it does, on the Franco Alulio Algorithm currently under a media boycott? Time will tell and that is what Slolely is after; namely to muzzle the opposition while the case waits and waits  and waits to go to court (one is not to speak out while a case is pending...right? right?(my case 'pended' for 35 years without a judgment; that's how the Justice System operates. Reddit has already dropped the topic with my included comment). B) Never buy a cottage on waterfront given over to motorized craft...easy for me to say as I don't have a pott to hiss in on this one but on a few occasions, I have seen how devastating the noise of a powerboat can be on the ecology and 'peace of mind'. Also don't buy an RV vehicle for highway use as the highways are a 'parking lot' for RV vehicles waiting to get into tourist sites such as the Grand Canyon. In 2012, our bus breezed through the entrance gate at Ayers Rock in Australia in time for the famous 'sunrise' while cars were still lined up at the toll booth...it's a continent-wide problem. C) Why is there no mention of any cause of death for residential school children where TB was rampant? D) Considering the high level of animosity between Putin and Biden, why meet at all on June 16? Biden should instead send 'King Canute VP Harris' to inform Putin that if any Russian washes up on the shores of the U.S. -dead or alive- he is going to hear from her as she denies them landed status. E) Whackadoodle Liberal policies: Are these mainly to provoke an election from the Opposition at the end of June?  F) Whether it is the Fraser Institute or a guest opinion p. 17 Jonah Golberg, the bottom line is always the same; the wealthy 2% deserve their benefits while the masses become increasingly impoverished. His outrageous assertions (which in the microcosm are accurate) can be easily counter-attacked in the macrocosm..


JUNE 12  A) If the G7 Meeting in Britain is to mean anything, the private chat will include the Franco Alulio Algorithm. B) National Post's Rex Murphy is more than your usual midwit writer, as he delves into the desertion of the young female Green MP for NB to the Liberals due to her pro-Palestinian stance. Is this the beginning for incumbents of minority Parties (think NDP) to desert the fold for a safe seat with the Liberals? C) I am with the Ottawa Developer on this one against the Appeal Court (all Appeal Courts are political courts) Decision to rule against them for the city's failure to warn of adjoining property threats to a planned parking garage that the city approved which would put it too close to a major sewer line. Of course taxpayers can breathe a sigh of relief, that's the point. D) So 'Mad Max' Bernier of the People's Party (no seats) would taunt the MB authorities by holding meetings contrary to COVID limitations and get himself arrested in the process. That is not the way Franco Alulio would go as he would just lift the driver's licenses of all those attending these forbidden political meetings.  Bernier came within an inch of winning the Tory leadership earlier. E) Notwithstanding Clause (sheer dictatorship) If you don't use it, you lose it appears to be Premier Ford's way of terminating the legislature (I didn't even get a discussion of the FA algorithm in the first place to close it down in the second place! - only in Canada you say.... F) Sub-contracting perils: To save money, Johnson & Johnson sub-contracted their 'delta' vaccine to a disreputable U.S. sub-contractor which led to the destruction of most doses in the U.S. So much for 'oversight'. G) Now there's a new one...my nemesis, Ottawa Police Chief Sloly is suing a local magazine for defamation...it is not easy being at the top and even harder if your name is Sloly. He should go on unpaid leave while this action sorts its way out (2 years plus) as continuation as an active police chief is tarnished until that outcome. Why did Mayor Watson sanction this taxpayer legal boondoggle which only tells me Sloly is on the defensive with the Ottawa Police Force? I am further reminded of M.P. John Reynolds (West Vancouver), the supposed middle-man in bringing in the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) suing the Vancouver Sun for his alleged ties to organized crime; a charge he later dropped. The 'ethically-minded' voters in WV returned him in any event. Later in Ottawa, his controversial conversation with Mayor Larry O'Brien overheard by a reporter led to legal challenges. As to Sloly, all his peccadilloes must be catnip to such as Ottawa Life whom he is suing...what is he thinking...that young Justice Kristin Muszinski will guarantee him a win?


JUNE 11  A) The just approved one shot Johnson & Johnson Delta Covid shot appears to make all others redundant as it will have to be in addition to others but may be taken separately for COVID protection...no wonder Biden is giving old vaccines away.... About 90% of new Br. cases are Delta which is now throughout the world. Calgary has a Delta outburst in AB where Premier Kenny appears to be fiddling while the Calgary Stampede threatens to burn; at least according to some Edmonton bacteriologists. B) Every country stuffs the ballot boxes so why should the U.S. be different? They are different with the judges destroying any such evidence. In Russia, a winner is commonly known as 'the one who counts the ballots'. I don't see Canada using electronic voting in future nor destroying printed ballots but that could change. We are more clever than that; young Ottawa Justice Kristin Muszynski (Apr. 15-2021 Decision) is a precursor to all legal 'non-action' in Canada where a Respondent is merely pilloried with being frivolous & vexatious without detailing why in terms of any issue...go figure...I sure can't....that's why I am turning international in my next NEWSLETTER due out on June 15-2021 where I am starred as Canada's first 'non-citizen' in a potential Nobel Prize winning story without equal for an adventurous international writer. No need to vote under these circumstances. C) Good news in the fight against Dengue fever, the other chronic mosquito infection (malaria) as messing with biology has led to a 75% reduction. However, over time, variants of a disease emerge with the recessive genes...it's an ongoing battle with new drugs becoming increasingly deadly to some people. D) Power Play,(2015) a clever novel of corporate sexual sleaze by the prizewinning Danielle Steele, could very well have been modeled on Subway (1965) founder, Steven DeLuca (d. 2016) reflecting a corporate structure gone rogue on female exploitation. Some changes, however, as former Cdn. military leader Vance, is finding out. Bottom line: young bimbos; get yourself pregnant as soon as possible = equals marriage to wealthy CEO or multi-million Company buy-out (to protect stock values) after which you may get an abortion. This is not an equal opportunity offer as males may not apply...but who to protest to? lol   E) So accused top Cdn. spy, Cameron Otis, in jail since Sept. 2019 is facing a 'Roger Callow'; namely 35 years of judicial inactivity...been there, done that or  rather had that done to me, where silence is the modus operandi.... It's the new Cdn. Justice System whatever that may be. The bigger story is how RCMP Commissioner, Brenda Lucki, sat on this case for years compromising Canada's standing in the '5 Eyes Group'. F) 3-page letter to Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly SEE JUNE MEDIA


JUNE 10  A) 'THE WHIPPINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL ROGER'S SUPPORT OF DEMOCRACY IMPROVES. In short, the gov't. cannot only lead a horse to water, they can indeed make him drink... hemlock, anyone?.... B) COVID cracks are beginning to take their toll with the general public holding a very jaundiced eye of so-called experts. Politicians and the media are taking a well-deserved drubbing... and when the exposure of the FA Algorithm hits the public...duck.... C) QUESTION: After telling Guatemalan in their country what will happen if they park their sorry asses on the U.S. border, will V.P. (King Canute) Harris swing around to Canada to give like advice to my sorry ass on the Franco Alulio Algorithm should it breach the U.S. border?  Lots of luck on that one too. Indeed, keep Biden home and send the feisty Harris to put Putin in his place on June 16... that will teach him.... D) Postmedia has every reason to be 'looking over its shoulder' at the new Microsoft weather/news app at the bottom of your computer screen with a Reddit style captions including a commentary section. So far it is ad free and picks up articles from all sources which are not blanked out 'asking you to subscribe'. Also, the captions are less 'racy'. A group of Reuters Reporters have set up their own 'news within the news' on Reddit by inviting any question on the Middle East. Does this mean Canada's media midwits will do the same? Don't hold your breath although who knows, perhaps the FA Algorithm challenge might surface on Reddit someday. E)... 'if the right one don't get you, then the left one will' An old boxing euphemism aptly suited to current COVID vaccines ('right one') and the DELTA variant ('left one' requiring yet another vaccination). Johnson & Johnson just announced a new one-shot vaccine suited to both purposes...think I will continue to hold out waiting for that one.


JUNE 09  A) I wade into the 'Rudi Colludy' connection with Ukraine and Hunter Biden, the President's son: The corrupt Ukraine gov't. was ripping off foreign donations to such an extent that the U.S., U.K. and Germany invoked sanctions against them. Anyone working in the Ukraine on this issue is going to have 'sticky fingers'. Trump investigating the corruption on behalf of the U.S. was not the problem; rather, along with Rudi, the two were blackmailing the gov't. into supporting Trump for the 2020 election (donations no less than in $1000 denominations please). As to backstabbing, all of them are trying to outdo themselves with little pushes from the press. While Rudi is credited with a low profile for 9/11 and defeating the Italian Mafia thus making it safe for the Russian Mafia (why Putin supports the Republicans); his star is dimming under this constant press barrage by Democrats trying to evade criticism of their own profligate spending. B) The President's Daughter is missing...James Patterson/Bill Clinton-former U.S. President. This novel has a darker implicit side; namely , the vulnerability of a politician's family to extortion e.g. A foreign nation could send a sotto voce message to a lead politician by murdering one of his family in an 'accident' where only that politician gets the message. That's the real fear over and above an individual terrorist acting randomly. C) For two thousand years, one person got across the idea that a martyr is to be suitably 'deaded' for the sake of the media...and then along came Roger Callow and the FA Algorithm.... which survives as an 'Old Boy's Club' religion long after all those involved pass from this mortal coil; that is why it is an algorithm. D)Another 'Franco Alulio' scam with the Census Police? If so, it means the conspirators are holding off on an assassination team. SEE rogercallow.com 2021 JUNE MEDIA   E) Reuters is attempting to control the commentary on REDDIT regarding the Middle East by providing answers to viewer's questions with this novel approach. Perhaps the Metis Nation in Canada can copy this algorithm. So far, the 'commentary' escapes the usual censorship with one or two convinced that no media source is reliable any longer.


JUNE 08  A) With the Kamloops story, the Metis Nation has shown that they have the right stuff to replace the Cdn. media with a Reddit type operation complete with commentary. The field is wide open. A story on the Franco Alulio Algorithm should be front and centre in that new media source. B) MESSAGE: to SUN columnist Mark Bonokoski re vilifying Premier Ford 'when in doubt'  Response:  I am not in doubt nor should you be either as Premier Ford is the progenitor of the most heinous action ever taken in democratic Canada aka the 'final solution' of Franco Alulio whose algorithm would rob all individual targets from any access to the law as well as steal a driver's license. Shame on you for your silence. rogercallow.com  A prospective Metis News could call out such media types. C) Why is it that 'yobos' all seem to drive pick-up trucks? (Predators favour closed-in vans which is understandable.) In the first case, a family of Muslims were deliberately run down in London ON. D) Tales of woe by those using bank e-transfers or 'on-line' buying; both of which I avoid. Nor do I bank by telephone. In a very few cases, I have to use M/C on the internet (e.g. internet services); otherwise I will pay by certified cheque if necessary. In brief, the digital revolution has too many pitfalls for the individual D) Trump could not have done it better: VP Harris travels direct to Guatemala to tell them any illicit emigrant will be turned back at the U.S. Border (VP's are always given the dirty jobs in gov't. and corporations which includes deputy judges). E) And on Trump, one Reddit Commentary would equate him with FA in terms of treason: There's a pretty cohesive and informed tale of Trump and Giuliani essentially committing treason, but the thing is this wasn't some huge and scary thing for them. Or how about: Laws don't matter if nobody enforces them, which often happens when people are in a high political office. F) Drat, Min. of Justice, David Lametti is permanently barred from the Soviet Union for speaking out on Navalny... and to think I was hoping that they would invite him and then refuse releasing him from Russia. Of course, Justin did not make the announcement...what are V.P.'s and Deputy's for?


JUNE 07 A) Apart from my own issues, I have come to the conclusion that no-one should subscribe to a Cdn. news source. For example, I earlier related how TD-Bank, when combining with Canada Trust in the 1990's, robbed CT clients of their RRSPs; a process which was deemed inactionable by victims who lost sizable savings by a 'bank tribunal'. There should have been an editorial rather than just a blank media space on this one. W5 recently relates how a petition to Parl. to defund the Cdn. Medical Association for routinely using taxpayer dollars to stymie those pressing malpractice suits. The campaign on the streets in Ottawa was never reported. Earlier, I reported on Judges being charged in a civil action in Edmonton (again, taxpayers dollars) as opposed to being charged criminally for kiting judgments. Edmonton sourced columnist L. Gunter refuses to divulge this case. And over all these transgressions epitomized politically by Deputy Minister, Chrystia Freeland is a P.M. who smiles and smiles with earnest eyes and round unthinking face ...and doesn't feel a thing. B) And into the above miasma breathes the Metis revelation vis a vis the Kamloops School orphan genocide from a century ago which exists in every province and western European country and is now the focus of the world. Hypocritical Trudeau would limit damage by blaming the Pope. The Metis should open up a parallel website to Reddit with an accompanying 'commentary' from the Cdn. public telling the stories that the Old Boys Club do not want you to know. Much better than the usual crapola from such as SUN columnist Susan Sherring who claims our leaders - Ford, Trudeau and Watson - 'must get along together'. Behind the scenes on the big issues such as the Franco Alulio Algorithm, they are doing just that...viva la 2% wealthy! B) I am not usually on the side of the 'big banks' but Tangerine is unfairly pilloried by an B.C. entrepreneur who shipped a $1600 handbag to a S. Korean client using an ETF bank transfer only to learn later that the amount was reverse withdrawn at the request of the S. Korean bank without explanation. Based on this information, the entrepreneur was breaching world trade rights (and avoiding taxation) by going direct. Was it a scam by the S. Korean client? We don't know but CBC's Go Public has made it an issue pillorying Tangerine in the process. C) The toppled statue of Egerton Ryerton after which the Toronto University is named, is due to his creation of the Residential School System which I submit was part of a larger scheme to 'acculture' indigenous peoples whose old way of life were gone (SEE JUNE 06 B) 'second date') In brief, is the one who creates a system responsible for its operation is a sticky question. For example, Eichmann was hanged in 1962 for his role in the 'Final Solution'. Capital punishment, in another example in contrast, has been eliminated from many U.S. states. Does that mean those who originally created the system of state executions to be culpable? As to public demonstrations of any type, protesters across N. America are welcome to add to their protest this PLACARD: JUSTICE FOR CDN. ROGER CALLOW in recognition of the FA driver scam extending into all legal rights. This is happening NOW not 100 years ago. C) Reddit comment summarizes everything: 'I would argue a lack of respect and honor and general assholery is the root of the problem'....and dominating that assholery in Canada?-the judges. ...or, 'the problem is capitalism, over consumption (by the majority) and above all, human greed'


JUNE 06  A) So Mexico votes today although with close to 90 politician deaths, the claim reads that organized crime has already voted...is 'Mexico North' the future for Canada? It starts with judicial breakdown and we are well on the road to that conclusion. B) I am certainly not a supporter of China but that is not to dispute their legal Cdn. court Defense of Huawei's Meng deportation Order which has passed its 'best before date' of over 2-1/2 years of court delay in which the world has moved on. This traditional FBI induced scam to pervert Cdn. Justice in the past has been readily accommodated by the court with the media yapping at the heels of China with its 'two Michaels' support which, I submit, is only going to get them executed if she is deported. All three countries concerned would like to 'evaporate' this case but how does the Cdn. Justice System winging this 'paper tiger' by the tail plan to let go? C) A paradox: I am not a fan of Reddit World News propaganda headlines equivalent to any media. Indeed, their definition of acceptable stories would deny all their captions. However, that does not apply to the Commentary section; a high level 'letters to the editor' from insiders from around the world on all topics which oftentimes criticize these captions. Hence with the Cdn. media boycott of such as the FA Algorithm, Reddit management feels safe in extending the Cdn. media boycott to this international story. D) Skip COVID, the black lung corollary with its 50% death rate which is now found around the world. We are headed into 'plagues piled on plagues' for even behind the black lung variant is the equally deadly white variant with the yellow variant up to bat. The world economies are running out of economic options. For example, what happens if London, Eng. with a food supply of 6 hours runs out of food due to supply disruptions? Historical writer of a novel based in 1465 by author Robert Harris reverse engineers such a proposition to a 2023 discovery trip of this fantasy world based on real life conjecture. Starvation in war torn countries is a universal; but what about peace time countries who bail out war torn countries if they should find themselves in their own bind? D) No children? ...no future. World-wide, couples are foregoing children due to the economic expense = e.g. 'Japan without the Japanese' in which a third of their population is over 65 with no immigration and a debt load worse than Greece = kaput! The EU wants to import family rich Africans. Cda. has been saved by immigration but Caucasians are avoiding families due to the expense. Even Jewish Israel is falling to its family rich Arab population which opposes Hamas. E) The Canadian gov't. can hardly wait to get control of the internet; not for media control as they have that already, rather to close sites such as my own...gee, just like China. I can see a day, similar to ships going down at sea, where I will have to revert to morse code; particularly with Franco Alulio writing gov't. digital code as opposed to being tried for treason....


JUNE 06  A) O.S.p.2 Glebe High School students win National Reach for the Top contest. Good for them. As a long time debating coach, there is little connection between students in joining both clubs. For example, one Reach for the Top  student told me that he memorizesd pages of national flags in preparation; a mindless task to a debater. Even Big Bang's erratic Dr. Sheldon Cooper in his Fun with flags gives the origin of flag selection; something Reach for the Top candidates are not expected to know for the most part. I have never heard of a debate on this topic; but the limited scope of a challenge based on prior research could make for an interesting debate along the lines of Big Bang. As far as TV coverage is concerned, Reach for the Top rules among game lovers. B) p. 6 No more racist J.A. MacDonald, eh? Without denigrating the genocide of orphans at a Kamloops former Residential school over a century ago, a uniquely western problem of democracies, there is another side to this story as the original intention was to retrain indigenous peoples as their traditional ways of making a living were disappearing. Of course that meant acculturation. For example Inuit people deprived of hunting due to the disappearance of the caribou, were found to make good mechanics in a society not so inclined to machines. It would appear that these indigenous schools inherited the problem of abandoned children and, with the addition of pedophile priests plus the attendant cover-up in isolated areas of the country, a disaster was in the making. I observed earlier how a close Caucasian friend was abused in private middle school by pedophile religious brothers. A 1964 room-mate from a highly prestigious British private school appears to have suffered a similar fate. Even one private school in Vancouver where Justin Trudeau taught was known for pedophilia. Most Reddit commentators suggest the elimination of Religion as one solution; nobody commented on private boarding schools apart from religion nor pedophile nuns (I have heard stories about QC where my estranged wife comes from.)


JUNE 05  A) So the Cdn. media is miffed about China calling out Canada on the Kamloops Residential Schools child deaths; a situation which involves all western countries (the others just turn to female infanticide e.g. China and India with female babies negatively affecting family fortunes although the shortage of females and children in China has them desperately trying to reverse that policy. B) Typical P.M. Justin Trudeau would 'localize the problem' which exists in every province by calling out the Catholic Church (other churches are involved in similar situations across Canada) for using the usual lawyer's gambit of refusing disclosure (led to the demise of the Cdn. Justice System. SEE rogercallow.com) He has little fear from Tory leader, O'Toole the O'Foole which even his own party dislikes, or Singh of the NDP (No Don't Party), whose focus is on protecting Organized Labour, the fount of their financing. Both Parties want nothing to do for their own reasons with the topic of racism. At this point I do not excuse Canadians at large for failing to call out all politicians on the Franco Alulio Algorithm = nation of cowards. C) A parallel may be drawn here between the publicity for Black Lives Matter which is drawing world attention and the human trafficking of women, a scourge throughout the world which receives noticeably less media attention...and of the FA Algorithm, a threat to all N. American drivers but nothing in the media. Alulio is currently digitizing the Motor Vehicle branch leading to God knows what but to be sure, imposed legislation (imposed BILL 35-B.C. 1985; imposed carbon tax currently) will have to take a back seat to his confabulation (honestly lying). He should be tried for treason (my filed case against him was refused court time by the iniquitous Ottawa Courts without explanation). All in all, Canada is a 'has-been nation' run by the top 2% euphemistically called the 'old boys club': PLACARD: VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS   D) For a shocking account of Parliament's passing of a 'Truth & Reconciliation' (should read 'Genocide') against both the gov't & Catholic Church, SEE REDDIT WORLD NEWS Commentary over the Kamloops story. One can only wonder what will happen on REDDIT when the FA Algorithm story hits it...and yes, it is worth holding one's breath for.

JUNE 04 A) Metis grand niece of Louis Riel, the only Father of Confederation executed in 1885 by the gov't of 'racist' P.M. John A. MacDonald, is in the forefront of trying to topple monuments plus the renaming of streets after him. Does this foretell the day when P.M. Justin Trudeau (nothing named after him but was of his father, former P.M. Pierre Trudeau) is pilloried along with his acolyte Chrystia Freeland for refusing to acknowledge the existence of the Franco Alulio Alorithm patterned after Nazi Germany's 'Final Solution'? B) Drat, another GOOGLE pop-up in the middle of doing something. Australia may have it right...find a different internet engine. C) Another commercial entity APP includes a 'Reply button' but does not acknowledge it although Uber tells you that the Reply button is not operant. Just one more confusion in a digital world adhered to only by teenagers because what is said has no meaning (or at least perverted meaning) to them. D) So the judge in the fatal doubledecker bus crash two years ago is delaying his Decision until July 26; a delay which harbingers a perverse Decision but then the entire Ottawa Court System is a perverse operation as I have shown culminating in the April 15-2021 Justice Muszynski heinous Decision which ends all Canadian Justice. E) I cannot believe it and yet a story about an Ottawa police constable in constant trouble stretches on and on since 2017 with the officer on salary = justice delayed equals justice denied no matter which side is in the right and all at the taxpayer's expense. F) An article regarding Spanish male teachers wearing skirts to class in sympathy with a bullied student wearing a skirt generated much comment on Reddit with most supporting the teachers noting that while women have varieties of dress, men with their pants do not. Historically, the tunic was the style of dress for all with Muslim males wearing ankle length tunics. In my day, male teacher participation consisted of growing beards in recognition of some charity or other although I never did. At any rate, discrimination comes in many forms...maybe men will someday wear skirts in protest of the FA algorithm.  F) For a few years a 'truth and reconciliation' Bill stagnated in Parliament until the 'Kamloops residential school exposure' and then the BILL became law when both Houses passed it in 6 days...and you wonder why I am cynical? ...Oh, truth, thourt Cdn. name is 'publicity'; it is the falling tree in the middle of a forest which does not make a sound unless the media reports on it.

JUNE 02  A) Community Response to gun violence called for by Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly. There is only one...resign if for nothing else than for this useless P.R. stunt. Let someone in the job with more experience. P.S. You can take Police Commissioner and Councilor, Diane Deans, responsible for your appointment, with you. Add Mayor Watson and stir well. (I might add, 'go back to Toronto where the police chief walked off the job and where you belong)


JUNE 01  A) SEE Sub-heading MEDIA June for NEWSLETTER  B) SEE Sub-heading U.S. POINT MEN re international pursuit of the Franco Alulio Algorithm.