JULY 2021


JULY 01  CANADA DAY  Many people across Canada have redirected their celebrations today to the memory of the many indigenous children who lost their lives in residential schools across Canada over a hundred years ago. My version is to damn the current media to Hell for trying to limit this first exposure of this event to Kamloops, B.C. when they knew full well other such sites abounded in other provinces. Now they are 'spacing these new revelations out'. This selfsame media boycotted the ramifications of the first imposed  legislation (BILL 35 -B.C. 1985) re my illicit senior teacher 'lay-off' which I voluntarily ended on Dec. 31-2020 (employeescasecanada.ca) when over 50 judges across Canada plus 4 inconsequential trips to the SCofC failed to provide me with any compensation after 35 years of litigation which was my due. Imposed Legislation forms the bedrock of the current gov't.'s carbon tax in some provinces which ignored my warnings. However, the courts were not finished with me as reflected in the highly duplicitous Ottawa Justice Kristin Muszynski whom ruled on April 15-2021 in a 'reverse engineered' case (SEE rogercallow.com) that, as the Respondent, I was frivolous and vexatious on all claims without dealing with a single one. The media refused to print that finding. Also ignored by the press is the fact that the Ottawa Courts over which I have called for a trusteeship to be invoked, failed to hear my current action against Franco Alulio, Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical whose Algorithm, reminiscent of Nazi Germany's Final Solution with its identity theft, is a threat to all N. American drivers as the driver license suspension 'for reasons best known to himself' has an extension of barring a victim from any legal option in any legal matter. That is preposterous!  Again, similar to imposed legislation, this threat of a 'cottage industry for Organized Crime' may apply to one individual today; but like COVID, threatens the very underpinning of our car culture in N. America. Can you get along without your driver's license? Few can. Due to the failure of Canada to act, Germany's Angela Merkel on behalf of the world's democracies, considering Canada is now a failed nation, is asked to fulfill her professed public promise to act against this current scourge of Nazism (by Alulio), presumably anywhere in the world. So far she has remained silent. Perhaps the ball will fall to such as China who called out Canada on the Kamloops fiasco. In summary, this Canada Day marks the demise of the Canadian media (CBC/Postmedia). May they both be consigned to Hell. VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS hits right at this politician/media unholy alliance. The indigenous peoples should have no trouble seeing that one...nor do I. This tome should be broadcast on social media as a world event. Will you, the reader, do so? SEE INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER under MEDIA July 01 for International Appeal.







JULY 31  A) Save your money...new investigative reporter on the Jeffrey Epstein pervert matter merely recounts existing facts with two important omissions; the name of Mr. Big who is behind the on-going cover-up such as Epstein's 'suicided' death and the pilot's list of clients transported to perv island over the years. Epstein's death now eclipses the JFK Assassination with its 'fourth shot'; the killing one which bent his head forward explaining why his brain was removed on Airforce 1 between Dallas & Wash. D.C. B) Another list which has been concealed is the movement of Arizona votes from the last election to another gov't. location to avoid disclosure. The Democrats and the media with the support of the courts are flailing against investigation=Republican win in 2024 apart from Trump.  In the last U.S. election, all states except for the 5 challenged states by Republicans finished their vote counting after midnight while the 5 stopped (where Trump was leading). When count resumed in morning, his polls plummeted = something rotten in the state of Denmark; namely the U.S., which the Democrats & media with support of courts are covering up. C) Formula for political success (Maj. Gen. Dany Fortin case): Find anonymous female from 20 plus years back to make sexual accusations against target. Meanwhile nothing is done about named current female accusations = individuals caught up in political games = Don't Vote. Traditionally, the military are idolized in wartime but forgotten in peace time. This furor currently voiced in terms of giving Afghan. interpreters (who face death in their own country) landed immigration status. O'Toole seems unable to effectively challenge the Liberals 'whang, bang, thank you m'am' patriation policy. D) Next Stop? Teenage girls filming themselves 'getting it on' for personal 'coming out' videos...see your favourite cheerleader... Nothing is sacred in this digital universe. E) Biden pulling out of Afghan. and pushing into Cuba with more sanctions = Commentary highly critical of latter. F) Now Hiring, Full & Part Time Jobs, Flexible Schedule No Experience Needed is the age-old battle between 'lazy workers' vs employer exploitation. One aspect is that no-one over 35, no matter how experienced, is considered for any job. (they recognize exploitation when they see it). Such blanket signs are cruel indeed. G) Usual poll shows Trudeau with approx. 50% support. Commentary largely negative...'The ethics will balance itself'. H) NP article points out the expanding role of kidnapping in the world, be it terrorists or gov'ts. The Meng CFO trial in Vancouver is unique in that she was taken while in transit which puts 'a cool' on all air traffic between 2 countries with lay-overs. The recent Ryanair deflection to Belarus to seize one passenger is such an extension of the Meng case which Canada hypocritically pursues with Meng while condemning Belarus. J) PLACARD: LIES / BY THE COMPANY; A MATTER OF POLICY / BY THE EMPLOYEE; GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL. It is a little like inflation; the gov't. loves to pay contracts with cheaper dollars until the employees want a salary increase eradicating those gains.


JULY 30 A) My column of JULY 10 outlines why all countries have a vested interest in stopping the hi-jacking of 'in transit passengers'; particularly CEO's. What if Bill Gates landed in a Third World country merely to gas up his plane and was arrested on some faux charge and forced to post a multi-million dollar bail for the release of himself and his aircraft? While the Meng Case before 'political' B.C. Justice Heather Holmes is due after 300 days of legal billable time delay (and much legal abuse), my advice to China is to smuggle her out of the country NOW, that is if she does not have a 'fatal accident'; at all costs, do not let her be deported to the U.S. where Biden did not re-invoke Trump's deportation request hence Meng is, in legal effect, being held under kidnap provisions. Unlike Trump, Biden cannot therefore use her as a 'bargaining chip' and if he does, WWIII could very well be on its way...at the very least expect some sub rosa executive action from any source from the upcoming Holmes j. Decision. B) Will Canada in terms of the GG pull a 'Franco Alulio'; namely, undermine the constitution in order to let the Liberals declare an election? The fault, my dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, as the Liberal Party is free to ask any question of the GG. The onus, therefore, is on the Office of the GG to act constitutionally but will the media, the Opposition and the media midwits see it that way? In short, will yet another rogue civil servant stamp 'paid' to democratic Canada and change the direction of Canada's gov't. at the highest levels forever? C) 'King Canute' VP Kamala Harris & Biden called out for their incompetency in handling the Mexican border problem by COMMENTARY on MSN. D) Outrage against former GG Julie Payette and her golden monetary parachute... E) B.C. Billionaire Jimmy Pattison Commentary included this gem of which I was aware. When getting started with his Pontiac dealership in Vancouver in the 1950's, one salesman told my businessman father that his sales manager regularly swore at salespeople in meetings as well as dropping the lowest monthly producer even if highly successful before. Pattison brought the World's Fair in 1986 on time and in budget amid atrocious working conditions. Definitely not my kind of employer.  


JULY 29  A) Does Canada have men in the Japanese Olympics? All Cdn. winners are women. B) #1 hospital admissions for young people is e-scooter accidents. One passed me on the sidewalk with its tiny wheels...all that he had to do was hit a bump.... C) The U.S. Continues to tear itself apart over the Jan. 6 (riots?protest?) One commentary is interesting in that respect...Trump is being called out for 'what he didn't do' which is a basic challenge to the legal system. Similar to the Cdn. media in general, I do not trust to the U.S. media on this topic. D) NP's midwit plus Rex Murphy takes us on a wild ride to 2170 'when the Canadian budget will have balanced itself'. Move over cartoonists, you have competition.... E) On what constitutional grounds can the Liberals call an election after 2 of the 4 years in power? The Opposition foils their attempt for a 'vote of non-confidence'; the only other alternative. F) Canada giving Afghan interpreters only 3 days to complete extensive forms for patriation to Canada reminds me of Franco Alulio. After an illicit and untestable driver license suspension in October 2019, he wrote in December 2019 in effect...well, if you are not going to get re-tested, we will just put your suspension on a back burner.... This is why Premier Ford must be removed from all politics with A.G. Doug Downey not to be re-elected and why - with identity theft - this topic is the lead topic in Canada, but don't tell that to our myopic press. SEE rogercallow.com


JULY 27  A) So Premier Ford is going to re-instate school attendance even if 'he has to drive the bus himself'...that wouldn't perchance be the same bus that he had roll over me with Franco Alulio's fake driver suspension negatively impacting all N. American drivers, is it? Just asking... I am not so sure I would like to ride on any bus which Ford commandeers as he should be removed from all political traffic business for this piece of Franco's cupidity. B) O'Toole the O'Foole doing what all politicians do...shape their message for whom they are speaking to without regard for others negatively impacted: e.g. Restructuring promise to give more equalization payments while speaking in Nfld. while AB pays for them. Commentary media perspective: a) the P.M. b) Singh NDP Party c) 'Conservative leader'= no-one appears to believe O'Toole 'has the necessary leadership capabilities. C) Anti-vaxers are beginning to make strides against vaxers as shots appear to undermine basic immune system forcing additional jabs. Where are the COVID 'pills'?...still in test mode.... Much depends on your life style e.g. workplace demands vaccination where employees are in close contact. Even here, distancing is the only real protection with a regimen of personal pills backing up one's immune system plus an exercise regime plus sufficient sleep plus a balanced diet. Additionally, don't get carried away by the so-called 'medical experts'. D) Was that Trudeau's wife at the GG investiture? I thought they were separated. E) Ottawa Police still pressing for more money after being told 'no' receives public protest against them. Good from someone with prior experience in the 1990's with policing matters.


JULY 26  A) Heather's Pick (Indigo) and mine too...The Splendid & The Vile (2020) Erik Larsen regarding WWII in 1940-41 vis a vis Br. & Germany (Interesting sidenote: alcohol & smoking was rampant in Br. but forbidden in Nazi Germany). My point: Why are such scholarly productions which I rate as an 'A' not copied as to calibre by daily news outlets including (midwit) columnists which I rate at a C- on a par with many Commentary observations on MSN & Reddit which have captured all the advertising.(I now have a Commentary section on rogercallow.com). Such as the financially challenged Postmedia want recompensation from these internet sources without mentioning how much material they lift from the internet. The final act for Postmedia is the coming election. Never before has a politician been pilloried to the extent of Trudeau. If he wins, it is the final act of a loss of credibility for Postmedia and their columnists as they will join other institutions such as the Justice System down the black hole of existence. Thank god for books such as the above to serve as a yardstick for mediocre material. (P.S. It can be elevated as illustrated by two recent articles by NP's Conrad Black which won plaudits from both sides.) Otherwise, only the cartoonists fare better. The political issue of the coming election is not 'one political party vs another'. It is the Franco Alulio Algorithm with its aberrant 'Identity Theft' through a rogue civil servant, reminiscent of the 'Final Solution' of Nazi Germany, which promises an entirely new direction to the driving public and hence the nation itself in terms of politics. Can you get along without your driver's licence through a bogus cancellation system in our 'car culture'? I think not. B) Mexico is a narco state where the rule of law and order is a myth. The FAA is the first step in undermining Canada's so-called democracy in a major way. Social media, where are you now that you are needed most? Add this Placard to your current street demonstration: JUSTICE FOR rogercallow.com but please, no violence to people.


JULY 25  A) Figures don't lie but figures from post Calgary Stampede COVID were lied about by a figure of 1/2. B) Biden's bid to cut some student debt for the Snow Flake generation not going down well with the boomers. One problem? Some 'perennial' students make a livelihood out of taking university courses with no intention of paying them off. Universities desperate for income look the other way. C) Olympics in Japan appears to be flagging; particularly as they now let 'pro's' in according to one commentator. My suggestion is that the modern Olympics renewed in 1896 is burning out again. D) NP's Conrad Black in an erudite article seems to be the only English columnist calling into question QC's one-language bid. E) Tick 'yes' & be denied... Gov't. question to prospective newcomers ...' have you ever witnessed or participated in...the looting or desecration of religious buildings?' No, but I have witnessed Candace Malcolm (O.S. P.15) where this statement is quoted as failing to publish the 'church' of the Franco Alulio Algorithm which is leading to a conflagration of another type.... F) Time honoured bottom line of the authorities 'always winning' appears to have been put on its head with the weirdos 'having their day' although not yet in cartoons ; a great message for the untutored minds of small children viewers despite the warnings.... G) 'Too Late Now' Christina Blizzard (O.S p.25) ...for Princess Diana for last minute ducking out of her wedding. Apparently everyone loved Diana...except the groom in this mismatch made for the press and public. H) Of course the politicians will wait for August to call an election...to collect another month's salary...and this is what you are voting for? Just stay home but if you must vote; ask your M.P. what he has done regarding the FAA issue regarding illicit license suspensions...and don't let them 'blow you off'.


JULY 24  A) midwit NP columnist Rex Murphy quite rightly challenges the dismissal of the military ombudsman on a 30 year old sexual accusation charge by an un-named woman and quite wrong in remaining silent in the 35 year unresolved Employee's Case where no compensation was ever paid to this senior teacher even after the West Vancouver School Board Employer was ruled to be in the wrong by the court. The Franco Alulio Algorithm extension is the mere icing on the cake for this journalist's failure.


JULY 23) A) So Ottawa Police Chief Sloly is going to lay off policemen if he doesn't get more money which he was earlier refused. He should start by laying off himself plus Police Commissioner, Councilor Diane Deans plus Mayor Watson with his 3% tax increase. Get an experienced person in the job to over-haul what passes for policing these days. (disclosure: I had a franchise installing home alarms in the 1990's and witnessed the growing failure of police to 'catch the perp' but still long on posturing.)


JULY 22  A) So 'sex in the Olympic Village' (Japan) is in the news again as per every Olympics. My thoughts? Female athletes are more of the ugly stepsister facial variety than the cinderella bimbo style...look at those muscles walk by!.... everybody should have a chance at procreation; it's only human....


JULY 21  A) I have always felt that I.Q. levels are a bit of 'a ball of wax' for it is far more important to make use of what one has then try to measure up in some sort of horse race or other. Big Bang's Jim Parson has a reputed 187 I.Q. which is math-science based. He has eidetic memory; a key factor in writing tests based on set knowledge patterns geared for marking purposes set by 'committees' and we all know where that leads. I can't see him in any other acting role than as the brainiac Dr. Cooper with social shortcomings. My deceased sister had an I.Q. of 142 and was the second top student from our school in Grade 6 (the top student was a Doctor's daughter). Her math must have been good but where she excelled was in knowing what people wanted to read on tests. We were both readers although she read for escape while I read for entertainment (cartoons). I went on to amateur theatre in University and spent my first two years teaching including this drama outlet which taught me 'how to read' (my I.Q. 120); e.g. bad actors act while good actors react to what is termed 'surrounding circumstances'; something outside the ken of my sister and she dropped out the first day of summer school one year from a drama class. Winston Churchill, as per many brilliant people, failed Grade 1, but continued to grow which is why I disagree basically with I.Q. tests. At my 20 year reunion of my West Point Grey high school (near UBC), my personal observation was that these colleagues were essentially the same people as they were at age 17; there was little of the ...when I was a child, I played with toys, but now that I am a man, I put away childish toys... type of thinking. In short, people get 'stunted', and I include professionals in that regard who do not grow outside their professional discipline, which is really the problem of the world and always has been.


JULY 21  A) midwit Rex Murphy justifiably pillories the communist system but where is that stentorian voice when it comes to where such totalitarianism begins in Canada...the Franco Alulio Algorithm with its identity theft? MIA  B) U.S. election results are the gift that just keeps on giving...After convenors sent home in Michigan for the night, the vote was counted by others in which Trump's 52% was reduced to 5% by morning. The Republicans can expect to win the 2024 election (hopefully without Trump) based on 'ballot box stuffing alone' which will sink the 'one-way' U.S. media C) Scorecard on Biden's first 6 months not looking good.  D) Watch out for Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly in his search for more funding (and less and less servicing)!  E) I have always been against 'private prisons' in the U.S. where convict labour which is abused to undermine legitimate jobs...Scarlett O'Hara, you ask? F) Dragonfly (2021) by author Ted Bell has an interesting juxtaposition between the war events of 1942 in Europe and 2021 in a fictionalized Bermuda controlled by China which is rather farfetched. That aside, the two ages are a contrast in outlook with the common bond being the risks military figures take on all sides. The contrast is that in the 1940's, the West was fighting a clear war for democracy against the Nazis and the Japanese; in the present, attacks are limited in scope to the confusing spirit of the U.S. being 'the world's policeman'. Trump put a price tag on that one & decided to vacate Afghanistan-America's longest war- with an outcome yet to be defined due to the change in U.S. gov't. Unfortunately, Biden from my generation who should know better, is unable to envision that future. So far, departing Afghan. has the world wondering about U.S. policy beginning with their departure from Viet Nam in the 1970's. So far, the U.S. appears to be acting behind the imperialistic aims of the hedge funds with their 2% wealthy leaving the U.S. public badly confused. The U.S. still have tremendous resources of all types but it currently lacks a direction which is being exacerbated at every turn by the effects of the digital revolution in the hands of commercial interests. Where are the great thinkers? I see isolated remnants under the COMMENTARY sections of MSN & Reddit but no cohesive philosophy.


JULY 20  A) The Digital Revolution is imploding. Apart from hacking, computers are going down for unknown reasons ('oops, we cannot reach this page') forcing a re-boot of the entire system. That is one reason why I maintain a fax connection which escapes re-booting so don't throw out your fax machines yet. B) AB's Jason Kenney is the focus of ire for claiming that the pandemic is over (without waiting for the results of the Calgary Stampede). What seems to be operating under the radar in this respect is the mutating factor of COVID. While the observable cases are going down across Canada, hotspots such as Calgary exist. Long term negative effects of these vaccinations are as yet an unknown but I can see why employers want people vaccinated where they congregate. C) Media midwit Rex Murphy divides the people with his articles (woke vs boomers) as per a midwit's standard gameplan while midwit Conrad Black was universally praised (including myself) for his definition in a recent article dealing with the clash of cultures in early Western Canada. D) Anger building world-wide against CEO's 'screwing the pooch' with their employees. ON police chiefs, for example want to suspend officers without pay which invites the kind of abuse in my 35 year unresolved illicit  teacher lay-off claim where the big employer merely forgets about you. To be sure, if I had been kept on salary as per regulations, this matter would have been resolved inside of a couple of years. The underlying problem? Court delays for legal billable time exercises plus aberrant judicial findings designed to extend that kind of activity e.g. Huawei's Meng case for 300 days and counting in a matter of one month's court duration. If I were Meng, I would be making direct arrangements to get out of Canada immediately.


JULY 19  A) NOW I know why the woke generation take unnecessary chances - they're infected with a natural parasite. In nature, a jackal with this parasite, for example, has a restricted sense of smell hence cannot detect lion urine which causes them to approach too close to their predator. Maybe that explains why I approached too close to over 50 judges plus the SCofC 4 times in a labour issue without an ending and hence compensation. Nonetheless, those judicial lions were defanged by this case = no law of the jungle, or any other type of law in the Canada of today. B) Hu boy; another 'woke' espionage novel. The name & author is not important. They all read the same modeled on the James Bond syndrome (see web); long discussions between the goodies and the badies before the final denouement always in favour of our hero whom lives forever (at least to the next franchised movie). Actual tradecraft is that as soon as the assassin sees an opportunity, he or she acts (under 5 seconds). The woke model varies from Bond coming out physically intact while all around him suffer horrible indignities to the hero merely being 'scotched', but not destroyed. Of course in these novels, accompanying police and soldiers are so much fodder. Soldiers only get to ask ...was it worth it?.... Usually not as one episode of Big Bang Theory re-examined Raiders of the Lost Ark only to show that our hero was superfluous to the plot. Most escape fiction is just that - escape, as the authors readily admit which is not to say that there are no truisms of value e.g. Stalin: 'no man, no problem' or Michael Corleone's observation (Godfather Part II): If history has taught us nothing else; it is that any man can be killed ...a message to the world's richest man (Putin) with his food testers. At 68 (avg. length of life for a Russian), he also has to look over his shoulder to his prospective replacement.


JULY 19  A) Stuffed ballot box U.S. story just won't go away despite media efforts. Every country stuffs the ballot box, so why is the U.S. any different? Even The Cellist by Daniel Silva (NY times supporter/wife CNN - pro Israel) wades into this one at the end.  B) The Olympics in the 19th century were dropped due to cheating and only revised in 1996 for political reasons by France which lost the 1870 Franco Prussian War & needed a new positive mandate. Covid has reduced the Tokyo Olympics to a basket case level with Russian athletes not permitted to represent their country. Some commentators suggest their athletes are 'doped to the gills'...I am sure that Russians are not the only ones. There is good question as to whether any other country will step up to the next Olympics as there appears to be no longer a commercial advantage let alone national advantage. C) Trump on Jan. 6 forgot to add my moniker creating a world of hurt  for himself ...'but please, no violence to people'.... D) Haiti, one of the most corrupt and poorest nations of the western hemisphere had Harper pull out aid distribution but media somehow tag this one to Trudeau. Haiti's people are the big losers E) NDP election news: Singh has the coloured vote so resurrecting a 10 year dead Jack Layton ceremony is after the white vote. Be sure to show the dying Layton hobbling on his cane which won QC hearts and votes at the time (lost in the next election after his death)....time for O'Toole the O'Foole to dredge up a cane for his failing campaign. Midwit Warren Kinsella had good advice for his campaign...is he capable of following it? F) Reddit Commentary on Olympic f---fest: 'Every 4 years, nations send their athletes to come together' Showing that would generate more interests than the Olympics itself 'Imagine the gymnasts event; they could sell tickets to that'...the advertisers are obviously missing out although the condom makers have a bonanza. This ribald Commentary is quite amusing. G) Former U.S. Pres. G. Bush scored off by Commentators for his needless wars to enrich contractors ...I wonder if someday the Canadian institutions and their leaders will be scored off for concealing the Franco Alulio Algorithm for there is never any going back.


JULY 18 A) Political World becoming more violent: Haiti assassination; now Pakistan's diplomat daughter in Afghan (no security) abducted in marketplace and tortured for 5 hours as families now become the target. B) Public outrage against a Toronto court judge and the Justice System in general for releasing a 'hit & run driver' is a bit like the O'Leary boat accident where the victim is in the wrong. Many decades ago, I pulled up behind a young female driver who braked after hitting an aged walker crossing the road in a crosswalk on a pitchdark night wearing dark clothing. The driver didn't run but was understandably upset with the father later contacting and thanking me for comforting her. My guess here was that the perp had been drinking. The usual stunt is to ask a passerby for a drink to 'steady one's nerves' and phone a lawyer who will stall the alcohol test although that did not work for a 40 year old female dentist who was ultimately jailed = bad call by the judge although I can name over 50 judges across Canada making a deliberately bad call in my 35 year unresolved case & not a peep out of columnist Kelly Egan (who writes this story) nor other midwits. C) High praise, which I would support as a specialist in Canadian History, for NP's Conrad Black's definition of the relation between the early natives in the West and their white overlords. Perhaps he is the one to launch a revelation of the Franco Alulio Algorithm which escapes all others (see Jy. 17) D) Justice Sally Gomery of ON Superior Court had a tough one on her plate with an 'accessory to a murder' being retried. My point is that the public mood is entirely against her as most do not read beyond the headlines (outraged victim's father). The Justice System is 'going down'; particularly the Ottawa Courts over which I call for a trusteeship. E) In some ways, the ongoing Brittany Spears debacle is about Identity Theft although she is hamstrung by court decisions which appear legitimate; under the FAA, mine were not. F) With COVID, medical doctors rate right up there with lawyers in terms of credibility G) Havana Syndrome (radio wave attack on human brain) expanding? (Austria/Wash. D.C.) = war of the future?   


JULY 17  A) So POTUS plus Angela Merkel plus Dr. Phil/Dr. Oz figure that they can sit out the challenge to the Franco Alulio Algorithm which has now become a symbol of western decadence...all that is happening is that some Third World Country is now open to show them the error of their ways... 'Final Solution', here we come....No-one listened to me regarding 'imposed legislation'; now nobody is listening to me about running a gov't. out of a rogue civil servant office displacing even 'the Old Boy's Club'. Hence Canada's coming election is already a sham  B) The financial community has never been too honest. For example, no-one was charged for the 2008 downturn in which the U.S. taxpayer bailed out Goldman Sachs=Obama fault. The level of decadence world-wide on this basis will be the source of the coming Depression which will equal no other. Covid is a mere bagatelle on that story. The fight will ultimately be reduced to food shortages e.g. N. Korea, something already sporadically hitting Venezuela & Lebanon -two former prosperous middle class countries- as well. Meanwhile the 2% wealthy at the top just get wealthier with exorbitant management fees as the hedge funds break the other 98%. C) 'Burn the churches down' (indigenous children deaths) Trans gender female B.C. Civil Liberties Assoc. Pres. given the boot for this tweet. I booted out this Organization (funded by gov't.) some time ago due to their too narrowed focus.  D) DACA court challenge in Texas...further evidence that the U.S. cannot control its Southern border = a fundamental weakness in the U.S. as it is in all countries suffering this mammoth problem with spill-over into all other activities. E) What is this nonsense of 'staying charges' as opposed to dropping them? Ans: To protect the courts which fail to throw cases out; in this case, throwing out the murder charges against two alleged killers based on very slim evidence (Vice Adm. Mark Norman had this stunt pulled on him as well). Now you know why I call for a trusteeship over the Ottawa Courts. E) So Biden is offloading his failure on the Covid vaccination front to social media which is in part true (like all lies) but the real story is that his presidency is flagging e.g. remaining silent on the FAA.


JULY 16  A) One good reason NOT to drive in Florida where one cop routinely planted drugs on unsuspecting drivers and then arresting them creating no end of misery (jail, legal expenses, etc.) He was given 12 years which all commentators felt was inadequate. My question? Where was the oversight in the police? Much like Canada with no oversight of the Franco Alulio Algorithm (see rogercallow.com) for this is what it could look like with no lawyer permitted to represent one so afflicted with this faux driver license medical suspension. Wake up Canadians...plus Dr. Phil/Dr. Oz/ POTUS / Angela Merkel ! B) re drought in U.S. Desert: COMMENT: You shouldn't be raising crops in the desert. My comment: years ago a detailed study showed what happened to the water table by growing crops in the desert = devastation which is now being reaped. C) Only in China, you say? Facial recognition being used in some U.S. retailers to identify shoplifters (from driver's licenses) which can make mistakes much to the discomfort (arrests) of innocent people usually black or brown. On the other side, what are retailers to do when the police no longer attend shoplifting offenses (such as Ottawa)? It is the 'decline of Rome' all over again. D) So former Chief of Defence Staff Jon Vance is charged with 'obstruction with justice' after he retires??? That way, the Institution escapes censure. I charged 2 lawyers with a detailed accusation of fraud and not a peep out of the media about the court's and ON Legal Society failure to investigate. It is all gerrymandering with our institutions = Don't Vote. E) Commentaries are full of troll comments which one has to wade through to get to the one qualified statement. Humour goes a long way to ease the journey. With my COMMENTARY (rogercallow.com) I seek to do much of that screening for Canadians primarily by avoiding entertainment news as well as ignoring the headlines other than as a guide. F) Cambridge (ON) Mosque vandalized article is 'all over the place': 1) All churches have alarm systems 2) Why couldn't the police catch the offenders as the level of damage implies some time by the perps on the premises?  G) Has everyone missed this one? O'Toole the O'Foole is quite comfortable being 'Leader of the Opposition' where he escapes scrutiny doing those things which sub-consciously keeps him in that position...a bridegroom never to be a groom....   


JULY 15  A) Just finished a novel written by a female (J.D. Robb) with its endless detailed fake orgasm to fake orgasm although it is portrayed as 'the real thing'=poetic license? A male just remarks on doing the dirty deed such as Zack in Big Bang Theory...'to cut a long story short...and then I nailed her' to male guffaws. Many decades ago, I annoyed my Poetry professor by observing a difference between some female and male poets with a number of women speaking up in support with the middle aged Professor backing down. While I am on the topic, Big Bang's Kaley Cuoco (Penny) kisses regularly on TV (3 second rule est. in 1900 with Burt Lancaster/ Deborah Kerr blowing the limit on From Here to Eternity. Like most actors, she was uncomfortable with actual sex scenes in the Flight Attendant. Porn has its ritual too-no kissing similar to prostitutes; naked females with guy presence only with tongue & dick. No 'vagina entry' permitted to be seen. CBC had a program on porn addiction in which a 12 year old male was forever crying with parents not knowing why. A 19 year old male could not perform with his girl friend until he gave up porn. Currently, Porn Hubs owner is being sued in Montreal for dealing with minors (not now as I believe they no longer show kiddie porn). M/C & VISA made a big difference by refusing payments to these sites. Police assigned to tracing kiddie porn suffer PTSD if not relieved every so often. ...so that is the modern version of the 'birds and the bees' today, boys and girls from this octogenarian...also see sub-heading PERV ISLAND  B) Does the Taliban want control over major cities in Afghan? Consider...feeding city dwellers with nothing to do is counter-productive; much better to permit foreign nations to finance these cities which will buy food from the Taliban controlled countryside as well as control foreign Muslim interests. C) Vitriolic responses from what makes a good workplace on MSN Commentary. I used to tell students (1970's); good jobs are hard to find at the best of time but where you can, never work for a bad or weak boss as weakness begets weakness. Look at how they treat their senior employees is one guideline. Unfortunately hedge funds pervert that equation explaining the existence of the top 2% earners. P.S. Forget the media headlines...go straight to COMMENTARY...I now run a private one beyond this daily diary: rogercallow.com D) A harbinger to come throughout the world? Cuban revolt centered on food shortages. It is not only an army which marches on its stomach (Napoleon).... Shortage of food in Germany a major reason for end of WWI. London, Eng. has an estimated 6 hrs. of food reserves.


JULY 14  A) U.S. brain drain with such as computer analysts moving to Canada's social benefits especially health care. B) I had never heard of the QC pilot who bombed Hydro towers causing a widespread blackout in 2014 ($28 m in damages). the QC Appeal Court recently increased his sentence to 16 years. Possibly the silence was to keep terrorists from getting bright ideas as it shows us just how vulnerable a modern nation really is. It seems to be a matter of playing 'whack a mole'. C)A legitimate family complaint regarding the failure to lift the renewal of an 85 year old's drivers license for cognitive reasons who later died in an auto accident in July 2020 is in stark comparison to the Franco Alulio Algorithm which changed the forms from 'cognitive' which is testable to 'psychiatric' in my case (no reason given for this suspension) in 2019 which is not testable, leading to Identity Theft; the key issue in the upcoming election. D) If only I had labeled the FAA a hate crime, CBC would have been all over the story.... (Indeed, it is a govt. hate crime) E) The trolls are digging up the issue as to why Trudeau was fired from West Point Grey Academy (had a reputation for pervs) half way through the year (went to Winston Churchill Public School in Van.) with papa Pierre's law firm hushing up the whole matter. The girl's father involved is speaking out. No wonder in contrast the media think that they can sit on the FAA debacle! ...and to add insult to injury; the Tories and NDP covered up this perv story. F) Sign of the Times: from a U.S. fast food outlet: 'We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience'. G) Covid rates increased dramatically after U.S. July 4 holiday -understandable. On Cdn. July 1 holiday, Kingston students were seen partying without masks nor distancing. No outbreak -not understandable. H) SEE Sub-heading PERV ISLAND under July 2021


JULY 13  A) Covid Experts becoming an Oxymoron as Commentaries reflect fact that the experts are just 'winging it on this one'; something vaccinated people can expect to learn the effects personally down the road...now it is a booster shot on top of 2 shots. B) Kelowna Crane Accident  killing workers raises a few questions: 1) Was this a non-union Company operating with cheaper equipment?  2) Was intense heat an (expansion) factor?  C) 'Freedom is removed one step at a time' re Cuban revolt has a message for Canada re FA Algorithm.  D) 'Constitutional Freedoms' group pilloried for having MB chief justice followed 'for corruption' merited one salient observation... judge has an organization with little of any oversight  ...amen, brother. It was a lawyer (who ought to know) who set up the surveillance. D) Senator Woo's speech badly misconstrued by midwit former ambassador Derek Burney on his speech on China. Where were the editors? ...oh, still in knee pants....



JULY 12  A) Some soul searching among Cdn. Afghan veterans with the pullout of western forces which is typical of any losing military. Perhaps a new military perspective could be that drone warfare has displaced the conventional kind and, as such, the roles are reversed in Afghan. where the West can conduct an inexpensive guerilla war against the Taliban. This war is not over as drug peddling will create a narco state which even the drones can spray...Mexico, move over.... B) Photo of First Class U.S. air passenger duck taped to seat for trying to open door in mid-flight. Crew was praised for action...'Silence is golden, duct tape is silver'...now 'one more use for duct tape'. C) As one with experience installing home alarm systems, I told one older person living on her own to have a restraining device on her bedroom (where the thief is headed) door giving her time to use a cell phone to call 911. Also add an inexpensive smoke alarm to the bedroom. D) How fit is Trump aka his 'baggy eyes'...only his medical Doctor knows for sure and he is not saying. E) If there is no discussion between Merkel & Biden this week vis a vis the Franco Alulio Algorithm and my plight, there is no hope for the western democracies. F) If the U.S. request to deport Huawei's Meng ended with the termination of Trump as President, and as Biden has not confirmed that request, then the Vancouver Court is guilty of kidnapping by refusing to release her. As an aside, her attorneys make their money if she is ordered deported and then they appeal for another 300 days of billable time bullshit. If Meng were smart -and China is- then she should change lawyers.


JULY 10  A) Institutional collapse all over. B.C. Paramedics claim systematic weaknesses known in the system for some time. Hence my demonstration of Justice System collapse is typical although I point out that in my case it was intentional.  B) NP's midwit plus/plus Jonathan Kay blasts Sobeys grocery outlet with support from the Commentary insisting that 'white privilege give up their positions to non-whites'. ...how many executive Sobeys will do that? Just asking... it is a disastrous introduction to social media by a corporation. C) My COMMENTARY for July has a few additions  D) So B.C. Justice Heather Holmes would deny disclosure related to Meng's Defence in Huawei's case in Vancouver pointing to FBI fraud. The public is beginning to call out this farce of a trial...been there, done that...if not under Holmes, then over 50 of her ilk. My projection? For Holmes to order deportation thus producing another 900 days of Appeal Court delay. The Chinese elephant must be getting restless with this Canadian mouse with rape on its mind.... Further, China and other nations must make it clear that their CEO's in transit are not seized and ransomed hence this story is a long way from being finished but finished it will be in China's favour because all nations are against this deportation game for business reasons. E) 'Guns don't kill people/bullets flying really fast do' lol (P.S. I specialize in speeding bullets.)


JULY 09  A) So indigenous MP Independent Jody Wilson Raybould is not running in the next election. Probably for lack of money. Her financial backers from the last election expected her to rejoin the Liberal Party (to access payola) but the Liberals didn't want her. COMMENTARY would be praiseworthy of this 'ethical' MP which I found to be personally unethical in 2016 as she did to my legal cases as Justice Minister what Trudeau later did to her over SNC Lavalin...hypocrisy wins the day.... B) Age old world-wide story in which redevelopment of housing leads to intensification by developers...some make sense; others do not. Biggest problem is infrastructure associated with change such as sewer, water, and road conditions which are not suited to bigger development leaving taxpayers with a subsequent headache. But the developers still come out on top with city councilors and planning department individuals receiving personal payola. C) I don't vote so what do I know? VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS. However the media pundits tell me that there is only a choice between 'left and right' with no 'central'. Guesstimate: Opposition Parties are considered a 'Party in waiting' and it seems that, once again, the Tories are going to continue that trend. As for me, it is a 'plague of all your houses' in the failure of all politicians to expose the Franco Alulio Algorithm negatively affecting our motoring public in a major way (SEE rogercallow.com MEDIA July 8 letter to new GG which says it all). C) Everyone is speaking algorithms including a Colorado Republican Senator claiming that 'Google chose the outcome' by manipulating the media to favour the Democrats in the last election...works for me in terms of how Google shafted me in favour of the moribund Cdn. Justice System (Google fined heavily in Europe for these 'games'). D) Walmart now Serfmart. Putin now Vladdydaddy. or Kamilla Ding Dong whom I label King Canute Kamilla E) DELTA? now its LAMDA from Peru, the riskiest Covid nation on the planet


JULY 08 A) SEE MEDIA july for Letter to incoming indigenous GG, Mary Simon. B) Boris Johnson is going to lift the ban on COVID in a couple of weeks amid an outbreak of Delta. He figures Britain could at the worst suffer a 2/3 fatality rate but cannot survive a continual 1/3 economic decline. C) Some very nervous world leaders speaking out against the assassination of the Jamaican P.M. Coups they can contend with. The worst scenario is the innocuous involvement of a medical doctor. Not too many Popes ever wandered around 'in a fog'. In the words of Stalin...'no man, no problem' D) In the mid 1950's, the Salk vaccine cured polio. Today we have myriad vaccines for Covid = we have yet to find the cure?


JULY 07  A) Best-selling author, Nora Roberts in her 2017 novel, Year One, juxtaposes the great plaque of the 14th century to the current time in which 1/3 of the world's population died off, to current day New York City as a focal point in an outbreak of world bird flu (similar 1/3 death rate) beginning on a farm in Scotland. As this is before COVID, her observations are frightening and could be the model beginning in such as Britain where the Delta version of Covid is out of control (and behind that is Black Lung disease with a 50% mortality rate) and yet restrictions are to be lifted on July 21. Already planes are flying throughout the world in gay abandon. One interesting item is that animals are not getting sick in the novel which parallels today in which animals, if they do get COVID, are likely to be contaminated from people. 'Vaccines proved as ineffective as the fraudulent cures selling briskly on the internet.' p.39 part of description of the expansion of the plague eerily topical today. The storyline focuses on a small group which is auto-immune which is common (for example, prostitutes in Uganda were found to be immune to HIV) and their story amidst the horror everywhere. One reality is food theft as reflected in this elevator joke (I am always kidding people): 'Aren't you afraid that I am going to mug you for your groceries?' "Nope, I am wearing hob-nail boots while you are wearing sandals on your bare feet." 'Ouch!' Maybe a joke here but a reality in this novel. Of course there are individual acts of heroism keeping the human element in this brutal world where escape from the locked down city is the only hope. In short, it is the law of the jungle applied to human beings. B) Oil subsidies (as a representation of all gov't. subsidies) in the macrocosm is illustrated by this personal story of over two decades ago in the microcom regarding one special student evaluation requiring at most 3 evaluators but got 6 as other gov't. departments latched onto this billable time exercise for themselves with nothing to contribute. C) 'Ever met an honest one?' Commentary on Israel regarding lawmakers which could equally apply to Canada. D) 'Canadian sheeples' lol  E) P.M. Trudeau? ...I thought it was P.M. Katie Telford (Chief of Staff) F) Syringe Roulette ...new Rap song? G) I thought that I was the only one holding the feet of the Old Boys Cub to the fire ...and then I discovered Reddit & Microsoft Commentary where even I can't keep up. Privately, the OBC must be very worried indeed to see their story by-line captions being shot down on a regular basis: e.g. a broke investor is told to re-align his portfolio from a safe 6% to a 400% return in a company managed by the writer. I exaggerate of course but the point is clear. H) I noted that on July 01, there was a big group meeting of those in their 20's in Kingston sans masks. Today a check of the COVID numbers for Kingston today showed no increase. Can someone explain this apparent anomaly?


JULY 06  A) San Fran suffers in surge of shoplifting due to police not attending such crimes...same policy in Ottawa. I was dumbfounded to learn of this Police Chief Sloly Decision.  B) Japan is a financial basket case. Using its Pension Funds to invest in risky foreign adventures comes with a price. Canada could learn from this risky behaviour with its gov't. pension funds as well. (Hong Kong pension recipients livin g in U.K. can't collect) C) Praise continues to roll in for recently deceased Rabbi Bulka but I am not one of them for this Phd in Psychology refused to speak out on my Ottawa General Hospital confinement at Xmas 2019 as the Hospital's first political prisoner (after passing all medical tests). I called this man a 'rich Jew' (In WWll, wealthy Jews paid the Nazis to leave them off the transport lists which were then fulfilled with poor Jews). It is true that he was known for his many acts of kindness but he was not there for me (and Canada) where it really counted most. He was also a leading lobbyist for both Israel and Ottawa. If any memorial is raised for him in Ottawa, no taxpayer money should be used. Please note that I am not against popular leaders such as school teachers as students (public) need their heroes. It is a matter of leaving the 'heavy lifting' to others in a balance type of situation. Nobody is doing the heavy lifting in Canada against rogue civil servant Franco Alulio other than myself...that's the real crime of Canadians. D) Commentary section is not being fooled by gov't. planted financial stories = public anger increasing multifold. E) Hawksbury Doctor accused of murdering 89 year old patient is not getting any public sympathy. Is he part of the general medical practice of doctors 'putting down' weakened terminal patients to save them from more pain? A regular dose of penicillin will do the trick and family is forewarned (both my own father and father-in-law were 'put down' in this fashion). Hence the real question relates as to why a police charge was assigned... family pressure for material gain? F) Commentary collectively have it wrong on why Churches should pay taxes. The book Praise the Lord for Tax Evasion (1990's) defined how businesses avoid taxes by registering as a church. Actual church operations are razor thin. solution? Churches are provided tax free land. When they close down as a church, the land should revert to the community. G) Canada Day celebration of young folks in Kingston with nary a mask in sight. If no COVID outbreak, a new definition of contagion needs to be created.


JULY 05 A) Microsoft Commentary: 'Class actions against Condo Boards, not interest rates, will collapse housing market in Cda'. I know one contractor who contested the failure of one condo board to honour their contract and successfully sued to SCofC level for $180,000 amid legal chicanery at ON Appeal Court. ON laws were changed due to scoflaw condo Boards ignoring debts leaving contractors 'up the river'. Is this the type of class action being talked about? No-one will serve on a condo Board under personal liability if it is. My apartment condo is well managed but 90% are not I am betting... Who will take the place of a badly managed condo boards? Certainly a topic of major proportions.  B) M.Com: 'The lie of omission is frequently used by the mainstream media to the point that media information cannot be trusted'   C) Former Toronto police officer suffering PTSD since 2007 finally receives back salary 14 years later after CBC publicity. With no publicity, I still go without back pay from 1985 for my illicit senior B.C. teacher lay-off as decided by the courts but then nothing happened. Clearly we are a 'newspaper democracy' which isn't saying much. (SEE 'B' above) It's a race to the media phone with the big guy usually winning. D) Black columnist Larry Elder writes a humorous column in the SUN media today in which he speaks about systemic racism working from 'all angles'. It is a good read. I once wrote him about the FA Algorithm and its 'identity theft' but I didn't hear back... I guess 'Franco' & I did not qualify under the racist label because both of us are white guys. Elder should re-consider my appeal as Identity Theft, like COVID, doesn't care whether its target is White, Black, Brown or Carky.




JULY 04 A) The general decline of COVID in Canada cannot be adequately explained by preventative measures i.e. vaccinations, distancing, masks, business & border closures. The origins appear more easily pinpointed; namely, travel. Plagues appear to 'wear themselves out' but there is always another one behind e.g. black lung disease, an extension of Delta Covid with a 50% death rate in India plus blindness. B) U.S. Birthday: A country which cannot defend its borders is not a country. 'King Canute' Harris is unable to stop the flow of immigrants across the Mex.-U.S. border. C) Canada is not much better off with 'an army of occupation' by all those Chinese students with their tuition paid by the CCP. Universities and some private schools now depend on these funds. In brief, the Meng story is dragging Canada down and threatens to end badly for all involved. D) The press midwits are very confused as to why the Liberals will win the next election. Look at the demographics; with a constitutional monarchy, the voting ends after QC & ON vote. The Tories are unable to tap a win so they are fighting to retain as many seats as they can with the New Demolition Party headed for the dustbin. I still figure Trudeau wants to follow his former finance minister into a lap of luxury now that he is on his own. Chrystia Freeland may be the best Canada has to offer in politicians; but she is woefully short of being a 'thinker'. E)midwit plus columnist Rex Murphy blasts the gov't. for seeking control of their internet 'territory' without explaining how the media is guilty of the same charge by boycotting the Franco Alulio Algorithm and its fake driver license suspension and 'identity theft' aka Nazi Germany. F) Conrad Black 'We are bewitched by charlatans' makes many good points in this article on 'Microsoft' (NP origin). It is symbolized by the ludicrous flying of the Canadian Flag at half mast on Canada Day. (A better answer would be to fly a protest flag beneath the Canadian Flag such as some Rainbow interests do.) The frightening part of Black's commentary is that this hyper zealousness is destroying the world...and then there is the boycotted FA Algorithm media fiasco from the other direction which even Conrad won't touch. G) The Vatican is just getting around to indicting people including a cardinal for bank fraud. In the 1990's, this bank was considered hopeless by insiders. H) Another one bailing out is Amazon's Jeff Bozos under fire for employee treatment. Product protection by destroying surpluses also extends to Amazon which shocks the public believing erroneously that these goods can be donated.  J) Microsoft Commentary on Ottawa Police from one writer who was taught to respect police while growing up but sees internal scandals marring that picture for his now grown up children. (The last two police chiefs under Mayor Watson - one white and the incumbent black have been a disaster as I can personally vouch) K) Microsoft Com. 'outs' fear perpetrated by gov't./big pharma to force unvaccinated to be vaccinated L) Recent walkabout in Ottawa South yielded a number of House For Sale signs... no doubt leaving some people homeless such as in Montreal.


JULY 03  A)Commentary: WWIII is almost here so we have to prepare for it (re pulling out of Afghanistan)  B) Microsoft plays fast and loose with its own rules regarding news items as they don't appear to read what they include. And for equal time, Reddit is repetitive with old news mixed with new. Still, the Commentary means that they supplant the national newspapers which are going broke. Hell, I can see a day when the public will read my new COMMENTARY. C) The President's Daughter (Is Missing deleted from title) co-authored by former President Clinton is his second book (first book - made before the last electronic election - suggested paper ballots in vote for President which would be retained) raises question as to why? Gov't. isn't going to release terrorists in an exchange and as for money, billionaires such as Cdn. Jim Pattison (who experienced a family member kidnapping) are easier targets. The only advantage of threatening to kill a family member, although blackmail is preferred as being less risky, is to extort information or for private retribution through an 'accident' such as the Toronto billionaire couple who hanged themselves with a little help = 'suicided'; initially declared not a crime by the Toronto police until the family intervened. (Toronto is the leader in N. America for truck transport theft.) In this second novel, veracity is achieved as a terrorist PR stunt evades a convenient ending although there are many glaring holes in the plot. (one critic panned the novel due to our hero 'posturing') D) So help me, it is like a porn site of old (which I never accessed); modern apps inundate you with promotions even after you delete their sites: e.g. Best Buy, Walmart both on-line shopping; Ottawa Socrates Club; Uber.


JULY 02 A) I turn to the LOWN INSTITUTE (Subheading) JULY 2021 which deals with medical scams in the U.S. The Lown Institute named after its founder, scours the U.S. media for medical scams, such as the one where a hedge fund bought a pharmacy & promptly increased the price of a drug from $13.50 to $750 in which they paid pennies to produce. As Canada has no parallel Organization, I have appealed to them with the unusual Franco Alulio Algorithm which has the negative potential of impacting all North American drivers much to the latter's detriment. B) 'Commentary' is discounting all leadership announcements by claiming 'that is what they are told to say' = exposure of Old Boys Club. Humorous epithets abound. e.g. 'Crime Minister' C) Criminal charges against Trump herald a pay-back future against Biden D) JULY 01 is moving day all across QC leaving many people homeless...I sympathize strongly with this society failure. E) Commentary blasts U.S. list of corrupt individuals in 3 Central American countries by asking: What about the U.S. & Canada? F) Microsoft accused of posting an old picture of Trudeau & wife 'preparing for second COVID shot' as they have been separated for over a year = our media 'at work' G) Columnist Mark Bonokoski details how, since 2005, the gov't. investigated residential school abuse as to compensation (not to prosecution). The vast majority of the 6000 accused perpetuators refused to testify (fearing correctly, no doubt, an actor Bill Cosby 'doubletake'). Bono's point is that A.G. Lametti is in a position to prosecute today (just as he is in the FA Algorithm) = kangaroo courts steeped on kangaroo courts is the de facto law system in Canada. Even Bono won't talk about the Employee's Case = oh, heal thyself first, oh columnist....


JULY 01 A) Where have all the people gone...not out walking on July 01. The few people I see on the roads and paved pathways are usually the same ones. Every house appears vacated with no-one sitting in their yards. Truly we are an indoor people.  B) Much was made of the indigenous day vis a vis children burial grounds on Canada Day. We still do not know what they died from. What was the child death rate on non-residential Reserves at that time?...Just asking as no one else is doing. C) It was said of former P.M. Mulroney that even the truth from him sounded like a lie. For equal time, no matter what Justin Trudeau says, it comes across as being glib. JULY 01 A) Meng Deportation Trial: Everybody lies - Judges, Prosecutors, Defense lawyers - primarily by moving legal matters 'sideways' as I have illustrated above concluding with the court's refusal to grant disclosure nor a proper hearing as evidenced by the employeescasecanada.ca. Currently, the Meng Defense is based on this (correct) Defense submission: "This is the sort of discussion that ought to be had at trial, about what inferences could be drawn from who knew what at what time, and what information was shared. That's why we have trials." Of course B.C. Justice Heather Holmes is not going to grant this one after 300 days of fumbling the legal ball...again, as in my case, the court is not ruling according to law; rather, it is making up the law as determined by their political masters. While no fan of China, nonetheless, China is right to call out this Canadian piece of legal chicanery with the media seeking to justify it all with the inclusion of the two Michael's story (which is only going to get them executed if Meng is, indeed, deported.) The bigger story is that the U.S., China and Canada all want this legal case to 'just go away' much like the Employee's Case... ain't going to happen....  B) Another one moving everything 'sideways' is Senator Woo who uses the yardstick of China's oppression for the past 70 years as some sort of justification of current oppression of the Uyghers which the world gov'ts. plus U.N. would label a genocide. I had never heard of this dude before but no doubt his Senate appt. brought with it enormous funding for the Liberals...that's how the appointed Senate works. Bottom line? exponential increase of racism against Asians, especially with China's praise for this Senator. C) A very worried media is concerned that there is no public outcry from institutional sources on Trudeau suing the Speaker (pulling a 'Sloly' - Ottawa Police Chief) as I noted earlier as a 'sideways' move to keep an issue from being discussed due to 'it is before the courts' = the Old Boys Club is losing control and that would never do.... trying to spell it out as a Party issue does not pass 'the smell test' as a new algorithm has been created with the media not knowing its ass from a hole in the ground.  D)One midwit's comparison of Cdn. & U.S. (July 4) birthdays: Americans are tub-thumpers and back-slappers, Canadians are hand-wringers and pearl-clutchers. E) Donald Rumsfeld 'architect of the Iraq War' in 2003 dies at age 88 with few tears shed for him in a war that never should have happened...but tell that to dead soldiers and their families. His Halliburton interests made billions from this war. F) Many humorous Microsoft responses to Why women live longer e.g. 'They don't get nagged'; 'Men want to leave sooner' G) 'surprised & disturbed' , a hackneyed phrase for politicians (e.g. M.P. Chrystia Freeland) which says nothing is now the buzz word for disinformation. H) Two legal tales with different endings: A cdn. youth accused of war crimes was not going to be released until he pleaded guilty in the U.S. only to later receive millions from the Cdn. gov't. in recompense. Actor Bill Crosby made a similar deal with one U.S. prosecutor to confess to rape charges in 2016 in order to be released. That information was to be sealed but another court opened it up and Cosby went to jail. In brief, one rolls the dice and takes his chances with a court of law. I didn't roll the dice in the Employee's Case as no outside deal was offered as there was none to make. The court, under those circumstances, was honour bound to retry the arbitration which they had ordered. Over 50 judges across Canada ducked that Order. That's how the Cdn. Justice System imploded. J) With Microsoft & Reddit Commentary, disinformation artists for the Old Boys Club are 'on the ropes' as they should be. K) Miami Building collapse... a sign of the future in Florida with the rise of the tides with accompanying flooding. Where's King Canute now that Florida needs him most?