This new website to officially begin in January 2021 is meant as a diary apart from the employeescasecanada.ca which will only be added to perfunctorily as legal matters arise. How many times, it needs be asked, that the Canadian Justice system be shown to be a corrupt and corruptible body which I have done over the past 35 years across Canada? SEE employeescasecanada.ca

In essence, the new website is my diary paralleling the feature labeled AFTERMATH and included here in launching this new site.


Jan.31 A) When I was a boy (oh, how Ioved that phrase if only to make out teen-age sons groan) in the 1940's, our house was quarantined when my sister contracted scarlet fever. I couldn't leave the lot nor have friends in while my father had to stay in a hotel for the duration. My point? We could afford it. Not so today as many low economic people come from congested apartments where there is no opportunity to self-isolate. I am not surprised to see large-scale infection in Moscow where having a one bedroom apartment for an engineer and family sharing a bathroom and kitchen with everyone on their floor is a luxury. Schools are opening in Ottawa with, I submit, a bigger challenge to COVID will be seen in lower economic brackets; many black, exposed. But not to open those schools would be racist. Older teachers are vulnerable in such schools more so than in higher economic schools. It's a conundrum. B) Napoleon said 'an army marches on its stomach'. In Egypt, he could equally have said 'it marches when it does not come down with the trots.' (He had troops spray the swamps with odorizers to make them smell 'good' due to Mal (bad) aria (air) in a mistaken belief that he could cure malaria.) It must be a problem world-wide which we don't hear much about with troops in close alignment with each other. C) Of course Putin owns the 1-1/2 billion castle in the name of one of his stooges. He is not about to have a stooge decide to change sides against him. It works this way in the West. A Corporation is owned by a secretary who signs two documents; one receiving the Company which is registered and a second one with a blank for the date to be filled in, turning it back which remains in a safe until it is needed. Politically, P.M. MacKenzie King had Ministers sign a blank resignation letter without a date at the same time they accepted their appointment. Trouble? Just stamp the date on the resignation and the Minister was gone. D) Secretly, the Republicans are just as glad the Democrats 'won' the election as even Trump could not deal with the devastation wrought by COVID on top of world problems. Like Canada's Tories, the Democrats get in for one term and then its the desert again. E) Medical Doctors have twice the suicide rate of the public. Why? Consider this evaluation of one Doctor charged with perversion by the assessment Board for parole...'He said working as a doctor allowed him to maintain and conceal traits of arrogance, narcissism and other barriers to intimacy, and while he had a high level of intelligence, he possessed little emotional intelligence.... While the description is of one Doctor at a polarity of the profession, to some degree this description is a blanket assessment of the profession.



JAN.30 A) O.C. p.A4 Ottawa police officer pleads guilty at hearing to spreading a meme deemed racist by Police Chief Sloly. But 'It ain't over until the fat lady sings', it would seem. Const. Ramsay also suffered demotion by accepting blame...so why did he do so? By running away so he could fight another day, in this case by suing Police Chief Sloly directly as there was nothing he could do over the demotion by a 'fixed' Police Board.  It happened in West Vancouver in 1978 with senior teacher, Ken Raison, given the boot for being so-called 'incompetent'. He went on to sue successfully the School Principal involved (but did not get his job back). It was an arbitration gone bad (similar to my own in 1985) which did him in. The difference? The media bought into those stories against individuals in the past without question; not so today as seen in this story. The real story behind the scenes? Councilor Diane Deans, head of the Police Board and Sloly are out to re-make the next Mayoral election in their image which consists of Sloly packing the police with his supporters; many of them black which are ending up in trouble as noted by Const. Ramsay. The troubles in the Ottawa police are expanding exponentially under the last two police chiefs. What Ottawa needs is an experienced hands-on police chief (such applicants deep sixed in the last appt.) as opposed to 'administrative' police chiefs such as Sloly and his predecessor. That appears to be at the root of Ramsay's actions supported in writing by approx. 40 retired police officers (active officers banned from commenting). Dumping both Deans and Sloly should be the target of Ottawa interests. And what was my bet noire in 1985? Providing evidence to Victoria of an administrative fraud in 1985 whereby a Principal altered my Professional Report on Teacher from a Positive to a Negative...and I caught him. The media has still not come clean on that one explaining why the imposed BILL 35 B.C. 1985 was created and used only against this individual in the usual suspect arbitration. (The imposed Carbon Tax which is little more than a tax, is a bastardized child of this 1985 B.C. action) In a way, this entire matter of the Employee's Case is coming full circle on FEB.11-2021 in an Ottawa Courtroom with the full knowledge of the media (disclosure: I am on record as requesting that the Ottawa Courts be placed in Trusteeship for a number of legal reasons.) Good luck to Const. Ramsay as his sacrifice is being done for the greater good of the community in Ottawa.


JAN.29 A) O.S. p.18 Ex-OPP cop's suit tossed / Judge finds Ford's comments OK It would appear that Ford has this judge in his 'back pocket' as this cop is beginning my routine followed over 35 years without a conclusion. At least he got a hearing which is more than I got from Ottawa Court Justice C. MacLeod who merely dropped one of my suits alleging fraud without a hearing thereby changing the course of Canadian Justice forever to just 'buy the judge' and avoid court altogether. SNC Lavalin will love that one. It explains why I called for a trusteeship over the Ottawa Courts. As to the privileged Ford? I have called for his removal from all politics as a non-partisan political action due largely to the Franco Alulio algorithm. (SEE web rogercallow.com) B) Does the media merely report history as opposed to the news (for decades)? That is the question right now as regards the exposure of the FEB.11-2021 court challenge in the most significant legal case in Cdn. jurisprudence where I am the Respondent. In brief, will the media think that they can get away any longer with 'backing into the future' in silence? C) Putin's nose is out of joint...so help him, one cannot get a break with his Novochuk poisoners.


JAN.28 A) So the Electronic Machine voting guys are suing the pants off Trump for libel. They will win ...if they first buy the judge. If the judge decides on disclosure, Trump will win. It all depends on who 'wins the race to the phone' as they say in domestic issues. B) SEE MEDIA feb (FEB.02) as long time senior CBC correspondent, Neil MacDonald lets fire at the Justice System. It's quite an article. C) Also see this sub-heading for an existential OUTCOMES for FEB.11-2011 as the game plan has been pre-written by both sides as to outcomes. D) Putin at Davro warns: 'all against all' which brought on WWII as events outrace the gov'ts. as reflected with the rise of social media. I agree. I also see China forcing the world into a world war to hide its own problems. E) You notice that the Cdn. authorities tried to hide GG Payette's resignation behind the U.S. Inauguration which was a no-show in Canada? The real question is why the media reports on this long drawn-out matter as an 'afterthought'. The public want news not history but the press is left thrashing around trying to create a newsworthy aspect to this debacle. Apparently Trudeau has a temper...but never ever in public; the same as Payette. COVID is permitting matters to come from behind to bite the authorities in the ass which is the major theme of the FEB. 11-2021 court hearing. F) Some senior officials warn that 'working from home' is in danger of collapse due to a lack of synergy from Company meetings. G) If Ottawa is to open schools on Monday, most retail operations should also open. The real problem is based on the word 'intermittent'. Many schools may open without a problem, but then there is one which could see a pandemic...it's a toss up what to do. H) Now it is the turn of the Canadian Museum of History with a toxic work place Report. The first director accompanied us on our Peru trip in 1972. A neighbor, who recently passed away, detested him. Question? What algorithm is being used to select these managers? J) So some REDDIT funsters hyped a digital stock in order to undermine the short sellers. In short, the stock market is a 'deck of cards' manipulated by short sellers. J) How can you make any country zapped on drugs 'great again'?


JAN.27 A) New Rules for Schools O.S.p.5 Due to the anti-union bias in the media, it has been left to the Principal's Association to challenge the re-opening of schools as gov't regulations are incomplete under Lecce, 'boy' Education Minister. In brief, one is dealing with children who must be constantly reminded of their behaviour which is ill-suited to COVID 'one size fits all' type of control. What is indeed meant by 'appropriate ventilation' for schools and 'method of self verification' for students? Socially, all can agree, students need to be in school...but at what cost? The medical study from the U.S. p.4 debunking school closures is the right question asked of the wrong specialists. But then what do I know as the only dismissed senior teacher in Canada having his very own imposed BILL 35 (1985-B.C.) invoked solely against him with press support in this unresolved legal matter in which the final act will be played out on Feb. 11-2021 in an Ottawa Court Room? Will I be there? Not if the Ottawa court Registry has any say in blocking teleconferencing...but I digress as these events are still unfolding. What is known is that Canada as a nation is on trial on Feb. 11. Stay tuned. B) What's wrong with this picture? p.8 Family 'betrayed' by alleged COVID relief fund An IT specialist was fired for embezzling $11 million from a COVID fund and is the target of a civil suit without a criminal charge. In short, the Ford gov't is 'cutting a deal' to get the money back in exchange for not laying a criminal charge = anarchy in the Justice System. C) p.13 A detailed introspective article about the danger of low interest rates over a long period of time by the Fraser Institute is like telling a patient with Stage 4 metastasizing cancer that he should look at his finances in two years down the road. I could add that Freeland stating that 'she doesn't have a crystal ball' on this topic is looking through a foggy crystal ball on all issues of importance. Looking through my crystal ball is more immediate. The recent increase in the value of the Cdn. dollar will see a 10% increase in everything imported from the U.S. despite low interest rates. D) p.15 'Hanoi Jane' from the Vietnam War reconstituted herself with a Globes lifetime award while U.S. soldiers at the time got 'their just deserts' by being placed 6 feet under but I have to note that she looks so well 'preserved' without extensive botox treatments (which make the upper lip look like an aperture from another part of the body). E) p. 14 I never read Careers including this gem: 'Talk to your boss about burn-out' = a firing offense. F) So Trump is going to create a new Party - the Patriot Party which threatens to split the Republicans if they support impeachment processes...'for every door that closes, another opens....'


JAN.26 A) You know a politician is in trouble when such as Canada's lead politician, Chrystia Freeland, has to use double superlatives...

'We are taking the issue of airplane passenger confinement very, very seriously'. In the spying industry, It is 'top secret'; whereas in the court the phrase is 'highly confidential'. In short, the double superlative makes a redundancy of the initial word which is lost to all meaning and even undermines the basic concept accordingly. That is why I do not think the politicians can forestall what will happen on 'February 11-2021' SEE rogercallow.com MEDIA feb  B) 'cut a deal' O.S. p.6 ABDI SETTLEMENT It's the O.J. Simpson trial all over again... Once freed from a criminal charge, a civil suit - at great taxpayer expense - is finalized as there is nothing more for Abdi interests to get. Ottawa Justice Kelly, by exonerating police officer Montsion in a clear case of manslaughter, I submit, was all part of this deal formulated before he even got on the bench. So no more public protest cards for Abdi as he got his justice with the family getting the money = hypocrisy. Not me as my case remains forever open due to its unresolved nature complicated by the Franco Alulio algorithm right out of Nazi Germany and a threat to the N. American driving public currently. But as to the point of one settlement to which I refused to join in a class civil action for ethical reasons - again at great public expense - is the secret trial against a number of judges in Edmonton for 'kiting' Decisions. I believe that those judges should have been tried criminally (but not under Justice Kelly or his ilk ) and have therefore voided my share of the loot to be collected from the taxpayer. This is why newspaper subscriptions are a waste of time and money.  C) p. 7 What, an honest judge??? A conditional discharge was given to a nanny for assault on a 15 month old under her care. Here's what Justice Kaylee Lewis said: 'critical of media and police '...reporting by some Ottawa news outlet "spawned" by an Ottawa police news release, prosecution and sentencing...compounded by inaccuracies in the coverage... I cannot help but conclude that if the actual facts of this finding of guilt were known at the outset, the coverage would have been much different (my underlining). My story exactly with my senior teacher lay-off for 'economic reasons' under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985), the only teacher so afflicted in B.C. wherein the 'plateau test' was to provide figures justifying lay-off. The West Vancouver School Board notes publicized in June of 1985 showed 16 new positions created with my lay-off as the necessary 17th as supported by a crooked arbitrator converting all 17 to 'lay-offs'. He was later denounced by the court when I changed lawyer as being patently unreasonable. The arbitration was quashed leaving me in limbo and technically still an employee of the WV District = $20 million lawsuit. No compensation by the Board has ever been paid due to the chicanery of over 50 'Kelly-like judges' across Canada with the final act slated for FEB. 11-2021 setting the precedent that a powerful Employer can avoid financial obligations to employees. SEE rogercallow.com MEDIA feb.  D) 'I'm Bonnie and this here's Clyde' and we rob banks, to the cheer of 1930's onlookers. p.6 When the bank trustee turned up with the police to evict an errant homeowner in Alfred, ON, he barricaded himself in his home which he set on fire before shooting himself. The bank got ashes...political justice? Shakespeare's 'Shylock' would understand. E) SEE MEDIA feb.01 for letter to President Biden


JAN.25 A) Another interpretation as to why China is provoking war with Taiwan: Premier Xi in battening down the hatches for a civil war wishes to distract attention by provoking a foreign war; a standard historical ploy (Argentina is doing it again with the Falkland Is. with Germany telling them to butt out). While troops are so committed, he can align with N. Korean troops to protect his base in Beijing. Complicating factor? COVID expansion in China. ...have I ever been wrong? B) Cdn. Pension Funds in China are frozen (as well as other financial investments) which scares the hell out of me as the gigantic and successful ON Teachers Fund to date is bullish on Chinese investments = globalism is hazardous to a country's health in times of war. C) Already Biden forces are blaming Trump for not handing out COVID vaccines in Wash. as a cover for their own ineptitude. D) Jewish leaders use Holocaust Day to support Uighurs... a first, as in the past the Jewish leaders ignored other genocides. E) From MAGA caps to MAIA caps (Make America Insignificant Again) F) In 1956, the Br. and Fr. flew into the Suez Canal 'to save it' (I knew one of those pilots) but were caught out on the timing of the conspiracy as exposed by the U.S. and so had to withdraw. Similarly, in a reverse pattern, the withholding of National Guard support for a couple of hours while the Washington Police were forced to control a large mob with the expected results suited Democratic Party interests. G) 'Taxing Time' Same old, same old... threats to taxpayers if they don't contact the tax Dept. ...which is on 'permanent hold' ...bureaucracy wins again at the taxpayers expense. H) It's sad in these COVID times to see the unemployed chasing after everybody else's job. H) Tory boss zeros in on pipeline, vax issues. O'Toole the O'Foole couldn't zero in on 'the right time of day' if his life depended on it. He's no leader as Tories well know,  press resuscitations notwithstanding. J) 'Letter to Editor' by Jewish person quite rightly alarmed at the lack of reaction against N. American anti-semitism. No letter (due to boycott) by Roger Callow quite rightfully alarmed at the lack of reaction against the Franco Alulio algorism also threatening, in this case, all N. American drivers. K) Here's a switch. I was 'carded'. While crossing Bank St. in South Keys, I was forced to walk along the road looking for a hole in the snowbank to the sidewalk. There wasn't any. A police car stopped, flicked on the lights, and asked me to explain myself which I did saying that I was going to have to walk another 15 ft. to the clear sidewalk at the corner which was acceptable to the policewoman. So why is this newsworthy? I am white and the police woman was black.


https://yeahmotor.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/aircraft-paint-16-e1598289398717.jpg https://yeahmotor.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/noseart2-scaled-e1598294023112.jpeg https://yeahmotor.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/images-2020-08-17T130729.403_260.jpeg



JAN.24 A) Where the press get it wrong with the firing of GG Payette: They blame P.M. Trudeau for the initial selection as opposed to the failure of all the oversight bodies concerned relating to widespread employee discontent hence there was no need for a Special Report way after the fact but that is the way our institutions operate (Institutional Autism). The Last Act for the Cdn. media is Feb. 11-2021 where I am the Respondent with the credibility of the Cdn. media about to disappear forever. B) New COVID research suggests that it does not survive on hard surfaces hence washing your hands with soap should be sufficient (It is an air borne disease hence distancing and masks are helpful.) Current outbreaks are traced to those in their 20's moving back home due to financial restraints and following a life style which places their parents in jeopardy. The gov't. really needs to re-examine store shut-downs in light of this information. The media playing the 'blame game' (much like Henry VIII with his wives) is badly scaring the public which is counterproductive. The point is the authorities - apart from the times they outright lie - are acting on the COVID as the information becomes available (That is the scientific method).Regrettably, the bureaucratic approach as seen with the firing of GG Payette above, is paving the road to that 'other place'. That is where leadership - conspicuous by its absence in all Cdn. institutions - is lacking. I only detail that failing with the Justice Ministry but it is in all Cdn. institutions. Feb. 11-2021 promises to be THE turning point in that dismal  story. Stay tuned. C) Am I intelligent? Nope. (Just plain average according to my school-teacher mother. It was my sister (d.) whom had a high I.Q. of 142). What value  does a high I.Q. have in itself if it is not balanced with 'common sense' which is the source of the humour in Big Bang Theory where physicist, Dr. Cooper readily admits to lacking common or social sense? Translate that into a supposed publication of the Employee's Case with the faceplate of MacLeans, Canada's National Magazine - which I don't read, as 'Canada's Most Dangerous Employee' as opposed to 'Canada's Most Dangerous Employer' (West Vancouver School Board which has never paid any compensation for my lay-off. Now every big Employer can pull that stunt as long as they have a 'sweetheart deal' in place with a union. Technically, at 79, I am still an employee of the Board albeit an unpaid one as they did not acknowledge my retirement at age 65. Why should they? They have over 50 judges in their back pocket in this unresolved legal case where no compensation has been paid amid 37 million indolent Canadians who do not realize where their democratic country stands...but COVID is beginning to crack that egg but it is too little, too late with FEB.11-2021 looming large in that respect. D) Time to go see a fantastic sunrise from my penthouse apt. While most people focus on sunsets, I am a sunrise person in spirit and fact as the days challenges rise before me to be concluded at sunset which does not interest me literally or figuratively to the same extent although I am not immune to such beauty. Funerals to me, as one parallel to sunsets, are for the living, as the dearly departed has indeed, departed...Thud....




JAN.23 A) The final act for the Catholic Church came with the conviction of top cardinals for millions in extortion. Added on to the desertion of the Catholic Churches around the world for pedophilia cover-up, and we are looking at the demise of the Catholic Church in our lifetimes. B) World-wide, reporters are losing their lives with the greatest loss last year in Mexico and Brazil. Canada has never lost a Reporter or Columnist. Why? Same answer as why no Cdn. judge has ever been sent to jail. C) O.S. p.3 Rick Mercer loved by the networks for fielding an inexpensive one-man show is now ranting about Premier Ford in different situations such as standing in a Hazmat suit looking on a physical coupling. Why not? Sometimes a direct juxtaposition has its place although I can see the wrong message coming out of the 'coupling' rant...Is Ford just a 'dirty old man'? D) p.4 City Hall wants you to speak up. I already did but was ignored by Mayor Watson and Councilors claiming that a medical record belongs to the patient, not the Doctor. I cannot get a family Doctor due to the Franco Alulio algorithm without my entire medical file and the former Doctor won't give it to me which is alright with the College of Physicians & Surgeons-ethics branch. ...hence just more wasted paperwork to keep useless bureaucrats justifying their salaries. E) Pair charged over U.K. bug contact. The pair are medical people; that's the real story. They lied to the authorities but their mouthpiece lawyer promises to 'vigorously defend' them. Most people trust to Doctors and their 'bedside manners'...biggest con job running eclipsing internet dating sites. F) p. 8 Want a good laugh? Covid quotes from the experts from Jan. 2020 showing how wrong they were. My reaction? That is true in all endeavors as no-one correctly guesses the future. Compare, for example, statements on economic development from a year ago...they would be good for a laugh too. At one time, I was a lone wolf howling against the authorities; now I have lots of company. G) p.16 Join Up to a committee regarding police wellness checks...not me as I distrust anything produced by a committee...but then I am wary of individual actions = it all comes down to the capability of the 'decision maker'; presumably Ottawa Police Chief Sloly of whom I have been highly critical on a personal level. 70% of complaints come from within the ranks of police. H) p.19 Opinion article asking why GG's are able to extort fantastic sums without giving an answer; merely confusion. The answer? Because a significant amount of these funds are kicked back to political party funds...that's the real story which escapes the media.


JAN.22 A) The richest man in the world is Putin (didn't know that one, did you? He banks in Panama but similar to Saddam Hussein, he will never get the personal benefits of his wealth. Biden will have to knuckle under to FSB control of the Russian Mafia in the U.S. if he values the life of son, Hunter Biden in the Ukraine = Stalin: no man; no problem.) 'President' Pelosi continuing with the impeachment of Trump could be equated with Putin 'impeaching' the head of the FSB sitting there with all his Novichuk = too many people in both countries know where the bodies are stored on all sides of any equation. Putin, with a medical problem or two at age 68 - the avg. life of a Russian as it is a hard country to live in - is vulnerable. I can see him pulling a Trump by sitting out in an automobile with no medical tubes attached. B) O'Toole the O'Foole has split the Tories and guaranteed a Tory loss in the next election by dropping M.P. Derek Sloan from caucus and the Party. The first step is justifiable in that O'Foole can claim that major issues must have caucus approval without being specific. The second one refocuses attention from format to defining said issue which, in the public mind, is reduced to '...because he didn't like him'. A lesson from history is germane on this Point. Louis XIV built the luxurious Versaille and invited the French nobles to live in this 'lap of luxury' (as prisoners) while his troops raided their kingdoms. Similarly, leaving Sloan as an Independent permits him a freedom beyond the control of O'Foole. For example, if Sloan chooses to reveal such as the Franco Alulio algorithm, he could wangle that into becoming a future P.M. C) In 2016, I piled up my ignored legal protests (included Justice Minister, Jodi Ray-bold Wilson) and delivered them to GG Payette under 'we, the people' (SEE employeecasecanada.ca) I never heard back. Now that she has been fired, I have to do it all over again with the new GG. Oh, well, Rome wasn't built in a day either but February 11-2021 is not that far off. C) If President Biden made no mention of the FEB. 11-2021 Trial date in his phone call to the P.M. today, the international ramifications are on his head.


JAN.22 A) GG Payette resigns. Her original appt. was a clerical error as another astronaut was to have been the selection. Payette was well known for her temper in Montreal at the Science Institute. So former SCofC Bastarache plus Marie Heinen is her Counsel...doesn't surprise me. One plus in her resumé was being a concert pianist...I would have liked to hear her as Cruise ships hire pianists who grind out the music.  B) All the attention for COVID economic repercussions are for the retail trade; possibly because there is no sympathy for the rich, but legal firms have to pay overhead in terms of space accommodation and staffing. Laid off lawyers usually have larger expenses such as bigger homes and are hence, in a real bind. Biden is in for a big big surprise if he believes that he will get his 100 days of shut-down. It could cost him the economy such as Venezuela which lost its middle class due to socialistic policies. C) This web site is beginning to 'grow feet'; anyone listening? D) Vis a vis COVID expansion: We are like a Third World country where, if you get sick, you either survive or die. As to medical mistakes...they are always covered up similar to legal mistakes...until they are not.... E) O.S. p.7 'He's a monster' Rapist jailed for 2016 rape of a 19 year old met on-line, reminds me of a statement many decades ago by B.C. Judge Bewley which prompted a public debate...'Women don't get much brains before 30' (similar to Freud, he was dealing with a specific type of woman in front of him). Ottawa Justice Calumn MacLeod - who should NOT be sitting on the bench for usurping the law in the Employee's Case - got this one right by giving the rapist 4 years imprisonment. F) Gee, it's quiet in the middle of the night (I am up by 3 A.M.) with the suspension of Trump's twitter account. G) I want to go to school p.2 It is the ancillary problems of school attendance with such as elementary students collecting their coats from hooks right next to each other plus adult teachers more vulnerable to the COVID virus which mitigates against opening schools...of course 'boy' Education Minister Lecce is forever 'studying the problem' as he follows that road to the other place. H) Hall of a Mess p.8 Regarding the removal of GG Payette which forces me to re-issue my 2016 complaint to her successor under 'we, the people' which Payette ignored. Columnist B. Lilley got this one right...This is a sad day for our fragile (my italics) democracy. J) Biden temporizes by saying matters under COVID will get worse before they get better as a way of blaming the Republicans for a red tape roll-out of vaccine by the Feds. (It was left to individual states by the Republicans; a reasonable approach until it was no longer reasonable.) Let's hope it works but I don't think the U.S. can withstand 100 days of lock-down economically without printing scads of money = hyper-inflation.  K) p. 11 Two well-written articles by U.S. commentators: Abernathy notes that 'the Virgin First Lady in spike heels' held Trump's hand when boarding the U.S. helicopter for the last time as President. (She forever swatted his hands away previously in public.) Contrary to the author's opinion, I submit the stuffed ballot box' issue will fester in the U.S. among voters. Similar to the musical 'You didn't love me, Argentina, Melania disliked Wash. and the return feelings appeared mutual. Stossel points out how the welfare state is counter-productive for Blacks... what got you labeled as a radical 50 years ago, a liberal 25 years ago, and a racist today.  L) Oh, no, I have been 'outed' ... Just how long do you expect to keep it up? Reply: The Energizer Bunny takes lessons from me. In medical terms; If those Sculptors of old had modern medicines where one is warned to see your Doctor if your erection lasts longer than two weeks, they could have shown male nude penises in the 9 o'clock position rather than  the 6 o'clock position which they had to do. In my case, I can't get a family Doctor thanks to Franco Alulio (SEE website) so I expect to walk around in the 9 o'clock position ad infinitum. ...try that one on.... (both male and female as I don't want to be labeled 'racist'; a term used very loosely by the woke generation which doesn't distinguish between male and female.) 


JAN.21 A) To his credit (and unlike former Pres. G.W Bush); Biden spoke well at the Inauguration without burying his nose in notes. B) SEE MEDIA Jan. 21 for a broad ranging topic on manumission including Presidential Pardons. C) Trump is a strange combination of disrupting negotiations in order to re-align arguments to his benefit which has had its successes for the U.S. around the world but a personal quirk relates to objecting to a failure to see a large supportive crowd at both his inauguration and his departure at Andrews Air Force base before retiring to Mar a Lago as President. I wonder if his mother's desertion when he was small and his upbringing by a hard and uncaring father was a factor. His 'art of the deal' was also practiced by Cdn. billionaire, Jimmy Pattison, by dropping off the lowest monthly salesman at his car dealership even if he had been a former big producer. The sales meetings were reputed to be ugly affairs by salespeople I knew and were uncommon in the trade in the 1950's. In the 1985 B.C. World Fair in Vancouver - at the time of my 'senior teacher lay-off' - Pattison brought it in on time and on budget. The employee carnage was significant. Globalism has re-directed many of these evil labour practices to Third World countries which don't get to share in making their countries 'great again' explaining why Americans are universally hated in Third World Countries. Many U.S. travelers sport Canadian wear as one defense. Redirecting Mining interests to Canada and Australia which have a bad reputation in the world was done, I submit, to re-direct criticism from the U.S. (Frank McArdle, husband of former SCofC Chief Justice, Beverly McLachlin, was the head of one such mining consortium) D) EPOCH TIMES HYPOCRISY - Then & Now  SEE MEDIA JAN.21-2021


JAN.20 Here's my contribution to Inauguration Day in the U.S:

THE ASCENSION TO THE U.S. PRESIDENCY JAN.20-2021 for President Pelosi

1) First Order of Business; replace the photo of Trump with his 'tiny hands' with a photo of his 'tiny cajones' affixed between two vise grips and add a picture of 'The Red Queen' to the Presidential suite. Executive action on Trump should be sufficient to keep that little b. of an upstart, VP Harris, realizing who really is in charge.

2) Write a commendation for El presidenté, Joe Biden, noting that in his 60 years in politics, longevity was his prime achievement. Oh yes, and add to that success that 'he was not Donald Trump'. Further, quietly arrange El presidenté's funeral with full military honours so at least someone - namely his family - will have something to show for this taxpayer exercise.

3) From now on globalization will be known as 'Pelosi's oyster' and don't anyone believe otherwise. Crawling from under my desk photos during the 'Great Insurrection' are to be expunged from any media account on pain of vise grips or 20 years in prison - whichever comes first...that is, after they have done their little thing on Trump's thingy of course. Indeed, I might well grow a couple of balls myself and avoid the personal pronoun of he and she keeping me topical with the woke generation.

4) Now for Canada, the Fourteenth Colony. Bring me a map and show me where it is....


JAN.20 A) O.S. p.6 14 year Cdn. Registered Nurse fired for 'cause' in an 'internal hospital review' for being at a D.C. protest, apparently done 'to protect the family, patients, staff and physicians' (a real mouthful) in the London, ON Health Sciences Centre where she worked. I can't even get my noodle around that one and I have some idea as to employee dismissals. B) O.C. p.A7 Liberals drug strategy isn't helping us columnist Tasha Kheriddin This writer never ceases to amaze me with her cogent arguments (Good for a proposal of marriage, but I digress). It's a balancing act common to all nations; namely, making sure that pharmacy Companies are making sufficient money to finance research vs the ability of the public to pay. Enter gov't. and politics. In Canada, that means the Liberals out to siphon off NDP votes sponsors a national medicare program anathema to research needs of big pharma. That explains our delay in receiving COVID vaccines while European and U.S. outlets go ahead. It seems you 'can't have your cake and eat it too'. C) p. A7 Prisons must tackle COVID-19 humanely Dr. Carol Finlay is the founder of Book Clubs for inmates. I was shocked at this article of how we treat our most vulnerable; in this case how Correctional Services of Canada is as broken as our Justice System which I have exposed (Institutional Autism) although she would disagree with me on that point. This non-inflammatory article compares Canada to Texas in the 1950's...way to go, Canada.... D) Just a thought of course but what if Trump boards his final flight as President but exits as a private citizen in handcuffs similar to Navalny who figured he was safer in a Russian jail than on the loose with the FSB poisoners on his trail. Imprisoned Italian mafia leaders get that lesson as they operate openly from their prison cells even getting day passes when they want one. E) So Trump left a 'dirty biscuit' to Biden by publicly condemning the Uyghur genocide just before Biden returns a favour to China. F) In the absence of Biden speaking out against the Franco Alulio algorithm; perhaps un-President Trump will also oblige in that quarter as well plus a few other state secrets such as who really killed JFK? = Biden will pardon Trump but don't expect that to go down well with the Red Queen, Pelosi. Biden's motto? To change from MAGA to eradicating the middle class (EMC) ; just like Venezuela.


JAN.19 A) A Report in December outed Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for illicit contributions ($500 million) to undermine the U.S. Election in the key states questioned by Trump. This is also why the election is being justifiably contested. B) Canadian Pension Money keeps pouring into China as risks escalate. Come war and no returns to hapless Canadians so affected reminiscent of my PLACARD: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PENSION IS PARKED? Unfortunately Canadians are dead from the neck up in all things=U.S. takeover to protect its northern flank. Regrettably, the gigantic ON Teachers Pension Fund from which I receive a partial pension is bullish on these investments (finder's fees?) = trouble ahead. China has been labeled a 'deck of cards' by investors in the know. Bottom line? Kiss your pension money invested in China good-bye. Their economy must return at least 7% annually which it no longer does. Couple that with a political crisis and civil war is not far ahead. C) COVID-19 is a 'public emergency' not a 'public health emergency' claims AB Emergency Agency Chief. In short, we used the wrong algorithm and continue to do so in all provinces: 'Health professionals have no capability of understanding and no training to understand the power of the grid, the water supply system, the cattle industry, the pork and beef industry, the oil and gas industry...Why would they? That's not their job'. But it is their job, I submit,  to say when they don't know collateral influences = dead above the neck up.  D) In 2-1/2 Men cast in the 90's, Berta, the maid (recently deceased) once commented that marijuana from the hippy age (4% THC) was not like your modern toke which is all chemical (25% THC). Today, psychotic teen-agers are on the increase with suicide common. As one adamant against the use of illicit drugs (Trump's family seems free from drug abuse. Our own family escaped this scourge and I was considered the teacher NARC in the 70's against drug usage. To parental users, I have nothing to say.); I favoured decriminalization for small amounts as the 'War on Drugs' was counter-effective. Trudeau's open door policy is back-firing much like those U.S. states who were early in legalization such as Colorado and Wash. state. Organized crime, of course, is the big benefiter as they under price gov't. supply (much like tobacco). I can see a day coming where Trudeau will be labeled the worst Cdn. P.M. ever but still, he is going to win the next election. E) Biden is not wasting any time by canceling the pipeline (owes the rail lobby) plus he owes China big time for financial support for his campaign. And of course there is always son, Hunter Biden in the Ukraine...that's another  interesting story.... F) Actress Betty White turns 99 (due to good genes) and her ability to laugh at herself...'I get to stay up late tonight without anyone telling me otherwise'. Another actress, Kaley Cuoco is shattered by the death of her 14 year old cat which reminds me of a neighbor years ago who stopped taking in stray cats because it is too difficult when they die. Two different coffee buddies shot their ailing dogs reporting that it was the most difficult thing to do. I have heard of people spending an exorbitant amount of money for ailing pets as vets well know...they are their children. I saw one group taking 'pets' on visits to rest homes; an excellent idea to keep clients happy. One such LTC home even had two of their own dogs for the purpose. Until recently, dog walkers in my neighborhood were all Caucasians as dogs are a source of food in some countries. G) Political program for O'Toole the O'Foole which is all things to all people should be immortalized as 'ready, fire, aim' H) Go figure ...In Russia, the gov't argues that Navalny must face trumped-up charges while in Canada, I argue Franco Alulio must face legitimate charges.... paradoxes abound but might makes right and only the Russian gov't. gets its way.


JAN. 18 A) Trump did not see the danger of the 'run-away bureaucrat, Franco Alulio, hopefully 'working-joe Biden' will as this algorithm fostered by Alulio will augment and inflame any other actions in the U.S. B) 60 Minutes interview revealed the Washington Police Chief begged for the National Guard for a few hours while they fought a pitched battle with the dissidents last week but was refused because the leader 'didn't like the optics'. In short Pelosi and Co. blamed the wrong people for the debacle. C) Navalny stepping off a plane and into a Russian prison must be one for the books unless he knows something about that prison that I don't. Putin could not be happy as he is facing increased public resistance. D) 'Globalism' has finally been revealed for what it is...the impoverishment of the world for the sake of the 1% super wealthy. Count PM Trudeau supporting that group. E) The Democrats are in for 4 years of Hell knowing that they stole the election vis a vis electronic voting and mail-in vote glitches. The legal problem is the same in both the U.S. and Canada; namely, judges refusing disclosure which is the bedrock of any Justice System. U.S. protesters on this level are welcome to include my PLACARD: JUSTICE FOR CANADIAN ROGER CALLOW. Those selfsame protesters (and police too) need unfettered access to their driving licences. Just remember, no violence to people, please. F) O.S. p.9 Twitter bans Trump, others get a free pass U.S. columnist Larry Elder draws a good parallel with other questionable comments from leaders who escape a Twitter ban; permanent or otherwise. The key lies in the word 'permanent' vis a vis Trump which moves Twitter from censorship to politicalship. That is exactly what I am up against Feb. 11-2021 in an Ottawa courtroom as the 'Bobbsey Twins' seek to deny me any court access in ON (and one and at the same time enrich themselves at my expense) which is a validation of the runaway bureaucrat Franco Alulio fake driver license suspension. I don't even expect to get a teleconferencing call in this setup. The Media and Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland on behalf of all Cdn. politicians will have dirtied their underwear forever. Rogue bureaucrat Alulio is a threat to all drivers in N. America. Where is Elder now that Canada needs him most? Indeed, where is any Cdn. media type on this national topic ? I may not be the one with issues here. G) China's Totalitarian Future O.C. p. A7 Ottawa U Professor  Margaret McCuaig-Johnston An excellent article by a professor whom knows how to write (many can't). The thrust of her case, while she does not state as much, is that the Hermit kingdom of N. Korea, is being outdone by Xi. He correctly sees the economic collapse of China and hence, I submit, is 'battening down the hatches'.


JAN.17 A) One has to be careful with news reports such as Boeing 'denying' 737 problems as it is the legal Departments standard opening ploy who write the cases up. I have experienced that theme over and over. While the West Van School Board initiated my senior teacher lay-off, everything since then is in the hands of their lawyers who are 'amazingly successful' at having judges buy into their script that everything I say and do to obtain compensation is frivolous & vexatious and therefore without merit in this unresolved  35 year case. This 'moral' COVID which has lead to the collapse of Canada is similar to the Boeing worker saying 'I will never fly on a Boeing plane.' Soon many will condemn Canada's judiciary accordingly. B) Former P.M. Diefenbaker (early 1960's) was anti-capital punishment but he was prepared to reserve it for one instance - treason. That is what bureaucrat Franco Alulio (SEE website: rogercallow.com) is guilty of in taking away Canadians basic rights by perverting the driver's license form as reflected with this target. Expand that feature to the general population, especially in rural areas and the whole dynamic of our society is changed; particularly as  legal access for any matter is denied to the target and to think that our erstwhile media are incapable of perceiving that heinous threat. C) Barbara Amiel, of many husbands including Conrad Black pulled herself up by her Br. bootstraps to go on to riches and then into social purgatory with Black's trial where she stuck by him analyzing trial material. Her conclusion? In a 'botox laden' TV interview, she opined 'We don't have trials; merely processes as one is accused and that is the end of it' ...fits right in with my 35 year unresolved labour case with this difference; the Canadian Judiciary collapsed over the Employee's Case. Huawei Meng's story is also typical in a deportation matter which should have been concluded inside of 2 months; not 2 years and still counting with the fumblebum media trying to distract Canadians attention from this Cdn. legal disaster with the '2 Michaels' story'.


JAN,17 The Canadian public really, really, don't know how the Justice System functions in high profile cases such as the employeescasecanada.ca. The Judicial Decisions as anyone working in the Justice Ministry on Wellington Street, the most highly stressed building in Canada knows, are pre-ordained with directions provided to the sitting judge. (All Appeal Courts are 'political courts' subject to this interference hence so much for Canada's claim to 'independent courts'. I include Huawei's Meng case here.) For example, a few years back, after sidetracking my challenge, the Federal Court returned my factums including the copy to the judge which I was not to see until the tags were removed. Attached were little pre-printed arrow strips entitled 'SEE THIS' as a means of directing the sitting judge whom was 'pre-selected' in any event; much like my original B.C. arbitrator in 1985 (later ruled patently unreasonable by the court). So the Feb. 11-2021 Hearing Date outcome (SEE rogercallow.com) where I am the Respondent will be decided by the beginning of Feb. in a process which I have already exposed. So what then is on trial? The national Canadian media boycott managed by CBC and Postmedia = end of a viable media in Canada = demise of democratic Canada. Also, as Canada's foremost politician, Deputy Minister, Chrystia Freeland, has this dirty biscuit placed in her lap as a personal and universal test of all Canadian politicians on Feb. 11-2021. It's a 'heads I win; tails you lose' algorithm used by the West Van School Board in 1985 in conjunction with the politicians and Justice System in 1985 which is now being turned against them for no matter which way the court Decision goes, the above two mentioned targets are, to use a colloquialism, toast. The Franco Alulio caper (SEE websites) has compounded the current trial in that I may not have legal representation on any matter due to his perverted driver license suspension form which negatively impacts all N. American drivers explaining my appeal to the U.S. I have forewarned the Ottawa Court (where I am on record calling for a trusteeship) and the Plaintiff, plus Freeland (SEE rogercallow.com) that this trial is not to proceed unless I have a presence by court sanctioned teleconferencing which I have used in the past in other provinces. Further, I have asked the U.S. Embassy to be 'a friend of Roger Callow' in protecting my rights on this level as all other Canadian Institutions are MIA. Canada is a Third World Country in all but name.   ...oh, what a tangled web we weave when....


JAN.16 A) a new algorithm to deal with COVID. SEE MEDIA Jan. 16- 2021  B) It is a question of synergy for success in TV comedy: Lucy & Desi, 2-1/2 Men, Frasier, How I met your mother, and so on. So why did Producer Jim Parsons coming off the highly successful  well researched Big Bang Theory with the synergy of Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Leonard ever produce the one 'noisy' person left standing, 'Kat' to carry everything with no room for reflective moments usually created by a foil? I turned off the opening program after 20 minutes C)Hamlet, according to one noted writer, was the greatest piece of literature ever written in that it is about the immaturity of youth. In Hamlet's case, when he finally gains insight to his own dilemma, it is too late and he is slated for assassination. That's the tragedy. Similarly, I have never understood Trump's tweets in the middle of the night yet I don't understand the Democrat wish to bar him from all future office as it is a condemnation of the U.S. voter; can't the public be trusted to see a threat on their own? Not 'letting a good crisis go to waste' is their motto which promises to backfire under the 'unintended consequences' label. D) The West Vancouver School Board which dismissed me as a senior teacher under highly suspicious conditions, must regret in 1985, not being able to call in the police to do the necessary (news item: Ethiopian teacher killed by police in Tigray war) although the police helped out in Ottawa in Xmas 2019 by having me thrown into the lockdown ward at Ottawa General Hospital, even after I passed all medical tests including an MRI, making me their first 'political prisoner' in that process in a  move taken right out of Nazi Germany. Who knows, maybe West Van police can be conscripted in the future by these erstwhile Board members such as Chairperson Margo Furk and her successor, Mike Smith, who lied to the teeth to the North Shore Media which still carried their lies as late as 2014. Teachers across Canada know about this sanctioned 'sweetheart deal' and do nothing=collective yellow stripe down their backsides. What I need, but haven't got, is an 'influencer', to get around the national media boycott on my name and for all street protests in North America to add this Placard to their collection: JUSTICE FOR CANADIAN ROGER CALLOW. p.s. I am Caucasian but anyone - white, black, brown or karky - should feel free to add my sign to their demonstration but please, no violence to people. E) Rogue Tory gets boot O.S. p.16 Of course Premier Ford had no other course against MPP Roman Baber originally from the Soviet Union bred of 'Navalny' stock for criticizing the extent of the lockdown in a well-written account to columnist Anthony Furey ...more on this at a later date. Hey, I write well too on the Employee's Case where I have been locked down by the media, Anthony. How about some equal time? F) If COVID-19 hasn't got you shaking in your boots, the short-list of 10 other potential plague viruses by WHO should. Most can be traced to bat guano and transferred directly to people or pigs in Asia. (Bats also keep the mosquito population down limiting malaria and dengue fever; you just can't win on this one. Loss of habitat throughout the world is the major culprit both man and climate made. ) Although I saw one mall poster regarding the protection of oneself from the flu, the public is focused on COVID although preventative actions are the same for both. G) PM to Freeland: Spend on temporary measures p.8 ...avoid creating any permanent spending....' which is exactly what imposed legislation is all about. We don't want our credit rating eroded any further, right? ...right? H) By placing Barron Trump in a $50,000 fee per annum private school (even from the early 60's one UBC professor claimed he would have troubles getting a job in one of these high class U.S. schools which supplant Br. exclusive schools), the Trumps avoid a label for him. In the public school system, he would probably be assigned to the autistic class...and that would never do.... J) School's Out p.11 for a high school teacher with improper connections with 3 students for two years. Where was the ON Teachers College on this one as it related to criminal charges as they seemed more interested in getting the targeted teacher to drop his teaching degree. Oh, well, there are always jobs for him in Asia as jobs in isolated Cdn. areas have dried up. Also, why was this teacher working at the Board on overnight trips?...there must have been suspicions. This story does not pass the smell test. P.S. I was given the boot from West Van. in 1985 with no such accusations of improper treatment to students. K) Dead at 92, wife of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, a TV fixture up to 2001. I was his doppelganger, check it out. I met his electrician on a trip in Alaska who claimed that Fred Rogers was the same off and on set. We both knew that he was a sniper in WWII which requires a particular talent.


JAN.15  A) NEWSLETTER-JAN.15-2021 focusing on both sides of the Employees Case in a unique interpretation. SEE rogercallow.com MEDIA Jan. 2021 B)I am no hero (rather a nihilistic troublemaker but we have our use); but Civic Hospital nurse Ainsley Kinch is, as was her school teacher mother before her with their 'acts of kindness' (which I do indulge in sparingly). Her story and one I witnessed in the 1960's is one relating to the darker side of the LTC homes; namely, that after they collect money from their wealthy clients even to the extent of receiving estate benefits, they dump them on the public hospital system when they require additional assistance. (In the 60's, the B.C. gov't. put a stop to this LTC estate practice by setting up their own estate functions which gov't. political lawyers were able to charge 5% fees for doing nothing.) In the above story, Ainsley saw these poor souls from LTC homes without any support in hospitals, so as an act of kindness, she set up her own website calling for such as old radios for these forgotten patients. Move to the front of my classroom, Leslie, and to the front of the classroom of the nation, as we see what one creative individual can do. (If I was 50 years younger, I would offer you a proposal of marriage.) Two decades ago, as a Para Transpo driver, a semi-retirement job, I saw similar heroes such as wives attending their husbands in hospital also helping out with those patients less fortunate. These are 'people'; Canada's collective politicians are not 'people'. C) O.S. p.4

What? Tory paper gives space to Liberal Opp. Leader Steven Del Duca with his simplistic self-taught philosophy...'History's great lesson is that we all succeed when every single one of us succeeds which, as a reader well versed in 'historical lessons', is one which I have never heard (How about this Godfather truism...If history has taught us anything, any man can be killed....') Del Duca turned his personal back on the Franco Alulio story which negatively impacts all drivers. Further hypocrisy is not needed to myself, also the product of a family business background which Del Duca would juxtapose into political lessons. Steer clear of this man, is my advice...but then who listens to me?.... D) p.6 Badge of Dishonour Ottawa Police Officer since 2002 arrested in 2018, pleads guilty to assaulting women. I could write an alternative account paralleling my TWO SIDES (SEE sub-heading under rogercallow.com) of that story based on why women, knowing of his reputation, returned again and again for more abuse. E) p. 7 Age-old problem world-wide; city gurus take their standards for intensification and apply them to semi-rural areas. Most neighbors get the benefit in terms of increased real estate values as they seek similar options hence it is not unusual to see only one City councillor in Kanata out of 8 votes rejecting a re-development scheme but even here, he may be merely politicking. Developers are known to buy votes. In looking at the scheme, I can appreciate two houses replacing one but this scheme calls for 3 story buildings with a total of  12 units; an abuse in my personal opinion but big city ways always win out.


JAN.14 A) Talk now abounds on 'triaging' if the COVID plague worsens. Hey, that is what Franco Alulio introduced in Oct. 2019 with this target. Currently I am in the Third Group with the potential of including every driver in N. America...attaboy, Franco...there should be some award for your abject performance! Perhaps some Nazi Organization will oblige. B) Everybody lies...in a By-Town seedy bar shoot-out leading to a death in 2016, the bouncer testified that when he heard shots, he departed for the door after trying to separate the two protagonists where he thought the shots were coming from...yeah, right...those shots were coming directly from below him but, understandably, he didn't want to be a candidate for a false murder charge. The judge would see that and act accordingly to protect him. C)More lies?...or not enough of them? If Trump, in speaking to the mob in Wash. had added...'but, please, no violence to people', he would have escaped impeachment. For someone known for the 'art of the deal'; this is a colossal failure deserving 'You're fired!' as nemesis bites him in the ass. Cancelling his twitter account would appear to be 'a bridge too far'. D) 'Work will make you free', the duplicitous Nazi sign to the entrance of WWII Auschwitz  concentration camp is imitated by China's treatment of the Uighurs. Canada's equivalent? The use of Canada's courts will make you free. E) Thank goodness for a couple of 'letter to the editor' writers who point out the reliability of faxes (no viruses, etc.- and snail mail too if one can wait) as the digital revolution is a bust in myriad ways including the new Google platforms. One doctor notes the reliability of faxes in his office over the cumbersome digital connections with such as the Ottawa General Hospital.


JAN.13 A) Many people don't realize that 'Special Education' covers the gifted: O.S. p.3 Gifted students still in class during the pandemic which, to me, smacks of elitism, as COVID does not recognize intelligence. As a Supply Teacher, I covered one such class in Ottawa with 3 grade levels and a handful of students given 'brain-teasers'. The message I get from the co-ordinator of the Public Elementary Teachers Assoc. being the only School Board to have these in-school classes, is that this concept fits right up there with those elitists who believe vacation travel exempts them from COVID due to their exalted status. Granted that these gifted students can be trusted to maintain distancing; nonetheless, it is an unhealthy yardstick for other honour students who do not get in-school training. The wrong message is being sent out as attested to by complaints from 3 Unions.   B) I am confused. If hardware stores are open along with grocery and drug stores, why not most stores? C) It is WWII all over again where the Communists and Nazis persuaded the population to rat out opponents to gov't policy. Now a citizen is to do it in the name of COVID. D) Spreading COVID-19 fear (by gov'ts.) doesn't work. Oh, yes it does as most people following the regulations do so out of fear = an editor 'out to lunch' E) 'Teflon Trudeau'. I like it as it is right up there with "O'Toole the O'Foole" F) FBI warned of impending violence in the Capitol as early as Jan.5: 'The failure was not one of intelligence, but one of failing to act on the intelligence.' Just what the 'boys in short pants' wanted. 9-11 was much the same story. G) It is against the law to bar a legal matter on financial grounds but that is what Sally Gomery j. did to a bankrupt restaurant owner contesting an eviction. No insurance on his business (impossible for a bankrupt to get),she asks? No hearing. So of course he drops his claim making it appear as though he is running away. But I am on record as calling for a trusteeship over all Ottawa court functions so what do you expect? H) Erudite Postmedia columnist, Tasha Kheiriddin O.C. p. A7 writes very well with her political message that if Conservatives wish to renew faith, they must disavow Trump, without reserve as his appeal is to white guys who have lost status in U.S. culture. Without arguing with her thesis; I submit that there is no chance of any political philosophy surviving as the economic message aggravated by COVID is that capitalism is a trainwreck where there are no viable economic alternatives left. That is Hell on Earth.


JAN.13 A The art of all fiction is for escape and good authors like Shakespeare perform it well. Where to begin is artificial of course as where to end as life is a continuum. Beginnings are easier because they don't have the plot with which to contend as the endings do and most writers get tied up in knots by the end, including Shakespeare. It is one of those knots I wish to speak on with reference to a David Baldacci (B) novel focusing on the debacle of the socialist dream which wiped out the middle class in Venezuela leaving many children under 8 knowing nothing but abject poverty; the only thing keeping the country afloat being the Columbian drugs transshipped through its ally, Cuba and thence onto a grateful massive drug market in the U.S. (Lebanon, also a basket case, ships heroin by Hezbollah on behalf of Iran through Italy). The theme in B.'s story is personal morality and Justice represented by the protagonists, a former Special Forces male who finds solutions with a bullet as long as it is on the side of the U.S interests (law unto himself) and the unlikely female who insists that the courts of law must be paramount in arresting a Special Forces individual charged with desertion; otherwise we stoop to being no better than such as the Nazis. It is the ending I wish to focus on here, in which the corrupt CIA colonel is able to draw his weapon and murder the bound captive, only to be killed in turn by our hero. Novel ends but not this lesson; namely, our hero resolves the case at the end of a pistol in such fashion by shooting the CIA colonel who just killed the captive as now it can be sanctioned by the female partner thus resolving the gov't problem of never wanting to see this case in court in the first place. That theme is going to be more and more common in the future as 'executive action' is going to be sanctioned to avoid what the courts are ill-trained to handle. The 'suicided' pedophile Epstein is one such U.S. example while in Canada, the wealthy Toronto couple were suicided by a fake hanging which the police were all too ready to buy into. For a long time, the gullible public bought into these fictions but when 200 inmates were released from Death Row in the U.S. in the 1990's due to DNA analysis, the public became wary of law courts with their 'experts' which are no experts as illustrated by COVID revelations currently by medical doctors. The problem? The experts don't know 'how to think' to base concrete action for such as COVID; particularly as it relates to the aspect of 'intermittent' where scientific fact barely exists. Logically, in hindsight, the ON gov't should have shut down the province before Xmas but the 'facts' which were to be forthcoming were unknown. The authorities need a new algorithm but that requires a level of creativity unknown to them. It is similar to the mechanic told to tighten a screw firmly such as on a car wheel. How firm is firm and even here they are asked to back off a quarter turn for best results. (Of course he may have a pressure wrench and tables to go by which makes it a little more scientific but hardly practicable as even these tables are arbitrary.)


JAN.12 A) O.S. p.9 Will the real racists in America raise their hands?' Black U.S. columnist, Star Parker, President of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education makes cogent arguments on racism...as far as she goes: '...racism industry which has been damaging our country since the 1960's...one culture says that life is, by nature, hard and that achievement comes from diligence, good character and struggle, the other culture says that life is only hard if it is unfair, and that life can be made fair and easy through politics. The author favours the first option believing that half of blacks today are affluent due to hard work on their own which is a bullshit answer. A parallel may be drawn here in my own family where a (white) sister-in-law initially believed her appointment to become a bank manager (where she was exploited compared to male managers) were due to her capabilities with a Master's Degree in Finance. On 'early retirement' encouraged by the bank for all Managers (one does not have a real choice in the matter), she conceded it was the push by women in general to obtain Board responsibilities which got her the job. Parker's figures on University 'success' among Blacks is underscored by 'credentialism' in some Black Universities which was seen recently in the U.S. with white candidates receiving 'sports scholarships'. How Caroline Kennedy and Caroline Mulroney ever got Harvard Degrees (throw in former U.S. President G. Bush as well if you will) is beyond me. (Actually, it isn't as the rich can buy a Master's or Phd degree from their 'tutor'). In Canada, indigenous peoples complain about racism. No-one has pointed out that our social network recognizes that you move to the location of your job; something most Indigenous people are loath to do although the digital revolution can change that. Further they get free University. Bottom line? In an unfair world at the best of times; a 'hand-up' does not come without its social problems as Parker correctly details. Unfortunately, her alternative - U.S. Blacks pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps - does not really exist for the vast majority of Blacks. B) For those who believe the above should by a 'Letter to the Editor'; I remind them as a prolific 'letter to the Editor' in the 1990's; my name is expunged on any topic currently on this level in the media = a compromised media. That's why, the tabloid, the North Shore News (B.C.) can get away with libeling  me, as they did in print in 2014, with this statement: Roger Callow is a liar. That is what the Feb. 11-2021 hearing where I am the Respondent is really all about - the demise of the Canadian media. C) p.11 Worst president ever by Arnold Schwarzenegger who would focus on those who raided the Capitol building rather than on those outside carrying U.S. Flags protesting a sham election procedure all of which raises the question of 'where is the lie'? Nancy Pelosi's personal venom publicly displayed against Trump is an extension of Arnold. Just because Arnold was born in Austria after the war does not make him an expert on WWII although his comments on post Austrian society where he was raised are pertinent. While the focus is on the Holocaust, both Germany and Japan used wide-scale slavery in their factories during the war whereas Britain and the U.S. paid their war time workers well. (Today China uses slave labour). If Arnold or Pelosi really want to see a shit-hole socialistic society, look at how Venezuela wiped out the middle class with most children 8 years and younger only knowing abject poverty which is another kind of slavery. Arnold should stick to his make-believe movies. (Why the public place so much credence in the speeches of actors without political experience for the most part, is beyond me.) C) I am definitely too old for this: A revival of Sex and the City with the original cast 20 years later. I suppose the sex is to be displaced by the 'menstrual cramps of menopause' = no sex please. As a generalization, leave the past to the past and create new shows with new themes and new actors ....but then no-one listens to me. D) Legally speaking, Pelosi and her gang are on weak ground trying to impeach Trump in the last week of his Presidency. But that is not her 'presidential' object; rather, it is to underscore the threatened demonstrations in 50 states for what amounts to 'ballot box stuffing'. Will Democrats provide a counter demonstration?...I think not...why should we, we won the election fair and square, didn't we?...didn't we....?


JAN 11) A) The Barbadoes gov't has promised to cover the hotel cost of travelers during the current lock-down similar to cruise ships of an earlier era. Rough translation: Hotels, you cover the cost while the gov't. takes the credit. It amazes me how the wealthy believe they are 'above' COVID risk and take their travel as a right of lese majesty over COVID; but that is the way of the top 1% with the next 20% aping their betters. B) 'The cops are coming, Trump. And you're not going to be able to stop them with a fire extinguisher this time' (ref. how a protester killed a policeman in Wash).'  Trump is in the same position as Ghislaine Maxwell; both know too much = suicided like pedophile J. Epstein C)Here's how curfews violate Charter rights  O.S. Jan. 11 p. 9 I never get excited about these articles quoting chapter and verse of such as the 1982 Charter of Rights & Freedoms as I have been able to demonstrate over and over in the Employee's Case that Canada's judge-made law supplants any such protection. It is like a work agreement outlining duties ending with '..and related duties'. And who decides on those duties? Why the boss of course. In short, do as you are told. Judges operate on the same principle in their Decisions in Canada; I can vouch for that with over 50 of these legal dudes. My motto? STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE  D) O.C. p.A6 An Ottawa professor tells Biden: Please don't (lead the world) as The world has become somewhat dubious about America's capacity for leadership'. His answer is 'globalism' under UN leadership which is anathema to my reading experience. For example, higher U.S. standards of living are done at the expense of sub-standard living in Third World countries.


JAN 10  A) Hoity Toity Democratic Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts are another Senator Joe McCarthy who was also, in the early 50's, out to get the jobs of mainly Hollywood types for being accused communists; a hot button in the U.S. at that time. In Pelosi's Case, the target was the Wash. mob protesting ballot box stuffing; something the Democrats should have been supporting against miscreant judges failing to call for disclosure in four states = banana republic of the U.S.A. This lady 'not for burning' because she had to crawl out of her office quite literally, is burning the Wash. police (similar to all police forces, to avoid carnage, they give a warning to protesters that they will be evicted at a certain time which is a time honoured process). Trump can expect to be the target of her ire as well after Jan. 20 when Biden ascends the throne hence Trump is going to his golf course in Scotland - which the Scots have warned him against - in the equivalent of 'getting out of Dodge'. Where to go, now? Why Canada of course with Conrad Black paving the way as a back scratching recognition of Black now in possession of a presidential pardon for all his U.S. crimes. Here's where I come in. Come to Ottawa and should there be any inopportune legal actions, pay Ottawa Justice Calum MacLeod to make it go away without a hearing such as he did with my $10 million action against the Ottawa General Hospital for practices right out of Nazi Germany. Of course, he should watch out for ON Dept. of Transport-Medical, Franco Alulio who could label him a 'psychiatric case' for no stated reason as a 'form perversion' on his driver's license; which would be right up there matching the invective of Pelosi. If the first casualty of war is the truth, then the second is justice. That is the sum total of the Employee's Case. While capitalism under the Republicans is falling under massive economic debt, socialism experiments are even worse such as in Venezuela which at one time, had a middle class. Now children up to 8 have known nothing but abject misery and starvation. It's a juggernaut issue in the U.S. which Biden is helpless to ameliorate of which the U.S. is only too aware with COVID tipping the balance as in Canada. As to Pelosi, these protesters - many of them leaders in their community - were flying the U.S. flag, not the hammer and sickle but, sputter, sputter, that is beside the point in her diatribe as they are all to be tarred with the same brush. At least 9-11 was conducted by non-Americans. The Wash. debacle is strictly U.S. made. The central issue, of course, is the democratic recognition of the right to public protest which our dear lady would expunge for one and all. B) Some front-line workers, notably in Ohio and Texas, are refusing vaccinations for COVID which reminded me of the experience of one of my sons in the 1990's with a class outbreak of an infectious disease in which all class members were directed to get vaccinated. Later, I learned that the particular vaccination administered was 'not the real thing' and was more a placebo given to pacify a public outcry. In other words, all vaccinations are not the same. Iran does not wish shipments from the West as they might be 'doctored'. I wouldn't trust to Russia's vaccine considering their social setting. In Canada, second dose delay (possibly due to mfg. seeking to stiff the country with higher prices) may make the first dose ineffectual if not given in a timely fashion. The big drawback is that inoculation does not mitigate against one being a carrier nor is it known how long the protection lasts. While the medical profession is being blasted 'for not asking the right question'; the central unasked question is why the media failed to sufficiently challenge them in a timely manner? Their mea culpa is late in coming. It is still not known to what extent COVID is a virus to be controlled by vaccination or to some other non-virus cause. Even with HIV, mutations are a possibility such as the S. African COVID variety forcing new medicines. In brief, all of us including the so-called experts just plain don't know = ignorance is not so bliss in this case.


JAN 09 A) 'It's not what it seems', says a disheveled Penny (Big Bang Theory) coming out of the bedroom with Raj rapped only in a comforter as she flees to her own apartment leaving Sheldon with a conundrum as it seems that she had coitus with Raj but that cannot be he opines as she said 'It is not what it seems'. Eventually Leonard tells him; 'She lied, Sherlock' thus shocking Sheldon. Similarly, judges in some U.S. States claim that 'ballot box stuffing' is not 'what it seems' provoking demonstrations across the U.S. but not supported by Democrats who stand behind judges refusing to call for disclosure. So, yes, the U.S. is another 'banana republic' as some Democrats would stentoriously deny. B)More double standards as an Ottawa Police Officer had an impaired driving charge while off duty dropped permitting him to remain on the police force. He was an OPP officer before that in 2009. Where was the background check on him? As a public member in a possible position of calling on the police, would I knowingly do so if this Officer was assigned? No. O.S. p.3  C) p.8 Nothing has been answered regarding the aircraft shot down by the Iranians last year as siblings of dead Canadians find that hiring an Iranian lawyer was a waste of time...gee, just like Canada, where I have found the same problem over 35 years of an unresolved labour matter before over 50 judges. D) Trump is a 'sore loser' goes the accusation which is the only kind of loser to be as 'good losers' put up with their fate in life = no backbone. Both Democrats and Republicans should join hands against those U.S. judges who would see the U.S. become a 'banana republic' by refusing to disclose ballot box stuffing evidence...been there done that in Canada, against the 'strongest union' in both countries. At least Teddy Roosevelt stood up to the robber barons.... E) Only in Hollywood, you say?... Britney Spear's ex-husband of 55 hours .... F) I spoke too soon; the Catholic Church annulled a marriage with two children of 14 and 12 as 'never having taken place'...it is King Henry VIII all over again.... In short, it is a matter of buying 'indulgences' just like 'sporting scholarships' in universities. Hell why bother with any rules...the Canadian courts sure don't. G) O.C. p.A12 Former Citizen editor, Kate Heartfield, is personally involved in being a caregiver of a senior family member. She writes to lament the long time systematical breakdown of physician to physician medical transmissions. That dilemma went one step further with the Ottawa General Hospital refusing to give me a summary of medical tests forced on me through a court Order Boxing Day 2019 which I passed. I need that information for purposes of my phony driver license suspension scam and to obtain a new physician. That's why I am left appealing to the 'last person standing' in Canada, Chrystia Freeland, Deputy PM. At least the physicians are responding to prescription renewals from Drug stores.


JAN.08 A) 'The Last Hurrah' for the 35 year unresolved labour case due to judicial malfeasance is to be heard Feb. 11-2021 where the two Bobbsey Twins seek to expunge the entire issue naming me as the Respondent. It didn't work in 2014, but the Ottawa Courts have gone rapidly down hill since then accounting for why I asked a trusteeship to be invoked. Two Sub-headings are germain to these proceedings: 1) CV20-00849840... - the original rebuttal from Dec. 2020 and 2) Chrystia Freeland for a detailed rebuttal of a subsequent factum in 2021 which is hogwash. In essence the conspirators seek to ghost my actions leaving us with Franco Alulio and his phony driver license suspension scam which negatively impacts all North American drivers. For  me, there is nothing more to do on this boondoggle of a case which has seen the demise of Justice Canada. B) 'D-Day plus one' in the Wash. D.C. revolt. So the hoity toity Senators were forced to crouch down and have their sorry asses hustled out of the building in front of an angry mob...which will never do....why, why, where were the police to create the necessary carnage which a 'Black Lives Matter' protest would bring?, they sputter. The Wash. police, knowing that the protesters were departing after making their point, 'foolishly' decided to avoid 'a lot of dead people' much to the chagrin of the hoity toities. No person is above the law, says a glaring President Biden. That may be the U.S.; but not so in Canada where Trump should move as evidenced by no Canadian judge ever being sent to jail ...they are not only above the law; they own it and sell it to such large corporate interests such as Trump with their 'Get out of Jail Free' indulgences  C) The ON Minister of Labour wants recruiters into schools to promote the trades. The best man at my wedding has three daughters; one a teacher and two electricians. Is there a problem here? Yes. It is known that proximity to high voltage electricity is a source of cancer and, therefore, should be of particular concern to child-bearing age women. Nor should those selfsame women be exposed to gas fumes as a source of sterilization (both sexes). Seasonal labour with odd hours, as one Labour specialist points out, is a social problem in the trades for mothers with families although the trades pay well...when one works....  But just try to find a 9-5 well paying job these days. Working from home is vulnerable to bullying administrators out to 'maximize profits'. D) As any mechanic can tell you; the worst problem is 'intermittent' which characterizes the ongoing story of COVID. Of course the specialists and politicians have no answer under these conditions hence it is mere prattle that the media pronounces against them. Mind you, that assertion is a universal even before COVID. E) O.S. p.7 'Ex-dealer wants to make good' Oh, no, this judgment for a Hell's Angel drug dealer 'with a deprived childhood' by Ottawa Justice Mitch Hoffman is right up there with my nemesis, Justice Colin McKinnon with his 'poor misunderstood pimp' judgment in a case which is being re-instituted by the Crown. One potential dealer I met (I do NOT use drugs) turned down $30,000 per month for his high grade marijuana crop. If it isn't stolen by others, the arresting police officers 'complete' the process explaining why he is 'clean' today. Hoffman j, similar to McKinnon j. is the real 'transformed man' in this story. The dealer in question realizes that his Gang membership is his protection, not the police.


JAN.07  A) George Washington would understand the current insurrection in the Capitol, G.W. Bush does not: 'This is how election results are disputed in a banana republic - not our democratic republic.'  He ought to know how the 'banana republic of the U.S.' does things as a result of his theft of the Presidency from the Democrats in 2000 bringing us the Iraq war with its phony 'weapons of mass destruction'. The Supreme Court in Florida under brother, Jeb Bush, in 2000 saw fit to truncate their voting investigation declaring George the winner. Viva the hypocrisy.  B) The Insurrection was better planned than the media would give it credit for as the protesters dispersed before the military might was used against them. Their cause has been picked up in small groups in both the U.S. and Canada as ballot box stuffing is at the heart of any democracy making the judges failure to call for disclosure in the U.S. all the more heinous. C) B. Lilley columnist O.S. p.4 concludes with '...One thing we must never do is give in to the angry mob'. Exactly what Lushenko in Belarus in telling the 'revolting public' along with any number of other dictatorial leaders. Now if Hitler had an angry mob against him in the early 30's, perhaps history would have been different although the Communists did their best to undermine him in a matter of 'choose your poison'. Henry Ford chose Hitler, and was awarded the highest civilian award in Germany. D) While overt racism was rare in Caucasian West Vancouver Schools in the early 70's, one of my students was dealt with by the administration for overt racism against a non-Caucasian. I asked him later as to the reason to which he replied...'my brother was deeked out of a job by a non Caucasian'. On p. 6, 'new form of anti-Asian hate' on the rise. I wonder how much of that dislike which pre-dates COVID is due to Chinese student bursary students from China publicly protesting on the side of the CCP in Canada when told to do so. E) p.8 The myopic Sun editorial claims students should be in school without dealing with the risk to teachers as they appear to be non-people to this editor. F) p.9 Lorrie Goldstein columnist...a good one: '...rules for thee, but not for me' mentality of our leaders.

JAN.04 A) Stalin: Losers vote; winners count the vote and in the U.S. in the last election, the Canadian electronic Dominion Voter System helped the election out...right out, according to Trump. O.S.p.7 'This is unfortunate' Apparently this electronic voting system was used in the leadership race for both Liberals (Trudeau) and Torys (O'Toole the O'Foole) although not in the Federal election proper. For the sake of all those objecting to ballot box stuffing, I hope Trump is successful in exposing this scourge despite negative U.S. judicial decisions and press coverage.  B) Want to know another Canadian anomaly? litigants are not allowed to make direct private submissions to judges but I have Cavanaugh's young Dixon esq. doing just that (Hearing slated for Feb. 11-2021 where I am the Respondent charged with being frivolous & vexatious for daring to 'out' the Franco Alulio fake driver license scam detailed elsewhere). Of course the ON Legal Society has nothing to say on that egregious 'faux pas' as per their wont. They are part of Canada's 'strongest Union' and over them there is no control: PLACARD: STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE. As matters stand, no judicial Decision in Canada has any merit. C)Police need to cool it - Editorial p.8 A ridiculous take-down in Gatineau for a family meeting is 'outed' by this editorial. What a change a year makesas I could have done with this editorial last year with a similar police take-down involving the CEO's of Ottawa Hospital; Dr Jack Kitts and his successor, Cameron Love. Justice MacLeod merely dropped my action against the Hospital without a hearing forever changing the dynamic in the Cdn. Justice System as now all powerful parties (think SNC Lavalin) will merely 'buy the judge' = anarchy.


JAN.03 A) '9-11' in 2000 led to the mammoth expenditure of Homeland Security over which no-one seems to have any control but saps a huge amount of money from the military budget explaining why Trump is bringing troops home and unsuccessfully attempting to suspend military expenditure. B) The survival of the capitalist system in the West is done at the impoverishment of the Third World. C) Widespread worker revolts in China go without reporting in the West as workers are not assured of their salaries. This is the basis of a coming civil war between Xi with the aid of N. Korean troops against all others in China. D) Russia has no immigration and is expected to lose 20 million people in population in 20 years. COVID could wipe them out economically; vaccines or no vaccines. E) Primarily in the West, the risky commitment of pension funds: PLACARD: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PENSION IS PARKED?


JAN.02 A) The resignation of ON Finance Minister Phillips due to lying about his Caribbean holiday pales against the lack of publicity for  Franco Alulio whose fake license suspension scam goes unrecognized by the media. In brief, the Employee's Case (EC) is not only about the decimation of Canada's Justice Ministry; it has taken out the Cdn. media as well; that is the second major theme of the EC from which Canada will never recover. A.G. Doug Downey should follow Philips into oblivion; but then, he is just following orders from Premier Ford whom should be ousted from all politics. B) O.S. 'Disaster' columnist, Alex Vezina calls out medical Doctors for failing to define alternatives for patients. Amen to that one as I find that I have to always raise the question first as to alternative treatment. Trump got it right when he walked out of the hospital where he was being treated for COVID and had himself photographed sitting in a car with no tubes attached. Down through history, Doctors have always loomed large in assassinations. e.g. Napoleon with arsenic. The most duplicitous Doctor whom I ever met is Ottawa General Hospital's young psychiatrist, Dr. Sarah Chan. No-one should trust to that hospital while she remains on staff. (It should be noted that hospital Doctors in lock-down are poorly paid hence 'anyone' can be assigned such as a student fresh out of University. A third older psychiatrist could hardly speak English. I don't think he got his initial qualifications in Canada.) By and large the staff at the 4-bed lock-down act under difficult circumstances but a few are manipulated by these Doctors for their own purpose. In my case of being 'the first political prisoner', CEO's Jack Kitts and his successor, Cameron Love, would have to be involved manipulating my take-down behind the scenes last Xmas explaining why I publicly request the withholding of contributions from the main Hospital  branch - something I did not like to do - for a period of one year. C) 'We used to do duck-and-cover drills in grade school...so I lived with the idea that man is going to really screw this up at some point.' Actor George Clooney interview O.C. p.4 As a Supply Teacher in Ottawa in the 1990's, I encountered my first lock-down while walking down a deserted school hallway on break vaguely recalling a subdued Office announcement of 'Code 2' which meant nothing to me. A teacher, when seeing me in the hallway, called me into her room where students were crouched in the middle of the floor with lights out where I joined them...about as effective as my home alarm business where I told clients that a professional can get around anything. Similarly while school doors are locked, at lunch and at the end of day, students are streaming out the door which is the ideal time for a shooter to enter. Trump erroneously called out a school guard for cowardice for remaining outside a building during a shoot-out in Florida. His assumption was that there were no students in the building with guns in either their lockers or on their person. The guard should have protected his own rear end by placing one foot in the school and one outside trying to determine where the shots were coming from - maybe he did; still, he was in a hopeless situation. To Trump, dead heroes are preferable as long as it is not him. D) O.C. Observer p.1 columnist B. Deachman in a 'must read' 3 page article addresses how the Ottawa General Hospital deals in detail with COVID patients.


JAN.01-2021  THE UPSIDE OF DOWN (2007) Thomas Homer-Dixon What he predicted in 2007 has become the norm in 2021. His model is the decline of the Roman Empire RC

'A buildup of pressure from multiple stresses, a rapid-fire series of shocks, and a weakening of resilience can combine to push a society over the edge. From the third century on, these processes pummeled the Roman empire: ...everything going wrong everywhere at the same time; ...barbarian attacks, assassinations, internal unrest, troop revolts, famine, plague and financial crisis. Rocked by these foreshocks, the empire started to crack apart.' N.B. Today the international plague COVID 19 is provoking all other crisis. RC

'...threshold events (today) ...climate flips, large jump in energy prices, boundary-crossing outbreaks of new infectious diseases (Homer Dixon presaged COVID 19 here), or international financial crisis.'

'...world order could disintegrate in stages-from the poorest countries at its periphery to the richest countries at its core, much as happened in the western Roman Empire...two factors dominate: motivation and opportunity...both are needed to generate upheaval...a potentially rebellious group (Black Lives Matter RC) will feel more powerful if it believes that other people and groups share its identity...and could therefore be allies. (In the U.S. the death of an urban black at the hand of the police begets widespread revolt whereas in Canada, one such incident in Ottawa - Police Officer Montsion Case - was effectively quashed by a court Decision in terms of a violent street protest RC)

'wider income gaps affect the motivation to participate in violence....'losing side...feel profoundly humiliated...either passivity or revolt...

middle class is in a precipitous decline....'

'...Countering this argument...Al Qaeda who carried out the 9/11 attacks-are well educated and come from relatively comfortable backgrounds....(Timothy McVeigh, decorated war hero was executed for the Kansas City bombing RC)

'...biggest impact on likelihood of violence is the power shift ...e.g. the internet...Put simply, technological change is allowing fewer people to kill larger numbers of people more quickly than ever before...rise of organized crime...biggest threat are weapons of mass destruction, including chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons...the latter may be channeled by criminal organizations into the hands of terrorists.

'...Molecular biologists...can create viruses....'Because of these technological trends, small groups of people...humble entire nations.'

The world's policeman in these events is the U.S. which, similar to the Roman Empire in its decline, 'may also be stretched beyond its breaking point' . Trump pulling U.S. troops out of the Middle East is one such example.



NEWSLETTER - DEC.31-2020  (JANUARY 01-2021 file as well)

POST IN STAFFROOM - e-mail colleagues (cc U.S. Embassy-Ottawa)


BYRoger Callow  rcallow770@gmail.com  'KING OF THE WHISTLEBLOWERS' The 'squeaky wheel gets the grease and I have been squeaking for 35 years yet 'no grease'. Only in Canada, you say...Time to end this farce.  employeescasecanada.ca  2020 RECENT 7dec sub-heading: LEGAL MAIL  DEC. 31-2020

cc Deputy P.M. Chrystia Freeland to either act or get out of politics. As Trump does not see the threat to U.S. interests, perhaps President  Biden will.

Unresolved 35 year labour case before over 50 judges sees destruction of Cdn. Justice System due to systemic judicial malfeasance  The only answer is what one sees around the world...hit the streets but please, no violence to people. It is a waste of time voting under these circumstances in Canada: VOTERS: FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS .Preceding NEWSLETTERS detail different aspects of this legal debacle.(SEE web)


NEWSLETTER: Nov. 24-2020  b) The term 'psychiatric' is not used in the driver suspension forms and therefore cannot be tested. Further, my lawyer on other matters dropped out stating that no lawyer will represent me under these circumstances of 'psychiatric disorder'. He was right explaining why I am self representing in all legalities. It is a disaster without equal for any democracy and yet one the Canadian media will not expose.... It's a scam only Nazi Germany could have produced.



1) BACKGROUND: Could you get by without your driver's license? Most people could not and yet this is the central Nazi-like scheme perpetrated in Ontario by  Franco Alulio (whom does not respond to my $10 million action against him) for perverting the driver license suspension form in such fashion that it cannot be challenged by using the word 'psychiatric' which is not in the forms.  A.G. Doug Downey/plus NDP/Liberals/Media/Unions  are MIA on the century's biggest institutional scam which has seen the collapse of the Ottawa Courts taking down with it all of Canada as a nation. The scam begins with Premier Ford who inherited this 'dirty biscuit' from the Liberals.... The only answer is what one sees worldwide...hit the streets but, please, no violence to people.



DEC. 20 It's the algorithm, stupid, not the people. Canadians are so caught up with the conspiracy against Roger Callow, that they do not perceive the real threat; namely, the algorithm which Franco AlulioDeputy Minister of Transport-Medical in Ontario set up by which a targeted individual such as myself can be deprived of all legal representation for any matter. Hence removal of anyone in any form such as a trial associated with this stunt; namely, Alulio, myself, the judges, the 'Bobbsey Twin' lawyers, or other conspirators is immaterial. I'm sure two U.S. Presidents must be confused on this one but they have experts to inform them that the only way to defeat this algorithm is 1)expose the perfidy of Alulio publicly and 2)charge him criminally with a 20 year sentence held over his head. Otherwise, COVID 19 will look like child's play if this algorithm grows beyond Alulio. Time is running out fast, U.S. Presidents. Are you listening in the absence of Canadians?



As of December 31, 2020, the Employee's Case is over. I never received compensation because over 50 judges in every province refused me a Decision amid much Judicial cupidity by which I could collect from the Employer, the West Vancouver School Board hence they are the winners as they have set the template by which Employers may escape their financial obligations. The biggest loser? The nation of Canada in terms of its gov't., law courts, and media. There is no point pursuing this issue any longer. How many times can one show the systematic malfeasance of a Justice System? I am left with, which I bequeath to Canada, a broken nation as seen through my call for a trusteeship to be invoked over the Ottawa Court System as a reflection of the defeat of Canada as a nation. The final act appears to be a conspirator's action CV20-849830 to be heard on Feb 11-2021 where I am named as a Respondent in an attempt to 'ghost' all other actions. The U.S. is advised not to have any use of Canadian law courts for diplomatic and commercial reasons and to pursue the Franco Alulio algorithm to the fullest extent of the law from becoming entrenched in all Canadian provinces and every U.S. state. For me, similar to 100 Year Old John of the Gospels regarding the Second Coming? The Employee's Case is Finished. In Martin Luther's words, 'Here I stand, I can no other'. When my ashes are entombed, I request that the phrase 'here lies an ethical man' be intoned with a one minute's silence.






1) Forget all the legal bafflegab on my website (for those who wish to punish themselves on that level; see web: LEGAL MAIL Subheading (RECENT 7 dec. 18-2020)for my rebuttal to the Feb. 11 hearing which is unlikely to be entered into court due to the usual chicanery. No matter as the Decision on Feb. 11-2021,will be similar to all previous Decisions...pre-written.

2) This account is only for conspirator theorists; others need not read.

3) The Rebuttal to 2021-Feb. 11 includes a 3 page 2013 section explaining how I was evicted from B.C. without a Decision and the background circumstances thereto which led to appearances in every province (except NL) plus Federal Court plus approaches to the SCofC (4) in which this unresolved legal matter was left unresolved. amid much legal chicanery.

4) This account focuses on ON beginning with Justice C. MacKinnon in 2014 writing 3 different Decisions on the same hearing in Apr. 2014 where I was the Respondent; none of which referenced the existence of the other (Would the real Colin MacKinnon j. please stand up?) A second judge, Scott, in Sept. was complicit in that plot which the oversight bodies refused to acknowledge, let alone investigate...a common story throughout this case. We don't know which Decision was filed, if any but the current conspirators for Feb. 11-2021 have selected one as the 'gospel truth'.

5) Due to improprieties above, the Employer cannot get legal Counsel in ON, hence a plot was hatched by Premier Ford and his henchmen, A.G. Doug Downey, and Franco Alulio of the Transport Ministry-Medical, that latter appellation being all important.

6) The aim of suspending my driver's license was incidental to the major focus; namely, to deprive me of legal representation for any matter as my lawyer dropped off for the bastardized use of the word 'psychiatric disorder' which even any Doctor will not touch this matter.

7) I sued Franco Alulio for 10 million dollars to which he did not respond. The whole purpose of Feb. 11-2021 is to 'ghost' this case in a manner similar to anything coming out of Nazi Germany. The media has been notified and, in one sense, the story comes down to their credibility which is expected to disappear along with the nation on Feb. 11-2021.

8) Enter complications with my estranged wife 'bad-mouthing me to the young family Doctor, Dr. Jahagirdar (Dr. J.) of Towngate Family Medicine on the one side and family on the other. I dismissed her on Nov. 01-2019 but she refused to hand over my complete medical file without which I cannot get a new Doctor. Mayor Jim Watson and Ottawa Police Chief Sloly are complicit in a matter where 'a medical file belongs to the patient, not the Doctor'. It appears that Alulio was soliciting her support for his suspension which, according to filed evidence, she did not give. Regrettably she continued to represent me with the Ottawa General Hospital which the conspirators did not foresee as family members, on a court Order had me seized by the police last Boxing Day for a complete battery of tests at the Ottawa General Hospital (when the forms only stated a 'general practitioner') which required the action of former CEO Jack Kitts and his successor, Cameron Love. Bumping Emergency patients did not sit well with staff, particularly as they quickly realized this was a bullshit wellness case including an MRI which I passed. They expected the police, who had disappeared, to take me back home.

9)Instead, I was consigned to the secure lockdown for 9 days (with 7 days off for fear of pursuing a patient complaint on the grounds that I was probably the first political prisoner at the Hospital as normally inmates in this ward are only held for a couple of days)

10) In January 2020, the highly duplicitous young staff psychiatrist, Dr. Sarah Chan, sought to enlist Dr. J. in an overview psychiatric examination of me in a bid to exonerate the Hospital for which I later sued for $10 million. She failed and I was released.

11) The Hospital fiasco was not intended by the conspirators as their only interest lay in depriving me of legal representation hence Justice C. Macleod subsequently dropped my action against the Hospital without a hearing thus changing forever the dynamic of the Canadian Justice System as now every powerful entity will merely 'buy the judge'. Enter A.G.'s Master Kaufmann who dropped, in turn, my action against MacLeod j. trying to inveigle me into contesting his action to an Appeal Court tribunal which could be expected to walk back the cat exonerating the actions of both MacLeod j. and Kaufmann in the process which, would, of course had the desired effect of ghosting my case thus protecting Alulio's actions. I didn't bite.

12) To cut a long story short, it is now left to two young lawyers (the Bobbsey Twins) whom I have filed against with the ON Legal Society; a body which does not open its legal mail, as these two have walked all over court processes for which I accused them of fraud. That is the action which I expect to be whitewashed on Feb. 11-2021 with the obfuscation of my interests by the Ottawa Court. It's a repeat of the 2014 stunt.

13) So what is really being tested this time round? Why the demise of the Canadian media of which credibility is based on publicizing a national issue (international as well) which negatively impacts Canada thus reducing it to Third World status. Hopefully, U.S. Presidents are aware of this 'clear and present danger' to U.S. interests as there is no longer any place to turn in Canada. We failed 'to stand on  guard for thee'.


cc Andrew Coyne (Globe& Mail) Mark Bonokoski / Tarek Fatah (Ottawa Sun) Kelly Egan (Ottawa Citizen) Ellie Tesher (The Star) J. Ivison / C. Selby (National Post)


'Life is divided into three phases, "what was, what is, and what will be". No one willingly turns back on his life gone past unless everything he has done sits well with his conscience, which is never deceived.'


'He who has greedily coveted, proudly scorned, viciously conquered, treacherously cheated, avariciously seized or wantonly squandered, must absolutely fear his own memory.'  Amen to that one, brother.  Roger Callow