1) Have I ever been wrong? The wrong question; rather, have I ever been right? ANS. Yup. I correctly predicted the Cdn. election last July with Postmedia which runs the news across Canada apart from the Gov't controlled CBC, losing all credibility in the process although they would never blame themselves for that deficiency rather limiting the blame to 33% of the voters who voted Liberal.

2) So once again, in the prediction department, how do I know that G.M. is going to walk? It is an O.J. Simpson type of thingy. Find her not guilty on the criminal charge but charge her on succeeding civil charges which will be handily bought off by Defense lawyers (both female in this case for political advantage) wanting to share in the spoils.

3) But it is a jury trial you say. A jury is limited to the information presented in court which is where the 'fix' lies. If the pilot logs are not entered, there is no proof that GB was ever on Perv Island as a 'madam for under-aged girls fed to rich clients who exchanged insider stock information for stock tips'. If those logs were presented, such figures as 'Randy Andy', Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates would have to be called to the stand to attest to the existence of these flights... and that would never do.... So both the prosecution and defense are in the same bag leaving the judge to keep the jury on the 'straight and narrow'; namely, his own version of the 'straight and narrow'.

4) In the public's mind, many believed O.J. Simpson got away with murder (my earlier account differs). In this case GM will appear to get away with grooming under-age prostitutes; a distinctive 'no-no' in the public mind. Even if she is convicted; to be sure an Appeal Trial will reject the outcome 'for technical reasons'. In brief, Perv Island will remain safe for the 'rich and powerful'. The glitch? social media such as this blog. The U.S. will be seen to go the way of the 'banana republic of Cda. Justice System.' The Prosecution, the Defense and the Presiding judge can insist on these pilot logs...but will they? I think not.


5) First so-called Prosecutorial mistake: providing some pilot logs, presumably for the time that the 4 under-age defendants travelled to perv Island with G.M. That establishes that the logs have not been destroyed. However, 4 trips does NOT establish that GM was systematically travelling to Perv Island with under-age girls. For that we need all the pilot logs. In effect, the prosecution is flying a 'false flag' by claiming the pertinent logs were filed. I suspect that an incomplete list was also filed deleting any client names on board whose testimony would be vital. The lawyers on both sides only make money if there is an ensuing civil action similar to O.J. Simpson which won't happen if G.M. loses on the criminal trial. My model for this claim? The 1985 Arbitration for my senior teacher 'layoff for economic reasons under the neophyte imposed BILL 35 (1985) which was later quashed by the court ruling, as it did, the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable. I got the court judgment after ditching the Union lawyer.


6) It sounds like damning evidence from the pilot for Epstein since 1991 as to existence of travels to Perv Island including 2 former U.S. Presidents - Bill Clinton & Donald Trump - plus 'Randy Andy' and Bill Gates, but the Defense correctly questioned whether there was any proof that women on plane were under-aged, plus the pilot never witnessed sex on plane = salacious but hardly convincing proof that G.M. was pimping under-age girls; the major charge against her as these partial logs have limited relevance along with the pilot's testimony. All logs, which the pilot turned over to Epstein, must be produced in order to make this claim pass the litmus test of 'critical mass'. The Prosecution obviously has these logs in their possession. As to 'clients'; their cover story is hedge fund business on so-called Perv Island.  It sounds very much as though the Prosecution is eager to complete their case in short order as they have leaped to one of the 'under-age' girls. The judge should call for all pilot logs to see if they have been adulterated but I doubt he will. Surely someone on the Jury must be smelling a rat by now.


7) The Jury is in a difficult position if GM is exonerated as not only the public (O.J. Simpson trial) will condemn them as will the Prosecution. Their position is, of course, that the jury has to function on the case as presented in court. If they detect that they are to be made patsies, the only protection they have is sticking to the fact that they are a hung jury thus forcing a re-trial... the public would get the message. If GM is freed, to be sure there will be a public reaction much like the  indigenous deaths in Canada leading to church burnings; in this case, U.S. court bdlgs. would be a handy target and while many law-abiding Americans would be horrified; they would stop short of condemning those in active revolt.


8) The first under-age female victim's testimony has veracity. The Defense was left thrashing about. G.M. may not 'walk' after all unless Defense comes up with better explanations other than just downloading all blame on the suicided Epstein. Of course G.M. could get a similar fate before the case goes to the jury. Alternatively, a juror may hold out creating a hung jury so that it has to happen all over again. This case is not like the murder case of O.J. Simpson with a couple of dead bodies; rather it is on a topic anathema to middle class America. Will the U.S. Justice System become the world's biggest pimp? Further, it seems the mother was pimping her own daughter to promote the latter's acting career. However, it is the age-level which convicts G. M.


9) 'The smoking gun' theory: So far, there is no evidence of sexual intercourse on either Perv Airlines or any other locale. 'I did not have sex with that woman' POTUS Bill Clinton re intern Monica Lewinski but she kept the skirt with his DNA semen on it which made her case. What then? Nothing. Clinton and his enabler wife (who almost became a U.S. President) continued to function in U.S. Society: e.g. Along with G.H. Bush, he visited Haiti after its disastrous earthquake to raise funds. Unless the Defense can produce an adult client who confesses to having sex with one of the Defendants; the Defense has a 'he said, she said' scenario as no other records or evidence appears to have been kept by the under-age girls. Most Prosecutions would refuse to lay charges under these conditions. But Lewinski was one 'of age' female in a single case; on trial here is a major pimping ring which is failing to distinguish the role of GM in any significant fashion apart from 'suicided' pervert Epstein whom she blames for everything (in essence the trial is about collusion, not an easy matter to proove). On the other hand, the U.S. public will be outraged if GM 'walks'. However, the Defense has yet to mount their case. Remember that in any murder trial, the body and weapon need not necessarily be produced to get a conviction, the 'smoke' alone will do. Thus I am still waiting for the 'rabbit in a hat' evidence. Further, for the accusation of pimping, a slew of under-age girls were involved but they have all gone on to families of their own and careers which they do not want disturbed. It is a kind of Harvey Weinstein scenario.... damned if they do confess but escape damnation if they refuse to confess. P.S. I have the 'smoking gun' and the body in FAA (2019); what I don't have is the Justice System in my back pocket. In the related issue, the WV School Board trick in 1985 was to 'lay me off for declining enrolment' but making the matter one of 'teacher competence' in the media. Both died under this unresolved labour issue making 'democratic Cda.' redundant as no-one will trust to a Cdn. Institution.


10)  I am beginning to see why MB would not prosecute Canada's 80 year old alleged pedophile leaving it to ON to lay the charge in a case which would require extensive investigation at a high financial cost. That extensive investigation is missing with the GB trial. All we have are under-age girls returning to Pervland and accepting gifts under a very careful accounting by GB. The rest is 'he said, she said'. No mention of drugs or specific sex acts has been made which would be an integral part of the grooming process. For these girls to make money, they need GB to be exonerated on criminal charges so that they can make money on the ensuing civil cases; the lawyers of course getting their cut. We will just have to wait for the Defense case as there is really nothing on the Prosecution side which possibly was the intention. The clients, of course, will deny everything, hence a housekeeper or attendant would have key information...if the right questions are asked. So far, they have seen nothing. I am opting for acquittal leaving the U.S. Justice System as being #1 Pimp under these circumstances.


11) At this point the judge should intervene and ask the Prosecution to address the following questions: a) Will any evidence be provided, other than the under-age victims testimony, to the fact that a sexual act occurred with any under-age victim in which GB was in attendance or implicated in that particular sexual act? b) If the answer to the proceeding is in the affirmative; how will the Prosecution show that this one act was systematic in order to justify the grooming aspect of GB being a pimp with other than the victims in this trial? If I am not satisfied as to answers from the Prosecution on this level, I will give serious consideration to dropping this case without referring this matter to a jury Decision.


12) So now we have a fourth under-age victim on drugs testifying to having sex with Epstein after numerous visits. Her mother would not let her get a passport to go to Perv Island. Why not? It would appear that the mother is implicit as this minor was well paid  although the drug dealers appear to have got most of it. To which extent, in other words, can one trust a drug addict? (not much). Hence we are still in 'he said, she said'. Where were the witnesses to the sexual encounter other than GM? While I am not sympathetic to GM, this trial is going the way of the O.J. Simpson criminal trial. There is co-ordinating evidence, but it is not being presented.


13) Banker's Boxes of data wheeled into court are the key to GM's case and any other major case which can take up to 2 yrs. of legal billable time to sort. Law Offices across the land saw 'no boxes' here hence signifying the outcome. The judge should throw this case out now in which he has options e.g. tabling case


14) Prosecution expected to wind up on Fri. but illness forces postponement. As for the Defense? If the judge does not throw this case out of court, the Defense should proceed directly to concluding arguments in this travesty of Federal Justice which is a blight on all America... move over Cdn. Justice System.... Then it is off to the more lucrative civil actions.... more B.S.


15) So I have to read in the Br. Press that the Prosecution in the GB Case has rested their case after 10 days (no Cdn. media notice). If the Afghan withdrawal is Strike 1 for POTUS Biden, and FAA is strike 3, will the GB Federal Perv Trial be strike 2? As to future lucrative civil action (O.J. Simpson model); try collecting from a freed GB in France where she holds citizenship. lol As to the U.S. it becomes the 'pimp capital' of the world. (GM not alone as female human trafficking from Ukraine to U.S. is a major problem.)


16) The judge dropping the evidence by two of the female accusers 'because they were of age' underscores the pimping charge in a major way. I can see a hung jury on this one which could very easily be the point as the trial would have to be done all over again (forgotten as GB flies to France where she has citizenship or kept in the U.S. where she is suicided). Unlike some European countries, the USA does not have the damnable phrase, 'not proven' with the perp being released. G.B. is either 'guilty' (of at least one charge) or 'not guilty'. Sometimes courts find perps guilty of a minor misdemeanor in a major trial as a way of 'covering their ass'. 'Tabling' a charge is another court stunt in which the court postpones a hearing until more evidence becomes available (usually just forgotten) places the Jury in this case in a hopeless position but I do not think that this has ever happened in N. America (e.g. Vice Admiral Mark Norman non-trial Jury in which the judge lied in conjunction with the Prosecution and Defense lawyer (I had that stunt pulled in 1985 in West Vancouver in an Arbitration) to derail any future civil claims. 'You are exonerated' said the judge to a very surprised Mark Norman in court one morning when in fact he had not been (tabling is not exoneration). Will the U.S. judge in the GB trial pull a 'Mark Norman' in some sense or other. I suspect as much.

The qualifications of this LGBTQ judge are frightening in the extreme as she appears to be a political appointee.


17) This farce of a trial (he said, she said) could very easily end up with a 'hung jury' releasing GB... perhaps that was always the aim. Then it is over to 'Brandon' to put his stamp of approval/disapproval on it. Of course the Defense end their case without GB testifying. That is only done when the Defense believe that they have lost. This sham of a trial is mercifully over.


18) In private instructions by the judge to the two legal Counsel - the key to what the Bench wants; namely, a minor misdemeanor on GB's part to justify G.B.'s incarceration to date - was blown off by Defense correctly saying in effect that she can't 'suck and blow' at the same time. The only hope for the Bench now is a hung Jury which is not a far out proposition as they have very little in fact to go by. Redoing this trial is not in the cards hence the rich clients escape censure. Next up after the Decision of whatever kind? Why POTUS 'Brandon' of course.


19) The set-up: While waiting for the closing arguments in which the Defense give no sway (why should they knowing that the purpose of the Prosecution was to 'throw the case' thus protecting the male clients. No corroborating evidence as to sexual acts was given). No self-respecting lawyer would serve on such a Counsel. Remember the truth is not an external matter in a court of law; rather, it is what is presented in court which constitutes the truth. The release of 200 death row inmates in the 1990's due to the emerging DNA evidence is proof of Justice gone significantly wrong in the U.S.


20) Lessons on the above point from Canada in 1985 are pertinent with my senior teacher lay-off for economic reasons in West Vancouver under the hastily created imposed BILL 35 (1985). The author, Deputy Education Minister and former WV Principal, Jim Carter, himself the subject of scandal with a senior teacher dismissal while he was Principal in 1958, illustrates how a rogue civil servant can upend the institutions. (Ontario Deputy Minister of Transport, Franco Alulio pulled a similar stunt which goes without challenge today exposing the N. American driver's license to suspension without a reason and, when coupled to Identity Theft where a victim no longer has a legal existence, creating the crime of the 21st century.) The latter sin was created under the glare of the internet but institutional ghosting, including the media, keeps this story from surfacing. In 1985, the concept of an internet did not exist to trouble the authorities.


21) In the 1985 Arbitration, the arbitrator converted 16 new hires to read 17 lay-offs with myself being the additional victim. I was the only lay-off. When I changed lawyers and went to court, the Arbitration was quashed with gov't. appointed Arbitrator Louis Lindholm ruled 'patently unreasonable. Justice Southin in 1986 repeatedly demanded that Stuart Clyne, Counsel for the WV School Board to produce 'What was before the School Board when they chose to lay-off senior teacher, Roger Callow? Clyne committed fraud by repeating the 16 plus 1 teacher lay-off argument supported by the School Trustees at a meeting held in July of 1985; the same figures as the June figures. Those Trustees could also have been charged. Then Southin j. goofed. Her Decision was the famous 'should' return employment to this victim as opposed to 'must' without making any reference to the lay-off figures as she hoped a nice buy-out would result. Didn't happen. With the Decision in, Clyne & the WV Board were in a position to blackmail her; a blackmail which extended over 35 years and every province in Canada (with their own inequalities) heaping cover-up over the cover-up so that no compensation was ever paid despite the fact that Southin ordered the matter back to arbitration before the same arbitrator. The WV Board did not go back to arbitration. In Dec. 2020, I ended my participation as the Justice System imploded over this case. Currently, The Ottawa Court is so bad under the FAA commencing in 2019 as an extension of this case in Ontario, that I have called for a trusteeship to be imposed over it. I give this detailed story here as I detect similar elements in the GM trial which is turning out to be a whitewash job benefitting the rich clients of Epstein. ...been there, done that....


22) When it was not possible for GM to slip quietly back to France where she holds citizenship and where, with the publicity, was in a position not unlike that of Prince Andrew, a back room decision was made to arrest her in the U.S. and 'throw the case against her' thus using the U.S. Federal criminal court system against itself = Canada, move over, the top 1% wealthy win again....


23) A worried judge giving partisan instructions to jury hinting at a conviction is interesting as it could merely push toward a hung jury; perhaps that is what the judge wants. Such bench comments should have been from the Prosecution from which she could have requested clarification during the trial. Maybe she did but I am going by published material which could easily be inaccurate. I never had a jury trial in my civil actions only judicial promises to deal with my salient questions 'later' which meant they were promptly forgotten as soon as the judge left the bench. The GM judge should have demanded that the Prosecution - on pain of having the case thrown out - provide corroborating evidence as to specific sex acts and GM's role thereto which seemed to be lacking. Damning GM with a loose definition of 'associating' with a pimp was 'a bridge too far' in my reaction to published news on this case. In non legal terms, is she guilty? Guilty as hell which should split the jury in this federal criminal trial. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that jury room....


24) This trial was to have opened in Aug. then Oct. and now Dec. with the jury delaying their vote for 15 days until after the holiday = something smells. Now this jury is exposed to outside influences... go figure....


25) Citing COVID pressures, the Jury is now meeting daily and requesting more court materials. I can tell them what they already know... key factual material is conspicuous by its absence but are they looking for something equivalent to 'hang-nail' to convict GM of something hoping that the public will believe justice has been done. The Defense smells something as it does not want these deliberations to be rushed. ...oh to be that fly on the Deliberation room wall.... It is still a 'he said/she said' trial.


26) With the conviction of GB by a jury, 'he said/she said' (or in this case: 'she said/she didn't say') won out with middle America cheering and me with egg on my face for suggesting the Prosecution launched a weak case; particularly as the flight log was concealed. Figures such as client Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and others are, by reflection, condemned and could expect civil suits such as the one already against Prince Andrew. Of course an Appeal could see a reversal of this Decision & may still be part of the plot providing GB doesn't get 'suicided'. Canada has its own 'Epstein' with 80 yr. old Peter Nygard imprisoned in ON. The top 1% wealthy clients must be very nervous these days. Perhaps if I had had a jury with my many court appearances over 35 years across Canada, I would have won as my charges were documented with over 50 judges merely concluding that I was being 'frivolous & vexatious' in a civil trial (jury structure different from criminal trial) in my bid to obtain my rightful compensation as a teacher illicitly laid-off from the former Employer, the West Vancouver School Board. It was this failure which sank Justice Canada as employment law is central to the Justice System. SEE MEDIA Nov./Dec. The GB outcome does not support the notion that any attempt was made to influence jury deliberations. POTUS Biden has apparently ducked a major blow over this trial so that he is left with Strike 1 being 'Kabul extraction' and Strike 3 'silence over the Franco Alulio Algorithm with its extension of Identity Theft', an existential threat to the N. American driving public. I could die in my sleep and yet this legal matter remains extant as an algorithm which will never go away until ON Deputy Transport Minister Franco Alulio is charged with treason/fraud.


27) ACT II coming up with an Appeal by GM which will focus on the judge's actions. I have been through many many Appeal Courts in Canada and found them all to be highly compromised. This case ain't over yet, but we could get other actions against clients in the interim. Legally, there is much to play around with. Age 17 is under-age in the U.S. but is the legal age for prostitution in Br., but here's the point; the applicable laws must be the same for both countries. While GM is accused of pimping, she was actually 'grooming' which is not a law. The 20th Century '12 Angry Men' in which the truth is according to what is presented in court has been supplanted by '12 Outraged People' who in effect said, we are not going to be the public fall guys in this one seen to be confirming under-age prostitution which I submit was to be the case in this conspiracy if they did not free her due to lack of evidence. The key is those airline logs and the failure of the judge to insist that they be presented.


28) Confusion abounds - I am sure with the courts as well (Mon. Jan. 03-2022) - trying to sort Prince Andrew and his prime accuser of civil vs criminal activity.


29) So a U.S. judge wants Randy Andy to stand trial criminally in the U.S. It is the photo with GM in the background which convicts him for without her, there is no connection with the grooming charge (which in itself is not a law). To be sure, GM has a photo gallery of her with clients and underage girls which has some 1% wealthy males shaking in their boots & GM dangerously close to assassination. Next up, why Canada's very own 80 year old 'Epstein' (Peter Nygard) sitting in a Toronto jail. And this does not even count the multitude of prostitutes run in both countries by Organized Crime. GM just appears to be a freelancer albeit a classy one.