TO: Gang of 7 (cc Andrew Coyne (Globe& Mail) Mark Bonokoski / Tarek Fatah (Ottawa Sun) Kelly Egan (Ottawa Citizen) Ellie Tesher (The Star) J. Ivison / C. Selby (National Post)



OCT. 13-2020 to Dear Ellie: ... 8) The 'Franco Alulio' story, the Deputy Minister of Transport - Medical has borrowed from Nazi Germany this scourge noted above by suspending my driver's license in November 2019 in a perverted untestable scam which negatively impacts the entire driving market. Can you get by without your driver's licence? No institution including repeated messages to ON A.G. Doug Downey (plus NDP, Liberal leaders and Media) will respond to a suspension given without reasons. The $10 million fraud action against him goes without a legal response. The publicized WE scandal has nothing on the crime committed here. Clinics and Doctors plus related institutions I asked for comment are seen running for the doors. Ellie is well aware of this scam and yet retains her silence as well which I do not excuse. 9) Considering that this is an Open Letter to Ellie, I should conclude by one challenge which I have left to her: namely, as she deals with cowardice on an individual level on a daily basis from many who made bad choices when they were young; to extrapolate that concept on a basis of Canadian 'national cowardice'; a topic never before enunciated.


MESSAGE: JAN.03-2021

1) China is fond of its 'gangs' such as the 'Gang of 4' (Mao's wife and 3 others imprisoned).

2) In similar fashion that is what the (EC) ended up with due to a national media boycott on a legal issue which has turned the country on its head...and not a peep out of the media: Bonokoski charged with publishing the EC on a national basis; Tarek Fatah on an international basis; Kelly Egan with exposing the Franco Alulio debacle, and finally, Ellie Tesher with the most difficult assignment of all, namely, extrapolating individual cowardice to that of national cowardice.

3) An example of national cowardice can be seen on my website: 'Ask Ellie..' October 2020. Google has been fined billions in Europe for gerrymandering the priorities of search engines to those who pay the price  with a new case on this level beginning in Texas. Two countries have already expelled Google. My new web site: launched Jan. 2001 dealing with matters other than the  E.C. was immediately affixed with propaganda inimical to my EC (of which I have announced my departure as of Dec. 31-2020 as I did not want disputation to become denial. Further, how many times can one show that the Cdn. Justice System is down the toilet due to its malfeasance?) The new site is on material with a focus other than the E.C.

4) Hence the real failure with the E.C. in a democratic country which Canada purports to be, is that of the media. Shame on you all.


Roger Callow  'Canada has a Legal System NOT a Justice System due to systemic malfeasance...including the silence of the Media lambs'