FEB.28  A) So CAA President Jeff Walker (Ottawa area) will not speak out against the Franco Alulio algorithm, a threat to all N. American drivers. I'm disgusted. You should be too.  


FEB.27 A) O.S.p.19 Columnist John Snobelen has finally got over his mis-appointment as Education Minister in the Harris Gov't. of two decades go as he learned that his admirable country ways were not suited to a city environment. Today, he proclaims, '...Facts are funny things. It seems that even scientists tend to ignore facts that don't fit with preconceived notions...' His article makes salient observations as it criticizes COVID modeling. When I discussed the 'scientific method' in class, I asked why couldn't 'How many angels dance on the head of a pin' (popular Renaissance question) be a 'hypothesis'? A dictionary definition is rather sloppy...because science doesn't normally deal with matters of dogma.' What's 'dogma' I asked? (preconceived notions?) The non-scientific answer to the plague is that 'it will be over when it is over' based on historical models...presumably a few years with vaccinations shortening the period. Trump was prepared to wait it out but ran out of time. In Medieval times, the plague wiped out a 1/3 of European populations and it recovered. Today, economies of all stripes are in deep trouble apart from COVID, and threaten to collapse which is why I tell everyone who will listen...put your money in a cash account in a bank as liquidity is all important in a downturn. Further, don't count on your pension as high flying global investors maintain a high yield by placing funds in shaky investments (where they collect 'finder's fees') I fear for the future of Canada's $500 billion Cdn. Pension Fund on that level. B) p.20 the other side of the story as to how Brittany Spear's father saved her fortune from fortune hunters by taking control of the estate although now the court has a lawyer administering it. My question? What is stopping this lawyer from making 'finder fee' deals

with the exploiters?...but the point here is that the father is aging.  C) GOOGLE is for sale to vested interests (fined billions in Europe now a test case in Texas). For example the finance industry promoting the sales of stocks has a firm grip in Google. My name does not provide a website address; merely highly perverted judicial findings. I understand where Brittany Spear's father and Prince Harry are coming from in their criticism of these paparazzi. The Washington Post shares a garage with the National Enquirer. On one side are regulation automobiles whereas on the other side are luxury cars such as jaguars...guess which belongs to whom?   




FEB.26 A) O.S. p.8 Columnist Brian Lilley is right to call out the Ford gov't. by imposing a tax under BILL 254 which - get this - goes to the campaign coffers of all political Parties on a per vote basis guaranteeing them to keep quiet on this astounding move at a time small businesses are expiring...remember my PLACARD: VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS ...gee, this blog is going to be the most popular one in Canada yet.... B) p.10 Top admiral sunk? Only in the job 2 months but now suspended. The gov't. functions like Organized Crime...they get something on someone in order to enforce their support; in this case the Admiral was to promote the $77 million navy ship boondoggle (to be sure, a lot of that money ends up in the political Party coffers and lobbyists). Defence Minister Sajjan stumbles...as usual.

C) SEE MEDIA Feb.26 for 2 page letter to Cavanagh LLP to drop their silly action.




News Alert: dead squirrels found in West Vancouver, B.C. School Board


FEB. 25 A) O.S. p.8 Charges stayed (dumped) in one of ON's largest Mob busts = bullshit factor in this story of Prosecutor Xenia Proestos (usually it is a judge) giving the perps a 'get out of jail free card' with the taxpayers footing an $8 million bill in the interim. Of course the Defence lawyer is going to claim all sorts of picayune reasons to get his client off the hook. Organized crime is taking over in Canada as evidenced by the rogue Franco Alulio story. Payola to Party funds gets them favourable treatment. Even the media leaves a question mark over this 'snooping sinks case?'  B) p.10 columnist Mark Bonokoski writes an article which every Canadian should read on the new clean fuel regulation tax (if it moves...tax it!) and yet no Canadian will read it due to being too jaundiced about anything emanating from the politicians. That column is right next to one where a naval vessel originally quoted at $14 billion is now $77 billion...but wait for it...a con artist for the gov't. warns if we don't act now, that cost will increase by a few billion in a couple of years. Estimating low only to be increased later has been standard fare by gov'ts. for centuries but not to the extent of the exponential increases being pushed now 'due to low interest rates' another loss leader. Public outrage is exhausted = political cowardice by the masses. I never hear anyone complaining about gov't. excess although they are privately alarmed about personal living cost increases where budgeting is no longer the answer; getting a salary increase is. C) The SUN has taken to calling out Justin Trudeau as Canada's weakest P.M. No argument there. Where the argument lies is with the failure of the Opposition and Media to call out the Franco Alulio algorithm making them appear even weaker than Trudeau. D) Accessing the cloud with restart after restart is a little like 'holding on the line while the next available operator (holidaying in Florida) gets to you'.


FEB.24 A) O.S. p.3 'Big Insurance'? I wrote on this story before as to how an apartment block with a clean record which I live in had trouble getting insurance (rates controlled much like Organized Crime). In the past, bad drivers were sent to 'the farm' where rates were 4X the regular rate. (I have been told that 1 in 10 drivers drives without insurance; possibly explaining that 20% part of an auto insurance premium for 'uninsured driver' in a collision.) Uncontrolled theft with luxury cars whisked out of Montreal port is also a part of the story. Now the drinking bars are being blackmailed into double rates - even with a clean record - with most considering closing according to the SUN article. No point speaking to a politician as the lobbyists with political party contributions keep them quiet. Time for all Canada with their individual causes to hit the street, but please, no violence to people. Add my PLACARD to your demonstration: JUSTICE FOR ROGER CALLOW which, considering the Franco Alulio rogue civil servant algorithm, could apply to all N. America. ...as for voting?...you must be kidding.... B) Another bureaucratic institution bites the ground - the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal - although, surprise, surprise, I got a bureaucratic form letter to that effect so I must be moving up the scale of attention... however that is defined. B) p.5 Two articles on the Ottawa police and law court transgressions must have any reader throwing up his hands in confusion. C) 'human beings are not bartering chips' President Biden to P.M. Trudeau in a virtual 'publicity stunt' which didn't achieve anything. Just wait until the Franco Alulio algorithm spreads due to that 'do nothing' attitude to see otherwise. Of course people are bargaining chips for gov'ts. of any persuasion. D) p.15 The massive country debt - NL being the worst province in this Fraser Institute article reflects the fact that our entire economic system is in a state of collapse with oxygen still being pumped into a dead corpse. The feds. are out to milk this dead corpse with not only increased carbon taxes but a second carbon tax which has little to do with carbon and much to do with taxation from a debt starved taxpayer (other than the top 1%)


FEB.23 A) Good for Premier Ford for passing legislation against human trafficking but I will hold my applause until he passes parallel legislation against the Franco Alulio algorithm which is a much bigger risk, and I say that without diminishing the risk in the former issue. B) If Pres. Biden does not bring up the FA algorithm in his private telephone conversation with Trudeau today, that would be two U.S. Presidents failing to act on a 'clear & present danger'. C) O.S. p.2 Prisoner of the Turks As far back as the 1960's, Cdn. passports stated that should someone return to their country of birth and be arrested, the Canadian gov't. had limited controls as to what it could do for landed citizens. (The U.S. do nothing in any event under parallel situations.) Pleading 'landed Cdn. status' in this case where this Carleton Phd candidate -which should not be a factor- in apparently getting involved in Turkic politics is not sufficient excuse for Cda. to get involved as every expatriate bent on revolution in a former motherland would first seek a foreign passport...but let's face it; this is a newspaper article out to sell newspapers. D) I just finished a novel written by an ER doctor for Vancouver, The Last High, on drug overdose. Now Cops warn of yellow fentanyl  p.6 in which the anti-dote naxoline does not work. If that were the case earlier, the death toll from over-doses would be 10X the posted figure as dealers unwittingly kill off their customers. Law enforcement would do well to track university chemist graduates to get to the opioid crisis. E) p.11 Ex-army chief (Vance) under the gun for a 20 year liaison with a subordinate. So why didn't the public hear about this earlier? ANS. Because of the Vice Adm. Mark Norman trial which Vance initiated. F) So a third Boeing 777 using Pratt & Whitney engines (Air Canada uses GM motors on its 777) has lost a motor in flight reminding me of this comment from a former Boeing employee: I would never fly on a Boeing aircraft.  G) SEE MEDIA mar 01 for 2-page letter on Ottawa Court fuck-up H) Black Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly speaks with forked tongue (a common historical criticism of Indigenous People against White people) on sexual harassment Unless the CBC clip is faulty, Sloly is involved in a 'push me/pull me' type of situation which began under the previous white police chief on this topic.



FEB. 22 A) So the sponsor of the Franco Alulio algorithm (see internet under his name), Premier Doug Ford, would block all contact with me on the basis of a few copies of internet material sent to him (SEE MEDIA mar for March 01 NEWSLETTER). He is understandably upset that I have called for him to be expelled on these grounds from all politics as a non-partisan move promoting this Nazi-like algorithm...Ford's 'Final Solution'. If I really wanted to do so, I could just send his copy to a subordinate such as I do with Justin Trudeau (Chrystia Freeland is a stand-in for all Cdn. politicians. COVID is exacerbating matters for the conspirators exponentially as The 'Black Lives Matter' plus myself plus others (parents of Autistic children) are now left with only one alternative...hit the streets but please, no violence to people.) B) Doonesbury, the comic strip is onto the 'stuffed ballot box' pattern blaming the Liberal U.S. media and Democratic Party. He leaves out the most important part; namely, those judges who fail to call for disclosure which I have shown to be at disaster proportions all across Canada...and not a peep out of the Cdn. media let alone the politicians. Where's Doonesbury now that Canada needs him most? C) O.S. p.5 In one year, Thieves stole 87,000 cars... most shipped out of Montreal and some out of Vancouver = organized crime and gov't incompetence as a search of containers could reveal why drivers pay an extra 20% on insurance as it is not exactly a feather that is being looked for. Of course Organized crime protect their investment with the usual buy-offs but don't expect to see an editorial any time soon in the media which is a part of the problem. In the interim, do not buy a Lexus (In Ottawa, one owner even had a second Lexus stolen after losing a first Lexus.) Indeed, Organized Crime probably arranges to buy these cars just so that they can steal them and collect the insurance. D) p.6 COVID Lessons Learned for school students should read 'Lessons Unlearned'...and still send their sick kids to school, says it all.




COMPLIMENTS OF Amour de Cosmos (rogercallow.com) but not Canada


FEB.21 A) So Pres. Biden is going to have a 'beak wag' with Justin on the 23rd. Will he bring up the Franco Alulio algorithm or will that be left to the powers of Trump? B) So why did Premier Ford back the Alulio algorithm? Due to a 2014 screw-up in ON courts by the Employer (West Vancouver School Board); they can no longer get legal counsel in ON. I have called for the removal of Ford from all politics as a non-partisan request as a consequence.





FEB. 20 A) Some columnists are going apeshit because they don't have COVID modeling figures which is a little like asking the troops down in the trenches as to the outcome of a battle to come. Quite simply, no-one knows, so the soldier keeps his head down best as possible while generals make 'educated guesses' which could go either way as there are so many variables. Indeed, losing a battle may provoke the generals into changing their tactics which happened at Vimy Ridge with the Canadians capitalizing on the failure of the French by tunneling into enemy territory amid artillery support. The Br. invasion of 1942 in Fr. was meant to fail; that's why the (colonial) Canadians were sent in;  to placate the Russians who wanted a Second Front to relieve pressure in the East. Figures should support logic; not the other way around. B) O.S.p. 8 I don't know why Postmedia keeps Joe Warmington, the lowest of the 'low hanging fruit'.  C) p. 15 Remember this term MOH (Medical Officers of Health) A lawyer writes, which describes the Franco Alulio Algorithm accurately... 'If politicians are going to cede policy-making to unelected officials, those officials ought to be accountable for their actions taken in the name of those they replace... (they) ought to be treated as such - lest our democracy become merely a doctatorship. (Minus this label, that is exactly what happened when I sued bureaucrat Franco Alulio for $10 million. He did not respond and the Ottawa Court refuse to give me a hearing time = anarchy.




FEB.19 A) O.S. p. 11 news item: Australia unfriends Facebook  Actually, it is a two-way street as newspapers make use of such as Google to write their stories hence negotiation is the order of the day but Google does not trust to Australia appointing its own arbitrator in this matter; possibly for good reason if my experience with Ottawa Deputy Justice, Rosalind Conway, on Feb. 27-2020 is any example. In China, Google has to buckle under to co-exist in this mass market which they do; just like the Pope with Chinese bishop appointments. Australia is not a mass market. B) Trudeau is being chastised by going slow on China vis a vis Hong Kong where the Triads are strong and are behind the drug trade and real estate laundering in Canada. Xi is trying to control those Triads but in the process, he is sweeping all other rights away which is all the media reports on. C) p.13 Uighur genocide I can see why Trudeau unilaterally resists calling this matter a genocide as it opens questions as to why he doesn't expose 'Guantanamo' the U.S. detention center and another abomination. The answer, of course, is Parliament where the condemnation should happen with any of the Parties being able to raise it as a Motion which includes boycotting the Chinese 2022 Olympics which must be done in correlation with other countries. Little is mentioned any longer in the media regarding illicit body transplants happening to detainees including the Uighurs = China is not a very nice society and the few who do stand up are cruelly abused by the gov't. and military = grounds for a civil war. D) p.13 collective madness U.S. professor Victor Hanson (and my U.S. point man in the Franco Alulio algorithm) '...But what happens to millions of Texans when wind turbines freeze up while storm clouds extinguish solar power? We are witnessing the answer in oil and gas rich but energy poor Texas that is all but shut down....'.E) 'Lock her up'; a favourite Trumpism for Hilary Clinton; could now be applied to Hunter Biden, son of Joe, as his Ukraine job with ties to Kazakhstan and China are of increasing concern. F) Both Biden and Trudeau are turning the gov't. over to the richest 1% with their massive increase in gov't expenditure.




FEB.18 A) I am no fan of Senator Mike Duffy as he did not respond to judicial inequities in PEI which he represents and yet what happened to me is happening to him as a Senator. Columnist Mark Bonokoski notes a personal connection with Duffy as a former Reporter as they both rode the Diefenbaker funeral train in 1979. His column notes that in his infamous trial by the Senate, (I attended outside with my Placards alongside other media types in this grandiose trial) all 31 charges against him were thrown out and he sued the Senate for $8 million which the Supreme Court rejected (a bad political Decision in line with Appeal Court algorithms as gov't. can do no wrong) so the RCMP are up to bat next. The Judicial System is crumbling, coffin nail by coffin nail.... Now does the reader believe me when I state that no judicial Decision has any merit considering that even the best Decisions are castles built on sand?  B) Recent death of former O.C. editorial cartoonist, Alan King (given the ax in 1997 under Conrad Black control) with an I.Q. of 143 (about my deceased sister's level) is characterized by this statement: “Attempts at rational debate are regarded as mutinous insolence,” King wrote, “and deviations from the ideological line of the editorial board as evidence of mental deficiency.” Note the mental assignation in this boilerplate criticism for dissident employees...been there, done that.... I took night school lessons on cartooning but lacked the talent. As to I.Q., I have the high school marks to show that I was no genius but with that much said, the whole I.Q. business is a 'ball of wax' taken in our younger years and denote people able to give the authorities what they are looking for (in essence they understand conformity), as I am sure King would agree with me. Slavish obeisance to the 'isms' may get you good marks and a top job based on prevarication capabilities, but it does not say much about 'quality of life'. That's my pulpit for today. (Most truly top talented individuals seek to keep themselves hidden.) When you do what I am doing, you have to keep yourself on top publicly to survive. A letter was sent to his Alma Mater, the Arts and Letters Society in Toronto with a copy to CEO CAA President Jeff Walker for CAA North & East ON. SEE MEDIA feb. 18




FEB.17 A) Any WWII serviceman could tell you that the Nuremburg Trials were 'as phony as a $3 bill' and nothing more than a high level lynch mob (similar happenings took place against the Japanese). The phrase... 'just following orders' is forever thrown in the face of the Nazi Defense. But what about the prosecution? What was their legal position? To be sure, there were atrocities committed by the Russians, the U.S., the British and yet not one case exists against any of those allies. This is the legal model practiced by the Canadian Justice System; currently in Ottawa where a 'high level lynch mob' is turning our society upside down with the 'Feb. 11' court case where I am the Respondent; specifically with the Franco Alulio algorithm detailed elsewhere. In Alice and Wonderland language... 'First the Punishment, then the Crime' . I strongly believe that Roger j. is seeking control for the judges of the internet paralleling BILL C10 for the gov't. doing the same thing. If so, I cannot stop him unless there is a groundswell of support from the social internet. B) While the heading exists, the topic EUGENICS, PSYCHIATRICAL PROFESSION, & THE EMPLOYEES CASE will be posted under MARCH 2021. For now, how about this PLACARD: BEWARE OF THE PSYCHIATRIC PROFESSION; the theme of the topic listed here.   C) As a Para Transpo driver 20 years ago as a semi-retired job, I recognize some of the elements of K. Egan column O.S. p.2 regarding the plight of clients. The biggest one in my day was having to hold onto the phone for two hours to get a ride slot. We never left someone 'high and dry' and considering that Para Transpo had another taxi to the afflicted client within 15 minutes, they are to be applauded. This article reminds me of the story of the man relating the disaster at each floor level while ascending an elevator only to be continued on the descent, floor by floor. It was a clever piece of humour which paralleled life itself. D) Poor Dr. Phil 'How can I practice clinical psychology with 35 faces arrayed on his telecommunications Board, he whines?' Of course he can't as his producers well know in a clear invitation for the aging Dr. Phil to depart stage left before he collapses as he wobbles off at the program end. Reddit clients report that traditional clinical psychology based on background is insufficient; indeed, counter-productive in some cases, in dealing with suicidal impulses. For example, strategies are helpful. e.g. a client trained himself to say 'I will not steal' every time that he got out of a car as theft always began at that point for him. Alcoholics Anonymous pair people so that in the middle of the night, a drinker can contact his paired match to 'talk him through to the morning'. E) p.6 & 7  Rather than apply a national criminal code (useless in any event) on gun control, the Liberals are leaving it to local efforts such as the City of Ottawa perhaps banning hand guns. So let us say that they spend much money passing such legislation. So let's say someone just outside of city boundaries brings a gun into the city, what then? (Biker Gangs are notorious for locating outside city boundaries to avoid city police.) F) p. 9 The fantastic costs related to the removal of GG Payette have one wishing for the good old days of Stalin with his...No man, no problem, solution. Am I suggesting that she should be taken out back behind the GG residence and shot instead of buying her out? Absolutely not as I am on record as saying 'no violence to people, please'. G) p.10 Colorado teen found beaten to death ...by her 'exciting boyfriend'. That was my problem in general as a teenager when I tried to convince one girl that I was 'a bad dude'...'Oh, no, Roger, you are one of the good ones' (i.e. I sounded just like her parents with my ethical standards) as she turned away to chase a real exciting bad dude much like the one above. The Colorado teen probably was fond of saying...'he shows his love by beating me'. H) p.10 Oh, I am on a role today. Florida female teacher arrested after slapping female students in parking lot after a high school game. What? Nobody thought to ask whether the students deserved it? Oh, how times have changed...and not necessarily for the better. J) p.11 The touristy trap called the Ottawa Byward Market is aping Cancun, Mexico where drug dealers abound to service the tourist market. The bottom line for both? Dangerous places to go at night. To be sure, residents in luxury apartment blocks near the By-ward Market dare not go out at nights.  South Keys, near the airport where I live in an apartment, is safe in the daytime; not so much so at night as reflected by stores closing overnight. K) p. 13 Readers of my blog know that I do not like the Fraser Institute, a front for the 1% wealthy. This time it is for the four day work week (no mention of increased hours) where reality will have employers paying for four days of work as opposed to five days.


FEB.16 A) I have now replaced the Cdn. media with Reddit World News which is far more researched in terms of commentary on their topics. For example, skyrocketing suicide rates - particularly girls in those countries with negative birth rates - among Japanese (and Korean) students is defined by those undergoing the experience. In bottom line, their culture of striving to meet corporate needs is collapsing. The inordinate amount of homework is even having children as young as 8 contemplating suicide. One article I read a while back was entitled...Japan without the Japanese. Already Japan without the military burden of such as the U.S. has a debt load worse than Greece but you do not hear about it because the debt is owed internally. Canada would ape this model with its infrastructure bank. Some people blame the 'isms'...communism, socialism, capitalism. They are all left hostage to some degree to an unworkable algorithm. To the householder, the problem in budgeting is one of a lack of funding in the first place from their employment; presuming that they have one in these COVID Days. Govt. printing money, inflation, higher taxation all have their negative blowback. Time to batten down the personal hatches if that is at all possible. At any rate, get liquid as fast as you can; i.e. cash sitting in the bank, not in real estate or stocks and bonds. In the U.S. 'Working Joe' seems to think that throwing money at the problem will buy support. Rarely are people thankful for anything handed out to them...Hand up not hand out, as it were. B) The U.S. media is still hell bent for leather to punish Trump...how dare he be more popular than 'working Joe'! Trump is not President any longer but the U.S. media doesn't appear to know that. C) I have never been associated with guns but older son is a gun collector and highly knowledgeable about all aspects of guns and their use. For example the AK47 is a prohibited weapon but the Czech offshoot is legal. The biggest factor in terms of getting guns off the street is that pretty well all crimes are committed by illegal weapons hence the new gov't law is papering over the real problem. While it hasn't happened yet, kidnapping a family member to extort weapons could be a reality some day. D) Increasing lawyer ads reflect a profession in serious financial straits.


FEB.16 Canada's most outspoken automotive journalist, David Booth, of Driving.ca  and other (so-called) experts will engage attendees around hot-button topics affecting the automotive industry in Canada. ...and do I have a hot button topic for them...The Franco Alulio algorithm (detailed elsewhere). Another capable Driving.ca writer, Lorraine Sommerfield, failed to get back to me on this all-important topic. But wait...help is on its way...all I have to do is register for free to attend this vertical discussion on Feb. 17. Drat, my applications on everything seem to get dropped 'inadvertently'. I call it the Roger Callow algorithm.


FEB. 15 A) SHE WAS THE QUIET ONE Michele Campbell If one really wants to know the atmosphere of a private U.S. boarding school, this is the novel for you, particularly as a murder is seen through the legal eyes of the female lawyer writing it. My point here is that a student is expected to mirror the image created for them; a task well suited for future work in such as a large legal firm where one is expected to make money for the partners. There is no development of the individual as a person in such schools explaining why I would be ill-suited to them. It is all teamwork as defined by the school and not the preference of the individual student. Of course the top 1% want this type developed here, giving scholarships to top public school students for the purpose... and a life-long collection back from them in terms of supporting the old alma mater. As for those who cannot get top marks? They are encouraged to return to public school which have the 'necessary facilities' to help them. As for wealthy families with one member not matching the capabilities of their siblings? I ran into a 'special school' once in Ottawa where they were ensconced from all private schools (so that the avg. performance of the main school would not be pulled down). So beware of such institutions as the Fraser Institute advocating more funds for this 1% wealthy group which feels 'entitled to their entitlements'. In the U.S., teenager Brandon Trump, was paying an annual $400,000 tuition fee at St. Andrews in Wash. Do you want to give a 'helping hand' to such needy types? Such as the Fraser Institute will be only too glad to tell you how.... B) Another message not directly related to this novel but one of importance; be very careful of police interviews. Be like the military: name, rank, and serial number. On a fake wellness test, for example, sent by a lawyer opposed to me (although he lied about it) I would not open the door preferring to speak through it with conferencing to 911. Even the LTC Home where my estranged wife resides, will not open the door to the police on a wellness check nor will they reveal whether someone is a patient under their care unless one has power of attorney. On the other side of the coin, are the police having to attend domestic incidents - which they fear - being locked out as trust in the police is evaporating. Even police have to worry about their own fold. It was a very brief announcement in which a 15 year female veteran of the Ottawa Police 'guns and gangs' groups was charged criminally which is unusual as the charges seemed to be 'not saying anything'. C) One columnist reported on the outcome of a long trial of institutionalized people being terrorized by a couple of staff psychiatrists. My point? No public outcry...much the same as LTC home problems. Canada is in deep social denial which I can personally vouch for.


FEB. 15 A) It is an increasingly fretful world on many levels. For example, the British middle class is going the way of Venezuela under Brexit where the middle class have to choose between heating their home and eating. Pensioners have to choose between medicine and eating. In the microcosm in Canada, over half of hospitals do not have a rape kit which is not so much a cost factor like Britain but a managerial problem as Canada's problems are of their own making. My answer? For 15 years, I protested on the street but now I have a new target; namely, the Governor General, under 'we, the people' to sort out my identity in Canadian society as a result of the Franco Alulio algorithm which poses a problem for all N. American drivers. Where is the social media on this one considering that the Canadian authorities are MIA? B) One piece of advice employees are not going to get from Labour lawyer, Howard Levitt: lawyers do not make their profit from court fees, but rather from their share of the buy-out package which explains why Marie Heinen, counsel for Adm. Mark Norman, met the day before with the Prosecutor and judge to arrange for a 'stay of proceedings' forcing the naive Norman into an outside bid which included his resignation from the job. Heinen is also counsel to the dismissed GG, Payette. Presumably my PLACARD to employees on this point would read: EMPLOYEES / WATCH OUT FOR EMPLOYMENT LAWYERS  C) Interestingly, the tried and tested judicial scams in the Employees Case have been exposed, taking out in that process, the entire Cdn. Justice System. This latest gambit on 'Feb. 11' appears a bid to confiscate my web site (similar to the U.S. Patriot Act seizing the websites of terrorists) as that is all that is left considering that I deserted all claims as of Dec. 31, 2020. The Franco Allulio algorithm is a matter of overkill as my status as a native born Canadian is at question and through me, every N. American driver in this monstrous scheme right out of Nazi Germany without anyone saying 'boo' in Canada where internet access is, I submit, going to be at question. Get active, social media!


FEB.14 A) It's beginning...similar to the first dead rat going unnoticed in Albert Camus' The Plague considered analogous to the outbreak of WWII. The first dead rat? A medical clinic in ON declaring bankruptcy. Renewing subscriptions by vertical mail does not pay the rent. Of even bigger concern are legal businesses with no business. Even before the COVID shut-down, marital disputes were the biggest source of court claims. The problem as even more marital breakdown is occurring with the shut-down, is that hard pressed families have no funds to pay a lawyer. I was in the process of divorce when a lawyer warned me away...one year wait and very expensive legal costs at the end. Unless small children are involved, the answer is to cohabit with anyone else you link with for after 2 years, there are sufficient legal rights should one need them. Signing a pre-nuptial makes sense which wealthy people do. Separations are going to sky-rocket as families break apart over lack of money i.e. costs rising faster than their salaries. Even in the 70's, our friends bought houses forcing both professional parents to work. We rented so that my wife could stay home with the children experiencing a family environment of being able to afford having two children close in age together. I could afford to take the summers off and we had money to spend on a sitter having quality time every Saturday night (cheaper and more pleasurable than counseling). Further, if we had bought a house, like all my colleagues, we would have lost it in 1980 being unable to finance the new 20% rate on our own. As to the legal profession; lawyers leave big firms for two reasons: not acquiring sufficient business (you're there to make money for the partners extravagant life style) or two, having good business seized from them by a senior partner giving them  'traffic court cases' in return. (You know the legal profession very well, one of my lawyers from two decades ago told me) The costs of legal space in prime areas is extensive hence there are many partners terrified of the future of individual lawyers undercutting the market. No-one perceives this public problem in the media nor public at large. So next time you walk by that big house of a lawyer thinking he or she doesn't have to worry through this displayed wealth, think again; big houses=big expenses requiring a big salary. B) As a UBC student, I signed up for a psychological test where I was brought into a room with a number of others to discuss a set topic on which we all initially agreed until dissent entered in and I was the only one dissenting. Finally the chairperson confessed that I no doubt guessed as to this meeting to be a set-up designed to get me to change my mind. No, I remonstrated, I never cottoned on to the ruse...yup, I am betting that I was the exception to the other candidates = my ethics.


FEB.13 A) David Booth for Driving.CA is an excellent researcher and writer; something lacking in Canada's run-of-the-mill columnists.

His analysis of Norway's EV revolution in automobiles points out how a nation with an abundance of electricity has a major problem in peak production leading to over 6X re-charging costs at home with even more at roadside kiosks. He parallels the problem to California 'brown-outs' at peak hours without an abundance of electric cars. The big money lies in large transports which have an additional problem of hydrogen to resolve. Technically, all is possible...but at what cost individually and to the economy? C) Now it is the turn of female Ottawa Police Officers to be charged in which a 15 year 'Guns and Gangs' police woman was charged criminally which, on the surface, appears to be 'bullshit charges' such as 'unsafe storage of a firearm'. The point here is that no doubt police are directly involved with narcotics pedlars; indeed, the entire Toronto police on this beat, were involved at one time. (Ottawa's black Police Chief comes to us from Toronto where their previous black Police Chief, Mark Saunders, suddenly resigned without explanation. Toronto has the reputation of being the leader in Organized Crime in N. America for container theft. (In apologia...the racial definition may be significant or not just as perps arrested in Ottawa in certain areas of town at night (carding) are identified as (usually) being Black.) D) Cement Company doing LRT work in Ottawa sued the City for non-payment ($12 million) is met with counter-suit for 'defective concrete' which should make boodles of money in the next few years for the lawyers and courts desperate in these COVID times for legal billable time funds. That the concrete was defective has been shown (concrete companies have an unsavoury reputation). E) Now it is 'doublemasking' as COVID  can penetrate a single mask...distancing is the only real solution as even inoculation can leave one a carrier. It reminds me of the HIV epidemic and the fact that 'safe sex' required two condoms for the same reason. Trump may be right; the COVID plague will just have to wear itself out similar to all other plagues down through history. However, getting the shot in the interim should ameliorate COVID and save lives. A bigger problem? What if a variant or a new plague parallels COVID? The economy was bust even before the COVID shut-down and to think some Canadians are whining about getting 'back to normal'. One cartoon strip said it best; budgeting is not the solution to the personal budget problem as an inadequate paycheck is the real problem. F) So new legislation (to replace old legislation which didn't work) for dealing with the '2 michaels' Chinese matter is contemplated. Ask the politicians promoting this new legislation; Will it work?

'Oh, no, it is just what we do as politicians'...need I say more? If these political bozos really wanted to make a difference; they would limit deportation time to 6 months, not the 2 years plus and counting for Huawei's Meng Wanzhou debacle.


FEB.12 A) For Lawyers Only? details the duplicity I faced with the FEB.11 hearing and my call for the recusal of Pierre Roger j. SEE MEDIA feb  B) Mark Bonokoski details the long term abuse at an Ontario mental institution under psychiatrists heavily censored by the court Decision in paying out large sums to victims. By rights, the Psychiatric Association should close their doors. They never responded to my complaint against Franco Alulio Transport Div.-Medical. C) TV clips show students back to school with many not distancing. This one could come and kick us in the pants yet. D) This is Black History Month which suggests to me that if I were a black female, the West Vancouver School Board would never have moved against me in 1985 let alone 2021.


FEB.11 While we did not meet today in court due to the usual nonsense; nonetheless,  the tenor of the postponement written by Justice Pierre Roger, 'an old hand' to April 8-2021, was such that I called for his replacement. My concern here is the back-door method of sanctioning the Franco Alulio algorithm; a threat to all N. American drivers. SEE FEB 11 CONCLUSION for 4 page letter to C. Freeland.


FEB.11 9 A.M. TO: Cavanagh LLP from Roger Callow  Feb. 11-2021

Feb. 11  4 A.M. CV20-849830  10 A.M. hearing time

1) Thank-you for your reply dated last night  21:26 

2) The key difference between a ZOOM call and teleconferencing is that the Court in league with the sitting judge must agree to this routine. Hence it is not merely a technical difference. The Ottawa Court Registry was notified by me in plenty of time to act but did not hence providing a response to the Registry is superfluous.

3) I will, as earlier stated to you, be available between 10-10:30 for the court to telephone me. I will not contact them under the above noted circumstances.

4) Nor will I contact you in that time period.

5) You may wish to reconsider and drop your case considering that I am not pursuing any aspect of the Employee's Case involving either you or Bissionnette. Of course you have the option of requesting a postponement considering how the courts screwed up here. Further, Justice C. MacLeod has shown that he can fix any problem which ails you such as merely dropping any cases without a hearing as he has already done in this case vis a vis the Ottawa General Hospital.

6) In the event you insist on pursuing this matter, the topic of fraud remains paramount e.g. I submit xxxxxxxxxxx lied regarding a police wellness check in the Feb. 27-2020 hearing before Justice Conway where no-one was under oath. Now that he would be under oath that question along with a request for disclosure of the ON Legal Society Report on alleged fraud against both of you made by me for separate reasons becomes paramount.

ADDENDUM: As I did not hear from Cavanagh LLP to the above by 9 A.M. to get this matter on track for today, I am requesting through their offices,  considering that the Registry does not provide similar services to me, to enter a 'stay of proceedings' on my behalf until a future date is named by the court. As matters stand, any Decision reached by the court today would be null and void until such time that the court is restructured properly as defined above. Consequently, I will not be available by telephone today. 10 A.M. Dixon never replied to this e-mail  10:20 A.M. Dixon is 'damning the torpedoes' and proceeding,shall I say 'irregardless'?


FEB.11 A) The Ottawa court is screwing up royally on today's hearing slated for 10 A.M. More later. B) U.S. foreign policy is much the same under both U.S. Presidents  C) Remote warfare? A Yemeni drone hits a Saudi passenger plane about to take-off. Next time, it may be like the passenger craft taken down by Iran with rockets killing over a 100 after take-off. The bombing of the Iranian scientist is another example in which all related equipment was destroyed otherwise a laser from space could have done the job. The 'mechanical soldier' releases dictatorship leaders from human limiting factors and harbingers the future = more excessive and gratuitous brutality. There is no going back. There is really no going forward in a positive sense either. IN THE LAND OF THE 'BLINDED', THE ONE-EYED MAN IS KING


FEB.10 A) SEE Sub-title FEB.11 THE CONCLUSION under rogercallow.com feb. 4 pages demarking the demise of Canada as a nation with a focus here on the media.  B) The U.S. media play a large role in the impeachment of Trump. If it were a movie, the Head of the National Guard would be called out for cowardice - make him Canadian - for withholding troop support to his brethren in the Wash. Police for a couple of hours; most likely at the behest of the Democratic Party gurus who 'did not want a good crisis to go to waste'. Any large demonstration has the potential to go bad very quickly. One individual throwing a 'Molotov cocktail' could be understandably shot by the police leading to uncontrolled mob violence. The underlying political problem? Both elitist Democratic and Republican Party do not want Trump, the populist, around as he is the most popular politician in the U.S. and will continue to be as political lies (ballot box stuffing) will undermine any attempts at elitist unity of both Parties. If Trump had added my phrase...'but, please, no violence to people', there would have been no impeachment. If this trial were a poker Party, Trump has been dealt a bum hand; but he is able to up the ante so that the Opposition can never get a true settling of accounts. Mexican stand-off? Not really. The elitists need a 'knock-out blow' which does not seem to be likely, except on 'COVID infected' paper. Have I ever been wrong? Hell, nobody seems to know what I am saying on any topic to judge one way or the other but one thing is clear...Canada as a nation ends tomorrow. C) So now we learn how Israel is able to have such a high level of inoculation...they pay Pfizer 3X the price for the vaccine...Line jumping, anyone? D) Careers p. 18 I don't have much time for this section encouraging young people to take up careers which will ultimately be automated leaving them with lower paying jobs. E) Howard Levitt workplace law runs a practice in 8 provinces. I don't disagree with his legal definitions and even he warns against the costs of some options for employees and employers alike; the latter walking on eggshells these days while the former just panic. In today's National Post, he deals with a germane topic: online harassment basically by employees. Precedent law has led to 'nailing jello on the wall' regulations which are little more than 'whatever the judge says'. My advice? Just shut up about job problems online. Not easy, I know from personal experience. I do speak up because my charges are formalized in court actions which go before corrupt judges explaining why I ended the Employee's Case on Dec. 31-2020. The Employer won setting the precedent that powerful Employers may escape paying compensation, I didn't win and 37 million Canadians lost their Justice System in the process. As to immigration, they do need lawyers, but as for the rest? STAY OUT OF A CANADIAN COURTROOM UNLESS YOU FIRST BUY THE JUDGE


FEB.09 A) Socrates would have rolled over in his grave to see how the digitally defined Socrates Society operates in Ottawa. I jumped through all the hoops to get listed for last night's group question: 'Man is born free, but is found everywhere in chains' Apparently one has to have a Zoom connection  which I don't have  with a couple of others not being able to make the connection due to technical problems either. Can one get a live operator to assist? Nope, just re-routing directions from this Club to 'nowhere'. As to the question: as a long time debating coach, this 'political' aphorism, like so many, does not make logical sense. A baby born into a Hindu Family where rebirth is considered a negative and where the new mother is to be quarantined for 5 days due to her 'unworthiness', has a very different social construct from a baby born in the West with a new father in attendance and 'high-fiving' everyone at the birth. Hence 'freedom' is an illusory state. The 'chains' imposed by the state are colloquially defined as 'your freedoms end when your fist meets my nose'. Hence the state holds the ultimate power with the only question being as to how that state is to be constituted. B) O.S. p.5 Ex-Transpo drivers stand trial in brutal slaying I don't understand the reasons for this second trial unless it is the business of the courts to make business for itself. The details of the murder defy a 'not guilty' plea by the defendants unless they hope to cop a deal. C) The 'yo-yo' lockdowns: Medically, an argument can be made for them. Economically, we can't afford them. There is no other answer. The Super Bowl may be a super spreader in that respect as the after parties defied all COVID controls. That kind of thing will keep the pandemic going. Further, my local Radio Shack practices distancing for clients, not for staff behind the counter having to share the two registers side by side. Their problem is from fellow employees, a pattern which could be replicated throughout the economy. D) p.10 editorial: Charter rights still matter No they don't...not for Covid nor anything else. That is the story of the 35 year Employee's Case which the media would boycott and of which story is to be completed in an Ottawa courtroom on Feb. 11 where I am the Respondent = Canada is finished as a nation; democratic or otherwise. Letter to editor on LTC homes ...Does ignoring a problem mean it isn't there? Response: It does if you are an individual up against powerful interests  in Canada. E) p.11  A think piece by U.S. Law Professor and President of the Nixon Foundation, Hugh Hewitt, tells you where this article comes from. While interesting broad parallels between the Democrats and Republicans are noted with selective Br. quotes from such as Disraeli, A British Jewish P.M. whom was the first Jew to be accepted in Parliament due to wangling a private purchase of the Suez Canal on behalf of the Br. gov't. = many of his political statements are 'hooey'. Republicans should steer clear of this wolf parading in sheep's clothing, as no doubt they are. F) disclosure: In the 1990's, I had a franchise installing home alarms in Ottawa. In general, we do not appreciate that in Third World countries, your house is behind walls which are lacking in developed countries. Suzanne Sommers (Three's Company vintage) had that message  brought home to her when confronted by a near naked man on her home property in Palm Springs which she adroitly handled. (avoid confronting intruders angrily). With her wealth, she should be living in a gated community. G) O.C. auto social columnist, Lorraine Sommerfield is a writer whom I respect. Her suggestion re. 'drunk drivers' which can occur anywhere in the 24 hour cycle? Publish date, time, location, and age but omit the name as the public pre-judge the accused. Nothing is achieved on that level. Peel District (Toronto) follows that approach. H) So TESLA is going to accept BITCOIN drawing a breath of relief from Organized Crime as now they have another laundering front.


FEB.08 A)O.S. p.3 Two points on columnist Susan Sherring's 'lockdown loneliness' citing herself and Mayor Watson (she could also include myself as self-isolating). Most family units stuck in small spaces would give their eye-teeth to be self-isolated, particularly couples who do not get along. Our forebears of a few centuries ago living on isolated farms would be most puzzled by this 'city' observation. My answer? Daily walks where I impose myself  with a joke which invariably gets a laugh with anyone I meet. Yesterday, I 'chastised' an adult for shoveling the snow claiming in my day, sons shoveled the snow with the only exercise the adult got was 'lifting his beer arm' = he was letting our side down!  B) p.11 Sage column by U.S. writer Jonah Golberg noting that in 1999, the Democrats & Republicans agreed on 4 out of 5 major issues although not in the same order. Today there is no common ground making a mishmash of Biden's 'unity' policy. C)p.13 From Gabe to Gabbi. Life is so much easier for heterosexuals than for trans-sexual people. I hope they find their niche but it still rocks me to read these stories...maybe that is what I need at age 79. D) p.13 Female producer blasts those 'assholes' who separate actors from backstage workers. It reminded me of a similar amateur production of Carousel 6 decades ago where I got to shoot Billy for holding me up when the Director held a separate meeting berating those actors who treated volunteer stagehands as second class citizens. That is one accusation I would never be guilty of. E) While believing the impeachment case is weak against Trump, nonetheless, it makes sense to hold him responsible for actions while as President. His Defense Counsel no doubt hopes for a political win for other reasons not explicit.


FEB.07 A) REF. James Bond Syndrome Sub-heading employeescasecanada.ca APR. 2020 6)  Of course he is ethical, picking and choosing his assignments but knowing that if he rejects one, 008 will supplant him and get all future contracts. In short, to keep his job, he is an out and out assassin. Further, he never kills the wrong person by mistake, even in the dark. All Bond's enemies are a threat to govt. The Present where the bad guys work from within such as the FBI hiring mercenaries to do their dirty work against the good guys such as trusting fellow police officers for personal gain in this psychopathic world. In this digital world, existence is a thumb print: e.g. Delia tapped her screen. 'The linkedin is gone too. What the fuck, Nick? How does someone just disappear?' "I don't think Alexandra Hart ever existed." Existentially, one only exists as a thumb-print. 'The lap top was an assassin's Bible' (ideal to set-up victims). More on this theme when I have time although regarding this theme of a digital existence, one of the founding members of this algorithm claims it works to the extent one trusts to gov't. It is phrased this way because his buyers are gov't. and corporate interests. A root cause? Gaming, where violence is seen as the answer to everything. The novels of both genres end with the truth being 'outed'. The Employee's Case begins 35 years ago in West Vancouver after the truth is known but mangled by the gov't., courts of law, and the media. More after 'Feb. 11'. B) For those of you whom wish to read along, SEE LEGAL MAIL feb. for an account which will probably never be heard as the Ottawa Court has moved the Case no. by one hyphen thus adulterating any possible teleconferencing I might have with the court...What!! A 'no show'???Ergo everything that the Applicant requests is granted. As for court compromises, that ended as of Dec. 31-2020, when I voluntarily finished my bid to get compensation = destruction of Canadian Justice System due to an 'unresolved' legal case before over 50 judges across Canada. 'Feb. 11' is therefore all about media cupidity with its boycott of Canada's single most important legal matter even if it is over a 'rinky dink' labour matter. As to the judge, if he or she proceeds without my input, I will not pursue the Justice to the full extent of the law for the law is moribund. Rather, I will pursue them on the same level as Franco Alulio (SEE website) for the equivalent charge to treason as the transgressions here eclipse fraud.


FEB.07 MESSAGE: M. Bonokoski columnist O.S. p.7  Feb.7-2021 'Media waiting too long'

1) Indeed, the media did wait too long but there are other major problems with the media which will be answered in an Ottawa courtroom on Feb. 11 for that is where the ramifications of this trial lie in which this writer is the Respondent.

2) But Google does bargain with the media. As an interest more powerful than a country's media (CBC and Postmedia in Canada), of course they dominate the arbitrations. What did you expect?

3) As an interest more powerful than an individual, the West Vancouver School Board was able to manipulate my senior teacher 'lay-off' in 1985 under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) with the bastardized support of the media and a corrupt judiciary. No compensation has ever been paid which parallels your beef with Google. That School Board algorithm went unchallenged by the media calling into question as to the basic credibility of the Cdn. media.

4) To be sure, Google is a major contributor to the Liberal Party coffers which benefits by hitting the media from the other end by subsidizing their operation and thus controlling it. Hence, it is time to put the Canadian media out of  their misery as they no longer have anything to offer. Why should clients pay $400 per annum for a newspaper which has the weight of flypaper (including your national 'blank page 1' ) when such as your column and other columnists can be found on the internet. In the old days, that would be a firing offense. So physician Bono, heal thyself first, probably with unemployment benefits.


FEB.06 A) Two letters under MEDIA feb.; 'ASK ELLIE' and NEWSLETTER 'FEB.11'  B) O.S. p.10 'Give a Hoot' for owls plagued by the paparazzi nature photographers. That reminds me of the lemming myth of leaping off the cliff into the sea, which in actual fact was a Disney stunt in which lemmings were spun off a phonograph machine and shown only to be sailing over a cliff. Nature photographers are known to abbreviate their time by pulling many such stunts for Hollywood films. The answer? Animation. C) p.9 QC Health Minister: 41% not getting tested even when they show COVID symptoms. Take a parallel situation with HIV. If someone infects a sexual partner; that is one story. But if one of the partners had been tested and found to carry the condition, that is a massive law suit. The normal public reaction is to think; 'why bring 'unnecessary' trouble on yourself?' Further, if a LTC Home sends a feverish patient to Hospital where they are diagnosed with COVID; those numbers go against the Hospital, not the LTC Home who would just as soon avoid law suits. D) p.9 Put confrontation aside experienced Union leader, 'Smokey Thomas'. This blog has chastised a number of columnists for failing to consult with the Unions on COVID control: '...After all, who can really claim to be an expert on a novel coronovirus?...nobody has the market cornered on good ideas (hey, over here, Smokey...me, I have some good ideas on COVID and other topics although the media refuses to print them) ...We all saw what happened (U.S.) when the pandemic and politics were indistinguishable (You are correct; 'President Pelosi' and her elitist crowd elbowed out the 'bozo' Republican influence with the able assistance of the media despite ballot box stuffing charges) ...Together, we can fight smart and win, so that no one is left behind. Alas it is not only myself being left behind, Smokey, it is the entire Canadian Nation with that final act to be played out on FEB.11 in an Ottawa Court Room...but I liked listening to you as a change from the usual columnist dirge. E) p.13 Socialism fails the moment it collides with reality John Stossel's conclusion? Socialism delivers misery. reaction? so does Capitalism only one does not see it as it is exported to Third World Countries.


FEB.05 A) If former President Eisenhower (1960) were President today, he would warn us, not against the alliance of the Industrial-military complex; rather, it would be the political-digital alignment in terms of iA. Already both China and the U.S. are collecting DNA so that the powers that be can rule the world through direct individual contact...crash the car your driving? It can be done. Countries and cities such as NY have police able to tap into an individual's complete background through a process known as 'fusion' which in the past in some cases, required a court Order. So you got swabbed for COVID...your DNA is now on file on a smart phone with the NYP. Next step? Columnist Lorne Gunter (SUN Feb. 03-2021) has that answer...through BILL C-10, the gov't. takes over the internet so make a copy of this website as it will be the first to go along with critical columnists as Gunter details. B) 'Ex-son', the contractor, won his SCofC challenge for a contractor to collect on a debt -in this case-$180,000 from a scofflaw condominium forcing the ON gov't. to change their laws with regards to snow contractors. I told him that he won due to the insurance Companies which were refusing to insure these condominiums and all condominiums must have insurance. Our tower has an impeccable record yet had great trouble getting insurance. So why did you take this particular contract, I asked? They were alright in the past but they had a change of management which found other condominiums reneging on signed contracts...owners would cry to the councilors and press hence it was much easier for the judges to award against the contractors. As most contract losses were below $100,000, contractors found it too expensive to go to court. Even here, it was a pro bono Toronto legal firm who cut their teeth on contracts being honoured,  which financed the case. Now these condo owners in this case will be crying in the streets. How does this have anything to do with Trudeau and vaccine? He guessed wrong on China producing a cure. If he had guessed right, he would be 'the candy kid with the sticky fingers'. In brief, pilloring Trudeau is not the answer as I expect him to drop out at the next election with the heir-presumptive, Chrystia Freeland, the one with the foggy crystal ball, inheriting the mantle. The Tory media, in short, should be careful what it wishes for.


FEB.05 A) O.S. p.6 The Justice Centre is supporting a class action by an airport detainee for COVID. Great...so where was this Centre with my 9 day lockdown as a political prisoner in the Ottawa General Hospital at Xmas 2019? ...oh, I get it now; there is no money to be made for lawyers with a single case even though it is far, far worse than the couple of days inconvenience for a 34 year old 'victim' at the airport. Further, the media reports on this issue but not on my $10 million action against the Hospital. Oh,  well, it is going to be over for them on FEB. 11 (SEE rogercallow.com FEBRUARY) B) p.12 '...I have been horrified to see numerous occasions where fairness and impartiality is non-existent, and where police violence was totally unjustified. Retired Toronto police inspector which is a direct blow to Black Police Chief  Mark Saunders whom suddenly resigned recently without explanation. '...The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, within our Constitution, is the supreme law of Canada; all other laws must be consistent with it....' Both myself and this Inspector know that the courts have made short shrift of the Charter explaining why 'hitting the streets is the only answer' with both this Inspector and myself saying...but please, no violence to people. (If Trump had added that 'rider'; there would have been no second impeachment but then, President Pelosi rules the roost with her new haircut illicitly obtained probably along with an illicit COVID shot as the elite are back in power in the U.S.) C) p.14 editorial quoting columnist Lorne Gunter: Why Trudeau could win again. This editorial would not call for an overhaul of the electoral system which I do. Eliminate the M.P.'s who are little more than a very expensive group electing their leader; restructure the Senate to be voted by the population at large who would appoint civil servants - at much cheaper cost - to direct regional affairs. The P.M. would also be elected at large and could make up his Cabinet from anyone. Most voters look closely at only the Leader so it makes sense. But that is my point...Canada has become a senseless nation on all levels...more on 'FEB. 11'. D) Letter to editor Wayne Kirk of Pembroke reflects my thoughts on the ever increasing cost of auto insurance (someone has to pay for all those luxury cars exported through the port of Montreal and turning up in the Middle East with the ON plates still attached). Further, 1 in 10 ON drivers go without insurance so the proportion of your auto. insurance is 20% to cover being hit by such idiots. Hire a lawyer? He's right to question this option and so am I; Stay out of a Canadian Courtroom unless you First Buy the Judge. Insurance Companies are great in winning this 'race to the phone'.


FEB.04 A) This excerpt is from a novel but is 'a propos' the  'FEB .11' Hearing: ...Whatever you say to the so-called 'real press' will go straight to the people doing this. It happens every single time. They don't protect sources anymore. Industry wide, they're under pressure from  the government. They'll roll on you so quick, it'll make your head spin. I am not likely to win on Feb. 11; but here is the point...I go down fighting similar to people all over the world except Canada. Navalny of Russia stands out in that regard. Thus, if the Cdn. media does not publish right now previous to FEB. 11, they go down without a fight = Canada a nation of cowards. B) POSTMEDIA is terrified as they see themselves in a parallel position to myself of 'being on their own'; in their case, trying to fend off bankruptcy. Blank front pages on today's Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun, & National Post, (presumably clear across Canada) point out how international feeds such as Google are robbing them of articles and ad revenues. Their editions are the weight of flypaper. Who is going to pay $400 per annum for information readily available on the internet? Lorne Gunter's column of Feb. 3 (Ottawa Sun) regarding the deleterious effects of BILL C-10 reflects the fact that the 'old boy's club' has written the existence of the Cdn. media off. In brief, the gov't is doing to the media what the media has done to me in the 35 year Employees Case. C) In some ways, the U.S. is one step along the way towards totalitarianism with its Patriot Act against terrorists (for that matter anybody who pisses them off) to be added to the Rico Laws which permit the gov't to seize assets of crime to enrich their Gov't. Departments (It was briefly used against Conrad Black to get his case into a U.S. Court. He went to jail but was later pardoned by Trump.) That media threat in the U.S. is why I call their leader 'President Pelosi') While no admirer of Trump; he is the victim of this media onslaught in the U.S. where legitimate protesters over ballot box stuffing and electronic voting are lumped in with the Yobo crowd and Nazi organizations. Back to Canada. Will Lorne Gunter, Sun columnist (see Feb. 03 column), get widespread support against BILL C-10 from the public and his colleagues? It is certainly going to be more than I am getting for 'FEB.11' where it all ends for Canada in any event. In summary, it is not only China which perverts the rights of its people through Institutional Autism. The public is so distracted by COVID that they do not see this moral COVID eclipsing the physical kind right in their face.


FEB. 04 A) O.S. p.2 Regarding the 'blank front newspaper page' mentioned above: '...We also encourage you to let your local MP know you want Ottawa to level the playing field.... Response: That is exactly what (failed leadership contender) M.P. David McGuinty is doing with Bill C-10...leveling the playing field of the media with BILL C-10 so that there will be no pesky media comment in future. What? That is not quite the message that the editor above intended to deliver? My personal response is that the Cdn. media has seen its day and I for one, will not weep at its demise as their lies merely compound gov't lies...that is the case in the U.S. too. U.S. Professor VDH Hanson, are you listening? No matter the outcome of FEB. 11, the Franco Alulio algorithm is a stand alone issue threatening the entire N. American driving public. Even China could not outdo this Nazi scheme of a rogue civil servant. (SEE websites) B) p.2 Autism program too little too late? We do not know why there was only one isolated autism case in the 1940's and why they metamorphosed after 2000 with vaccination programs now not in vogue as an explanation hence gov'ts are confused but cutting allowances to affected families through bureaucratic actions has brought these hard pressed families into street protests; something we should expect on many issues dealing with gov't. (I am the longest eclectic street protester (Ottawa)  -16 years- in Canada) C) p.5 Great community support for an immigrant family suffering illness includes a new cell phone recharger. What is really needed as well, is a 'zero' funded cell phone service by the community as a necessity of life. D) Now I learn why I had trouble with the oversight College of Physicians & Surgeons-Ethics Branch, as it appears they are partly tied into gov't appointees. If there was justice, this body should have its Charter suspended. E) p.10 'concerns about retired general Jon Vance's alleged relationships with subordinates were talked about among military leaders and in the defence community for years but no action was taken because official complaints were never filed' says it all. Abused women in the past never filed complaints either...and for good reason.... F) p. 10 Today terrorists and the Proud Boys are condemned on the internet by the gov't who may seize their assets. Tomorrow, it will be anyone with assets to be seized; just like the Rico laws and Patriot Act in the U.S. G) The elitists under President Pelosi (not Biden/Harris) are back in power in the U.S. with the public back out of power...again.


FEB.03 A) So help me God, all Ph'd's should be forced to take an I.Q. test especially Dr. Vera Etches whom 'if she had a brain, it would be lonesome',(ON guru on the COVID topic). (Politicians are exempted as it appears readily observable that their I.Q.'s would not total 100, let alone average 100). O.S.p.3 Safer at School as students infected elsewhere. Reread that statement. What difference does it make where the infection originates if it is in the schools and spreading?? B) p.3 Finally, a columnist - Elizabeth Payne- who contacts the Union which points out that a Pilot Project is little more than a PR stunt; CUPE: 'We need a robust training program for PSWs not a Pilot Project. QC does have a robust program as pointed out in this analysis. There is hope for columnists yet by doing the necessary research for their columns. B) p.5 Biz slips through gaps. Gov'ts. have all sorts of programs and laws; but just try to access them. I call it Institutional Autism In this article, small business owners are left out. In courts of law, as I have shown, individual litigants are left out. It is the Cdn. way of doing things. C) P.6 Carp Airport sale to Developer scuttles plane lease occupants who have put in $25 million in upgrades but are now facing the risk of onerous lease increases as Ottawa City sells out...oh, what a little lobbying will do with contributions to individual councilor funds. In typical hedge fund terms, the Developer can expect to milk the assets of the airport operation and then dump it back on the City. This story is a universal throughout the world e.g. A hedge Fund bought controlling shares of a logging Company to clear cut the mature forests of timber in S. California; then after siphoning the profits, they laid off all the workers and declared bankruptcy. Now there is no logging left. National Geographics published that story. D) SEE MEDIA feb.03 for Reply to Plaintiff CV20-849830 H.D. Feb. 11 E) So General Vance, the author of Vice Adm. Mark Norman perverted trial is now accused of sexual improprieties dating back to 2012. So much for vetting with this coming on the heels of GG Payette. Who is going to trust to any leader in Canada today?


FEB.02 A) O.S. p.1-2 'Retrial': It is the business of the courts to make business for itself. The perp involved was earlier sentenced for a 2010 manslaughter charge in a drug war. The 3 person 'political' Appeal Court called for a new hearing on a minor technicality. The perp is convicted a second time but, get this, remains free on bail = organized crime, do your part and erase this nuisance to both yourselves and us. B) p.3 The authorities for Ottawa schools are doing the best they can under very difficult circumstances. With that in mind, older teachers are at risk. If I were a parent I would continue with vertical schooling, an option not available to lower economic families (mainly immigrants). Closing an elementary classroom in the bedroom community of Greely and moving to another classroom does not resolve the COVID problem. At least Stephen Lecce, Education Minister, has cut out his grandstanding. (He's leaving that to Ottawa City Councilor, Diane Deans in her bid to become the next Ottawa mayor with the help of columnist Susan Sherring.) C) p.5 Gov't. keeping secrets? So the local gov'ts. are royally pissed off at the Province for grandstanding in the COVID exposure by not being kept apprised of plans. Sounds like the same complaint which I have against Ottawa authorities for doing the same thing to me... it all depends on whose ox is being gored. D) p.7 Buzz about e-scooters. These rentals for the inner city core are not suited to drive on either road similar to bicycles (intersection problems...I saw a bicycle scooting through in the special lane while in the blind spot of a car turning right last year) or on the sidewalk. Inexperienced e-scooter drivers could easily collide with pedestrians (constant buzzer or not) as I have experienced as a walker on city paths with bicycles whizzing past without ringing a bell. When I ride a bicycle on joint paths, I slow down passing pedestrians, ring the bell, and state 'passing on your left'. I am a distinct minority in that regard. Scrap the program. We do not need more hospital costs for this idea of 'freedom'. E) So Screech star is dead after 3 weeks of being informed that he has 4th stage cancer. He is not alone raising the question as to why the medical fraternity cannot pre-diagnose these fatal diseases. Yearly physicals would help but even here, the tests appear inadequate. F) p.17 National Working Naked Day Feb. 5  A humorous article with good advice on 'over-exposure' in public. My reaction? My late mother said it best; 'If a truth were to be known, most people look best with their clothes on.' which applies to the nude senior dude pictured in this story=just call it 'dirty old man day'.


FEB.02 A) Senior CBC Correspondent, Neil MacDonald has 'had it' with the Justice System. SEE MEDIA feb. for his comments on the Professor Hassan Diab case in which the Cdn. gov't is being sued for $90 million for a major miscarriage of justice. Quote: I've had doubts about journalism's embrace of prosecutors and law enforcement since I was a junior police reporter in the late-'70s. It's quite an article. See more. B) The conspirators in the Employees Case Canada do not wish to go to court Feb. 11 under the challenge which I have made. With their backs to the wall, the only recourse is to place me under 'committeeship' whereby the police accompanied by two institutional doctors and a court Order visit the premises to note that, as the occupant can no longer care for himself citing such things as dirty dishes in the sink and a dirty apartment,(I keep my apartment in impeccable shape; my estranged wife can attest to that), they may remove him to a facility in which he is cut off from outside access. This way, the conspirators hope to bury the Franco Alulio action (SEE web), cover the 9 day illegal detention of this individual in the Ottawa Hospital lockdown (it would have been longer but the Gov't Patient Issues Dept. paid me an unsolicited visit after much letter writing) of which action I laid for $10 million was dropped by Justice MacLeod without a hearing, sanction the illicit actions of lawyer Alexandre Bissonnette who is the plaintiff in the FEB. 11-2021 hearing who sent the police on a false 'wellness check'. That is why I need media coverage now; not later. C) There is a name for the type of violence depicted by the 35 year Employee's Case with the Cdn. Justice System: 'The idea of slow violence can be traced back to the 1960s, though it wasn't called that back then. In 1969, the Norwegian sociologist Johan Galtung – known as the "father of peace studies" – argued that violence could be enacted by more than fists or weapons. Violence, he argued, could also be "structural".' The point here is that it may go unnoticed by the public as it eats its way through various superstructures like a cancer. D) So the U.S. is replacing Trump induced war with Biden induced wars...some things never change. E) IA through DNA control is giving big Pharma inroads into who suffers what so that they can be targeted with new medicines. China is collecting DNA worl-wide so that through your cell phone, they can control your life. I call it the Lac Magentic Express...the ending is not pretty as they can, for example, crash your car with you in it.


FEB.01 A) SEE MEDIAfeb under FEBRUARY 2021 for letter to my former nemesis; namely, interim GG SCofC Chief Justice Richard Wagner  B) SEE also MEDIA in February for the Ottawa Courts Registry to set up teleconferencing for me as Respondent in the infamous 'FEB.11-2021' hearing date which promises to change all things Canadian. Message to U.S. Embassy also included  C) NEWSLETTER includes hypocrisy of Epoch Times in the Employees Case. D) The time for the Cdn. media to publish about 'FEB. 11' as 'news' is now; otherwise they continue to report history if they wait for FEB. 11. E) New (but experienced) columnist for O.S. p.3, Susan Sherring is shilling for Councillor Diane Deans heading up the Police Board for what is a mayoral bid to replace Watson. She accuses Watson of divisions which appears to be accurate, but what is more telling is that she is insidiously creating divisions to forward her own cause. Not a problem for me as I don't vote. No one has supported my contention (which is the law) that a medical file belongs to the patient, not the doctor concerned. As such, at age 79, I go without a family Doctor. Even the College of Physicians & Surgeon -Ethical Branch, can't see their way through that one. Of course no media type will touch a story associated with my name explaining why Feb. 11 is D-Day for them. F) p.11 'Rules for thee, but not for me' lists U.S. politicians who, one and at the same time, hypocritically call out those not following COVID containment rules while breaking them themselves...well! surely you don't expect Nancy Pelosi to turn up at Trump's impeachment trial without a new haircut even though the hair salons are closed!  G) p. 11 Republican itinerant columnist in the Ottawa Sun, Larry Elder, decries Democratic blasting of Republican 'racists' with myriad examples. No matter which Party or interest gets into power anywhere; their reaction is all the same - it is 'a time for healing' which gets translated into 'you losers must just shut up'. H) p.17 A day for shilling: this time by a lawyer drumming up business for themselves. How? By employees provoking Unions 'to deliver' as they are the ones with money to hire lawyers. My advice? STAY AWAY FROM THE LAWYERS! unless you have no other choice such as myself this FEB. 11 in which the Opposition cleverly 'inverts' my court cases so that I become the Respondent. It happened before in 2014. In brief, our Justice System is crooked to the bone to which I might add STAY AWAY FROM THE COURTS! Doesn't leave much left for Joe public, does it? How about 'the streets?' but please no violence to people. J) 'A day to honour the elderly' Pope... oh, by the way, a contribution to the Church from these old rich bags would not be rejected...hmmm....besides, the Church needs more money to enrich Cardinals buying real estate.... more hmmm. K) $861 million for superstar soccer player makes fools of us all... but that is how you join the top 1% wealthy. L) War in Asia provoked by China and involving the U.S. is imminent and to think Canadian Pension Funds are frozen in China.