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1) Before WWII, Eugenics with its notion of a master race introduced by Sweden in 1922, was the most popular science practiced throughout Europe and was used to justify the Holocaust.

2) After WWII, eugenics disappeared from the scene with psychiatry in disrepute. Even Tommy Douglas NDP leader, wrote a paper on eugenics in 1932.

3) Currently, in Pasadena, a group is challenging the Psychiatric Association in administering medicine (after all, psychiatrists are medical doctors) 'not consistent with scientific evidence'.

4) I have my own personal battle with the psychiatric profession in Canada due to the actions of a rogue Ontario Deputy Minister of Transport - Medical (my underlining), Franco Alulio perverting the driver license suspension form from 'cognitive disorder' and even here he does not define in detail how that might be so and under which authority he is acting; to one of a similarly defined 'psychiatric disorder'. The former may be tested; not so the latter. I laid a $10 million action against him for which the Ottawa Court refuses to give me a Hearing Date. Alulio did not respond as Defendant.

5) In a stroke of the pen, Alulio consigned me to those Holocaust victims imprisoned at Auschwitz  and other concentration camps where they were exterminated.

6) Can you get along without your driver's license in perpetuity? Most drivers cannot which explains why this Franco Alulio algorithm is a 'clear and present danger' to all North America. But try and explain that to The Canadian gov't. (Chrystia Freeland is the symbol of that leadership in absence of the highly compromised P.M. on a personal level.)

7) And it does not stop there. Legal Counsel on other matters dropped off completely telling me, correctly so as it turns out, that no lawyer can represent me on any topic.

8) Along with the above restriction, the matter goes much further in that I am deprived of a basic right of all native born Canadians. Hence I am a stranger in my own country without an effective I.D.

9) Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland, on behalf of all Canadian politicians is unable to perceive my personal problem regarding I.D. For example, what is my personal status in CV2-849830 launched by the conspirators against me with a first vertical hearing on Feb. 11 where I was the Respondent? That meeting failed for technical glitches with a renewed hearing slated for April 8. Sufficient material was produced by the verbose Pierre Roger j. with his 'restrictive measures' against me to the extent that if he does not dispose of this case by March 15,2021, then such as this document becomes pertinent; hopefully under a new justice.

10) In brief, I ask for the action to be disposed of by the court for 'not making a case on all issues'. The two lawyers concerned; one charged for fraud with the other defending him also charged with fraud for different reasons are escaping censure due to the ON Legal Society failing to evaluate my detailed accusations coupled with the Ottawa court which refuses me Hearing Time. I am on record calling for a Trusteeship to be invoked against the Ottawa Courts although by whom appears a moot point.

11) At any rate, I had called an end to the Employee's Case on Dec. 31-2020, as after 35 years it was clear that the Justice System across Canada was hell bent on denying me my rightful compensation for my illicit senior teacher lay-off for economic reasons in June of 1985. I use the term 'hell bent' as there are many acts of malfeasance which the oversight bodies refuse to examine thus placing an end to Canada as a democratic nation. That is an alarming indictment without equal where no-one can trust to a Decision from a Canadian court of law.

12) The Applicant lawyers ask for the court to declare me, as Respondent, to be frivolous and vexatious, a rather strange label for a Respondent. In either case, mine (too broad a definition) or theirs, Roger j. can dispose of this case by March 15-2021 without further court time but will he?

13) My concern with Roger j. is that he is going to use this platform as a personal vendetta against me. Considering that I have dropped my claims associated with the Employee's Case, the question remains as to what he hopes to gain. I posit that he wants to take those steps to prohibit my website on many different topics embarrassing to the authorities, to be expunged; much like a Patriot Act in the U.S. used to expunge alleged terrorist blogs.

14) SUN Columnist, Lorne Gunter, has exposed the duplicity of BILL C-10 which seeks, among other things, control of the internet by the government. Here we have the judges version of hi-jacking the internet.

15) Should Roger j. neither finalize this case by March 15 or step down as I request, then I am on very dicey grounds not knowing what my status would be. For this reason, I turn my welfare over to the Governor General considering Freeland's abject blindness, to represent me in court on April 8-2021 as 'a friend of Roger Callow' until the matter of my existence as a Canadian citizen is cleared up.

16) I further request that Roger j. or his successor address written questions to both which he would like to have answered before that April 8, hearing. This feature is to make sure that Roger j. is not working to a separate agenda apart from the issues involved.

17) That latter point has a precursor with one of the lawyers sidetracking my issue relating to both  my medical file and the Alulio algorithm. That aspect came to a head under Deputy Justice Rosalind Carter on Feb. 27-2020 in a mandamus/resolution court (whichever applies) where there is no oversight to a judge's action. I did not approve of this court as it was launched by the lawyer for the Medical Clinic to move matters 'sideways' in order to dispose of my request for disclosure without which I cannot get a new family Doctor. Mayor Watson and Ottawa Police Chief Sloly refuse to seize the complete file on my behalf. It was the worst experience before a judge, ever (there have been over 50 judges on this unresolved case) as she did not deal with the issues preferring to dispose of the case - which is what the lawyer wanted - on spurious technical grounds. She refused to recuse herself when I asked her to.

18) At this point, I move sideways illustrating how the Ottawa General Hospital got involved in this conspiracy which was not an original intention of the conspirators, but one created by family interests after my estate. (Currently all my assets are consigned to National Geographics which does good work for children in Africa. The family get nothing.) The proposition of family members going after the estate on medical grounds is not uncommon before our courts. Here's how it worked here.

19) On Dec. 19-2019, in a carefully orchestrated last court day before Xmas, younger 'ex-son' arrived from Guelph and joined older 'ex-son' in Ottawa and sneaked off to court and received a court order declaring me 'a violent person to myself and others' which is a bare-faced lie as my estranged wife would attest to. On Boxing Day, the police broke into my apartment with a key supplied to them by older son which he was not supposed to have and hauled me off to the emergency department of the Ottawa Hospital for a few hours of tests including an MRI which I passed. Other needy patients were bumped for the purpose and the ER staff were not amused with a caper which had the prints of CEO Jack Kitts and his successor, Cameron Love, all over it. The actual Order stated that I was to be taken to a 'general practitioner' (for a one hour examination). Where were the police to take me home, they wondered, as they had disappeared. The ER was dumbfounded when a Decision was made between two other Doctors and younger ex-son by telephone to have me incarcerated in the lock down section of the psychiatric ward (4 rooms) rather than the more open 40 unit section with greater privileges. As the Hospital's first political prisoner, I spent 9 days (usual stay is 2 days) in which it was clear to the staff that I was non-violent. The Gov't. body responsible for patient care arrived and a meeting was slated for January 8 which was never held as I was released early. I sued the Hospital for $10 million but that case was dropped by Justice C. MacLeod without a hearing thus changing the course of Justice in Canada forever as any powerful force need only find a compliant judge to follow their wishes at the expense of the weaker party. (Think SNC Lavalin). Older 'ex-son' is now barred from this Apartment block. As he never returned my key as I requested, I changed locks.

20) This topic is about eugenics and how it functioned under the highly duplicitous staff psychiatrist, Sarah Chan, the third such one (the other two were insignificant in this affair although the second recent graduate assigned an extra week for my Report to Management which I made on a daily basis. The first one could hardly speak English as it seems these staff psychiatrists are woefully underpaid).

21) The thrust of Chan's actions in early January was to link up with my former family Doctor, young Dr. Jahagirdar of Towngate Family Medicine whom I dismissed on November 01, but continued to represent me with the Ottawa Hospital which was not informed of her change of status. I sued her for $10 million as well; a second case which Justice MacLeod dropped, again without a hearing at the same time that he dropped my Action against the Hospital. The ploy appeared to be to superimpose a psychiatric evaluation on top of the medical one which I received on Boxing Day of 2019 as a means of getting the Hospital 'off the hook'. For example, one night, the clinic clerk came in with a container filled with medicine. Take this, she said, it will help your case. Who ordered it, I asked? Dr. Chan. (Here is where it becomes particularly sticky in terms of my response.) I refused. Are your rejecting this medicine? No. I am merely postponing any medication until after the Jan. 8 hearing arranged by the Patient's ombudsman. (That meeting was never held as I was released early.) A second young male psychiatrist came in offering his services the next day which I declined. Again, he asked whether I was refusing help to which I responded that I was merely postponing my answer until after the Jan. 8 meeting. The point here is that any written Report by these psychiatrists would note that I was rejecting assistance 'which could help me'. One of the worst crimes in our society, it should be noted here, is against those people who would do evil in the name of good.

22) Even when Chan released me, she tried to cut me out. First of all, I could have a day pass to go home, get my medicine and a shower  and then return if I signed their form that I would accept their medical ministrations. I refused asking her whether there were any other options. She was forced to state in front of police witnesses there for another patient that there was; namely, I could sign myself out with the form saying that the hospital was still willing to accept care for me. I rejected that option as well. I demanded and got a complete release with no conditions. That is very important from a legal point of view.

23) I don't think any profession has ever been challenged to the extent which I have challenged the conspirators in matters related to the They clearly don't like it.

24) That last act is about to happen on April 8 unless Freeland gets off her duff and resolves this problem NOW.

25) Until the matter of my status is cleared up, I cannot appear in any court of law thus my dependence on the Office of the Governor General to attend in my place 'as a friend of Roger Callow' to obey the court 'niceties'.

26) Hence, in summary, I will not be attending the April 8 meeting should it go ahead relying on the Office of the Governor General to attend in my place 'as a friend of Roger Callow'.

27) In the event that the worst happens, I will request that Pierre Roger j. be evicted from all judicial responsibilities although it is moot as to which authority would be responsible. If he is still the sitting judge, I request that he provide written questions to both litigants for a written response.

28) And why is this saga evidence of  widespread Canadian cowardice? Because the public knew it was a scam in 1985 and did nothing: NSN columnist Doug Collins...Enter Mrs. Margot Furk, the schoolboard woman from West Vancouver who looks meek, but isn't...(she looks about as meek as Attila the Hun...and to think Dougy was also criticized for being anti-female) She was one of the leading lobbyists for BILL 35 (Don't forget the role of John Reynolds, local MPP now the federal justice critic for the Reform Party for Christ's sake!) and voted for Callow's removal...'How was it possible, I asked her, that a man who had been employed for 17 years could be incompetent?' "Because in the past no one had the guts to do anything about him," she added smartly...


Respectfully submitted,  Roger Callow Respondent CV20-849830  February 17-2021


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