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This section follows on the more literal EMPLOYEE'S CASE SUMMARY and is a sequel to those events as I ponder such things as whether If a tree (the employeescasecanada.ca) falls in the middle of a forest and there is no institution to hear it, does it make a sound?)

ANS.Absolutely not, no way, you can take that one to the bank and bank it.



                                                                                     AN ODE TO CANADIAN COWARDICE - SOLEMN DAY




1) But nobody remembers second place. That's just first place for losers  Roger comment (R) To have argument on your side is pointless if one does not have power. Cdn. law courts have failed to balance that equation = anarchy


2) Institutions are amoral. We should never lose touch with our individuality. Once you lose that, you lose touch with the basics. We are conditioned to do the right thing, as people. But not as institutions. There's no morality in an institution. It's just a thing. (R) The death of the Cdn. Charter of Rights & Freedom (1982) sys it all.


3) Court offers relief from online harassment / Labour guru Howard Levitt (Jan. 28-2021 ON Superior Court Caplan v. Atas) R. A dangerous Decision also found in other courts in the U.S. and Canada. Surely the proper course is to sue the perpetrator for slander. What the court is doing here - and I submit it is a major theme for Rogers j. - is for the court to gain control over the internet in much the same way that BILL C110 does for the gov't. much to the dismay of SUN columnist, Lorne Gunter. Levitt refuses to deal with the Employee's Case including the criminal Franco Alulio algorithm anathema to all drivers. We are a car culture. This move places far too much power in the hands of judges...criticize SNC Lavalin?...there goes your internet privileges...gee, just like China!


4) The truth will set you free. Rather it will piss you off. People always said the truth will out, but that was bullshit. The truth decayed like everything else, faded until it was gone. Dust to dust. (R) truths and lies are relative terms = nest of snakes.


5) Columnist Andrew MacDougall Put differently, the ruling class has done a very poor job smoothing the effects of globalization and blunting the sharper edges of the meritocracy. Voters deserve new ways of thinking. (R) The top 1% wealthy have done a very good job for themselves at the cost of the other 99%. How about this 'new way for voters to think': VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS

MacDougall is yesterday's man. The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. (Churchill)                                                   


                                                                                                                                       Let's change 'brink of chaos'

                                                                                                                                       to 'Everything is wonderful'


6) He had his army of $800 dollar an hour attorneys, his fortresses built from nondisclosure agreements, decades of carefully selected secrets. He could pressure or buy anyone's silence. He had his allies high in every media empire who could help him kill a story or turn one against an adversary. 'Whatever you do, we need it clean'. (R) Now you see how a 35 year national boycott on the Employee's Case was maintained but the unforeseen consequences of the internet has made this conspiracy 'dirty'.


7) Here's how curfews violate Charter rights...the greatest restriction on Canadians' movements and lives since the October Crisis (1970) (R) And then along came bureaucrat Franco Alulio with his fake driver license suspension which even robs one of any access to a lawyer giving Adolph Eichmann's 'Final Solution' a good run for his money. We are a car culture and few adults can exist without one. Alulio's  'final solution even has two U.S. Presidents buffaloed.


8) Today, most experts who take our global problems seriously advocates a management response. While this is better than simply denying our problems exist, it often does not help much. Any management policies that really address the underlying causes of our hardest problems usually require big changes in the existing economic and political order. After all, that order is often a central reason why our problems are so bad. But big changes always run headlong into staunch opposition from powerful and entrenched interest groups - like companies, unions, gov't. bureaucracies, and associations of financial investors - that benefit from the status quo. So they're hardly ever carried out. (R) So, there is no help for Canada? Perhaps exercising her '14th Colony' option to become a U.S. state would enable us to redirect our inactive M.P.'s and MMP's to the dust bin with a leader (governor) being elected directly by the people and an elected (small) Senate to oversee federal and provincial concerns. We are definitely headed that way.


9) I saw a throwback to the days when the media was undaunted, unprejudiced, and therefore could not be intimidate. (R) ...when I was a boy....but now that I am a man, I have put away my childish unresolved 35 year legal case, leaving ...what?



10) Remembering Walter Williams, friend and mentor, by Larry Elder. ...They have long argued that the welfare state has destabilized families, encouraging women 'to marry the gov't. and men to abandon their financial and moral responsibilities. (R) I would never accuse these two black writers of 'taking the bended knee'. While noting Elder's figures on the financial improvement of the Blacks since WWII, I feel that I am going up the elevator on this bit of good news passing all those single black mothers on the descending elevator.


11) None of it is real. It's all there to create fear and ensure obedience to keep the world from spiraling out of control. A rumour explodes. Everyone's listening to "the sonic boom of a nation escaping its history". (R) We have nothing to fear but fear mongers at the top in the guise of stability.


12) Never can the failings of man be blamed on any lacking or deficiency in the Christian faith. Instead an adversary must be created. A diabolos who is to be blamed for everything. (R) Roger diabolos here.


13) cavillation: The making of captious, frivolous, quibbling or unfair objections, or charges, in legal proceedings; the use of legal quibbles, or taking advantage of technical flaws, so as to overreach or defraud; hence, chicanery, trickery, overreaching sophistry. (Oxford English Dictionary) (R) They forgot the most important point; namely, inverting the procedure so that it applies against the Opposition. I call it reverse osmosis in a system given to Institutional Autism where institutions speak only to other institutions with the individual left out.


14) It is the business of the courts to make business for itself (R) Canada is at the top of legal litigation largely due to its delays. Lawyers sell out clients on a regular basis in order to maximize their income.


15) 'Inquisitive journalist?, he scoffed? They don't exist anymore. Journalists get all their news from Twitter and Facebook, and people like us telling them things we want them to hear...The media are far more interested in Kim Kardashian unveiling her new bottom.'


16) 'If politicians are going to cede policy-making to unelected officials, those officials ought to be accountable for their actions taken in the name of those they replace... (they) ought to be treated as such - lest our democracy become merely a 'doctatorship'. R. all professions.


17) Often genius is conceived in terms of a high score on an I.Q. test (my older sister with 142 I.Q. deceased 2000) a conception I tend to disfavour, said D.K. Simonton, Psychology Professor emeritus of U. Of Cal. Other times genius will be defined as exceptional early talent in a particular domain (my French Canadian wife - now estranged - was born with a singing voice which, with proper connections, could have placed her right at the top of the profession. She was not pretentious about this talent.) Other times genius will be attributed to those who have left a pervasive and enduring impact. (In the words of my wife...'I don't mean it unkindly, dear, but you think differently from other people.' My reaction was to say that I meet myself in any good literature all the time. I will leave it to the reader to assess my Qui bene article to draw their own conclusions as to my capabilities. In the words of one sociopathic sales manager...'You're intelligent, but I don't know where to place you.' How about 'king of the whistleblowers' (NOT a 'stool pigeon') as I have taken on 'the Old Boy's Club', a first to be sure. Stay tuned for 'APR.08' in an Ottawa vertical courtroom.




a little self-effacing doesn't hurt....


ADDENDUM (based on APR. 08 H.D.)

APR 10 A) For a literal account of 'APR 08' court H.D., see EMPLOYEE'S CASE SUMMARY ; for a philosophical approach; EMPLOYEE'S CASE - SERENDIPITY  B)'Oh, what a tangled web we weave...' It is the nature of conspiracies to 'damn the torpedoes' as there is no Plan 'B'. If one did exist, the conspirators should have departed CV20-849830 (Apr. 08 H.D.) after I dropped all pursuit of the Employee's Case in the law courts by Dec. 31-2020 as the corrupt Ottawa courts would not give me court time on any of my filed claims. Plan 'A'? Oh, that was to 'get Callow' at any costs dating from 1985...and it cost Canada its democracy = Third World Country. After Dec. 31-2020, my intention was to pursue the 2019 Franco Alulio algorithm with its fake driver license scam apart from the courts which I will now do = courts superfluous. The Applicant, by insisting on dealing 'with all issues' in CV20-849830 without defining even one, now makes the court the focal point of this controversy with the litigants being mere bystanders = total collapse of the Justice System. There is no meaningful way out as 'ghosting' all issues ruling this Respondent to be 'frivolous & vexatious' may put an end to my legalities (which I had done in any event) leaving the court to explain to gov't. and country why they gave de facto recognition to the most heinous piece of action in the history of Canada paralleling Eichmann's 'Final Solution', in terms of the F.A. algorithm. Under those circumstances, it is now an Open Door policy for rogue Cdn. civil servants in league with the necessary corrupt leaders on any action; if M. does not step in = bedlam. C) In 1986, Justice Mary Southin called for all material regarding my lay-off from both the Union and the Employer. The Employer obliged by providing her with the second illegal dismissal hearing notes of July, 1985 where School Board Counsel committed fraud. Southin, not realizing that she was in a blackmail position, returned all files to both Parties (the Union grabbed my copy) 'as she did not use them' as opposed to charging Board Counsel with fraud. That failure was exploited by Board Counsel so that Southin was left on the defensive turning to cover-up at my expense; a situation which in turn was reinforced by over 50 judges to the current time. To produce this disclosure from 1985 would be a defeat not only for Southin (retired 2004) but for over 50 judges who conspired to cover-up the cover-up. The Bobbsey Twins are pulling the same routine, for after the Ottawa Courts frustrated the inclusion of my evidence, the Bobbsey Twins turned around and gratuitously provided my entire file illustrating fraud to the court (SEE EC SUMMARY above) thus provoking the court to ape Southin...or so they hope. That's why Rogers j. 'got out of Dodge'. leaving stand-in judge Kristin Muszynski (M) to take the flak. Her Decision is due next week and promises to be the Decision of the century, no matter which way she goes. Whatever options M has, they are all bad ones. In brief, the situation faced by (M) is this. If fraud is shown, everything emanating from it is null and void. That is why the 1986 Board notes are kept from me although M could order them up under disclosure rules. That situation does not apply to Apr. 08 H.D. as the Bobbsey Twins Applicant has gratuitously entered my entire file illustrating fraud for all to see thus frustrating the Ottawa Registry trying to block that evidence . Hence M. is in an impossible position. After WWII, the term 'Oh, you Quisling' (traitor) named after the WWII Norwegian Nazi leader, was a common epithet in 1950's Canada. That can easily become 'Oh, you Muszynski' in 2021.' More on this point after I see her written Decision.


APR 09 The conspirators goofed by sending in a last minute change of judges with a virtual nobody judge not from the local scene and, as usual, I caught them out. The corrupt Ottawa Courts had blocked my 29 page REPLY 25A to CV20-849830 so that the presiding Justice could claim that due to Callow's messing up, they never had his detailed material alleging fraud; only the Applicant's material countering those accusations. But then a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. In order to protect their own position from blowback, Cavanagh LLP filed the entire dossier (SEE EMPLOYEE'S CASE SUMMARY (APRIL) kicking, in that process, the Court under the bus for while the court does not have the Legal Society's Report on the perfidy of these two Applicant lawyers, there is now sufficient information for the presiding Justice to lay a criminal charge of fraud on top of my civil charge (which I had already withdrawn in February making this court moot). No wonder Rogers j. got out of Dodge leaving it to some non-entity judge to absorb the flak. 


APR 08 Judgment Day ...or not as the case may be. I couldn't envisage any judge in Canada in their right mind sitting on this case which, apparently, includes Pierre Roger j. of the Ottawa Courts who did a bunker (not an unknown stunt as happened in Saskatoon in 2017 when the presiding judge got himself into trouble) leaving it in this case to a female judge to fill this 'black hole'. She is no doubt fresh out of law school with all her depositions in order...that is for the last two days as she knew nothing about the case before that point. But that is the point. The Decision was written in the Justice Building in 2020 and she is merely the messenger girl which she can expect to deliver at the end of the Day. What the conspirators did not take into account was that I voluntarily dropped all filed cases as of Dec. 31-2020 and completed that process by dropping the fraud case against the Applicant lawyers in Feb. and in that process inviting Rogers j. and the Applicants to drop out by Mar. 15 without any repercussions. They chose otherwise hence 'Apr. 08'. Mixing the telephone contact with ZOOM contact had some insurmountable bugs such as one line 'cutting in and out' which I claimed a 'party by party' written conduct of the case including questions from the bench would eliminate. That appeal fell on deaf ears with this particular judge. When I do get the expected missive from the bench, I will address it under EMPLOYEE'S CASE - SERENDIPITY sub-heading in 2021 APRIL . In any event reserve a jaundiced eye to any media account which does not include my website address: rogercallow.com  More on the profile on this female judge as I get it.... Profile: Judge Kristin Muszynski was called to the bar in Kingston in 2006 so she is no spring chicken. Her whole career was spent in that area with a replacement post for an Ottawa judge in 2019 although she does not appear on the Ottawa Court judge list and I have never read her name attached to any legal media accounts in Ottawa. The reason I thought she was much younger is that judges are succinct while she comes from that school of thought of 'why use 10 words where 50 would do' which would fit into her many legal meetings that she hosted across Canada. She appears to be a social climber. There are other signs that have my antenna up but the main one is why Rogers ducked out to someone from 'out of town'? Most judges I have are federal court in origin (different oversight bodies). That information was not available. She chose to reserve her Decision.