DEC.31 Letter to 'Hollywood A-listers' to be posted in December. In this letter, I parallel my departure from the 35 yr. unresolved as of Dec. 31-2020 with that of the Franco Alulio Algorithm (Oct. 2019) as it similarly goes unresolved and is far more devastating in its implications to the driving public in the civilized world. The problem in both cases? Initially corrupt bureaucrats reinforced by an even more corrupt Justice System. When I say 'depart'; I mean that I will no longer expend resources in appealing to authorities of any stripe as the public (apart from the Cdn. public which would remain silent) is my focus now. Hollywood A-listers...are you listening? Add this Placard to your other Demonstrations: FREE (CDN.) ROGER CALLOW - SEE MEDIAdec




DEC.07 A) The Devil's Hand Jack Carr (2021). As a 'reader', I  recognize Carr's detailed history on obscure points which most people are not cognizant. In brief, an informative read. As to legislation on assassins; the only no-no is not to assassinate a leader as it invites payback... and that would never do.... (just farm the contract killing out as that is what the original assassins were all about). With all other countries, someone fills the void of a departed leader but would that happen with Putin's death or would the oligarchs prefer to stay abroad with the country's wealth similar to Afghan? Signs of Russia preparing for war in Jan. are mounting. Of course Russia's connection with China is troubling as they could inherit Russia's mantle in the case of WWIII. B) Normally, I would not touch any Decision by young Ottawa Justice Kristin Muszynski (really bad April 16-2021 Decision which did not deal with the all-important Identity Theft where I was accused of being a frivolous & vexatious Defendant after the Plaintiff pulled the stunt of refiling my Action replacing them as a Defendant with being Plaintiff for an advantage. She ignored this legal stunt of a Defendant refiling as the Plaintiff with the court only hearing that second charge, also pulled in 2014 on me in Ottawa courts (Muszynski action is one of the most aberrant Decisions which I have received in 20 years and why FAA is a world issue for Democracies today) but she appears to make a good point on Companies being blackmailed by two household customers. When I had an Alarm franchise in the 90's, a customer moving into a new house agreed to carry on with the Alarm contract signed by the old owner with two years out of the four years remaining...until he changed his mind: 'If you don't cancel the contract, I will give your Company a bad BBB Report. I didn't, he did and the media & BBB backed up head office for the one listed complaint against my Franchise listing it as 'problem resolved' with him completing the contract. P.S. Threats, when written, can become actionable; oral threats are 'he said, she said' unless witnessed. C) Midwit columnist Rex Murphy claims that J.T. 'turned back on Veterans' has merit but what about the Legion failing to acknowledge Identity Theft of FAA as I asked them to do considering WWII was fought on this idealistic basis? Current Legion leadership were born well after the war ended. D) 'FAA is not similar to the 'final solution' in that the Nazi gov't. formally passed the proposition; Franco Alulio usurps all gov't. with FAA by acting unitarily.' My Response: 'Spot on' in terms of 'the devil being in the details' (why Justice Muszynski Apr. 16-2021 Decision noted above in effect sanctioned anarchy but, as I have shown, there is nowhere for the individual to turn in Canada for recompense = national cowardice. E) Bad Legislation behind Laurentian U. in Sudbury lay-off of 200 staff based on the 'shall' as opposed to 'must' disclose evidence which snagged me in 1986 vis a vis my senior teacher lay-off. The logical Decision by the B.C. court after quashing the 1985 arbitration ruling, as it did, the arbitrator to be 'patently unreasonable', was to order me back to work... the 'should' return employment rather than 'must' argument above which led to 35 years of judicial cover-up= destruction of Justice Canada but that is how individuals can expect to be treated in Cda. The Sudbury University does not understandably want to disclose information as a source of fodder for Union activity. Decision could go either way.


DEC.06 A) What!!! Media budgets so heavily cut that there is little on which to report. If it weren't for Covid, TV News would dry up & blow away in the wind. B) Interesting Reddit Commentary on Biden's planned gov't. boycott (athletes can still go) of the China Winter Olympics as virtual signaling... is there any other kind of politics in the world? C) Swiss approved Suicide Capsule highlights the dark humour as well as the very serious aspects of suicide it invokes... we are kinder to our pets.


DEC.05                                                                           Today's Cartoon ...need I say more?


DEC.04  A) In my Ottawa neighborhood, the public mask up and distance for shopping so what do I see on TV? A group of unmasked donors at a charity event sitting within 6 ft. of each other at the nearby EV Center being served meals. In answer to the question; no-one knows anyone in Ottawa who has had Covid ...and yet it abounds! Oh, denial, thoughrt form is human nature. B) Photo of 'good for nothing' GG (She is not as her Office costs a taxpayer's fortune) ...Commentary asks What are the medals for... a food eating contest? C) Big Bang star, Kaley Cuoco, is not smiling on her 36th birthday (Nov. 30). Is that because she is now facing the 3 F's ...fat, fifty & forgotten (as an actress) There are still voice overs and being a producer. D) Much is made of criticizing the Michigan couple who bought a gun for their 15 year old son who used it to kill 3 classmates. At one time in U.S. history, all males were conversant with guns by age 15. Perhaps the distinction should be between rifles and pistols. E) There are no shortage of shithole countries but the 'winner' has to be the DR Congo. F) If Covid don't get you, then the Bird Flu will. HiV is in the batter's box.


DEC.03  A) Second Floor House deaths are not uncommon in house deaths. First, most people die of smoke inhalation & smoke rises. Second, egress is limited and fires in the 'chimney' stairwell block that exit. Third, bedrooms are placed on second floors where people fall asleep drinking and smoking. Fourth, smoke alarms are usually located downstairs close to the kitchen. Fifth, children-oftentimes the victim- crawl into a closet to escape the smoke which eventually finds them. Families should review fire exits with their children.  B) Are you reading along with my subheading on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial with daily additions? C) I was hit on this one where a Toronto judge released a man charged with murder (of an undercover police officer) in a highly controversial case. What happened in 1985 was that after I called for Arbitration in what turned out to be an illegal 'lay-off'; the West Van. School Board poisoned the atmosphere with public comments before the trial (SEE web: North Shore News columnist Doug Collins libelous article.) In the related issue, the WV School Board trick in 1985 was to 'lay me off for declining enrolment' but making the matter one of 'teacher competence' in the media. Both died under this unresolved labour issue making 'democratic Cda.' redundant as no-one will trust to a Cdn. Institution. In the Toronto case, it appears the police are covering for faulty undercover work. D) ON seeks to control those 'bully bosses' over employee contact outside of hours... lots of luck with that one. Worst case scenario... phoning the employee for information at 2 A.M. as a means of power tripping. There may be some good reasons for the call e.g. dealing with foreign stock markets in a different time zone. Hence, Employers will merely make employees 'contract employees' to get around the provisions or break Company into pods to get around the '25 or more' classification. E) MSN now bypassing articles and Commentary for its video = their death. F) RUST Commentary: 'I didn't shoot that woman, but she is sure dead.' Decades ago, in an amateur production of Carousel, I was handed a 'starter pistol' to send that young scamp, 'Billy' to his just deserts... at least I thought it was a starter pistol as I have no knowledge of guns but I realized that such guns (from track meets) make smoke and a large 'bang'. It comes back to the labour unrest on this site with unpaid workers... gee, just like China without the guns but then, not being paid due to its amateur classification, I had no complaint. (no dead bodies either other than the acting roles)    


DEC.03 A) Commentary not gratified with free OC Transpo fares for Dec. as new Jan. rate will be the highest in Cda. More auto sales probably or car pooling could result with the City aim to eliminate cars downtown being thwarted. Further, low wage employees will not go downtown for a job = growth of suburbs and telecommuting. B) NP's midwit columnist Terry Glavin ran smack into Commentary which re-directed his 'hate China' article into 'hate NP'. Oh, Commentary will be the death of us (mediawits) all! C) Towards more colorful language: 'Apcrappystan'. D) Tip from a former home alarm installer: Put a lock on your bedroom door for while you are sleeping and keep a phone in the bedroom. One former Chicago client wanted an alarm system installed as the intruder was already in her home awaiting her return hence having a system which calls out to your phone in real time (and photos) is the best approach. From there phone 911 if need be from your locked bedroom. E) Commentary miss on this one regarding the 0 birth rate in China. The point is that there will be fewer working people to support retirees (5 to 1 ratio which immigration has covered up in western countries.) hence total population figure is misleading as to economic health. China is desperately trying to go back to more than its one-child policy in this regard as it has no immigration similar to Japan (future of Japan without the Japanese?) F) Ottawa Police refusing to attend shoplifting offenses is dangerous enough but California reducing shoplifting to a 'misdemeanor' threatens to derail the U.S. completely. It is a major blow to Democrat futures. G) Reader's Digest lambasted for advising public not to wash raw chickens by experienced Commentary views. It lies in how you do it. I am surprised that this magazine is still around what with the internet. H) I am against adopting rescue dogs as many have been abused = dog bites = horrendous lawsuits. Further, many are older dogs requiring increased vet care. ANS. Euthanasia, as people must come ahead of pets. (I am a dog lover 'with limits'). 500 malamutes were put down after the recent B.C. Whistler winter Olympics in which tourist dog sled rides were provided, a necessary act which brought tears to the owner as these dogs cannot be adopted as pets.  I cannot understand why foreign rescue dogs were permitted into Cda. recently. A relative who has always kept Rottweilers (non-guard duties) bought his last pair from a breeder. They are not vicious but require a dominant master which he is. At one time I walked his 180# Rottweiler who just lived for his walks and hence behaved beautifully. (These dogs should be 'penned' and not kept on a leash.) J) Parl. defeating 'conversion therapy' parallels U.S. Military ban. These very expensive operations would be financed by taxpayers if authorized. K) Cda. has its own Perv trial with Winnipeg, MB's Peter Nygard age 80 being held in ON because 'Winn. prosecutors will not prosecute him'. My personal experience with MB courts is that they are just as corrupt as every other province but the worst of all is the Ottawa Court scene in which FAA has been denied a hearing.


DEC.02  A) As an inveterate reader of National Geographic I have used their climate based material in the 70's for my high school Geography assignments. Digitalization and scientific discoveries promulgated by the internet has seen the evolution of this stellar magazine particularly when they added colour photos so it is with some trepidation that I complain about the over-abundance of fold-out pages with indeterminate sequencing. Fold-outs were ideal to illustrate distances between orbital bodies but for the most part, some reign should be instituted over their lay-out Department as I doubt very few read all the details (as I do) best suited to a book. B) The NG would also extend their articles into politics; e.g. exotic animal trade / clear-cutting of aged forests by profiteers... 'We spoke about the importance of the land. (DEC. issue on Serengeti including the Masai tribe) "If we lose the land, we lose the culture. Lose the culture, lose the peace, lose the community. Lose the community, lose our way of life. Forever. That explains why, in analogy form, I asked the NG to publish the Franco Alulio Algorithm (FAA) with its extension of Identity Theft typical of 1942 Nazi Germany's Final Solution. They did not reply. In brief the physical universe coincides with the cultural universe and humans are the custodians of the former which requires an efficacious gov't. if we are to realize the conjunction of the two. Currently we do not have that with FAA.

DEC.01 A) Letter to the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council: U.S., Russia, Britain, China, France. The Franco Alulio Algorithm (FAA) marks the end to the civilized world. (SEE MEDIAdec  B) SEE Subheading: MAXINE GHISLAINE PERVERT TRIAL under Dec.  C) Cdn. military looks like Mexican army... all generals and no soldiers. D) The 'fight for food (& water)' the ultimate challenge, is a fact in South & Central America, and will condition all wars no matter where this blight arises. (Napoleon: 'an army marches on its stomach'). E) I am almost ready for China's version of Google. My complaint? Pop-up ads on Microsoft Edge which cover your scroll area hence freezing your page.