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* (July-2021) ... that a large Employer may use the law courts to escape their responsibilities in paying compensation to dismissed employees is of concern.

ed. If the charge is a criminal one (not the case here as I was 'laid off' from my senior teaching position in West Vancouver, B.C. for 'false' declining enrolment figures), there are some circumstances in which the Employer does not have to pay. My problem was that over 50 judges in 9 provinces plus SCofC merely labeled my civil application for compensation under the laws to be 'frivolous & vexatious'.


*Jy2021 Oh wise ass What makes your COMMENTARY so special apart from being a mere private blog?

ed. Let me list the ways: I eliminate trashy Hollywood stories (sports as well due to lack of space); repetition of topics which is used by commercial sites to keep advertising revenue; eliminate obscene observations; review Commentaries on Google's Msn & Reddit selecting material interesting to Canadians; Eliminate trashy Cdn. media headlines plus sloppy reporting (see my Two Versions sub-heading, both written by me illustrating the contrast) - in brief, what is not to love


* Jy2021 Oh wise ass Will you tell us what is in your crystal ball for the upcoming election?

ed. Gladly. The Lieberals will win based on their political wisdom of buying votes with the voters money. The Tories will lose based on their political wisdom of making a reasonable argument to pay down the debt; i.e. lay off civil servants and cancel infrastructure jobs such as building roads and repairing bridges on which union jobs depend. There will be no cuts to M.P. salaries or their lucrative pensions. O'Toole the O'Foole is chided to put his platform in gear by his supporters while the general public questions whether he has any gears in the first place, and if he does, will he strip them trying to get started in the second place in 3rd gear. Singh of the NDon'tParty is so far in debt from the last two elections that he doesn't have a plugged nickel to spare in this election two years in where his Party could be all but obliterated. Identity Theft is the key national issue currently ignored by the media midwits and politicians in terms of the Franco Alulio Algorithm as no country and no individual can function without an Identity...Nazi Germany saw to that with its 'Final Solution' being aped here with Alulio's deprivation of this writer's Identity (as a native born Canadian) through a fake driver license suspension scheme in such fashion that I have no legal existence. In the event that the Lieberals win, Postmedia will all but disappear with midwits losing all credibility considering that no Cdn. politician has ever been pilloried to the extent that Trudeau has. Absolutely no tears on my part on that media demise.... Feel free to add this Placard to your street protests: JUSTICE FOR ROGER CALLOW and remember please, no violence to people.


*Jy2021 Oh wise ass What is this reference to WWIII being made by you and others. Are you serious?

ed. Based on the past, predictions are for ongoing wars . Will they metamorphose into a general all out war called WWIII? If so it will be a war like no other due to our digital universe. For example, a simple relay malfunction a few years back put the entire NE U.S. into a shutdown. Hackers can capitalize on such accidents by interfering with electronics so that a military vehicle whether tank or plane or ship cannot even get out the door. And even if unsuccessful on this level; impairing the fuel supply could do the trick. Extend that feature and one has a mish mash of wars breaking out much like COVID hotspots. Local initiative rather than central control much like medieval castles will rule the day. Have I ever been wrong? Considering that no-one ever accurately predicts the future, I must be wrong. Someone could equally point out how stock manipulations will guide the direction of WWIII and they could very well be right. One thing appears to be a certainty; whatever the shape of the conflict, drones will be a key factor in that war which is a current reality.

*Jy2021 Oh wise ass You admit to losing your legal cases, so why the hell don't you give it all up and stop annoying people.

ed. 'There are those who make things happen, those who have things happen to them, and, finally those who ask 'what happened'?' You have correctly assigned the second position to me and no doubt join the vast majority of Canadians who don't want to be bothered by me (nor anyone for that matter) on matters not apparently involving themselves directly. The initial position is assigned to those who take risks which we all do but people in the third group think that they escape the consequences of others by being 'risk adverse' which of course they are not. All they really do is give up their power to be involved in decision making. Obviously this challenge of the Franco Alulio Algorithm negatively impacting all North American drivers is not your cup of tea.


*Jy2021 Oh wise ass...Do you REALLY expect President Biden and Germany's Angela Merkel to speak out on your behalf??

ed. Like all politicians, they await the publication of such Pulitzer Prize potential articles in a magazine first, and then they are on it like a dirty shirt which may be too late in this case. If you can get such a magazine article on the FA Algorithm published, you could very well be that catalyst. Unfortunately, my warnings of the imposed BILL 35  (B.C. 1985) were not heeded and now the imposed Carbon Tax permits the Old Boy's Club to invert Parliamentary processes and to rule by fiat. The  FA Algorithm is far more serious in which a rogue civil servant may manipulate his department into 'Identity Theft'. Worldwide, human trafficking of labour and prostitution has identity theft as its basis; a term associated with the 'Final Solution' in Nazi Germany. Biden & Merkel are in the same position as various Premiers when I suggested that they fight imposed legislation from 1985 onward. They didn't in SK, MB, nor ON (the originator of the FA Algorithm). Angela Merkel and Biden are passing up the one chance of stopping 'identity theft'; the first case for any modern democracy in which a citizen is deprived of his native country's identity. ...35 year old Ottawa Justice Kirsten Muszynski put paid to Canada's role on April 15-2021 by ignoring that central question. Government becomes obsolete when individual bureaucrats run the show. Canada Day by some indigenous peoples is synonymous with the deaths of thousands of children in residential schools whom lacked identity hence calling for Franco Alulio to face criminal charges for treason is not unreasonable under these circumstances. As to the successful appeal of one individual on a grand scale; think of Ralph Nader's 'Unsafe at any speed' which is analogous to our Institutional Autistic Institutions.

*Jy2021 Oh wise ass Are you an anti-vaxxer? ed. Put it this way. In the summer of 1965 when I circumnavigated the world with a tour group, I got an 'unnecessary' TABT shot in two doses(only cholera was required). The first shot left me with a rosy arm plus overnight sweats in which I felt a giant had reached down into my guts and kept jerking me all night long. (In India, small children were given a single dose...figure that one out.) So why did I get it? Political reasons. If there was an outbreak of, for example, tetanus in the country or area which I was travelling through, everyone gets quarantined with only those such as myself being given permission to leave. Hence, then as now, much depends on your travel plans. At age 80, I no longer travel (except vicariously reading National Geographics to whom I have directed my estate). Also keep in mind that your vaccine takes a few weeks to become operable. (In 1965, the nurse pre-dated my TABT shot by 3 weeks for the purpose). Also keep in mind that COVID is a 'boomer groomer' taking out seniors with regularity. As to vaccines, the Salk single vaccine in the early 1950's stopped polio in its tracks. Today the multitude of COVID vaccines still suggest we haven't got it right plus long term effects are beginning to arise. 'Distancing' & washing hands is still the key protection plus masks help even with the vaccines. I do not understand the reasons for the reduction of COVID to the extent that they have taken place in Canada. On July 1, a photo showed Kingston U students partying in a large group without masks. Some were fined but my point here is that there was no increase in the COVID numbers in Kingston as a consequence. In brief, the experts are 'no experts' on this topic. P.S. Like many in the world, I may have had an unnoticed Covid reaction and built up antibodies. Without testing, who is to know? I may also be asymptomatic.