CHINA-U.S. WAR -An alternative point of view

BY FEB.2021 SEE Sub-heading


1) This account purports to be from the perspective of China's Premier Li; the instigator of any such world war.

2) Due to the massive problems faced by China and the fact that the world is distracted by the COVID outbreak, Xi is making his movement now.

3) Historically, it is common practice to divert attention from internal matters by provoking an external war. By provoking a war with the U.S. in the seas around Taiwan, Xi hopes to galvanize the dissidents to his regime behind Chinese troops re-focusing them on an external threat from internal disruption where coups are plotted.

4) China has a lack of credibility for its currency the renminbi. They refuse any external audit of their books hence costing them any chance in becoming a reserve currency to replace the U.S. dollar. A war would force countries to choose in dealing with China; either accept the renminbi or be cut off from trade with China.

5) Currently Taiwan, the ostensible target of China, has a bigger economy than China which operates with aging machinery in a land where daily revolts by workers seeking their pay are not uncommon. Many foreign companies are moving out to cheaper more efficient markets such as Hewlett-Packard to Vietnam. Factories are empty with unemployment rising. Unemployed workers are returning to their villages where there is no work. Massive projects - roads, airports, built for expansion sit empty. Corruption among local governors is high with Xi having difficulty controlling them such as with their real estate holdings in Hong Kong which they want to protect from some of Xi's policies where the more progressive elements are departing for the U.K. which welcomes them. The richest man in China pulled his wealth a few years back to the Bahamas where he is in a position to support a civil insurrection. The enslaved Uighurs in Western China are a threat if they ever mobilize as every lamp-post would have a Han Chinese hanging from it. Sapping troops from the insurrectionist similar to the Taiwan confrontation would suit Xi's purpose.

6) Of course on his own, Xi is in a defenseless position particularly as a single man (Stalin: no man, no problem). Here is where N. Korea comes in as they have large troops capable to defend Northern China. Hence a explanation on Kim Yung Un  train trips to Beijing.

7) Will Xi succeed? Unlikely although he will purge his ranks of those deemed traitors. Will a succeeding dictator from the South succeed after booting out N. Korean troops in a major civil war? Whatever outcome, China will be left with a major debt with no way of financing it. Hence it all comes down to Xi where the best option is a bad one. The 'silk road' will become a bloodbath on its way to that 'other place'.

8) President Biden will need his best advisors on this one which are the same ones under the previous Presidency.