AUGUST 2021 much for 'honest intentions'....


AUG.31 A) Photo of recent Redblack game in Ottawa showed few spectator masks and no distancing. Earlier a big gathering in Kingston students had no repercussions under similar conditions but the Calgary Stampede led to the expected increase in Covid cases. My message? Don't let down your guard as this plague is a long way from over. B) NEWSLETTER tomorrow to U.S. CEO's ...don't miss it. C) Latter Day hippy, MB Premier Brian Pallister stepping down. If he had given my case 'observer status'; perhaps MB would not be facing an onerous imposed Carbon Tax today. D) Media trying to portray a Lieberal minority gov't. as a loss which it isn't as there will be no further elections for 4 years as the public would revolt plus M.P.'s want that golden pension after 6 years of service. ...a plague of all your election ambitions I say.... Don't Vote. E) Ghislaine Maxwell was supposed to be back in court in Aug. What happened... did plans to have her suicided like Jeffrey run into a glitch? The airline logs 'are the thing in which we will catch the conscience of the king'. Hamlet


AUG.30 A) Lieberals pulling in front. O'Toole & Singh must play FAA Card now. B) Ottawa Covid numbers continue to inch up as the public lets down its guard but not in grocery stores thank goodness. Controls such as 'Passports' (some world fears as to counterfeit copies) are a Provincial Concern but Trudeau pilloried for wanting jabs for Federal workers. Israel claims a good immune system is central to Covid resistance but then we do not test for that factor = why there is resistance to getting 'the jab' which is ineffective against Delta, the predominant strain. Greece is one such objector.C) Hurricane Katrina all over again in New Orleans with hurricane IDA which is stronger? Why do I not see busses for low income people in the evacuation line-up? (some won't go worried about theft) G.W. Bush...move over...Biden's turn.... D) Roles reversed in Afghan? Taliban conducted guerilla war against U.S. until the fall of Kabul. Now the U.S. is 'returning the favour'. Before entry of the U.S., Taliban stopped opium trade which the CIA re-instituted hence U.S. war cost half of what they claim. Once again, the Taliban is banning opium but they are in a financial crunch. One major problem in foreign control is that U.S. seeks to compromise with corrupt govts. While all Imperialistic nations do so; it is a matter of degree and with whom you 'make a deal'. Viet Nam & Afghan are two bad U.S. deals. Roosevelt's deal with Churchill in 1940 was a good deal where corruption in gov't. wasn't a factor in terms of 'buying someone off'. E) Over 70? Your access to the Justice System is mainly limited to your recent signatures; in short, if you have not been signing your name every day, you can expect to be at a disadvantage. I don't know why an Ottawa Justice dropped my $10 million cases against the Ottawa Hospital and the former family Doctor as there was no hearing (changing Canadian Law forever) but my guess is that it relates to 'assumed' cognitive disorder (I just turned 80) to cover up fraud. Even below 70, the Justice System has major problems e.g. Vice Admiral Mark Norman debacle (SEE MEDIA aug) dealt with earlier in this blog as well as the Huawei Meng deportation order judgment due in late October; another major case butchered in the media in this long running soap opera. F) All of which points as to why I don't vote.


AUG.29 A) The media is really turning up the election's like a Saturday night drinking binge ...which will have a gigantic Sunday morning hangover. B) Iranian protester wants money from downed aircraft in Iran. Message from such interests is always... we will settle for money whether its earned or not. I look like a complete loser for failing to join against a class civil action on recalcitrant judges in Edmonton (don't look for this issue in the media because you won't find it) as taxpayers will be bailing out these judges who should have been charged criminally. My stand was based on ethical grounds. Many Defendants buy off these legal suits because the cost of fighting them exceeds the expense plus adverse publicity: e.g. CEO accused of sexual harassment. C) I don't think the Iranian protester above should have got that close to the P.M. for reasons of assassination. What then? Why Deputy Minister Freeland takes over which many Cdns. want as the next P.M.D) Rhetoric building against MSN censors... collapse sooner rather than later?.... E) Imposed COVID 19 Passports? Where have we heard this word 'imposed' before? Oh, yes. (BILL 35 B.C. 1985 which was applied to only this writer but then again FAA applies only to him currently; others to follow.... / Carbon Tax 2019) The Legislature should decide not a Premier. Companies have every right to demand vaccination where employees work in close quarters. As to schools, it would be like herding cats whether or not students are vaccinated. I see people in Ottawa currently letting down their guard with their vaccinations... distancing still the best policy along with maintaining good health. E) Many westerners when they see the plea from Third World countries to 'save their families' think in terms of the 'nuclear family' not the 'extended family' common to those countries. Some day the midwits will eventually define their topic but they are too late in Cda. with Postmedia and the election results on Sept. 20. F) Ed Asner, star of Mary Tyler Moore, dead at age 91 amidst plaudits from everyone who met this gentleman.


AUG.28 A) As in the U.S. election, the popular vote which shows the Tories are neck and neck with the Liberals does not translate into seats which the pollsters show as 145 L. and 126 C. The Election is all but over and Postmedia has lost. The seat allocation comes down to the '905' vote (n. Toronto plus Hamilton) which is the hotspot in the election and where Trudeau is on the defensive. Tory strength in the West does not translate into many seats. Without FAA publication, (faux driver licence suspension scam), the Election is a scam itself under any account = Don't Vote. When the public learn of the duplicity of the politicians - particularly the Opposition Leaders - and media in concealing FAA, a significant national credibility norm will have been broken.B) Closer and closer murders in South Ottawa near the airport (drug & gang related) are on the increase with my neighborhood in South Keys being threatened -daytime as well as night-time becoming more risky. No authority seems on top of this one. C) New Ottawa Police Commissioner appointed without telling us why the previous one was removed from the job = investigative reporting what?? No wonder newspapers aren't selling. (Nor were we told why the Toronto Police Chief suddenly resigned a few months back.)


AUG.27 A) Based on appearances, the 'woke' generation which is not known to vote, would view the leadership race as 'handsome and charismatic' v the Pillsbury Dough Boy' with Singh from some Netflix dark matter story. B) The argument against establishing private medical privileges in addition to gov't. insurance was dealt with years ago and failed on the grounds of insufficient doctors. In short, gov't. wait lists would become even longer.


AUG.26 A) Commentary does not trust Elections Canada with the mail-in vote as seen by U.S. disaster. B) Novelists depend heavily on Publisher researchers. I am beginning to recognize the same expressions arising in myriad espionage novels. C) Michigan judge sanctions pro-Trump lawyers challenging election. Commentary divided. Certainly sounds like my cases without 'disclosure'. We'll see what the electronic challenge (which Canada does not have) to Dominion produces. D) 'Not a shot heard but many fired' as Covid debate heats up on Israel's story where 'jabs' claiming to be vaccines are ineffective against Delta variant. Commentary is becoming more educated on the topic apart from medical advice. E) NP columnist, John Robson, similar to NP's Conrad Black (both midwits plus), believes no-one wishes to reduce gov't. size but that relates to leaders. As mentioned earlier in this blog, I would eliminate M.P.'s; make the Senate & P.M elected direct by public but guess which two columnists don't read my blog? F) In Postmedia v. P.M. battle; Postmedia continues to lose ground according to polls. G) Yakuza (in decline) warlord sentenced to death possibly because Japanese merchants refused to pay protection insurance during Covid with the expected result of 'strongarm deaths'. In Japan, execution date is not declared until the day of the execution with the family notified afterward. There are 3 buttons controlling the trap door with only one active... eliminates collecting the firing squad guns back in to hide the one which did not have a bullet. While the warlord didn't do the killing; his underlings did. While half of cases for capital punishment are dropped, if the case is concluded, over 99% lead to conviction for to do otherwise would be a 'loss of face'. Canada, in contrast, seeks to avoid 'loss of face' by declaring serious charges to be merely frivolous & vexatious explaining why our corrupt and corruptible Justice System goes unscathed in the public mind. H) Havana Syndrome again against Canada in Cuba (low level radio wave 'radiation') after a similar attack in Austria against Canada? Sounds like a personal vendetta.


AUG.25 A) Election Polls (numbers) don't lie but midwits lie about election polls. The recent Global poll by Ipsos focuses on the popular vote as opposed to seat numbers although the article comes clean by saying the 905 vote (N. Toronto & Hamilton) are in flux which is a key indicator as to seats. They also imply that a majority gov't. must be won when the winner could quite adequately survive on a minority gov't. as the public would revolt should a 'vote of confidence' force yet another election (which usually favours the incumbent). Sept. 01 should pretty well define the outcome with Postmedia v. JT as the central challenge. The article still points out that Trudeau is the favoured leader =Postmedia getting desperate. B) It's a game: My assertion of 'O'Toole the O'Foole has Tory Commentary nitwits perverting the saying to 'O'Toole will win over the Fool' ...may the best punster win.... Nice to know that I am being taken seriously. C) Conrad Black should stick to Canadian textbook history (which I taught for many years until the change in the 1970's to 'history as a point of view' and leave Afghanistan as a topic alone. Indeed, with the help of his astute columnist wife, Barbara Amiel, he could win a Pulitzer Prize by writing on the Franco Alulio Algorithm. Indeed, if midwit Kelly Egan had written on this story when he said he would at the beginning in winter 2019, this metastasizing story would have been nipped in the bud. Now not even 'hope' from Pandora's box is left behind now. D) Repetition and trite stories are going to kill MSN & Reddit which I rarely read outside of the Commentary which is fantastic ...and then there is the replacement Commentary of waiting in the wings....


AUG.24 A) I turn the big 8-0 today. My father passed away at age 80 (heavy smoker); my mother at age 85(senile). Anybody wishing to run over me with a bus is welcome as long as it is quick = some child's opportunity at the world's riches in my place. Most humans do not die well. We are kinder to our pets whom we put down when their quality of life is over. I talked to two men who claim that decision was extremely painful putting down their dogs but they did it nonetheless. My late mother's observation..."Oh, how lucky, old Mr. or Mrs. 'so and so' died in their sleep".... At age 80, it is not so much 'if' as 'when' one dies. Long-timers rarely think about it preferring to devote their time to the day's challenges which is my objective. B) Postmedia is beginning to 'eat its young' (midwit Conrad Black typical) in terms of O'Toole as they put all their eggs in one basket going after Trudeau in the biggest attack on a sitting P.M. in Cdn. history. They now see what I see...they are losing and fear a backlash from an outraged public which they produced for the purpose. Trudeau has now stepped out in a campaign style reminiscent of the WE Charity approach in order to gain the woke crowd. No doubt a losing Postmedia will count a minority Liberal gov't. a success for themselves without emphasizing that any new M.P. with 2 years can now collect an additional 4 years for a life-long pension. The public would be outraged if the Opposition pulled another election by 'voting want of confidence'. Unlike the U.S. we do not have electronic voting which has put the U.S. media & Justice System on notice as to 'stuffed ballot boxes' (all countries do it with both the U.S. & Cda. fearing the 'mail-in vote' as a further source of that corruption). Local Ottawa candidate Pierre Poilieve (next Tory leader?) is already upstaging O'Toole with his focus solely on himself in TV ads . C) Commentary highly critical of Cdn. gov't. announcement that Cdn. Special Forces are operating around Kabul (to the full knowledge of the Taliban hence no additional risk to them) = confusing to me. D) ON Optometrists understandably withdraw OHIP services as of Sept. 01 which has not recognized their increasing costs for decades. I had my Sept. date moved up to July and was covered but many old age pensioners are living 'day to day' and are giving up eye and dental care due to costs = increase in senility rates. E) 75 year old midwit, Rex Murphy, continues to pillory Trudeau with much applause from Commentary. If Trudeau wins even a minority, Murphy should be fired. F) Afghan extraction appears to have morphed from 'western intern supporters whose lives are at risk' to any Afghan emigrant. G) 007 latterly ( Daniel Craig richest actor) retires nowadays after the most recent film as one of America's top 2% wealthy. Next step? Why, consult him on the major issues of the day of which he nor his Hollywood ilk have little knowledge. H) Digital Age and face recognition makes everyone a potential enemy of the state... put that one in your pipe and smoke it.... J) Haitian earthquake Haitian leaders awaiting foreign contractors to tell them just how the money is to be spent... happened with the last earthquake until Harper responsible for fund dispersion under Cdn. aegis, pulled the plug.


AUG.23 A) Carbon Tax front and center in election. My take? It is just another tax privatized to the Party in power hence we should get rid of it and raise taxes through Parliament where there is oversight, such as it is. (FAA is the future as a rogue civil servant even displaces imposed taxes ...a plague of all their houses ...don't vote.) B) Stars who turned 90 in 2021 Some age better than others but all develop a turkey neck. At 80, my turkey neck is in its infancy. P.S. My birthday tomorrow!...Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to.... well, somebody had to sing it. On my walks, I tell people my birthday occurs this month to which they say 'many happy returns of the day' to which I reply 'so good of you to remember it.... lolMr. Bean would understand. C) Sept. 01 NEWSLETTER focuses on FAA and the auto Insurance Companies who no doubt do not take me seriously.... D) It was a matter of accepting Afghan 'interpreters for West' but now many Afghans fleeing country which has many, including Putin upset as many Afghans 'stored' in surrounding states. E) Covid cases increasing in ON... not good.


AUG.22A) Postmedia v. Trudeau with Postmedia coming in second (Russian joke), what this election is really about with FAA as the central issue. This trend is unlikely to change. B) Hillside Secondary in West Vancouver (with low ceilings) has been torn down as the young population resides in the west of the community. I left there after 16 years in 1984 to move to the older West Vancouver Secondary building with high ceilings (from where I was 'laid off' in 1985); my topic re COVID where air circulation is all important. (For example grocery stores have high ceilings and good ventilation.) The trade-off for lower ceilings in modern schools which are much cheaper was improved air circulation but not nearly enough to contain Covid hence asking about air circulation in a parent's school selection is all important including the nature of the air filters which were never designed for Covid. (ON has taken these concerns seriously.. hope they work.) C) So Baron Trump's private high school fees are about $40,000 in Palm Springs, 1/10 of his Wash. fees. Of course private school students are dinged the rest of their life for contributions. Hence private schools are really only for the rich. Public monies should not go to them despite the fact that a number of U.S. private schools border on bankruptcy. D) WWIII? The West wishes to disengage China from Russia which explains U.S., Br. & German fleets heading to the China Sea. Currently Xi is over-extended with his Silk and Road Empire & hence is at his most vulnerable; particularly as his military is land based. He also has a number of internal stresses. Watch Japan's reactions as a bellwether in this international struggle. E) Commentary: 'Drugs destroyed America more than any single war that they have been involved in' regarding actress Brett Butler (Grace under fire) who lost a fortune due to her drug problem and is now broke. What surprises me is that at age 63, she is still alive. She was a talented actress. F) Ottawa's LRT was built by Organized Crime (faulty cement & railcars) and is now showing the effects. It reminds me of Russia building new apartment blocks in the 1970's which were crumbling inside of one year according to our geography instructor who travelled there. Our new apartment blocks (Heron Gate) displacing the poor former tenants are well-built but are unaffordable to the poor. G) Commentary: 'You are smart if you believe half the news: you are extremely intelligent if you know which half'. Postmedia...we're coming to getcha.... H) With friends like brainiac Conrad Black who knows his history, for friends, O'Toole the O'Foole, whom Black accuses of taking the Tory Party to the Left (although outdone by Liberals in that regard), should still win despite his deplorable leadership skills according to Black...good luck with that one.... Black is wrong in that no-one has suggested an alternative to our current gov't. structure... I have. The P.M. should be elected at large by the public with the Senate to be elected and the House of Commons to be closed down...but then Black is not attuned to other people's views unless filtered through his own opinions. I would like to take a side-bet with Black as to the election outcome which, one week in, is already decided. Further, a minority win for the Liberals is a 'majority' in the minds of the public as they are not going to permit the Opposition to defeat the gov't. producing yet another election. Further the greedy M.P.'s want the previous 2 years to be added to the next 4 year term so that they can collect a life-time pension. See how columnist Black is wrong? Warren Kinsella (O.S.p.4) talks about the science of election as a reflection that the Lieberals haven't got it right.'s the leadership, stupid and here Black has called the Tory leader stupid. Another interpretation of the Lieberals 'slow activity' in the first week is that they do not want their supporters to become overconfident as many Tory supporters have done.J) Looking through the big end of the telescope at the Kabul humanitarian disaster invites a look through the small telescope end at all the persecuted peoples in the world e.g. Rohingya which no-one took in. Presumably if they had remained in Myanmar and got slaughtered, Western countries would have picked up the pieces left behind. In WWII, nobody was willing to lift a finger for the Jews. That's why it is a heinous crime to remain silent on the Franco Alulio Algorithm.


AUG. 21 A) Heat wave in Ottawa this week ...whew! B) Commentary outraged at IPSO poll showing Trudeau numbers increasing (death knell for Postmedia if this keeps up-no tears here)C) Poor Maxine Bernier, Cda's most intelligent politician (is that saying much?) has to struggle to get a place for his Canada First Party in the Leader's Debate on Sept. 8-9. Unless he is included, I have no intention of watching. He should bring up the topic of FAA which he earlier failed to do.D) backlash growing to increasing murder rate in Ottawa (drug/immigrant connections) as murders now go down in the afternoon. Law courts & police unable to contend with problem. For over a year, night-time in South Keys near the airport where I live has been deteriorating. I stay in. E) Warning: Self-check-outs at such as Walmart can lead to shoplifting charges although in Ottawa the police do not attend merchant shop-lifting complaints... curiouser and curiouser.... F) While on cheating (news item: U.S. naval recruits expelled for cheating): Once while writing a driver's test, the invigilator for a large institution was called out on an emergency. One student grabbed the answer key from his desk and handed it around to all the others as I did not accept it. The instructor forced us all to rewrite the test as the same mistake appeared in all the original tests except mine... but then I belonged to a different generation from the others as well as being a former high school teacher. G) ON Premier Doug and his Slugs give boot to Tory MPP from Caucus for failing to get vaccinated generated much debate on both sides of the question. If he is in close contact with others, most would support this eviction. H) Commentary on Organized Crime in Canada is frightening most of it drug related = 'Just don't do drugs' (former U.S. Pres. Reagan) which failed even in 1980's. J) Read Commentary on 'incel' (male narcissism directed against women) which I was unfamiliar as a topic - yikes! K) Could those Everly Brothers ever harmonize! Phil died many years ago with Don dying today at age 84 (mother is 102). Photo is of Phil on MSN.


AUG.20 A) Not very flattering Comment re VP Harris visit to SE Asia ...Have a bowl of wanton stupid while she is there.... as she seeks to escape Biden blowback on Afghan. B) More unkind remarks...O'Toole and his baby face have about as much charisma as a toaster ovenC) Don't forget, the sub rose issue in this election is Postmedia v. Trudeau with only one winner.... so far Trudeau is not losing; indeed polls show the Liberals rising.... The Opposition better pull out the FAA issue which is the central one in the election with its extender of 'Identity Theft', before it is too late. D) Will Covid variants become the new biological war weapon? e.g. conceal in tear gas. Sporadic total lockdowns in world create a new economic era yet to be negatively defined. E) How does a country operate its gov't. without money? Those with an answer should tell the Taliban. E) Covid Merry go-round: 90 year old patient catches COVID while in Hospital on another matter. Hospital (probably realizing that he tests positive) sends him to Recovery Centre unattached to Hospital. Recovery Center sends him back to Hospital and is soon returned to Recovery Center and then once again back to the hospital where he dies. Now for the political ramifications: If the patient died in the Recovery Centre; the hospital death figures do not show it = 'people get well going to a hospital'. Now you have some idea why Doctors and Nurses avoid hospitals like the plague...they know too much. All Hail a Doctor's 'bedside manner'.


AUG.19 A) 'I don't mean it unkindly, dear, but you do think differently from other people' (estranged wife who made this statement to me a number of years ago). Recently three former West Vancouver teaching colleagues passed away (oh, what the hell - died) who were a decade older than I am (90's). The obituaries, which I must not look to have as I am estranged from my family due to my own wishes, are full of well-earned accolades although - as with all obituaries - minus the warts. My 'warts' are engrained publicly starting with my illicit boot as a senior teacher in 1985 from the West Vancouver School District (a first in the history of Cdn. teachers) in a legal case I concluded in 2020 simply for the reason that over 50 judges would not provide me with any compensation ('frivolous & vexatious request') thus changing radically Cdn. labour law and therefore all Justice. And that injustice has been compounded by the Franco Alulio Algorithm, a 2019threat not only negatively affecting all N. American Drivers, but the civilized world with its extension of Identity Theft consistent with Nazi Germany's 'Final Solution'. I address that 'clear and present danger' in my Sept. 01-2021 NEWSLETTER.B) As to personal reflections on individuals who died, I devote a walk in their memory as I am a daily walker. More important than funerals for me is my late mother's wise observation: After I'm gone, you need not think of me, but if you do, try to think of me with kindness' which I do. She also added: 'How lucky, old Mr. or Mrs. so and so died in their sleep'. There was no-one in B.C. to provide for a formal burial for both my parents which is a common occurrence when one lives too long. Further, I take this time to remember all those people in the world who die alone without any recognition of their passing such as an obituary; they were people too with dreams and aspirations as well at one time. Yup, my wife was right, I do think differently from others. Too bad she didn't realize that fact until it was too late. Coming up ...Is it too late for Allstate Auto Insurance, my auto insurer? Stay tuned with an answer on Sept. 01.


AUG.18 auxiliary A) Quid pro quo? U.S. deserted Bagram Air Force base 'without telling anyone' which led to the release of 600 Taliban prisoners who other Taliban supplied with weapons in a bloodless coup. The trade-off? The Taliban would permit westerners to depart Afghan. President Biden, the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military, was obviously not aware of the deal explaining why this will be his legacy as President. the Afghans have to find a market for all that heroin they are producing ...Russian mafia, where are the U.S.? B) Some confusion in the West as to who constitutes the Taliban. Answer - all Afghans. Now for the factions. The current rulers are from the Pakistan branch of the Taliban where the countryside consists of 25 year old Muslims vs a gov't. under close control by the U.S. due to nuclear capabilities. Other Taliban factions are not allied with the Kabul leadership hence corralling them all is a little like herding cats. What Kabul needs, and is not getting, is access to world trade; a position not unlike Venezuela trying to survive on the illicit drug trade. C) Blackmail: Happens all the time with legal chill. For example, the West Van School Board was hiring staff in 1985 and yet laid me off for declining enrolment while their statistics showed an increase. They did not expect me to challenge the lay-off as it was done under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) where the Union would not be involved hence leaving me with the legal costs which I could not afford. Due to widespread publicity (BILL 35 is the cause of all Teachers-Union call); the Union felt obliged to cover my substantial legal costs for a perverted arbitration which was later over-turned by the courts ruling the arbitrator to be patently unreasonable with a recommendation that the Board return my job. Nothing ever happened due to the chicanery of over 50 judges across Canada who ruled my bid for compensation to be 'frivolous & vexatious'. That's how Canada's Justice System collapsed in this unresolved legal matter. In other cases, such as the current Maj. General Dany Fortin case who has been arrested for an alleged sexual assault from decades ago leaves him in much the samefinancial predicament plus mere accusations today are sufficient to cost a person his career. One commentary related this case to a scam being pulled by a local Tory candidate in order to embarrass the Liberals. D) This blog is complete with many legal scams pointing to the opinion that our courts of law are a corrupt and corruptible institution.


AUG. 18 A) The Federal Opposition are positively salivating at the mouth with the win of the Tories in N.S., the first province to overturn an incumbent. The Libs. were in a minority gov't under a new inexperienced leader who was personally compromised. By stealing a leftist program of providing more social support, the Tories won a majority gov't. in a province without a change for a long, long, time. There is no transference to Federal politics other than the Party name. B) Huawei's Meng lawyers conclude arguments in this preposterous court case with a Decision expected in two months by Heather Holmes j. If they find her innocent - as she most clearly is and it did not take 250 days plus for that finding - and she is released, then Canada loses all leverage in freeing the 2 Michaels. In brief, Canada's Justice System is on trial which I have already declared defunct; particularly due to the FFA matter which is the lead sleeper story in the Federal election as it promises to rewrite what gov't. is all about in Canada. C) I have replaced columnists Chris Selley & John Ivison of the National Post with Conrad Black for my list of 7 Cdn. columnists mailout as he is a much stronger individual. D) 'Mail in ballots' for Federal Election smacks too much of U.S. chicanery, claims Commentary. I Stalin's words, the winner is the one who counts the votes as happened in 5 U.S. States in the last U.S. Election.E)China's Xi is concerned about how the masses - similar to the rest of the world - are falling behind, and is seeking co-operation from such as the hi-tech area in leveling the field. Anywhere else but China and I would say 'good luck with that one'. F) Cda. should send Franco Alulio to Afghan. to show what Sharia Law could really accomplish.... G) 'Free Speech' accusations against gov't. caught up in similar accusations against press = public giving up. H) 'Month long GST holiday' by O'Toole the O'Foole castigated by Commentary in this sad bid to buy votes labeled a 'fluff piece'. Then what? A winning Tory Party would collect the GST Fees with a vengeance? The Tories are hardly out of the starting gates and already their horse has fatefully stumbled leaving them 'flogging a dead horse'. I personally believe that O'Toole would be happier as Leader of the Opposition as he does not have 'the bit' in his teeth. He was probably a good sentry in his 12 year military career with no 'general' potential.J) Commentary on Covid vaccination supports my contention... that it is a flu shot; not a vaccine requiring additional shots harmful to one's long standing health and of limited value in the short term... but then, what else can we do under the circumstances? No easy answers but distancing is all-important. K) I have never personally liked Councilor Jean Cloutier (I liked his wife from exercise class days as a classmate) of my old neighborhood in Alta Vista; a Mayor Jim Watson man who would not have been re-elected if it had not been for a split vote by his Opposition. As usual, the protesting low income tenants are being squeezed out of their former Heron Gate development without adequate compensation (a world-wide story in which crumbling infrastructure is replaced with expensive high rises thus improving city tax haul.) L) While this writer suffers the effects of personal ID Theft through a fake driver license suspension, the Taliban in Afghan. is suffering the national effects of ID theft which the public would support as most countries refuse to recognize their control. The public do not know about my personal story; that's the difference and yet my story is of national importance.


AUG. 17A) The public should harass the M.P.'s to speak out on the Franco Alulio Algorithm with its far reaching ramifications ...'no fly list'? Just asking but you should ask as media and political parties boycott me. B) GG Marie Simon is getting a 'free ride' as it was her responsibility to say 'no' to an election. C) The legal billable time Huawei Meng case is a soap opera without ending as now two more months for a Decision has been tacked on...only the lawyers are winning with the media failing to say 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH'. The public is getting restless with this gong show. D) 'Figures don't lie but people lie about figures' battle regarding COVID continues. The role of anyone with a good immune system mainly escapes this analysis i.e. we don't go to the Doctor when we are well except for yearly check-ups which sometimes reveal something missed. Will we ever hear an injection site telling don't need the vaccination if you are self-isolating which few like myself with a good immune system have? Of course, hubris being what it is, I could be run over by a bus on the way to such a clinic. Bottom Line? the vaccines still are a long way from getting it right. Thailand's nasal spray may be the way to go. Good ventilation which most commercial outlets have is many people per sq. foot. E) Good article by NP's Terry Glavin 'we set them up for failure' theme which President Biden accelerated in dropping Afghan. like a hot potato ...all that is left is the panic.... This will be his legacy. What if Roosevelt told Churchill to make a deal with Hitler? F) Polls just out show 'Postmedia v PM' (what the election is really about) with PM in lead.... G) To attract media attention, declare your personal opinion as 'a study'. H) How soon do we have to wait for this title in the western media? ...'Managing the peace in Afghan.' 24 hours? Russia has already started ...just asking.... J) Syphilis Cases 'sky-rocketing in AB' ...and all over N. America which is not stated in the article creating 'accidental moms with babies having congenital syphilis' being one outcome. Problem is that one could have this disease for 50 years and not know it. Fortunately, we have many drugs to control it. In the 1940's, penicillin was the first effective drug but all diseases mutate over time and more powerful drugs are required = health risk but that is the world we live in.



AUG. 16 A) 'D Day plus 1' In the 1984 P.M. televised leadership challenge between Turner and Mulroney; the latter delivered a 'knock-out blow' in answer to Turner's 'I had no choice' (as to political appts.) with 'Yes, you did, you could have said 'no' sir'. Similarly, GG Simon, had a choice in whether or not to grant this election for non-constitutional as well as flimsy reasons. She could have said 'no' but where is the opposition to her failure from O'Toole, Singh, and the media? MIA. She is at fault and no-one else for granting this election at this time. She symbolizes the hopeless miasma that not only her Office but all Canada's institutions have fallen into for which she is now the symbol. I don't vote and for increasingly good reasons. You? B) Should O'Toole win for the Tories, he still has the Franco Alulio Algorithm to deal with. Far better for him to deal with the matter as an election issue. If he loses, that will be two strikes against him if he does not speak up on FAAC) Dry run on Sunday with my election Placards such as: Pierre, Just watch me / Justin, Just photograph me.

POGO I Have Seen the Enemy / and he is POSTMEDIA. (If Justin wins, Postmedia loses everything considering that no politician has been pilloried more than Justin Trudeau by the media). D) Why do all first-time MP's approve of this election? With their first two years added to the next four years if re-elected, they collect a rich life-time salary....more reason NOT to vote. E) Universal rejection on Commentary for gov't. plan to poison ON lake to get rid of one species. Many good observations on what could be done = another hopeless gov't Institution.... Franco Alulio or his kin must have set this one up F) Amateur sports refs quitting in droves as parents use professional standards to castigate volunteer coaches. Snowflake kids staying home with Netflix in any event. I never see amateur sports on fields in the area I walk in Ottawa...the fields are empty. F) Fall of Kabul = giant yard sale on U.S. military equipment. Reminds me of the fall of Singapore in 1941 to the Japanese when all the big guns were pointed out to sea with the Japanese coming in the backdoor by cycling down Malaya. The late arriving Aussies were not told to destroy their equipment which permitted the Japanese one year's worth of extended warfare. The biggest problem? 'Remittance men' were sent by Br. to lead SE Asia. ANZAC Day, however, is celebrated instead each year with a parallel disaster at Gallipoli in 1915. I was on the Sydney to Vancouver cruise ship during the recognition in 2012. I went to one 'sanitized' meeting by a former Brigadier General...I didn't attend any further such meetings. The Story of Danny Dunn by world famous author, Bryce Courtenay, gives insight into these Pacific matters as well as the Women'sMuseum in Melbourne which I visited for 2 hours. I used to talk to 'select veterans' on the QT (civilians should not do so in general as many veterans suffer PTSD) about battle experiences such as the Korean War in 1951. Wilbur Smith & his co-authors relate similar experiences for Africa and Europe.



AUG.15 A) SEE MEDIA Aug. for mail-out: CANADIAN SUMMER ELECTION to be declared today. B) Reddit, no doubt terrified of Google fines in Europe, is redefining their terms of service for Europe ...nothing said about N. American abuse. Read their proscriptions and you will see their headlines abuse their code 90% of the time. It is the COMMENTARY for both MSN (Google) and Reddit which keeps these sites alive. C) Standard pre-election preparation is to clear up controversial issues such as the FAA which didn't happen meaning that the Lieberals do not fear an exposť of the Franco Alulio Algorithm (which is the central election issue) by O'Toole, Singh or the media. C) One issue which is being cleared out is the Huawei Meng Case in Vancouver next week. If the court releases her from deportation, Canada loses all leverage to have China extradite the 2 Michaels. If they order her deportation, Biden is in a position to negotiate a trade, that is, if he does not wish to start WWIII. Canada and its Justice System are the real losers in this 'Feebie tail wags Cdn. judicial dog story' but I have already shown that the Cdn. Justice System is moribund. D) Unless O'Toole and Singh publicize the FAA as a key election issue, DON'T VOTE! Surely your driver's license is important to you.... The proper course for these two worthies is to sue the GG on behalf of the population for this needless election e.g. tie the matter up in court for 2 years. E) Another major earthquake with a heavy cost in deaths in Haiti. Hopefully, a similar mistake to the last one will not be made where Canada leading the recovery under former PM Harper, pulled the aid money as it was being ripped off by their leaders in league with contractors. F) The key to the Cdn. election is whether Canada's most pilloried P.M. by the media will win. If Postmedia lose this one, their credibility is down the toilet in any major issue. Their silence on FAA is unconscionable. F) $60 million in assets is ultimately going to get the troubled Britney Spears murdered as exploiters seek her fortune; that is, if it is not stolen first. Her new 'slimmed down' appearance is reflective of a psychological deterioration. G) New Mexico school

death...Commentary: In God lies our trust; all others use Smith & Wesson. Many blame a steady diet of video games. H) Trump is not Hitler Commentary: Of course not, but many other leaders in the world are...all that is missing is the moustache....J) Whoopee, I'm in the limelight Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory whom has lost her 'cutsie looks') in yet another publicity stunt offers to buy horse 'punched' at Olympics... flies probably have as much effect as this so-called 'punch'. P.S. when saddling up, one punches the belly in order to tighten the girth. K) Electric Cars? Not enough lithium in the universe for batteries which are known to catch on fire as they age so don't store electric cars in garages L) Singh & wife announcing that they are going to have a baby...still will not get more votes...he should borrow Jack Layton's (d) 'cane' for that to happen.... M) Last minute report: 'The sky is falling' or rather Kabul is in the throes of defeat. Saigon 1975 all over again. 'Welcome back' Sharia Law; the neo Nazi's would love you....


AUG.14 A) In World Mythologies, which I am currently reading, male gods are usually noted for their capabilities while female gods are selected for them based on their cinderella appearances. It's a man's world. In the medieval world, decomposing corpses when dug up were misunderstood as their mouths were filled with blood from congested intestines, all of which led them to be called vampires. For advertisers today, change is a'coming and I support it: tsk tsk...a woman with brains! P.S. At age 80 of good health, both mental and physical, I am looking for a female pen pal in Ottawa...send me an e-mail. You must be a reader. I have never objected to working for women or anyone else as long as they were equal opportunity connection for which even my estranged wife would vouch. B) Question: If Britney Spears was homely looking, would she be getting any publicity in her estate battle? Surely she is not the only one in this situation. C) O'Toole the O'Foole wants to know the details of a firing in Winnipeg of two Chinese scientists but apparently does NOT want to know about the threat posed by the Franco Alulio Algorithm negatively impacting the driving public in Ontario and beyond. Now that the election is to be called tomorrow, O'Toole and Singh of the NoDon'tParty have a couple of days to promulgate this threat to all western democracies... don't hold your breath.... Both should sue the Speaker if the GG does not act constitutionally in granting the election writ. D) Time to end the Olympics (once again) due to doping. Some athletes store urine for a couple of years in order to pervert testing in a widespread problem.


AUG.13A) My lone voice calling out the Meng Trial Decision due next week in Vancouver as a political disaster now has a chorus of support from the Commentators... now if only that selfsame choir could call out an even bigger world disaster emanating from Canada: the Franco Alulio Algorithm.B) The usual 20-20 hindsight about ever entering the Afghan war. Simply put, nobody knows the outcomes of any war as they must include 'managing the peace'. Until that happens, the losers are left licking their wounds. Germany came close to winning WWII but no-one factored in one person-Winston Churchill and British geography and weather. So who benefits in the end? The munitions makers. V.P. Dick Cheney for Halliburton proved that much in 'a war of mass destruction'. All the public can do is hope that the politicians make the best decision; e.g. The War Measures Act of 1970 in QC. Are we headed toward WWlll? Probably, but the real question in this digital age is how that will be fought with such as drones replacing fighter aircraft if it is a physical battle... compromising the trading indexes if it is a financial battle. C) 'absolutely unacceptable and unjust' The PM on treatment of Roger Callow vis a vis FAA? Nope, rather only the publicized Meng trial victim in China. Oh well, the latter FAA is to be the unofficial theme in the coming Federal Election. D) Admiral MacDonald found 'not guilty' has been placed on 'administrative leave' (with salary) rather than having his post returned to him has met with a blast from Commentary. I have been 'on leave for 45 years (without salary)' after winning my case against an illicit firing where fraud was shown in arbitration and not a peep from the media hence Commentary silent... go figure.... E) 'happy to know the Ottawa police figured it out' regarding stolen luxury vehicles being heisted by organized crime to 'end up in export containers'. My point in this faux article? At least this time the Ottawa police are not asking for public information to cover the fact that the RCMP unofficial motto 'we always get our man' is altered to 'we don't even know whether it is a man, woman or transgender, hence we must wait for an expert opinion before we act.' F) Election Call to come Sunday? ...a little like choosing the best chef while the kitchen is on fire. I say get out of the kitchen by NOT voting unless Opposition leaders expose FFA. G) 'Skank' Britney Spears wins conservatory control away from father (after 13 years and yet it is still 'a process' according to father!) ...who will exploit her now?... the lawyers? her so-called 'friends'; her sponsor? (porn hub - does anyone know where her mouth has been other than publicity shots? Oh, well, live sex on TVis next.... At age 40, Britney is joining the 'wrinkly rabbits' brigade so she will miss it.) H) Interesting that OC Transpo is inspecting some double decker busses for steering problems just as a court Decision is looming on the deadly crash two years ago. Watch this column for that outcome. J) Kabul is the key to Afghan war as China will only recognize Taliban after its fall. In WWll, the Russians fell back to Stalingrad over-extending the German advance leading to the defeat of the latter. No fun for those sacrificed to the Germans but it worked. Plus, what is the Taliban going to do with a city without work if they seize it yet prepared to buy food from the countryside? Send them into the countryside or slaughter them similar to Cambodia in the 1970's? Too many intangibles at this point. Major factor is that Afghan is a compendium of distinct entities; not a nation state in western sense.


AUG.12A) Admiral MacDonald planning to return to top military post after winning his trial. Good luck with that one if my 1985 case is any example. What he hopes for is a rich buy-out; something I never got due to judicial corruption although compensation was a legal obligation. It is how the Justice System collapsed under 50 judges across Canada. B) So Vancouver Justice Heather Holmes is asking the question today of the Prosecution in the Meng Case which should have been asked 2-1/2 years ago in this political trial.... In 2014 in the controversial 'Water Wars' she was a major player=highly experience political judge. C) There seems little question that the family of Porn Hubs most prominent actor is leaching on Britney Spears earnings. Surely the court can assign a court administrative operation over her if they have some concerns as to her sanity.


AUG.11 A) 'Oh, don't bother trying to sell that saw filer your industrial product', one employee of a sawmill told me in the early 1960's, the trip to Hawaii for his whole family to attend a so-called 'convention' was paid by a Big Saw Company'. That was the only such graft I encountered although it was known among larger entities in different forms. For example, how many legal conventions have the bill for hotel accommodation and food picked up by 'sponsors' such as SNC Lavalin, an international engineering/construction firm? And look at the quality of some of their work e.g. Ottawa's trouble plagued LRT where the inspectors Reports were ignored. Further, many people in N. America do not realize that their Medical Doctor's foreign holiday to attend 'conventions' is being paid for by Big Pharma explaining, in part, higher prices. Bankrupted Purdue Pharmacy in the 1990's peddled 'hillbilly heroin' to medical doctors who made big bucks and 'free holidays' by pedaling this addictive drug. Today the family has been ostracized - social clubs dropped their membership, such as Harvard returning their donations, etc. My point? Where was the outcry by individual doctors against what they knowingly did; namely, created a world of addicts while they filled their pockets? MIA. No wonder their suicide rate is twice that of the general public. While 'midwit' columnists don't get such perks, there are other inducements to keep their jobs explaining why the heinous Nazi-like Franco Alulio Algorithm is being concealed from the public. B) The Huawei Meng Wazhou legal Decision is coming up in Vancouver and the Chinese are already planning a blowback as they have no doubt already tapped into the Decision. Will Biden, Merkel, and the British sending fleets to the South China Seas resolve this question quietly or, alternatively, use it to promote WWIII? Bottom line? Few Commentaries on MSN or Reddit buy into 'Corporate America' any longer as 'making America great again' is a misnomer for U.S. Corporate profits enriching the top 2% with little trickling down to the public. Few trust to the Justice System. COVID is exacerbating these inequalities. In the past, warfare was an excuse to hide abuses e.g. Falklands war between Br. and Argentina in the 1970's. Have I ever been wrong? Of course, but the question to be asked is whether any media has ever been right? It is the error of omission leading to the error of commission; an age-old story. In Canada, the Federal election is between the media and the most pilloried PM in history; Justin Trudeau. There can only be one winner. Currently, the media is losing. What is the real reason Justin left his teaching job at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver? Are court documents sealed on that story? Only Justice Canada knows for sure.


AUG. 11 A) So finally, China has linked the 2 Michaels with one passing information to the other; a piece of information kept out of Cdn. media accounts. Spavor has been sentenced to 11 years but hopes a deal may be made. One Commentary is that China does not arrest spies they know about as they will be replaced with spies that they do not know about. Cdn. Schellenberg being committed to death is China's 'ace-in-the-hole' on this one. B) The Meng trial has been misconstrued as well by the Cdn. media. 'May a travelling CEO be kidnapped in making a whistlestop in a third country' is of importance to all those CEO's afflicted which is all of them: e.g. Bill Gates. Hence Meng is fighting for this group. The court hearings in Vancouver are 'a ball of wax' as I have repeatedly claimed. C) In 1962, the S. Vietnam President pleaded futilely with Kennedy NOT to send in U.S. troops; rather give us the weapons and we will fight the Viet Cong. The U.S. after the Russian debacle in Afghanistan, did not get that message and their departure is a lesson to future U.S. allies regarding the value of U.S. military support. What these wars do is to train U.S. troops for combat. D) Siberia wildfires with smoke extending to the N. pole for a first time (never put out) are now bigger than the total of the other world wildfires releasing methane gas as the permafrost melts = climatic disaster of the first order.


AUG.10 A) Never trust to the word of a 'promoter' novelist as they are all in the hands of the Publishers. For example, brand name writers put their authentication to other poor novelists which they have probably never read at the behest of the publisher. B) M.P. Pierre Poilievre appears to be the de facto Tory leader with his TV attack ads on Trudeau. He may have been involved in creating the Dany Fortin debacle. C) Prince Andrew sued by Epstein accuser...Commentary: 'Watch out for Queen mom and don't drive through tunnels.' for Bill Clinton.... It is clear from Commentary that no-one believes justice will be served in a court of law on this issue. D) COVID vaccinations getting attention as to the 'spike proteins' (mrna) as the debate rages as to what the vaccinations do complicated by a mutating disease. Where is the pill form minus the mrna spike protein? Would it work? Currently, heart problems are developing in those who got vaccinated. I am sure another 'expert' could take my arguments apart but they reflect public confusion in general. At any rate, these vaccines may very well act like smoking... knocking 10 years off your life. It was in the second phase of 1919 that most of the children died. P.S. Lambda version not covered by current vaccines. E) some humour? Two men killed by train mourning a brother previously killed on the track Commentary: 'I guess they thought the train had passed because they saw the tracks' lol The Darwin Award was also assigned to these two. F) Snap Election? Opposition should parallel Liberals suing the Speaker by suing the GG if she permits an election thus stalling the matter 'before the court' for 2 years. If she does not act constitutionally, a call should be made for her dismissal. G) faux film promotion... send your two stars (Kaley Cuoco with an aging face plus male) to theme park to compete over ride choice... MSN bought into this publicity stunt... move over tabloids. ...or you can just protest against a 'sex scene' to do the same thing. It all explains why I got 'fired' in 1985 for insights of this type.... H) To be sure. the PM and Biden in their recent telephone call (with the Chinese surreptitiously listening in) discussed the pre-ordained Huawei Meng verdict yet to be bestowed. My guess is that Biden is going to kick Canada beneath the bus leading to killings in China and 'accidental' killings in Canada.


AUG.09 A) 2-page letter to Allstate CEO Tom Wilson as the Franco Alulio Algorithm continues to take its toll. SEE 2021 AUGUST media this date. B) Worldwide Reports that Pfizer vaccine are leading to heart ramifications. Obviously, the vaccine makers do not have it right... C) How nice to see friends of Olympic Gold Medal winners provide a warm re-welcoming. I notice one such reception in Lion's Bay, B.C. for a Gold winner although I would like to think all participants would get a warm reception back home. Some confusion about Andrew de Grassi taking 'bended knee' after finish line in winning a 'gold' but most Commentators do not attach political significance to action considering his finger is pointed up. D) The age-old salary battle emerges with a CEO doubling his minimum wage to $70,000 ...but contracting out such as his lawn care. The central problem remains that since the 1980's, salaries have not kept up with inflation despite all the 'clever schemes' to get rich = the system itself is unsustainable despite gov't 'baubles'.... E) Auto 'delivery fee' ($800) blasted by Commentary as it is added on after invoice completed. What if that stunt was pulled on all products? Don't expect midwit columnists to complain. F) I was forced to fill out the 'long form' Census with an official coming to my door for the purpose after I ignored the mail-in version. To avoid being pulled up before a judge, I did what all people do to these 'commercial profiling' Reports... what? You have to ask what I did? Shame on you. G) Florida's Governor De Santis appears to be AB's Jason Kenney in the COVID anti-vaxxer movement. Where people congregate; I say get the shot despite the long term after-effects. H)America in decline (National Post) an interesting article although I disagree with the U.S. ballot box stuffing aspect. The 'woke generation' for the past 25 yrs. is exacerbating this downward slide although most readers consider them responsible for the trend.J) I don't understand... why are vacationers still taking flights during COVID? Surely they can stay home.


AUG. 08A) 'Sleepy Joe' becoming 'Dementia Joe' according to Commentary... and 'King Canute V.P. Harris' is no substitute, in my opinion, nor is the Florida Republican Governor seeking to become President. B) It would seem that the anti-Israel interests would seek to capitalize on their earlier world support against former Netanyahu provocation with renewed attacks...not happening.


AUG.07 A) Huawei's Meng trial heads for finish line. Canadian Commentary input balances their comment with incarceration of '2 Michaels'. U.S. sourced arguments are termed as sleaze. One commentary is that she should just walk into the Chinese embassy. My point is that with the change of U.S. Presidency, the Order to deport died as Biden did not renew it. I see people dying as a consequence of Heather Holmes j. Decision in her bid to maintain a fictitious ethical front in a hopelessly compromised Justice System (lack of disclosure)...I led the 35 year battle on that one. B) Justice in Hong Kong??? Former SCofC Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin universally blasted on commentary for staying on HK bench but failing to criticize China's abuses. The 'not very bright lady' has one Commentary wondering about her track record as a judge as the longest serving Chief Justice. I can answer that in one word: abysmal but the incumbent, Robert Wagner, is just as bad. No wonder Franco Alulio believes that he can do as he pleases apart from gov't. oversight. The Ottawa Courts (over which I have called for a trusteeship) refuse to give me a docket time in my filed case against him. Letter to Allstate CEO Tom Wilson (2021 MEDIA Aug. 09) pinpoints the ramifications of this 'Final Solution' which destroys Canada as a nation with its Identity Theft attached to a bogus driver license suspension. C) The U.S. is plowing ahead on voter fraud in Wisconsin & Arizona, an issue which promises to derail the Democrats in future elections. The Dems have changed their position so many times that they look like a yo-yo string.D) Rumours are that Hunter Biden living in the Ukraine is a drug addict. If so, he is vulnerable to assassination by all sides. E) A turning point? Women accusing men of sexual assault were ignored at one time. Now the trick is for some women to blackmail a rich male otherwise she lays an assault charge possibly dating back many, many years. Either way, it is not my world. F) Russia's COVID rate double the U.S. is leading to an implosion of the country as no Russian knows who to believe... that's the way Canada is heading.... Much the same thing with some Indigenous attacks on Church & gov't. to extort funding.


AUG.05 A) Two points: Racism is a terrible thing to think that one's privileges are related mainly to the colour of one's skin. Secondly, we live by myths which were undermined by the Industrial Revolution forcing new ways of living; introduction of underground mining, steam ships, electricity, telephone, city development, etc. Current woke thinking appears to emphasize racism to many actions not inherently racist; namely, the indigenous schools. Early Catholic priests told their myths to the locals e.g. Garden of Eden for which the Indigenous peoples politely listened only to counter with their myths about the creation of the universe which the priests considered ignorance and sought to 'convert' them; largely unsuccessfully. Both cultures were vulnerable to industrialization which put practical inventions in a position to make these myths redundant. Hence 'eliminating the Indian from his culture' was much the same as for 'eliminating the church from the effects of the Industrial Revolution'. For example with the old ways of hunting gone, these schools sought to create new ways of life such as mechanics for Inuit. Of course in that process, their culture was undermined. One could say the same thing for the Internet today for all of us. One MB Priest was highly criticized for claiming some indigenous groups and their legal counsel were exploiting the situation against the Church for money. I see his point. I was invited to join a civil class action suit against a number of named judges. I declined on the grounds asking why the taxpayers should bail out these judges if they are found guilty. To many people, that ethical stand is the height of foolishness. In short, I believed that they should be tried criminally but such as SUN Edmonton writer, Lorne Gunter, would be part of this cover-up. In terms of the work force; people go where there are jobs. The indigenous peoples want the jobs to come to their isolated reserves. That may be possible with the digital revolution. NP columnist, Conrad Black wrote a column from both points of view but that is not the case with most 'midwits'.


AUG.04A) Federal Court Justice Stratus on Appeal overturns lower court Decision ruling a drug vastly increased in cost should be rescinded (excessive does not mean unreasonable... oh yes it does in the public mind) Commentary calls out Stratus for being in the hands of 'big pharma'. Me? Anything to do with the Federal Court is at question. B) People's Party of Canada leader Bernier won't get COVID shot. What the shot does is to enhance your immune system with Bernier claiming he already has a good immune system (like me). Perhaps when the vaccine comes out in pill form he will get one as the needle has unpleasant future effects with the lymph nodes where msrn accumulates. Of course he must maintain distancing and masking under these circumstances where he is meeting others. No doubt he enhances his immunity with zinc, D3 drops, ginger pills, vitamin supplements, exercise. He is not loved by the media which is as good a reason as any for my respect of Canada's top politician. C) 'narco-sub' seized...Commentary: We should buy it to replace the submarine crap we bought from Britain. D) Beijing's move to control private industry is a two-edged sword: the West accuse them of dictatorship while Beijing is concerned about free-wheeling enterprise using China assets. E) Liberals maintain poll lead has produced a whirlwind of comments on both sides. Not a problem for me as I don't vote any longer.... What is more important is the seat distribution which does not favour the Tories.F) Ottawa Police Chief P. Sloly's action against a Life Magazine article condemning his leadership brought this Commentary: Probably the most corrupt police force in Canada. While I have personal as well as general complaints against him; I would still submit Ottawa is eclipsed by Toronto where Sloly originated and where their black Police Chief suddenly resigned without prospects. The appointment of both chiefs appears to have been as a sop to 'Black Lives Matter'. In Ottawa's case, more proficient candidates were available...blame Mayor Watson & Councilor Diane Deans who heads up the Police Board. (N.B. The previous Caucasian police chief was also a 'bad penny' which appears part of this article.) Sloly's suit is equivalent to the Liberals suing the Speaker in order to keep matters out of the press. G) Franco Alulio ON Deputy Minister of Transport - Medical could very well have borrowed his psychiatric label from a Hawaii case where a man was improperly incarcerated in a psychiatric institution for 2 years. 'improperly' on grounds of wrong fingerprints. I say balderdash, the authorities were out to punish this individual and no-one said 'boo'. That is why the Franco Alulio Algorithm is THE election issue for any country or individual without an identity smacks of the 'Final Solution' of Nazi Germany. The Cdn. media are maintaining silence on this national issue = anarchy. In short, no individual in Cda. should visit a psychiatrist; see a psychologist if necessary. P.S. I have never seen nor been ordered to see a psychiatrist despite efforts of Ottawa Hospital's young highly duplicitous psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Chan who I accuse of trying to cover for the authorities by 'reverse engineering' accusations made by Franco Alulio. Cda. is no longer a safe place for individuals standing up to the authorities.


AUG.03 A) 'Two I'Q's which could not hit double digits even if you used the multiplication tables' and other nasty, nasty comments 'before Trudeau steps down' regarding JT-Biden phone call. My discussion item would be how the upcoming Meng Wazhou Decision plays out which has the two Michaels standing on the gallows with a rope around their neck under punishment for espionage due to their two respective trials. Will Biden push the envelope and, in one sense, kick the two through the trap door by seeking to use them for political coin? Remember, with Trump's removal, this Order died on the U.S. books. B) The flim flam of the politicians and their cohorts gives a new dimension to my appeal: DON'T VOTE as one's vote is a vote for corruption. C) Beverly McLachlin former SCofC Chief Justice signs on for another term of Hong Kong foreign judge section while two other foreign judges resign in protest. Commentary critical. In my cases, she was highly partisan apart from her Liberal ties with the Canadian Justice System dying on her watch... and that does not even deal with her husband's leadership in the Cdn. mining industry; an industry with a speckled background world-wide. Anyway, she continues to collect a further paycheck from Hong Kong.... D) Controversial Jan. 6 riot asks why FBI not better prepared?... oh right, Speaker of House, 'President' Nancy Pelosi, in charge of FBI who benefited highly from a so-called lack of preparation. E) Repetition and trite topics threatens to collapse Reddit sooner rather than later with MSN in batter up position.


AUG.02 A) The only legitimate way for the Liberals to get the GG to call an election is for JT to step down as he has nothing further to accomplish; hold a leadership election with the new leader (Chrystia Freeland - possibly by acclamation) requesting the GG 'for a vote of confidence'. JT can then visit Gerald Butts in the South of France with a new girlfriend apart from the media eye. Now if he can just wangle an 'exit fee' (at taxpayer expense, of course) so that he does not starve. C) To survive, a state must keep its secrets. The 'secret' of ballot box stuffing in the last U.S. Presidential election is on very thin ice...I do not believe it will be maintained. In Canada, the state secret of the Franco Alulio Algorithm is currently being maintained explaining why I need an international interest to publish the Pulitzer Prize winning story of this 'Final Solution' for rogue civil servants. The new GG is being lined up for this purpose for elections. D) The CBC is a laundering outfit as evidenced by next to no programming but heavily financed by gov't. If the Opposition was on their toes, they would cost the actual programming against the funding to note the disparities. Only explanation as to why the Tories aren't doing so is that they hope to inherit this slush fund some day.


AUG. 01-2021 A) Pig farmers in California object to 2018 rules demanding more humane treatment of farm animals-chickens, veal, pigs. Pig farmers are objecting. Years ago in QC, a small village rejected a factory sized pig farm due to the attendant conditions including the water use plus manure disposition. (QC gov't. no doubt approved the farm for the money). While the MSN article doesn't state, I wonder how much of this objection is due to pig factory operations as other two seem compliant. B) GG can't call an election without constitutional basis (unless of course she pulls a rogue 'Franco Alulio' by acting apart from the constitutional laws. Stay tuned as M.P.'s collect another month's salary before election call in Sept. = Don't Vote. C) The knives in the media are really out to jail Rudy Guiliani for matters relating to voter fraud (which appear legitimate in 5 states). Those self-same knives could be turned against the Democrats in 2022 & 2024. D) Doping at Olympics, similar to ballot box stuffing, is common to all countries, not just Russia. This 'cash cow' should end now (as Olympics did in the past when they got too political). Successful athletes can parlay their wins into millions of endorsement deals. So much for 'sports'. E) I don't know if Biden considers his 'bromance' with his counterpart, JT, as an insult, but many readers consider them 'two peas in a pod'. Both prolific spenders.F) Residential School blow-up in Canada not paralleled in U.S. with similar conditions and where judges reject legal suits = following the Ottawa Court model over which I have called for a trusteeshipG) Author Graham Greene in 1933 It's a Battlefield predicted that the world would never change (pre TV/Internet) while media remains the same; in short, based on sensationalism (bad reporting to create a headline story only to be resolved with a second headline story), racy unrelated photo, to curry favour with the monetary interests. In Cda., bankrupt Postmedia which controls the media (apart from the public owned 'Liberal' CBC) apes this model but has come up short to MSN & Reddit with their commentaries which have attracted advertisers away from Postmedia. That internet model will be like the anaconda swallowing its tale as it seeks to curry favour with the readers (commentary) while one and at the same time, pursue the original model of 'blackmailing' advertisers into supporting them (if they do not want an exposť of their Company). Both internet sites suffer from too much repetition and will die of their own weight some day. While Reddit recognizes my e-mail address for Commentary; MSN does not. On, I run a site devoid of these pitfalls (no advertising/ sports/ entertainment) for Cdn. readers. Does it have a future as a meme? You decide. H) Lebanon is the 'black hole' of capitalism gone bad. Argentina next with narco-state Mexico up to bat (comes down to 'users' abroad purchasing drugs such as fentanyl)?J) Cash strapped universities are letting anyone in (spots purchased by tutoring Companies which then sell M.A. & Phd. thesis explaining why so many idiots get top jobs. China recently outlawed these Companies where competition is very high. K) In Apologia These daily updates were intended to be 1/3 the actual length but due to the above 'mish mash' which characterizes current reporting, they have become much longer. COVID reflects and exacerbates the problem as the wrong question is invariably being asked.