...with a govt. fake permanent driver license suspension? Sub-heading JUNE ARE YOU NEXT? JUNE 22-2021


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(The Franco Alulio Algorithm - Franco Alulio is the Deputy Minister of Transport-Medical in Ontario who in 2019 perverted my driver license in such fashion that not only can it not be re-tested, a victim may not acquire legal assistance to do so in this or any other legal proceedings = identity theft putting this crime on a level with the 'Final Solution' of Nazi Germany. He should be tried for treason. N.B. I have a clear driving record.


BACKGROUND  'Conscience doth make cowards of us all'

1) There is much correspondence from primarily this targeted writer which does not receive the appropriate response from oversight bodies such as law courts, politicians, oversight bodies, media and the Canadian public at large. Indeed, I am thwarted at every turn.


2) In a joint letter (Nov.01-2019) to my Optometrist (10 years) and Ophthalmologist ( 4 years), both replied that they had no concerns regarding my ability to drive safely. (1) Last Friday, I received from the Ministry of Transport-Medical #001111960 dated Oct.21 and received Oct. 25 to be effective Oct. 31, an order leaving me without private automobile transport under Section 47 (1) of the Highway Traffic Act. Today is my first walking day. (5) The difficulty in re-testing lies with the term 'psychiatric condition'  No other clinic will re-test with that word nor will a lawyer under the 'Highway Act'. I have contacted columnist Kelly Egan of the Ottawa Citizen to tell this story (He later refused as have all other media types) (N.B. I have never been sent or ordered to be sent for psychiatric treatment although a complete battery of tests based on a court order by two sons who I allege are seeking control of my estate in which I was seized by the police on Boxing Day 2019 and transported to the Ottawa General Hospital where I underwent a complete testing including an MRI. I passed.)What if an employed person requiring a car is a target of this type of gov't. nonsense? (Central Question)


3) Catch 22 position: Oct. 28 letter to young Dr. Jahagirdar (J) of  Towngate Family Medicine who was our family Doctor (my wife and I are separated) until I dismissed her on November 01-2019 (she continued to act on my behalf until Jan. 03-2020 without my consent. I sued for $10 million but Ottawa Justice McLeod dropped the action for reasons best known to himself and without a hearing. I sued him directly only to have that Action delisted without a hearing. The College of Physicians & Surgeons whitewashed J.'s questionable actions. I was left in limbo and am without a family physician to the present time in June of 2021. Further the forms will only recognize medical retesting of cognitive factors by medical practitioners known to you.


4) Dec. 04-2019 letter by Callow to Alulio (3) Alulio: What the Ministry will do if the information is not (his underlining) received..will result in a delay in reviewing your file. Of interest here is Alulio's duplicity as no mention is made of the 'psychiatric' aspect of the suspension=cleaning up his perfidy as only the second letter would be placed in evidence.


5) I sued Alulio for $10 million (CV20-82943 Feb. 24-2020) to which he never responded nor will the Ottawa law courts provide me a docket time = anarchy as Alulio corrupted the Forms. A.G. Doug  Downey did nothing.


6) CONCLUSION: Will International interests turn their back on this international story?

Currently that appeal is directed on a national level through a) national interests: the U.S. Ottawa Embassy and Cdn. Prime Time TV Dr. Phil & Dr. Oz contacted by me earlier/VDHanson b) (Germany) World's foremost 'individual statesperson' & Nazi rejecter Angela Merkel: 'How Identity theft  leads to the Final Solution'  She replaces Cdn. M.P. Chrystia Freeland