APR.30 A) Little Bee (2009) by Chris Cleave may be dated but it is the best book I have read on contrasting third world conditions culturally with the First World; something I harbingered in the 1970's with my introduction of social history into political history confusing elite West Vancouver parents... go figure. It's telling Third World portent of disaster begins with...'when the men came'.... B) The only non-Caucasian working in the Senate lost his Appeal in Federal Court for racial discrimination = par for the course (for anything doing with the federal court). He, and others like him (Caucasians as well) are actually fired when they leave their union or the equivalent explaining why few controversial individuals will leave a Union. Imposed BILL 35(B.C. 1985) was an end game around the Union much like the imposed carbon tax is an end-game around Parliament. The 'oligarchs' are taking over making it pointless to vote. ...and to think the Federal Court judgment makes so much sense leaving me with the aberrant observation = old boy's club at work! No-one, however, can make sense of Muszhysinki's j. Apr. 15 Decision (CV20-849830) with world ramifications hence no media coverage in this latter case... go figure.... C) If you google my name directly on the internet, you will see nothing except support for court Decisions from 2014 and nothing thereafter. Google was fined billions in Europe for selling their services


APR.29 A) South African magistrate charged with fraud for fraudulently acquiring a driver's license. Is this where Canada is going with the Franco Alulio's fake driver license suspension algorithm? Today, a nobody (me), tomorrow anybody deemed a nuisance...and still the Canadian politicians, media and public say and do nothing.... B) Combined with control of the internet (BILL C10) and there will be no stopping the oligarchs. How the media can scream blue murder against the gov't. over C10 while one and at the same time ignoring the FA algorithm makes Canada the hypocrisy capital of the democracies. Oh well, the media is dying a natural death in any event but if you impair their free access to the internet, whatever will they do?


APR.28 A) What we all got wrong about Biden BBC commentary...and are still getting it wrong (me). Canadians have recently noted a 10% increase of our dollar against the U.S. greenback as Biden promotes a $1.2 trillion super expenditure which Congress, he hopes, will defeat excusing him from any blame to gov't. cuts = classic politics B) Australian man jailed 10 months for filming 4 dying police officers arresting him for speeding after a drug hyped transport driver (given 25 years) hit them = the most hated man in Australia = the curse of drugs. C) Biden condones Armenian massacre from WWI riling Turkey who turned out this group into the desert as they were a military threat (Turkey on Axis side). He also is joining the protest against the Uyghur genocide In China. He is not, however, currently joining a more insidious threat to the U.S. driving public at home by condemning publicly the Franco Alulio algorithm; the story of a bureaucrat going rogue and, in that process, undermining the entire course of gov't. in this 'clear & present danger' of an action functioning below the radar = anarchy. D) India is no stranger to pandemics: cholera, smallpox, bubonic plague (1896) and the one to top it all off in terms of deaths (1/4 to 1/3 of the world total), the 1917-18 world flu. Today, they are leaders in providing pharmaceuticals including against malaria and dengue fever. The patterns were exacerbated in the last two centuries with the poor travelling back and forth from country to city for jobs. The Hindu caste system looms large in that story and is behind current racism against Muslims in the current COVID pandemic. Increased travel is a major factor along with endemic corruption: e.g. recently, 68 air passengers with vaccination cards tested positive in a flight from Delhi to Hong Kong on arrival. Many countries including Canada now bar flights from India and Pakistan. Is the COVID variant different from earlier plagues? I submit so. We have no idea how this one will play out. Some people have no symptoms further complicating efforts to combat this disease. Further,1/3 of recovered COVID 19 individuals have recurring problems - liver, heart, brain. In brief, it is one disease no-one wants to get. Distancing (from 1919 flu) appears to be best medical response along with other features such as plenty of sleep, exercise, good diet, self-isolation, pill additives, washing of hands (or gloves in public-my preference as I find it is impossible to keep hands from face). I am withholding advice on vaccinations at present. Our Ottawa apartment block is COVID free in a high risk zone according to scuttlebuck (many self-isolating seniors) but follows a strict regimen. I notice local grocery stores with protections still with their current employees. No-one admits to knowing someone with COVID. Restaurant 'pods' make no sense as people have to drop their masks to eat sitting next to each other. Stand-up bars are a 'no-no' as few 'distance'. Outdoor activities are safest although not risk free. Group protests have to be carefully managed with distancing in mind. Not many people raise mink but they may be the transmission source between bats and people and massive culls are taking place. Dogs and cats are at low risk but that could change; particularly with the new COVID variants which are really just a different disease. It will be a different world which comes out of this plague; the likes of which no one has even guessed. China believes they will lead this new world. I don't.


APR.26 A) O.S. U.S. columnist writes an interesting 'flip' article on the Chauvin conviction in that the public had been hyped by the media to expect widespread revolt if there was no conviction. In brief, this trial should have been held 'in-camera' but no-one appears to trust the law courts. B) Speaking of such trust, Elections Canada is preparing for a 'paper vote' in the next election and a saving of the ballots; in direct opposition to the U.S. electronic election in which the judges refused disclosure and ordered the destruction of the evidence...a step up from the judicial chicanery of the employeescasecanada.ca which has so-far, just suffered - and that is a major crime - the problem of disclosure; particularly of the Franco Alulio algorithm. B) Circling the wagons: Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland is more than a fraud in her failure along with a number of other political factotums, to comment directly on the cover-up of former General Vance's so-called sexual deviances with an underling. (He has been married to her for 20 years and they have 2 children). The midwits expose her silence but don't explain why they in turn failed to report on this matter a long time ago. Hopefully she never becomes P.M. which is not to suggest that any other incumbent should succeed to the post. C) COVID 19 a 'boomer groomer'? Another variation on the theme is the death of 82 sufferers in Iraq due to an Oxygen tank explosion. As Stalin said '...no man, no problem.... to which I could add...no 'legal identity'; massive problems.... D) Cdn. dollar has increased recently by 10% against the U.S. dollar reflective of how 'Mr. Magoo, the near-sighted Biden', as the cartoon shows him, drives the U.S. economy over a cliff. Hard pressed Canadians - and they are on the increase - are even more hard pressed under these circumstances. Wait until the Bank of Canada raises the prime rate to add to these inflationary woes.


APR.25 A) p.4 O.S. 25 year veteran Ottawa teacher charged with repeated under 14 female student abuse...many knew and many did nothing. I don't blame them. Big question as to whether the Teachers College which cleared the pedophiles out of the system since 1990 was informed of this long-standing abuse. It appears they missed this one. Why? I reported a matter of fraud in 1985 against an administrator c/w written proof in West Vancouver. My answer was the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985) which beat around the regulations just like the imposed carbon tax in a Justice system which looks like a piece of Swiss Cheese. (SEE below). The real sin? There is one case per every large high school across the land every decade. There were two hushed up cases where I was a WV senior teacher for 16 years until I was unceremoniously shown the door in an unresolved labour case before over 50 judges across Canada; Ottawa Justice Kristin Muszynski merely being the last and worst on April 15-2021. B) Everyone is lining up for a vaccine shot while I am awaiting a nasal spray; one such is 92% effective. Why is it so many anti-maskers do not distance; the best form of COVID control?...just asking.


APR. 25 A) To be sure, intelligence operations around the world are studying the Franco Alulio algorithm in which a rogue civil servant can run the country by a process I label reverse osmosis. An analogy here makes my point. Two years ago with the purchase of my new car, I raised the question as to who runs General Motors, GM or Istar? I did not purchase the Istar program after the free 6 months much, I am sure, to their consternation. However, they provide me 'gratis' with some basic services; e.g. the right to use my accelerator and my brake pedal. But that could change...want your brake pedal?...an additional charge. Already we hear about the fact that police cars will have the potential to kill the motor remotely of a perp they are chasing. Now what about the bad guys? e.g. Recently Tiger Woods crashed after a high speed run...imagine a rival golfer paying some clandestine service to 'take control of his car' for the purpose? No longer will targets be driven off the Beltway around Wash. D.C. as the driver of any car can be made to kill himself by 'remote control'. James Bond will be out of work. Indeed, all current espionage heroes work with a computer nerd. B) More analogies. 'Hoof and Mouth' is a dreaded disease among cattlemen forcing them to destroy whole herds. Why are there no current cases? Simply because cattlemen send their cattle to market at the two year mark before the disease has a chance to manifest itself. This is the principle which the Justice System functions on with their control of the courts - Lower, Appeal, SCofC if it accepts the case. What in essence, the 35 year (unresolved) employeescasecanada.ca replicated in courts across Canada (also the Meng deportation case to a lesser extent) has done is to introduce an 8 year-old 'hoof and mouth' target (myself) which has infected the entire Justice System bringing Canada as a nation to its knees. The Ottawa Justice Kristin Muszynski pathetic Decision on April 15-2021 CV20-849830 cements that process. Similar to 'literal' COVID; this 'moral' COVID algorithm operates outside of any Institutional parameters and, in this case, presents a 'clear and present danger' in particular to the U.S. in terms of its driving public. Two U.S. Presidents have not seen this threat so far. In a process I label Institutional Autism, institutions speak only to other institutions with the individual being squeezed out of society and yet without a totality of individuals, there can be no society. The top 1% earners would disagree with that statement as they are able to keep society rolling enriching themselves in that process against the other 99%. Only Canada appears immune to mass protests on being victimized as it seems to be in our DNA having been handed our country without fighting for it. Further, the problem is our human failure to conceive developing paradigms. How long, for example, did it take the world to conclude that the Uyghurs were the victims of a genocide? How long will it take the public to perceive the threat of a rogue civil servant such as Franco Alulio? The ON court refuses to give me a docket time where I have sued Alulio for $10 million with a recommendation that he be tried criminally for treason.



OPEN LETTER TO: Howard Levitt LLP (several provinces plus ON radio talk show host on labour issues)

Callers to Levitt should expect to be muted should they raise this issue on air.

APR. 24 Oh, no...not again and again and again. It turns out that Ottawa Justice Kristin Muszynski (M) was originally appointed to the bench as a Federal judge making the Judicial Council of Canada under the aegis of the SCofC (as opposed to a Provincial Judicial Council) the requisite oversight body. To the public, a judge is a judge. Not so with regards to oversight control for the JC of Canada does not respond to its legal mail similar to the ON Legal Society. The problem is that the Federal Court at a lower salary attracts those of lower calibre whom transfer to the more lucrative Provincial court as soon as possible. Further, under DUNDERHEADS sub-heading, I point out how only one of the three Appeal Court judges is operant as I have firsthand experience on this level. In brief, no judge is going to write a highly pejorative 9 page Decision such as M without knowing the nature of her back-up (Indeed, I submit it was written for her to merely sign). That is a universal among judicial decisions of a political nature such as the employeescasecanada.ca Her biggest omission, and there were a host of them, was giving tacit approval to the Franco Alulio algorithm which, at the stroke of a pen by a rogue civil servant, has re-introduced the 'Final Solution' of identity theft which destroys Canada as a nation. Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland is symbolic of politician and media silence on the biggest current challenge to our nationhood. By doing nothing, the 'point man', U.S. professor (& SUN columnist) VD Hanson now becomes the international spokesperson against this algorithm scourge. International diplomatic and commercial interests have a right to know about the risks in dealing with a Canadian Court of Law. In another perspective, Canada has just signed its death warrant as a nation being the 'northern flank' of the U.S. Defense permitting the U.S. to do what is necessary to protect U.S. interests. For Canada, all honorariums for former SCofC Chief Justice B. McLachlin should be rescinded with the dismissal of incumbent SCofC, Richard Wagner (also doubling as GG) which refused to represent me in M's court on Apr. 08-2021 under 'we the people' considering the identity theft aspect which complicates all my legal dealings. Wagner should never have been appointed in the first place as Chief Justice for reasons which I note elsewhere. M's action is a potential threat to all U.S. motorists as most drivers cannot get by without their cars. In essence, we are a 'car society'. Where's REDDIT commentary on this topic as I cannot get past the News Topic level of that set-up with my so-called 'opinion piece' based on newspaper revelations which are non-existent due to a national boycott on this heinous crime? SEE rogercallow.com APRIL 2021 for related topics. Of course I will waste more time redirecting my complaint to the JC of Canada even if it hits 'File 13'.


APR.23 A) To be sure, writing to an oversight body is little more than a bad joke with judges laughing the loudest. Hence my complaint letter to some bureaucrat or other in the Judicial Council will be listened to with deaf ears. Why do it? To set the record which may someday be publicized. SEE this date under MEDIA apr. for a two page indictment of Ottawa Justice Kristin Muszynski and her cohorts to the Judicial Council (ON). B) Premier Ford should not stop at apologizing for COVID regulations he perpetrated and now withdraws; rather , he should apologize for the Franco Alulio algorithm of which he is the author. I have called for his removal from all politics as one consequence. C) A lively 'commentary section' on Reddit World News regarding pet 'rights' in Spain where animals are not well treated-pets or livestock with 'bull-fighting' inspiring this discussion. A good debate question (I was a former high school debate coach). Sled dogs and their treatment is included. The Iditarod was forced to get vet oversight as one consequence. What part should pets play in a divorce? There are a number of humorous definitions as well. (Gov'ts. give human rights to dogs so that they can tax them.) D) Media remarks to the effect that former General Vance claimed to own the military police. Considering the farce laid against Vice Adm. Mark Norman, I believe him.


APR.22 A) Anyone notice? We are inching toward WWIII... which incident will set it all off? The military already use drone attacks. e.g. attack on Iranian scientist. The new form of drone warfare by terrorists (common in middle East but now found with cartel attack on Mexican police promises unlimited scope i.e. attack on a filled sports stadium... more than frightening.... nor can such as Trump feel safe playing golf. Pakistan has outlawed 3D Printing as a means to restrict 'back yard created drones'. B) The U.S. jury in the 'I can't breathe' black death came to the right decision. With that much said, why didn't the 45 year old police officer 'eat his gun' before the verdict? ...perhaps he was a psychopath who does not recognize wrongdoing. Much is made of the 9 minute knee-hold causing death. What if death had occurred after a couple of minutes? Would that have varied the charge if any had been made? (i.e. how many minutes have to pass for this choking action to become a crime? Perhaps his indictment might lead to charges against other police present to be dropped which could have been the intention of the 45 year old officer 'hanging in'. ...just asking.... Subsequent black deaths by U.S. police are due to shootings as police can more easily defend themselves as opposed to a take-down... unintended consequences? C) Big Bang Theory on 'Identity Theft'. Kwipke to Penny...that is such a common name so I will rename you 'Roxanne' prompting an ad lib from Howard (whom Penny 'detested') to walk behind her chair saying...'I guess even I look good to you now'. She turned with a big smile on her face to his back as he passed behind her. The cutters decided to leave that clip in. Part of the female infanticide of rural China and India relates to killing un-named females for economic reasons. D) The new COVID variant is killing off babies. Brazil tells women to avoid pregnancy. Even Ottawa has a problem with pregnant women getting COVID. E) Premier Ford, the author of the Franco Alulio algorithm, is losing political traction while opposition leaders whom remain quiet on this basic challenge to our freedoms, are not gaining support = VOTERS / FOOLS VOTING FOR OTHER FOOLS. F) NDP Opposition MP Charlie Angus - Ethics Critic - is as silent as his leader (Singh) on the FA algorithm. Both Singh & MPP Horwath (ON) should not get any votes.


APR.21 With all the troubles in the world complicated by climate change and COVID variants producing economic inequalities as well as the health risk, one would think 'democratic' Canada is an oasis. But that is the point. The Canadian public is distracted from the significance of 'Identity theft' produced by the rogue civil servant, Franco Alulio algorithm (SEE website: rogercallow.com for definition) which robs one of his/her identity in a significant way; namely, access to the legalities of a country; to wit, CV20-84983(0) Ottawa Court Apr. 08-2021. The Nazi Eichmann knew that lesson only too well with his 'Final Solution'. Further, such an algorithm can mutate much like the COVID plague. For example, Huawei's Meng could be the target of a similar algorithm in which a rogue civil servant, similar to Franco Alulio, could declare any foreigner still in front of a court for one year, to be subjected to an Order to take a psychiatric test thus impairing (her) ability to hire a lawyer on her deportation Order. China could also capitalize on identity theft as well by claiming any individual foreigner convicted in China (e.g. '2 Michaels') are to be automatically deprived of their nationality until a fictional psychiatric test is taken. In brief, it is a Pandora's box where even 'hope' is emptied out. That is why I have appointed U.S. Professor (& SUN columnist) V.D. Hanson as the international face to fight the FA algorithm as its behavioural ramifications are a greater challenge to world survival than even the scourge of physical COVID with all its variants. It may be paralleled in the human body to an aberrant DNA cell which leads to the death of the host human being.


APR. 20 A) SEE Apr. 19 D) for my take on the budget. B) Oh, the cursed internet! A legal problem without a solution is a precedent-setting case in Kitchener where a battered wife is found guilty of breaching a court order by publicizing the court finding against her husband ( I'll bet Muszynski j. is now wishing that she had thought of that one for her 'one-way' Decision on APR. 15-2021). How can the victim get around this problem? Don't mail the court order to relatives; merely give them a personal account by having someone else summarizing the court document leaving the court 'trying to herd cats'. For example, in 1978, a West Vancouver school administrator (whom only lasted one year due to his bullying tactics) asked me to write a Report on a controversial school action. I turned to the Union which said that I did the right thing as they provided the requested Report based on information I gave to them. The Ottawa bus driver charged with the death of 3 passengers in 2019 currently in court followed that advice by not speaking to the police turning to her Union instead. Smart driver. Further, Insurance Companies tell drivers involved in accidents to only provide basic information such as driver license info. The battered housewife does not have a Union (although she had a lawyer). The Teacher's Union in 1985 was understandably upset with my Newsletters to other B.C. School Districts (pre-internet) first by snail mail followed up by the invention of the fax machine. They unsuccessfully pressured my lawyer to get me to drop that communication of a 'sweetheart deal' in a matter which was not a Union matter as I was laid off for false economic reasons (whistleblowing) under the imposed BILL 35 (B.C. 1985). I closed down voluntarily this unresolved legal matter where no compensation (including pension rights) was paid by Dec. 31-2020 due to the endemic and systemic abuse of over 50 judges across Canada; Muszynski j. merely being the worst of the lot with some other judges being particularly bad but the oversight bodies hush everything up in Canada. Obviously, she expects as much. The precedent set is that a powerful Employer with illicit court support may escape their fiduciary obligations to employees particularly where the employee is a victim of a 'sweetheart deal' as most dismissals are. C) Premier Ford is right next door to a big narcotics bust in Brampton linked to India & the U.S. The transport truck hub plays a significant part (ON is the N. Am. leader in Organized Crime in the Transport business.) I am surprised that nearby Peel District was able to sponsor this takedown involving California support.


APR. 20 A)SEE Sub-heading IDENTITY THEFT under 2021 APRIL. In Africa, it was said that explorers came across a wandering individual whom had been expelled from his tribe for a set period of time for transgressing tribal rules. 'I was Mohammed,' he said in giving his name. 'You mean that your name is Mohammed' replied the explorers. 'No, my name was taken away from me when I was expelled and not to be given back until I return after serving my sentence.' In like fashion, my name was Roger Callow in a sentence without end explaining why I am 'the Outlawed Canadian'. My bid here is to gain 'honorary citizenship' with selected European democracies whom I ask to raise the point at the United Nations as we fought World War II having 'identity politics' at its core now only to have it all pissed away by ON Premier Ford and his cohorts (includes media) without a peep from Canadian 'political cowards'. Our legal system is abused on a daily basis (Huawei Meng trial) and international interests are advised to give Canadian law courts a wide berth. U.S. interests should be especially wary of the Franco Alulio algorithm to the driving public. U.S. Professor and SUN columnist, V.D. Hanson is now the international 'point man' on this Alulio scourge. As a 'constitutional monarchy' (as opposed to a republic) Canada is well past its 'best before date'; the ancient Romans witnessing the fall of their empire could have told you that one. B) This inversion of cases has got to stop. It is the second time in ON (first time in 2014) which I call reverse osmosis In the current case, I accused both lawyers for different reasons in CV20-82889 with fraud. They responded by claiming that I was merely being frivolous & vexatious. Presumably, Muszynski j. (M) would examine the nature of that fraud if the Ottawa Court gave me a trial date which they wouldn't. However, they gave a trial date to a later inverted form in which the charge in CV20-84983(0) refocused the question onto the frivolous & vexatious action of this litigant as a Respondent (try to figure that one out particularly after I dropped the charges seeing how I was being set up; a feature of this case through over 50 judges across Canada). M's highly duplicitous Decision considering that the Applicant had included my entire 107 page file for everything dating from 1985 including details of the fraud charge, will rank right up there with anything Britain's Star Chambers ever created. It is a catastrophe without equal and Canada as a nation has paid the ultimate price - extinction.


APR. 19 A) SEE MEDIAapr for 2-page letter to the ON Legal Society. B) Substitute the name 'Canada/Ontario' for 'Malawi' and 'Franco Alulio algorithm' for 'COVID 19' and you have what Canada badly needs to do: Meanwhile police in Malawi have confirmed the arrest of 19 people suspected to have misused Covid-19 funds - including officials from the president's office and the cabinet... C) My one-liner for today's walk while passing a masked female: 'Wow, look at those eyebrows walk by!' I invariably get a laugh with these one-liners. D) Budget Day where there are no good choices. In sum it puts an end to Reagan-Thatcher-Mulroney fiscal limitationss and increases spending in money which the gov't. is not going to get as revenue = polarizing debt. In brief, when we couldn't pay the debt; we created the deficit; when we can't pay the deficit; we create 'digital money'. COVID is accentuating the problem. It has been a long time in coming in many areas e.g. in 1953, as a newspaper carrier in Vancouver, every household took a newspaper; the SUN for Liberals and the PROVINCE for Conservatives at $15 per annum. Today, a yearly subscription costs $400 per annum, a fantastic increase with few people subscribing where the current 'news' has been reduced by 90%. In many ways that story can be replicated with many products although such things as airfare has plummeted putting national passenger train and bus services out of business. It is not an even process. Bottom Line: the rich get richer; the poor get poorer. Our middle class is disappearing; a phenomenon throughout the world.


APR 17 A)...a break from the Muszynski Decision today but a follow-up letter tomorrow to the ON Legal Society tackles a new angle. B) So Biden would continue Trump's extraction of troops from Afghanistan so that a 5th U.S. President is not saddled with this ongoing war. Even the Russians pulled out after 10 fruitless years in the 80's = Taliban declaring victory = Afghan gov't. with 240,000 highly trained troops negating that claim = the usual split between city and country; a universal. The fly in the ointment? Modern warfare. There is no need for U.S. troops on the ground with such as drones (and soon mechanical dogs as soldiers soon to be seen throughout the world. Singapore uses them for patrol duty.)

C) I am on record as requesting the removal of Premier Ford from all politics as a non-partisan move for sponsoring the Franco Alulio algorithm which is based on identity theft, the bedrock of any nation. The 'very busy' A.G. Doug Downey is his messenger boy and should not be re-elected either. Eichmann parlayed 'identity theft' in 1942 at the Wannsee Conference and, at the stroke of a pen, consigned such as the Jews to oblivion. Alulio with a similar stroke of the pen in falsifying the Driver License Form, does the same for the driving public as seen In the Apr. 11 Hearing under Muszynski j. (see below) where I had no legal identity; a matter which she studiously avoided in her Decision. More tomorrow in a letter to the ON Legal Society. D) In the early 1800's, there was a 'bit-coin' type of promotion which went broke. Recently, Turkey has forbidden the use of bit-coin for state transactions, which, among other things, is a blow against organized crime. All countries can be expected to follow this lead except China which is not powerful enough (If Moscow is the city with the most millionaires, Singapore is the city with the most billionaires; all 'on paper') to control the world finances. In this regard, Biden has recklessly increased spending for vote getting purposes thus increasing inflation so that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I don't expect the Democrats to win the next elections, even in the Senate. D) Premier Ford gives an Order to the police chiefs to make COVID infractions a police 'carding' matter which the ON police chiefs universally rejected prompting Ford to rescind the Order. That is what is missing from his sponsorship of the Alulio algorithm; namely, a public rejection of this heinous algorithm = Canadian political cowardice which includes the law courts, politicians, media, and public. U.S. Professor V.D. Hanson, also a SUN columnist, is now the international point man on this scourge. E) ...while walking and passing a senior couple walking 'hand-in-hand': Does Premier Ford know what you are doing (laughter) I'm sorry, but I must do my civic duty and write you up (mimicking pen and board) (more laughter). That is how I spend my walks...in the words of Muszynski j.; making 'passionate' comments. F) Expect more passionate comments tomorrow on budget day from the politicians and media midwits met by a big yawn from the public as their piece of the pie continually shrinks. G) Letter to ON Legal Society ready to roll tomorrow. H) Raul Castro of Cuba stepping down at Age 89. Many people do not know that the two Castro brothers usurped their own Revolution in the early 60's with Raul, as the Defense Minister, slaughtering untold thousands. Che Guevara (had his own hands cut off when later apprehended in Bolivia) was one of those butchers and yet a hero to many hippies.


APR 16 Hot off the press is a detailed rejection of inexperienced Kristin Muszynski as she butchers the Justice System in her Decision CV20-849830. This is the Judicial Decision to end all judicial decisions for any democracy. SEE APRIL Sub-heading TREASON for my detailed rebuttal to her 9 page account. SEE also NEWSLETTER - APRIL 16 c/w cartoons on this topic under MEDIA apr


APR 15 The 9-page Decision (CV20-84940) is now published and already serves as toilet paper for me. No doubt this tome is meant to impress the midwits in the media with this theme: 'No way is Callow going to trash the Justice System of Canada'. Response: I didn't. They managed to do that quite adequately on their own with me merely pointing the way. Do not trust to any publication which does not include my website: rogercallow.com For now, I have published SYNOPSIS under 2021 APRIL and will follow up why this court document is one of TREASON based on young Kristin Justice Muszynski's signature (as the Justice Building on Wellington St. no doubt wrote this one). The conspirators better hope that she is also a Federal Court appointee as I am sure the Provincial Judicial oversight body is royally pissed off at the Federal Court (Canadian Council of Judges is the oversight body under the SCofC which never responds to its legal mail). A detailed Response as to why this Decision is treasonous will be based on individual rebuttal points in future articles.


APR 15 A) The Minnesota shooting by a 26 year female police veteran 'mistaking' a firearm for a taser gun is puzzling as mfg. information includes all risks of such a so-called mistake. Other police forces in the past have made this 'mistake'. Could it be that the taser does not have the stopping power that a policeman requires in an emergency situation? The media does not appear to be getting this story straight. B) 'I can't breathe'...I do not believe that the other officers should have officially intervened as they are there for back-up in emergencies hence bedlam could ensue in take-downs if 'debate' opened up. Unofficially, they could intervene with a 'new course' i.e. 'Now that the perp is manacled, let me help him up with you to the police car.' C) I examined a detailed study of COVID in B.C. which parallels most provinces. Item: Schools are a minor source of COVID infections for children and teachers. 19-39 year olds are the major infection source with most deaths focused in the over 70 group which has been mainly vaccinated. The 'party-party' atmosphere is largely to blame whether indoors or outdoors. I sense the public in Ottawa is becoming understandably paranoid about COVID as it is no longer a matter of '...the only thing we have to fear is fear itself'.


APR 14


APR 13 A) Driver's are by law expected to be in control over their vehicles at all times which is an impossibility. For example the truck driver of a fully loaded 18 wheeler is 'aiming' his vehicle like any missile which brings me to the double decker bus accident in 2019 in which 3 people lost their lives in Ottawa and is now before the court. Without digressing into the details, this type of bus was designed for rainy Britain, not snow clogged Ottawa with station overhangs which was a vital part in this accident. The overhangs were built long before these buses were acquired. While the Union exonerated the driver (no doubt concerned about hefty insurance claims); from her pre-history, I suspect political factors could have been involved in her initial appointment i.e. being black and female as she appeared to be 'accident-prone' from earlier 'scuffles'. As she did not report any bus deficiencies, this topic is moot as far as her driving record is concerned. B) A B.C. man was jailed four years ago for attacking his former wife on a social media site registered outside the country. He was re-jailed for continuing with this social attack. Hence how does BILL C10 with gov't. internet control give the gov't. an advantage? China follows up such control by jailing people...that is already happening in Canada as noted here ...minus the torture.


APR 12 A) No doubt the old Boy's Club have got their thinking caps on planning their next steps in the Employee's Case i.e. how do they want to see this most recent trial held on Apr.08 to be published? (a) The organized crime exposure. Many years ago, an investigative Crime Reporter (even repeated on CBC!) on the Italian mafia in the U.S. began with obviously known murder facts in NY. But then they asked the question...'Does this mean all Italians are Mafia?' switching to 'innocent' Italians in the U.S. mid-West seen square-dancing ...and continued square dancing right out of the picture.... (b) Redirection: Will a magazine article be headlined: 'Canada's most crooked School Board' or 'Canada's most troublesome employee'? (c) Political answer: Some prominent politician will proclaim: 'I will not stand idly by watching some troll seeking to bring Canada to its knees. We said 'no' to terrorists and now we say 'no' to trolls'. (e) Editorial: Remember the spirit of our veterans...we must never give in to totalitarianism...of the social media! (f) This screwball 'David' employee thinks it is a game to fire a missile clear into the Cyclops Justice System Eye which he has designed for the purpose. Former SCofC Chief Justice, Beverley McLachlin, would be the cheerleader on this foray where the judges seek control over the internet similar to BILL C10 for Parliament. Bottom Line for Canadians? Voters will believe the above whatever choice is made, while international interests will remain silent with a cocked eyebrow to be discussed at diplomatic cocktail parties for years to come. When anyone or system is pushed to the brink ...watch out. Neophyte Justice Kristin Muszynski's Decision due this week in CV20-849830 where I am the frivolous & vexatious Respondent is the first salvo...if it is even delivered by her....(see Gatineau experience in the Employee's Case). Brace yourselves


APR 11 A) There is a tide in the affairs of men (and in the affairs of Justice Kristen Muszynski) Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life. Is bound in shallows and in miseries. SEE MEDIA apr 11 as to how the conspirators in CV20-849830 are messing up big time. B) O.S. p.17 columnist Candice Malcolm twists a 'lesson from WWI's Vimy Ridge' (which is a stretch when you know more of that story as I do) to current vaccinations procedures. Where was the SUN's oversight editor on this one...still in University? C) After massive staff cut-backs, Postmedia want a Reporter for the Ottawa Sun & Citizen. This is one profession prospective employees should give a pass to.


APR 10 A) NEWSLETTER SEE MEDIA apr (2 pages) for the legal case of the century. B) Another century dies off with the death of Prince Phillip at age 99 (20 years my senior) on Apr.09 depriving Queen Elizabeth of a long-time husband 'who could always make her laugh'; quite a tribute. I hope he didn't suffer long at the end. C) KIV ? Oh yes, that is my neighborhood suffering heavily under COVID. D) 'Sofagate' Pretty difficult to beat Turkey holding a conference for 3 Presidents; one of them being female, with only 2 chairs in the room. Guess who had to stand? Me if I had been the female concerned?...I would have physically removed one of the men from a chair. Now you know why I am in so much trouble. E) I don't like this one. Globe & Mail p. A6 Ex-judge convicted of killing wife freed ahead of new murder trial. In 2009, the surface story is that the Appeals Court Judge carrying on an illicit relationship provided the weapon by which he claims his 71 year old wife committed suicide. He is now 85 and serving a life sentence for her murder. The authorities are keeping this one too quiet which draws my suspicion. For example, what was her physical health like? The article doesn't say other than to note that she was depressed.


APR 10 A) For a literal account of 'APR 08' court H.D., see EMPLOYEE'S CASE SUMMARY ; for a philosophical approach; EMPLOYEE'S CASE - SERENDIPITY B)'Oh, what a tangled web we weave...' It is the nature of conspiracies to 'damn the torpedoes' as there is no Plan 'B'. If one did exist, the conspirators should have departed CV20-849830 (Apr. 08 H.D.) after I dropped all pursuit of the Employee's Case in the law courts by Dec. 31-2020 as the corrupt Ottawa courts would not give me court time on any of my filed claims. Plan 'A'? Oh, that was to 'get Callow' at any costs dating from 1985...and it cost Canada its democracy = Third World Country. After Dec. 31-2020, my intention was to pursue the 2019 Franco Alulio algorithm with its fake driver license scam apart from the courts which I will now do = courts superfluous. The Applicant, by insisting on dealing 'with all issues' in CV20-849830 without defining even one, now makes the court the focal point of this controversy with the litigants being mere bystanders = total collapse of the Justice System. There is no meaningful way out as 'ghosting' all issues ruling this Respondent to be 'frivolous & vexatious' may put an end to my legalities (which I had done in any event) leaving the court to explain to gov't. and country why they gave de facto recognition to the most heinous piece of action in the history of Canada paralleling Eichmann's 'Final Solution', in terms of the F.A. algorithm. Under those circumstances, it is now an Open Door policy for rogue Cdn. civil servants in league with the necessary corrupt leaders on any action; if M. does not step in = bedlam. C) In 1986, Justice Mary Southin called for all material regarding my lay-off from both the Union and the Employer. The Employer obliged by providing her with the second illegal dismissal hearing notes of July, 1985 where School Board Counsel committed fraud. Southin, not realizing that she was in a blackmail position, returned all files to both Parties (the Union grabbed my copy) 'as she did not use them' as opposed to charging Board Counsel with fraud. That failure was exploited by Board Counsel so that Southin was left on the defensive turning to cover-up at my expense; a situation which in turn was reinforced by over 50 judges to the current time. To produce this disclosure from 1985 would be a defeat not only for Southin (retired 2004) but for over 50 judges who conspired to cover-up the cover-up. The Bobbsey Twins are pulling the same routine, for after the Ottawa Courts frustrated the inclusion of my evidence, the Bobbsey Twins turned around and gratuitously provided my entire file illustrating fraud to the court (SEE EC SUMMARY above) thus provoking the court to ape Southin...or so they hope. That's why Rogers j. 'got out of Dodge'. leaving stand-in judge Kristin Muszynski (M) to take the flak. Her Decision is due next week and promises to be the Decision of the century, no matter which way she goes. Whatever options M has, they are all bad ones. In brief, the situation faced by (M) is this. If fraud is shown, everything emanating from it is null and void. That is why the 1986 Board notes are kept from me although M could order them up under disclosure rules. That situation does not apply to Apr. 08 H.D. as the Bobbsey Twins Applicant has gratuitously entered my entire file illustrating fraud for all to see thus frustrating the Ottawa Registry trying to block that evidence . Hence M. is in an impossible position. After WWII, the term 'Oh, you Quisling' (traitor) named after the WWII Norwegian Nazi leader, was a common epithet in 1950's Canada. That can easily become 'Oh, you Muszynski' in 2021.' More on this point after I see her written Decision.


APR 09 D-Day plus 1 in other realm A) Jordan accusing Saudi Arabia of plotting a coup (with the Crown Prince under palace arrest) is so much bullwinkle. Why would the Saudi's do that when they have a good relationship with the corrupt Jordan gov't? B) The Hawkesbury Hospital management has jumped on the bandwagon with the police charging Dr. Nadon with murder. Nadon has a history of targeting other Doctors probably for the many medical mistakes which abound but go under the media radar (Vancouver General Hospital years ago was known as the 'butcher shop' among health professionals) but that does not denote murder of patients by him unless it can be shown he was seizing the estates of deceased patients. This case is being played out in the media with the midwits...been there, done that or rather, had that done to me too. C) Maybe the police have already thought of it. In order to locate drug cutting houses, follow the career path of all those graduating in chemistry. D) As a former Para Transpo driver 20 years ago, the fatal crash of the doubledecker by an immigrant female neophyte driver in 2019 plagued by previous driving problems is of particular interest to me. Senior drivers avoid these accident prone buses for good reason as they are not suited to slippery Ottawa winter conditions. Even the articulated buses have problems going up slippery winter roads where they can jack-knife. One piece of evidence is to note that the previous driver on this particular bus to her found no problems with his circle check. A full circle check requires 15 minutes but the average driver takes 5 minutes. I was finally 'corrected' by other drivers by saying you check the lights, the oil level, and the door operations plus a visual check of tires (and screw the rest for there is no time) because 'clocking on in time' was the primary goal. I wrote a letter to management who were well aware of the problem, stating that this procedure was counter-productive as a number of units found problems on the road requiring a tow plus a replacement bus. Their answer? To assign a supervisor to me and yup, the complete circle check took 15 minutes. That was the last I heard as the filed follow-up would no doubt read...'gave driver assistance (in something that he should have already known)...and the Company went right back to towing buses again...go figure. That is why court cases such as the above are basically a waste of time as everyone seeks to cover their rear end. E) So N. American vets have a suicide rate twice the normal public rate consistent with other medical doctors. Their problem? A massive student debt without the income to cover their cost of living leading to the inevitable stress. Social media in which pet owners blast away at some vets is also adding to the strain. I once filed a complimentary media comment a few years ago on my orthopedist to offset a negative social comment which rattled her. Of course there are organizations you can pay to write praiseworthy comments = the internet lacks credibility. My former family doctor for which I sued as she failed to provide me with my full medical file (belongs to the patient) for which I cannot get another medical practitioner, suddenly had a 'top notch recognition comment' on a Clinic where formerly there were no other comments. F) So North Korea is starving...nothing new on that level. What is new is that the ruling class is running short of food (did S. Korea cut their food donations?) for the military (who run the country in any event with a puppet leader) who see a coup as a means of buying time. Kim Yung Un hanging from the barrel of a tank?...better to make war on S. Korea. Stay tuned.


APR 08 Judgment Day ...or not as the case may be. I couldn't envisage any judge in Canada in their right mind sitting on this case which, apparently, includes Pierre Roger j. of the Ottawa Courts who did a bunker (not an unknown stunt as happened in Saskatoon in 2017 when the presiding judge got himself into trouble) leaving it in this case to a female judge to fill this 'black hole'. She is no doubt fresh out of law school with all her depositions in order...that is for the last two days as she knew nothing about the case before that point. But that is the point. The Decision was written in the Justice Building in 2020 and she is merely the messenger girl which she can expect to deliver at the end of the Day. What the conspirators did not take into account was that I voluntarily dropped all filed cases as of Dec. 31-2020 and completed that process by dropping the fraud case against the Applicant lawyers in Feb. and in that process inviting Rogers j. and the Applicants to drop out by Mar. 15 without any repercussions. They chose otherwise hence 'Apr. 08'. Mixing the telephone contact with ZOOM contact had some insurmountable bugs such as one line 'cutting in and out' which I claimed a 'party by party' written conduct of the case including questions from the bench would eliminate. That appeal fell on deaf ears with this particular judge. When I do get the expected missive from the bench, I will address it under EMPLOYEE'S CASE - SERENDIPITY sub-heading in 2021 APRIL . In any event reserve a jaundiced eye to any media account which does not include my website address: rogercallow.com Profile: Judge Kristin Muszynski was called to the bar in Kingston in 2006 so she is no spring chicken. Her whole career was spent in that area with a replacement post for an Ottawa judge in 2019 although she does not appear on the Ottawa Court judge list and I have never read her name attached to any legal media accounts in Ottawa. The reason I thought she was much younger is that judges are succinct while she comes from that school of thought of 'why use 10 words where 50 would do' which would fit into her many legal meetings that she hosted across Canada. She appears to be a social climber. There are other signs that have my antenna up but the main one is why Rogers ducked out to someone from 'out of town'? Most judges I have are federal court in origin (different oversight bodies). That information was not available. She chose to reserve her Decision.


APR 07 11:56 A.M. copy of email by K. Dixon to court requesting information as to why the case scheduled for tomorrow by Rogers j. has not led to a court contact to him for set-up purposes = no trial? My interpretation: More fun and games with the Ottawa Court House with no adult in the room. In asking my provider regarding simple cell phone communications for which a partner is not getting a camera message, I am told that 'it depends on the recipient's provider program'...yes, that sound you hear is me knocking my head against the wall. It seems that only teenagers have seamless connections; not 79 year old 'senior dudes'. Maybe it was that 'handle' which does me in with this woke generation. While I am still available by telephone, any 'friend of Roger Callow' is no doubt being stymied in a ZOOM call as well. The GG does not respond. It's a judicial farce without equal but a true reflection of the Justice System in Canada. Chrystia Freeland? Get out of politics. U.S? Prepare the Marines.


APR 07 'D-day tomorrow. Will I lose? Of course but I was in the process of deserting the Cdn. law courts in this unfinished labour matter in any event choosing to pursue the Franco Alulio algorithm fake driver license scam affecting all car cultures apart from the Cdn. Judiciary. Hence the court seeks a pyrrhic victory tomorrow discussing 'all issues' without defining a single one. My insistence on a presence and for everything to be done in writing throws a monkey wrench (SEE Apr. 06 below) into the conspirators scheme to, one and at the same time, end all extant cases of mine which I voluntarily gave up as of Dec. 31-2020 when it was clear that the Ottawa courts would not assign me any hearing time in this unresolved labour case where no compensation has been paid (but found time for the bogus CV20-849830 filed by the conspirators) as well as make inroads into our basic freedoms. The Justice System would seek to have the last word on me in this regard as well as use this matter to launch its own agenda...good luck with that one. But that is not the detailed goal of the 'boys in short pants' in the microcosm who backstop the corrupt Cdn. Justice System as they plan to make inroads into fettering individuals in much the same sense that they did in the macrocosm with the SCofC Decision on the immoral carbon tax for 4 provinces. In essence, in one way or another, they seek to use this court case to make a dictatorship out of the current oligarchy not unlike Putin declaring that he has the right to stay in power until 2036. Will the conspirators succeed? No (against me, yes, but I no longer plan to deal with the Cdn. law courts in future as noted above). They have already failed (unintended consequences) against the protection of the larger Canadian interests of individual rights (Cdn. Bill of Rights 1982 is a dead issue as exemplified by the employeescasecanada.ca). The Romans at the decline of their empire saw it all...and now it is Canada's turn. Two U.S. Presidents are not cognizant of this threat of a 'clear and present danger' on their northern flank as the Franco Alulio fake driver license scam of a run-away rogue bureaucrat puts organized crime in the driver's seat and yet there is no-one in the Cdn. media 'midwits' who perceive this danger (SUN columnist A. Furey comes closest in his analysis of the 'Gang of 6' SCofC judges on the carbon tax issue). If nothing else, tomorrow promises to be earth-shattering for the Third World Country of Canada. The Decision would have been written in the Justice Building on Wellington St.- the most stressed building in Canada- in 2020, and handed along to Pierre Rogers j. to rubber stamp tomorrow. Stay tuned.


APR 06

CV20-849830 H.D. Apr. 08-2021 'Bissionnette v. Callow'

Response to Kris Dixon email Apr.o6-2021 ...I really cannot emphasize that YOU need to be the person calling INTO the court....K.D.

(via ZOOM which is not set up on my computer)

1) I am on record as requesting a telephone connection as per the court regulations on this topic in which they contact the litigant(s) when the court is ready to hear a particular case.

2) I am also on record that the presiding Justice provide me with written questions which he wishes answered in written form. Too many times, my cases have been 'ghosted' by suggesting telephone or physical presence which was tantamount to ignoring central issues by the bench (over 50 judges in almost all Canadian provinces.)

3) Written questions from the bench make sense in that answers from me have to be researched among copious materials on the topic. I list my website to that effect: rogercallow.com APRIL Sub-heading EMPLOYEE'S CASE SUMMARY. As Applicant you still have not itemized 'which issues' out of 'all issues' you wish to discuss. I am concerned as to a conspiracy on this level in which conducting matters on a written level would all but eliminate.

4) I have requested three parties - one of them the Governor General - to be a 'friend of Roger Callow' under 'we, the people' considering the identity problem which I have as one consequence of the Franco Alulio algorithm. If the court has statutory information on that level then they should forward it to me in writing. Perhaps your email is better suited being sent to the GG.

5) I have no interest in matters pertaining to the employeescasecanada.ca which I put a voluntary end on December 31-2020 as after 35 years it remained inconclusive without any compensation paid in a labour matter.

6) Nor do I have any interest in the current CV20-849830 as I officially withdrew my action in February 2021 where I am the Respondent of an 'inverted' court case.

7) Any attempt by Rogers j. to interfere with my pursuit of matters relating to the Franco Alulio fake driver license suspension which negatively affects any legal standing I have in any legal matter will be pursued to the 'fullest extent of the country'; to be sure, a first in Canada making this case pre-eminent in all driving societies.

8) I do not know at this time whether anyone else will set up a ZOOM call with the court in terms noted above; but I forbid the court to continue other than on a written party by party basis which can be easily accommodated.

9) I will be at my telephone from 10:00 to 12:00 on Thursday, April 08-2021. t. 613-521-1739. If no 'friend' appears, my presence would consist of noting which questions emanate from the bench and the Applicant's answer without comment.

10) I am already on record calling for the recusal of Rogers j. and the imposition of a Trusteeship over the Ottawa Courts.


Yours truly, Roger Callow CV20-849830

cc Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland




APR 06 A) I received an email Easter Card...or not as the case may be. You be the judge. In the past email greetings consisted of the actual card which could be downloaded. This email card merely included digital commercial connections ending in New York by which the card could be downloaded no doubt with your personal information being forwarded to other commercial enterprises. I didn't bother. Is this to be the future? It certainly expresses to me why the digital universe is doomed to collapse. It seems that one cannot 'break wind' without leaving a digital footprint...Brave New World indeed.... Agnes Cartoon: ...not any pencil; this is a digital pencil. But I only have analog paper...says it all B) Be careful what you wish for...many of the ingredients for pharmaceuticals including vaccines come from China. Drawing national borders on COVID does not make much sense. C) Hunter Biden, a loose screw with his long standing addiction problem? ...more likely a potential blackmail target. At least Trump's family appears clear of substance abuse...a scourge which is undermining the world's economies apart from personal grief. Hunter should be returned to the U.S. D) The Uyghurs genocide in China is becoming a world phenomena and threatens to derail China's imperialistic designs.


APR 05 A) SEE APRIL Subheading EMPLOYEE'S CASE SUMMARY (particularly Oral Argument Feb. 11 near top) B) While the U.S. is caught up fighting COVID; Russia and China are taking advantage by provoking WWIII.


APR 04 A) ex-Jordan Crown Prince placed under House Arrest (quote by him)...This is a very sad and unfortunate turn for a country that as I said used to be in the forefront of the region...has been put second by a ruling system which has decided that its personal interests, that its financial interests, that its corruption is more important than the lives and dignity and futures of the more than 10 million people that live here...it is clear to the world that what you see and hear in terms of the official line is not a reflection of the realities on the ground...Unfortunately this country has become stymied in corruption, in nepotism and in misrule, and the result has been the destruction or the loss of hope that is apparent in pretty much every Jordanian Substitute Canada for Jordan and you get the picture. B) It has been said that if the Br. military was never turned against its own people, that would be the greatest accolade for it. Thatcher came close by ordering the troops to seize the docks (union busting). Now the Br. public is rioting against increased police powers which would erase that gain. The U.S. has the National Guard (para-military) although not on Jan.4-2021 where their deliberate 2-hour delay created the mob violence suited to Democratic aims. With the 1970 FLQ disaster bringing to the fore the Parti Quebecois, the ill-prepared Canadian military was called out by P.M. Pierre Trudeau, to 'swat a mosquito' and fumbling in the process (although there was much which was not known at the time = unintended consequences). Recently the military in QC exposed the long-standing LTC home disaster in Canada when they were called in under COVID circumstances. On April 08, in a sub rosa 'vertical' hearing in Ottawa courts CV20-849830 for 2 hours will be heard 'the shot which will be heard around the world' for the driving public and beyond. I kid you not. C) My deceased sister (June 2020) would have been 83 today and not glad of it as she had lost the will to live. Substance abuse was not the problem; I.D. was as it is currently for me under different circumstances (both due to bureaucracy malfunctions and in my case under the Franco Alulio fake driver licence suspension). 'A piece of paper' also meant life or death in Nazi Germany.


APR 03 A) 'Inquisitive journalist?, he scoffed? They don't exist anymore. Journalists get all their news from Twitter and Facebook, and people like us telling them things we want them to hear...The media are far more interested in Kim Kardashian unveiling her new bottom.' Amen brother, amen as I said good-bye to the Cdn. media on Feb. 11, the first Rogers j. hearing. B) So the Law Society will investigate the neophyte MP for the new riding of Carleton, Goldie Ghamari, in an apparent real estate dispute, and suspend her law license on that accord along with heavy costs of a Tribunal investigation (sounds like a U.S. RICCO Case). However there is no investigation of the two young lawyers whom I have laid fraud charges against by this same Law Society outfit no doubt 'protecting one of its own' in this focal point trial in an Ottawa vertical court room on Apr.08...go figure. If one cannot trust to the law courts, how in God's name can they trust to a Tribunal? I did in 1985 and it was so bad that it was quashed with the arbitrator ruled patently unreasonable. I was left in limbo for 35 years before I threw in the towel as it was clear that over 50 judges were not going to give me my rightful compensation = anarchy.


APR 02 A) So former P.M. John Chretien and his legal outfit Dentons has dirtied his trousers forever by cutting a private deal (no Parliamentary approval) for Labrador to receive nuclear waste from foreign countries such as Japan = very profitable for insiders. Of course there is no peep out of Opposition leaders O'Toole the O'Foole or Singh (NDP or No Don't Party).The outgoing NL Premier wouldn't play ball so the hopes is on the incoming Premier (receiving payola to be sure). B) Teacher who sucker punched a guard while being escorted out (drunk) of a Vancouver hotel in 2008 pleaded not guilty and received a conditional discharge. The guard was seriously injured costing him a future career and was to be awarded a paltry $226,000. Which source is to pay his $226K to the victim? An Insurance Company? My response: This one smells. This teacher was from a private school and not a public school. Nonetheless, he did not have his teaching certificate lifted, which should have happened. Normally, anyone under these conditions would be jailed; not given a conditional discharge which the Judiciary no doubt believed that they could sneak under the radar. Now will readers believe me when I talk about systematic Judicial abuse in Canada which includes all provinces (NL not tested-exception)? To be sure, April 08 is headed towards a 'judicial whitewashing' to end all whitewashings in which the conspirators depend on media complicity. B) Plea Deals for Organized Crime charges, regrettably, are a necessity to get the necessary evidence for a successful prosecution. Ottawa Police take plea deals to a new height on a personal level ('make a deal' law) in which a veteran 20 year police officer is permitted to resign after multiple sexual abuses to avoid jail time although he is on probation for 3 years. The plea deal enables victims to avoid court exposure although I suspect some would like an open court case but it is too late for the one woman victim who committed suicide. Now will readers believe me when I say that the Ottawa courts should be placed under a Trusteeship? B) SUN columnist Mark Bonokoski calls out Twitter and its fake news. My Twitter Feed on Premier Ford is that he be expelled from all politics as a non-partisan action for sponsoring the Franco Alulio fake driver license suspension which poses a threat to all N. American drivers. Bono would balance his column with the top April Fool's CBC joke of all time a few decades ago by showing Swiss peasants picking spaghetti off a tree in a 'bumper crop year' leading to some CBC listeners asking where they could buy a spaghetti tree? I remember newscaster Peter Mansbridge on that one. As to Bono, he is at the end of his writing career where he is burning out as reflected by this contradictory article...and that is no Twitter observation.



April 01-2021 for Ottawa Court Vertical Hearing Date April 08-2021 CV20-849830

TO: Hearing Justice Pierre Roger

c/o Ottawa Court Registry by mail

FROM: Roger Callow Respondent t.613-521-1739

cc Cavanagh LLP by fax Bissonnette esq (Applicant) v. Callow

cc Chrystia Freeland Deputy Minister by fax

cc SUN media columnists: L. Gunter / V. Hanson (U.S. professor)/A. Furey


1) Anyone with hearing difficulties such as I have knows that a telephone transmission is more of a problem for the hearing impaired than from a visual contact. It is for this reason that I ask that all matters be conducted on a 'party by party' written basis as this case is well documented. Further, judges microphones tend to be further distanced from their mouth creating requests for repeated information. In this, it should be noted that I am able to hear some voices without a hearing aid over the telephone quite clearly as such people have a clear diction and do not speak too rapidly. Another affliction with age as are soft voices.

2) At this time, I am requesting a further two month delay for which I will not launch any actions as per Roger j. written restrictions on February 11-2021. My hearing aids have been the topic of two recent visits to my provider and still have some glitches. In addition, while ZOOM has been installed on my computer, I have yet to be able to use it; again, requiring delay. I will be available by telephone long enough to pick up new material on Apr. 08 to address in writing new Cavanaugh material (which 'issues'?) including my status determination

3) Perhaps the greatest inhibitor of a personal appearance relates to the unusual parameters whereby I lack a legal identity due to the vagaries of the Franco Alulio algorithm whose suspension of my driver's license has, as one derogatory ramification, the suspension of my legal identity explaining why I am seeking the assistance of the Governor General under 'we, the people' to represent me as a 'friend of Roger Callow' at any court hearing. If Roger j. has another solution to this conundrum, I would like to hear it as it could be a major factor in such as an Appeal. At this point, it seems an Act of Parliament is required, explaining why an enclosure of this account is included to Deputy Minister Freeland. She never responds nor does the Governor General and yet I insist on a presence in court.

4) While I am limited in any court appearance for the reasons noted above; I can respond to written questions set by Roger j. which I suggest is the best way to conduct this enquiry. Further, conducting matters on a written basis circumnavigates the appearance problem.

5) Almost all key correspondence on this case can be found on my website: rogercallow.com with copies going to the Registry and Cavanagh LLP to be forwarded to Roger j. That apparently is not happening although there is nothing forestalling Roger J. by copying B.C. Justice Mary Southin (1986) by calling for all materials to be presented to her by both sides

6) The following course conduct suggests that the wisest course is for Justice Roger to quash this Order now with costs on a Party by Party placing an end to all legalities on Apr. 08-2021.

COURSE CONDUCT: (Two month postponement required)

7) The immediate case relates to Bissonnette esq. filing as Applicant as opposed to filing a Defense against an Action where I accuse him of fraud. A similar stunt was pulled in 2014 by the Employer where they hoped to benefit by inverting the order of events. Be that as it may, I no longer have any interest in pursuing the Applicant any longer so I dropped the action in February. By quashing the Order with costs to be borne by the respective Parties, this matter ends. Should the Applicant insist on pursuing this aspect; then the filed material at the ON Legal Society which I filed earlier must be examined with their interpretation. As they do not respond to their legal mail, a court order would be necessary.

8) Further, a charge of public mischief should be attached to Bissonnette for sending the police on a fake 'wellness check' which he would deny despite information to the contrary.

9) Any matter referencing the Ottawa General Hospital which was part of my voluntary shut-down at the end of December 31, 2020 would lead to asking why Justice C. MacLeod in 2020 saw fit to drop my action without taking argument thereby altering the law in a significant fashion. In brief, no substantial explanation (frivolous & vexatious not a substantial reason) was ever given. The oversight bodies for judicial malfeasance, unfortunately, do not acknowledge their legal mail either. Again, a court Order affixing MacLeod j. on this strange action would be required. It is noted here that my illicit 9-day lock-down at Xmas 2019 making me the first 'political prisoner' requires explanation if this angle is pursued.

10) The Case against Franco Alulio Deputy Minister of Transport - Medical is the story, it is asserted here, of a rogue civil servant acting of his own volition in altering the Driver Licence suspension form in such manner that it cannot be retested. He did not reply to the $10 million Action I laid against him. This case is at the core of all succeeding events. It appears that a court Order is required as to establishing his authority in suspending my driver's licence in the first place and why he perverted the forms in a significant way in carrying out that indictment. I will be pursuing him apart from Canadian courts in future and any attempt by this court to hamstring me in that endeavor should expect repercussions.

11) While the Applicants listed a discussion of all issues without being specific, it would appear that they will seek to duplicate the Employer's case as mentioned above in 2014 in which they arrive in court and slap documents into the eagerly outstretched hands of the presiding Justice. I repeat here what I requested (and got) in Regina in 2017, time to digest these materials outside court. Hence this hearing should be very short with all materials presented to me for examination. As such another future court date would have to be arranged.

12) Presumably, Roger j.'s jurisdiction is limited to Ontario although the initial ON case related to the failure of the B.C. Employer to pay compensation in an unresolved labour matter. Perhaps there is some way in which the court could refer the matter back to B.C. where I am still an employee of the West Vancouver School Board; albeit an unpaid one. Basic justice deserves no less.

Respectfully submitted, Roger Callow Respondent