APRIL 08-2021


SEE MEDIA mar.17 for 3 page preliminary to April 08 Hearing



MESSAGE: employeescasecanada.ca / rogercallow.com (2021 onward)

BY: Roger Callow RESPONDENT CV20-849830 NOT CV20-84983 (Ottawa Court)

1) Why is April 08 so significant in the employeescasecanada.ca (up to Dec. 31-2020) when I placed a voluntary end to all matters associated with the Employee's Case? The Employer won, setting the precedent that a powerful Employer (West Vancouver School Board) may manipulate the system whereby they do not have to pay a dismissed employee; namely, senior teacher, Roger Callow, any compensation (which in this case includes pension rights) applicable under the laws due to the systematic malfeasance of over 50 judges dating from the original 1985 ruling? It is a devastating indictment without equal of Canada's Justice System.

2) So what are the Bobbsey Twin lawyers up to as I closed down the case? These two young lawyers charged with separate cases of fraud; the one directly responsible in the named suit plus the second one representing him for different fraudulent reasons are keeping the matter open. Why, considering that I have dropped all legal action against them.? Nor would the Ottawa Justice, Pierre Roger, call off the case. (I have called for his recusal adding on top of that a request for a Trusteeship over the Ottawa Court System -however that may be assigned- as a multitude of cases sit idle therein.) Why has Roger j. failed to accept my offer to drop the Applicant's case before Mar. 15 without repercussions? The likely answer? By claiming that I am a  frivolous and vexatious Respondent; it appears that Roger j. is marching to a separate political drummer; namely, he will bury all the cases which I have previously laid as being a frivolous and vexatious matter in total. That changes the whole dynamic of law with this retrograde step making anarchy a reality. Technically, their file under CV20-849839 (which they goofed by changing the designation to CV20-84983) must be rectified with a re-entered case number due to the Ottawa Court obfuscation on this point. Further,  the Bobbsey Twin lawyers could just as easily have dropped the case on their own. It's a no-brainer so where is the fly in the ointment?

3) Justice Roger, it is submitted here, wishes to inject his own political platform whitewashing all those judicial transgressions which appear on my websites which are not a part of the fraud charges making his action into a false flag. How do I know? Because the illicit Small Debts Court so-called 'settlement conference' on February 27-2020 was a dry run for these events with this limitation, they could not expunge all matters relating to the Employee's Case. In that trial, conducted under the specious representation of Deputy Justice Rosalind Conway on February 27-2020, she ignored all issues including the all important Franco Alulio algorithm, which apes Nazi Germany and may be extrapolated to all institutions due to media failure to disclose the worst judicial abuse for any country. By rights, she should be expelled from all law processes in Canada. Already, as the targeted individual, I have no legal identity in any judicial cause explaining why I am forced to turn to the Governor General of Canada to intervene as a 'friend of Roger Callow'. It will take Parliament to rectify that catastrophe before any such hearing as the above takes place.

4) While i was not in 'vertical court' on February 11-2021 due to technical difficulties with a new hearing slated for April 08-2021, it is clear from written notes that Roger j. wants my personal appearance. Why? So that he may make a statement to the effect that I was given a chance to respond to all charges and was defeated on that account without naming any of my arguments? My arguments are  continually ignored for 35 years. Technically that is not the central problem here. What is the concern is the addition of a political judicial statement and Order to the effect that I am prohibited from pursuing any legal course associated with my lay-off. In short, he would be ghosting such as the Franco Alulio algorithm plus actions against judges (C. MacLeod / A.G. Master Koffman) who have gone completely off the ranch and into the stratosphere in making precedent setting Decisions which change the course of the Canadian Justice System forever (SEE web sites). When matters have quietly slowed down; such measures could be lifted from precedent law record as part of that ghosting process. Hence I will not be present on April 08 and due to Ottawa Court obfuscation, must trust to a copy of this correspondence plus other to be presented in court by the Applicant which makes sense on Cavanagh's part as it protects them from any accusation of conspiracy on that level.

5) Hence my demand (through the Gov. Gen. for there is no-one else available to represent me) is for a written list of questions from Roger j. on April 08 as the only way of keeping him from going 'off the Ranch'. I would have little difficulty providing written answers to the court, possibly as a witness...it all depends on the GG.

6) Through Social Media; I have unsuccessfully called for a public response to this threat. The Feb. 11 H.D. was the burial ground for all Media with their boycott of this national issue. While individually, Canadians would give you 'the shirt off their backs'; they are in fact, political cowards as evidenced by their silence in this case. Throughout the World, individuals protest against injustice but not Canadians. Mexico and Brazil were the two most dangerous countries for columnist/reporters suffering under death squads. No Canadian media has ever been mistreated on a similar level although the public under COVID conditions are lashing out against the media as well as the politicians; and deservedly so in my opinion. One example suffices. If the dismissal of the Ombudsman against General Vance now accused of sexual improprieties had been published three years ago, there would have been no Vice Admiral Mark Norman criminal trial as promulgated by Vance. My web site is replete with many other such judicial abuses; many associated with SNC Lavalin where former Supreme Court of Canada, Justice Iocabucci is now the Chief Council of SNC Lavalin. Ottawa City Council is up to its ears in lawsuits on the LRT debacle with SNC Lavalin and who do they vote for the new extension? why, SNC Lavalin. But I digress. the point I wish to make here is that - apart from importing the 'Black Lives Matter from the U.S., Canada and the Indigenous peoples who appear isolated as well from mainstream Canada -  has no backbone similar to other countries in the world protesting inequities in the street. Future? Canada will lead the way with a 'frightened' public as public anger turns to fear. Already a third of Cdns. are up against a wall financially with a second 1/3 about to follow with COVID ramifications. The gov't is desperate to hold an election before that rage against the 1% wealthy who are enriching themselves at the expense of the other 99% as the population goes without. Socialist Venezuela wiped out its middle class (for 8 years now) while capitalistic Lebanon is equally bankrupt as it makes no difference which 'ism' prevails. If one perception of a giant widespread internet collapse occurs, even bank savings accounts would be inaccessible. A hint of that proposition came in Lebanon when banks limited withdrawals but with a total collapse, such as with electricity as has already happened on a broad scale in North America, the modern world is helpless. The digital revolution, as it were, will act like that ice age of old in which amoeba sucked up all the oxygen producing an ice age.

7) It is not too late for Canadians now but it will be after April 08-2021. So if anyone wants to get out their Placard in North America stating: JUSTICE FOR CDN. ROGER CALLOW and add it to their current street demonstration (but please no violence to people)

now is the time to do so. Should the worst happens and Roger j. gets his way, there is nothing standing in the way of such as a U.S. bent on protecting its Northern boundary. Bankrupt countries both morally and physically are unsustainable; a harbinger both the U.S. and Canada.

8) It is not too late for either Justice Roger or Cavanagh LPP to call off this ruinous course of action with international ramifications but this document produced on March 15-2021 becomes null and void if the April 08-2021 hearing goes ahead.


Respectfully submitted,  Roger Callow Amour de Cosmos but not in Canada.


Yours truly,  Roger Callow  Respondent  CV20-849830  NOT CV20-84983

cc SUN MEDIA columnists: Lorne Gunter, A.Furey & U.S. Professor V.D. Hanson /cc Deputy Minister C.Freeland

cc Cavanagh LLP for A. Bissionnette esq. (B. v Callow)





MAR 10 Charities are known to attract scammers like flies to a barbecue. The strangest story in the press is about a woman over a period of years and apparent aliases conning a youth mental awareness group (easier to scam mental aberrations than physical ones). One judge has declared her a frivolous & vexatious litigant and not permitted her to lay charges - as a plaintiff - without first acquiring the permission of a judge. That is exactly what I am up against on April 8 where, in a trial in which I am named the Respondent in a process I label reverse osmosis, the two lawyers which I have accused of fraud, would seek to have me declared frivolous & vexatious in order to quash actions which I previously laid against them for separate reasons of fraud which includes the infamous Franco Alulio algorithm threatening, as it does, all N. American drivers based on a false (or non-existent in my case) medical analysis without any justification (I sued for $10 million but he does not reply nor will the Ottawa Court give me a Hearing Date but the two lawyers have no trouble getting private access to the judges and court dates). The point here is that I have already called a personal halt to the Employee's Case as of the end of Dec. 31-2020 as I cannot get justice before a corrupt Justice System where no compensation has been paid in a 'rinky dink' labour matter = big employer has established the principle that the laws on employee compensation are nothing but a 'piece of paper'. Considering that I have also dropped the case against the lawyers, there is no reason to hold a trial, but that does not suit the purpose of Pierre Roger j. (I have called for his recusal with the Ottawa courts to be placed under Trusteeship for the 'scam of the century') who cannot be trusted to dismiss this case before the April 08 hearing in which I am expecting him to apply the frivolous and vexatious label to act as a retrograde action = anarchy. Even here, I have no legal standing as one consequence of this algorithm and must depend on the Governor General for representation under 'we the people' as a last resort if this matter is not widely publicized on social media by anyone reading this account. Canada's future is at stake; as such this retrograde action described here forever changes the character of our legal system in which the individual - or any interest for that matter - can be locked out of the Justice System for nefarious reasons (no 1982 Charter of Rights & Freedoms in the case of individuals). The central point here is that the charity example is probably a proper use of the frivolous & vexatious legislation where the individual is a plaintiff but the application to me as a Respondent under those terms completes the destruction of Canada as a nation. For example, what is stopping Revenue Canada from having their own algorithm in which 'tax cheats' can be deprived of their driver's licenses and hence all legal representation in any matter? One would think that even the jaded Legal dudes would be alarmed over this stunt. Publicity is the only answer before April 08; afterwards is too late for any future for Canada in any endeavor. To be sure, U.S. interests are listening. Canada and Canadians, where are you? The next step in this algorithm? Ask Adolph Eichmann, progenitor of the 'Final Solution' for treatment centers where 'work makes you free' (Auschwitz). In dictatorships, these are called 're-education camps'.


cc SUN columnists Lorne Gunter, Anthony Furey and U.S. Professor V.D. Hanson /cc GG